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Friday, January 19, 2018

In my experience, whenever criminal cases turn into symbolic melodramas, reason goes out the door. Almost needless to say, I’m referring to the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin murder trial currently dominating cable TV news channels. Starting last February, what began as a lamentable tragedy was promoted as a multimedia morality play on the theme of racist brute vs. innocent child.

In consequence, millions of Americans gullible enough to believe what they see on TV developed passionate beliefs about the case shaped by tendentious and slipshod reporting. Even the most thoughtful citizens are vulnerable to the kind of disinformation promulgated by the Mighty MSNBC Art Players and others whose zeal for ratings-building melodrama trumps their commitment to facts.

During a recent online colloquy a woman identifying herself as a Seattle criminal defense attorney (you never really know on the Internet) opined that the only reason George Zimmerman hadn’t been forced to plead guilty was that “the police did not do a proper investigation, and handled the case poorly (seriously, Martin is found with a cellphone on him, and they decide they can’t ID him and let his body sit in the morgue for a week?? That alone is unbelievable)…I find it appalling that a small-town police agency thought they themselves could make a legal finding that a homicide was justified.”

Unbelievable indeed. Also categorically false, although MSNBC reported it many times. According to the case file released last May 18, Sanford, FL police notified Trayvon’s father of his death early the next morning. MSNBC personalities Al Sharpton, Melissa Harris-Perry, Lawrence O’Donnell and others also repeatedly alleged that indifferent local cops let George Zimmerman take his gun home, and failed to collect his clothing for forensic examination—also untrue. Indeed, the detective who handled the initial investigation recommended filing manslaughter charges March 13, 2012.

For reasons gradually becoming clearer at trial, the state prosecutor declined, urging police to keep investigating.

But that’s not all. For weeks last spring, MSNBC broadcast dozens of segments on its primetime “news” programs ridiculing the idea that Zimmerman had been injured during his fatal encounter with Martin. Grainy video of the handcuffed suspect being escorted into the Sanford police department was shown repeatedly. Lawrence O’Donnell and New York Times columnist Charles Blow in particular made many scathing comments.

Then, after the prosecution file was released on May 18, 2012 with contemporaneous photographs and EMS reports detailing Zimmerman’s broken nose and scalp lacerations, something remarkable happened. Or rather, failed to happen. Instead of correcting manifest errors in its coverage—of which the above are but a sample—MSNBC went radio-silent.

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451 Responses to Reason Goes Out The Door In Zimmerman Coverage

  1. The main stream media want so badly to convict Zimmerman. After all, he killed a thug wannabe who could not possibly been responsible for its own fate.
    The silly politically correct prosecution team have to convict him, otherwise they will have nothing to show to the animals they keep on the democratic plantation.

    • Even though dead, Trayvon deserves to be treated as innocent until proven guilty himself. Your very first sentence shows that you think you KNOW that he was a “thug wannabe.” How do you know that? Because he was a young black boy and ALL young black boys are “thug wannabes?”

      You are the same person who commented on another blog that you WISH that gay marriage will increase the spread of HIV (ignoring the fact that keeping sexual activities of ANY kind within a monogamous relationship will REDUCE the spread of any such diseases). This shows your (lack of) feelings for any other person. Have you talked to God, as you understand God, about these hateful feelings?

      • man you really don’t know much about Trayvon do you. did you read some of his vile face book posts? Did you see his criminal record before it got hidden? I’ll bet not, or have you just decided as a liberal whatever a black thug does is ok?

        • If vile and despicable behavior was a license to kill somebody, then there would be bullet-riddled Tea Bigots littering the streets of America.

          • My but you are hateful, so my wish for hanging all liberals is a reasonable response then?

          • Oh no, I don’t advocate shooting Tea Bigots — I was just noting the relative level of public concern.

            I actually find slack-jawed goobers to be quite useful. After all, you can’t just go around slapping down real people because, well — that just wouldn’t be right. So bigoted rednecks provide a much-needed outlet for everyday frustration. Besides — they squeal so pretty when you thump ’em!

          • Yes, it’s even more amusing when I run into a mouthy redneck bigot in person. They always try to talk their way out of the inevitable ass-kicking.

          • I have never been scared of load mouth liberals, they only know how to talk and look for other liberals to crowd around.

          • I don’t expect that anyone needs help taking care of a punk like you – I know I wouldn’t. I know what it means when somebody like you talks big, and I know what it doesn’t mean. You aren’t fooling anyone, but you’re starting to get boring.

          • Like I said before, I know that morons like you are too stupid to be scared. That lesson comes later, once the talking is over.

          • You notice he gave you an address to meet him, but failed to say what city. He is all mouth and other orifices with an upside down digestive system.

          • My but you are scary. have you always been this tough guy or just when Mommy tells you to be a man?

          • Honestly, I don’t mind that you appear to be unsmart, mouthy or a coward. It’s also your business if you crave the touch of other men, as evidenced by your constant attempts to draw their physical attention with your limited toolset. But the one thing that is just inexcusable is that you’ve become incredibly BORING. Please come up with some new material.

    • “its own fate” says everything that needs to be about you, along with your screen name. Excellent choice: an ironic, fantastically understated handle!

    • Wow. Seriously, have a look at this buffoon’s posting history. Hate and stupidity on an epic level . . .

  2. The only thing we must remember is the fact that after watching a basketball game with his family an unarmed 17 year old kid went to a 7-Eleven where he bought an iced tea and a bag of Skittles. On his way back home he was chased and threatened by a vigilante, and ultimately shot at point blank range. Trayvon Martin’s only crime was the color of his skin and the fact that he lived in a society where criminals are turned into heroic innocent victims and the innocent are demonized.

    • You are making a lot of assumptions …where you there or all the information you received was from the media eager to have a Big Case to profit from?

      I thought we live in the USA where people are considered innocent until proven guilty?

      In Florida, dozens of people have been shoot using the “stand your ground” law. Mostly crack dealers shooting each other and claiming self defense and there has been no media fuzz about it. Trayvon could have been alive today, but a fight took place and one had a gun and the other did not, that is all we have as facts until the trial is over.

      Racism sells papers and adds, but I expect the system to work as intended and determine the guilt or innocent of Zimmerman before he gets lynch in public opinion.

      • George Zimmerman has the right to defend himself and be presumed innocent until proven innocent. That has never been challenged and never will be.
        What is in question is the effectiveness of the prosecution, the ability of the two high profile defense lawyers to turn an armed man who chased a 17-year old kid after being told by the police to stop and let law enforcement officers handle the situation, and the fact that Zimmerman shot an unarmed kid at point blank range, allegedly because he suffered a couple of superficial lacerations during a fight with the teenager he killed.
        As for Stand your Ground, yes some criminals have been killed or apprehended, but some innocents have been killed as a result that encourage and allow violent measures when someone does something that displease us. A case in point is the shooting of an African American teenager in Jacksonville a few months ago when a man decided that he could not put up with the loud music the teenager was listening to and fired five shots, presumably, to stand his ground. I much rather put up with someone selling pot, than see innocent kids being murdered and the killers get away with their crime.

        • Now the NM is stirring the pot get its own up-tick out of the media frenzy surrounding the Trayvon Martin case, and we have Gene Lyons to thank for it–this time. Identifying contributors and labeling those who “like” a piece is all a part of this. With fewer and fewer articles of substance, anti-intellectual snubs, and its customary favoritism and misogyny, NM now interests me less than the individuals who post on its comment threads, most of whom the NM staff, apparently, looks down upon. It’s easier for the staff of NM to pick favorites among people posting on its comment threads than it is to increase its own popularity by publishing substantive articles about subjects that generate legitimate political discourse. What a drag.

          • Ouch idamag. I’m Floridian, but I’m afraid I would have been kept off that jury, if in fact, I admitted I knew about the case, and believe Zimmerman is a murderer! We aren’t all right wing nutjobs gosh lol.

          • Not everyone thinks that all white Floridians are racist. This anti-white drum beat was started by right wing bigots who are trying to change the fact of this issue. George Zimmerman has a past record of profiling people.

            During his interview, he confirms that he is an ex-coworker of George Zimmerman His full name is withheld.

            Witness Summary:

            He knows Zimmerman as an ex-coworker. They worked together 2008/2009.
            Zimmerman was already employed when the witness began to work there. He
            says he is Middle Eastern and the work environment was unwelcoming.
            Zimmerman noticed that other employees didn’t like him, so Zimmerman
            chose him as a target of bullying to prove himself to other people.

            Witness stated that his mentor
            said that George was good at his job, and had caught on to the work
            quickly. As such, he told the witness to ask him or George if the
            witness had any questions. As a practical joke, Zimmerman made the
            witness perform menial tasks, then embarrassed him in front of other
            co-workers for complying with his instruction. He says Zimmerman
            referred to him as a “fucking moron,” and he did comedy skits about him
            on the job on multiple occasions.

          • Thank you for citing this evidence here. I am not at all surprised by this testimony about George Zimmerman’s disrespectful behavior. One of the most salient characteristics of liars who think they can dupe others (and that others are patsies) is a deep disrespect for others. This disrespect is a form of hostility, really. George Zimmerman’s choice to carry a gun at all times when he is not at work, suggests that he thinks others may be as hostile (and disrespectful) as he is: what the behavioral scientists call transference. You think everyone you encounter might want to do you harm, chances are that’s how you feel about others YOURSELF.

            Zimmerman’s lying was on full display today when his professor of criminology certified that Zimmerman knew all about stand your ground law in Florida and the laws governing self defense in the case of law enforcement.

          • No, exactly the opposite. No justice in life, no justice in death. I hope the DOJ charges Zimmerman, and then maybe we will see justice.

          • They won’t; there’s no evidence or even probable cause. It’d be a waste of time and money.

        • You were not there and you are assuming based on what we now know.
          In a neighborhood that was a target of crime activity he chased a tall black man walking wearing a hoodie in Florida 90 degree temperature. Was it profiling? YES. Zimmerman had no idea how old Trayvon was and it did not manner since a lot of our crime in Florida is committed by very young black or Latino males and criminals will tend to cover their heads to avoid ID from people or cameras.
          Should Zimmerman have waited for police to arrive and not confront Trayvon? Yes, absolutely, he showed very poor judgment. He did not and approached Trayvon, a fight took place and the unarmed man died.
          Is Zimmerman racist?…at least prejudice if not racist that is probably a YES
          None of those things by themselves are crimes
          Was it first degree? Probably not. 2nd degree? No clear evidence he had any intentions to kill Trayvon. At best manslaughter unless defense can prove self defense.
          Being a racist and stupid carrying a gun is NOT a crime in Florida.
          Killing somebody for other reason than self defense IS.
          That is what the prosecutor needs to prove beyond reasonable doubt. That Zimmerman had intentions to shoot Trayvon before they had a physical confrontation.

          • OK you keep saying the same stupid shit repeatedly GermanSmith. Fact it was FEBRUARY 26th RAINING, and COLD. STOP STOP trying to act like Trayvon had no business wearing a hoodie ok? Beklieve it or not, a cold, damp night in Feb. in Florida CAN be chilling. Also, racism+a criminal or violent act IS IN FACT, a crime sir!

            We get it, “the N…r had it coming”! NO, you won’t come right out and say that, because you sir are the worst kind of bigot, a COWARD!

            Plain and simple, this Zimmerman was a wannabe Cop, couldn’t make the grade, and proved he had NO business being a police officer anywhere, by his over zealous, outrageous behavior. No, he didn’t flee the scene, this prick STILL thinks he was doing the right thing by killing an innocent 17 yr old kid.

            If there is any justice, he will serve many many years behind bars. I’m afraid this will never happen. The podunk prosecutor is over matched by the slick defense attorney.

          • got it
            You are angry and will insult anybody that would disagree with you.
            Plain and simple just describe your mind. I am just glad people like you are kept away from juries as you seem to be as prejudice as Zimmerman.
            The fact remain, you know nothing about me and I really do not give a flying crap about your opinion

          • So you have proven that racism is a crime? You sir are a bigot who believe all whites are racists unless they tow the BS line of parasitic minorities.
            Move on to Huffpo!

          • IMO racism is an outward expression of hate, either explicitly or implicitly. If racism were considered a crime, the consequences would apply to all racist acts, by anyone of any color, any country, etc. We have more than enough problems in this country to deal with as it is. If America is going to truly be a beacon to all people of the globe, then racism should have ended back in the 60’s.

            I moved to Appalachia a decade ago from New Hampshire. On a visit one time, early on, to a convenience store, I was set back on my heels when listening to some old guy openly using the n word. I was shocked. And I must have been really naive to think that the racists had died off or had become more liberal in their thinking, even in the South.

            As the global population increases and people all over are finding themselves living closer and closer together, racism cannot be tolerated. Must not be tolerated.

            People are always proudly stating their affirmation of America as a Christian nation. Even if that were true, the hypocrisy of alleged Christians in this country is mind boggling. How can you go to church on Sunday and show off your piety, then walk out of the church and immediately go back to racist attitudes and behavior? You can’t. But it happens all over the country.

            We would be, as a country, much better off if racism was a crime.

          • Paul Joseph Watson
            July 12, 2013
            As the jury retires to consider its verdict, threats to stage riots, looting and racial violence if George Zimmerman is acquitted continue to flood Twitter in greater numbers than ever before despite efforts by authorities to discourage unrest.

            Having tracked such threats for the last two weeks, it is clear that the volume of vows to stage violent disorder is now clearly at its peak as police prepare to counter flash mob violence in both Sanford and Miami.

            The about is the mentality of the black communities, idiots like you and your supposed compassion have created these animals, I hope you suffer some of their ire.

          • Since you probably don’t live in that area, an area frequently hit by burglars, which, like it or not, are done almost exclusively by young blacks, and since you have, therefore, never had the desire to see it stopped, and since you have never had someone sitting on your chest pounding on you who might well be capable of killing you, ask yourself what you would have done. Would you have turned a blind eye to seeing someone who fit the description (yes, it is profiling) of someone might have been involved in one or more of those burglaries? Since you know that by the time police arrive, that person would most likely have disappeared, so would you just let it go? If you are being pummeled and have no idea whether it will stop short of serious injury or death, would defend yourself with a gun if you were carrying? Maybe Zimmerman shouldn’t have been carrying a gun, although it is certainly the same right exercised by hundreds of thousands of others in his area. If he hadn’t, would he be the dead one with a trial going on for Trayvon that absolutely 99.9% of the posters here would never hear about?

          • You all are assuming that it was Trayvon who attacked Zimmerman. We only have his word for that. It, just as easily, could have been Zimmerman who started an attack on Trayvon.

          • I made no such assumption. Testimony in the trial has shown, by preponderance of evidence, that Trayvon was on Zimmerman pummeling him.

            However, just food for thought, if you are a pillsbury dough boy, you normally don’t go around putting your face in someone else’s. I don’t think you would do it even if you were armed unless you already had your weapon out. The situation indicates that was not the case.

          • So, Zimmerman had a gun under his jacket in a holster in the back of him. Trayvon is sitting on him pummeling him (Zimmerman’s words) Trayvon’s knees are in Zimmerman’s armpits. It was so dark, witnesses said they could not be sure who was on top. They guessed by size. If Zimmerman had been pummeled, he would have had extensive bruising from the fray. If Martin is on top with his knees in Zimmerman’s armpits, how did he see the gun? How did Zimmerman manage to get it out and shoot point blank? It is not surprising there was a dustup. A terrified boy is being followed in a car. He doesn’t know who is in the car. He leaves the street to get away from the car and the perp gets out of the car and follows him. Trayvon was fighting for his life.

          • You forgot to mention they also identified color of clothing. You also assume Zimmerman’s story is a lie, especially the part where it was Trayvon who made the first contact.

          • Oh my, you have the makings of another Dick Tracy. It’s a good thing that everyone has their very own color of clothing to wear — makes identifying perps a breeze.

          • I do not know what the temperature really was or why was Zimmerman wearing a coat (maybe to conceal the weapon) if so
            The fact that a person (of any color) covering their face and head is bound to look suspicious unless you are in Buffalo in the winter
            We are not debating Zimmerman is probably a racist OR at best he was suspicious of a black male wearing a hoodie ( which means he was profiling, which is not politically correct in our country)

          • There is a young man who wears a hoodie and walks his dog past my house every day. It never occurred to me that this was suspicious behavior. So, maybe gang members wear hoodies – they also have zippers on their pants. By this false premise that makes every man who has a zipper on his pants a suspicious character.

          • No, I like zippers, as long as I am careful to make sure my privates are out of the way before I zip up.

            Proponents of the “thug life” glorify violence and guns and therefore they will awaken suspicion wherever they go. Is not a race thing is a “culture thing”

            In my days, people were suspicious of hippies, but we never advocated violence , just peace and love and the Doors never tried to shoot the Beatles in any east/west arguments.

            I live in Florida. If I see a guy wearing a hoodie in the Fla heat, I will eye him with suspicion …If I see a guy with a swastika tattoo on top of his head, I will eye him with suspicion….If I see any young guy just walking around without any purpose or dog, I will wonder what he is doing. BUT I will NOT grab a gun and approach him to ask what he is doing unless he is looking in somebody’s window or car.

            But none of our opinions should matter. If the prosecutor can prove Zimmerman had intent to kill Trayvon, he is toast.
            If defense can prove self defense, Zimmerman will walk, but the rest of his life will probably suck anyway unless he migrate to another country…because he has been made infamous by the media.

          • Obviously you recognize him. If your neighborhood was being robbed regularly by kids wearing hoodies, would you be so complacent if someone wearing a hoodie you didn’t recognize walked by at night?

          • Oh yes, that’s the case-breaker. Put out an APB on anyone wearing pants while you’re at it.

          • My street had a rash of car burglaries. The suspects were spotted early one morning. They were wearing blue jeans, running shoes, parkas and watch caps. The girl had blond hair. I am assuming their blue jeans had zippers. So by your false premise anyone wearing blue jeans and girls with blond hair are suspicious and can be shot by neighborhood watch cop wannabes.

          • So by your rational, you shouldn’t pay any attention if a blond haired girl in blue jeans, running shoes, parka and a watch cap is seen in your neighborhood again. The jump to shooting is quite a stretch.

          • Yes, it IS quite a stretch, and that’s the point. George Zimmerman had no authority to interdict Martin in any case, so why did he pursue and eventually shoot him? What could he possibly hope to accomplish by leaving his vehicle and pursuing somebody with a handgun?

          • You know it was raining when this happened, right? A lot of people cover their head and face when it is raining – not just in Buffalo in the winter.

          • How does a racist have black friends and mentor black kids?
            Is there such a thing as a part-time racist? too funny.
            I suspect had the kids breaking in been Hispanic, GZ would have profiled an Hispanic kid, and rightfully so.
            I would bet the dispatcher told GZ not to follow the kid because he feared for GZ safety not the kid’s. .

          • Not everything is black and white (pardon the pun)
            You can be profiling based on known information and patterns and NOT be a racist.
            I have clients from Iran and Iraq that are friends and lovely people, nevertheless if I board a plane and see a eastern looking gut with a beard and an angry face, I will keep a very close eye on him, because I know that a plane hijacks is more likely to be carry out by an Arab/Muslim than by a blue eye old lady.
            Is this profiling? Yes Indeed
            Is this racist? No, because I know that not all Muslims are terrorists and I am able to have a relationship with those that I know.
            Profiling has a bad name, but thru life we profile all people all the time…When I was young and looked at a very beautiful girl , my initial thought was that she was stuck-up. and many more samples.

        • Again…another poster not sticking to the FACTS. Zimmerman never spoke to the police. He spoke to a 911 dispatcher (not law enforcement) AFTER he had gotten out of his car. The dispatcher told Zimmerman that there was no need to follow Martin. That’s it. More repetition of media lies fuel knee-jerk emotional reactions to this case. Why don’t blacks focus on black on black crime? Take responsibility for their own social ills?

      • Okay, these are the facts: A kid goes to the store. He wants an ice tea. His brother wants him to bring back candy. His father lives in an apartment complex from which Trayvon Martin leaves to get to the store. when he reenters the apartment complex, Zimmerman starts to follow him in a car. It is early in the evening. It is dark. Trayvon leaves the road, possibly to get away from someone in a car following him. Zimmerman gets out of the car and Trayvon gets shot. Zimmerman has two small cuts and a hemotoma on his head. The truth is when the police told Zimmerman to stop following Trayvon, he ignored it.

        • Those are the facts as published by the media after the thing happen.

          The facts from Zimmerman point of view at the time are different
          In a neighborhood that was a target of crime activity he chased a tall black man walking, wearing a hoodie in Florida 90 degree temperature. Zimmerman had no idea how old Trayvon was and it did not manner since a lot of our crime in Florida is committed by very young black or Latino males and criminals will tend to cover their heads to avoid ID from people or cameras.

          He approached the “suspect” (yes, he did not follow police orders) A fight ensue and one unarmed person is now dead.

          I repeat. Being stupid, racist and carrying a gun is NOT a crime in Florida, killing somebody for other reason than self defense IS a crime.

          What the prosecutor must prove is that Zimmerman was not fearing for his life or well being while he was being hit by Trayvon (if he was hit at all) when he shoot Trayvon OR that he actually had a plan to shoot him before they fought.
          Since one of the witness of what actually happen is dead and I do not see the NSA providing a copy of the phone conversation while this was occurring, I think the prosecutor have a very hard case to prove.

          • Stop lying. It was 63 degrees when George Zimmerman killed Trayvon Martin. I don’t know why you must lie to defend Zimmerman — that should tell us something.

            There is a lot of talk about Zimmerman’s right to ‘stand his ground’, but little talk about Martin’s right to do the same. One person was stalking the other. One person was armed. One person was safely in a vehicle and chose to leave that vehicle. One person was told by the police to stop following the other.

            There’s a serious one-sidedness to this situation, especially since one of the people will never be able to tell his side of the story. I’m sure that warms you bigoted little heart, but can you at least take a little time out from your cross burnings to make up better lies?

          • Sinceramente, me importa un carajo lo que un idiota como tu digas.
            No existe una seccion Latina del KKK ignorante

          • I guess that’s only fair since nobody gives a shit what you say either. In fact, you slack-jawed Tea Bigots are about as popular as buzzard shit. If Zimmerman went after people like you I suspect that nobody would raise a fuss.

          • So it was Ok for Trayvon to attack Zimmerman and inflict injury, but it was racist for Zimmerman to do the same?
            What convoluted logic.

          • Zimmerman pursued Martin, and he was armed. I’d say that amounts to a legitimate gripe. What would you do if Zimmerman pursued you with a gun — offer to kiss his ass?

          • What’s with the talk about ‘orifices’ and ‘flow’? Is it your time of the month?

          • Please child, you can not ever reach a point where I am offended or bothered by your puerile activities.
            But keep trying, it is amusing.

          • Yeah, mouthy redneck bigots always say they are amused – right up until talk time is over. It’s always a different story then.

          • Oh it’s ‘we’ now, is it? You punks are all the same. Big, big mouth until it’s time to walk the walk. Then the crying, squealing and begging starts. You just keep acting as if you know something about being tough — I understand you need to feed your ego and put up a front. It always ends the same, though, so the more you talk the more pitiful it will be when the hammer falls.

          • I have four people on my floor who are laughing everytime you post. hell we even spilled our drinks on one post. Please come visit, we need the entertainment.

          • Sounds like you are making friends there in the nut-hatch. Very, very good. But it won’t stop the inevitable — not at all.

          • Boring. Please come up with some new material. Perhaps you can tell us how your buddies in the nut-loft react when you dance around in your mother’s panties or something.

          • Since that is actually one of the most upscale condos in Kansas City, Missouri, I am not sure he is telling the truth.

          • I know he’s lying, but at least he did choose something with the word ‘nut’ in the name — which is entirely appropriate.

          • he only knows that you are wrong and he is right thats how teabagging gun tote’n nuts think. he does know what truth is.
            the truth is in the 911 calls. zimmerman was cop want a be that have never been able to carry a gun.

          • I think you nailed it. He was going to catch a burglar without the judgment a cop should have. Maybe he thought he would make headlines and on the police force that had turned him down.

          • If you were being followed by someone in a car and it was dark, and you decide to leave the road (Probably to get away from the car), and someone with a gun chases after you and has a gun, you wouldn’t be scared enough to fight back?

          • See you are reading into this story what you believe not what actually happened. This is the problem with this sham of a trail.
            Zimmerman screwed up following Martin, Martin screwed up attacking him.
            Both while wrong, Martin caused the greater damage and suffered the consequences.

          • I am not sure which trail you mean – Santa Fe, Chisholm, etc? However you being from the south you are seeing this different than we, from the Northwest do.

          • And what would the police have told trayvon?

            Nobody intending to commit a murder of a stranger first calls the police….

            I have yet to see mentioned a very important fact in all of this…..


            Why would anybody who knew there were lots of possible witnesses observing from their windows, and police on the way, maybe already observing from an approaching car, commit murder?

            It doesn’t add up unless Zimmerman was attacked.

          • It’s going to be really difficult to match your wit, but I’ll try:

            Maybe calling the police was his alibi.

            See how easy that was? The counter to your argument, with roughly the same amount of mental effort.

          • Perhaps.
            I dont know what all the facts really are and neither do you.
            Or anyone else in here.
            And that was my point.
            I do know it is not a racial issue with me like it seems to be with everyone else. My interest is – the law and was this justified use of a gun or not and will go with what the jury says. Will you? That is what this trial and jury are for – not everyone in here to decide ahead of time.
            What if the jury finds he was justified, are you going to call them racists also? My guess is he will get some type of lesser included man-slaughter charge.

      • Haven’t you heard Zimmerman’s call to 9/11, prior to shooting Trayvon Martin? Zimmerman was told by the dispatcher – Not to follow him. This isn’t difficult Germansmith. Zimmerman simply didn’t like this black person (his comments to the dispatcher clearly suggest he’s a racist) and he manipulated a situation which would allow him (in his own depraved brain) to shoot an innocent kid – who was out for a stroll, minding his own business. The evidence against Zimmerman is to say the least – compelling.

          • They …..burglars…..and home invasion robberies …… Perpetrators of which in that neighborhood were seldom caught. How would you like Jamal the poor innocent iced tea drinking suspended high school angel showing up INSIDE your house while your 16 year old daughter was home watching your other child?

            If this happened several times in your hood, and they got away, would it change your perception of other young men wandering around the same neighborhood after dark?

          • Redneck Tea Bigots change my perception of wrinkled, old, white farts — but does that give me the right to grab my gun, chase them down, and kill them?

      • Here’s a fact.

        ” MIAMI — The parents of Trayvon Martin,
        the unarmed teenager who was shot by George Zimmerman last year, have
        settled a wrongful-death lawsuit against the homeowners’ association in
        the gated community where he was killed. ”

        Here’s another fact:

        The Martin family’s lawyer, Benjamin Crump, has said he planned to file a
        separate lawsuit against Mr. Zimmerman at a later date.

        OJ Simpson was found not guilty for the killing of his wife and her friend. Where is OJ now? Zimmerman may be found not guilty for this crime, but his trials and tribulations are far from over.

        • I do not remember Goldman or Nicole Simpson attacking OJ (except his pride). We are talking about 2 different cases altogether. Let us also remember that when OJ was found not guilty, we experienced no riots or looting and nobody accused him of racism because he killed (allegedly) 2 white people
          If the Martin family would benefit from the money and help them dull the pain of losing their son, power to them, milk Zimmerman for all he is worth (far less than OJ).
          I am sure the lawyer would enjoy the money he will extract from perfectly innocent homeowners that expect nothing but to live in their homes free of crime…Let us destroy a whole community of people of moderate income for the mistakes of a single racist idiot.
          Do this seems fair to you?

          • Oh, so your saying that Trayvon Martin attacked George Zimmerman? You know that for sure? The cases maybe different, but I think my analogy to the possible outcomes is relevant. George Zimmerman is accused of racial profiling, not racism. Two very different and distinct allegations. And if Zimmerman is found not guilty there will be some disappointment and anger. But their wont be any rioting because some leaders are on the ground prepping people for this eventuality. Their may be a handful of civil unrest by a few, but the black community as a whole will not riot. This I’m very sure of. And to your last question, if you bothered to look up the lawsuit, you would have found that they association was legally liable because they referred to George Zimmerman as the person to get in contact with about security issues. They put that in writing.

          • Since Zimmerman was pursuing Martin, he is the aggressor and yes, he could have gotten hurt while a terrified teen was fighting for his life.

          • A “terrified” teen, did Rachael say the racist TM was terrified? You are one effin idiot. If I was terrified, I’d run home, call the cops, something, not double back and attack. TM sucker punched George and broke his nose which would have made breathing difficult and caused his eyes to water and therefore lose his vision.

          • I don’t remember anyone saying you were there or are you psychic? . Did Rachael say TM was terrified or not? Answer the F#$%ing question. Her entire testimony was captured. GZ said he couldn’t breath or see. Did you break GZ nose? Maybe the cops did it.

          • There’s a pretty wide range between psychic and stupid, since you don’t already seem to know. The truth is that you have NO idea what another person would do when confronted, despite your obvious bigoted wish that Zimmerman goes free. I tend to discount the claims of somebody who is charged with a crime — they might actually try to convince somebody they didn’t do it. Is this news to you? It may very well be that Martin had no choice but to fight — you weren’t there so you wouldn’t know.

            This much is clear and undisputed: Zimmerman shot and killed an unarmed 17 year old boy. Zimmerman followed the boy even after he was advised not to do so. Zimmerman had no policing authority, yet tried to behave like he did. Martin was doing nothing wrong — he was simply walking back from the local convenience store.

          • You will now have to explain how he punched the racist with out leaving any of his dna on the racist or getting any of the racists dna on himself.

        • Naturally the family of the thug wannabe will sue to get money for their own self interest. Are you surprised? Does this lawsuit prove anything except they would sell their souls for cash?

          • Ah! OK, So when the families of OJ Simpsons wife and the families of her friend filed suit against OJ for wrongful death, they to were ” the family of thug wannabes who would sue to get money for their own self interest “?

          • Battle of wits? I thought this was a discussion about Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman. If however this for you was a battle of wit’s, then I am at a disadvantage to the master mind. Of which you apparently are a member of?

          • Lessthanzero only THINKS he is a ‘master’. Given that this is a debate of sorts, I’d say that makes him a master ‘bater.

          • it started as a discussion, but you choose to bring race into the discussion.
            I do not see race in this unfortunate incident, I see a cop wannabe and a thug wannabe both less than stellar individuals doing something stupid and an unfortunate ending in which the left are using to furl racism.
            this does no one any good.

          • Actually I believe it was you who went viral on the race thing. You might wanna read back a bit, before you make false accusations? And why would race in the conversation be a bad thing? Why are you afraid of the obvious racial component in this tragedy? If race was a factor, then why can’t we talk about it? You who claim to want to deal with facts are quick to dismiss the probability that George Zimmerman profiled Trayvon Martin based on his race. The evidence of that is in his own account to the police dispatcher when he said ” these assholes always get away “. Who was he referring to when he said that? The only reference was Trayvon Martin at that moment. But don’t worry, Zimmerman will probably be acquitted. Not because he’s not guilty, but because in a Florida court, a predominately white jury will think that an unarmed 17 year old black kid is more threatening than a lying coward with a gun. And if that last comment is a prerequisite to being a racist? So be it.

          • Nothing wrong with discussing race as long as both sides actually want to be open and honest about it.
            But the civil war ended well over a century ago and slavery in this country had a component of black slavers selling their brothers or defeated tribesmen, yet all we get to hear is America is racist and the black man is a victim.
            No does that not seem a bit misleading to you?
            I do not disagree that Zimmerman profiled Martin, so what? that in itself is not really a crime, nor is it racist. he used the term asshole, is that a racist comment?
            The point is YOU want this tragedy to be a racist crime so you can assuage your self that it is.

          • ” But the civil war ended well over a century ago and slavery in this
            country had a component of black slavers selling their brothers or
            defeated tribesmen, yet all we get to hear is America is racist and the
            black man is a victim.”

            Actually, if you’ve ever attended a class on black history, you would have heard lessons on this very subject. But like you said, the civil war and slavery is over. What you fell to report is the racism and inequality after the civil war, the Jim Crow era, which sought to diminish voting rights in the south. In point of fact, you have some Red States today that are trying to repeal the voters rights act of 1965 today. What is misleading are your omissions of a few facts. Where we finally agree is the fact that George Zimmerman profiled Trayvon Martin. Racial profiling is against the law. Has been since 1964. your right, the word asshole in and of itself is not a racist term. But when used in the context of a racial comment, it becomes part of the syntax that suggest intent.

            ” The point is YOU want this tragedy to be a racist crime so you can assuage your self that it is.”

            Actually what I want is for George Zimmerman to held accountable for his actions. I think any healthy adult male who needs a gun to defend himself from an unarmed child is a coward. And deserves to suffer the consequence of his actions. If he, a martial arts trained adult, could not handle a 16 year old kid with his bare hands, then perhaps he should not pick fights with them. Least of all follow them around. I’m 62 years old, I know my limitations. I don’t follow kids I think are up to mischief, I call the police. I don’t hang out where kids might cause mischief, and if I have to protect myself, I know a little bit about self defense to at least put up a decent fight. What I don’t do is carry a gun, and pretend that I’m dirty harry.
            At my age it’s called ” COMMON SENSE “. And the good thing about having common sense is that you don’t have to be of a certain race to have it. Nor do you have to be as old as I am to have it. And it’s free!

          • I read these reports about Trayvon Martins past almost a year ago. George Zimmerman’s lawyers released them a week before the jury selection. So here’s the problem with trying to characterize Trayvon Martin as some out of control thuggish drug dealer. It does not play into the thought processes of George Zimmerman the night he shot and killed Trayvon Martin. Why? Because prior to that night, George Zimmerman did not know who Trayvon Martin was, so George Zimmerman could not presume Trayvon Martin to be a threat without pre-knowledge of Trayvon Martin. One other point about Trayvon Martins alleged character. None of the presumptions support a violent characterization of Trayvon Martin other than braggadocios comments by a cousin. Trayvon Martin had no police record for violence. However George Zimmerman does have a reported past of violence and a police record.

            Other than character assassination of Trayvon Martin, this presumption of young black men has been the get out of jail card by police since I was a kid. Cop’s have always used these excuses ( I feared for my life ) to shoot unarmed black men.

            Here’s one to add to your list…………..


          • You are letting race blind you to the facts, martin brought this upon himself by attacking Zimmerman.
            Zimmerman was an idiot, but idiots can be ignored, Martin’s feelings were hurt and he acted out.
            outcome his fault.

          • You don’t know what happened, or even who made the first move. All available evidence shows that Zimmerman was the aggressive party, and that Martin was trying to avoid him. Private citizens don’t have the authority to pursue other citizens based upon a nebulous suspicion, and the fact that he was armed makes it clear that Zimmerman was looking for trouble.

            I don’t get the feeling that Zimmerman is a racist, but people like you clearly are. Since all of your arguments supporting Zimmerman are lies or guesses, that means that the real reason you support Zimmerman is something you’d rather keep private. Why not just admit your racism instead of telling ridiculous lies? I mean, after all, being a racist asshole isn’t necessarily illegal.

          • lessthanstupid as no clue. he is to stupid realize that zimmerman was the one who started the whole thing.

          • Since we do not have an honest eye-witness to the attack we really don’t know for sure who attacked whom. Since the facts do not show that zimmerman told the whole truth I think we need to stop making rash judgements.

          • Does it matter to you that Oscar was a parolee who had been drinking and had drugs in his system when he got arrested for resisting arrest?
            I agree that this officer screwed up, but proof of racism against blacks? I think not.

          • Yes, and we all know black history is the drop dead truth. Did that class mention all the Black plantation owners who also owned slaves, the biggest being in LA? How is a black plantation owner successful if all the racists refuse to do business with him?
            TM was profiled because of his actions not his race, GZ said he thought THOUGHT, TM was black. It was dark.
            Think it might be possible that the “unarmed” TM smashed GZ in the face with the hand holding the ice tea?

          • No, I think it’s more likely that you are a drooling, gibbering bigot with a snake flag in your front yard. What the hell does black history month or plantations have to do with shooting an unarmed teenager except in the fevered little pea-brains of vile and despicable bigots?

          • Yes. In point of fact it does.


            ” TM was profiled because of his actions not his race, GZ said he thought THOUGHT, TM was black. It was dark. ”

            Actually NO!

            Dispatcher: Sanford Police Department. … Zimmerman: Hey we’ve had some break-ins in my neighborhood, and there’s a real suspicious guy, uh, [near] Retreat View Circle, um, the best address I can give you is 111 Retreat View Circle. This guy looks like he’s up to no good, or he’s on drugs or something. It’s raining and he’s just walking around, looking about. Dispatcher: OK, and this guy is he white, black, or Hispanic? Zimmerman: He looks black. Dispatcher: Did you see what he was wearing? Zimmerman: Yeah. A dark hoodie, like a grey hoodie, and either jeans or sweatpants and white tennis shoes. He’s [unintelligible], he was just staring… Dispatcher: OK, he’s just walking around the area… Zimmerman: …looking at all the houses. Dispatcher: OK… Zimmerman: Now he’s just staring at me. Dispatcher: OK–you said it’s 1111 Retreat View? Or 111? Zimmerman: That’s the clubhouse… Dispatcher: That’s the clubhouse, do you know what the–he’s near the clubhouse right now? Zimmerman: Yeah, now he’s coming towards me. Dispatcher: OK. Zimmerman: He’s got his hand in his waistband. And he’s a black male.
            Dispatcher: How old would you say he looks? Zimmerman: He’s got button on his shirt, late teens. Dispatcher: Late teens ok.

          • Just barely. One can’t help the color of their skin, but they can help whether or not they are an asshole that tries to trample everyone else’s rights.

      • The media and politicians have already determined his guilt. They must feed scraps to their parasitic followers to prove how right their beliefs are.

    • Most of the time you post a reasonable opinion that most people will respect. Today I am disappointed in your response.

      • I think Dominick is correct. Picture yourself walking down a dark street. Someone starts to follow you in a car. You get nervous and leave the street and maybe they will stop. They get out of the car and come after you. There is a gun. Would you fight for your life? Would you be terrified?

    • I think zimmerman would have done this to any colored person wearing a hoodie and walking that night, because zimmerman thinks he is the police, he wanted someone to be doing something sooooo bad, so he could come out of left field and be some kind of hero. I think it has more to do with some kind of superiority complex he has, his mother and father both in criminal justice, his best friend was a cop for how long, I really think he felt like some kind of authority figure. He was kicked out of the police academy, and he was trying to be a cop, more than anything. Even in his written statement to police he called martin the “suspect” When in all reality zimmerman was the suspect at the time. He really just needs some mental help, he has issues.

    • Yes, those are the facts. Everyone should ask themselves if they would like that to happen to one of their children or grandchildren. The statement Zimmerman made on a 911 call, “They always get away.” shows that he was profiling Trayvon Martin.

      • Let’s see… Black kids breaking into condos. . . Trayvon is black and lurking around the condos. I wonder why George would have thought TM was up to no good. I bet you’re one of those idiots who think profiling is bad. Remember if you ever get mugged DO NOT, repeat, DO NOT give a description of the mugger . .. that would be Profiling.

        • Oh that’s brilliant. So whenever somebody who is a fat, white, pasty slack-jaw commits a crime it would be perfectly reasonable to come shoot you, yes? Can you burp the answer?

          • Yes, you should be very careful, but I’m safe, thank you.. Sorry I can’t . . but I’m sure you can.

          • Perhaps using the excuse that he was black and so were some troublemakers passes for wisdom in your trailer park, but nowhere else. Given that there are more than 28 million African Americans in this country, it’s fair to say that one needs more evidence beyond skin color to act on suspicion. In case you were thinking of applying for a MENSA membership, you should also remember that George Zimmerman had no authority to interdict Martin even if he had fingerprints, DNA, and a signed confession that he committed some crime. You may express your agreement or disagreement in the form of burps or farts as is the custom in your redneck neighborhood.

          • “More evidence beyond skin color to act on suspicion”? How about he was wearing a hoodie, like the previous suspects. How about he was skulking around IN THE RAIN. How about he was walking on people’s lawns and looking in people’s houses. WHAT OTHER INFORMATION DO YOU NEED?!?

          • Because you appear to be another budding trailer park Einstein, I’ll spell it out really simple just for you:

            Martin was doing absolutely nothing wrong – all parties agree on this point. So whatever you may believe was evidence of wrongdoing amounts to no evidence at all. I would burp or fart this point for you (to match your redneck dialect), but I don’t want a stinky keyboard. I hope you understand.

          • Every black poster on this and every other site. Your so called black leaders which are nothing other than race-baiters working towards their own agenda are using the black communities tendancy to let emotion fuel their actions to send you all into a racial frenzy. And all you suckers took the bait. Hook, line and sinker. Congrats, you are all as stupid as they think you are. See there are powers that be that profit from us being segregated. And from the looks of all of these comment boards, Business is good.

          • What would you do if I told you I wasn’t black? Would you feel stupid or is that already a forgone conclusion?

          • No I wouldn’t feel stupid because i have no way of knowing because you don’t put your own picture in your profile. You hide behind an avatar. Nor do i care.

          • HeyWhut: Am I dreaming, or did Jan just make a case for the DOJ to file charges against Zimmerman for violating Trayvon’s civil rights? Black criminals breaking in, so anyone with black skin is “suspicious?”

          • Maybe, but it’s pretty unusual for the DOJ to file a civil rights lawsuit against a private individual. It’s usually done against police and other government officials. If they do decide to do something along those lines, though, people like Jan would make their case for them.

          • This is your reasoning. . Women getting raped in some neighborhood, you want women to be suspicious of who, other women? How about the racist is black? You look for white men.? How stupid can you get. Of course people profile, it’s common sense.
            Doesn’t matter a jury found Zimmerman innocent. get the F#$% over it.
            Do you know what civil rights are. Listen to that dope Rachel, TM thought Z was a gay rapist and then violated HIS civil rights by smashing in his face.
            And yea, black criminals breaking in so black skin is suspicious. Who would be suspicious white women, Hispanic women?

          • I see. So because I saw some white streetwalkers yesterday I should probably suspect that you are a whore — is that how it works? I’ll bet that you often stare in the mirror and wonder how you ever became so clever.

          • You forgot…the fat HISPANIC chased down little 10 year old Tryvon who was only 6’2″ according to other ignorant posters on this thread. Poor little baby Treyvon was stoned and it impaired his ability to run away from fat, HISPANIC, pasty Zimmerman. Please tell that to our WHITE president and the head of the NAACP, Mr. Jealous who’s lighter skinned than I am.

          • Keep up with the name calling. It makes your argument all the much stronger. Also, keep trolling the message boards and adding your insults. “Little Bigot”? Gee…how long did it take you to think that one up?

          • Don’t you hate it when somebody makes your argument look as stupid as you? At least you chose an appropriate screen name — blather is exactly what you have to offer.

        • Lurking? He was walking to his father’s girlfriends condo…lurking? How about this? When and if Zimmerman gets off, why don’t you suggest he come play neighborhood watch vigilante around your kids or grandkids…he’ll need a job.

          • Too late, the first Zimmerman juror has said she would feel safe having George on her neighborhood watch, she thinks he has learned his lesson. Why she thinks that I have no idea, that jury didn’t teach him one. She also wondered why the dispatcher didn’t tell Zimmerman not to follow Trayvon. Guess they missed that. She thinks Trayvon got off the phone with Rachel before Zimmerman’s 911 call ended, and chose not to believe her hearing the beginning of the altercation because she was uneducated and had no communication skills, not credible, in her words. Guess they missed the testimony and evidence which showed otherwise. She also thought this was not about race, but says Zimmerman profiled Martin just like he profiles every person that comes into that neighborhood. She says Trayvon looked suspicious at the exact moment Zimmerman saw him. She confused Vincent D’Maio with the elderly man who talked about Vietnam and knowing it was George’s voice because of combat experience. There’s more. No wonder she wouldn’t show her face. She doesn’t want any more interviews, but has a book deal…..

      • So Zimmerman was profiling the two black children that he sponsored because of the color of their skin? Probably, since most likely their mamas never married, have multiple children from different baby daddies and live off of taxpayers.

    • Stick to the FACTS. Your fairy tale version of what occurred shows you didn’t watch the case on TV. Innocent Martin was taking care of his munchies after getting high at daddy’s house. He didn’t buy “ice tea”. It was a watermelon flavored drink. (Media didn’t want to say “watermelon”.) Martin was chased? Really?! Itty bitty 6’2″ Martin was outrun by a short, overweight Hispanic? Shot in the back? Keep living in your dream bubble…

      • Yes, I see no reason why Martin couldn’t outrun both Zimmerman’s truck AND a bullet. Why should Martin run? Why didn’t Zimmerman just run away? Poor, old, decrepit 29 year old full grown man in the prime of his life and driving a pickup truck couldn’t outrun a 17 year old boy?

        Go back inside your trailer and do something useful with yourself.

  3. I have posted this before and will post it again. The Prosecution has done such a wonderful job in this that every witness they have called so far appears to do more harm to their cases than good. They contradict their own testimony and depositions. They offer opinion instead of fact. Pretty much seems like they went to the Mark Fuhrman school of prosecutorial witnesses.

  4. So his “injuries” are not consistent with a beating the way he described, his written statement differs from his live phone call with the dispatch, and they both differ from his re-enactment. There was no dna on martin’s hands. There was NO dna on the gun, not even zimmermans dna. So did he wipe the gun? Why would he do that? Surely his prints had to be on it, but they said there were none. Zimmerman knew he wasn’t to carry a gun, he knew he wasn’t to approach or follow. The more i hear of this I think that zimmerman followed martin (we know this) I think he attacked him, I think george was the aggressor of this. I think they fought, i think there was a scuffle, I think that zimmerman found out he is a giant girly man, and was losing, and then shot martin. You cannot start a fight, then shoot someone when you are losing, thats not how self defense works. There are just too many holes coming up in zimmermans story, and i think that is because he isn’t telling the truth, if everything happened the way he claimed there should be no discrepencies. His credibility sucks.

    • According to Zimmerman Testimony and verified by Police Testimony, Zimmerman was NOT approaching Martin. Martin attacked Zimmerman.

      • Yes, the poor, innocent feller just had horrible luck: he bought a vehicle that couldn’t outrun a pedestrian, and his Glock was woefully insufficient to protect him from Skittles.

        • No it appears Zimmerman had the right tool to handle a thug wannabe, Zimmerman breathes Trayvon does not!

          • Maybe if he’s acquitted he’ll come snatch you up out of your trailer next. In that sense you may have a potential point.

          • He just might end up breathing the air in prison. While I’m sure that you’d enjoy prison (lots of guys for you to touch and let explore your orifices), Zimmerman may end up having second thoughts about that vigilante thing.

          • Zimmerman may still be convicted and serve jail time. You have finally said something intelligent.
            Unfortunately you then slide off into delusional drivel.

          • Your exaggerated tough talk and feigned machismo have pretty much given your story away. Unable to successfully navigate your homosexual impulses, you are driven to seek male companionship with the only skills you have: A false bravado and a nasty disposition.

            I can’t help you with your homosexual yearnings — you’ll have better luck visiting a gay web site. I’m afraid that I could only offer you an end to your silliness — not the butt-busting that you crave.

          • My but you are amusing. So not only are you a racist by accusing my black neighbor of being incapable of being a surgeon, now you want to disparage the homosexual community by denying your activities.

          • I never accused any of your neighbors of anything — just you. Why you would lie about having black friends is beyond me. It’s clear that you are a racist, and judging by your exaggerated attempts to present yourself as a tough guy it’s clear that the opposite is true.

          • I hope he gets put in a cell with a big african american with the nickname of killer who hasn’t seen a female in 30 years.

  5. It doesn’t matter whatever the color of skin one has. This young kid (17years) didn’t deserve his life to be taken as easy as George Zimmerman did. In some States, people are allowed to carry their weapons to bars, some have fights there after having alcohol in the blood, BUT still they do not pull the trigger. Zimmerman had his full faculties in place. The action he took is not acceptable in any society.

    • According to Zimmerman Testimony and supported by Police Testimony as Truth, Martin attacked Zimmerman and was trying to kill him.

      • The Police did not support that testimony except to say that it was the story given to them by Zimmerman. You are taking one response to a question that should not have been asked out of context. Zimmerman and Martin are the only ones who know and niether of them are really talking now. We have repeates of what Zimmerman told police at the time.

        • Yes they DID support that testimony.
          When asked if they thought Zimmermans version of what happened was the truth of what happened – Both Police Officers said(testified*on the stand*) that they believe Zimmermans testimony(as per the Zimmerman tape) to be correct and the Truth of what happened. ie That Martin attacked Zimmerman and Zimmerman was not persuing Martin.
          In addition, they said Zimmerman was interviewed several times and they found no significant variances nor suspect any of it to not be true.
          I am not guessing here, I was paying particular attention and heard this myself yesterday during the trial.
          As for speculating – I speculate this is one reason why the county prosecutor and police refused to prosecute Zimmerman.

          • The judge told the jurors to ignore police testimony that they did or did not believe Zimmerman. If you do not want to pay attention to the judge, you will have a difficult time figuring out what is going on in her court room. You seem more content to just spout off about what you think happened on this comment thread, where we all know how to evaluate that. It is a fiction.

          • I guess you missed the incident where both Zimmerman AND his wife found themselves jailed for lying to the court about their financial resources. There was also recent testimony that Zimmerman completed a course that included, among other legal issues, the Florida ‘Stand You Ground’ laws. This contradicts Zimmerman’s prior claims that he was unfamiliar with those laws. I don’t think your ‘Honest George’ argument holds any water.

            There’s no doubt that Zimmerman pursued Martin. Since I wasn’t there, I can’t say for certain that Zimmerman didn’t wind up in a position where he actually feared for his own life, but I CAN say that there was no doubt whatever that Martin feared for his. This case is FAR from a simple self-defense case, and there is no doubt in my mind that Florida ‘Stand Your Ground’ laws aren’t relevant.

          • I’m really curious, so please don’t take offense:

            How does one get to be a bitter bigot like you? Did a black man do your mother and sister? Did you get beat down by somebody who was black and ignored your begging and squealing? I give up — how does one turn into a despicable, low-life, cowardly bigot?

          • oh my, reverse psychology! Who would have guessed a liberal could be so clever.
            I am not better, I am quite happy and enjoy myself.
            I hold no animosity toward blacks, I am just tired of watching this failed race be canonized by silly liberals.
            How often do you suck one of them off?

          • Wow — all this talk about ‘orifices’, ‘flow’, and now ‘oral’? I guess that means you have a kind chin. At least you know how to make yourself useful, I guess.

          • You’re building up quite a perverted vocabulary – aren’t you? I was right on the money about you wearing your mother’s panties, now wasn’t I?

          • You know, I don’t have anything against homosexuals, but you sashaying around trying to insult other men into touching you isn’t the way to go about getting what you want. You are obviously looking for a ‘sensitive’ man to share your ‘orifice’, but I don’t swing that way. There are plenty of gay dating websites, so go find yourself one. A suggestion if I may offer it: When you find that special guy, you don’t need to insult or threaten him to get the physical contact you crave — try simply asking. Good luck.

          • Alleys? Looking for love in all the wrong places are you? Does that method ever even work for you? No wonder you’re so disagreeable — it must be very frustrating.

            I’m sure that a gay dating site would improve your chances. Why don’t you give it a try? Maybe you could try Googling “butt-busters” or something similar. This tough-talk thing isn’t working for you.

          • Whut he said, you are above remarks like that. All of the gays I know are much smarter than lessthansmart. He is a racist. Racists are the lowest of the low. Hitler was one.

          • Yes, you are correct. I wasn’t trying to insult anyone other than LessThanZero by using his own intolerant beliefs, but I may have insulted people who don’t deserve it in the process.

          • I have a question for you: Is it true that racists don’t feel pain the same as other people? Just curious, so don’t get all worked up and put on your mama’s panties and act tough.

      • The judge told the jurors to ignore the comment about Zimmerman’s statements being true. Try to pay attention to the WHOLE proceedings if you really care about what happened to Trayvon Martin.

  6. The REAL story to me is the ridiculousness of “stand-your-ground” self defense laws.

    By that law, neither Trayvon nor George were guilty of committing a crime. One beat the other up, the second shot and killed the first.

    But there was no crime.

    Trayvon was (rightly) worried that he was being stalked by an armed assailant, he was unarmed, and when confronted, he defended himself the best way he was able. He used force. Because of the “Stand-Your-Ground” law, Trayvon had no reason to run, and no reason not to attack.

    George, even though he instigated the confrontation, was attacked, and he defended himself with the weapon he had in hand.

    If the law sets up a circumstance where people can LEGALLY kill each other with zero fault, then there’s something wrong with the law.

    We may as well bring back dueling.

    • Those “stand your ground” laws invite thugs, like Zimmerman, to kill. I drew a cartoon of 4 frames and sent it to the Sandford police chief when they failed to arrest Zimmerman. Frame 1. A crowed mall. A man shifting his eyes and carrying a gun. A mother and child behind him. The child has a balloon. frame 2. The balloon pops. Frame 3. The man with a gun shoots the child. Frame 4. The man telling the police he felt threatened and police saying it was okay then.

      • I don’t know why you and CJR, keep brining up the “Stand You Ground” it is not part of the defense they didn’t even have the trial so they could use it, they are claiming self defense, not “Stand Your Ground”

        If you’re going to mention the stand your ground you should use it to defend Trayvon because he had the right to stand his ground and punch Zimmerman. Do you see how that stand your ground works now?

        I also wonder if everyone on here will adhere to what ever the jury and the American judicial system decides when this is over. (I know I will) either way it goes. I wish Zimmerman wouldn’t have been one of the scared that think they have to carry gun that one act has destroyed two families and killed one young man.

        When Casey Anthony and O.J. were acquitted I knew they were going to be and not because they were innocent but because the Prosecutors didn’t do their jobs, or were not prepared to do their jobs.

    • Did Zimmerman provoke the alleged attack? If he had stood down as he was told to do by the police, he could have avoided having the Martin kid attack him.

      • The Police (in Court) *testified* that Zimmermans statements are True.
        So he (Zimmerman) DID *Stand Down* as ordered.
        On returning to his truck, he was approached by Martin, confronted and attacked. With Martin pinning him on the sidewalk trying to pound his head into the concrete which (by-the-way)is a known gang – killing fighting move.

        • The judge told the jury to ignore the comment about Zimmerman’s statements being true. The judge and the jury have the final say about the truth in the matter, which is the law. You have recounted a story that is fiction.

      • and if trayvon had simply kept walking to his dad’s home he would have been fine. he chose to attack Zimmerman.

  7. The one thing I never hear mentioned is that the 911 operator told Zimmerman the police were on the way. In addition, he was told repeatedly NOT to follow the individual in question; who turned out to be Trayvon Martin. IMO, the moment Zimmerman violated several direct orders of the police, he vacated all right to the claim of self-defense.

    • That’s the point I was going to make. You can’t pursue someone and then claim innocence when the person you’re pursuing confronts you. The fact that he refused an order from a law enforcement officer invalidates most of Zimmerman’s defense.

      • The circumstances changed when Trayvon attacked him. Hence defense is reasonable when the thug wannabe began hitting him.

        • Only to slobbering bigots. To real people it was and is a case of an armed man stalking an unarmed teenager and killing him for no good reason during a situation that he himself caused.

          • I guess you have trouble with Trayvon being at fault for getting his own ass wacked?

          • Which one of his terrible crimes do you think he was killed for?

            1. Walking.
            2. Wearing a hoodie.
            3. Buying Skittles.
            4. Being black.

            Please consider this a test. Let’s see if you can bring yourself to tell a truth.

          • None of the above, he died of stupidity, when he chose to escalate the issue into violence and Zimmerman shot him, issue was over.
            Again, you poor leftists want this to be about race, it is not, it is about stupidity and excess.
            Zimmerman was a cop wannabe and Martin was thug wannabe, both chose stupid paths and the outcome was tragic for their loved ones. But you can not see that, you want to use this poor boy to assuage your feelings about racism and failure on your own part.
            Like I have said many times you amuse me.

          • Tell me why a boy who was supposedly beating a man so badly with his bare hands that the man feared death had no injuries to those hands.

            Listen – I’ve heard you redneck bigots talk big before. Once you realize talk time is over – that’s when I become amused. The whining, crying and begging is just pitiful.

          • because the media does not want anything like that reported.
            I see your tough man persona is trying to sneak out.

          • Right — it’s a conspiracy. How original. You must be one of those slobbering Tea Baggers that likes to dance around in dog-shit. Or in your case it’s probably more like sashay and frolic in dog-shit, right?

          • the media isn’t a conspiracy its contrived news for their agenda, are you really this stupid?

          • I’m starting to get the picture. Do you live in a large home with lots of nice friends who help you put on your white coat with extra long sleeves?

          • Seemingly violent threats? Make ‘us’ afraid? How many different medications do you take? Did you forget any today?

          • There was also no dna on Martin. I am not sure how you can beat up someone and not leave something on the person.

          • I should have thought there would have been extensive bruising if Trayvon was beating him as hard as Zimmerman and his family claimed. Trayvon was fighting an armed man for his life.

          • Yeah, something tells me that he’s wearing his mama’s panties this very moment, angrily tweaking the over-sized zits on his face.

          • Try that again. Martin’s hands were bruised according to forensics. Those were the lone bruises on his body, besides the gunshot, of course. BTW, why would rednecks back a Hispanic guy?

          • The comment stands on it’s own merit. There were extremely minor injuries to Martin’s hands — not what you would expect from somebody who was administering a supposedly brutal beating. Have you ever been in a fist-fight in your life? The minor injuries would be more consistent with scuffling or even falling, and I believe that the testimony was that they could even have occurred after Martin was shot.

          • 5. Punching a guy in the nose, bashing his head into the concrete, and screaming, “YOU’RE GOING TO DIE TONIGHT, M————-R!!

          • If you really believe that a 17 year old unarmed boy said that when confronted by a fully grown man armed with a handgun then you really are as stupid as you look.

    • According to Zimmerman Testimony(Supported by Police Testimony), he was not following Martin and did not violate Police orders.

      • From reading your responses, it seems what you said to me is your only response, and it isn’t accurate. As for our claim about the police backing-up Zimmerman, that’s not true. 1. The 911 operator order Zimmerman to cease following Trayvon three times. 2. The initial police LT who began the investigation didn’t buy Zimmerman’s defense and was relieved after Zimmerman’s father placed a call.

        Also, there’s no forensic evidence that Trayvon ever touched Zimmerman’s weapon as Zimmerman claims. In addition, there’s such a thing in the law called, “Upgrading The Fray.” This means that even if the other person starts a fistfight, if you pull a weapon you become the aggressor and may be liable for the results.

        • First I will say it is somewhat of a tradgedy when any teenager is killed. Even if they are the perpetrator, agressor, etc.
          Someone or society has probably failed that person somewhere down the line.
          In court yesterday both Police Officers testified that they believe Zimmermans account of the events to be the truth of what happened. That he was NOT pursuing Martin and that Martin attacked Zimmerman. I suspect that is why the county decided not to prosecute Zimmerman.
          Also Martin was banging Zimmermans head against concrete – a gang taught technique for killing someone. Most police are not allowed to use this fight technique due to its deadly nature. Thus Zimmerman likely felt Martin was seriously trying to kill him.

          • A police officer’s opinion of what is the truth doesn’t necessarily carry that much weight when it’s just an opinion not backed up by hard evidence. The jurors are the only people whose opinion of truthfulness counts at this point.

            Where did you get the story about pounding somebody’s head against concrete being a ‘gang taught’ killing technique? Sounds like you made up that malarkey — I don’t think that gangs have any organized classes in such things. Please let me know if I’m mistaken and there is a gang university somewhere.

            You claim that Zimmerman ‘likely’ felt that Martin was trying to kill him. How likely do you think it is that Martin thought Zimmerman was trying to kill HIM? Should a person in fear for their life have the right to use violence to protect themselves even if they aren’t armed with a handgun, or do you think that only handgun-wielding people have the right to defend themselves?

            Finally, I believe that you must have missed something, because the fact that Zimmerman is currently on trial means that there actually WAS a decision to prosecute him.

          • police officers see the animalistic behavior of criminals daily, they have much more insight into this case than a bleeding heart liberal who wants the black criminal to be innocent.

          • I don’t see Martin on trial here, so I guess you pulled that ‘black criminal’ argument out of your ass. I know it must be painful to see black people who are better than you every day, and I suppose you’ve had your ass thumped a few times due to your disposition. But please understand that God put people like you on this Earth for a good purpose, so there’s really no logical reason for your low self-esteem. Try to see the bigger picture here and you may feel a little better about yourself. Giving black men an ass to whup without worrying about hurting real people is a worthy cause, you know.

          • Zimmerman 1, trayvon 0. I happen to employ quite a few black men in some of my businesses and I find them to be great at menial labor and lower task jobs, so you stop berating them.

          • Businesses, eh? I see you are in fantasy land again. You take off your mother’s panties, now, and behave yourself.

          • There you go with your ‘we’ again. I’m guessing that you have lots of friends in white coats who help you with everything, yes? That makes perfect sense to me.

          • And, you can stop your racist spewing right now. You employ them for menial labor and lower task jobs – you are worse than Paula Deen. I have Black friends who are Phds.

          • You don’t have black friends, so you can drop that lie right now. I don’t really believe that you have ANY friends, unless they are truly scumbags. All bigots are headed for the eternal dirt nap anyway, but you could do real people a favor and squeal a little more quietly on your way to a much overdue extinction.

          • my neighbor happens to be an articulate black man who finds your post amazingly amusing. By the way, he has been a surgeon for over twenty years.

          • When are you going to show some kind of courage and admit what you are? Being a racist isn’t in and of itself illegal, so what are you afraid of? If it makes you feel any better you can always blame the other voices in your head. You know, the ones that make you say ‘us’ and ‘we’ instead of ‘I’ and ‘me’.

          • No, a terrified boy’s only weapon against a gun and he was fighting for his life. I don’t know how many gangs you have belonged to so I don’t know if your information is true or not. However, as I said above, gang members have zippers on their pants, therefore, any man whose pants have a zipper is a gang member.

          • Oh, please. There’s no hint that Trayvon every belonged to a gang. Also, if he’d slammed Zimmerman’s head against the concrete sidewalk, Zimmerman would have needed stitches and might have had a fractured skull. Instead, all he had were some scratches and small cuts that didn’t warrant even a band aid. Furthermore, if Trayvon had broken Zimmerman’s nose as he claims, Trayvon would have Zimmerman’s blood all over his clothing because broken noses bleed like a son-of-a-gun.

    • The 911 operators did not tell Zimmerman not to follow. They were not allowed to give orders. They did clearly tell george that he did not have to follow trayvon. In essence of course the underlying message was stay where you are.

      • Karen, I heard replays of the 911 calls. The operator asked if Zimmerman was following the person and he affirmed it. The operator’s last words on that call was, “We don’t want you to do that, Sir. The police are on the way.”

  8. Now when you talk about tilted journalism this article could be used as a perfect example. The facts, like all twisted journalism, were carefully presented to make his point. He thinks Zimmerman is innocent. While none of us will ever know the real truth
    of what happen the night Trayvon was shot and died, we do know that he was unarmed and where he had a right to be; Zimmerman, on the other hand, was armed and where he should not have been, he did not have life threatening injuries and believes like all criminal that he had a right to do what he did. So yes he answered all questions – but did he answer them truthfully and will the jury believe him? It is up to the prosecution to produce the evidence that fits the charge. That is the bottom-line. The man is already convicted in the eyes of the public and like OJ if not convicted will none-the-less live in world where he will always be the man who killed Trayvon an innocent Black teen because of his skin color.

    • I’m not even sure the author of this article is sincere. I think the NM is just using this tragedy to get some media attention for itself and stir up the “natives” on their comment threads, people (I think) they look down upon. They think we don’t have opinions that amount to political discourse, that we just put out off-the-cuff blurbs we write to amuse each other. Still, how can you publish the NM if your advertisers have no proof of an audience? So the NM staff just “cracks on,” as the English say, now and again playing devil’s advocate to amuse each other, I guess, and to get a few extra posts out of rabble like we two. I thought they did better today in covering the attack on women’s health services nationwide, but we’ll see. Please keep up your great posts, elw, or I’ll miss ya.

      • Well thank you, nice to hear since I have been called every name in the book by those who disagree with me. To tell you the truth I think the NM today is of such low quality that it is shameful. Most of the so called reporters are no more than high paid actors who barely understand what they are talking about or have their own agenda. Cables 24/7 News cycle has twisted what use to be the news. Some of the people on these threads are just plain scary, especially the gun nuts.

        • Interesting, I have only had to use my gun once in dispatching a criminal who broke into my home late one n he refused to drop his weapon, a tire iron, I had to shot him.
          my wife and a grandson were asleep upstairs. should I have asked him nicely to leave my home since he turned out to be a black male?

          • Yeah, the guy is an obvious coward. I expect that the most dangerous thing he’s ever done is put on his mother’s panties, stand in front of a mirror, and call himself a dirty whore while threatening to slap himself.

          • A drunken redneck stupor isn’t the same as sleeping well, if you’d like to know.

          • A sociopath doesn’t have a conscience so no matter what lies he tells, it won’t keep him awake.

          • Do you feel tougher when you are wearing panties or less tough? Does wearing thongs or a bra make you feel invincible? I’m just curious and mean no insult so please be honest.

          • For that to happen we have to get the money out of elections. Until then it will be the same small number of rich individuals deciding who is going to run and what they will vote for.

          • The only ones who can get money out of elections are the ones who want to keep it in. The only way we will get money out of elections is by making sure the money does not help. We can do that by getting out there boots on the ground, volunteers doing what they can.

          • I agree, we have to work twice as hard as we use to but it will be worth it and the only way we can win.

    • You are not innocent if you are banging someone’s head into the concrete just because you are black.

      • You are not innocent if you shoot an unarmed person just because the victim is black either. When a person is pursued and confronted by an armed assailant for no good reason they have every right to defend themselves in whatever manner is available to them.

        You never stated what it was that Martin did that justified an armed man pursuing and confronting him, which is a giant hole in your arguments. Naturally, being a bitter racist prevents you from seeing this obvious deficiency in your position, but it’s glaringly obvious to everyone else.

        Your posts clearly show that you are a racist, but what they don’t make clear is why you are too cowardly to just go ahead and admit it.

        • You are not innocent if you are banging someone’s head into the concrete just because you are black

          • yes Zimmerman exhibited self defense. martin did not while attacking him.

            try this: atta

          • Attacking your attacker IS self-defense. Tell me, if we ever did meet face to face and I beat you down and then started choking you out, would you have a right to attack me?

          • delusional thoughts are as amusing as you attempts to show how tough you are.
            Come to 909 Walnut Lofts, we really want to meet you.

      • You still haven’t explained how you can bang someones head into the concrete and not get any dna from them or put any of your dna on them.

  9. Was Trayvon Martin an innocent victim? Is George Zimmerman a murderer? Only two humans were present and only one is alive to testify. I believe the right to self-defense and “stand your ground” means at home defending your life, the lives of family members, and property. I do not believe the right to self-defense extends to pursuing and then confronting a person of interest by a private citizen. That action should not be
    encouraged. That sounds like vigilantism to me.

    When a bully is poking their finger in your eye and you attempt to defend yourself, that
    reaction to being attacked does not allow the shooter to claim I was only defending myself. The person who did the original finger poking is more to blame.

    • According to Zimmerman Testimony(which is supported by ALL the Police(under Testimony) as truth) – Martin attacked Zimmerman.and was trying to kill him.

      • No matter how many times you repeat this lie of your about the police supporting testimony as amounting to truth it does not hold any water. That is why the judge told the jurors to ignore this testimony. You can say it over ten thousand times. It will never constitute truth in the eyes of the court unless–and until–the judge and jurors decide the case.

        • *I* did not say it was the truth – the Police did.
          I dont know all the facts here and neither do you.
          Hopefully the court/jury will ultimately correctly determine who may or may not be lying.

          • Now you are outright lying. I quote from you exactly above:

            “Zimmerman Testimony(which is supported by ALL the Police(under Testimony) as truth)”

          • The Defense Lawyer asked the Police if they believed Zimmerman was telling the truth in his testimony. They said *yes*. And his testimony(on tape) was that Martin attacked him and he did not pursue Martin.
            Thus, they believe his testimony to be the truth.
            Also, they agreed there were no significant deviations from previous testimony.
            To show that I am not trying to lie about *anything*:
            No – I did not hear the Judge say to ignor this.

          • One can not argue facts or logic with liberals, they feel, hence they are right.

          • Hearing your bigoted drivel caused a hilarious thought to occur to me: What would you do if you found out that you had an African American ancestor? Would you be forced to shoot yourself, or would you just beat yourself periodically because you were only part black?

        • police see the evil nature of criminals everyday. they have much more insight into this world and the animals behavior then you or I watching the news.

      • You are correct, that logic also pertains to the follower. You do not have the right to pursue and confront an innocent person. Once the
        police have been notified it is their responsibility because “they have much more insight into this world and the animals behavior then you or I watching the news.”

        • I agree that Zimmerman screwed up following Trayvon, but trayvon did attack and injury Zimmerman. the fatal outcome is as more Trayvon’s fault.

          • We will have to agree to disagree then and wait until the
            verdict is given. I believe Zimmerman by pursuing and confronting Martin, who until then was innocent of any wrongdoing, was the instigator of escalating violence. Zimmerman had properly contacted the police and should have simply waited for the police to arrive. By merely showing restraint, instead of confrontation, this whole incident between Zimmerman and Martin could have been avoided.

          • I agree Zimmerman started the unfortunate set of circumstances. But once Martin went to violence, he became responsible for the final outcome. So you are right, we will have to agree to disagree, but I fear we have too much of a wrong headed agenda being drummed up by the leftist media and the politically correct politicians to allow clear headed thinking jurists.
            But, we shall see, no one wins in this trial.

          • Using violence defend one’s self is not a crime. If we ever actually met face to face, and I stomped your ass into the ground, you’d have every right to try to defend yourself any way that you could. I’m not saying that you’d have much luck, only that you’d have that right.

            On second thought, you’d probably have the best chance of avoiding an ass-kicking if your cried, squealed and begged. I’m pretty sure that would be your instinctive reaction anyway judging by the cowardly way you talk.

          • Oh you are so funny, I have to laugh. My friend told me while we were reading this we should invite you to our lodge in Colorado. we could release you into the woods and hunt you.
            I spilled my beer while hearing that!

          • Question: What has 4 legs and stinks?
            Answer: You and your friend.

            That’s pretty funny, knowing how cowardly bigots like you actually are. All of that tough talk and all of the threats always comes down to that final puzzled expression. You don’t fool me even a little, you big pussy.

          • You have a thing about mommies — don’t you? Did your mama ever catch you wearing her panties?

  10. Your last, supposedly ‘rhetorical’ question of ‘Hard to believe, no?’ is actually not rhetorical at all! It’s EASY to believe when one factors in Righteous Indignation, ie their steadfast believe that what they’ve just done is completely justified. THAT is the challenge the prosecution has: to convince the jury that what Zimmerman did was in no way ‘justified’; that, in fact, he CAUSED all of the tragic events and ignored orders to return home. If you’ve ever had an argument with a racist or anyone else with an unwavering and completely INCORRECT view on something, then you’ve got a taste of what I’m talking about. So Zimmerman’s behavior is completely in keeping with the facts, and it absolutely DOES NOT change his accountability – rather, it seals it!

  11. I am willing to withhold judgement until the legal system completes its job. Whether he is guilty of 2nd degree murder, manslaughter, depraved indifference or nothing at all we will see. One thing I know right now is he was guilty of very poor judgement to go around stalking while strapped with an automatic weapon. This tragic death further makes the case for stricter gun control laws.

  12. Apparently many of you did not see the Testimonies of Zimmerman(on tape) or of the Police at the trial. By the way – All the Police testified that(while there are usually always some minor contradictions in any multiple testimonies) they believe Zimmermans testimony/s to be true, with no major/significant contradictions.
    He testified that he was not following/chasing Martin. But rather Martin approached him and attacked Zimmerman. And tried to kill Zimmerman. Just the facts from the trial.
    That is why the county refused to prosecute him.

    • The police did question why Zimmerman who lived in the gated community and was on the neighborhood watch said he did not know the names of its three streets or that house numbers were on both the back and front of houses. They questioned whether he was as severely beaten as he claimed he was. They recorded Zimmerman’s testimony that he extended Martin’s arms out from his body after shooting him, but they said they could not explain how Martin’s hands ended under his body when they first came upon the scene.

      In case you conveniently failed to notice, the judge told the jurors in no uncertain terms to ignore completely the police detective’s comment about finding Zimmerman’s version of the events truthful. The police DO believe that Zimmerman said what he said, though they noticed many inconsistencies among his many recorded testimonies. It is up to the judge and the jurors to decide what is the “truth” of the case.

    • where did Martin supposedly develop the extreme animus against Zimmerman…for what reason was he trying to kill George?

      • Good question.
        I have heard he has a police record and some gang connections and an *attitide* toward white people but I dont really know. and cant quote any sources – I just dont know for sure. I will be watching the Defense to see if anything like that comes out. Until then, I dont know and will not presume or pre-judge.

        • Liar. Trayvon was student with a 3.7 average and a scholarship to college. You see a black person and all your racist stereotypes just fky out.

          • This is not a race issue with me.
            I have no interest in the racial aspects of this.
            If you have seen my posts, I have no inputs regarding race.
            My interest is the gun issue and the law and justification or not for its use here.
            Based on what I have seen so far I am expecting a chage something less than Murder – like a lesser included charge of some manslaughter level. but that is just speculation.

  13. The real issue is Florida’s Stand Your Ground Law. Does a person with a gun and a conceal and carry permit have the right to chase, harass, and kill an unarmed person with that gun and then claim self defense? Does an unarmed person have the right to defend him/herself with fists, pop cans, or tree limbs if attacked, chased or threatened by a person who has a conceal and carry permit and a gun? Just because a person has a legally purchased gun and a conceal and carry permit does not allow that civilian to act as police, judge, jury and executioner of anyone.

  14. Did George Zimmerman not listen to the 911 dispatcher when they told him to stay in his vehicle? No. He was told the police were on the way. He decided to do what he wanted to do. If he stayed in his vehicle like he was told to do, Trayvon Martin would have been stopped by the police. He would have been walked to his father’s apartment. His father would have identified him. The police would have left and 17 yr old Trayvon would have been alive.

    • According to the 911 tape the Police did not say *Stay in your Vehicle*.
      They said *we dont need you to do that* ie pursue Martin. And according to later testimony he was Not pursuing Martin.

      • Have you been smoking crack or something? Zimmerman was in a vehicle. Martin was walking. Are you trying to claim that Martin was pursuing Zimmerman, who was just an innocent soul who couldn’t escape from the evil Skittle-armed teenager?

        • Dont think *I* *Claimed* anything.
          I am just recounting things I heard from the trial.
          And have a Presumption of Innocence until proven guilty.
          That is how I thought the system is supposed to work.
          However, sounds like you presume Zimmerman guilty already.

          • Nice excuse, but I’ve actually read your posts. You clearly believe that Trayvon Martin deserved to be shot, and the only reason that is supported by reality is that he was black. Nothing else about this case explains why people like you are going through tortured logical gymnastics in order to support an unjustifiable pursuit that ended in the death of an unarmed 17 year old boy.

            Interestingly enough, it’s not really clear that Zimmerman killed Martin because he was a racist, but most of the people supporting him clearly are. What I don’t understand is why bigots and racists don’t just come out and SAY that they support Zimmerman because he killed a black boy. It’s not illegal to be a racist or bigot — so why go through all the trouble to try to invent justification? Just say you support Zimmerman because Martin was black and be done with it — we already know it anyway.

          • Well, that was informative.
            I did not realize that Zimmerman was already presumed and judged Guilty.
            And that if you follow the evidence and testimony(thus far) and it leads you to a different view that automatically makes you a racist.

            Especially since the Defense has not even presented its case yet.

            So, if the jury finds him justified in what he did then they are, automatically, all racists also?

            I do think I am starting to get your view though – There can be no possible explanation or justification for anyone defending them self with a gun, even if someone is trying to kill them.

            And from what I have heard and seen – that is yet to be determined by this trial and jury.

            That is the purpose for this trial is it not?

            Although I suppose you think we should just go ahead and kill Zimmerman(Damn Racist)?
            To hell with a trial?
            I heard reports that Zimmerman mentored black kids on his own time – does not sound like a racist to me.

            There is no possible way he could be justified?
            So either you were there or you think you are Omnipotent God, and anyone who does not agree with you100% is a racist.

            I had not really thought about the racial aspects of this all that much. I have been trying to follow testimony and facts to see where the justification may or may not be for his actions.

            For you to call anyone who may not agree with you a racist, just because of that, is convenient and maybe even popular in here, but ignorant by its nature.

            You seem as intolerant, angry and accusational as any bigot I have ever met

          • Say, that’s pretty rich — you calling other people bigots.

            If you had actually read my opinions on the case, I don’t think that Zimmerman did what he did because of racism. I tend to believe that he believes himself to be some kind of a cop, started acting out his cop fantasies, and got caught up in his own delusions.

            I don’t think that anyone who disagrees with me is a racist, even though that is the single most common complaint of racists when they are called out. A close second in popularity for bigot-excuses is to call the person calling them out a bigot. What I believe is that people who come out here and make all manner of excuses, tell lies, and ignore the evidence because they clearly WANT to support Zimmerman DESPITE the facts are mostly bigots at the very least. It’s similar to those people who attack every single thing that President Obama does, says, or is and deny that it’s because he’s black when we all know better.

            You can say whatever you’d like to say about why you desperately WANT Zimmerman to get away with killing Martin, but as far as I’m concerned the fact that you clearly want, above all else, for Zimmerman to be acquitted says all that needs to be said. Some people think Zimmerman was within his rights based upon their ideas of the law and what they know of the evidence. This is very different from those who expend enormous time and energy twisting every piece of evidence — no matter how bad it looks for Zimmerman — into something that they believe will excuse his actions. The same people twist everything about Martin into a reason that he deserved to be killed.

            I don’t personally know if Zimmerman really did fear for his life, or if Martin struck the first blow. What I do know is that Zimmerman stalked Martin without any evidence that Martin was doing something wrong, and continued to stalk the teen even after being advised by law enforcement to stop doing so. He had no authority to do this, nor did he have the training of a professional peace officer that would have ensured that an innocent teenager didn’t lose his life over nothing.

            I’ve read your arguments on this case, including your claim that Zimmerman was not following Martin. You attempt to make it sound like Martin was stalking Zimmerman, which is complete and utter bullshit. ALL of the evidence available shows that Zimmerman was following Martin and that Martin was trying to avoid Zimmerman. Zimmerman could have simply driven away at any time, yet he not only failed to do this but he exited his vehicle. These are not the actions of a person trying to avoid confrontation.

            You and the other bigots posting in defense of Zimmerman’s actions whine and cry about Zimmerman’s right to a presumption of innocence, yet you make all manner of accusations of wrongdoing by Martin, who cannot tell his side of the story or enjoy a legal presumption of innocence because he is dead. You try to make a big deal about Martin wearing a hoodie — even to the point of lying about the temperature at the time of the killing. Likewise there are the many attempts to suggest that Martin’s Facebook posts, possible marijuana use, or offhand comments to acquaintances somehow prove that he was something other than the victim in this case.

            Trayvon Martin wasn’t even an adult. He wasn’t armed in any way. He wasn’t engaged in any suspicious activity. He was simply walking back from the local convenience store. Zimmerman was armed, assumed authority he didn’t have, and went looking for trouble. There is absolutely NO QUESTION that Zimmerman’s actions brought about the death of a 17 year old child. I don’t know if it was really a case of 2nd degree murder or not — that’s a legal issue that the jury will decide. What I do know is that Martin ended up dead as a result of the unwarranted actions of George Zimmerman, who could have avoided this entire tragic event if he had only behave reasonably and responsibly.

      • You can’t tell the truth, can you? I heard all the 911 tapes and Zimmerman was told three times not to follow.

        • What is the *Truth*?
          What are the *Facts*?
          I think that is what this trial is for and about is it not?

          Clearly the fact is Zimmerman shot Martin – the issue is was it justified?
          And that is what this trial is for to determine, is it not?

          Many in here say *as fact* that Zimmerman got out of his car and followed Martin.
          And have already convicted Zimmerman on that basis.
          But the local Police essentially say he did not.
          And I have been called a racist for simply recounting that testimony.
          Did he or didn’t he? I think that remains to be determined.
          I also understood our principals require the presumption of innocence until proven guilty.
          If those principals make me a racist, than there is something very wrong with our system.

          Unless you were there to witness it, At this point it is *Speculation* as to what actually happened.

          I am interested in the facts and the truth of what happened.
          My primary interest is whether use of a gun here was justified or not.
          I have no investment or agenda in white vs black issues.
          My interest here is in finding the truth and facts.

          Most in here say it was not justified and Zimmerman is guilty of murder.
          Until all the facts are heard and the jury decides – that is just speculation.

          If Zimmerman is found guilty of a crime, he should be punished accordingly.
          If not he should not be.

          As for speculation, I speculate he might get some kind of lesser included manslaughter charge.
          ie something less than murder
          But who knows?

  15. Dispatcher: That’s the clubhouse, do you know what the–he’s near the clubhouse right now? Zimmerman: Yeah, now he’s coming towards me. Dispatcher: OK. Zimmerman: He’s got his hand in his waistband. And he’s a black male.

    Which hand was in his waistband and which hand was carrying the tea and skittles?

    • In listening to the testimony, I have only heard one declaration about the location of the skittles and the can if tea. The defense said they were in the front pocket of Trayvon’s hoodie, which makes sense because it was raining, and because he was walking and using his cellphone for calls and texts. He may have had his cell phone in his waist band to protect it from the rain as well, if his sweat pants had no pockets. Interesting question you raise, CE.

  16. One of the first things we learned when this story first hit the news was that Zimmerman, upon calling the 911 operator and asking whether he should leave his vehicle and pursue the ‘suspicious person” was told to stay in his car. That should be the end of the case. No, he was not told by anyone in authority to not pursue the person he eventually killed, but the lead detective in the case, on the witness stand, stated clearly and for all to hear, that if Zimmerman had not left his car, this whole incident would not have occurred. Case closed. Zimmerman’s actions that night in leaving his car spoke to his intent. The ME’s comments on the injuries to Zimmerman’s head and face are very telling, also. I am amazed the DA did not ask her if Zimmerman’s injuries were consistent with someone inflicting those injuries on himself.

  17. This smacks of a time where a young black man would be beaten, even lynched,for being in the wrong part of town or for “lookin’ at a white girl”.

      • Isn’t it a wonderful thing how Internet anonymity allows you to express your opinion without actually getting your ass kicked?

          • Yeah, I understand that you need to talk big for the sake of your ego, so go right ahead — I don’t mind. Of course you’ll still have to deal with the inevitable. I consider it my duty to slap around redneck pussies like you. Nothing personal, you understand — it’s just the natural order of things.

          • You amuse me. I wonder, how often did other little boys beat you up and you have to whine to mommy and then you got a computer and you grew a pair.
            delusional thinking can be addictive.

          • The bigger the bigot-talk, the more pitiful the crying and squealing. It’s always the same result.

        • Residence at 909 Walnut Street, Kansas City, Missouri. Owner of one or more lawn care businesses. It’s a big building, but there can’t be many residents meeting that description.

      • Yeah, how would a coward like you hiding behind that hooded picture, too afraid to show his face, know? Coward.

        • Listening to bigots like you whine about your own failures as a man and then blaming racism is just too amusing.

          • Listen to the little man too ashamed to show his face when espousing the 100% pure bull shit you’ve been eating up, like a starving sow at a feeding trough. Then you regurgitate that bullshit as lies, distortions and half-truths and call it gospel, Dude, you don’t want none of this.

          • pansy, take a walk into any inner city and tell me the behavior isn’t sub human. feed off of each other like parasites and tell me I owe you more.
            not likely.

          • And. of course, you have been walking down the inner city streets and can tell us first hand.

          • I still collect my rents from some of my tenants and yes I walk inner city streets to do it.

          • Pansy? Is that what goes for an insult in your 3rd grade mind? Really, Pansy? I guess in your narrow minded little world, that’s a huge insult. Is that the best you got? Your level of obtuseness makes the density of a black hole shrivel in comparison. You better stay on the porch with the little dogs, because mentally, you are mightily over-matched here.

          • Low intelligence and and a third grade education makes lessthantolerant sound and look stupid.

          • Aww.. we have a member of Parasite Nation who feels offended. Another success story.

          • So, you just keep repeating the same old bullshit to different people thinking you sound clever. Well, you are doing an excellent job of showing the classless ass that is you. You are so afraid that the new better America is just passing you buy, you live in fear. You live in fear because the world and time is exposing you for the loser you are. Now that your so-thought white supremacy has been proven to be the convoluted pile of bullshit it is, you are left feeling like a little lost exposed child with no where to go. So you hide behind your mask hurling stupid ineffectual insults like a third grader and going “don’t I look cute.” Well, consider yourself exposed for the sorry, narrow minded fool that you are. You can’t even type more then a sentence without an insult in it because YOU GOT NOTHING. Nothing but fear that fills that hollow cavity between your ears. And like the powerless, effeminate, ineffectual, mentally castrated individual you are, all you can do is stand on the sidelines hiding your shame behind a mask, and throwing mental stones, no, make that mental pebbles in your case, at people smarter and better than you. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

          • Notice that your post’s, like your self-esteem have diminished in size the longer we converse. You have devolved to gibberish, and then try to claim superiority when someone else doesn’t understand it. Which is equivalent to a 5 year old saying “is too”. You have been exposed as a troll wannabe. You can’ t even hold up your end of a discussion with out resorting to third grade name calling and second grade reasoning. Guile and comprehension? Who looked that up for ya? You bore me. You are dismissed. Next.

          • No property owner who rents to lower income level individuals, how can you be so racist?

    • Icarlp
      Things were awful for blacks, no debate about it. Native Americans also suffer as well until very recently.
      Last lynching in the US happened in 1955 in Mississippi and was done by nasty racist people on a poor young man.
      6 million Jews died at the hands of the Germans up to 1945 and for decades they chased the key guilty people and punished them.
      That do not now stop the Jews TODAY from doing businesses with Germans and addressing their other current problems (like living surrounded by millions of Arabs that want them GONE) Whatever happened in 1945 with the Germans is in the past and success is always the best revenge.
      As a Latin living in the capital of the cocaine trade I was also profiled and stopped and harassed very frequently by the police sometime with guns in hands. It was very annoying, but I understood I filled the profile of a young drug dealer and my annoyance did not translated into a long term hate of the police.
      Let the system do their work, it works well most of the time. Gain satisfaction by knowing that if it was a Latin male the one shoot that day…we would not even be having a trial.
      Racism (as well as Anti-Semitism) will probably not be gone for a while. Move beyond that and remember success is the best revenge.

        • James Craig Anderson was run over by a car…not hanged. His killer was prosecuted and found guilty.

          Is not lynching (which requires a hanging by a mob that gets scot free)

          Racially motivated killings happens, blacks kills whites , white kills blacks, black kills Koreans… still NOT lynching

          • Lynching doesn’t necessarily mean hanging. It just means an unlawful execution carried out by a group or mob. Friday is correct.

          • 5 teenagers does not make a mob…maybe a gang.
            I agree we should prosecute ALL GANG killings with extreme prejudice. It does not matter if done by a white gang or those, more frequently done, by gangs that are not white.
            Anyway, I am glad this Zimmerman thing is over and we all can move ahead in finding more effective ways to diminish racial disparity.

          • Except that it’s not over. George Zimmerman’s trial is over, and he was acquitted — so that part is over. But Zimmerman’s life will never be the same, and there will be pressure to take action to prevent this type of thing from happening again. Everyone loses in a case like this, and the only ones who are really happy are the bitter bigots among us. But the joke’s on them, because they are the biggest losers of all.

          • “Stand your ground” is popular in Florida. Many people have lost their life with it, but I do not recollect any trials or charges associated with it (at least not tried in the media)…that is until a Latin male shoot a black male.

            The original police chief (fired) and state attorney (bypassed)from Sanford had no plans to prosecute this case because they felt they had not enough evidence to make it stick…..maybe they had a point….but both of their careers are now down the drain.

            So is the career of the Director of IT for the State Attorney’s office as he became a whistleblower regarding possible exculpatory evidence not submitted to the defense. Martin is dead and Zimmerman has a big target sign in his back for the rest of his life.

            Maybe even the Federal Government prod by NAACP will charge him with violation of civil rights and so goes another few million dollars to waste because I do not expect a conviction there either.
            Oh well, if the circus must go own…bring in the clowns

          • As far as I’m concerned, this case was never about ‘Stand Your Ground’ anyway — except perhaps in the media. I personally never got the impression that George Zimmerman was really a rabid racist either, rather, I see him as more of a frustrated cop wannabe with poor judgement.

            To me this case took on racial overtones as soon as the stories in the media started generating public reaction. I think that there was plenty of reason to criticize the handling of this case in the beginning, and I’m willing to bet that it would have went much differently had Martin been white rather than black. If there is a civil rights case to be pursued in any of this, that would be where the scrutiny may be directed.

            I wholly agree with the outrage over a 17 year old unarmed boy being pursued and eventually killed by somebody without police authority or training, and I also understand the concerns about this being an all-to-frequent occurrence in the case of African Americans. I think that Zimmerman should have been held accountable, although 2nd degree murder was always going to be a reach for the prosecution.

            George Zimmerman should thank his lucky stars, though, that this case generated the media buzz that it did, because otherwise he would probably not have been able to afford the defense team that he had. If this had been Martin shooting Zimmerman under similar circumstances, the outcome probably would have been very different. Even so, Zimmerman will never be accepted on any police force, and he is now in fear for his own life. He’ll spend a long time looking over his shoulder and trying to escape the prison of his own making.

            I personally believe that Zimmerman should have gone to jail over this case — but then my opinion doesn’t really matter much. The jury acquitted him, and that’s what counts in this country under the law. But the case will live on because the Martin family has a legitimate gripe: Their unarmed 17 year old son is dead for no good reason, and nothing whatever has been done to help ensure that this doesn’t happen to another teenager simply walking home from a convenience store.

    • Gosh, not sure how they are even the same. You must be thinking of the Al Sharpton media circus surrounding Tawana Brawley-black girl accusing white guys and it was a lie that he had to pay for. Have you even been to Sanford? Do you know the crime rate there? Do you know the African American arrest/conviction rate in Sanford. Do your research before you go off on some 1950s/1960s mentality.

      • No, I must be thinking about how some people think the color of your skin makes you less then them. How some people think the color of your skin makes you a criminal. I’m taking about small minded people who should shut the hell up when grown ups are talking. I guess I’m talking about you. Of course you can’t see the arrest conviction rate in Sanfrord might be biased along a color line. That would make too god damn much sense for stupid people. And what does that record have to do with an innocent teenage, minding his own business. Oh I forgot, in your tiny narrow mind because he’s black he’s one of those criminal statistics. If you knew your damn history, you would know what the hell I’m talking about. What the fuck does this have to do with Tawana Brawley. I’m talking about Emitt Till who was lynched for talking to a white girl. Since you are not a black man, Carina, I suggest you shut the hell up. Yeah 5this is a little harsh,but I’m tired of the stupidity that abounds in this forum.

          • Another coward making threats behind someone else’s picture because your too ashamed to show your face. Don’t worry, I have no plans to visit the trash heap you call a neighborhood. But, you should do us all a favor. Make the world a better place. Take your gun and shoot yourself in the head.

        • If they investigated the police, in Sandford, they might find the same thing as when they investigated the Chicago police.

        • I don’t think the stupidity abounds but yes it does sneak in once in a while. Most of the posts are articulate and intelligent.

        • Wow, you are very rude. I guess your mother did not teach you that it is rude to say shut up when people do not agree with you. That only helps the angry black man stereotype. First, you do not know what I think or what color I am. I live in Seminole county (5 miles from Sanford). Where do you live? Sanford is like parts of Detroit, black on black crime is actually the norm. I did not say all black people are criminals but you only continue to show stupidity when you bring up Emett Till (you can’t even spell his name correctly) and just as I said, your 50’s mentality—he died in 1955. Next, you do not know Trayvon. How innocent was he? I did not say anything in regards to Trayvon in my post to you; I brought up you talking about an area that you know nothing about and trying to stir up 1950s history. GZ said “it looks like he is on drugs”-guess what? The jury will hear he was. He was also purchasing things that could make purple drank. Maybe I know this because I am aware of the southern hip hop culture. His own father called juvi the next morning looking for him. If you had a son, would that be your call? This case saddens me but it also bothers me that people that are not aware of Sanford, that believe that TM was just an innocent kid and that it is racial (especially when GZ dated a black girl), has black friends and is a minority is stupid. I wish you the best of luck because that chip on your shoulder can get heavy.

          • Wow, you are very stupid. You presume to insult my mother and insult my upbringing. Rude, no. My mother taught me to stand up for myself. and, unlike you, to think for myself.
            My mother taught me to call bullshit when I see bullshit. Bullshit like you saying “his father called Juvi”. Yeah, he called juvi. After frantically calling Trayvon’s friends, calling Trevon’s friends parents and the local hospitals without finding his son’s whereabouts. Dealing with a learned mounting fear black parents feel knowing the pattern of treatment of black people in The Sanford township A very real fear for a black father of a black teen son that your child has been unfairly profiled and arrested in a place like Sanford because it’s a fact of life, in a place like Sanford.
            You judging his action as some sign of guilt, instead of a learned reaction of fear in the face of racial stereotyping, shows your true character. You automatically assume his fathers actions where fueled by some fore knowledge of guilt rather than a frantic parents search for their missing child. So yes, If I had a son in Sanford, unfair racial profiling by the police would be a huge fear, so calling juvi would be part of that fear.
            But not being black, you wouldn’t know any thing about that. If you did, you wouldn’t jump to such a stupid conclusion dehumanizing Trayvon’s father’s actions.
            What, he can’t act or feel fear like a “normal” parent because he’s black? Now that’s a fifties mentality from a racist mind.
            Just cause I misspell the mans name, does not detract from the centuries of oppression and racism that has influenced and formed my people to this day. It does not detract
            from being alienated in your own country because of the color of your skin. It does not detract from his murder. Get some perspective.
            Yeah that chip as you call it has it’s reality based it is hundreds of years of my people dealing with issues like this. And yes, without being black, there is no way you can understand the wide spread systematic racial profiling abuses that are perpetrated against an entire race by people like you who are so ready to jump to negative conclusions based on a single fact because the man is black.
            George Zimmerman racially profiled Trayvon Martin. George Zimmerman’s actions put himself and the public in general in danger. George Zimmerman Willfully disregarded standard practices and procedures outlined for the neighborhood watch. George Zimmerman willfully ignored the 911 operator who told him he did not need to follow Trayvon Martin .George Zimmerman is guilty of these actions resulting in someone else’s death. George Zimmerman should beheld accountable and be sent to jail. Regardless of crime in the area allegedly perpetrated by OTHER black youth in the community. Oh wait, THAT”S RACIAL PROFILING.

          • Wow, your reply shows your lack of cooth on so many levels. Calling me stupid is beyond idiotic. As you can see, I did not call YOU idiotic just your inability to communicate without throwing out insults. Next, I am sure your mother would have taught you how to stand up for yourself without being rude. You only help with creating a negative stereotype with your inability to communicate without insulting. Perhaps Mr. Martin called juvi because his son was on his 3rd disciplinary suspension, had been caught with a drug pipe, had a history of fighting, tardiness, drug use, etc. He also was part of a broken family, with his stepmother that raised him for 13 years out of the picture just months before he was already living with another woman other than his stepmother and mother. Are you saying that all black men are innocent and have never committed crimes? You assume all are profiled, so you must then assume all are innocent. You seem to clump everyone together vs. taking each case for what it is.

            You do not live in Sanford (it is not a township) and have no clue as to who and why people are arrested. One case that is motivated by politics is not the norm in the city. The one thing the evidence has shown (I have been involved in this since day 1), it has not been proven it was racially driven.

            Do I think that profiling exists? Yes. Do I think it this was the case with TM and GZ? No. Do I believe that there is reverse racism among all races-Puerto Ricans insult Mexicans, Light blacks have issues with darker blacks, etc. Heck, my best friend is a very educated black woman and other black women can’t stand her and some black women don’t like me because black men prefer me over them. So, standing on your high horse about blacks being profiled is very narrow minded. Why don’t you scream for equality among all- fat white women, Hispanics, blacks, Asians, heck- how about the middle eastern people that own 7-11s?

            “Yeah that chip as you call it has it’s reality based it is hundreds of years of my people dealing with issues like this.”
            – you are not alone. First, if you have an issue- go somewhere else- the world is your oyster. Next, all people have been oppressed- Italians, Jews, Irish, Native Americans, etc. It appears that many (notice- I did not say all) African Americans keep bringing it up instead of moving past it. My best friend lived in Hollis, Queens and grew up in her words the “ghetto”; guess what she moved. She did not live to perpetuate the cycle. “We are not creatures of circumstance; we are creators of circumstance.”
            Benjamin Disraeli (1804-1881);
            With that, I will close. GZ will not be found guilty of 2nd degree murder. You can blame it on the white jury instead of it just being the fact that there is reasonable doubt. Instead of ranting about it- or like many that have threatened violence because of this case, help change America- volunteer for the Boys Club, go into the black communities and be a great male role model. They need you. Start from the inside.
            Best wishes to you. This is my final discussion with you on the matter. Wow, see how it works being civil? It could be the first step to positive relations among all humans.

            Benjamin Disraeli (1804-1881);

          • I now know why are you the way you are; you surround yourself with negativity and read things not based on facts but pure conjuncture and things that still on more hate. Just because someone respects the law as being “reasonable doubt” does not mean they would cheer on a racist lynching. This was found on my black friend’s facebook yesterday—work for change not putting out more negativity to stir on negative emotions.

          • Wow, now I know why you are like you are. You surround yourself with negativity. That article is so crazy. Just because someone believes there is “reasonable doubt” does not mean they support racist lynching of a 14 year old. Gosh, why don’t you read about blacks attacking other blacks? Why not read about blacks committing crime on other races? The issues start from within the community—this was posted on my friend’s facebook and she is black—

          • Open your damn eyes.The article confirms the way millions of people feel. I didn’t write it. It confirms the way things truly are.I guess that hits too close to home for your liking.

          • Oh, you are still paying attention to my posts. No. It starts with one Zimmerman. Just the beginning.

    • Or beaten to death for not lowering his eyes at the female grocery clerk when he bought a soda. The victim being from Chicago did not know the mississipi rules.

  18. Meanwhile, as so many of Zimmerman’s defenders keep citing Trayvon Martin’s last words to his friend on the cellphone — the complaint that a “creepy-assed cracker” was following him (Or to paraphrase the Daily Caller: Eeeeeek! See see see Trayvon’s a reverse racist he deserved to die!!!), they keep ignoring what Zimmerman said to the cops three days after he shot Trayvon Martin.
    From we have this:

    Why did he follow Martin, a police officer asks.
    “These assholes, they always get away,” Zimmerman answers.
    The officer asks, “What’s behind that?”
    “These people who victimize the neighborhood,” Zimmerman answers.
    In Zimmerman’s angry mind, without trial or jury, even after he killed him and learned he was a 17-year-old who was legitimately staying in the complex, Martin was an asshole victimizing the neighborhood.
    The officer gets a little defensive at this point. “There was an arrest a week ago,” he points out, though it is also a gentle reminder that Zimmerman’s fear might be a tad misplaced. He continues, skeptically. “How was he running?” Zimmerman describes it and the officer says, “Sounds like he was running to get away… you jumped out of car to see which way he was running? That’s not fear … it’s going to be a problem.”
    Then Zimmerman whispers something. “What is that you whispered?” the officer asks. “Fucking what?”
    “Punks,” Zimmerman says.

    • Punks, assholes does not make him a racist
      Did he used the N word or the B word? This is a real question because CNN keep bleeping the meaningful words.
      Cracker is a racist slur referring to Florida own cowboys/rural whites

  19. Obozo “If i had a son, he’d look like Trayon”………YES! .. YES, HE WOULD!!!!… dance puppets!!!!……!!!!!!!!!

  20. Maybe the Zimmerman Defense should take an entirely new tact. It is reported Zimmerman was going to Target to buy his meals for a week. If he has been consuming manufactured food steadily, then he could use the ‘Twinkie defense’. But I jest. My read is Zimmerman with his MMA training, with his excellent grades in criminal justice classes, and his carry conceal card was a wuss in the fully loaded position. He is the dark side of Barney Fife. He is a coward who’s father has clean up many of George’s messes. He should have straighten George out.

  21. After listening to the trial (from jury selection thru current), it really appears to me that he will not be guilty of man 2. There is reasonable doubt. It does bother me that Trayvon had THC in his system but that is not in evidence (even with that being in his system the night of the fight). It also bugs me that if you can bring in GZ school records you should be able to bring in Trayvon’s. Was GZ so wrong to profile? TM had a record of school suspensions, drug use, fighting and even the appearance of prior stealing. His dad called juvi the next day when his son was missing. Would you call juvi if your child was missing? Side note-skittles and Arizona watermelon can be used to make purple drank (hence, not eating or drinking on his walk home). I am not saying GZ is innocent nor am I saying TM is guilty of anything- I am saying, reasonable doubt and show both sides of the two guys fighting that night. I am sorry that this happened at all.

  22. If Zimmerman’s testimony is truthful, there was an encounter initiated by Zimmerman and escalated by Martin who was first to speak with the very confrontational question: “What the f***’s your problem?”

    Could Zimmerman have replied with some thing less confrontational than “I don’t have a problem.”? He probably could have and certainly should have.

    Should Martin have escalated the situation even further by saying: “Now you have a problem” and then punch Zimmerman in the nose?

    If the jury believes Zimmerman’s story is truthful, it will be difficult for them to convict him.

  23. Look for the truth which is always close, this has been a Political iron and will continue until the verdict comes out Not-Guilty of Murder which he is not. But then comes the real reason we are here today (trying to figure it out) the aftermath of the trial…Riot’s in the streets, Blood and Mayhem. Then what they want happens…’Marshal Law’ This is where we really are…..

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