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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Republicans Delay Aid To Hurricane Sandy Areas

Republicans Delay Aid To Hurricane Sandy Areas

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13 responses to “Republicans Delay Aid To Hurricane Sandy Areas”

  1. Ed says:

    Why is anyone surprised? The repubs hate everyone making less that $1,000,000.00 a year.

  2. jim beam says:

    Yes agreed. Grover fat pig Norquest got his as kicked. He is a loser now. His tax pledge he made the republicans sign is worthless now. And he is out of power. Dear Grover , It’s time to make the switch to pink slime beef . You wont be able to afford Angus anymore. Sorry.

  3. Stella53 says:

    I’m howling at that cartoon! I know this is not a laughing matter at all. Quite sad, really. The GOP hates working class Americans – they always have. They hate the eastern corridor states because they are blue states. GOP only care about their money and themselves – and s crew the rest of the Nation.

    • Doctor T says:

      They (tbers, NRA, Screwquists, and GOP) think they make the world go around. If we all got off their merry-go-round, where the f–k would their asses be?

  4. howa4x says:

    Rep King of NY was right to tell republicans: don’t come here to get your financing for the next election

  5. CYNICALZ says:

    Obama, AKA Pork’n’spend, could have been writing checks all along. That would mean breaking a promise to expedite needed help. When your basking in the sun, well fed, a home to continue on, what is the hurry?

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