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Friday, February 23, 2018
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O’Reilly’s Ouster Is No Victory For Women

I heard the news of O’Reilly’s dismissal just minutes after finishing up a day of teaching journalism at Kent State, where so many young women have shared personal stories about rape or sexual harassment. Their experiences sound so similar to those of my generation of women. So many of us believed back then that it would be different by now. So many of us were wrong. As one young rape survivor said to me the day after the election, “My country just told me that what happened to me doesn’t matter.”

April 20, 2017

Is This the End of Bill O’Reilly? Let’s Hope So: 18 Reminders That He’s A Terrible Person

He’s shown himself to be a raging racist and a bloviating bigot (for which Fox News audiences love him), a man who lies about his press credentials and morals in the same breath. He imagines himself a guardian of truth and the defender of American virtues being lost to brown, gay and godless hordes, when in fact…

April 15, 2017