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Thursday, January 17, 2019

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5 responses to “Mouths Of Babes Department”

  1. We continue to squeeze the working poor & make upper class captitalists in China rich. Let’s give a gift to America & bring manufacturing back to the U.S.A.

    • Newborn says:

      No, Colleen, manufacturing is not going back to U.S. It’s in the nature of economy. What really happens is that the big corporations and the 1% über rich are profiting way more than the Chinese new rich. And they don’t care (Ayn Rand philosophy) about the poor and the shrinking middle class.

  2. Dol5 says:

    Yes the children do speak volumes! Great cartoon.

  3. I’m responding to Collen Klemp comment and my soul deep down response by the gift will return when that contract will be PAID in full or when that bonds expired which have left the American people without a clue. When lil George was President he used his HARVARD intellectual business skills to Congress where they thought his family valve was top notch, however, we all know now that was a bunch of MALARKEY. China tongues should have been beaten out of them like Africa tongues despise the richness there. As the world turned to China richness, thanks to the late Steve Jobs technology where they also gain intellectual skills that we lost behind Repetitive Strain Injuries (IRS) that our media refuses to announced.

  4. CYNICALZ says:

    The greatest gift would be to restore our freedom now and for our children’s future.

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