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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Tuesday the Supreme Court unanimously rejected an appeal by Ohio’s Republican Secretary of State Jon Husted of a federal court ruling requiring early voting three days before the election. Early voting will now be available across Ohio the Saturday, Sunday and Monday before the election, but for fewer hours than were available to voters in 2008.

After the long lines and confusion that plagued the 2004 election, Ohio implemented extensive early voting in 2008. Voters in Ohio’s most populous counties were given 35 days before the election to vote early in person along with the chance to vote during the weekend before the election.

When Republicans captured Ohio’s legislature along with the governor’s and secretary of state’s office in 2010, they sought to limit voting the weekend before the election, claiming that election workers needed a break and that uniform voting laws needed to be enforced in all 88 of Ohio’s counties.

But the reasoning behind limiting early voting is more obvious to Ari Berman of The Nation, who has been covering the Republican “War on Voting” extensively.

“The real reason Husted and the Ohio GOP supported curtailing early voting was because Obama used it so effectively to mobilize his supporters in 2008,” Berman said. “Obama built a huge pre-election lead through early voting that McCain couldn’t counteract on Election Day.”

The Obama campaign made huge investments in getting early voters out and the results seem to be paying off. PPP Polls found that 19 percent of Ohio voters had already cast a ballot and they favored the president by a margin of 76-24.

That the polls will be open Sunday from 1 PM to 5 PM keeps alive the “Souls to the Polls” voter mobilization effort that brings churchgoing voters to the polls after their morning services. “This is a big deal,” according to Berman, “since African-Americans comprised the majority of early voters in cities like Dayton and Cleveland in 2008, and were 26 times more likely to vote in person compared to white voters in Cuyahoga County in ’08.”

No Republican has ever been elected president without winning Ohio. Despite Romney’s post-debate bounce, he still trails the president in the state, but mostly within the margin of error.

This victory in the Supreme Court—one of many victories for voters this election season—keeps President Obama’s re-election hopes alive.

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  • It seems that even this court gets the idea of the right to vote being paramount. I know this is a little off subject but there is plenty of time for a national discussion regarding the very small voter fraud issue…and an election year is not the time for taking away the franchise from hundreds of thousand of good citizens. Early voting is necessary as past practice and previous elections have shown. Good for them.

  • Republicans have done so many devious things to undermine, suppress, and keep minorities and Democrats from voting. They know that cheating is the only way they can win. Forget all that crap about the Republican party being the party of morals and values. To them, the end justifies the means. If they have to lie, cheat, steal and pass laws that disenfranchise legal Democratic voters then, by all means, they have and will continue to do it. The only things Republicans care about is having absolute power so that they can enact their right-wing extremist policies. They wish to impose their warped and failed policies on all Americans. The sad part about the whole thing is that there are many voters who will vote for Republicans , not because they believe in the party but, because of racial hatred toward the president.

    • totenkatz

      Really “many voters who will vote for Republicans, not because they believe in the party but, because of racial hatred toward the president”, give me a break. Would you say that all the blacks that vote for President Obama because he’s black only voted for him because of his race and therefore are racists against whites? And what are you saying about black Republicans?

      • jarheadgene

        UH……that they’re stupid?

      • I agree with the original post. I work with people who don’t follow politics and have no idea what went on or what is going on; they are just now starting to pay attention. They say they won’t vote for Obama period. They know nothing about Obama’s policies; they only know he’s black and that’s a good enough reason for them not to vote for him. Your analogy about blacks voting for blacks is b.s. and the usual defense neo-cons come up with. The poster is right – there is a lot of racial hatred towards this president and blacks in general. Just look at the racial makeup of the GOP – 99.9% white. It’s so obvious to many.

  • Rulings such as this will be conspicuous by their absence if Mitt Romney wins and appoints a couple more Scalias to the SC.

  • That is the only thing we don’t have to pay for. Taking away a freedom to vote early shows fear on their part. We as American do think and we recognize a liar when we see one. I for one will always vote.

  • They have to monitor the voting machines in Ohio because they were reported as being rigged during the the 2004 elections between Bush & Kerry.

    • johninPCFL

      The voting machine company (Diebold) is located in Ohio, the president of the company was GWBs Ohio campaign director, he publicly said he’d “deliver Ohio for Bush”, and Black Box Voting demonstrated that their final results could be altered from a remote site.

      Yes, the results were rigged.

  • Hope alive? Amazing how we ‘ve sent thousands of young men & women to die in foreign lands to bring so-called democracy? Yet, these awful Repukes with these teabagger governors and legislatures want to do everything possible to deny the people here THEIR RIGHT,with this hogwash trumped up voter FRAUD, suppression of minorities,blacks,latinos,elderly….It’s a damn disgrace…

    Here in Florida with Governor SNOT,that criminal, has tried everything to keep people away from the polls..He belongs in the freakin jail…

    Voter fraud? B/S..

    • jarheadgene

      in the words of BOEHNER…..” Throw the bum out!” Gov. Scott’s gotta go!

    • grammyjill

      I do hope you can find him a nice cell. Maybe in an old leaky place.

  • You know something’ s wrong when Republicans scramble to deter voters at the polls. The entire thing stinks, period. This new GOP had better get it together if they ever want the trust of the people.

    • B4Real2012

      Too LATE as far as I am concern. I wouldn’t trust anyone who claims to be in the GOP as far as I could throw them, including Michael Steel. These alleged neo-conservative liars make even Nixon look like a moderate. I can’t wait until the LOSE in every way possible, in the State, local, AND especially the Senate and Congress…..and even as the local Dog Catchers. Good ridden to ALL of the putrid (rotting and foul smelling) LIARS and I might as well say, wanna-be masters over the 98 percent of us. I have never felt so disgusted with the garbage that is being dragged around in an election, as I am with this one from the RomNutt clowns. I AM UP TO HERE WITH THEIR LIES AND TWISTING OF EVEN THE SMALLEST THING and oh, blaming the moderator. They lie, as usual, so that they can sneak in the back door and then flip on a dime. I will just be SO happy when I no longer have to see any of these chumps OR chumpetts on TV and/or never have to hear about anything they say. IT’S LIKE A CONTINUOUS NIGHTMARE. Obama 2012 / Hillary Clinton 2016

  • SaneJane

    I wish we had early voting here in Alabama. We have one day, election day.

  • It makes me SICK to my stomach that Individuals like Rick Scott who’s are Governor of Florida has destroy Florida as a State that’s deal with Visitors from all over the World. Who feel that Florida is a place of Fairness yet we have seen with Jeb Bush there have been some unfairness but a this level like Governor Rick Scott has take Billions from the Education, Cut more for Medical Services. Doesn’t support Our Veterns. who come home torn by some many problems and the loss of Arms,Sight,Hearing, and most horrible of All the Use of their Legs, Suppress Voters Rights to Vote without Fear and this isn’t case to feel comfortable of going to a Polling Site too Vote. I could Write a Book on this Governor and the Members of Republican Group in the Capitol of Florida which say: The Rich have the Power so All Floridains LOSE have NO Rights and this is just the TIP of The Mountain we face here in Florida. Romney doesn’t care about Workers’s Rights and these are Ones who have no Unions; Minorities have feel like Yes we are the 47Percent and the Losses would be Great these Include Poor Whites and Middle Class Whites in some shape of Fashion or Form; Seniors and Disables who depend on the Some Voice for them and Romney isn’t for Anyone but Hisself and the Rich and Powerful like Governor Rick Scott. I hope that our next will be Someone with others who are fair Care about Individuals Rights and Lives.

  • ObozoMustGo


    Let’s talk about the most important issue of the day: THE BENGHAZI COVER UP.

    Obozo was lying during the debate and the fat chick, Candy Crowley, covered for his lies. His speech in the rose garden said nothing about the planned and coordinated terror attack in Benghazi, but merely remarked about terror in general. He lied. It is now known that we had a predator drone over the consulate recording and beaming back the incident as it occurred to the White House situation room. They knew immediately, as it happened, that it was a planned, military-style, terror attack. How do we know he was not talking about Benghazi? Because for 4 weeks follwing 9/11 he and his useful idiot tools, like Rice, were going on TV and giving interviews and making speeches claiming the incident was from a spontaneous protest over a stupid movie trailer on YouTube. NEVER ONCE has Obozo ever admitted that the incident was a planned and coordinated radical Islamic terrorist attack. He lied and covered this up for a month. He is now doing the rope-a-dope by claiming an investigation must be done before they know what happened when they watched it.

    The question is why? I know why. Because the lie is less costly than that truth. What is the truth? Here it is.

    The Ambassador was a CIA operative working North Africa many for many years, definitely former, maybe current as well. He brokered the deals to get US weapons in the hands of the rebels (Al Qaeda and Muslim Brotherhood terrorists) to take over Kaddafi. The 2 ex-Navy SEALS were CIA operatives. They were in Benghazi without military protection because they were secretly trying to track down the weapons cache that we gave to the terrorists. How do we know the SEALS were CIA operatives? Because one of them was interviewed by ABC 1 week prior where he said that part of his mission in Libya is to find weapons stashes. He did not admit to being a CIA operative, but we do know this: Embassy guards and ambassadors DO NOT go looking for weapons stashes as a part of their duties. That’s also why the drone was flying above. It was helping to find the weapons.

    The reason Obozo is lying about this whole thing is that he does not want it to come out before the election that he has been supplying radical Islamic terrorist organizations like Al Qaeda with high tech US weapons. He is now doing the same exact thing in Syria. This should be the lead story on every newspaper and every TV news show, but they are in the tank for Obozo. Just like the fat chick Candy demonstrated very clearly during the debate.

    The truth will come out at some point. God willing, it will be before the election and Obozo will be revealed as the lying empty suit that he really is.

    Have a nice day!

    “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.” – Joseph Goebbels

    • Yes, you do keep repeating the same lies. Sock puppet get a new job, your preformance here is a minus 10.

      • ObozoMustGo

        When you can’t dispute the facts, criticize the messenger. Standard Saul Alinsky tactics for leftist freaks.

        Have a nice day!

        “Blaming a 2-bit film for radical islamic violence is like blaming forks for obesity” – ObozoMustGo

        • Sand_Cat

          You call yourself a “messenger”? A little pretentious, perhaps. Why don’t you go all the way and call yourself a prophet, or even a mouthpiece, if only for Faux News.

          • ObozoMustGo

            kitty… the truth about Benghazi is coming out. Just like I said. The Ambassador was the point man on Obozo’s scheme to deliver weapons to the Al Qaeda rebels in Syria from Libya through Turkey. Obozo LIED to the world when he and his staff of fools paraded in front of TV cameras blaming the incident on a protest gone bad that was over a 2-bit YouTube trailer that no one had seen before. He perpetuated that lie so that no one would know that he was giving weapons to terrorist organizations. Russian news is now reporting that Syrian rebels (hear terrorists) are now in possession of American Stinger missiles.


            It’s that simple!

            Have a nice day!

            “The danger to America is not Barack Obama but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the Presidency…Blaming the prince of the fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince. The Republic can survive a Barack Obama, who is, after all, merely a fool. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who made him their president.” – Czech Republic newspaper Prager Zeitung

  • ralphkr

    I fail to see why Republicans fear early voting so much since there is such a simple solution. All they have to do is have the election workers steer the poor and those who are not white to certain booths that have a special slot for the ballots that leads directly to a shredder. This shall save Republicans a lot of man power that is currently wasted on sequestering ballots that contain votes for Democrats.

  • voting should be the way it was in 2008 and thats the bottom line and stop trying to take away our freedom who do they think they are god.