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Sunday, October 23, 2016

“You say you want a revolution?” — the Beatles

By one measure at least, the movement that began with Occupy Wall Street is already bigger than the tea party ever was.

  • marilyn_bryan

    The tea party had the “good fortune” to be bankrolled/sponsored/assisted by two of the richest men in the USA. That isn’t likely to happen with this independent movement.

  • Bruce_S78

    The Tea Party did not start so quickly. It is really the end result of a ultra-conservative stream that does back to the John Birchers of the 50s and 60s. Its just that this current version happened to get organized in the darkest days of a near depression. The liberals and moderates in this country need to get themselves organized and start supporting politicians in the next election. You can’t sit on your hands and then whine when the Republicans get more power.

  • Mother Outlaw

    Do we want the 99 percenters to do what the Tea Party Did? They pretty much brought goverment to a halt. I think it is pretty obvious what the 99 percenters are saying…they want their country back. They want their government to function. They don’t want it owned by the rich. They want to see a future for their children, a job for themselves and a chance at an education without having to hock their lives and some kind of a halfway decent old age. This isn’t unreasonable. This is the way it used to be just a decade or two ago. Why are the pundits so confused? Are we going to have to wait until people start blowing up things. The American Dream is the American nightmare now.

  • Carmudgeon43

    Where does one start to come together as a strength? Rather than talk about it, give some solid advice or even a few ideas…..

  • Kassym

    WE NEED TO FIND PEOPLE TO RUN FOR OFFICE – not just the highest office. I support Obama. He is a great president but has been maliciously attacked and opposed at every turn. The 1% have control now. They use every tactic they can to twist and oppose Obama’s attempts to change the current situation and get the middle class back to work. They throw money at the obsurd candidates who are manipulated into supporting protection for those who are so hateful they want to take all protections away from the poor and drive more of the middle class into the category of “poor.” Then they accuse the unemployed and underemployed of being lazy and living off the government because they have become “entitled” to the benefits. They miss the part about paying into an insurance system that was suppose to be there in these times. Somehow they convince people, against their own best interests, that they are “job creators” who will be forced to fire people so they can support their families on what remains after “excessive” taxes are imposed, even though going back to the Clinton year levels is only a few percentage points more. How will they ever support their children on only $400,000 a year? They just don’t get it. I’d like to see them try to support a family of 4 on less than $40,000 per year – or worse, on what some are getting from unemployment. In any case, my point is: PLEASE FIND GOOD PEOPLE TO RUN FOR OFFICE. Then those of us who are at least employed need to support them.

  • susan van houten

    I also agree with the last writer. We must get people to run for office. This “occupy” thing will peter out if we don’t. I too don’t believe in the things that the the tea party believes but they really got going and got people elected changing Obama’s direction of leadership.

  • whit1282

    Occupy Wall Street needed to happen. I’ve been watching the news on TV and reading the NY Times daily. I can relate with many of their ideas that have come to light over the past month. Although, the FOX News media minded reporters do cast a foul- smelling coverage of the protesters. Unfortunate, but true that some of the people interviewed have come across as not too intelligent. Oh well, at least they are out there day and night fighting to save the American dream. It seems our country is gridlocked by the naysaying Tea Party people including John Boehner himself. These politicians (corporate funded) have blocked Obama every way possible to secure their victory in 2012. The Tea Party politicians do not want our country to prosper (only the 1%) they want the middle America majority to fail so that the votes will sway their way in 2012. It is a sabotage of the American dream. So, with that said…the only solution is get out and VOTE. Find your politician that sees your way and vote for him/her or better yet…run for office yourself because you can make a difference…after all this is AMERICA!!!

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