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Friday, October 21, 2016

Mediocre Candidates And Corporate Cash Storm Iowa

And away we go!

Not just into a new year, but –zap! — suddenly we find ourselves catapulted en masse into the turbulent Twilight Zone of the 2012 presidential election. On day three of the year, while most of us were still woozy from our New Year’s Eve celebration, Iowa voted. Well … sort of.

  • freethinker

    Once again an article about the influence of ‘rich corporations’ and the ‘rich’, without mention that these same ‘rich’ work for both parties. In addition, there is that always unmentioned ‘rich’, the labor unions. Why unmentioned? Because their money virtually always go to the Democrats and we wouldn’t want to bring attention to that, would we?

  • theuglytruth

    I’m really glad you don’t have to pay to think. We all know who is who when it comess to the financial backing of the different parties. But if you truly believe that the unions, which have been under attack since Regan, have even a slight percentage of the money that the big corps have then you missed a few math classes as a young person. And by the way when the unions back they let you know it, where as the big corps hide their influence in the super pac’s where no one will know. Which brings me to the point of a big corp being a person. Well if they got diseases like lukemina, or breast cancer then i might consider them a person, but until they get skin rashes, and their teeth begin falling out, then their on their own. Boy an i tired of the egotistical self centered thinking that my country has become a prisnor too. Bless you all on your individual journeys.

  • bobcat

    Let us be honest, as uglytruth said, Unions, which are made up of PEOPLE that work for a living, support candidates that support causes that are favorable to their futures.
    SUPER PACS, support their candidate, and do so with money from invisible well moneyed interests.
    The balance of funding, is like YOU, competing at an auction with your child and his allowance you provide him. The UNIONS are funded with a fraction of income from their members, which are paid a tiny fraction of the profits the corporation. It is a money war won by the wealthy at EVERY turn, at least be honest when you are winning. You ARE correct when you say the rich DO support both parties, which is to placate the winning party and show “they supported them”, even when they supported the OTHER party far more generously. It’s called “insurance”, and is in fact, playing both sides of the fence. Truth is the money supports the right far more, as they are the antiregulation, antitax party, preferring profits over people at every turn.