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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Ted Cruz Vows Filibuster To Defund Obamacare After House GOP Accuses Him Of Surrender

Ted Cruz Vows Filibuster To Defund Obamacare After House GOP Accuses Him Of Surrender

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) has vowed to filibuster any bill that would keep the government open past September 30 that does not include defunding Obamacare. But he also seems to be preparing the GOP base — one he’s spent months ginning up — for the realization that his effort to defund the law before the health care exchanges open is likely doomed.

For months, Cruz has been promising the GOP a battle. Now he’s getting one — from House Republicans who have been pressured to go along with his gambit, and now find themselves forced to choose between pleasing the base and destroying what’s left of the GOP brand.

The junior senator from Texas opened himself up to a torrent of attacks from Republican members of the House on Wednesday night when he released a statement that admitted the obvious: He doesn’t have the votes in the Senate to pass a bill that would defund Obamacare.

“House agrees to send #CR to Senate that defunds Obamacare. @SenTedCruz & @SenMikeLee refuse to fight. Wave white flag and surrender,” Rep. Sean Duffy (R-WI) tweeted. Several of his colleagues also chimed in their disappointment with what they saw as giving up on stopping Obamacare.

Cruz announced that he was willing to pursue a filibuster to stop the the Senate from stripping the House’s defunding proposal from the continuing resolution, hoping to assure his allies in the House who had adopted his hardline stance against the health care law.

“I am prepared to use any and all procedural methods to stop Obamacare from being funded,” he told the AP’s Ken Thomas on Thursday. But he also noted later that his efforts probably won’t be enough to stop the law. “I think it is likely that it will take another election for a full repeal,” he said.

With all 54 Senators who caucus with the Democrats likely to oppose any measure that defunds Obamacare, the question becomes, can Cruz keep six Republicans from joining the Democrats in ending his filibuster and sending the bill back to the House without the defunding language?

“I would make a plea today to the 46 Senate Republicans that today is a day for party unity; that every Senate Republican should stand with Republicans in the House, should stand with conservatives and should stand with the American people,” Cruz said on Fox News Wednesday night.

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74 Responses to Ted Cruz Vows Filibuster To Defund Obamacare After House GOP Accuses Him Of Surrender

  1. Does willingness to withhold funding to run the government violate the 14th Amendment and, consequently, his oath of office? First must come funding the government. That can’t be held hostage to a piece of legislation. . . . not to mention that defunding the ACA is not going to happen–even if the Republicans were to hold majorities in the House and Senate after the 2014 elections.

    • Unfortunately, the House holds impeachment debates, and like the Democrats, the GOP won’t charge one of their own, even if he deserves it. Recall that it was the GOP House that charged Clinton with perjury.

        • There is, it’s called a Constitional lawyer. Are we now hostages of a bunch of rich white Confederates? Or are we willing to fight for our rights? It is never easy to stand on principle or the courage of the convictions the Founding Fathers had in the Constitution.

          The Founding Fathers worked hard to provide balanced representation for ALL Americans …not just the HAVES in the GOP party.

          These bullies do not have the authority to FORCE their will on the majority of Americans who now see their push to OWN our government with OUR tax dollars for what it is…tyranny.

          The GOP bullies are out to prove they and only they are in control of our government…with OUR tax dollars?

  2. “We are now involved in a great Civil War. To see if that government so dedicated,
    and conceived, can long endure The T-Party.” Or, the next even more radical
    incarnation of the Republican Party. That continues to become more willing with
    each defeat, to twist the dial further toward an extremism incompatible with the
    democratic processes. What is a threat made to gain compliance outside these
    democratic processes, for which there isn’t sufficient political support? But the
    imposition of the will of the minority on the majority. And what then is tyranny
    if that is not the definition of tyranny? What good comes when the people send to Washington such candidates as most closely represent their opinions. Only, to have some formulate a scheme so harmful to the best interests of the Country. That now,
    the love of one’s Country becomes the cudgel to coerce, what in truth is aganist both that Representative’s conscience, and the mandate of the people that send him to carry their will into Congress? It is a usurpation. Then where does it end? We find shortcuts around the legislative, to yield to fervent minorities, because they are so, and it is simply is not worth the fight? We should remind ourselves then, some of
    the most peaceful places on Earth, are ruled by the strongman’s iron fist. As Lincoln
    understood, the survival of democracy itself is always in the balance. When regular
    procedure is sacrificed to the ideologues, the radicals, and the extremists. Who
    hold their own views worthy of even the dearest sacrifice. Including democracy itself.

    • Moderate, mainstream Republicans, the kind that have kept the GOP going for the past several decades, are fearful of losing it all if they disassociate themselves from the more radical elements in their. While nominal Tea Party members actually constitute only about a third of the sitting House members, Boehner, in order to maintain his grip on the power of the majority, MUST obey the vocal minority. Were the House leadership of more moderate Republicans to break from the Tea Party, there would be three parties, with the Democrats in the majority and the work of the people would actually get accomplished.

        • I wouldn’t go so far as to call them cowards,but they certainly are not willing to step out on a limb to antagonize the vocal minority in their party. Establishing the Tea Party as an alternative third party is not a viable route for the Republican Party to maintain its control of the House.

          • I am uncompromising when it comes to standing on the courage of your principles and ethics. I call them cowards because every adult man or woman sooner or later must stand their ground or forever be seen as the wusses they are.

          • While I would not call Boehner a coward, his actions are no more than we should expect from the third man inline for the presidency. If he loses control of his caucus, he loses his leadership role as Speaker of the House, arguably the MOST powerful position in Washington. While he is pulling all the strings he can to maintain his position, he is also taking some serious chances by, on a few occasions, going against the conservative stream, and there are several younger lions waiting in the wings for him to falter. He has done a masterful job,considering the circumstances. As for Ryan and MOST of the rest of the Republican leadership in the House, I don’t consider them cowards, perhaps fools, though.

          • ” I am uncompromising when it comes to standing on the courage of your principles and ethics.”

            Big talk. Very impressive. You call people names because it relieves your overly aggressive tendencies.

          • Did you read the post? Or is there a reading comprehensive thing go on for you? President Obama has always proven his courage and his principles. Only the slugs of the right who are cowards don’t. Birds of a feather flock together…shouldn’t you be joining that flock by now?

          • More lame ass posts from CPA…so…Mr. Number Boi, of the Numbers Game price gougers…rofl. These are the men who work sooooooooooo hard. Must be real hard labor ripping off customers and then pocketing more revenue as “profit” through the magical CPA accounting games right?
            Gee, I wonder how many accounting customers today had all those nice fat “administrative fees” jacked to the max because of the “economy.” Excuses, excuses, excuses….Number Man doesn’t like the truth. Numbers man only wants to hear the things he regurgitates through brain washing. Number Man doesn’t like highly educated women who dare to get in their faces with the truth. Conservatism? Wrong…BSism. Stick with contards today and all you’ll get is a century of the lower and middle classes working and existing to support Mr. Number and his army of hog swillers at the trough of the US federal tax subsidies.

          • Ted Cruz isn’t the entire government. Some men in TX have a serious sociopathic narcissism problem. They think it’s all about them. These pathetic anti-social psychos are just swaggering about showing ass because their cow mouths overload their hummingbird brains. Cruz is a prostitute of Big Oil. His only worth to Big Oil is his nicey nicey kissey kissey links to CanOil. Otherwise, this phony ass Texan is about as much Texas as Bush was. I always love watching the swaggering TX bulls all trying to edge each other out of the limelight. Take a good look at the other buffoons of the GOP in Texas…they talk as it’s from their mouths to God’s ears and back again. I guess when your brain is swelled from petrochemical pollution, brain swell is a natural disease.

    • Ironic and sad that the quote you paraphrase was contained in the speech of a Republican president!

      Perhaps we should remember the last portion of that great speech, which paraphrased says “It is rather for us to be here dedicated to the great task remaining before us — that this nation under God shall have a new birth of freedom — and that government of the people, by the people, for the people [instead of for the Koch Brothers and their ilk] shall not perish from the earth.”

  3. I find all the huffing and puffing concerning Affordable Healthcare Act (Obama Care) rather comical. For all the liberals screaming that it will make life better for all Americans and all the conservatives screaming that it will be a disaster, I do not think much of life in America will change. We will still have TV shows to watch, movies to go to, vacations to take, and yes going to work. There is too much screaming from both sides just to make a political point. Of course, it does mean lots of money for the respective politicians, maybe that has something to do with all the screaming. Not
    much changes for the ordinary American, only special interests.

    • I don’t think Cruz is a prostitute. I’m not experienced in hiring a prostitute, but from what I’ve seen on TV, with a prostitute you get what you pay for, and you enjoy it. Instead, I see Cruz as a little puppet, dancing across the American stage pulled by the strings that the Koch Brothers and their type.

  4. Hey Ted Cruz! This is a representative democracy not a hostage taking on a subway train. If you can’t grow the hell up and behave like a United States Senator then go suck your thumb in the corner because you didn’t get everything your way and let the grownups run the country. You pathetic pile of parrot poop.

    • 71% of Missouri dont want Obamcare and made it clear in the polls this week.

      The lpoll has 61% of people not wanting Obamacare at all.

      If given the option -44% of Americans want to change Obamacare and 37% would just want it repealed.

      • In the first place, for many years Missouri has NOT been that representative of American values or trends in our politics. Your Ipoll seems to either use a different base or evaluate their data differently from other polls around the country. From the beginning, in 2009, Obama and the Democrats who passed the ACA have plainly stated this is NOT a finished product, that it has flaws that can be fixed and, through negotiation AND compromise, WILL be fixed. The push at this particular time by the left to defund and eventually entirely eliminate the ACA is NOT an unexpected twist, for once things start kicking in in October and the first of the year, many Americans will see the clear benefits of the changes offered through the ACA.

        • Anyone or any group that disagrees with you isn’t “…representative of American values or trends in our politics.” is that it?

          Tell us what individual or group IS “…representative of American values or trends in our politics.”

          • So, let me see if I have this right. It is your contention that American values ARE denigration of the less fortunate, favoring the wealthy over the rest of us, depriving large numbers of Americans of affordable health care AND the vote, depriving women of the right to make reproductive decisions, depriving millions of Americans of the right to make a living wage, making it okay for ANYONE (regardless of mental state) to own a gun and carry it concealed anywhere they wish(including into public places like schools, parks, court rooms, etc.). My list of those values that ARE NOT American are definitely exhibited by the state of Missouri and the legislators they have chosen to represent them and their non-American values. While Missourians by and large are just like the rest of us, their representatives in both their state house and in Congress seem to represent a different universe. So sorry that you feel such things as I earlier enumerated are the kinds of values that are representative of America.

  5. All this ridiculous school-boy posturing is not only costly, but internationally embarrassing as Koch’s perverted tea party zombies actually believe they have some power in the country’s politics. Due to either damaged, or the wrong number of chromosomes, the tea party subscribers are incapable of grasping reality and psychopath Cruz is encouraging their stupidity. They are the minority and will always be the minority because their belief system is flawed due to stupidity.

  6. They thought President Obama would blink. He finally stared them down at the edge of the cliff. How can Cruz filibuster something that’s already law? So he’s going to blather on for 18 hours to prove what a good Tea Party jihad he is? Calgary Cruz must know the President will veto anything that defunds his signature achievement. Besides they want to shut government down unless Obama denies healthcare to over 50 million people. That is a despicable agenda. Commie Cruz is a con artist bilking gullible tea baggers with his defund Obamacare scam.

    • I seriously question whether he would last for any amount of time if the Senate required the stringent definition that obtains in Texas for a filibuster.

    • Are you kidding? Cruz doesn’t have the endurance to really do a filibuster, he’s just a lot of talk. He just wants to threaten to filibuster but don’t count on him to deliver.

      • True, he gets greasy & sweaty just talking for a few minutes. I don’t think the big lump would make it through a talking filibuster. Wendy Davis does have more balls than Calgary Cruz.

  7. General Custer Cruz is an anti-American traitor, a con artist bilking gullible tea baggers with his defund Obamacare scam.

  8. The man is cleary a back bencher not ready for prime time. However, that will not stop the comedy hour from coming to a station near you. What tragic clown and thanks Texas for sending another fool to Washington.

  9. Which makes this lame attempt MORE of Pub idleness concerning other major issues that America faces, and what’s this “stand with the American people” BS..? If nothing else, this loser doesn’t even fathom the American people.. Sure, there’s conservative hold-outs still salivating over destroying the works of their mortal enemy but even that isn’t a close representation of the American public.. Their like a bunch of chickens running around with their heads chopped off and I think it’s time for them to simply give up the ghost. If these wankers do stifle our nation come Oct. then in 2014 they’ll no longer be a threat to our way of life and 2016 will be the beginning of their 50 year dry spell. We know this.. THEY know this, but their butt sniffing patsies don’t seem to have a clue.. that is up until the time their failures come back to haunt them. They may not be cooks but never the less they will take all the blame for the down fall of their beloved party.

  10. As if Texas has not been embarrassed enough with Dubya Bush and Perry, we now have to deal with this total idiot Cruz. Time for a recall to get this complete ass out of office. Unfortunately, the Stupid Repukes of Texas will probably put him right back in office. And this is an example of Christian behavior? Jesus, PLEASE come get your people.

  11. The same House Republicans pushing the government toward default refuse to pass a balanced budget anyway. Their beloved “Ryan Plan” never explained where they’d cut!

    Sure, they’ll use the deficit as an excuse to throw poor people off food stamps…

    But they’ve already signaled that if the President gives them everything they say they want on spending, they’re ready to turn around and stab him in the back about it anyway. (See )

    These people are no longer fit to govern.

      • Every politician in America campaigned on jobs. Obama presented a jobs bill, which the House wouldn’t consider.

        Where’s the Boehner/Ryan jobs bill? Oh yeah, there isn’t one.

        • JD
          You deflected the statement. I was talking about O B A M A ‘ S
          running point! Jobs.
          What jobs bill did he get turned down? He never had one. He was too interested in illegals and bombing Syria and taking citizens guns away.

          • Ok, I’ll play.

            President Obama’s budget proposal (April 2013) included

            – $1 billion to encourage public-private partnerships and boost the manufacturing industry,
            – $50 billion in infrastructure investments,
            – boost the federal minimum wage to $9 per hour,
            – $113 million for the Department of Commerce to provide targeted financial aid to specific manufacturing communities,
            – $25 million to launch industry-specific Manufacturing
            Technology Acceleration Centers,
            – $200 million for innovation-spurring transportation investments,
            – $1 billion for the Next Generation Air Transportation System,
            – $150 million for a Workforce Innovation Fund,
            – $25 million to improve employment outcomes for older Americans.


            Now your turn jack. Show me the Republican jobs program.

          • As I said above the Transylvania tea bag republiCONs have blocked Obama’s every effort to improve the jobs situation.

          • The House said jobs is their priority too. So we have anti-abortion legislation that’s only been outdone my close to 50 attempts to kill the Affordable Care Act. What jobs bill has the House proposed?

      • If it were not for the obstructionist Transylvania tea bag republiCONs in the house and senate, your suggestion might be possible. They have blocked every effort at improving the jobs situation that Obama has put forth, repeatedly.

  12. One of the grownups in the Senate needs to remind Cruz that you cannot filibuster an appropriations bill. That is one of the few items that receives an up/down vote.

        • No, but it should have put things into perspective. The fact that you missed it proves my point. Also did you notice that all President have signed executive order, several times more than Obama has. Look it up on google.

        • I’m feeling generous tonite, so I will help you understand executive orders. Here is a short list.

          Washington 8
          now for more recent ones
          FDR 3,522
          Truman 907
          IKE 484
          Kennedy 214
          Johnson 325
          Nixon 346
          Ford 169
          Reagan 381
          Bush I 166
          Clinton 364
          Bush II 291
          Obama 161

          As you should be able to see Obama is a bit behind the curve on executive orders. Ford was not there very long so maybe we should leave him out. Papa Bush is more in line with Obama than most of the rest.

          To put it another way, executive orders are standard practice and they have been since the beginning of the republic.

          Best to you

  13. OUR DEAR LEADER has fallen. Democrats are leaving his side, unable to
    defend him against his wishy-washy foreign policy, his inability to
    lead, and the many scandals of his administration.

    The foreign covers of TIME Magazine announce Putin’s triumph over
    Obama, telling other countries that Putin “doesn’t care what anybody
    thinks of him.” Not the American cover, no, it has a story about paying
    college athletes! And you should not miss the fact that Time’s
    managing editor is taking a new job working for Secretary of State John
    Kerry. Talk about media protecting Obama!

    The American way of life is suffering under President Obama’s
    administration, and so is our image and credibility in the world. It
    was bad enough when he went on his 2009 “apology tour,” and now we have
    him and the waffling Secretary of State John Kerry making a mockery of
    us when it comes to Syria.

    Well, now the calls for his impeachment are growing loud, especially
    because Obama is being abandoned by the liberals who were so eager to
    follow his lead! The New York Times reports, “Mr. Obama finds
    himself frustrated by members of his own party weary of his leadership
    and increasingly willing to defy him. In recent weeks, disgruntled
    Democrats…have bolted from the White House. In private, they often
    sound exasperated describing Mr. Obama’s operation.”

    The foreign covers of TIME Magazine concede Putin’s triumph over Obama,
    telling other countries that Putin “doesn’t care what anybody thinks of
    him.” Not the American cover, no, it has a story about paying college

    And you should not miss the fact that Time’s managing editor has a new job working for Secretary of State John Kerry.

    • Jackooo (jack ass)
      this is to all of your comments.
      What drugs are you on (or off of). I do not want anything to do with them cause you are totally lost.

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