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Monday, October 24, 2016

Mitt Romney’s “kiss my ass” spokesman no longer on the campaign trail.

An Australian billionaire is reportedly trying to clone a dinosaur for his Jurassic Park themed resort.

A federal appeals court has blocked Arizona’s controversial abortion law.

Find out how much you would pay under Mitt Romney’s tax plan.

Was Romney’s much-derided overseas trip actually a success?

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  • Heck, a billionaire is building his own Versailles in the USA, and his wife went out of her way to justify the fact that their new abode has 5 kitchens…all while thousands of Americans are losing their houses because they can not make the mortgage payments.

    • NutCutter

      If they can’t make their mortgage…then they should lose their house.

      • ClydeMcWhorter

        that is a fact. Predatory and unethical lenders should be prosicuted. Government back loan insurance are paid for by the home buyer. But if they are forclosed, the banks get paid off AND keep the House. If You have auto insurance and file a claim, you get the money to fix the auto and you keep the car. mortgage insurance in a fraud, paid for by those that pay taxes.

        • NutCutter

          Not sure what you are really trying to say. Are you saying nobody who can’t make their mortgage should be booted out of their house? All banks and bankers who made bad mortgages should be prosecuted?

          Didn’t the government push for lowered standards or no standards against better lending policies in an attempt to get more people into houses? They get a free pass now?

          Even if there was ‘predatory’ lending going on…it takes two to make a contract. The individual who got into the contract bares at least equal responsibility.

          • Opinionpage

            The responsibility of the person offering the contract is suppoesd to be ethically responsible in the wording of it to the way they speak of it to the customer so that it isn’t deceiving. In the case of a mortgage company who trains their employees to be ‘subtly deceptive’ is teaching them to do unethical work. Period. Yes, there should be penalties brought against these companies for using this tactic AND to their employees who acted irresponsibly in doing so. Exclaimation point!

  • joyscarbo

    I would be paying an additional $6,000.00 in taxes anually under Mitt Romney. And where will my money go? Straight into the pockets of multi-millionaires??!!! Oh HELL NO!!!!
    People need to VOTE like their LIVES depend on it!!!…like you HOME depends on it!!!…like your FAMILY depends on it!!!