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Monday, January 21, 2019

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13 responses to “Summer Job”

  1. egroeg N. says:

    cute cartoon, but so RIGHT! I had to retire early because I’m a caretaker ,but ,was having trouble finding a job at 62 yrs. old .I can just imagine how hard it is today for a high school grad.

    • Joe Angel says:

      No need for me to imagine – I’m no spring chicken, either, but when I went back to school for my Master’s a few years ago, I and my classmates were assured that our field (Library Science) would be wide open for new employment because over half of the people currently in it were about to retire.

      That was just before the 2008 election. Now I have a Master’s, but I’m also four years older and I can’t find any of those jobs.

      Why, you ask?

      Because many of the people who had those jobs *did* retire – but then they were hired back as contract workers, two to a position at half-time with no benefits.

      What do I have? Plenty of student loan debt, no job prospects in my ‘new’ field and few in my former field. I work at a food co-op. My wife just left me, in no small part because I couldn’t provide for our financial “security.” She still has her job, with very good pay and in a service field that hasn’t been stung by the economic downturn.

      So what do I have, again? The punchline to a cartoon and this comment.

      • ObozoMustGo says:

        Joe, sorry to hear about your wife and your personal situation. And no, I’m not being sarcastic or cutting in the least this time. I wish the best for you and hope that you can get your marriage back if at all possible.

        Regarding library sciences as a degree… who told you that was a good career move? Probably the same type of person that was telling apprentices in buggy whip making that the car was just a fad and would go away, sign here and they’ll take the money for the schooling. Last time I checked, the internet is a pretty damned good library and growing. Not much need for the Dewey Decimal System any more, is there?

        Go work at Wal-Mart or anyplace willing to pay you. Sitting around sulking is not good for you. And expecting this new career to take off is maybe just a bit of wishful thinking given the evolution of technology and the fact that libraries are closing.

        I wish I could help you, Joe. I really do. I feel horrible for people in your circumstances, but you have to realized that Obozo is NOT going to make it any better. He’s big government, big spender that believes in a vibrant public sector. And those of us that do work are getting sick and tired of picking up the tab for those who do not work, but are able to do so. Well, guess what, with a shrinking private sector, who’s gonna pay for the bureaucrats? It’s simple logic. You want more employment opportunities, create more employers. Disincentives to wealth creation result in fewer employers. It’s that simple.

        Have a nice day!

        • Joe Angel says:

          First, thanks for the sincere response – I appreciate it. We can get along much better without name-calling, can’t we?

          Second, I made a good choice for my Master’s – I just had bad timing. Library Science is a lot more than libraries. My work is in archival records management: transitioning analog materials into digital formats, creating redundancies for preservation, that kind of thing – the very basis of the Internet.

          And I *will* work wherever they’ll pay me. That’s what I’m doing. I’m not sulking at all; if were talking about this over a beer, you’d never know I was in the situation I’m in. Still, it kind of chaps my backside that things are the way they are.

          By the way, it isn’t Obama who is stalling the economy; I hold Congress responsible. Those archival jobs I mentioned, the jobs I thought I’d have when I finished school? Many of them are government jobs at places like the National Archives. Look at how their funding is handled and tell me who is to blame.

          • ObozoMustGo says:

            Joe.. Good luck to you in holding out for your library job. Keep on doing what you have to do to survive, my friend. It’s not easy out there.

            Interesting that you buy off on the lies that it’s Congress’ fault. The Repubs have only had the House for 1.5 years. Obozo and the Dems controlled it COMPLETELY for 2 years without having a single Republican that could stop a single thing they wanted to do. The Dems also owned ALL of Congress since 2006, do dont forget that.

            Thing that troubles me about you guys that are so mesmerized by Obozo’s cult of personality is that you think he has done so well, but then you turn around and say that he’s not responsible for any of the problems. Which one is it? Is he responsible, or is he not? When exactly do you begin to see his term through objective eyes and not buy the propaganda of either the leftist media or his campaign team?

            If I had to bet on that answer, I’d say you never will see it objectively. Most of the leftists on this site are so far gone, they will still vote for Obozo even if he is caught on tape performing lewd acts with an underage person. Most have taken his bait, swallowed it whole, have been gut hooked and boated, then released by the Obozo cult. It’s actually quite disgusting to see. Fortunately, that’s only about 20% of America. I know, sad but true. There are 20% of Americans that actually believe Obozo and socialism are good for America. Too bad.

            Have a nice day, Joe!

          • SickIndependent says:

            Hi Joe, I agree with you. We should archive our present no action congress. They are getting paid to do nothing; and can you imagine they will receive a pention when they leave congress. I think we should have a whole new congress. NO WAIT!! That is what we have in the House of Representatives now ISN’T it.

      • DurdyDawg says:

        Today, college training is a turkey shoot at best.. That wasen’t it’s intention but there you go.. Better you visit Vegas if you seek financial freedom.. Was a little disappointed hearing about your wife who’s financially stable bumping you because of your bad times.. Guess it’s best you found her out before you became medically dependent on her. What do you have? I’m betting good morale standards as I feel you wouldn’t have given up on her as she did you. Best of the future to you.

  2. ObozoMustGo says:

    Here’s another cartoon of the day!

    Have a nice day!

  3. This is a very true story. Sad!

  4. Opinionpage says:

    I have a nephew who just graduated high school, but won’t be 18 until July. He is online so often to look for work, but given that most employers are making it necessary that the employee be at least 18 years of age, he’s another example of someone being kept unemployed and made unable to become a part of the work force and economy and experienced worker. 18 should not be the minimal age for a minimum wage, low skill job – age 18 is when you become a legal adult and should not be treated like a child, but with more respect from employers

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