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Monday, March 25, 2019

Barack Obama’s re-election campaign rolled out a new television ad in Michigan Thursday, slamming Republican presidential frontrunner and native son Mitt Romney for dancing on the Detroit auto industry’s grave instead of supporting the 2008 bailout that has brought it back to life.

With the Republican state primary less than week away, the ad is a transparent attempt to get under Romney’s skin, and also takes advantage of a convenient opportunity to tout a success in a state that has seen real economic gains since 2009:

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32 responses to “Obama Campaign Whacks Romney On Auto Bailout With Michigan TV Ad [VIDEO]”

  1. HarrellGeron says:

    They buy TV and Radio organizations to support them.
    What they do is called a BRIBE

  2. taxpayer says:

    Mr. Obama, you CANNOT take credit for FORD or Chrysler and GM. Ford did not take a dime. The other two have made changes but still owe the AMERICAN TAXPAYERS! DO NOT BE DECEIVED by this commerical. What about the DEBT you HAVE PLACED ON EVERY PERSON???? THE PRICE OF GASOLINE AND THE FRAGILE ECONOMY IS STILL NOT DOING WELL!!!

  3. taxpayer says:

    Mr. Obama, you CANNOT take credit for FORD or Chrysler and GM. Ford did not take a dime. The other two have made changes but still owe the AMERICAN TAXPAYERS! DO NOT BE DECEIVED by this commerical. What about the DEBT you HAVE PLACED ON EVERY PERSON???? THE PRICE OF GASOLINE AND THE FRAGILE ECONOMY IS STILL NOT DOING WELL!!!

  4. taxpayer says:

    Mr. Obama, you CANNOT take credit for FORD or Chrysler and GM. Ford did not take a dime. The other two have made changes but still owe the AMERICAN TAXPAYERS! DO NOT BE DECEIVED by this commerical. What about the DEBT you HAVE PLACED ON EVERY PERSON???? THE PRICE OF GASOLINE AND THE FRAGILE ECONOMY IS STILL NOT DOING WELL!!!

  5. SandyJ says:

    taxpayer: Saying the same thing multiple times doesn’t make it true . . . or perhaps you just hit the send button several times for emphasis like you did the question mark and exclamation point. Another tip: ALL CAPS is the equivalent of shouting and shouting doesn’t make it true either. I heard this the other day, “Small is bigger than big.” It means give more details and less conclusions if you wish to persuade people to your way of thinking.

  6. freethinker says:

    The President is taking credit for saving GM and Chrysler. In his actions, he broke the law. If, instead of the President being Barack Obama, it was George W. Bush, who took the same actions, would the left be so thrilled? We all know the columnists for this site would be howling about the methods used. GM is doing better, but as taxpayer points out, they have hardly repaid their debt. Chrysler now belongs to an Italian auto maker and none of the other auto makers with headquarters outside the U.S. needed any bailing out and neither did Ford. The final chapter hasn’t been written for GM yet.

  7. frostyolman says:

    GM has already paid these loans back…early I believe…

  8. riz2120 says:

    The President does deserve credit for the turnaround in Detroit. George W would never have taken these actions because these actions have actually benefitted the working class. Something unheard of doing during the Bush Admin. If you want to talk about illegal actions W’s rap sheet is endless. Let’s start with him robbing his way into the White House, the contracts that Cheney’s companies (or friends companies) received from the Iraq war, not to mention the war itself. Please if you want to throw stones make sure your house is not made of glass. Thank you Sandy J. I couldn’t have said it better.

  9. stsintl says:

    Republicans & their Paliniot supporters have a very short memory. Remember the bailout of Chrysler under Lee Iacocca? It was the Federal Government that rescued it from bankruptcy. Lee Iacocca turned around the company and paid back the taxpayers. On the other hand, G.W. Bush’s adventure in Iraq for regime change commanded by AIPAC and Israel’s Ariel Sharon cost us thousands of lives and over trillion dollars [and still counting], not to mention tens of thousands of Iraqi lives which the warmongers wouldn’t even count. Nancy Palosi didn’t have the guts to impeach GWB.

  10. Hankk says:

    3 cheers for the action that President Obama took to save these two American Auto Companies. So far that move has produced 80,000 new good paying full time jobs, not including the re-opening of countless small business that surround those factories and the parts business that have also re-opened. Along with the stimulas bill that has put 1000’s of road/bridge construction workers to work rebuilding the roads and bridges throughout the USA. These 2 moves by the President have added aprox. 400,000 citizens to the work force, with more to follow. The Teapublicans what to blame President Obama for the cost of gas at the pump, however the blame belongs on Wal-street where Crude Oil was placed on the stock market by our last president and where the brokers make aprox $15.00 everytime we citizens fill our gas tanks. You can not leave crude oil de-regulated for the greedy to take advantage of the citizens, and take the chance of sending our economy back into a tailspin. The vote coming in November will be like driving a GM, Chrysler, or Ford Auto, if you put the tranny in R you’ll be going backwards and if you put it in D you’ll be going forward. It’s as simple as that. hankk,MI

  11. greeneink says:

    Uhm, yes he did, and yes, he can. The entire Obama administration, including Biden, can take credit for it. I’m sure you would not have hesitated to blame them if the industry sank, they can take credit for its revival. It cuts both ways, to the good or bad and the credit is all theirs.

  12. cranefly says:

    The Teapubs are and sourgrapes operation,without a plan or a candidate to run, they will loose and blame everyone but themselfs for it.

  13. Charles Higgins says:

    Obama does deserve credit for the auto bailout.The Republican candidates would rather sit on their thumbs and do nothing when it comes to jobs and the american people.Same stale old thinking-no regulation,let the market,banks and business regulate itself and let the chips fall were they may.Doing nothing along with the repeal of the Glass Steagall Act got us into this mess.Mr Taxpayer forgets that GWB is responsible for 2/3 of debt,Iraq war,2 tax cuts and Medicare prescription plan-all contributed to debt.Im sure taxpayer and freethinker watch fox news and believe their one-sided radical right wing brainwashing.They probably believe its Obamas fault for rising gas prices and we can drill our way to lower gas prices.Turn off fox news and do some research.

  14. PJD says:

    Are you kidding me? Take credit for what? Killing jobs that are so desperately need by killing the pipeline? Why in the world would he do that? Maybe because the jobs wouldn’t go to his bully union thugs! Or he just felt the need to kiss the a– of his wacko environmentalist buddies! This guy is a joke, and you people that are still getting that “thrill up your leg” by this guy are either blind or stupid. No, Charles, you should turn off Rachel Madcow, Big mouth Schultz, Thrill up your leg Matthews and marbles in your mouth Sharpton on Msnbc and do some research yourself.
    It’s funny how when gas prices started rising under Bush, it was his fault, but with Obama..not his fault. When is this guy ever going to take responsibility for his own actions. He is in way over his head,he should just keep singing and give up his day job. Oh, and as far as the 2/3 debt remark…again, do your research, Obama just three years in more debt that Bush in 8 years. So who’s brainwashed!!Do yourself a favor and turn off that one-sided left-wing show (yes, show, because it certainly is not a legitimate news station) and listen to a real news station…FOX

  15. jaramillo says:

    I wondered why Mitt had come down so hard in his home turf. Of course if you bet against the populace who put the world on wheels. And, had the free thinking audacity to start Romneycare in a highly affluent, well educated blue state whose people acclaimed your achievement but you turned your back on them as you did in MI. Well what’s not to dislike about your revolving up-front policies?

  16. MSREE7733 says:

    What some fail to realize is that no one who is concerned about their jobs or families cares who takes credit, who’s right or wrong, left or right, republican or democrat First, and Second most of my family work for the Big 3, being I lived all my life in Detroit and moved just last year, most of my family was impacted by the bailout, before and after, family members who were laid off are now back employed and those that didn’t have jobs now have jobs with a few of the Big 3. Politics are very sad and disgusting as much as I love it, you see the true character of people, the ones who care for others, and the ones who only care for themselves, politicians are elected by the people and supposed to be for the people, I will stop here because I visit these forums and the lack of humanness and compassion of people is disgusting and that doesn’t fall on democrat or republican , congress or the president, it falls on the people, which we are all Americans, so many are deceived into thinking it’s the politicians (who are people also) who has this country going to hell in a hand basket so to speak, it is us the people and our lack of humanity and compassion for one another.

  17. VidalDemonti says:

    I applaud the President and his team for bailing out the auto industry.

  18. CarolOttinger says:

    For those of you here not wanting to give the President credit for saving 3 million jobs, he sure would have been blamed if those 3 million had been lost now, wouldn’t he? Suppliers of these motor companies are all over the country and more than just Michiganers would have been out in the cold. Factories are still open that make electrical components, car seats, radio’s, tires. Do not think of the car companies as one company but of many other factories, as well.

    Near every factory are gas stations, restaurants, grocery stores and bars that also would have suffered the loss of the car companies. The very company that put food in Romney’s mouth growing up is what he wanted closed down. Shame on him.

  19. Austin00005 says:

    Why oh why must there be someone commenting with opinions and/or untrue lies everytime Barack Obama is mentioned.I’m definitely not happy with everything that has happened so far. But c’mon. Let’s give some credit where credit is due.It won’t make you less of a republican to give credit.However, it will give you,cough cough”Mr.Taxpayer”, a possibly more perceptive crowd to spew your points across to. That being said, thank God all those people didn’t lose there jobs.I can appreciate the means in which they kept there jobs as well.You repubs have plenty of other fictitious stories to complain about.Just give some credit, where credit is due.

  20. Widow1 says:

    I am proud to be a Democrat. I voted for Mr. Obama in 2008, and I intend to vote for him again in 2012. Whatever he’s doing, he should keep on doing as it is working despite the Republican brick wall he keeps running up against. And as for you Fox news freaks, I used to be one of you until about 40 years ago something happened in my neighborhood that was newsworthy of a political nature. It never appeared on Fox news, and the only reason we could figure for it not appearing was that it made the Democrats to appear as the heroes in the situation. I soon began to notice that Fox news network was extremely selective in their news coverage. I for one don’t want a news station dictating to me what I can or cannot hear in my own living room, I want a news station that will give me the facts and let me make up my own mind. I will not follow blindly any news media like a sheep to slaughter. Mr. Obama is doing a great job considering the opposition he is facing. So, all of you Fox news network fans, do as I did, and open your eyes. Watch several news casts and then compare them to Fox. You will find that most network news media is much more comprehensive, honest and complete news coverage than Fox. So now “taxpayer” go ahead and start yelling, since that seems to be the only way to get your uninformed opinion heard amongst the truth.

  21. Charles Higgins says:

    Keep watching fox.The doom and gloom station.The station of wacko Glenn Beck,Hannity and other angry people.Better do your research about GWB and how much he contributed to the debt.XL pipeline or not,its not going to make difference at the pump.The only difference its going to make is for the oil companies.We produce more oil than we ever have today and export more.Oil is a traded commodity affected by tension in the middle east and rising demand globally.If you think we can drill our way out of it your are brainwashed!

  22. donna24 says:

    Excuse me, but Obama should get all the credit for bringing back the auto industry from the brink of disaster. Do some of you people realize what would have happened if he did not do this? I don’t even want to think about it. And you Republicans seem to forget that Bush was president when gas was over 4.00 a gallon in the summer of ’08, not to mention he was still in office when they bailed out the banks and millions of people including yourselves lost tons of money in their 401K’s and other investments. Wake up America!!

  23. Sleipnir says:

    The bailout of the auto companies created thousands of jobs which will help the economy. The Keystone pipeline will not bring any relief to high gas prices since it will take many years to build and the cost of building it will have to be recovered by charging more for the gas it provides. The reason so many are against it is because the Ogalalla Aquifier provides water to eight states which would be catastrophic if there was an oil spill. As for high oil prices blame wall street speculators that drive up the price of a barrel of oil and a crazy dictator in Iran. I know some people listen to Fox News and take everything they say as gospel but if you would do a little research maybe you would quit blaming President Obama for everything and realize he’s doing a good job in spite of the obstruction by the teapublicans.

  24. PatrickHenry says:

    Obama has a selective memory. During the debates in the last election when McCain basically said, “These automotive jobs in Detroit unfortunataly are never coming back.” Romney responded that he would work to see that the American Automotive industry remained the great automotive industry it has always been. For all of you blind Obama supporters even after seeing how bad he got us into debt, high “real” unemployment, wanting Amnesty to take your jobs, plan to vote for him “AGAIN!”, enjoy your $5.00 pre gallon gasoline and Rachael Maddow!!! By the time you wake up & understand who really is ruining this country, it will be too late for ALL of us.

  25. MELOWE says:

    TAXPAYER… You say he doesn’t deserve credit for the bail out but I just bet you’d be first to blame him had it not been a success. Oh…and it’s PRESIDENT OBAMA, not Mr. Obama.

  26. Lewy3 says:

    Sorry Taxpayer. You seem to have Barak Obama confused with George W Bush. Just to make things clear, this is 2012. By the way, the ad doesn’t say that Ford was bailed out.

  27. BevLopezAponte says:

    y is it that Obama is paying for what one man created in 8 yrs. no one ever mentions GWB for putting this country through one of the biggest economical crisis since the great depression. no GWB was let go and Obama had to clean up his mess and gets blamed for the economy still being long would it take one person to fix what took another 8 yrs to create. It’s not about politics anymore people let’s step into reality! I am former army I know exactly what im talking about.

  28. pat.money51 says:

    To the person who said something about the pipeline. There are REAL reasons the Keystone pipeline doesn’t need to go through the area the republicans want it to go through. In the first place the oil is Canadian oil that’s going to ships on the coast. It’s done been said that most of the pipeline jobs,I think 2/3,s, are going to Canadian workers. In the second place, what’s going to happen to all the truckers that are used now for shipping the oil. Sounds like they will be out of jobs.You may have some jobs for a few years, but the truckers will be out of jobs for the rest of their lives. More unemployed workers that the Republicans don’t want to help with unemployment. Also,you can’t change the economy in 3 years back to what it was when President Bush became President with a balanced budget plus extra. Yes, the deficit has went up during PRESIDENT Obama, but not nearly as much as with Bush. The Republican party, for the most part, only cares about themselves and what would benefit them. Also, the only reason the Republicans don’t want watchdogs is because it henders them from doing underhanded bargaining to help themselves. The Republicans in Washington seem to be the ones who are trying to create a two party society, the rich and the poor. What happens then, will be like other countries, where the haves control the country and the poor try to survive.Where will you be in that situation. Where did the compassion go!

  29. Hankk says:

    PJD, you are just one more meat head that drinks the Swift Boat Coolaid. The USA never had gas over $3.00 until GWBush de-reglated Walstreet which is the reason that gas has run wild. GWBush never added the money he spent, and lost in his 2 wars and never added the cost of his medicare drug bill, leaving 3.5 Trillion Dollars that was never accounted for in his 8 years. However President Obama did add it to our national debt, so that the citizens of the USA would know what had happened to cause the mess that George Left. If you had any gumption at all you would check and find out that Reagan, Bush and Bush are the ones that have spent the money and put the USA in this massive debt, but you and those like you feed off of lies because it is easier than getting the facts. hankk, MI

  30. Hankk says:

    The focus seems to be on the price of gas and whos at fault. So let me tell you, the biggest export business in the USA today is the OIL and GAS companies. They want the keystone pipe line so they can export even more. Since May 17/2011 when the stock market pushed crude to $100.00 per barrow for 20min. gas at the pump was $2.799 and jumped to $3.299. Now since that day crude has only been over $100.00 2 other times until 2/19/2012 because of another false tale about the Iranens. The USA gets over 80% of our crude from Canada. De-regulation is the reason that we are paying what ever the teapublicans and oil companies want us to pay, it is called GREED. However the Teapublicans do not want you to know the truth, they think you are to stupid to know and will believe anything they tell you,and they may be right.
    hankk, MI

  31. apolitical says:

    It has been my experience if we concern ourselves less with who gets the credit and more with how to get the job done it is better for everyone concerned. I really think the Supreme Court would take a different view today, and vote, of Citizens United which allows for unlimited money for superpaks after seeing the results. It did benefit the media however.

  32. CharlesBayo says:

    Let all Americans pay the fair share of their taxes. Rich and Poor. No cutting corners for the Rich few.
    Fair Share = Buffett Rule.

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