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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

According to the latest polls, Representative Ed Markey (D-MA) is now the overwhelming favorite to win Massachusetts’ June 25 special election for U.S. Senate.

A Public Policy Polling survey released Thursday finds Markey leading his Republican opponent, Gabriel Gomez, by a 47 to 39 percent margin, with 14 percent undecided. Markey’s 8 percent lead is up from PPP’s previous poll of the race, which found Markey leading Gomez by just four points.

The poll suggests that Massachusetts’ Democratic lean may be too strong for Gomez to overcome. Although Gomez is dominating Markey 71 to 15 percent among Republicans and running even with Markey at 40 to 41 percent among independents, Markey’s 70 to 20 percent advantage among Democrats puts him comfortably ahead.

A University of Massachusetts Amherst poll released Friday contains similar bad news for Gomez. That poll has Markey leading Gomez 51 to 40 percent among likely voters, with just 6 percent undecided. As in the PPP poll, the UMass poll finds Gomez performing very well among independents — leading Markey 50 to 33 percent — and Markey’s 87 percent margin of the Democratic vote has left him up double digits with just over two weeks until election day.

“Time is against Gomez,” said Raymond La Raja, associate director of the UMass poll. “Without a major gaffe by Markey soon, it is becoming very difficult to see a path to victory for Gomez.”

The full results of the PPP poll can be seen here, and the full results of the UMass poll can be seen here.

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12 responses to “Polls: Markey A Strong Favorite In Massachusetts Special Election”

  1. silence dogood says:

    The only real work Markey ever did was driving an ice cream truck in 1967.

    • Independent1 says:

      Which is great as long as he hasn’t run a business. Nitwit Republicans who have run a business are the biggest disaster for Washington. They come to the Congress or Presidency with the false notion that they can run the government like they ran their business – which is nothing but a recipe for disaster for the nation. YOU CANNOT RUN A FEDERAL GOVERNMENT LIKE A BUSINESS!!!!

  2. Dominick Vila says:

    I hope this becomes reality, because at the rate we are losing seats in the Senate we may lose control of that chamber before the 2014 election.

  3. FT66 says:

    Every Dem in Mass. should register and show up to vote on election day. The slap on the face Scott Brown did last time can not be allowed for another time. It was once and for all. Republicans should understand that Mass. have people who owns it and nothing more. Republicans own S. Carolina and with no shame, they voted back the adulterer. Dems should also show to people where they are and how they stand together.

    • silence dogood says:

      “They voted back the adulterer” I don’t imagine you had a problem with Teddy Kennedy (a serial adulterer) who killed woman on the Vineyard,

      • FT66 says:

        Not at all. I do not have problem with those, unfortunately, are no longer with us. I have problem with those who are still alive and their actions can affect who need them most at the moment. Those who are gone, are gone.

  4. Catskinner says:

    This is a sad development for Massachusetts.

  5. Catskinner says:

    It looks like Massachusetts is anti-Hispanic.

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