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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Virginia GOP Pulls Sneak Attack, Passes Redistricting During Inauguration

Virginia GOP Pulls Sneak Attack, Passes Redistricting During Inauguration

While most Americans were watching President Barack Obama’s second inauguration Monday, Virginia Republicans were taking advantage of the distraction to gerrymander the Commonwealth.

The Virginia state senate is evenly divided, with 20 Republicans and 20 Democrats. On Monday, however, Democratic senator Henry Marsh was spending Martin Luther King Day in Washington D.C. attending Obama’s inauguration — an event that certainly had special resonance for Marsh, a veteran of the civil rights movement.

In Marsh’s absence the Republicans held a 20-19 advantage, and they used it to surprise Democrats by passing a redistricting plan that will pave the way for the GOP to seize control of the Senate in 2015. According to Virginia political blogger Ben Tribbett, under the new district lines, the balance of power in the upper chamber could shift from a 20-20 split to a 27-13 Republican super-majority.

Marsh’s temporarily empty seat provided the GOP’s only opportunity to pass the controversial redistricting. In the case of a 20-20 tie, Virginia’s Republican lieutenant governor, Bill Bolling, would have cast the deciding vote; on Monday afternoon his spokeswoman reportedly said Bolling has “has grave concerns” over the GOP plan, and would not have supported it.

Additionally, the state’s Republican governor, Bob McDonnell, condemned the surprise vote to Talking Points Memo, saying “I certainly don’t think that’s a good way to do business.” He would not commit to vetoing the measure, however.

Virginia Democrats have angrily denounced the move. Senator Don McEachin (D-Henrico) slammed the redistricting as “secretive and underhanded” to the Associated Press, and noted “The public has no idea what we’re about to do adopting this substitute, nor would they know in the next three days that it would take for this bill to ultimately pass.”

Senator Dave W. Marsden told the AP, “I’m ashamed of what the Senate did here today,” adding, “If you can’t win at the ballot box, win in parliamentary maneuvering.”

Indeed, rigging the electoral system has become an increasingly common strategy for the Republican Party. Although Democrats won 1.1 million more votes than Republicans in U.S. House races in 2012, the GOP managed to maintain a 33-seat majority due to creative redistricting. The Republican State Legislative Committee even went as far as to brag about the move in a public report.

Additionally, Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus has endorsed a plan to allocate Wisconsin’s electoral votes by congressional district. Due to the state’s 2011 redistricting, under the RNC-backed plan Wisconsin would have awarded Mitt Romney as many electoral votes from the state as President Obama, despite Romney having won 213,019 fewer votes overall.

Virginia’s move could lead to a similar electoral-vote-rigging plan if it allows the GOP to claim a state senate majority; after all, Priebus noted that electoral-vote-splitting is “something that a lot of states that have been consistently blue that are fully controlled red ought to be looking at.”

That looming battle increases the importance of Virginia’s 2013 gubernatorial race, which is expected to be between Republican attorney general (and voting rights opponent) Ken Cuccinelli and former Democratic National Committee chairman Terry McAuliffe; if Cuccinelli wins, the GOP would have the full control that Priebus seeks.

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  • JSquercia

    These bastards have no shame . Couple this with the Republicans in Ohio and Pennsylvania trying to do away with winner take all in the Presidential election . They would replace it with getting an elector from each Congressional district . They are still bragging about how their RED Map successfully gerrymandered Congressional districts so that while they lost the votes for Congress they retained their majority .

    I am somewhat confused in how they can set up districts in such a manner that they can win the majority of districts by wide margins in spite of losing the popular vote . I thought one man one vote would have prevented this .

    • I am afraid, much to your chagrin, and like the elation you must feel at the ever Democratic electoral powerhouses of California and New York in the past election, Republicans will and should assure the representation of the majority of Electoral votes to the majority of congressional districts that DID vote for the likes of Mr. Romney.

      You sir, are only carping at the possibility of actual fair apportionment. Aren’t your side all about “fairness”? I suspect that the idea of Mr. Romney’s election as a result of actual congressional districts won, is somehow unfair, yet one must admit, it is just.

      • Sand_Cat

        No one need admit that anything you just wrote is fair, informed, or even honest.
        The electoral college is a travesty, and always was.
        The “districts” you talk about were gerrymandered and contain fewer people than the remaining ones. Your little attempt at “fairness” would have awarded more than twice as many electoral votes to Obama, despite the fact that he won by 150,000 votes in Virginia.

        We’re carping that people like you can actually defend as just and fair such attempts to cheat in elections by those who are completely without moral scruple or intellectual honesty. But then, if you’re one of them…

  • There are many words I could pick to speak of these ‘gentlemen,’ but I won’t sink to their level. I will just say they are cowards of the first order, and should be forced to wear a scarlet letter C on the foreheads for all to see henceforth. Another shameful day in American politics even for this bunch.

    • lana ward

      What do you call omuslim for going around congress to do the things he wants done??

      • Michael Kollmorgen

        What would you call ANY politician going around congress doing the same thing for their own self-interest and lobby groups?

        • Hollie

          You have created a new term from now on Omuslim- a politician that goes around congress doing things to get what he wants.

          • Michael Kollmorgen

            That’s OK by me.

            I’d rather see Obama get what he wants than what would have been in the White House in the last election.

            At least Obama doesn’t support candidates that support rape and sex with young girls.

            Have you noticed what New Mexico just passed? In case of Rape, a woman is disallowed from having an abortion.

            What the hell are these people thinking anyway?

          • Hollie

            Micheal, I addressed your being misinformed about the my other comment. If what you said about New Mexico is true( I am not calling you a liar, I have learned to research). If it is true I agree with you 100%…I don’t feel anyone should tell a woman what to do with her body. I am prochoice…I would like to see more women, girls on birth control and men use condoms.

          • Michael Kollmorgen

            The article about New Mexico was just posted here on the National Memo, Featured Post titled:

            Republicans come up with a new way to punish rape victims.

            As far as being misinformed about the LDS, I don’t think so. Warren was cast out of the church proper. However, he still maintained that he was a member of that church.

            I’ve had some dealings with them and they are totally despicable. There is quite a bit on the net about them, including various methods they use to keep their membership “in line”.

            For the heck of it, I sent for a free book from them. Got it, then the next 3 months I got bombarded by their calls, sometimes even threateningly, nearly every single day.

            I finally had to notify them that if they called again, I’d press charges of harassment against them. I also informed them that I recorded several of their phone calls. They quit calling then.

            I totally agree with you, birth control should be offered without any “catches”. Yep, Condoms should be used whenever possible.


          • Hollie

            Micheal, that guy is va freak! He may think he is part of the LDS church but they don’t consider him one…that is what I meant. For a joke in college we sent the names of our friends to the legit morman church and they got bombarded too…needless to say our friends didn’t appreciate our sense of humor:) peace to you too Micheal and very nice to met you…

          • Michael Kollmorgen


            I got to laugh about this one.

            Many years ago, the Jehovah Witnesses came calling to our front door. After a few times of telling them to stop bothering us, I had a plan.

            They had a particular pattern of stopping by on a certain day. So, that day I answered the door in a Blood Red Devils Costume including fake flames coming out of my nose.

            Needless to say, a half dozen of em were last seen literally running out of the yard – never to be seen again.

            I know, I was a horrible person:)

            But, they sure stopped bothering us. I think the entire neighborhood too.

          • Hollie

            Micheal, that is too funny! My sister had problems with them…one time they came to the door and asked to talk to our parents and she said which one my Dad is a rabbi and my mom was a Nun…they never came back either…stopped leaving their little books too…I have Rotties and they won’t come in the yard now…lol

          • Michael Kollmorgen
      • highpckts

        You are like a spoiled immature adult who lost the game!! No, you aren’t like one, you are one!!

  • bpai99

    You have to give the Virginia GOP credit. They pulled a move to diminish the clout of minority voters on a day when a civil rights-era member was out of town attending the inauguration of a black President, on MLK Day. That’s not only sneaky, it’s a huge F–k You to all minorities.

    While I find it appalling and underhanded, I have to hand it to them – this is a classic example of adding insult to injury.

    • lana ward

      Do you think the same of omuslim for going around congress to get done what he wants???

      • Sand_Cat

        Do you think?
        Have you a functioning brain, or are you just an automaton that FOX news turns on. But then, that would be an unfair insult, even to Fox news.

        • lana ward

          The MSM isn’t letting viewers know that omuslim is going around congress when he doesn’t get his own way?? They should all be hung!!!

          • Michael Kollmorgen

            Yep, I agree, some of them should be Hung. I’d include you too of course.

    • Replying to bpai99 –

      “Evil can be every bit as pure as good.”

      Damien Thorp – The Omen

      • Hollie

        As in pure evil and pure good..I am picking the latter..I have seen to much of the first.

    • sigrid28

      Further proof, that the GOP has concluded it can only win by cheating.

    • jvaljon1

      It’s also ILLEGAL. The Governor surely knows that the VA Legislature RAMMED this redistricting through WITHOUT THE MANDATORY 24-HOUR NOTICE REQUIRED BY LAW. That makes what they did, ILLEGAL. I’m sure that, when the Governor of Virginia realizes that the whole country knows what his legislature did, he’ll either approve the illegality, or he won’t.

      This is like a chapter in a political thriller….will he, or won’t he? Stay tuned…

      • Sand_Cat

        My money’s on he will.

      • Hollie

        Keep us pouted to see if he does plez

        • jvaljon1

          I think that he’s ‘mulling it over’….let me CLARIFY SOMETHING: when I called what they did in VA “ILLEGAL” it wasn’t because of that they re-districted the place—-it was because they DID NOT GIVE THE 24-HOUR NOTICE THAT THE STATE OF VIRGINIA DEMANDS BEFORE ANY REDISTRICTING OCCURS.

          Had they done that it WOULD have been legal—-also useless, because Sen. Marsh (D) would have stayed right where he was and not gone to the ceremonies; therefore they wouldn’t have been able to stick their thumb on VIRGINIA’S electoral map.

          Redistricting itself (normally, and following all the rules that your state might have put in place to limit it)—-IS LEGAL. I’m looking to Dems to wake up and start doing the same in the midterms, next of which is 2014.

          • Hollie

            How does redistricting help the parties? Thank you

          • Michael Kollmorgen

            Redistricting helps the party in control by framing their voting constituents more in the party’s favor and disenfranchising the other party’s voters by breaking up their districts so that representative has to travel farther and more often to get his is voice heard.

  • nobsartist

    What about some elections laws? This is the same bullshit that has been going on for quite some time, like electronic voting machines that can be hacked by 12 year olds.

    I guess it doesnt matter since it looks like both parties are the same.

    Why not a law that makes all districts have no more than 4 sides?

    That seems pretty simple to me.

    • Michael Kollmorgen

      The Republicans have basically given up on the Federal Level to get what they want. So, as they have been planning all along, they’re now getting what they want on the State Level.

      What needs to be done is something needs to be done on a Federal Level to remedy this situation that would govern all 50 states election laws. If this means, changing the Constitution to do it, so be it.

      The Federal Government better start using their powers or the Federal Government itself will become null and void.

      • ALTreality

        Gerrymandering has a shameful past with both parties. You are absolutely right, we need to address this at the federal level. There are some states that use an independent body to redraw their districts, so there is a firewall between the political interests on both sides. This is what needs to implemented on a national level, to prevent further gerrymandering by either party.

  • It is becoming increasingly apparent that the GOP concluded that the only way to win elections in the future is to cheat, and they are doing that in earnest. The effects of tactics like this will be felt, not only in State legislatures, but in the House of Representatives and in future electoral college votes. In addition to making a mockery of democracy, actions like this are bound to have a profound and lasting effect in American politics, our society, and the future of the United States.

    • Eleanore Whitaker

      Their brand of cheating is dictatorship. When you don’t give voters a choice of whom they choose to vote for, that’s not just cheating…it’s outright violation of the Constitution. Time to demand the US Board of Elections put a stop to this outrageousness.

      • lana ward

        Omuslim is a dictator, going around congress to get what he wants. And he is right now stomping on the 1st and 2nd ammendments of the constitution. Who of us can put a stop to this outrageousness!!!

        • Replying to lana ward –

          Yawn. Ho Hum.

        • beaumisty

          You are just crazy and this all the response needed

    • kokuakaumanua1

      This has to be one of the biggest reasons for reform regarding the way votes are cast. Why is it that we are still using electoral votes and not one man-one vote? I realize a 12 year old could hack a voting machine, but how is it that such action as seen in Virginia isn’t investigated? Such an underhanded way to pass legislation is outrageous! Those Republicans who were responsible for this should be held accountable and voted out!

      • I agree. Unfortunately, you can bet they will get away with it. To make matters worse, other states are doing the same.

        • Other states surely are doing it. I live in Utah and the Republican gerrymandering recently made sure the progressives in my area will never have a real vote. We (my district) actually (in UTAH!!!) voted for Obama in 2008, but the Republican cheat of gerrymandering made sure that didn’t happen in 2012! And you’re right, Dominick, they have gotten away with it.

          • jvaljon1

            The Republicans did it, you’re right. But while they sneaked at it, they didn’t cheat—-it’s perfectly legal, and I don’t think that’s gonna change, and if we spend our energies fighting it then we’re REALLY screwed. I say we ADOPT that tactic ourselves! Take the Republican thumb off the electoral scale—-and replace it with OUR OWN!

            Don’t worry—with their fake manufactured outrage, we can then just tell them: “YOU did this, to start with—-now YOU FIX IT! Tell your bought and paid-for state-level judiciary to TAKE the Gerrymander & the Redistrict AWAY!!! TWO ARE PLAYING AT THAT GAME NOW, NOT JUST US!!!!”

      • lana ward

        Omuslim goes around congress to get what he wants!! He should be impeached!!

        • Michael Kollmorgen

          Watch and see what happens in 2014.

          Lots of Republicans are gonna loose their seats – in Congress and local elections:)

          • ALTreality

            Please don’t feed the Trolls.

          • TheSkalawag929

            That will only happen if we make sure to get out the vote in the off election years as well as the presidential years.

          • jvaljon1

            Aye, THAT’S the rub, Scalawag — Republicans led by Karl Rove, would rather DIE than not vote the Midterms!!!! That’s where their power comes from and that’s where OURS would come from, too, if we Dems were all as smart as Karl Rove and the Repukes who listen to him!

            Here’s what to do—-put Howard Dean in charge of growing the Democratic ground game in ALL STATES, ESPECIALLY those where redistricting by Republicans has been/is going on. Then we do the same and fight them to a standstill. Did you know that WE WON THE POPULAR VOTE STATEWIDE IN 2010??? We did but of course it didn’t matter—TX stayed RED because of redistricting.

            We can do that too! Just, we have to pretend that the MIDTERMS are OUR VOTE! Here in TX they ran a Latino Conservative and he won the White AND the Latino vote! Newcomers don’t know the huge difference between a Latino Republican and themselves! We could have stopped that—we Democrats in TX—-but we IGNORED THE REPUBLICAN THUMB ON OUR ELECTORAL SCALE, SO THAT THE WRONG LATINO WON THE SEAT FORMERLY OCCUPIED BY RETIRING SENATOR KAY BAILEY HUTCHISON!


          • TheSkalawag929

            I agree that republicans vote religiously but their power is only as great as we Democrats allow it to be.
            We have to be just as fervent as the republicans in our efforts to get out the vote in off year elections. I think that democrats are finally waking up to that fact. It’s going to take a lot of hard work but I believe that we can get the job done.

        • MrFreeman122

          You are diseased with hatred and blinded by ignorance, you definitely need Obamacare.

          • lana ward

            Omuslimcare will kill all of us!!

          • jvaljon1

            It should ONLY, LOL…..and, starting with YOU!

      • Just like the people who are responsible for the housing crisis should be in prison? Sometimes people find them selves regurgitating what they here from others without never investigating for them selves the truth. Did you know that Martin Luther King was a registered Republican?

        Did you know that Barney frank was asked to look into the housing crisis and his Youtube video response was: We/I find nothing wrong and in fact we are promoting more low income affordable housing! Well we all know how that ended.DID YOU KNOW that Bush during his last 2 years in office is on RECORD twice for trying to stop the housing crisis(many people dont know that Republicans did not have full control his final 2 years)

        Did you know that Obama was sworn into the Illinois board on the KORAN ?
        Then uses Abes bible later for the presidency ? All for the sake of the vote many lies are being told and my best advice is not to listen to what one says but rather their actions if you truly care.

        DID YOU KNOW that the richest members of the senate are democrats? And the least donating/giving is also them? While portraying that evil Republicans are for the rich.

        Why not take a lesson from all the countries that have tried or implemented socialism not to mention the leading economist of the world or do you trust a politicians words more? If one cannot pull themselves away from the tv to find their own truths about things then the coming collapse is eminent.

        • Sand_Cat

          DID YOU KNOW that you are delusional and incredibly gullible to believe are the crap you just wrote?

          • jvaljon1

            Anthony’s been getting his lying points from Lana Ward, LOL!

          • jvaljon1

            Remember the manufactured ‘controversy’ over the Reverend Wright—who presided over the Obamas’ place of worship all their lives—? Wright was a Christian minister, and the last time I looked, the Muslims don’t have a ‘Reverend’ designation, LOL!

            Oh wait, now you’re gonna tell us that Reverend Wright was a Muslim! O God I can’t WAIT! ROTFLMAO! LOLOLOLOL….STOP! MY CHEST HURTS FROM LAUGHING AT YOU JERK-OFFS!!!!!

      • Hollie

        Get rid of electoral college and have proof of citizenship to vote…win/win

        • Sand_Cat

          Provided “proof of citizenship” is readily available to all and will be evaluated fairly, agreed, though the electoral college is by far the larger problem. None of those pushing the voter ID laws has been able to produce a single example of voter fraud that would be prevented by them, however, and those same people will make every effort to assure that potential Democratic voters will NOT have ID readily available to them, and to intimidate those who have it in an attempt to prevent their voting.
          The problems are intertwined: the electoral college makes all the dishonest and malicious attempts by Republicans to nullify Democratic votes much easier than they would be otherwise.

          • Hollie

            I can only talk by what I know from experience…I didn’t see the repubs intimidating the dems in electoral election…. see as an independent I get calls from both. I was called by the Dems to see if I needed a ride..the repubs should offer that here very nice thing to do… Please explain to me how the electoral college helps the repubs over the dems? Please give me examples…I am not being rude I would really like to know…this is the first time I have heard this…with examples I can research.

          • jvaljon1

            Texas 1997, Tom deLay (he went to jail & did time but he did 1) turn TX red [had been blue up to them] and 2) give us the SECOND Awful Bush presidency. Actually his father whom we were able to get rid of after only 1 term, wasn’t half as bad as Sonny Boy…..but redistricting gave TX a permanent Republican minority/majority. Why WE’RE not doing the same thing at the same local level, well, that’s beyond me! MoveOn? Do a tutorial on redistricting—and then MOVE OUR OWN DAMNED OFFICIALS TO DO THAT, TOO!

          • Hollie

            Thank you

          • jvaljon1

            You are most welcome, Hollie! Anytime….

          • jvaljon1

            No law saying that WE can’t do the same thing!

    • lana ward

      Omuslim going around congress to get what he wants will have profound and lasting effects in American politics, our society, and the future of the US

    • Just like the people who are responsible for the housing crisis should be in prison? Sometimes people find them selves regurgitating what they here from others without never investigating for them selves the truth. Did you know that Martin Luther King was a registered Republican?

      Did you know that Barney frank was asked to look into the housing crisis and his Youtube video response was: We/I find nothing wrong and in fact we are promoting more low income affordable housing! Well we all know how that ended.DID YOU KNOW that Bush during his last 2 years in office is on RECORD twice for trying to stop the housing crisis(many people dont know that Republicans did not have full control his final 2 years)

      Did you know that Obama was sworn into the Illinois board on the KORAN ?
      Then uses Abes bible later for the presidency ? All for the sake of the vote many lies are being told and my best advice is not to listen to what one says but rather their actions if you truly care. DID YOU KNOW that the richest members of the senate are democrats? And the least donating/giving is also them? While portraying that evil Republicans are for the rich.

      Why not take a lesson from all the countries that have tried or implemented socialism not to mention the leading economist of the world or do you trust a politicians words more? If one cannot pull themselves away from the tv to find their own truths about things then the coming collapse is eminent.

    • jvaljon1


  • TheSkalawag929

    Now it is out there for all to see.
    The republicans will “Politically” shoot their political opponents in the back to get what they can’t get fair and square.

    • lana ward

      Omuslim shoots congress in the back by going around them to get what he wants!! Do you think that lowly of him??

      • Michael Kollmorgen

        How can Obama shoot congress in the Back?

        Think about this for once. It take the majority of congress to get anything passed other than executive powers which he has limited use of.

        I bet you hate Obama so much, you’d even eliminate those powers as well.

        Grow Up and grow a brain – wherever you keep it.

        • lana ward

          A federal appeals court on Fri. overturned Omuslims’ controversial recess appointments from last year, ruling he abused his powers and acted when the Senate was not in a recess. Maybe he won’t go around congress anymore. Do anything he wants, omuslim. So you grow up and grow a brain-wherever you keep it!!

  • Eleanore Whitaker

    Why isn’t the US Board of Elections investigating this? If the VA GOP can’t win an election honestly by the choice of their electorate, how is this not a step in the direction of dictatorship?

    VA has a huge back room agenda that mandates keeping only GOP in control. They are about to lose their gun industry that keeps VA’s taxes relatively low.

    See? In the Confederacy, it has always been about getting others to pay for what these red staters needs. VA helps itself to enough of our federal tax dollars while they refuse to touch a dime of the state taxes in their coffers. This is 100% pure plantation mentality…let others bust butt to raise federal taxes while the Southern Confederate Aristocracy lives large and keeps their state coffers flush. Too bad, their days of mint juleps are over.

  • charleo1

    It is very clear to Republican Party higher ups, their once grand Party has a huge, and fundamental
    problem. The question of how does a political organization operate outside of the mainstream, and win elections, and remain relevant, if the majority doesn’t agree with the policies? The short answer is, they can’t, in a democracy. Where there is open and free elections, that represents the collective will of the people. Where political power is granted only by the strength of one’s
    ideas. And certainly not, by rigging the process to distort, and undermine the outcome. Yet,
    this is the path the GOP seems determined to travel. Rather than amend policies, so as to
    legitimately govern from the center right, they have chosen to embrace, and follow the most
    extreme elements within their Party. Even if doing so means they must corrupt, and lay aside
    the bonds between the governed, and the government, as set forth in The Constitution itself.

  • Here the GOP has to stoop to new lows to lie to and cheat the citizens of Virginia. The GOP once again makes a mockery of our law making process!!!! I would hope the governor will not sign this monstrosity into law!!!!!

    • lana ward

      Omuslim is making a mockery of our law making process by going around congress when he doesn’t get his own way!!!

      • Sand_Cat

        You make a mockery of fairness, honesty, education, and intelligence every time you post on this site.

  • Its looks like that the Republicans cannot win the election in a free environment and want to implant a dictator ship! Sneak attack that is what they are good at and that is one of the reason voters stayed on line for over five or six hours to be able to reelect our President.

    The Republican should sit down and at last understand that our country is changing that free election is the base of our freedom and instead of going on TV and looking angry and some of them acting like we are living on the fifties.

    I believe that if the Republican refuse to cooperate with Obama administration they will not reach the White House in the next election slowly and steady they are going to be a minority within a minority. There was no one Republican that went out a repudiate what Romney said in close door with billionars that 47% of Americans were moochers, no Republicans came out and criticized the crazy guy that said rape was God Will!

    • Hollie

      Romney didn’t post ads calling Obama a murder…the two parties are both insane…school children..I don’t think there is an adult in either party!

      • Michael Kollmorgen

        This is call: Dumbing Down of America – since we’re the ones that elect them.

        No, Romney didn’t kill anyone. He just waits until they get a little older than young girls. Then his Mormon Church, of which he is a Bishop of, marries them off to old farts in secret.

        Jeffery Steed Jeffs, the now convicted child molester of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, would have been proud of Mitt:)

  • Clearly, the history of the Gerrymander is one with which the the writer is not familiar. Gerrymandering is a time tested political tradition complained about by both sides in times of change. It has a leveling effect at its best and is and has been ruled as unconstitutional as recently as 1985.

    In spite of these rulings, in various alter egos, the Gerrymander will continue to vex the likes of the Democrats today, if applied properly, to offset unusually high demographic changes that do not reflect overall voter district wishes. Sadly, the Federal reapportionment is reflective of the decennial census, and no manner of Gerrymander can remedy population trends unless, Republicans that control the State Houses are clever and quick enough to change apportionment of Electoral votes from winner take all, to a district by district application. A very thought provoking idea.

    Its time that the Left (read Democrats), realize that had the Electoral votes truly reflected the districts that were actually voting Republican, Mr. Romney would have easily won the election. Highly concentrated demographics in key states should not dictate Presidential outcome any longer.

    • ajghbg

      Mr Romney did not come close to winning the popular vote again all you have want to do is steal elections. I know how the Electoral College works! The states are not obligated to vote as the direct election results indicate!

    • Countrybumpkin

      So how do the citizens affect the change from the electorial college to the popular vote? It’s time has come and none too soon. As of this writing, laws are being changed in republican majority states to change the allocated electorial college votes in such a way that Democrats can never win a federal election again. We need to stop this now, for this would result in another civil war in our country.

      • Michael Kollmorgen

        By rights, even though Obama won by Electoral Votes, the College should be abolished.

  • Bill Jackstat

    I truly believe that the Republican is today’s NAZIS party. Something must be done to stop these Fascists from destroying our country.

    • Hollie

      Want to hear something funny the repubs think the same of Dems…Nazi…

  • TheSkalawag929

    The first word in your post tells me that you are of limited mental capacity and that you have a difficult time with complex constructs such as truth and facts.

    So let me put this as simply as possible. Republicans have shown what cheat they are with this move.

  • S-3

    More reasons to commit to anarchy/violent revolt against the GOP – FACT. WWIII will happen here – and it will lead to WWIV being fought with sticks and stones worldwide…

    • Michael Kollmorgen

      I predict eventually this country will have a Civil War.

      Our country is no different than any other country.

      I’m surprised we haven’t had one already.

      • Rubbish Michael….secession seems more like it, and or like Quebec, autonomous governance for the states that wish it.

        • Michael Kollmorgen

          I would really like to think you are right.

          However, knowing people the way they are and history’s lessons, civil war is usually the final conclusion.

          Remember, some of the states were seceding. Then there was a flashpoint where the civil war finally started.

          Yes, a civil war could be averted. But, in this country people are already too polarized. People who are alive today probably won’t witness it, unless they are very young.

          I think our children certainly will, unless there is a major change in the way people act towards each other. The value people place on money and its meaning will also have to dramatically change.

          Unchecked Capitalism, in and of itself, will be it’s own undoing.

          In reality, this is all about power, who has it and who don’t.

  • tntlimited

    This is nothing short of treason! When you subvert the will of the people to decide by majority vote who will lead, and what the nation’s policies should be…you have broken
    your vow to uphold the constitution of the United States of America! This is treasonous by any standards, as are the continuous actions by the GOP to obstruct every attempt by the current administration to make our country a better place for all Americans. Any GOP member that continues to rig voting laws, gerrymander districts for subversion and to
    obstruct the nation’s will…is guilty of treason!!!

  • ajghbg

    It seems the agenda for the GOP is to steal elections take away one voter one vote instead they want the GOP vote to count more than one vote. I thought the constitution solved this problem with a House of Representatives and a Senate with the exception of Nebraska each all the other states have the similar national two houses one with each state one based on districts and the other population.

    Now the GOP again is robing the American people of its freedom to vote and trying to make one party vote count more than others. The only thing this leads to is tyranny no matter which party does it. We saw it in the South for over 100 years and now the GOP the party of the billionaires and millionaires are buying this nation freedom and enslaving us with their money. Unfortunately, the less than 10.00 an hour voters vote for them because of the religious and racial, and gun smoke screen. The reason the GOP wants to put the school system back the local school district is to dumb all non rich people down and make them illiterate. As we all should know, Karl Rove is non believer and the big money in the GOP only worship money and not GOD.

    If the the power of the GOP goes unchecked, we will see a repeat of what small groups forcing their will, beliefs, and the economics tickle up theory. This has happened before in Nazi Germany and many other countries.

    If those Southern states want to secede from the union do now and we will cut off all F” “federal money form those states that send a dollar to Washington and get a much more than a dollar back from Uncle Sam. I think getting rid of the poorest states in the union will help balance the budget. Two strings to seceding is the states doing cannot take any aid of any kind from the US and we will not tolerate a military presence. No military. Of course we will destroy all military bases in those states and guard the borders to keep those people from entering the US. We must also become much more intolerant and they must understand who has the military power and who will use if they do not behave. Oh yes, they can have all assault weapons they want but cannot acquire other heavy military hardware or we will show them how helpless those assault weapons are against an Abrams Tanks, rockets and 5000 lbs bombs.

    SECEDE MAKE THE TRUE CITIZENS DAY!! They are still fighting the Civil War and try to clean the image of hate, killing and slavery!! Ask them they are Southerners or Alabamans and US citizens is third or fourth on their list. I do not hate anyone but let these people go and why force them to stay in union that they do not want.

    • Michael Kollmorgen

      I agree with you, let these states Secede.

      Within each Seceding State:

      They won’t receive no more federal dollars.
      All Federal Banks gets closed and all gold gets moved up north.
      All federal property gets confiscated.
      All Federal Military Bases within their borders gets totally destroyed.
      All federal highways gets destroyed.
      All federally-funded water works gets destroyed as well.
      Blockade any state that has a Ocean Front View and along side any non-seceding state to prevent all foreign aide.

      Then after, let’s see how long they’ll last!

      • Countrybumpkin

        Less than one month. In my Southern State – all white small town – 80% depend on the federal government.

        • Michael Kollmorgen

          Yea, I’d be willing to bet too the first to bitch and moan that they’ve been cut off is the white ones.

          And, they’re the ones that usually vote Republican.

          Let em Secede. I really don’t care, but under my conditions.

          Let them stew in their own shit they helped make.

          All Democratic Voters are 100% more than welcome to become Political Refugees later on and move up north IF you are a member of the National Democratic Party:)

          As proof you are a Democrat and be able to pass through border checkpoints, you must have a Card stating you are a member of the National Democratic Party and must be verified before crossing over.

          You’re stuck otherwise.

      • ALTreality

        You forgot a few things. Make sure that they take their portion of the National Debt with them. Disconnect them from the national power grids and cut off access to all government-owned satellites used for weather, cable, cell phone, internet, intelligence. Remove all federal employees from federally subsidized agencies, such as HUD, HHS, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Sallie Mae, federal student loans, DHS, FDA, CDC, EPA, FCC, FTC, Veteran’s Affairs, the Justice Dept/court system, the FBI/US Marshall Service/Postal Inspectors and other federal law enforcement; Treasury including all currency, Education, FEMA, the National Guard, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Food Stamps, Customs & Border Patrol, Immigration, Import/Export, NOAA, USPS, Armed Forces and of course, the of-so-hated ACA/Obamacare.

        People have no real understanding just how much our government provides, but let them see how they survive a week without it. Consider the fact that in the past 2 years, the only states that did not apply for FEMA were Michigan and South Carolina.

    • Countrybumpkin

      Because there a many millions of loyal Democrats caught up in this insanity in the South.

  • beaumisty

    All Republicans involved in redistricting in the underhanded ways they are doing it is unconstitutional and should prosecuted and jailed.They are rigging our Democracy which will lead to a civil war.I think that’s what they want.

    • Michael Kollmorgen

      There was a meeting of minds of like-minded Republicans and separation-minded folks a few years back in one of the Northeastern States. I can’t remember which state. The picked that state and that location thinking people wouldn’t notice what was going on.

      The main topic was how to separate each of their states from the union. As predicted, most of the southern and some northern states attended.

  • Lovefacts

    With head hanging low, I must admit I live in Virginia. The Virginia Senate did their redistricting right after the 2010 census. Now, seeing the 2012 election results they are attempting another go at it. Gerrymandering is bad enough, but a second bite at the apple, IMHO, is neither legal nor constitutional. I’m not sure, but I think this go around can be challenged in Federal Court.

    • jvaljon1

      Oh it can, Lovefacts, it can. There’s a LAW in Virginia that says thusly: No redistricting can proceed WITHOUT A 24-HOUR NOTICE PERIOD. That’s what the Governor is mulling over right now—-how many people KNOW THAT and are ready to CALL HIM ON IT IF HE APPROVES VA’S ILLEGAL (no 24-hour notice given) ELECTORAL REDISTRICTING GRAB????

  • Cheat. Lie. Steal..

    And if that doesn’t work, gerrymander the election process.

    But make sure to take the kids to Church on Sunday.

  • Dr William Lyden

    Why is it you never see the democrats doing these dirty tricks? Take republicans (excuse me the Nazicans) can’ t seem to win on their bankrupt ideas or in a fair election. So they only resort to lying, cheating, and stealing elections since the American public doesn’t like their worn out ideas (use tax cuts to the rich as the answer to everything). They need to learn how to play fair or go home and leave the rest of us who want to solve the problems, alone.

    • ALTreality

      I hate to disillusion you, but Democrats have, to our shame, pulled this trick in years past. Gerrymandering is a practice that has been shamelessly used by both parties to redraw districts to their political advantage. This is why we need to address this at the federal level and put the power of redistricting in the hands of impartial third parties that perform this function based purely on population and geographic guidelines after every 10-year census.

      • Michael Kollmorgen

        I don’t know why elections for our congressmen aren’t held for “state-wide” seats, rather than districts.

        If this were the case, it would eliminate all this gerrymandering BS. The elected officials would be along the line of the population of that state and along party lines.

        This seems more equitable than the system we currently have now.

        • ALTreality

          Yes, but then they couldn’t play their childish turf wars and rig the electoral process if we actually came up with an ‘equitable’ system.

          • Michael Kollmorgen

            Yep, just another way of keeping us at each others throats.

  • The only way to stop dirty tricks is to bring them to light. Lift a rock and watch the little critters scramble away, slip under ground, and roll themselves into tiny balls to protect themselves. Repub;icans/Tea Bags are no different. What they don’t understand is that we have the power in our hands to undo their tricks. We have the power of our vote. Despite their manipulation of the process whch only amounts to voter suppression, an attempt to take away ourt Constitutional rights, we have the final power at the polls. 2014 can’t come soon enough. We need to get rid of all the dead weight.

    • Countrybumpkin

      “We have the final power at the polls” – not anymore, thanks to gerrymandered districts after the 2010 elections. Otherwise, the ‘House” would have a Democrat majority, according to the number of votes received.

  • highpckts

    How do they get away with this stuff???? Is that legal??

  • Ken

    This has to stop at some point…..this to me is a law that’s constantly broken..and everyone involved should be brought up on charges, for undermining the voting system….when will this stop…if you’re out of touch then get in touch, where is the Supreme Court on this issue…

    • Michael Kollmorgen

      We don’t know what the state is going to do about this.

      But, I bet a court challenge is in the winds.

  • adriancrutch

    Republican terrorist activity WILL catch up to them! AND they WILL be sorry!

  • ObozoMustGo

    Looks like the VA Senate is taking on the tactics that the leftist freaks in the DemonRAT party have been using for years. How the hell do you think Obozocare got jammed down our throats? That was nothing short of criminal. Sad to see the Repubs in VA following the footsteps of scumbags from the DemonRAT party.

    Have a nice day!

    “No man’s life, liberty, or property is in so much danger as when the legislature is in session.” – Mark Twain

    • Michael Kollmorgen

      You should change your screen name from ObozoMustGo to “MadWeLost”.

  • Liars, Cheats, Thieves! Is there NO low to which they will not sink? IMPEACH them!

  • bchrista

    I blame the Democrats for the Va. fiasco why didn’t they filabuster like the Reublicans do when they don’t a bill passed or isn’t it legal for a Democrat to filabuster only the Republicans, it’s time to fight fire with fire. There should be an Amendment pass that the only time you can change the voting in the Districts is by a two thirds majority of the people and make it retro active to say 1950 that way one house or the other cannot shut the other one out. that will solve that problem and what better time than right now. Let’s hold a special election and end this Republican shit forever. If we allow this crap to keep happening then we deserve the kind of government we get and let them trample over us, what better way to take our country back than by being able to legally vote them bastards out. People if we don’t push our Democratic Representatives and the few Republicans that agree with us to do something now, come 2014 it will be too late because the Republicans will have the face of the land so that can’t be voted out ever. there must be some way to undo what they pulled in Va. maybe the Democrats could divide the Democratic districts into smaller districts so when they can catch the Republicans with their guard down, wait until the Republicans leave town and the Demos out number them appoint more Demos to these newly created districts and pass laws that keep the Repubs in check no more gerrymandering. Then in the General elections pass a National Law outlawing gerrymandering, end of problems.

  • bchrista

    People wake up and smell the coffee the Republicans are aware of 2014 and are already preparing for it why do you think they are gerrymandering now so come 2014 your votes won’t mean Doulely shit because they will have been intrench in their positions and your votes can’t touch them the only way for them to go is heart attacks, accident, old age and have a run off for their seat, or if we are lucky one or two may get voted out, remember to be for warned is t be fore armed. and god knows it they have been told enough. That is why they are already thinking of changing the Electorial College voting and changing the voting districts these evil bastards will stop at nothing. I would say even murder, don’t laugh stranger things have happened. we are talking about a billion dollar business here and people have killed for less.

  • bchrista

    you know people I hope it does come to pass, but should the Republican Party manage to take the country again and finish the job they started by destroying the country the one thing that would make me happy would be to see how they treat people like OMG, ONEDONEWONG, MONTANABILL, LANA WARD AND ALL THE OTHERS that have been supporting them all this time while we have been knocking them, unless one of these is a millionaire then they are on the same level as us and has been the nature of plantation owners anyone below their stature is scum and unworthy of their attention and should be treated like trash if anyone remembers the Old South only had two levels or grades of people those above and those below and the belows got all the scraps and the South has no intention of changing, Mint julips, Servants and Slaves. And if you fall out of line shame on you the penalty is harsh, People I hope it don’t come to that but if things keep going their way I wouldn’t doubt anything money is power and they control the majority of it. The bull shit has got to stop, we have to take our country back.

  • july860

    I think it is about time we the people take action; I personally find this childish, ignorant and slimey. I have already signed at least two petitions regarding redistricting, and would like to do more.

  • Pamby50

    It is time to get rid of the electoral college. Then all this crap about re-districting on how to assign electoral votes would be moot. Every one gets to vote. All votes count. The one with the most votes would win. Period.

  • Saarebas

    As if the Democrats behave any differently. The “proof” that the article lists to support it’s claim that an unnamed Republican is a voting rights opponent is a link to an article where the republican in question was attempting to file from removal of DoJ illegality of forcing redistricting to be cleared by an organization other than the Election Board. The DoJ has no business interfering in elections, as it is part of the Executive Branch, not the Judicial, and therefore ultimately under control of the president. The same DoJ oversight attempted to set a district as Democrat that same year by attempting to force a district boundary that was almost exclusively minority inhabited. This wouldn’t be near as much of a problem as it is, except that the Democrats intimidate minorities by labelling any minority who goes Republican as a “traitor to their race” a highly racist remark in and of itself.

  • Sand_Cat

    Once again we see more evidence – if any is needed – of Republican moral and intellectual bankruptcy, and of the stupidity of those who vote for them. If their ideas are so great, why do they have to rig the elections and perform every other despicable act they can come up with to force it on the country?

  • Hollie

    Micheal, you need to research the legitament LDS church…the fundamentalist church is not a part of the legit one…the fundamentalist broke away because they wanted to practice polygamy they were for for lack of a better word kicked out. No I am not LDS but I have grown up around them…few family members are married to Morman. Don’t believe everything someone tells you…gather your own knowledge. The church has some great programs for their practicing members…I just chose to not believe the book of Morman. I could tell you more good things about them if you want..

  • Exaptdreams

    Cucinelli, climate change denying, forced vaginal ultrasound supporting ultraconservative. What a fight on our hands here in Virginia. Some of my business/personal friends, including those who make pretty good money, are convinced that to protect their earnings, they need to vote for these types. His supporters who don’t make so much are “values” voters, unaware of the negative effect on their prospects. Koolaid, appealing to the base instinct of preserving “what’s mine” and saving us from , “sin”. A generation that has little idea of the tax levels during, say, the Eisenhower years, a time when these extreme religious beliefs were marginal, not accepted by the mainstream for decades. My mother, not a wild type, left her small town Midwest community when the church board was taken over by conservatives who decided that women should not be included in leadership positions, “not biblical”.
    Not that conservatives don’t have a point about some values and spending issues. No compromising from them, however, hands over ears, “not listening until our people are in charge”. This no prisoners, our way only path is relentless. We are headed down a narrow scary road with a coalition of conservatives who, for example, want to use school voucher systems, and state/federal tax dollars to pay for charter schools that teach creationism. They have spent thousands of public funds intimidating climate scientists at our best research institutions. Neo-dark ages.
    We have to continue to wake up and vote in 2014 elections.

  • ManofGwent

    Am I missing something here? How can it be a surprise that politicians if given the role of redistricting will do so to their own advantage? In the United Kingdom we have an independent Boundary Commission – it does the job without favour or implied party advantage based solely on numerical demographics ( with maybe 5 or 6 geographical anomalies out of 650) – it can be done – it only needs the American voters to have the desire to change and the will to make it happen. Not to do so undermines the very Democracy that you so rightly cherish.

  • jvaljon1

    Hollie….by re-drawing electoral boundaries for one party or another. It’s a very valuable tool for helping one party or another. For example: lots of Hispanics who vote Democratic up here now. So the Republican districts have to control those other districts, and this they do at the State level.

    Redistricting is literally a grass-roots project to gain power when you’re in the minority. It only works because people at the LOCAL level mostly don’t attend LOCAL elections. That’s how the grass roots turn—Republicans ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS VOTE. It’s us who ‘don’t bother with midterms or stupid local stuff’. THAT’S HOW WE ALWAYS END UP LOSING THE HOUSES AND/OR THE PRESIDENCY! I watched Tom DeLay turning TX red from the blue that it had been forever….and then George W Bush became Governor AND THEN PRESIDENT! And the Bushes aren’t done with us yet—they’re now grooming Prescott and his Mexican wife and/or Mother (he speaks Spanish) trying for the Mexican vote.

    Now. Re-districting—–It’s SUPPOSED to be “in response to census changes in any given locality” but it’s become so politicized now, that it’s a tool for the Minority—OR the Majority should they wish, and they better—to maintain and consolidate power at the grass-roots level of all communities in America. After all, Tom deLay redistricted TX and called for a vote. The Democrats refused to cave and went to Oklahoma to avoid voting on it. When they came back they were told to vote OR ELSE. They SHOULD HAVE TAKEN THE ‘OR ELSE’……

    Thing of it is—-you can do the same thing as a MAJORITY too, and if the Dems would only embrace re-districting the way that the ReThugs have, there wouldn’t be a Thug left in the land! I could tell you more… but it’s late and I’m tired and I bet Wikipedia can explain it better than I can. Or better still, Google?

    Americans are basically Democrats—there are very few real American Republicans any more. What there are is Corporations…having little or nothing to do with our daily lives, but EVERYTHING to do with our National lives, and we better wake up, get some solidarity from the ground up, and TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY FROM THE LIARS, THE CROOKS and THE THIEVES who altogether, make up the Nationwide (and of course LOCAL) Republican Party today. They’re fighting for their lives and they know it. Let’s be as diligent in our LOCAL and HALF-TERM ELECTIONS for House, Senate AND Locals—as these NeoCON Republicans have been. There’s more of US than there is of THEM. Let’s prove it….America for Americans—NOT FOR RETHUGLICAN, NeoCON CROOKS!

    Everyone who doesn’t understand how re-districting can rob you of the politicians that you voted for—Wiki it….or better still, Google it! I’ve found that, over time, Google is quite a bit more informative than Wiki. Wiki assumes that people know something about a subject, whereas Google makes no such assumptions, LOL! And it IS your country and you have an absolute right to know how our own rules can be perverted and turned against us. As in redistricting when the CENSUS HAS BEEN OVER FOR THE PAST 2 YEARS!!!!