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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Dear Republican Party:

Impeach President Obama.

Go ahead, you know you want to do it. The very thought makes you warm and gooey inside.

Yes, your leadership has disavowed any intention of initiating impeachment, but that sure hasn’t stopped your rank and file from speculating on the possibility with undisguised glee. The prospect has long had them salivating.

Soon-to-be former Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann once said nary a weekend goes by without someone asking her what Congress is waiting for. Once-and-perhaps-future presidential aspirant Mike Huckabee once said the president has done many things “worthy of impeachment.” Texas Rep. Randy Weber once said the president “absolutely” deserves that fate. Earlier this year, a CNN poll found 57 percent of your party in agreement.

And surely this year’s midterms, wherein you tightened your hold on the House and took over the Senate only makes the idea more tantalizing. Indeed, just this week, Texas Rep. Joe Barton said impeachment was a definite possibility.

Impeach President Obama.

You have already floated many rationales for doing so. You’ve wanted to impeach him both for things he’s done and for things you only think he’s done: failing to protect the U.S. Embassy in Benghazi; trading Taliban fighters for a captured American soldier; passing legislation — the Affordable Care Act — you dislike; making unconstitutional appointments to executive branch offices. You’ve also wanted to impeach him for things he’s only been reported to be thinking about: sending troops to Syria or using executive orders to change the immigration system.

Pick one of those. Or just impeach him for being from Kenya. At this point, does the rationale even matter? Impeach President Obama.

Do it for America.

The U.S. electorate, after all, has a short memory and shorter attention span. It periodically needs what you have periodically provided and what impeachment proceedings would provide yet again: a reminder that something has gone awry in the Grand Old Party. It is no longer the party of Eisenhower or Reagan, nor the party of Bush the elder nor even the party of Bob Dole, your 1996 standard bearer who said in April, “I thought I was a conservative, but we’ve got some in Congress now who are so far right they’re about to fall out of the Capitol.”

The ever-blunt Dole was only saying what other GOP elders and other concerned observers have been saying for years: You have become an outlier, a haven of cranks and extremists. And you are driven by hatred — the word is not too strong — of the 44th president.

You don’t like his politics, nor should you. But this is not solely about politics and never has been. This is personal. You don’t like him. Your reasons for that antipathy have never been definitively defined — at least, not by you — but its existence can no longer be denied, not after all you’ve done to make it plain.

You’ve refused to accept the legitimacy of his presidency, though he was twice elected without Supreme Court help. You’ve supported false theories of foreign birth. You’ve damaged the nation’s credit rating rather than pass a routine authorization. You’ve killed your own legislation when you learned that he supported it. You’ve made compromise a curse word. You’ve raised obstruction to high art and made getting nothing done a badge of perverse honor.

Yet, you haven’t managed to get rid of him. What’s left except the ultimate sanction? So for yourself and for the rest of us, please put up or shut up:

Impeach President Obama.

Show America what you’re made of. Yet again.

Leonard Pitts is a columnist for The Miami Herald, 1 Herald Plaza, Miami, FL, 33132. Readers may contact him via email at [email protected]

AFP Photo/Mandel Ngan

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  • Melinda Killie

    The so called “grand ole party” is under SUPREME scrutiny now that they have won the mid terms. They are being watched like a “bug in a bell jar” even more closely for their typical way of screwing up whatever they touch. Let’s just see what they do next. I am not the ONLY one keeping tabs on their clown antics. Let’s see what they do NEXT to TOTALLY screw up this country. I am guessing that it won’t be long before we find out.

    • sigrid28

      It’s reauthorization to fund the government, and we know how that worked out last time they tried it.

      • Melinda Killie

        Yes, from Nixon to George “dumbya” Bush, the republican presidents have contributed NOTHING but chaos..
        We will see what bull they come up with next…

        • JPHALL

          Don’t forget starting wars to cover their domestic mistakes.

          • Melinda Killie

            EXACTLY, JPHALL. The chaos is about to hit the fan, folks.. Be ready when it does!

          • plc97477

            We should be relatively safe as long as Obama holds onto the veto pen but it Could be fun to watch the gotp lose their collective minds. Make sure you have popcorn ready.

    • mah101

      The problem lies in the fact that they control the narrative and just enough people believe them when they say it’s Obama’s fault that it gets dark at night.

      • Allan Richardson

        And he didn’t ask Congress to institute year round Daylight Saving Time! If he really cared, he would issue a decree to do so, right? Since he is the “emperor” after all?

        Maybe we Democrats were over-optimistic in electing a black President. We thought Republicans were decent enough folks to at least consider him the legitimate President since he was legally elected (without SCOTUS having to stop any state recounts), but we overestimated their level of civilization; they have turned out to treat him almost as badly as the Klan would have treated a black man who won the mayoralty in a Southern city in 1965. I say “almost” because at least no one has dared to attempt the A-word, just threaten it.

    • Irishgrammy

      SOOO sadly and frighteningly true Melinda!! Have been watching this “bad movie” for 50 + years, and it has been bearable at times in the past, but has become intolerable with what the Republican Party has devolved into especially since 2010. A party that is now controlled and influenced by a “Tea Party” and corporate parasitic sycophants showing the very worst of human nature, utter and complete greed, bigotry, hateful rhetoric, racism and attempting to control women lives in the most personal ways, blatant dishonesty and lies on epic proportions, indifference towards the poor or struggling folks! Yes indeedy, it won’t be long before we ALL find out!

      • Melinda Killie

        Talk about childish and immature… Joe Schmuck, you take the taco in that area. Sit down, reread your last post, grow up and get a life.

    • joe schmo



      • Buffalo Bill

        That’s quite a pathetic attempt at trolling. I didn’t even have to look at your comment count to see that you are a rookie.

        • joe schmo

          Looks like you have never been a Conservative in a normal conversation with this person. You have no clue about the history. You see ‘Killdare’ never has anything close to being civilized to inject into the exchange. The above immature and inane response is usually how she responds to my comments. You see, it was not my intention to sound ridiculous. Merely mirroring what SHE normally does. You are quite right it is pathetic. In my opinion very primitive…..And you wonder why we are having problems in this Country?

      • Melinda Killie

        Joe schmuck trying to bullshit his way out of a paper sack again, folks… but juuuuuuuuust can’t seem to manage it..

        • joe schmo

          Honey you are the biggest dipstick on this site. Your comments are oftentimes extremely irrelevant and your intelligence beseeches you because quite often you show that it is quite low.

          As far as the clown antics…thank God we got rid of the Joker and Jester in the Senate. Those two clowns had us laughing all the way to the bottom. At least the bills will now leave Reidtard’s desk. Where we go from here is anyone’s guess. As you can see by the results of the election, apparently many Americans WERE watching. You are right with one of your statements above. We will be watching and I don’t mean just the Democrat side.

          Again, there was a reason for the ridiculous. People you see….this is the true Killdare… I rest my case:)

          • Melinda Killie

            Keep whining, joe schmuck, because you STILL can’t defend the republicans’s “half assed” policies.
            Nor can you defend your “half assed” lies.
            Obamacare IS WORKING! Hello!
            A LOT of things has already been done and the work keeps progressing.
            The republicans are just pissy because they STILL can’t take the credit. Obama asked the repubs to parlay, and the repubs refused. Oh well, THAT is part of your party’s funeral.
            Winning the midterms isn’t quite the victory that you thought it would be, is it, joe schmuck? With “the stroke of a pen,” Obama can STILL veto the republicans bullcrap.
            You can’t impeach, nor can you do anything about Obama signing a bill finally taking some measure towards the immigration problem.. You can sit there, doing nothing, bitching about everything, or you can get off of your lazy, self indulgent, indolent, republican asses and at least “attempt” to work bilaterally with the President and fix some of the problems this country is experiencing. You won the mid terms, joe schmuck. What you do from this point on is the “tell all” of what the TRUE agenda of the so called republican party. Will it be to FINALLY get up and help DO something, or sit on your whining butts, yammering and just running your mouths? The ball is in your court. DO SOMETHING!

          • joe schmo

            Well, I think I would be a little more than embarassed by the Emperor right about now.

            So what do you figure are lies?

            Seriously! Obamacare is working?….’You can keep your Dr.’ I know people who’s premiums are through the roof and next year they will go up. Now small businesses and businesses get to fall into the loop. Many say they will pay the fine. Remember, ‘we have to pass it to see what’s in it.’ The roll out was a catastrophe and, may I remind you, outsourced. What other surprises are in store for us regarding Obummer Care? Talk about lies. How many more lies, huh?

            Immigration, now you are beginning to hit on one of my biggest pet peeves. My family immigrated here LEGALLY. King Barry did a very very bad thing last nite. This mess we are in today is thanks to you all FORCING your crap down our throats. Most of us sent a message in the last election. Where this will end is anyone’s guess…..

            Whining? If the shoe was on the other foot there would be balls out violence by you supposed tolerant morons. if we continue to have a partition as we have today, there will be no more democracy, no more Constitution, no more Amendments. Better yet we will be no better than Mexico or Africa. By the way, you ever been down past the southern border? Gosh it is so clean….I can still remember driving through the filth hole. No asphalt roads, barrels with burning garbage in the middle of the dirt roads. To the left up on an outcropping stood a cardboard house with garbage strewn out the back down the hill. Walking down the streets of Tijuana you could smell the urine. In fact, I actually saw someone urinating on a store wall. So proud of their country are they and they are bringing it ALL here. You should be so proud that we are becoming a third world.

          • Melinda Killie

            YES, Joe Schmuck. Obamacare IS working. Keep whining. Obama’s courageous steps on policies the republicans are too lazy and too divided in their OWN party to do ANYTHING about..

          • joe schmo

            Okay, Commie Killie…if you say so…..LOL

          • Melinda Killie

            I AM saying so, dumb dumb joe schmuck. Get the peanut butter out of your ears, will you? You are making yourself sound more redundant by the minute..
            You STILL can’t back up your republican/tea party backed jaybird mouth, so you ramble on and on..
            Good luck, troll… The most you will get for your efforts is laughed out.

          • joe schmo

            Couldn’t let it rest could ya ‘dumbshit.’

            Well, I can honestly say you people got laughed out in the last election. As for you uploading stats and facts….nada. Comprande.

  • FireBaron

    Somehow I doubt even the basic articles of impeachment would pass in the House. And if they did not, it would finally break the stranglehold the Tea Party has tried to impose on legitimate Republican candidates.

    • charleo1

      It will be interesting to see if the T-Party can force Boehner to put the
      impeachment issue up for a vote. Boehner has been able to avoid
      taking votes on subjects such as immigration. Where the T-Party, and
      the more or less traditional Republicans, are miles apart on many of
      the foundational decisions that must be made to reform the system.
      He has been able to do this by requiring a majority of the majority threshold, before allowing a simple majority vote to decide passage. Even in cases where a bill would pass easily on a bipartisan basis with Democratic sign ons. So, Boehner has essentially given the T-Party Caucus veto power on what bills are voted on. And those that will never see the light of day. In case anyone is still wondering why this Congress is the most non-productive Congress in American History. It’s been taken hostage by a contingent who’s only goal is to
      make government incompetent, dysfunctional, and discredited.
      Something that sometimes happens anyway. Even when people are trying not to let that happen. But to be fair to the T-Party. We must be
      fair. They are doing what the small majorities of ideologically ridged,
      voters, in their obscenely gerrymandered districts want them to do.
      Stop every bill they possibly can, as long as Barack Obama is in office. And, they not only want him [Obama] just impeached. They want him expelled from the White House, and thrown in jail. And after
      everything these highly partisan voters have heard over Right Wing
      Radio, and websites, and the huge bullhorn of Fox News. And, what they’ve heard these T-Party politicians themselves accusing Obama of doing, who could blame them? They are simply baffled, stunned, and confounded, why it is, he’s not already been thrown out. And what is also interesting, is the excuse they’ve given their extremely mystified and bewildered, supporters. Even as they strongly agree that impeachment is exactly what should happen. They tell them, the Democrats control the Senate. And you folks all know Harry Reid is just not going to let that happen. Now what are they going to tell them? That Boehner won’t allow the House vote to indict? What’s
      that going to look like? To the T-Party, it looks like success. It’s what
      they’ve been trying to do all along. Namely run the entire Republican Party off a cliff.

  • itsfun

    Impeachment would be a waste of time. The Republicans and the President disagree on almost everything. Both sides are letting personal egos get in the way. It seems big egos are a requirement to run for national office. Its ok for Democrats and Republicans to disagree on issues. What is not ok is the refusal to negotiate on the issues. It can be argued that both sides are guilty of this. Instead of just accusing each side of being obstructionist, Maybe committee meetings should be made open and on TV for all to see who is and why stalemates happen. When campaigning for office, Obama said he would make the health care meetings transparent and on CNN. This only happened once. Now we are again seeing “my way or the highway” politics. If the meetings are made open and transparent, we would be able to see who is obstructing progress in our country. National security meetings and decisions cannot be made open, but debates on things like the Keystone pipeline, fixing the Obamacare tax, etc. should be made open to all citizens to see and hear on political tv stations.

    • mah101

      It can be argued that both sides are guilty, but the argument would be wrong.

      Stop with the false equivalency. Obama’s frustration with the GOP is nothing compared to a planned, organized, and destructive six year campaign by the GOP to destroy his presidency and our Nation if that’s what it takes.

      The GOP needs to start cooperating and governing. The only reason this is an epic Cromwell v Royalists battle is that the GOP thinks that it alone has all the answers. Yet, they ignore facts and reality and rely on dis-proven ideology as their guide.

      • joe schmo

        Honestly, we are so tired of his anti-colonial agenda we could just puke. Oh that’s right….you all didn’t even get it when Jonathan Gruber told the truth about Obamacare.

        Wonder who the dumb ones he’s referring to are?

        • DAVE in VA

          Joe, I posted this video the day that it came out, over on the article The Supreme Court’s next Opportunity to kill obamacare. It was funny how they called me all kinds of names and said that It was another fox news lie. Finally after four days, the drive by news had to cover this story.

          • joe schmo

            Dave, another ‘I told you so moment’ for you. It just leaves them seething……:)

            They never do try to prove us wrong. It’s beyond their scope of knowledge, innovation and creativity. They just know how to be led around by the nose…. As soon as they lose their momentum, the resort to cussing us out….

          • DAVE in VA

            When they resort to cussing us out, I wear it as a badge of honor. That tells me that I am doing something right.

          • joe schmo


        • Allan Richardson

          I would think that, as a FORMER COLONY of Great Britain, part of being an American PATRIOT would be anti-colonialism. After all, if colonialism is just fine for African and other third world countries, wouldn’t WE have been better off remaining British? Not that WE have our independence, no other colonies should?

          • joe schmo

            Not sure you understand the meaning of the term? Let me enlighten you:

            “As a logical extension of an anti-colonialist desire to take funds, goods and weapons away from the haves (this is Marxist ideology by the way) — the United States and its allies — and give them to the have-nots, to poor countries in general and Muslim countries in particular. Rather than laboring to maintain and increase American dominance, Obama, is busy leveling the playing field so that no nation will have control of the world’s
            resources and be in a position to call the tune. (This is specific to Western Civilization. We won’t include China or Russia in this discussion because they are in a different playing field)

            So you might ask yourself, what’s wrong with that?
            You’re basically giving away the store rather than being a steward of it, and you’re giving it to people who are less able than we are to make good
            use of it. So in turn you are degredating everyone, thereby; initially setting the stage for the 3rd world in which everyone is poor and the Government becomes the elitist ruling over the underclass.

            Obama’s ideas are remote in the sense that they are foreign; they grew in other soil and do not belong in America; they are antithetical to the
            American spirit. Indeed, they are anti-American, a judgment expressed in the movie by Daniel Pipes, who says flatly that Obama “doesn’t think
            well of America”; the president’s ideas are separate
            from American thought.”

            There are many ways of describing the alternative visions offered to us in a year like this; but describing one of them as un-American and its
            proponent as a foreign intruder is not to further discussion but to foreclose it and to replace the contest of ideas with the rhetoric of
            demonization. (Democrats have been as guilty of this as anyone.)”

            So this anti-colonial train of thought is a virus etched in the mind of a Man who does not believe in American exceptionalism and who would rather destroy it than see it succeed.

          • DAVE in VA

            Joe, That sounds like Dinesh D’ Souza movie 2016, in order to trans form America, first you have to tear down America.

          • joe schmo

            Sure is:) However, I also read about this somewhere else. In fact, I believe it came out of an article about Obama and his relationship to his father. Wish I could find the article. It was extremely well stated.

        • Grannysmovin

          If what Gruber said is true why is it just coming out now? Why not in 2010 or 2011 or how about the election of 2012 when that was a major issue? Why now? The CBO is not smart enough to see this? Are you sure he is not looking to be relevant again now that the GOP controls both branches. If what he says is true and if he claims to be the architect than isn’t he responsible as well?

          • joe schmo

            Actually a good question, so I thought I might do some research on my own.

            Many of these videos surfaced thanks to a very disgruntled citizen by the name of Rich Weinstein:) Someone who was promised to be able to keep his plan and wasn’t. He was so upset about the outcome that he decided to do his own research which took some time.

            “Rich Weinstein, a forty-something investment advisor whose insurance policy was canceled under Obamacare, has surfaced the last three videos. Dave Weigel has written a great profile of him, including this part where Weinstein describes how he got started:

            “When Obama said ‘If you like your plan, you can keep your plan, period’-frankly, I believed him,” says Weinstein. “He very often speaks with qualifiers. When he said ‘period,’ there were no qualifiers. You can understand that when I lost my own plan, and the replacement cost twice as much, I wasn’t happy.”

            So Weinstein, new plan in hand, started watching the news. “These people were showing up on the shows, calling themselves architects of
            the law,” he recalls. “I saw David Cutler, Zeke Emanuel, Jonathan Gruber, people like that. I wondered if these guys had some type of
            paper trail. So I looked into what Dr. Cutler had said and written, and it was generally all about cost control. After I finished with Cutler, I
            went to Dr. Gruber. I assume I went through every video, every radio interview, every podcast. Every everything.”


            and more about Mr. Weinstein.


            Thank you Mr. Weinstein. Gruber and his over confident arrogant big mouth got him and the rest of Obamacares crooks (includes Obama) in a hot mess. No wonder Obama’s next agenda is to try and put control over onto the Internet. THIS WILL NOT GO OVER WELL AT ALL…… Like a deck of cards that just keep falling and falling and falling…………….

    • secondlook

      Sorry, it’s the cons acting up.

    • TZToronto

      One problem Congressional Republicans have is that they don’t have the right definition of compromise. They’ve confused compromise with acquiescence. For them, compromise means having the Democrats and President Obama agree to whatever they propose.

      • itsfun

        Didn’t you listen to Obama after the election concerning immigration? He made it very clear that it would be his way or the highway. Obama is the one that will not compromise at all. Harry Reid never gave anyone the chance to compromise by just sitting on over 300 bills passed by the House.

        • Grannysmovin

          That number of bills keeps getting larger – it is like a fishing story. The majority of the bills passed by the house are deregulation bills to help their sugar daddies. Regarding Immigration – Senate oassed a bi-partisian immigration reform bill by 68 votes and Boehner refused to even bring the bill to the floor for a vote. Why, was he afraid it would pass? Obama said “at the same time I will be reaching Out to both Mitch McConnell and John Boehner and other Republcan as well as Democratic leaders to find outh ow it is they want to proceed, If they want to get a bilkl done whether it is during the lame duck or next year I will be eager to see what they have to offer.” Remember he even said that once Congress passes a bill on immigration that he signs, his Executive Action would no longer be needed.

          • itsfun

            After the election Obama said he wanted to work with congress on immigration. Now he is issuing an executive order before the new congress is seated. How does that translate to wanting to work with the new congress? This was just another lie by Obama. Because he is mad about the election results, he is acting like a spoiled brat and is just going to do what he wants and says screw the congress and the American public. The latest polls show only 21% support for amnesty. Our government is not designed for a king or dictator.

          • Grannysmovin

            Haven’t you noticed we no longer have a democracy thanks to the SCOTUS. Polls taken by Republicans with Republicans. We don’t have a king or a dictator and he has used less excutive orders than any other President. Where were the crys of dictator or king than? Surely you are not saying that only Republican Presidents are allowed to issue amnesty or Executive Orders? Congress does not work or haven’t you been paying attention. Boehner can put the bill to a vote that the Senate passed and than it would be over. No executive order, and no my way or the highway by Republicans. Talk about a spoild brat how about Republicans after the 2008 and 2012 elections.

          • itsfun

            Its not the number of executive orders, its what they do. Obama is just using them as a way around congress. Our government is not designed for sitting Presidents to just ignore the will of the congress and the people. You talk about Boehner not putting one bill before the House, when dirty Harry has not put over 300 bill before the Senate. Dirty Harry is the reason congress has not worked. He is the definition of an obstructionist. When Reagan had a amnesty he has the approval of congress. He does have a huge ego and does act like a spoiled brat. This is a shame because he should be a example of the American dream. He came from nowhere to be the President of the United States. But his lies about the Obama care tax, bowing to foreign leaders, drawing red lines, several scandals and ignoring them has destroyed his Presidency. He says he wants to work with the new congress one day, then the next day he wants to make an executive order before the new congress even is seated.

          • Grannysmovin

            This is not a fish story where the number of bills keeps growing when Boehner speaks. Those bills were mostly about deregulation which only helped their sugar daddies. He is an example to many of the American Dream, he admits he needed help, he is human and makes mistakes just like every President before him, So you buy Grueber’s comments? Why didn’t Grueber come out with this during the 2012 election, don’t you think that since the ACA was a main part of that campaign on both sides this would have been relevant knowledge? Why is it coming out know? What foreign leaders is he bowing to? The red line when he was ready to take action the American people and Congress said no. Scandals? Please not one has been proven. When something is not true and is just opinions, mud ruking and hate mongering – you just ignore it, On the day Obama took office in 2008 the Republicans designed their “Just Say No” attitude. In 2010 when he had a deal with Boehner, Boehner went back on his word. Obama said if Congress passes a Comprehensive Immigration bill than he does not have to use Executive Orders. There is a bi-partisan one sitting waiting to be brought to the floor – why won’t Boehner bring it to the floor. You know why – they don’t want Obama to get credit for it. Why was there no working with Obama by Republicans after the 2008 and 2012 elections. Shutting down the Government by Republicans is not acting like a spoid brat because they did not get their way. How about when they brought us to the brink of defaultor when in 2011 S&P downgrade was the first time the government was given a rating below AAA. Again because Republicans did not get what they want. Since President Obama was first elected the word compromise is considered a curse word for Republicans.

          • Grannysmovin

            Yes Reagan gave anmesty by a bill pushed by Democrats and signed by Reagan, however, the law had a flaw and did not include their spouses and children. Congress did not act and the Reagan administration changed the law on its own. They said that federal law enforcement would use its “discretion” and extend protections
            against deportations. Was Reagan impeached for that?

            * A 1990 executive order from President George H. W. Bush making it easier for Chinese students to stay in the country should they fear persecution upon being sent back to China. The action effectively stopped deportation proceedings against these students for nearly four years.

            * A 1991 executive order, again from Bush, that delayed deportation of Kuwaiti residents for four years, which came following Iraq’s invasion of that country.

            * The Clinton administration’s decision in 1993 to grant an 18-month extension of a deferred action departure program affecting U.S.-based Salvadoran immigrants. The program had been launched to help those fleeing a civil war in that country. (He was impeached but not for this)

            * A 2001 George W. Bush executive order that gave 150,000 Salvadorans the right to remain in the country 18 more months after their country was hit by an earthquake.

            * And a 2002 Bush executive order that expedited naturalization proceedings for those green card holders who had enlisted in the United States military. The order eliminated the three-year waiting period that had existed up to that point.

          • itsfun

            Right, you have proven Republicans are not against legal immigrants and are willing to provide ways for illegal immigrants to become American Citizens. So why isn’t Obama willing to wait for 2 more months and try to work something out with the new congress? He doesn’t believe in compromise and is pissed about the election results If he did, he would be willing to talk about reform, not just give it lip service. He needs to be part of the solution for getting things done, not the problem. He said before the election “my policies are on ballots” after the election he said his policies were not on the ballots. He refuses to accept the will of the people because he really believes we are to stupid to know what is good for us. A President has to have a large ego, but he can’t use it for revenge when he doesn’t get his way. He needs to put that aside and talk with Republicans and try to work something out.

          • Grannysmovin

            Why, where have the Republicans been for the last 17 months? Most of that time they spent out raising money for their election and campaigning but not doing their jobs. He has tried to compromise with Republicans and every time he does he gets a slap in the face. Has he told you he is pissed about the results of the election? Who refuses to accept the will of the people? Republicans have disrepected and gridlocked our Country since he was first elected and they never expeced the will of the people when he was re-elected, Republicans have proven over and over again they are not willing to compromise – 2009 “Just Say No”, McConnell our only priority is to make Obama a 1 term President, 2011 downgrade and the Government Shutdown, most amount of Fillibusters by Republicans than any other President. So please be honest about who doesn’t compromise.

          • itsfun

            I am being honest. Don’t you realize it is the goal of both political parties to make a opposing side a one term president. This nothing new or unique to either party. Just look at all the polls. Only 21% of the people want the Obama immigration policy. Obama now has an approval rate anywhere from 39 to 42 %. The House has passed over 300 bills that dirty Harry sat on. Dirty Harry used a seldom used financial rule to pass the Obama care tax. The Republicans have shown they are ready for compromise, it Obama who refuses to budge one little bit. Why won’t Obama wait and negotiate with the new Congress on immigration? Do you actually believe he would come out and say I am pissed over the election results? Just listen to what he says and his demeanor when talking about the election results. The Republicans always had congressional approval when amnesty was was granted. To get approvals don’t you think there was some compromise done? Whether you want to believe it not, Obama is a my way or the highway guy and is proving it again.

          • Grannysmovin

            Yes I understand that but not by obstructing everything he tries to do. That hurt our economy and hurt the American people. Who were involved in these polls – Republicans? Still a higher approval rating than Congress, Again those bills are mostly deregulation that will only help their puppeteers. Where have they shown they are ready to compromise? If they are so ready than pass the Immigration reform bill passed by the Senate. Than there will be no need for Executive order. Why should he have to wait – they have had17 months to work on an alternative to the Senate bill and guess what they did not. The only my way or the highway people are the Republicans and they have proved it over and over again. Have a nice weekend.

  • Stuart

    None dare call it racism.

    • joe schmo

      Yawn! So over it….

  • ExRadioGuy15

    The simple fact of the matter: the GOP lack control of enough seats in the Senate to remove an impeached official.
    However, if the GOP really want to do something constructive with the impeachment and removal power of Congress, they can impeach and remove the FFFCCC (Fascist Feckless Five Christian Con Coward) majority of the Supreme Court (Scalia, Thomas, Alito, Kennedy and Roberts), which has systematically chipped away at the Constitutional rights of one and all with their decisions since 2005.
    And, yes, Stuart, you are mostly correct: none dare call it racism. That’s because it’s so obvious that many already know it.

    • joe schmo


      • Grannysmovin

        It is your idiot Republican representatives who keep bringing up the word impeachment , not to mention republican voters at their local kkk meetings, sorry I mean town hall meetings. I am so glad you finaly admit Fox News is lying to its viewers.

        • joe schmo

          Honey, how many times do I have to tell you that the KKK (you do mean all 2-5000 of them left. LOL what a joke) was started by the Democrats. (Look it up if you don’t believe me, I did) We have nothing to do with the KKK. Besides that ‘racist’ thing is most likely what got your party disenfranchised in the last election so get over it…And I do recall how the Democrats fought Civil Rights….And wasn’t it the Conservatives that fought to free the slaves. Now you think you are the grand surveyors of humanity. Sorry, not buying it.

          Fox news is not the ONLY political outlet conservatives flock to. There are too many too count with thousands of responders. Not like the Memo where I just about know everyone writing in. Why not become more global with your responses. You might learn a thing or two.

          You all have your points, granted, but you also need to start meeting us more in the middle, obviously as the last election exhibited. Checks and balances still work, for now.

          • Grannysmovin

            Honey how many times do I have to tell you the Democrats saw the errors of their way and evolved and Republicans being Republicans took 10 steps backwards. That is what Republicans did than not what they do now. Your not buying it because Democratic party saw the light and crossed over and your party crossed over to the dark side. Your right the Republicans Voter Suppression Laws and Gerrymandering did eliminate alot of voters, so you are admitting you won by rigging the system? You are right they also flock to Alex Jones, Glen Beck, Rush Limbaugh, and Breitbart News all conspiracy therorists, spin machines and blatant liers. You mean the way you met us in the Middle after the 2008 and 2012 elections?

          • joe schmo

            Seriously! Wow, guess it really didn’t show in this last election. If anything your side has only continued to bring the United States to its knees.
            All those social programs are costing us tons and instead of slowly incorporating sustainable energy your side wants to cut us off at the balls and solely use wind and solar power. Guess many in the East will freeze to death this year. Remember all those electric cars you see fit to drive, they most likely have been plugged into an outlet powered by NUCLEAR power…..thereby; using more electricity, and what about space. Seems Obama totally defunded Nasa. I think space exploration should be one of our first priorities. So who do we have to sell ourselves out to for millions of dollars to go to space….the Russians using ‘old’ style rockets. Your side has only sent it back into the dark ages. Europe has picked up the slack and just landed that rover on the Comet. Italy, France, Netherlands and Germany were involved. We cut the military. Gee, Wow. Not only does that leave us more vulnerable and defenseless many many innovations that we now enjoy came right out of….drum roll please….the military. Now that you want to bring in all these undereducated people, to fluff up your vote, we will go further into the hole. Not only will we be sitting on some heavy duty social programs to help pay for these lowlifes, it will be coming out of our ‘F’ing taxpayer pocket leaving us with less money, fewer jobs and more part-timers demanding food stamps to go along with that new minimum wage you want to inflict on the populus. If anyone is sending us back into the ‘dark ages’ it is you people. Keep thinking your thoughts as the bridge between rich and poor broadens.

          • Grannysmovin

            Republican “Trickle Down’ economics brought this country to it’s knees in 2007. If Republicans had passed the 2011 American Jobs Act the recovery would be much further along, more people working would have decreased the number of people on “social programs’.

            ” A NASA authorization bill drafted by the Republican majority of the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology proposes to slash NASA’s funding to $16.6 billion for 2014 — $300 million less than it received in 2013, and $1.1 billion less than President Obama requested for NASA in 2014. The bill — which authorizes spending levels but provides no actual funding — would roll back NASA’s funding to a level $1.2 billion less than its 2012 budget.’

            A’Democratic members of the committee spoke strongly against the proposed cuts, which Republicans say are necessary under the federal sequestration cuts prompted by the Budget Control Act of 2011. [NASA’s Space Exploration Goals for 2014″ The res of your post is just clap crap. To end this exchange

            “A conservative is a man with two perfectly good
            legs who, however, has never learned how to walk forward.” ~Franklin D. Roosevelt,

          • joe schmo

            The space program is not a high priority for Democrats, however; the defunct ‘climate change’ gets millions. He even said it himself when he was in China. He wanted to cut carbon emissions. What an absolute waste of money specifically if down the road we find out that ‘climate change’ was merely a cyclic change in the weather.

            Harrison Schmitt’s credentials as a space policy analyst include several
            days of walking on the moon. The Apollo 17 astronaut, who is also a
            former U.S. senator, is aghast at what President Obama is doing to the space program.

            Schmitt’s harsh words are part of a furious blowback to the
            administration’s new strategy for NASA. The administration has decided
            to kill NASA’s Constellation program, crafted during the Bush
            administration with an ambitious goal of putting astronauts back on the
            moon by 2020. Obama’s budget request
            would nix Constellation’s rocket and crew capsule, funnel billions of
            dollars to new spaceflight technologies, and outsource to commercial
            firms the task of ferrying astronauts to low-Earth orbit.

            Congress must approve NASA’s strategic change. Lawmakers in Florida,
            Alabama and Texas, states rich in space jobs, have sharply criticized
            the Obama plan as a job-killer. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-Tex.) says
            that under Obama’s strategy “America’s decades-long dominance of space
            will finally come to an end.”

            ….and this my dear is exactly what has happened.

            “It isn’t that liberals are ignorant; it’s that they know so much that isn’t so.”
            -Ronald Reagan

            “When governments fear the people, there is liberty. When the people fear their government, there is tyrrany. The strongest reason for the
            people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyrrany in government.”
            -Thomas Jefferson

          • Melinda Killie

            Give ’em HELL, Granny! LOLOLOLOL!!!!
            Obviously, joe schmuck is one of the forever brainwashed republican dolts that can’t see the forest for the trees!!!

        • idamag

          Republican family values – lying, hate, and cheating.

          • angelsinca

            There’s a trio of highly offensive lies. Give it a rest.

  • joe schmo

    Public enemy numero uno. If he passes this amnesty thing…..mmmmmm
    Seriously…wearing a Mao robe:( Awful! He fits right in….

  • FT66

    Well written article, worth to read. Let republicans waste the time of people who elected and re-elected them to be their representatives. Won’t take longer than 2 years, all will be rewarded!

  • idamag

    These anti-American Government of “By the people, for the people, and of the people, are just looking for something to hurt the President that they didn’t vote for. Considering the mess he inherited, he has done very well. These same “patriots” never said a word when the last Republican President and his cabinet committed war crimes and broke every treaty they could. When the stock market dropped steadily for 8 years – oh, well, he’s a Republican and therefore that is not so bad if you lose your investments. He was tried in absentia in three countries and found guilty of war crimes. He wasn’t so bad, after all, he was a Republican. Right now, I see the so-called “family values” party as liars, cheats and whatever were not the values I taught my family..

  • Nathan Jessup

    Perhaps the greatest challenge facing mankind is that of distinguishing reality from fantasy, truth from propaganda, and science from fiction.

  • iamproteus

    Great letter!