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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

How are Georgia’s Republicans spending taxpayer money?

They’re meeting with too-far-right-for-the-Tea-Party activist Field Searcy to discuss how President Obama hates the suburbs and is using a mind-control technique developed during the Cold War to implement United Nation’s Agenda 21, a non-binding voluntary UN resolution which the Republican Party opposes in its platform and many conspiracy theorists see as a plot to eliminate property rights.

Thanks to watchdog group Better Georgia, you can view some of the contents of a four-hour meeting convened by the Republican Majority Leader of the Georgia State Senate, Chip Rogers. The video above samples the nearly one hour that Better Georgia’s Seth Clark caught on video before he was escorted out of the chamber.

Sen. Rogers had co-sponsored a failed resolution that sought to “recognize the destructive and insidious nature” of Agenda 21.

The appearance of Fox News personality Dick Morris, humanity’s worst political pundit, adds an extra layer of hilarity to the proceedings, as he cherishes any chance to promote his new book—which is about UN conspiracy theories. It’s important to remember that Republicans are literally buying these theories, along with the Glenn Beck blue jeans.

As Bobby Jindal seeks to make Republicans “stop being the stupid party,” this is what he’s contending with.

40 Responses to WATCH: Dick Morris Helps Reveal President Obama’s Mind-Control Plot

  1. I commented on this earlier – republicans are a truly insane bunch of nut cases that really should not be left alone, much less hold office. Instead of regrouping to show some semblance of reality, they are spinning out of control.

  2. Truly the lunatics are running the asylum in Georgia. The frightening thing is that they don’t even realize how ridiculous they look, being sealed in their bubble of hate and paranoia where no outside/different perspectives are allowed.

    • well, the good news is that dogs are incredibly sensible and very few understand the words ‘hate’ or ‘racism’. they also try to get along as much as possible, just go visit a dog park, without regard to race, religion, or sexual orientation.

      as to the robots–leave my luggage alone. i need clothes when i get there (where ever ‘there’ is).


  3. the hypocracy of the republican party shows no bounds,they call the presidential race as very close!!it was as close to a total rout as one could get.the bitterness of this GOP as manefested by sending forth poor old bitter j.mccain who lost almost as badly,to try opposition with a witch hunt.into foriegn affairs he has no real knowledge of.IT JUST EMBARESSING TO A POLITICAL PARTY THAT HAS TO RESORT TO DIRTY TACTICS TRYING TO WIN AND AMERICANS SEEING THROUGH THEM.. and so soundly rejecting them..if they dont get some leadership,that is more in tune to reality!!GOP has become gop and keep shrinking..

  4. I am always ashamed with Dick Morris behavior all the time.
    Dick, we English people don’t:
    a) lie, it is the big sin
    b) inject to anything we do think it will hurt others
    c) make money through the backs of others
    d) pretend that we are right, while we know that is not the case
    It is a big shame Dick, consider to stop it!

  5. The GOP needs to squelch the extremists and get the toxic notables out of the party ie Dick Morris, Karl Rove, Limbaugh, Beck, etc. Bobby Jindal is a much needed voice of reason. Folks like him might just give the party some much needed credibility!

    • Respectfully, I do not agree. The repubs need to keep these dingbats front and center. The loony folks are the only one that tell us what the actual agenda of the repub party really is. They actually serve a vital role. The rest of the repubs simply lie to their constituents, saying what they think is necessary to win elections. Just look at how much romney changed from the primaries to the general elections. Of course there would have been no intention of keeping the promises made. The elections of 2010 prove that without a doubt. Remember the ‘JOBS, JOBS, JOBS’ the repubs ran on ? How many true jobs bills have the repubs brought? Exactly ZERO! Oh, they brought 27 bills they called jobs bills but every one of the was just a rewording of more tax cuts for the rich. The only jobs bills that were brought were obstructed by repubs.

      Without the loons speaking out there is a good chance romney would have won. Then what? Well, for starters there would have been a $$$ 5 TRILLION $$$ ‘gift’ to the rich. There would have been a major effort by the repubs to privatize Social Security, voucherize Medicare, repeal the Affordable Care Act, end food stamps, and eliminate all the safety nets the folks at the low end of the middle class and the poor folks trying to climb into the middle class need. There would have been a major push to increase defense spending by another $$$ TRILLION $$$. It goes without saying there would have been an invasion of Iran. Women would have been denied the rights so many fought hard to get. There would have been a major effort to purge all the voter rolls of minorities. The few tax deductions the middle class now have would have been ended. There would have been an effort to repeal the Voting Rights Act of 1964 and the Civil Rights Act of 1965. In short, The United States would have become a bastardized mixture of the 1950s (the version repubs are so nostalgic for but never actually existed) and the gilded age where the rich bought whatever they wanted and the workers had no voice at all.

      These loonies serve the public by keeping the repubs from lying their way into winning elections. So, please, let’s keep the loonies alive and well. That way we can all clearly see what we do not want.

      Support your local repub loonies!

      • You make excellent points, Bodine 666. Certainly, you have a different, albiet legitimate, way of looking at the situation. I tend to prefer a straightforward honest approach, but obviously that’s not realistic where politics is concerned!

  6. I always thought I had to wait to Sunday to read the funny pages. Between the blacks in Maine stealing the election and Presidential mind control I don’t have to wait to Sunday. I know a lot of the wing ring people like to live in a bubble where facts aren’t allowed but these 2 items are so ridiculous that some of them must be shaking their heads in disbelief. At least I hope so.

  7. If the Democratic party can expose these wackos with ads in the Southern states where these far right wing loons preside, the Democrats would have no problem winning these Congressional seats. These people are to the right of the Sean Hannity, and Rush Limbaugh wing of the Republican party.

    • Have you ever been to the south?

      Those “patriots” not actually signing petitions to secede are filled with pride at their ancestors who were willing to flush the constitution, laws, the whole country to preserve the “liberty” of a relative minority of their neighbors to own and abuse human beings as “private property.” Most of the “wackos” to which you refer would likely gain far more votes than they lost as a result of “exposure.”

      • They wouldn’t garner votes if they would say things like the Maine GOP chair has said about African American’s. But then again we know the secession people speak in code when it comes to racism. Dick Morris has already proven this.

  8. For cynical political purposes, Republicans fed and supported the Tea Party; and now it is a Frankenstein monster that is devouring them.

  9. How fortunate that super-minds like Dick are immune to Obama mind-control and have jobs a Fox from which they can warn the rest of us!

  10. Better the PRESIDENT prejudice fools such as you and your partners Romney&Ryan!!!!
    AMERICA has so GET with it or OUT we really don’t care.You show your ignorance each
    time you post such BS and I don’t mean Bachelor of Science!

  11. These people are nuts if they think Obama is using “mind control” if that was the case as the group of scientology uses..which we know that Obama is not using…otherwise the last four years he would have had control of all of the republicans minds for sure..silly isn’t it…I used my recipe of psalms to get the election over as quick as it did..and a “special prayer” to tame all people’s hearts towards our President..asking Jesus Christ who is my God to answer the prayers of mine and many other prayers going up for him…this one “special prayer” that I sent to the President..and Michelle Obama asking them to say it several times a day…always works to bring that peace between both parties to be able to work together for the welfare and sake of all Americans..that is not that cult “mind control” they are saying that he is using..wrong again..these must be those people that are in that cult group….that love to control others minds against their wills…how nuts…so, I will continue to be in agreement with what he and his wife are praying and that others are praying..and letting God be ahead in the plan of bringing things about..and in answering the prayers so all positive things to come out for the sake and welfare of all Americans…not just a few..Mind Control is a cult…and no one can control my mind…first I know what is right and what is wrong..and so, I am led by God and no one person…period…Jesus Christ, is head of my life all the way..and on the night of the Doctor from Pakistan, called and said he was nervous because he voted for Obama..and I told him I would go into meditation and prayer…and within an hour or so…it really was all over…he won the election..and I estimated the electoral votes to be 303 which it was..and told him, that Obama would get FLA too ending up with 329 electoral votes..which did happen with the help of Jesus Chirst…who heard my prayers for sure..thanks for all of you that comment on National Memo…you are all so educated and so positive and right on target.

  12. Now I’m really getting worried about a few of my friends and a couple of relatives:) In the past, I have been tolerant of all my friends and relatives political choices because I believe that is what freedom is about. I am a strong Democrat and some of my friends are Republicans. HOWEVER, I am now getting worried because as of late some of them, especially relatives (which is particularly scary) are sounding like the far right wingnuts on the wheel. Reading and hearing some of the recording above takes me back to the 50’s when, as children, we were taught to duck under our school desks, or sometimes run to the basement, when the alarm whistle went off because the communists were dropping bombs on us. (side note) Many years later I wondered why we were only protected at school as we didn’t do this at home, and how under our desks would keep us out of harms way of a bomb. Oh, well, I digress. I’m beginning to believe many in the Republican party, particularly the ‘leaders’ never made it out of the basement. Good luck to us all as these nutcrackers march around spouting things of which they have no knowledge, and those who have run for President from that party are the scariest of them all!

  13. Aliens. I think we need to see every republicans Birth Certificate,they seem to me like people from another country,or world. What such babies but rich people think because they have money, its OK what what ever they do and they don’t care how many they hurt. The rich want everything,for me and you nothing.

  14. I am so happy the republicans did not win,but what babies.They believe they are still in the sixties,do as I say or else.Ha Ha I love it. We as a nation need to remove every republican from office and maybe we can get something done in the white House.

  15. Jindal might want to make GOP stop being the stupid party but he hasn’t said that he is in disagreement with the stupid ones.

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