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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

POLL: Voters Want Republicans To Move On From Health Care Fight

POLL: Voters Want Republicans To Move On From Health Care Fight

According to a new Kaiser poll, a solid majority of Americans want Republicans to move on from their efforts to kill the Affordable Care Act in the wake of the Supreme Court’s ruling that it is indeed constitutional.

The poll shows that 56 percent would like to see opponents of the law stop trying to block its implementation and move on to other national problems. Just 38 percent say that the law’s detractors should continue trying to halt the law.

Overall, respondents are divided on the Supreme Court’s ruling: 47 percent are in favor of the resolution, 43 percent are against it, and 10 percent are unsure.

This suggests that a significant group believes that the law should be implemented, even though they personally oppose it. That could be a major problem for the Republican party, which has vowed to “repeal and replace” the Affordable Care Act at all costs. The Republican-led House of Representatives has scheduled a vote on repealing the law for next week, and several Republican governors have suggested that they will resist the law’s Medicaid expansion.

Considering the unpopularity of Congress’ efforts to “rip” the law “out by its roots” and the Romney campaign’s inability to stick to a coherent message on the subject, it no longer appears that health care is a winning issue for the Republican party.

The full results of the poll can be found here.

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33 responses to “POLL: Voters Want Republicans To Move On From Health Care Fight”

  1. Bunny says:

    If a new car has a recalled part, we bring it in ,replace it, and drive away. This Affordable Care Act may need some parts changed or fixed a little on the way. If it is not completely broken , no need to throw the whole thing in the trash ! Work with it and get on with other business . Stop wasting our time and money !

    • wayneonly says:

      Bunny, that should have been the attitude of Congress on many matters over the years. Unfortunately they have acted for political reasons rather then what is good for the whole of the nation. Most legislation Congress passes targets “special interest” groups (such as “Too Big To Fail” banks, large multinational corporations, oil and gas companies, pharmacutical companies, etc.) rather then the welfare of the REAL American people. Is it any wonder thet the Republicans are so set against the Affordable Care Act. It doesn’t have anything for the 1%ers, big banks, or multinational corporations. For those already covered by insurence it will have little affect except for helping them keep their insurance and allowing them to keep their children insured to age 26. For those without insurance, it will help them to obtain affordable insurance. Good for the American people but not politically advantageous to the Republican party.

      • ChristoD says:

        What I am afraid people don’t understand or don’t WANT to understand is that because the GOP has decided that it is a fight to the death (of our country, if they don’t get their way) and the Dems won’t budge on hard earned legislation won, gridlock is now a foregone conclusion. Make no mistake, it is the GOP that picked this ‘fight to the death’ scrum because they were tired of losing almost every battle to the progressive walk of history that is constantly marching. They believe they are in a death dance and are using the Affordable Health Care law as THE vehicle to rally their troops. That and Obama is a fraud, not born on America, socialist, Muslem, etc. NONE of which is true. They are a pathetic excuse for a party and their lemming followers, especially on te hard right deserve nothing but a good ole
        ass kicking.

      • charlesu says:

        And the 1% will have to purchase insurance too. They especially don’t like that since they don’t need it. They would rather use that money for their evil political ends.

        • Bunny says:

          I would think that the 1% would have insurance, just very good insurance ! Top everything. That could be why healthcare for others doesn’t matter.

      • TiredofNo says:

        I would add to your comment that those who currently have insurance will see their health care costs go down. That may in time force premiums to go down. We will have to wait and see about the later………

    • In all fairness, I believe most congressmen – Republicans and Democrats – understand the value of ACA and know that in the long run it will be beneficial to our economy, employment, and all segments of our society. The reason the GOP opposes it (1) because of ideology and (2) because they want to have full control of Congress and the White House in November. The opposition to ACA has nothing to do with pragmatism or what is best for the American people, it is all about winning elections regardless of who or how many people are adversely affected by the gridlock in Washington.

      • TiredofNo says:

        For the Republicans, it’s about control of the people and who gets to make/keep all the money………….

      • Bunny says:

        This country needs to get back on track. Back to communication for results. These people are working for us and not for their party. Somewhere alone the way this has been lost !

  2. Lynda says:

    The GOP ran whinning to the Supreme’s hoping that the court would solve their problem. The Court has spoken and the law is covered by the Constitution. Game over. It is way past time for the losing side in this time-wasting battle to accept defeat and move on. There is nothing that prohibits Congress from working to improve the law. Let’s get the ball rolling with the exchanges and the new ‘optional’ Medicaid issues. These short-sighted thinking GOP governors who’ve decided to wait and see are only putting the citizens of their states, who need help desperately, in medical and financial jeopardy. Why not actually look at the issues when they’re are in effect and make corrections as required. Going back to doing nothing is just not a resonable option.

    • Bunny says:

      I feel , that in time people will come around. There will be changes,and they will be needed. Can’t imagine starting all over again, especially with this Government!

      • Lynda says:

        Starting over would certainly be counterproductive. I came across some words from FDR that sum of the matter very well.

        ‘It’s common sense to take a method and try it. If it fails, admit it frankly and try another. But above all, try something.’

        I can’t imagine better words that cut so well to the chase.

      • SaneJane says:

        I think you are right. There was a similar hysterical reaction to Social Security when it was implemented.

  3. howa4x says:

    The states that oppose the law have some of the worst health outcomes in the country. Obesity rates in the south are through the roof and those wiht the disease face a lifetime of medical bills for not only diabetes, but heart disease, cancer, and possible amputations. To say that the republican governors in those states are acting against the medical interests of their population is a gross understatement. These red states are also opposed to the expansion of medicaid, even though the Feds will pay 100% for the 1st 3 yrs and then 90% there after of the costs. The Feds also raised the income ceiling so more of the working poor will qualify. Maybe they think these residents will just disappear.
    The public knows that the Republicans had majorities in both houses and the presidency durning GWB and they didn’t come up with one plan to address the healthcare needs of 32 million uninsured men women and children. Out of that number it was estimated that 50k died due to lack of access to care and the republicans still did nothing. If a terrorist happened to set off a bomb in a city and 50k died there would be calls for war and retribution and we would spare no expense. So why the neglect?
    I think people don’t trust the republicans to act in their interest when in comes to care given their track record. So when they have a slogan of repeal and replace, the question has to be asked : Replace with what?

    • TiredofNo says:

      Excellent post. I beg to differ on one point that you made. Under the current system of health care, it will be the tax payers (or insurance premium payers) who will be stuck with a life time of medical bills…….

      • howa4x says:

        True but only if these states take the medicaid option offered by the feds, other wise peopel would have to buy their own insurance polices even at a subsidized rate. So it would be like you or me or anyone who belonged to that insurance plan to pay for it. Of course the red states can do nothing and just let them die as is their policy

  4. middleclasstaxpayer says:

    The adminisstration “WISHES” people wanted to drop their opposition to Obamacare, but a VAST MAJORITY of Americans are still opposed to it, and especially the individual mandate that forces us to purchase a product against our will. We will continue to hear about “polls” that suggest we all of a sudden ‘Like” Obamacare, but these are fabrications of a beleagured Administration that is trying to convince us & themselves that their ideas are popular, when in fact they are abhorred by a majority of Americans.

  5. William Deutschlander says:

    When you consider that health CARE in the U S A is the most COSTLIEST, with the POOREST OUTCOMES and that 50 million of your fellow citizens do not HAVE HEALTH CARE, NO RATIONAL INDIVIDUAL would desire not to have the AFFORDABLE CARE ACT (ACA)!

    Only SATAN’S ADVOCATES would oppose basic health CARE for ALL OF HUMANKIND!

  6. Jim says:

    Some folks oppose it because that black man did this, but realize it will improve their lives. Others oppose it because the would prefer a single-payer system. There is a small, teaparty contigent that opposes it, but realize the SCOTUS decision labeled it correctly – a minor tax on a very small number of people. I think many folks say they oppose it out of habit. It is the law. Live with it until November.

  7. Don says:

    THIS POLL IS CONTRARY TO ALL OTHER POLLS I HAVE SEEN 52% oppose OBASMACARE just 39% support it .THOSE NUMBERS HAVE BEEN STEADY SINCE THE BILL WAS PASSED in the middle of the night behind closed doors .Pelosi “we have to pass it to see what is in it” We now know it has 21 new taxes and the obama statement your taxes would not rise was one of his many lies.ABO

    • Most polls show an even split on this issue (around 33%) and a large number of Americans who admit it has neither helped them nor hurt them. Bear in mind that about 13% of those that oppose Obamacare do so because they believe it did not go far enough, they preferred the Single Payer Option. Obamacare is far from perfect, but until something better is put in place or sound improvements are offered, it is the only game in town when it comes to healthcare. One of my grandsons has cerebral palsy and could not get coverage because of the pre-existing condition clause. He is now covered and is getting the medical care he needs to cope with his handicap.

  8. r says:

    Saddly, Most republicans do not care what works or does not work, all they can see is winning. When they lose, they become obsessed. Time to move on, your congress has hurt this country more than anything else in recent years, because of your obsession to win. Never even look at the issues, just turn them down blindly so you can hurt Obama. Come on people, grow up. 8 years of Republican rule totaly brought this country to its knees, We learned about lying, stealing and cheating. Oue economy went to he–, Yup the rich got richer, and all the rest of us were thrown to the dogs. We the middle, the backbone of this country have had it with you. This Congress is the rudest, most ignorant, most uncaring, undeserving, nastiest group of people, that I can find in the history of this country, They are massively overpaid, with our tax dollars, the get free medical, they work very few hours, and they get perks beyond belief. Lets PLEASE repeal, APPEAL, IMPEACH, and get rid of this congress!!!

    • wayneonly says:

      R, you are right that most Republicans don’t care what works or doesn’t work. The unfortunate thing is that the same goes for the Democrats. Congress has no concept of what the middle class or the working poor face in their daily lives. The only difference between a Republican and a Democrat is the constituent they are SUPPOSED to represent. The Republicans have always represented the wealthy, big banks and big business. The Democrats have typically formerly represented the working class and the “common” American. How the Republicans have managed to fool any working class American voter to vote for their anti-worker policies is beyond me, but they have done it by vilifying unions and the working poor and the elderly and disabled by classing any programs that raise those more unfortunate to a subsistent standard as welfare whether they have paid into the program or not. The unfortunate thing is that MOST Congresspeople no longer go to Congress to represent ANY constituent other than themselves and their big money campaign contributors. And with the Citizens United ruling by the Supreme Court that allowed corporations to funnel unlimited funds into campaigns, Congress has become big business for both Republicans and Democrats.

      There are three good books for EVERY voter to read: Winner Take All Politics: How Washington Made The Rich Richer and Turned It’s Back On The Middle Class by Jacob Hacker and Paul Pierson, Throw The All Out by Peter Schweizer, and Greedy Bastards by Dylan Ratigan. They will open your eyes to the REAL corruption in Congress and the role that “Too Big To Fail” banks and large multinational corporations have had in corrupting Congress to the extent that “we the people” have little or no representation in Congress any more.

      But we (the voter) have some blame in this situation also. We have allowed ourselves to be influenced by “slick” ads paid for by big money interests and have fallen for the “party line” of whichever party we favor. We have elected the same Congresspeople term after term without checking either their voting records or their financial dealings while they “serve” in Congress. We have allowed them to vote themselves special privileges and to place themselves “above the laws” that govern the rest of us. We have allowed them to make themselves the PERMANENT POLITICAL PARTY and to believe they are the “elite class”. And they no longer believe that they serve “at our pleasure” so they hold the average voter in contempt, only recognizing us as a “block of voters”. We (the voter) have to change this attitude if we ever expect to regain ANY representation in Congress.

      How do we change the perception of Congress? We must RESOLVE that we will vote EVERY incumbent Congressperson out of office until they realize that they serve “AT OUR PLEASURE”. Any halfway intelligent honest candidate would be preferable to the people who have served in the past few terms of Congress and especially the past Congress that has become a “do nothing” Congress for political gain of their respective parties. And make no mistake about it, both parties have played “party politics” at the expense of the good of the nation and the economy. They have let the American people down and DO NOT DESERVE their office. We (the voter) need to become “free thinkers” and declare this to be our YEAR OF INDEPENDENCE.

      • dtgraham says:

        The elephant in the room though is money. People may resolve to vote every incumbent congressperson out of office, as you say, but unlimited election ads, run on a continual loop, will change too many of their minds on election day. Non stop ads that end with, ‘tell that crook so-and-so to stop kicking puppies’ do work.

        Recently, polls showed that Californians were overwhelmingly in favour of adding a new cigarette tax and using the money to fund cancer research. The tobacco lobby kicked in and spent the gross national product of a third world nation on anti-tax ads. Eventually, the measure was narrowly defeated by those same voters.

        Virtually unlimited campaign money, concentrated all one way, is always a killer. President Obama recently told a group of supporters that “we can win if we’re outspent but we can’t win if we’re outspent seven to one”. He was referencing Scott Walker’s win in Wisconsin, who did exactly that.

        We’ll see how much team Romney will outspend the Obama campaign, because they will outspend them. Furthermore, the ads will be full of lies and distortions (that’s Romney) that tend to work when there’s enough of them.

        • wayneonly says:

          Dtgraham, I know you are right about the money having influence on the voters. Yes, Scott Walker’s victory and the California cigarette tax vote are great examples of what money can do to change the outcome of elections, but it is also a great example of how devastating it can be for the majority of the voters and highlights the real problem of what is wrong with the nation’s system (both economically and integritally) . And we (the voter) do have the POWER to change the system. But it is up to people like you and me and other forward thinking voters to get the word out to those who know that there is a problem, but just don’t know how to solve it. There is no “fast fix” but there is hope in educating the voters.

          Most Americans agree that money has too much influence on the outcome of elections. They fail to see THEIR role in how it influences the outcome of the election. That is where education comes in. Voters need to realize IF they don’t agree with what is going on in their government, THEY are the only ones who can change it. They need ti become better educated about what THEIR Congressperson is REALLY doing while in office. They need to follow their voting records and most importantly “follow the money” to see who is really influencing their Congressperson. And they need to keep an eye on their Congresspersons personal financial dealings.

          But the main thing about voting EVERY incumbent out of office is to get the attention of the Congress as a whole. Since they have decided that the voter is only important when they need their vote, we have to show them that WE are important when WE need their vote. Like the mule that you need to hit in the head with a club to get their attention, Congress needs to have the threat of “the club” to get their attention. Our VOTE is the only “club” that we have.

          Another factor in voting every incumbent out of office is that it serves notice to “big money” that they cannot buy our vote. It lets them know that we have a purpose in mind and that is to GET BIG MONEY OUT OF ELECTIONS. Since it costs big money interests more money to get a new candidate elected than an incumbent, it becomes less “cost effective” to buy influence in Congress. Also, the longer a Congressperson is in office, the more contacts he/she develops with lobbyists and big money influence. Once again it becomes less cost effective for big money to buy Congresspeople. It may be a slow process, but it is a process that voters must be willing to take if they ever want to regain any representation in OUR government.

  9. sigrid28 says:

    Those who want to repeal and replace ACA, as well as those fed up with the repeal-and-replace crowd, might do well to take their minds off this conflict for a bit. Perhaps we all should celebrate the 4th this year by taking in HBO’s six-part biopic, “John Adams,” starting at 9am CST on HBO on Independence Day. It makes us a part of the soul searching that went into the drafting of the constitution.

    For sheer patriotism, I recommend “Apollo 13” (1995). Perfect for the whole family, Ron Howard’s 4-star blockbuster depicts the ill-fated meltdown of NASA’s 1970 attempt to land on the moon. Even though we know the outcome, it’s a nail-biter, demonstrating how the NASA teams in space and on the ground just barely prevented the mission from ending in tragedy. We need similar courage and ingenuity to pull us out of the current crisis.

  10. Bigspender says:

    Oh come on. Since when did congressional republicans care a bit about what anyone else thinks, other than the 1% who keep them in office with huge campaign donations. If the Koch Bros. say jump, watch Eric Cantor, Paul Ryan and that old necrophiliac Mitch McConnell leap high into the air.

  11. rustacus21 says:

    … but they can’t hear “those” voices of reason & command. After all, aren’t WE, the PEOPLE their bosses? As representatives, are they NOT duty bound to obey the will of the citizenry? Well, they’re conservatives. So what do U think? A 1 track mind can only track in 1 direction… off a cliff preferably… but ONLY conservatives this time!!! The nation has suffered enuff “crashes” over 2001-2009 & since we’re back on the road & heading in an “affirmative” direction, there’s no need changing course til we reach a distination w/THIS administration. We gave the last administration 8 yrs & came up broke. Lets give another 4 years here & see that we have in fact done BETTER!!!

  12. Melvin Chatman says:

    You must be “Smarter Than A First Grader” to move on to a more intelligent subject – this was way too easy to comment about!

  13. quadbravo80 says:

    hoes4x…you are so full of crap. The CBO has already issued reports stating that Obamacare is far more expensive than proposed and there is no way to pay for it. “Republicans had majorities in both houses and the presidency durning GWB “. Really? In 2006 Nancy Pelosi was made majority leader in the House.

    The public does know the following. That since the Democrats took over the House and Senate and WHouse the spending is at an all time high. Debt has soared, beyond belief. Worried about an extra trillion spent over 8 years? Don’t Obama does that in 1 year….without a war. Gas prices are at an all time high, over a dollar a gallon more than when GWB was in office. Regulations are hitting every company and individual. Tax deductions will die under Obamacare and investment and banking will die. Unemployment is at record levels over the past 4 years despite Obama redefining what unemployed really is. Liberal run countries like Greece and Spain are financially dead while idiots like you purport to suggest you know anything about finance.

    Maggy Thatchter said it best, “The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other peoples’ money.” That is exactly what is happening here. You want to tax the upper 1 percent to death? Fine. Watch all their companies die and the unemployment sky rocket. Fools.

    Repeal is fine for the remaining sane people in the US. We don’t owe healthcare to foreigners and illegal aliens. Japan and China send foreigners home.

    The lib-democrat platform of pro-gay, pro-drug, anti-christian, pro-tax lunacy translates to the death of the country. The dollar has weakened every year Obama has been in office. And it will continue until it is no longer the international standard. Thank you Democrats. Can’t solve the budget questions, that’s easy, just use the only balanced budget every passed….by Republicans under Gingrich. The stock market soared and you never had it so good.

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