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Friday, January 18, 2019

The Obama administration has issued an updated compromise for the Affordable Care Act contraception mandate, designed to ensure that all women have access to birth control without nonprofit faith-based organizations directly funding it.

The compromise puts the burden on private insurance companies, who will have to provide contraception at no cost to employees through a standalone insurance policy.

A recent study confirmed that the contraception mandate will reduce the abortion rate, and preventing unwanted pregnancies will clearly reduce costs for both employers and insurers — 28 states already have contraception mandates in place.

This new policy attempts to thread the needle of providing all women with basic reproductive health care while not asking faith-based employers to compromise their beliefs.

Women’s rights groups reacted positively to the announcement.

“This policy delivers on the promise of women having access to birth control without co-pays no matter where they work,” said Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood Federation of America. “Of course, we are reviewing the technical aspects of this proposal, but the principle is clear and consistent. This policy makes it clear that your boss does not get to decide whether you can have birth control.”

The original contraception mandate sparked dozens of lawsuits from Catholic faith-based nonprofits and universities. Those lawsuits have been put on hold as the White House prepared its new policy.

The new policy officially provides a definition of religious employers that are completely exempt from the mandate and asserts that qualified nonprofits do not have to provide coverage through their insurance, even if they self-insure: “Under the proposed accommodations, the eligible organizations would not have to contract, arrange, pay or refer for any contraceptive coverage to which they object on religious grounds.”

Private insurance companies will have to enroll female employees in a separate insurance policy that covers insurance at no cost to the employee or the employer. Universities who provide coverage for students will be eligible for a similar accommodation.

Any costs of the supplemental coverage will be subtracted from the fees insurers pay to participate in the new health insurance marketplaces created by the Affordable Care Act.

Despite the obvious benefits of the mandate and policies designed to remove faith-based organizations from any involvement in providing birth control, so-called pro-life groups are still not satisfied.

“Once again, President Obama’s so-called ‘compromise’ is unacceptable – religious and moral freedom is not up for negotiation,” said Marjorie Dannenfelser, president of the anti-abortion rights group the Susan B. Anthony List.

However, John Gehring, Catholic program director at Faith in Public Life, a liberal advocacy group based in Washington, said the compromise was “a strong signal that the administration is responsive to the concerns of Catholic institutions.”

For-profit companies like Hobby Lobby, which is suing the federal government over the mandate, are not eligible for the compromise and are expected to provide contraception directly through their health insurance.

The mandate goes into effect for religious nonprofits in August, a year after it went into effect for all private employers.

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187 responses to “Obama Administration Stands By Contraception Mandate”

  1. highpckts says:


    • Keep the government out of my religious beliefs! You stay out of my beliefs and I will stay out of yours. We are guarinteed froodom of religion not freedom of religion as approved by the government.

      • highpckts says:

        That’s what we are trying to do but you insist on making this a govern decision! If you don’t want to practise birth control. fine but don’t make it impossible for everyone else to get it!

        • No! All have the right to practice birth control, but those wo believe it is wrong should not be forced to pay for birth control practed by others. Those who practice birth control should foot the cost, not those who are believe it is wrong.

          • Cairndance says:

            I don’t believe in WAR but that doesn’t stop my taxes from being spent on WARS!
            Why should you have the right to deny contraception to others?
            Once again – MEN are responsible for 100% of pregnancies!

          • I would not deny contraception to anyone but why ask me to pay for it. I take responsibility for my actions. and so should you take responsibility for yours including financial responsibility.

          • Bill says:

            Using your logic anyone who smokes or drinks or uses drugs should have to pay for whatever medication they use to treat any ailments they have from the use of the above items. I think you would agree that men who need medication for erectile dysfunction would have to pay for their Cialis or Viargra. What you seem to be advocating is a cafeteria type coverage, you get what you pay for. Since I have had very few illness and only take one medication I should pay a lot lower premium than those who take multiple mediciations for a variety of ailments – obesity, lung/breathing issues due to smoking or liver/kidney issues due to excessive alcohol consumption?

          • Betta says:

            You are comparing oranges to apples. The topic is about forcing others to pay for other people’s birth control. In other words, don’t knock on my door to get money to buy your condoms or birth control pills. Pay for it your damn self. Your the one with either your legs open or your penis hanging out. Why is that my financial responsibility?

          • Sand_Cat says:

            No, it’s you talking apples and oranges. If we all got rebates for things we pay the government for that we think are wrong, I suspect mine and those of a lot of the others on this website would be larger than yours, but we pay for the government that is supposed to protect the rights of all of us, not just the religious or mean-spirited.

          • Susan says:

            Mr. Brindell, you are the father of seven (!) children, and therefore you have placed a tremendous burden on society and the taxpayers. Why should people who have reproduced responsibly have to pay to educate your children? Your argument cuts both ways–if you don’t want to pay for other people’s birth control, why should other people have to pay for the results of your excessive fecundity?

          • My children have not been a burden on society. To the cuntray, we pay taxes to support our public school system and paid for our children to attend private religious schools. Six have undergraduate degrees and Masters. All from private institutions. This is not bosting. It is an example of paying you own way. It took loans, extra work and financial choices on our part to make it work but we did it. All of our childern are now productive members of society paying their fair share.
            Yes we are progressive democrates who beileve we need to hhelp those unable to help themself, but not the freeloading leaches. And you young lady are a self rihgtious bigiot making an assumption without the facts.

          • Susan says:

            Mr. Brindell, the taxes you paid were not pro-rated. Someone with two children paid the same amount as you paid for your seven. That makes you one of the “freeloading leeches” you complain about. And if you want to see a “self-righteous bigot” you can always go look in the mirror.

          • Wrong assumption again! Where I live public schools are supported by property taxes, Property taxes are based on the assed value of the property. I willingly pay these taxes as it is my duty. I do not complain about how the government spends the money. I wonder why some property is tax excempt. You are correct all in our school district pay the same property tax rate. Some do not have children in the public school, but we pay anyway. So to the contrary we are not freeloading leeches, we pay for schools not used by our children. By choice we pay double for schooling. Once by our taxes for the schools we do not use and again with the cost of the private school. Once again get your facts right before you open your mouth and insert your foot!

          • Betta says:

            He’s a married man, Susan. All his children are by ONE wife. You are not making sense. How many baby daddy do you have that none of them stuck around for which you get a check courtesy of the taxpayer?

      • Sand_Cat says:

        Yeah, except you guys always violate the deal. And you never seem to realize that the only way the government can protect your religious freedom is if 1) you protect the government from religion, and 2) your church/synagogue/mosque/what-have-you keeps its hands in its own pockets whenever some idiots get the government to hand out money to religious organizations.

        As I already pointed out, it’s rare for modern-day religious organizations – particularly the ones objecting to this mandate – to do even ONE of the two.
        You want the government out of your religion, then keep your damned religion out of our government: no more “personhood” amendments, abortion/birth control bans, blue laws, whining about “throwing god out of ” public schools, “Intelligent Design,” “Creation Science,” or any of the hundreds of other ways people who are likely very much like you trample over the rights of those of us who want freedom from your religion!

        • Hate of religon is not a reason to step on the 1st amendment! It also protects you from the government imposing religon on you.

          • Sand_Cat says:

            Obviously you didn’t read or understand my post, which points out that the 1st Amendment is NOT so protecting me because our country has been hijacked by people who think that opposing their “right” to use the government against non-believers and other religious dissenters is a violation of their “freedom of religion.” Religious freedom goes both ways, and to the limited extent to which your charge is true, my dislike and anger are directed against those who believe in it only when it goes their way. Apparently you are one of them.

          • You are off base the 1st amendment protects your right to be a nonbeliever in several ways: 1. no prayer in public schools 2. no religious displays on public property these are good things. Yes, the religous wingnuts rant and rave against thoss. Who cares. I am not against birth control being remones from Obamacare. I am in favor of allowing religious groups that are opposed to birth control eliminating it from thir coverage, Forcing these organizations to cover birth control is a violation of the 1st amendment as is prayer in public schools.

          • Sand_Cat says:

            Paying them money under “faith-based initiatives” is also a violation of the first amendment. I’m glad you agree that it should protect my rights, but the existence of government programs that pay money to churches shows that it doesn’t. As taxpayers, we all support things we don’t necessarily agree with, but the first amendment says they shouldn’t be religious things. It doesn’t say the government cannot mandate health coverage.

            If these holier-than-thou hypocrites can sc0op up as much government money as they can steal and operate lobbying groups to try to pressure the government into violating the rights of the rest of us, as virtually ALL of them do, and especially the one in particular doing the most objecting here, then they can at least comply with a law that protects us all. If they want to give up all the government favors they receive (you pay for those, too, and I don’t see any complaints from you about them), then they can opt out of this, but since they don’t and won’t, they can damned well pay up on this one thing!

      • JudeLawGuardian says:

        “gaurinteed” & “froodom”: Translation, please. In English, if you can at all possibly manage it… Sounds like a language you concocted straight out of “Lord of the Rings”… Or maybe “Braveheart”: “FROOOOOOOOODOM!!!” XD Your spelling is almost as bad as your statement.

        Problem is, you DON’T stay out of our beliefs—you want to shove YOURS down everyone else’s throats. YOU stay out of everyone else’s UTERUS and we’ll leave your fucking religion alone. (Unfortunately, you never seem to be able to grasp that concept…) Plus it’s probably time you start paying taxes, since church is just one big business anyway…

        • Sopmehow standing up for religious freedom never a two sided coin. The believers are all upset when nonbelievers are asking for accomidations, and visa versa,

          • Sand_Cat says:

            I’ll stand up for religious freedom, but “religious” organizations that run non-religious institutions and employ non-religious people, take tons of money in government handouts, and pay lobbyists to make sure the women in this country don’t get the health care they need, can’t divorce abusive husbands, and meddle in a variety of other things that are none of their business have no right crying “religious oppression” when they’re required to do what similar institutions without the name of some alleged “saint” (who may have been an enthusiastic abuser of religious freedom in his day) attached to their names must.

            The public good must ultimately take priority over religious “faith” that negatively affects those who are not among its adherents.

      • oldtack says:

        Your Ilk scream this litany and then strive daily to interject your religious beliefs into every facet of the Government re: Sand Cat’s reply.

        This has been going on since the “Pilgrims” diverted the Mayflower from it’s intended destination northward to Plymouth. Read the Mayflower Compact.
        In 1634 the Puritans were chagrined when they were informed that Roger Williams was coming to their domain. Williams dared contradict the Church practice of punishing those that they perceived failed to observe Church laws (public lashings and the stocks burning at the stake). There were attempts on his life and he was finally forced from the area and went to join William Penn. “In the Name of God” the Pilgrims decimated the Pequot Indians.On file in the Archives in Englan there lies the written proclamation “This day we killed ___ of the Godless heathen. To God be the glory. So much for your Christian Brethren and their love of God.

        I believe in freedom of Religion for all – whatever your belief may be but I strongly object to you screaming for your rights while simultaneously endeavoring to instill your religious beliefs into the daily functioning of MY government.

        In the Christian Faith – when Jesus was on his way to Jerusalem the Pharisees tried to get him to comment on Roman taxation in order to entrap him. His reply was “I say unto you, render unto Caesar that which is Caesars and unto God that which is God’s. To paraphrase “don’t involve yourself with Government issues – rather devote your time to God’s work. God will handle the other things”. Jesus further stated “I say love your enemies and pray for them while your Ilk say hate your enemies and “slay” them.

        Funny – you zealots read this but you don’t heed the words.

      • july860 says:


  2. highpckts says:

    President Obama did the right thing!! Good for him for standing his ground for us!!

    • stvjas says:

      learn to keep your knee’s together, this will eliminate the choice you will have to make when your irresponsibility makes fools of you all. I am a Vietnam Vet and you called me a baby killer…..

      • diakonon says:

        If you’re against abortion, why are you commenting negatively on an article regarding the contraception mandate?

        • ANNA says:

          I agree, diakonon. I have never understood how anyone could be both anti-abortion and anti-birth control. Birth control prevents unwanted pregnancy, lowering the incidence of abortion!

        • Betta says:

          You’re not getting it. We have a problem paying for folks to get free birth control, when it should be the individual’s responsibility to pay for their own birth control. Making it free will NOT lower the abortion rate. If that were the case, with birth control so readily available and has been for years, why are abortions still happening?

          Want birth control? PAY FOR IT YOURSELF and stop expecting others to pay for it for you.

      • highpckts says:

        What a hypocrite!!! You keep your damn pants zipped!! I don’t care who you are, it’s a two way street buddy!! Trouble is you want your freedom to have your way with Viagra etc but no way are you going to allow the woman to protect herself! I ask again, how many babies have you adopted that are abused, hungery, and unwanted!!

      • ANNA says:

        Perhaps you should be extending your ridiculous birth control admonitions to males. How about this? Keep you zipper up and your pants on. Women don’t get pregnant by themselves. Take responsibility and be reasonable. Celibacy is not a realistic form of birth control. If it were we wouldn’t be having this discussion.

        • stvjas says:

          I have 2 children by me, 1 adopted from who knows who and I participate in housing other kids temporally when I can. I don’t just talk the talk I do get involved, what you say?

          • ANNA says:

            What are you expecting, stvjas? A gold star? You did not address my original post which called you on your unreasonable and misogynistic stance on birth control. I also have 2 children. The reason I don’t have more is that I used birth control. Unless you are now celibate, you and your partner must have used some form of birth control too. Are you aware that countries with the most restrictive abortion laws have the most abortions? How can this be, you ask? Because making abortion illegal doesn’t stop abortions. It only makes them dangerous and deadly for the mother. You really want to go back to pre-1973? Really? If you truly want to reduce the incidence of abortion, support comprehensive birth control, support its coverage by health insurance and stop with the ‘keep your legs crossed’ nonsense.

          • I am the father of seven cnildren we wanted. if it were not for birth control who knows how many more we would have. We paid for birth control. I assume you are paying for yours. I do not believe it is my responsibility to pay the cost of birth control for others.

          • ANNA says:

            No one is asking you to pay for other people’s birth control. It will simply be one of the many covered benefits in your health insurance policy. It is up to the person whether they wish to use it or not but yes, it should be a covered benefit. If it were available when I was of reproductive age I would have definitely used my health insurance to pay for it.

          • Reddiaperbaby says:

            I don’t like paying for greedy doctors putting pacemakers in 93-year-old patients, but I have no choice. Contraception is a medical matter and we get to pay for all kinds of things of which we disapprove. Don’t get me started…moron.

          • ococoob says:

            Bob, you do know that birth control is not solely used for pregnancy prevention, do you? Birth control is also used medicinally for the treatment of female disorders.

          • Yes I am aware of that. But for the most part we are discussing birth control to prevent conseption. All I am saying is if you want to dance, pay the piper! Guys if you want to play buch up for a concom. Be responsible, don’t ask the government or anyone else to cover your ass. And Ladies same goes for you. These are personal choices you are making that you must take responsibility for your choice.

          • Betta says:

            I don’t even want to get in this, but in the low down get down, keeping your legs closed, zippers zipped and pants on are good ideas. It is not nonsense, particularly when you consider that not doing so results in unwanted pregnancies and STD’s.

            It’s really a no brainer. Women, I challenge you to stop lying down with men you are not married to. Again. It’s a no brainer.

            The thing is this. Birth control has always been available for any woman who wants it. They STILL were not taking advantage of that. Making it free is not going to make a difference.

            In addition, it is not free! Many don’t understand that somebody has to PAY for it, such as the Taxpayer. It is not free by any stretch of the imagination.

            Do you all realize that people are taking home LESS money in their already measly paychecks just so that folks can get FREE stuff? Only YOU are responsible for your own stupidity. Not the Taxpayer.

          • ANNA says:

            You are confusing ‘free’ birth control paid by ‘taxpayers’ with birth control paid via your health insurance. Don’t conflate the two. They are not the same thing. And your marital status is not relevant, Betta.

          • Who do you think pays for the health insurance? WE DO!

          • Betta says:

            BULLHOCKEY, Anna. The mandate says NO CHARGE to the recipient, for which SOMEBODY has got to pay for it. And marital status has a lot to do with it.

            Stop being whores and passing around your bacteria and infections and making babies you don’t want, only to kill them in the womb because pregnancy is inconvenient for you.

            Bed hopping from one man to another like sluts. Same for the men, who are even bigger whores.

            If you ain’t married you have no business having sex anyway. Sex is something beautiful and sacred between a husband and a wife in ONE bed. No one else!

            If two people are being LOOSE with their bodies, that could mean upwards of over 200 people linked together sexually. Somewhere in that line are diseases. Some are incurable, ie HIV and herpes. Keep them legs closed if he is not your husband or keep it zipped if she is not your wife. Could practically wipe out STD’s and significantly lower unwanted pregnancies that end in the murder of a precious one.

            To prevent unwanted pregnancies and STD’s, open a book instead of your legs. Get control of your body and gain some self respect.

          • oldtack says:

            When you “house other Kids” do you ensure you get your monthly guardianship pay from the government? Kids are the offspring of Goats. The offspring of humans are Children.

            Is that another bloody badge you wear on your shoulder for the world to see – like your Vietnam Service?

          • RobertCHastings says:

            So, what are yoou saying – that unwanted pregnancies are okay?That doesn’t make much sense, when, as previous posts have indicated, unwanted pregnancies can be prevented by,guess what, both male and female birth control, including condoms, vasectomies, spermacides, U-rings,and whatever works for you. Don’t even try to put the blame on women for unwanted pregnancies, or are you a subscriber to the Todd Akin doctrine?

          • july860 says:


          • You are a good person, example for the rest of us. It seem most of this discussion is between people who want to go from bed to bed with out taking responsibility for their actions but want other people to pay for their irresponsibal actions. Go Tigers! LSU Bayou Tigers and Mizzou Tigers.

          • Reddiaperbaby says:

            Quick, go take your meds…OMG are you serious?

          • ococoob says:

            You’re an illiterate ass!

          • Is that the best you can do? Name calling adds nothing to the discussion, but shows a lack of thought on your part!

        • stcroixcarp says:

          Males cause 100% of all pregnancies, so until birth control addresses the issue of irresponsible male sexual behavior, there will be unwanted pregnancies and abortions. I would love to see huge signs along the interstate picturing big studly men proclaiming, “Only YOU can prevent abortions–one vasectomy at a time.

        • ivory69690 says:

          whats the problem with it this way anna ?A recent study confirmed that the contraception mandate will reduce the abortion rate, and preventing unwanted pregnancies will clearly reduce costs for both employers and insurers – 28 states already have contraception mandates in place/// its there AND EVERY ONE is saving on it

        • joeham1 says:

          Anna, if you would stop sleeping around or make all the guys you do bring birth control and the money you charge!

          • ANNA says:

            That’s so funny, joeham1! Trying to insult me by calling me a slut? FYI I’m a married, post-menopausal woman who, even if I was slutty, certainly has no need for birth control! Nice try, though.

          • joeham1 says:

            The point Anna, Is the government screws up virtually everything they touch. The last thing we need is for them to tell anyone to pay for someones elses birth Control. This administration and the last need and needed to pay attention to what they spend not what they want us to spend!!!

      • When you go to church, stand up and ask the women in your church how many have ever taken contraceptives, and then ask yourself why it bothers you so much that the birth control pill is so offensive to you. Birth control doesn’t kill babies it stops sperms from becoming a fetuse.

        • Betta says:

          (Sigh) Sperm doesn’t become a fetus, Mary. Nobody has a problem with people using birth control. The problem we have is the mandate that everybody gets free birth control, which is not free. obama is blatantly LYING to the people saying it is free when it is not. Big pharma is NOT going to give their product (birth control) away for free. It MUST be paid for by someone, usually the taxpayer. We are SICK of paying for people to have FREE stuff!

          It is not my responsibility that I should have to pay for other people’s pregnancy prevention, which they half ass use anyway as available as it is.

          Don’t know about anyone else, but I am sick and tired of paying extra so that lazy leeches can get free stuff.

          • Sand_Cat says:

            Your claim no one has a problem with birth control shows how out of touch with reality you are; you apparently missed the fact that the article you’re commenting on is about a lot of people who have a problem with birth control.

            This is not about “free” birth control any more than it is about “free” Viagra. It’s called “health insurance.” Since you take that attitude, why should I pay for some one who can’t get it up? Or who has cancer? or who has heart disease? I don’t have those things. If we pay only for those things that affect us, it’s not health “insurance,” it’s the end of insurance.

            To get back to the first point, let’s be honest: the largest organization opposing this opposes the best prevention for the sin it claims to hate: abortion. It opposes not only medical birth control, but all other means of preventing pregnancy except monkery. Its ridiculous and indefensible position on this and other things related to sex is ignored by most of the actual people who belong to it, and it employs huge numbers of people who are not even members to do things which are not part of its dogma or worship, including taking large amounts of government money for performing “social services.” If it doesn’t want to offer birth control to nuns and priests, fine. But for all the others, it should have to comply with the laws governing all other providers of these “services,” who – to put it in wing-nut terms – will suffer a competitive disadvantage if they have to provide this insurance while the pious hypocrites don’t.

      • JUDITH says:

        Learn to not attempt to pry a womans legs apart!! Idiot

      • Do all Vets a favor and don’t identify yourself as one. You give us a bad name.

        • oldtack says:

          Amen brother! stvjas is by his service as John McCain is his POW time. A true Vet keeps his combat time personal. Then there are the others that wear it on their shoulder like a bloody badge saying to the world -“Look at poor me”.

        • In this discussion all you are capable of calling a guy out about is saying he is a vet. you have nothing to add. So shout the F up!

      • Recoloniser says:

        I thought this was about contraception, not abortion. Stay on topic.
        Anyway, here’s a simple fact from looking abroad: free access to good, reliable contraception means fewer abortions, make access to contraception still easier, even fewer abortions. Look it up, in Scandinavian and West European countries even under-age girls can go to their family doctor and ask to be put on the pill, with or without their parents’ consent. Result: negligible rates of teenage pregnancy and even smaller rates of teenage abortions. Funny, annit, how the world sometimes makes sense?

      • JudeLawGuardian says:

        Learn to keep your fucking mouth shut about things that don’t concern you. Removing a zygote is a medical procedure, nothing more. P.S. The “I am a Vietnam Vet” shit doesn’t impress me in the least, baby killer. Grow a uterus–something that might actually impress me–and then you can have an opinion—about your OWN fucking uterus, not anyone else’s.

      • carolknows says:

        seems you have a personal mental issue with womens’ rights. i lost friends stationed in that ridiculous war..young, lives-ahead-of-them males. i can’t imagine any of them making the ridiculous correlation you have tried to make between nam and womens’ ‘irresponsibility’ as you pretend. keep your pants zippered up and shut your stupid mouth. the dead men of nam are worth more than you’ll ever be.

      • ococoob says:

        YOU learn to keep you d*ck in your pants and acknowledge your responsibility too a*hole!

      • joeham1 says:

        It amazes me how many people say things they know aren’t true!

      • dslocum says:

        It takes two to be irresponsible in creating a pregnancy. When men are willing for women to legislate what males can do with their reproductive organs, then it might be appropriate for men to comment on women’s rights. Until then, stay out of women’s health issues!

        Only a handful of idiots called Vietnam vets baby killers. It was despicable. You should have been thanked for serving in your country’s military – regardless of the lack of popularity of the war.

    • Betta says:

      So, are you saying that when two get together for sex, somebody else is responsible to pay for their irresponsible behavior? You don’t think they should be responsible and pay for it themselves?

      You actually believe the government when they told you it was free? You really think that big pharma is just going to GIVE away their product, right? It’s just freaking FREE to everyone who wants it?

      You’re kidding right?

  3. joeham1 says:

    God help our country! This is another Obama over reach, and another loss for freedom!

    • highpckts says:

      Oh for God’s sake!! How do you see this as an over reach???> It shouldn’t have been an issue to begin with!! What fredom are you losing?? I swear, if a Repub had come up with this or any white man it would have been just honky dory!!

      • joeham1 says:

        Screw your white man crap you freakin idiot. What kind of welfare is birth conrol. This joke for a President won’t be happy until the rich are as poor and the poor. Then he will have accomplished his goal of destruction!

        • One of the BEST presidents we have ever had!

        • Sand_Cat says:

          Spare us your ignorance and bigotry.

        • JSquercia says:

          Where the hell did you get into the idea of making the Rich as poor as the poor in a discussion about BIRTH CONTROL .
          But since you mentioned it I will comment on your post concerning the Rich versus the poor . Previously productivity gains were shared between the workers and the share holders with BOTH benefitting .Now the entire gain goes to the shareholders which is why wages have stagnated .
          I hardly think that making guys like Romney pay 20% on their Capital gains is causing him much hardship . During Eisenhower’s Presidency the Top Marginal rate was 91% . As a senior whose social security benefits are taxed at about 20% . I shed no tears for the likes of Romney . I find it interesting that the income at which one is considered “upper income” for the purposes of having your income taxed was NOT indexed for inflation and yet the recent tax change to the estate tax did index the exemption . Oh and did I mention that in determining your income for Social Security you must add in 50% of your Benefit .
          We the largest disparity in income since the Great Depression and less class mobility than England .

          • joeham1 says:

            My point on taxing the rich is simple. With the vast increase in governement spending we needed a tax increase. We will need another one too. However, if you look at a state like California they have been raising taxes for 30 years trying to offset the nutty spending. They have goteen to the point where it is really hurting the middle class and businesses.

            So when the President campaigned for over a year on the balanced approach to cutting the deficit I agreed. I knew we needed more revenue but I also knew we really needed to cut spending. When I saw the deal and then Checked it on the CBO site (jan 4 2013) it was a 660 billion tax increase and 4 trillion in NEW deficits!!!!

            I was outraged! I then got on all my news programs and sites and saw that not ONE PERSON on the National memo site, NOT ONE has a problem with the deal. It’s like they didn’t hear about it. I know this is a blame the right for everything site, but come on! That Balanced Approach deal may have been the straw that broke the camels back, and even if it’s not where the heck is the outrage or even a little concern? One idiot actually said it was the best Obama could get out of the Right!!

            God help us!

        • Reddiaperbaby says:

          Eat your heart out, you ignorant POS.

          • joeham1 says:

            What the hell does that mean you freakin idiot! Besides your sexual craving for Obama what has he done to make you one of his sheep?

          • Reddiaperbaby says:

            It means four more years and you can just suck it up. What he did? He saved us from the GOP pond scum…and you’ll be just as pissed off when the Dems beat your ass again in 2016.
            Sent from my iPad

          • joeham1 says:

            It’s not my ass he beat! It’s all of ours. Your just stupid enough to think he saved us from anything.

            Exactly what did he do, and what did he save us from? I would love to hear what one of his sheep will say he did.

            Don’t say it was the stimulas, because the jobs only lasted a year and they were over 3 million per job. Don’t say healthcare because it hasn’t taken effect and they still have to figure out what the 13,000 pages of regulations mean. That leaves the Balanced approach to cutting the deficit. Which by the way wasn’t balanced and didn’t reduce the deficit. In fact it raised the deficit 4 trillion (CBO report jan 4 2013).

            That leaves only his Governemnt take over program Of GM so he could give controlling interest to the Unions.

            If you had a mind of your own you would actually learn what your talking about!! Instead I expect you will call the repubs another name or spout your hate for the far right. Instead try thinking and learning. You will be shocked what you may find out!

          • Sand_Cat says:

            Maybe you should take your own advice about thinking and learning, moron.

          • joeham1 says:

            Why is it when given facts, (I gave you the sources for those facts) You have no answer except name calling? Was the balanced approach, Balanced? Can we afford 800 billion a year in interest?

            Your love affair with the president shouldn’t make you deaf, dumb and blind!

            You wierdo’s have this freaky little hate thing going on. No matter what happens you blame someone else.

            Let me help you:

            Bush, did the prescription drug bill and didn’t pay for it. Added to the deficit! The wars that BOTH parties voted for weren’t funded!

            He continued the Clinton bill called “The American Homeownership and Economic Opportunity Act” that legislation lead to the housing crash! Clinton, Bush, Barney Frank, and Chris Dodd should have seen what was coming.

            TO BE FAIR!!!! (If you can) Both parties caused the reccession and both parties need to work together to solve the problems!

            The Problem I have with president is he is NOT willing to compromise on anything! The healthcare law was a patison bill which predictably won’t lower costs! It had no cost lowering measures! NONE!!! The Balanced Approach to cutting the deficit increased the deficit 4 trillion because the repubs gave him a tax increase and he refused to give any spending cuts! (CBO report jan 4 2013)

            I only ask you to read the reports and then decide. Don’t buy the crap for the left or the right says!

        • Bill says:

          You need to review your comments before posting them. What does “This joke for a President won’t be happy until the rich are as poor and the poor.” mean? I know you have trouble keeping a thought in your head for long. The president who was a joke was the one prior to President Obama. You do know why his family called him “W”, they were pretty sure he could then spell his name correctly!

          You true believers need to come up with something besdies loosing another freedom. Noone has lost any freedom in the past 4 years. Name one!!

          • joeham1 says:

            Bill. I’m going to ask you to try and be fair minded for a minute. Between Bush and Obama. The deficit has gone up over 10 trillion dollars! We now have more debt than the rest of the world put together! Try and put your hate for Bush and your love for Obama away for a minute! Can you?

            In 2016 the deficit WILL be at least 21 trillion. The interest payment will be alone will be 800 billion a year. I’m sure w you will still be blind and in love with Obama, but at that point the rich and the niddle class will have to pay over 50% of their income just to sustain the country.

            The President talks out of both side of his mouth, hoping people like you don’t understand math. With a deficit that high, the middle class will be obliterated!

            Ok continue your retard “W” jokes if you want~

      • Sand_Cat says:

        More importantly, how is it a loss for freedom?

    • Get real! It is not an Obama over reach, get a life!

      • joeham1 says:

        It’s a typical Obama over reach! What you fools don’t realize is that SOON there won’t be enough rich people to pay for his Socialist crap! Michael you really need to read or learn or something. I know he told you that 1 trillion a year in deficits are ok but they will destroy us!

        If you have half a brain you can figure out that as soon as the rich can’t pay anymore it WILL be the Middle Class. SIMPLE MATH will tell you that.

        • Cairndance says:

          The cost for birth control – maybe $30.00 per month.
          The cost of a full term pregnancy – $10,000 to $20,000 +!
          The cost of a premmie birth and hospital care – $100,000 & possibly more!
          YOU DO THE MATH!

          Remember – Chaney said “DEFICITS DON’T MATTER” , while the BUSH administration ran 2 WARS on our credit card!

          Every Pregnancy is because of a man, women don’t get pregnant alone, therefore every abortion must also be caused by a man!

          • joeham1 says:

            Are you seriously nuts? What the hell does chaney have to do with what Obama is doing to the deficit? Cut your poor women crap! It may fly with the dumb asses that buy into that crap but not with me! Keep your f n legs closed and you won’t get Preg!

            If you want birth control buy it! Ass hole moocher!

          • Sand_Cat says:

            If you weren’t so blinded by your delusions, ignorance, and aggressive stupidity, you might understand what “Chaney” has to do with YOUR argument, not that put forward by the article or the other posters.

          • joeham1 says:

            Look crap cat. I get you hate the right. I don’t even care if you do. But for God’s sake, get off the blame game b.s. The unemployment rate went up today to 7.9% Of course the white house said it’s a good thing just so his sheep will say “I guess it is”
            Is that Chaney’s fault too?

          • Sand_Cat says:

            Another infantile right-winger with an obsession with bodily functions.

          • joeham1 says:

            Aagin you post but don’t say anything! The perfect puppet!

          • JUDITH says:

            You must have a lovely, loving relationship with your wife, if you even have one. Do you not recognize your own mysogyny?

          • joeham1 says:

            Are you kidding me? What kind of idiot would make that comment! Just becuase I believe that churches have a right to their beliefs and therefore a right not to pay for contaceptives I hate women?
            Why is it you people on this site have this sheep like propensity to repeat exactly what The president or the National memo says? haven’t any of you ass holes figured out how to do research to see how wrong you may be?

          • Cairndance says:

            Excuse me, You are the one who commented on Obama’s deficit! Vice President Dick Chaney bragged about the fact that “DEFICITS DON’T MATTER”! I’ll bet you didn’t even notice that!
            Most of us try to write thoughtful things here, you are just disgusting with all of your f-this and f-that! If more men kept their pants zipped, we wouldn’t have to worry about contraception!

            I worked in the insurance industry when Viagra came on the market – it was a medical benefit immediately, at a time when birth control was still limited! Guess we know who controls the insurance industries!

            Again – Pregnancy is 100% caused by men!

          • joeham1 says:

            Look, I could give a crap about Chaney. He’s gone!!! If he said deficits don’t matter then he’s a freakin idiot. EVERYONE except Obama and Chaney, knows that they matter. This nut and the last nut President have collectively done more damage then all the other presidents together!

            I realize you may not be able to keep your legs closed, but contraception , viagra, or any of that stuff should be covered! Especially when it involves a religion!

        • JUDITH says:

          Oh, I’m sure the rich will become poor because of Obama. Simple math? How about simply ignorant?

          • joeham1 says:

            Wow Judith, Amazing how ignorant you are to history! Study the latest example of Obamaism. Greece- It’s a smaller scale and there are a few differences, but the dynamics are the same. The real difference is there will be no one to bail us out! When the dollar collapses and at this rate it will be in the next 5 years (I believe) there will be no more rich! Study, Learn, educate yourself!

          • ococoob says:


            We are NOWHERE like Greece. First of all, Greece as well as the European Union, with exception of Great Britain, do not have a central bank like the U.S. and the the U.S. economy is many times over stronger that Greece’s. So quit spouting the FakeNews mantra because you sound like an idiot here.

          • joeham1 says:

            Are you that retarded? Go screw yourself with your fakenews stupidity! You ass holes and your attack on a news station that you don’t watch and don’t know what’s on it except from from what this extreme radical National memo tells you!

            We aren’t Greece idiot but if our dollar collapses, (and it will if we keep printing money like we have) we will be worse off then Greece.

            So yes we are like Greece! A lot like it. We are on a much bigger scale and our collpase won’t be able to be bailed out like them!

          • ococoob says:


            Whoa! Don’t need to pop an artery here! Anyways, your spouting foul language and calling names don’t make you seem credible here. Tell me, why should Ior anyone else on this thread have to listen to what you have to say, eh?

          • joeham1 says:

            Here’s why: first it does no good to blame. Both parties are to blame it really doesn’t matter.

            Listen or don’t listen but mark my words, If the far left doesn’t start realizing that this adminstration is as bad or worse than the last administration we won’t make it to the next President. Interst alone on a 21 trillion deficit will be around 800 billion a year.

            Read the Bill Clinton signed and Bush went along with. It’s called: The American Homeownership and Economic Opportunity Act. Then read about Andrew Coumo and his role in the Housing problem which is the sole reason the economy crashed.
            Bush like Clinton wanted to increase home ownership. The Bill signed and the pressure put on banks and fannie and freddie increased home ownership and loans to people who couldn’t pay the loans. Clinton re-wrote the 1977 Community reinvestment act. It loosened restrictions on loans.

            During the Bush era, Bush went to congress 6 times asking for an investigation into fannie and freddie. Each time Barney Frank and Chris Dodd told the administration that Freddie and fannie were fine.

            It’s a lot of material to read but the short summary is this: Through Governement intervention and overreach, The lending laws were loosened. It caused trillions of dollars in lost home values and the second greatest recession in the history of the country.

            The National Memo and a lot of others want to blmae bush for everything. The real truth is Both democrats and republicans are to blame. Going past that is futile.

            There is no room left in this country for anyone to be partison. The spending HAS to be cut, now regardless of who is President.

          • ococoob says:

            Clinton is not entirely to blame for the home mortgage problem here. Also, the last time the nation had a surplus was under Clinton. Bush sqaundered it with those 2 useless wars to this day we’re still paying out of our noses for.

            Again, as far as the housing mortgage problem, don’t forget to include the Graham-Leach-Bliley Act that “excelerated” the home ownership debacle. Republicans!

          • joeham1 says:

            I’m not sure if your a 12 year old or just retarded!!!!! I said clearly that both parties are responsible! Remember the Graham-Leach-Bliley law was signed into law by Cinton. That means the republicans came of with the bill and clinton signed it! If he didn’t agree it, he would of veto’d it.

            My point again if your not to much of a partison is both parties are equally responsible! Bush and Clinton blew it!!!

            I know the liars out there will tell you a lot of bull. So here is another fact for you: The balanced budget and welfare reform were done by Newt Gingerich and signed inot law by Clinton. That’s why we has a surplus!

            Oh, and the 2 useless wars voted for and agreed to by BOTH parties got rid of Sadam Hussien and 1000’s of Al queda!

        • ococoob says:


          Any sources to back up your diatribe?

          • joeham1 says:

            If your talking about the balanced approach to cutting the deficit, the source is the CBO report jan 4 2013. The president flat out lied in over 100 speeches when he said we needed a balanced approach to cutting the deficit. It turned out to be 660 billion in tax increases and 4 trillion in new spending and deficits! Read the report it’s there. As far as running out of millionares, the proof is Greece or france or heck even California! California already had the highest state taxes in the country. They just raised them to 13.5% on the rich. People will tell you California balanced it’s budget. What they really did is cut a little spending and sent over 28 billion down the road to be handled another day! They taught it as a victory. Then they gave the unions a raise as a way of thanking them for getting the state taxes raised. It’s a vicious circle. Spend, tax, spend more , and tax more. Look at the unemployment rate between Texas and California! California is 3% higher in unemployment. The cost of living there is out of control! Nationally we are doing the same thing. In fact we need to raise taxes more now just to bring the deficit under 1 trillion a year.

            You see what going on now is that the out of control entitlement programs have swelled to over a trillion dollars a year. Raising taxes on the rich barely scratched the surface. When you talk about spending cuts people will say your hurting the poor and elderly. That’s not true. You can cut spending and not hurt anyone. Get rid of corporate welfare, lower corporate rates, means test entitlements, get state and federal labor unions pension under control. (why should they not participate in there own retirement?)

            Finally cut spending across the board 2% a year for 5 years. If we do all those things we can be saved. If we do nothing we will be greece on a whole new level. The collapse will be catasrophic! Both Bush and Obama have and are killing this country. An example of that is: In 2016 when the deficit is 21 trillion (CBO REPORT) The interest alone will e around 800 billion a year. If we get to that the poor, elderly, whats left of the middle class and the rich will be hurt bad.

            The United states right now has more debt then the rest of the world combined!!!!!!!

            This is ins’t a left or right issue. Both parties suck and both are to blame. BOTH will have to solve it if it isn’t to late!

            Look up anything I said. Most of the info is on the CBO report. The other is all over the internet on reliable sites!

    • JUDITH says:

      What freedom is that you moron?

      • joeham1 says:

        Frredom of religion dumb ass!!

        • Bill says:

          So Joe can you still go to your church and worship as you did 4 years ago? I know I can in fact I can go to any church that I want to and worship all day long and no gov’t official comes in to stop me. Yo might be a little more believable if you stopped this nonsense of loss of freedom of religion. Show me an example of someone not being able to go to a church, temple, synagogue or other place of worship of their choice.

          • This is an attempt by President Obama to tell religious institutions to go against their believes. Government tamering with religious belives will be preceived as a violation of the 1st amendment. Court cases will be numerous, lawers will get rich, the government will go further in debt. What a mess.

          • joeham1 says:

            What happened to this country? We used to have religion in schools. The seperation of church and state only meant that the government couldn’t dictate what religion people practiced. So the liberals got all religion pulled from the schools. Today Violence is out of control, some kids get no religion at all their whole lives. Now were all shocked that people are shooting kids in schools. So lets try and take away more freedom. Let’s get their guns. Regardless of the FACT that people that want to kill will kill! Now, we have and morons like you that think that the bastard Obama is ok for telling churches it doesn’t matter what your against, it’s a good idea to have condoms paid for, even if they don’t believe in them! Then you act like a retard and say “you can still go to church can’t ya Joe? ”

            You ignorance is amazing. Your agenda is evil, and it’s people like you that screw up the world!

    • Reddiaperbaby says:

      Please go and drop dead!! God is helping this country by making Obama president. Stupid POS!!

      • joeham1 says:

        You f n idiot!! Are you retarded? How is he helping? 6% higher poverty in 4 years? 5.8 trillion in higher deficits? Another 5 trillion projected in the next 4 years? The first President in the HISTORY of our country to have less jobs after 4 years then when he took office? 1,500 guns sold to a drug cartel, Giving jets and tanks to the Muslim brotherhood? A healthcare bill that doesn’t raise the cost of healthcare? A balanced approach to cutting the deficit that raise the deficit 4 trillion more?

        How stupid can you be to make the comment you made? What has he done to make anything better? NOTHING, absolutely nothing!

        STUDY, LEARN, OPEN YOU STUPID EYES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Give up the fight! Women always get the last word!

        • Reddiaperbaby says:

          Moron…did you really think he could clean up your GOP shit in 4 years? Even FDR needed more time to fix stuff in the Depression (also the result of Republican policies) and he was a genius. And white…if you want to know why things are slow in improving, look in the mirror.
          Sent from my iPad

          • joeham1 says:

            All you have is hate. No facts, only blame and hate. You repeat what the democrats say without having a clue what your talking about! Do’t be a puppet. Stop believing what you hear! Research, for everyones sake. You see in a year or 2 when you realize the president is absolutely no better then Bush and his gang, you will at least know why!

            And yes he should have been able to clean it up in one term! He is the first President ever (even during the deppression) to have less jobs in 4 years then when he started.

            Something to think about: In 1980 when Reagan took office we have 10.5% unemployement. We also had 21% interest. By the end of his first term unemployment was down to 7.1% and the economy was (at that point) creating 4-500,000 jobs a month. By the end of his second term unemployment was 5.4%

  4. Intuitively, this should be a win-win for the so-called pro-life advocates and well as insurance companies, who would spend a fraction of what it would cost them to provide pre-natal care and delivery care. Needless to say, it would also reduce the number of abortions.
    The only problem is that this was proposed by President Obama, which automatically makes it an evil initiative in the eyes of some.

  5. stvjas says:

    You may do as our state is doing by passing “STATE” laws that counter this movement. opposing abortion unless life endangerment exists for Mother or by Rape only!!
    Yes a win for the Babies!!! YES YES YES!!

    • JUDITH says:

      If you believe, stvjas that God made Eve for man (I’m sure you do) and God made woman to acquiesce to man’s natural sex drive, but didn’t mention only if you can afford birth-control, I guess you are talking out of both sides of your mouth. So, stvjas says NO SEX for people who can’t afford their own birth-control because he is privvy to God’s will that it’s ok to be married and not have sex with your wife if you can’t afford birth-control. Have I got your message right, stvjas?

      • As a rammy young man, like most rammy young men, the thought that young ladies would satify all my sexual desires when ever sure sounded good. But I, like most really knew better. As responsible men we took responsibility for our actions. Be preparied if a young lady was willing. Yes, young men need to know they are responsible for protection. Buy a condom, it is cheap, and no the state is not responsible for your actions. It is not a haves vv. have nots argument. It is a matter of back to basics teaching responsibility.

    • JudeLawGuardian says:

      Fuck that shit. Crawl back to your cave with the rest of you knuckle-dragging, misogynist, inbred, backwoods sister-fucking hillbillies. No wonder the south lost the war.

    • Reddiaperbaby says:

      Hey. Dumbass…it’s an embryo, not a baby. And the egg you have for breakfast isn’t a chicken, either. Get a fucking clue or STFU.

    • Sand_Cat says:

      Actually, they’re passing laws with NO exceptions, but I guess the woman’s life is of no consequence to the “pro-life” faction, anyway, right?

  6. highpckts says:

    So it’s okay for you to trample on someone’s elses rights just so long as you get your way?? The STATE has no right to interfer in relious beliefs either!! So get off your high horse! If you don’t approve of abortion then don’t get one!!!

    • stvjas says:

      don’t have Sex if you do not want children or take Birth control, I am against ABORTION , I want you to stop breading, so as I do not have to pay for your mistakes. If you cant afford birth control don’t have sex it is a simple solution

      • highpckts says:

        stvjas – Back at ya big guy!!! You will never stop “breading” so give it up!! You are not paying for anything! How many times do you have to be told that!!

      • JSquercia says:

        That’s what the article was about . It was about the access to Birth Control NOT abortion . The Catholic church is complaining about their religious freedom being violated because institutions run by the church such Catholic Hospitals must make Birth Control coverage available to their employees (many of whom are NOT Catholic) . So it would seem to me that THEIR religious freedom is being violated .

      • JudeLawGuardian says:

        Stop “breading”? What does breading have to do with birth control or abortion? Sure, it makes chicken & fish a lot crispier when you fry them, but seriously, it’s not relevant to anything regarding this topic… XD

      • july860 says:

        First of all, people don’t “bread”; I believe the word you were shooting for is “breed”. Secondly, wouldn’t it just make more sense to have access to birth control cuz we all know how well the “just don’t have sex” mantra goes….how’s it working’ out for ya?

      • ococoob says:


        What’s “breading” in your sentence there?

    • stvjas says:

      what if your parents had made a different choice?
      Well we wouldn’t be having this discussion now would we?

      • highpckts says:

        There are always “what ifs”! Doesn’t hold water!! So here is the B***** calling you a hypocrite! Just 1 – what’s wrong? There are thousands of babies out there ! How many should you adopt that would make a difference?? Because of people like you there are way too many!!

      • JUDITH says:

        So what you’re saying stvjas is your 2 children are the only product of you not practicing birth-control? I’m sure that’s real believeable. If, being a good Catholic (assuming here) you practice the rhythm method, that’s ok? Think of all the children you could have fathered had you not even done that! Shame on you, wasting all that sperm!!

      • JudeLawGuardian says:

        It wouldn’t matter, because if the parents had made a different choice, highpckts wouldn’t have even been a sentient being to know the difference one way or another, so your whole point is irrelevant.

  7. highpckts says:

    stvjas – how many babies have you adopted that are homeless, abused and going hungery!! hypocrite!!

    • stvjas says:

      Just 1, but I bet you can’t say the same!!B****

      • JudeLawGuardian says:

        Then again, she’s not in favor of popping more out even if you don’t want them & is sane enough to realize that you DO have alternatives to overpopulating the planet with even MORE unwanted babies who’ll likely wind up in dumpsters, whereas you seem to believe women should be forced as punishment to do so just because you want to control every woman’s uterus. Too bad, so sad. Nice that you don’t rule the world…or this country. 🙂

  8. highpckts says:

    ANNA – AMEN!!!

  9. highpckts says:

    joeham1 – a little touchy about your bigotry are you??

  10. fenderbass says:

    to murder your baby?? you disgusting bitch

    • JudeLawGuardian says:

      WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!! ROFLMFAO!!!!! Yeah, it’s a CHOICE, BITCH. Not a “baby”. It’s a non-sentient blob of fucking cells, not a “baby”, and it’s a fucking medical procedure that THE WOMAN GET TO MAKE. Suck it up and deal with it, you fucked up bitch.

  11. Sand_Cat says:

    So these so-called “faith-based” and “pro-life” institutions who opt out will NOT be eligible for government contracts of any kind under the so-called “faith-based” initiatives office( which shouldn’t exist in the first place), right? No, wait. Their “faith” doesn’t prevent them from sticking their hands out for cash from that nasty old government, does it?

    What a bunch of hypocrites!

  12. Sand_Cat says:

    Another lost reply

  13. JudeLawGuardian says:

    Tell all of these fucking hagbeast bitches up in arms over their “pro-zygote” fucking stances to take a big tub of birth control pills and shove them up their asses.

  14. JohnRNC says:

    Yay Rah for compromise, but in this instance I think Obama should’ve let the courts handle it.

    Basic chemistry lesson – most common oral contraceptives do not prevent conception. It regulates the cyclical discharge of hormones that cause women to ovulate – that is it makes a woman’s menstrual cycle very regular and predictable. Therefore (for the non-neaderthal that can read, count and follow directions), you know exactly when NOT to have sex. Even while on “the pill” pregnancy can still occur if you forget to take it or get off track. It actually makes “the rhythm method” possible and allows couples to make some choices about finances, education, etc. before they start bringing children into the world.

    Bottom line – it all comes down to individual choices about whether one wants to intentionally have children or to leave it to the randomness of biology, individual body chemistry, and the basic urge to have an intimate relationship with another human being.

    The notion that this kind of medical intervention somehow violates religious freedom is ludicrous! It is a fabrication by The Church (made up of people not deities) who decided it wanted to take control human reproduction and deny women access to medicines that do alot more than just make ovulation predictable.

  15. charleo1 says:

    Humm. Religious, and moral freedom are not up for debate, she says.
    Well, that’s true. Religious, and moral freedom were up for debate when
    they were writing The Constitution. It says mine, are pretty much up to me.
    Now Ms. Dannenfeier. You didn’t actually believe they were up to you?

  16. Patriarchal religious proponents see birth control by women as a major block to their patriarchal power and control. Really, the Catholic church has no right to tell anyone what they can do with their bodies. Of course this may mean they will not have as many “God Fearing” young parisheners to diddle with anymore! I am not picking on the Catholic church but I am concerned that all patriarchal religions are pretty much the same.

  17. twheik says:

    Well if an abortion is performed it just delays the mother or father from meeting the child. They will be there in the next life.

  18. ivory69690 says:

    A recent study confirmed that the contraception mandate will reduce the abortion rate, and preventing unwanted pregnancies will clearly reduce costs for both employers and insurers – 28 states already have contraception mandates in place/// whats the problem ? every ones saving money this way

  19. ivory69690 says:

    This policy delivers on the promise of women having access to birth control without co-pays no matter where they work,” said Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood Federation of America. “Of course, we are reviewing the technical aspects of this proposal, but the principle is clear and consistent. This policy makes it clear that your boss does not get to decide whether you can have birth control.”/// its not the boss that should decide now it better its there for women who want it as it should be . so much presure on women all the time and it should be on both sides . but we know that wont happen . the males could care less ( too many of them anyways ) untill it cost them support . then thy cry . im a male and feel one isnt going to get the males to step up with being responceably . or want any responcabilty for what thy both do . so thy should be thankful that there is protection for things and it cost all less this way . PS sorry for any and all miss spelling . just try to get the point . thank you and all have a nice day 🙂

  20. ivory69690 says:

    The original contraception mandate sparked dozens of lawsuits from Catholic faith-based nonprofits and universities. Those lawsuits have been put on hold as the White House prepared its new policy./// if the faiths dont like it then let them pay the support for the children

  21. ivory69690 says:

    Despite the obvious benefits of the mandate and policies designed to remove faith-based organizations from any involvement in providing birth control, so-called pro-life groups are still not satisfied/// its not the faith that should choose unless thy want to support the children its the person the women that dose what she wants to do . if she wants to take the pill so be it

  22. If you do not like birth control than do not take them. If you do not approve of abortions than do not have one.

  23. srgm says:

    and i’ll say it again…
    The thing is, this whole brouhaha was not between the Obama Administration and the Catholic Church, it was/is a conflict between the Catholic Church and the United States of America’s SECULAR government. Nothing in the ACA stops anyone from the freedom of their conscience, it simply extends that freedom to every person. I’m pretty sure there won’t be anyone in black helicopters descending on the religious persons and forcibly shoving birth control pills down their throats. If you don’t want to take the pill, then DON’T, it’s up to you. Just like it should be up to ANYONE.

  24. concernedgran says:

    I’m not trying to be controversial, but just have another perspective on this subject. Many of the comments on here are talking about “free birth control” or “me paying for your birth control”. In every job that I have ever had, the employee has to pay for a portion of their health insurance. I don’t understand how it could be legal for an employer to charge for a potion of the employees healthcare premium and then deny them any coverage at all. Most employers are not going to pay full premiums, so I think if they charge for coverage they should have to provide the coverage they are charging for. I am retired and well past the age for having children, but I am a fair minded person who does not think that name calling and put downs of others who do not agree with you accomplishes anything besides making the name caller look bad.

  25. bchrista says:

    Hey Joe Ham1 I see that you’re still spouting your bullshit lies, to start with the talking points here were Abortion, Contraception, the right of women to decide if they have the right to control what they do with their body, and if it’s legal for them to have unprotected sex or if they need to ask for permission, and you had to throw shit in the game by talking about your favorite subject demeaning the President and his policies, which everything you state has already been shown to be nothing but bullshit and lies, I won’t bother to elaborate since it’s old hash warmed over, why don’t you get a life and find something new that hasn’t been repeated dozens of times before, it’s been proven that you are so full of it that it’s getting boring, people are getting tired of you guys berating the President with your unfounded lies, again I say get over it you guys lost the election and all people want to hear is progressive comments on how to move the country forward Reagan, Bush, Nixon and any Republican President you want to name just fucked up the country grabbed their marbles, ran and hid out of sight and those that are still alive you don’t hear a peep out of them. Obama’s jobs proposal all of which there’s been several, are still being held by the Congress who refuse to vote on them, and the deficit was left by the Bush Admenistration for two unfunded wars that Bush didn’t put on the books, destroyed an economy that was left to him by President Clinton 3T to the good, left an economy that was losing 800.000 jobs a month, gave the richest 1% the lowest tax break that finally threw the country on the way to one of the greatest depression in History, and Obama stopped the down ward spiral of jobs loss,and started them on the way up at a rate of 200,000 a month, stopped GM, and Chrysler from bankruptsie proceedings and in the process saved over 500,000 jobs, stopped Romney and his buddies from sending jobs overseas by not letting Delphi Auto go under, got the stock market from going under and today it’s hovering around 13,000, promised to do 500 things for the people of this country and kept over 300 of them and those he hasn’t kept is because the Republicans have been sucessful in blocking but, he is still working on them, he has accomplished more than all presidents before him together, while the great communicator(Reagan), Bush 1and2, and Nixon didn’t do anything for the American people except to make the Republicans and their 1% friends richer, I can’t completely put Reagan down he passed a couple of bills that helped the people ,but believe you me he did that without realizing it and it didn’t sit too well with the Republicans in the Senate and the Congress. But as you read these posts I urge you to take them with a little bit of salt because people like Joe Ham1, Onedonewong, Lana Ward, MontanaBill, Stvjkas, Finder Bass, and many others paid by the 1%, the Kock Brothers, Rove, Rush, Hannity, and other Republicans are being paid to and their only motive is to make the President look bad and fail and it’s eating at their ass that so far they have failed to accomplished their dirty deeds because if they ever do, then all I can say is Lord have mercy on this country.

  26. Richard Nixon traded endorsement by the Roman Catholic Church (illegal for tax-exempt organizations) for enforcement of the Church’s ban of abortion (a violation of the Establishment Clause). The “dirty tricks”, Watergate break-in and “Plumbers” in that same campaign preclude an honorable interpretation.

    The Church founded “faith-based organizations” to hide its involvement and avoid automatic rejection by Protestants. Created, managed and populated on Church payroll, the organizations pretended to be independent.

    That was the thin end of the Republican “wedge strategy” to split religious southerners from the Democratic Party. Southern Baptists, Missouri-Synod Lutherans, Seventh-Day Adventists and LDS would have gone more Democratic if they knew Rome was in control.

    Once Nixon merged the Party with the anti-abortion movement, those Astroturf organizations recruited conservative Republicans based on party loyalty. Most recruits were not anti-abortion but eventually that position became mandatory.

    Soon, recruits assumed figurehead management. Along with splinter groups, that became today’s “faith-based” movement.

    It is unclear how anti-abortion organizations simultaneously assumed the incompatible anti-contraceptive position in lock-step fashion. The only viable explanation is that the Roman Catholic Church opposes both, still gives the orders and perhaps still has the national leaders on payroll.

  27. bchrista says:

    I kept telling myself to stay out of the set of comments but I finally couldn’t stand it any longer and just had to say my piece, to start with I can’t believe that all of the people that post here which I call my friends because we are on the same paige ,however, allow idiots like Joe Ham1 to keep pulling your leg, we have all been posting here long enough that a pattern has developed if he thinks that he can get under your skin he won’t back off, by that I mean the subjects that we have discussed here I feel them to based on facts,however, people like Joe apparently are sitting at home with nothing better to do and they manage to stumble upon an open discussion forum like this one and they feel that they have found hog heaven, since we will never meet and our gender is usually keep to ourselves, we can say what ever we want so people like Joe can pick a subject like President Obama and run it into the ground, I am pretty sure he knows that Obama has improved America , yet in order to get someone riled he speaks in a derogatory manner so he can play him game and like Joe there are several others and then again there are some that only listen to Fox News and people like Glen Beck, Rush Limbough, Carl Rove and they never get out of that rut, hey they can be very convincing and if that’s all you listen to and watch what do you expect. Now another point is women are going to have an abortion if they get pregnant and don’t the baby and you’re not going to stop it so I would suggect that let them do it under safe conditions rather than force them back to the old way where there was some cruel ways fostered upon to have it done, the medications, the clothes hangers, and various other ways. Right now all you hear is about children being abandomed or starving because the parents don’t have the money to feed them properly, for those of you that are bent on telling women that they must give birth to these unwanted children because your beliefs then I suggest that you build a place where all these unwanted children could be taken and raised by you and given a proper home or maybe you could have a place where your address would be posted and as soon as the women gave birth you could be notified and one of you could pick up the baby and raise them as your own I think that would be the beat way and them would be no reason to abort them, because people grow the fuck up sex is as old as the beginning of time and you are not going to stop it and what two people do when they get together is their business and unless you are prepared to adopt the baby keep your nose out of it. And as far as the people that are complaining about paying for others contraceptives get a life because you’re not paying for anything other tthan yourself, once the government collects your taxes it’s no longer yours it’s theirs and what they do with it you have no control it’s no longer yours, if you did you could tell the government that you did appreiate them supplying all theycountries in the world (which is how the Rich got so rich)and the government will tell you to go get fucked and you will do nothing about it, it’s not yours any longer.

  28. bchrista says:

    In an earlier post I stated about the government once haven’t taken your tax money they can do what ever they want with it, so lets face facts for the last 30 years they have been taken your tax dollars and started wars, which I’m sure you didn’t approve of, they have been supporting the state of Israel to the tune of over 10,000,ooo,ooo Billion a year and receiving nothing in return and most of the time not even a thank you and all the billions of dollars in aid given to other countries that never been repaid and the best part of all this that the 1% has had a hand in all these dealings, how do you think they made their billions, the last ones to profit from the benevolence was the trio of Bush, Cheney and Haliburton and by the way Haliburton is still receiving compensation from their dealings with the US Government, how about you driving up to the gas pump and paying $100 dollars a gallon for gasline under Bush and Cheney that’s just what the US Military paid, Oh plus on top of that there was a matter of several Billions of dollars that got lost in transit and never recovered and you guys are raising a ruckus over a few millions that are being spent to help American women keep from getting pregnant, I’m ashame of you people, if the money is spent on Americans you raise the roof if it’s given to strangers around the world you don’t open your mouths, if your elected officials go South with it’s Okay but to help some women or some poor soul that may need a hand out that’s a no-no why don’t you guys get a life women aren’t the enemy nor the Elderly nor the poor that have fallen on hard times, the enemy is the Representatives that you elected to run the country and they in turn screwed you and made off with billions of dollars splitting it with their Rich friends and banking it overseas and the worst fucking part is that they have convinced some of you that they were looking out for your best interests and you bought the whole cow lock, stock, and barrel, and they got you right where they want you hooked by the nose following them and doin their bidding and making you like, plus having you begging them to go ahead and take some more of your money, if that isn’t the height of stupidity I don’t know what is and Bobby Jindel called the Republicans stupid, I don’t know I think he kind of got that wrong the stupid ones are the ones that still believe the stuff the Republicans are selling them and they didn”t even get a receipt. People I keep telling you you keep getting the wrong information and the only person your hurting is yourself, and mean while the Rich get Richer and you’re fighting amoung yourselves, like the saying goes the mice will play while the Cat is away, I guess you won’t learn until the Chinese come and take over completely and people don’t ever think that it can’t happen because your fooling yourself we are being sold out everyday by money hungry, greedy bastards. since they have money it won’t effect them but where do you go, think about it.

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