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Thursday, October 27, 2016
  • Stuart

    If the court gives unlimited participation in elections to the rich, then it should also give unlimited participation to the poor. Overturn the recent new laws restricting voter registration and voting periods. (And yes, requiring payment for a voter ID is a poll tax.)

    The rich have the money but not the votes, and the poor have the votes but not the money. It’s an equal protection thing. Checks and balances. Basic Civilization 101.

    • Annemb

      Very true statements! Thank you.

    • Allan Richardson

      I think that each qualified voter’s vote should be considered a piece of property with a dollar value of $100,000 per election cycle. Any law that involuntarily deprives a voter of the right to cast a ballot in any election cycle, when that voter has made a good faith effort to cast a vote and to comply with whatever hoops have been added to jump through since the previous election, and is in fact qualified to vote, should be paid an automatic damage award of that amount by the state. So if you cheat 10,000 people out of a legal right to vote with a new “ID law” that they cannot comply with in time, you have to pay out a billion dollars (off budget). That would straighten out the election riggers, since it would cost their states real money, and it would give needed relief to poor people, who are the most often targeted to be denied the vote with tricky new ID laws. Of course, to be fair, stealing a vote to which one is not entitled, that is, ACTUAL voter fraud, should carry a fine of the same amount. That may take a million or so off of the billion dollar damage bill.

  • almxx

    We need a Super Computer making all Judicial and Political decisions in America. No preconceived ideas, just conclusions based purely on facts. No computer would equate money to speech.

    • Allan Richardson

      It would if it was programmed by right wingnuts.

      By the way, Isaac Asimov had some fun with this idea back in 1953, after the criticism of CBS News predicting the 1952 Presidential outcome before polls closed in California. Look up his short story “Franchise” in the collection “Earth is Room Enough.” Humor and food for serious thought at the same time.