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Thursday, February 22, 2018
fair and balanced

5 Examples Of Megyn Kelly’s ‘Fair And Balanced’ Coverage

In a weekend interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Fox News Executive VP of Programming Bill Shine questioned those who accuse his network of skewing to the right. According to Shine, Megyn Kelly — host of The Kelly File — is someone who can “chip away at that reputation.” Shine attributes Megyn Kelly’s “newsier” reporting as part of the […]

July 1, 2014

What Fox News Isn’t

A few words on what Fox News is. The question has, of course, been debated forever. Fox says it is, as the name would suggest, a news network. Its critics say it is actually the propaganda arm of the Republican Party and that its highest loyalty is not to accuracy, fairness or other journalistic values […]

July 22, 2011