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Saturday, August 19, 2017

Michelle Malkin is shocked — NAY! — appalled that the president of the United States would use children as a “prop” to promote a cause.

“This is a time-tested tactic of the left — and I’ve followed it from the Clinton years onward — of using kiddie human shields to deflect tough questions about the costs and consequences of these often reckless and rash public policy decisions that are born of emotionalism and unfortunately exploitation, and not any real commitment to solving the problems,” Malkin told Fox and Friends‘ Steve Doocy.

“What these Democrats do is use children very cynically to try and deflect accountability for their actions — and in this case very imperial actions on the part of the president,” she continued.

“And I consider it a form of child abuse and political malpractice, very toxic.”

What maniac, what child-abusing heathen would dare do such a thing?!

George W. Bush, apparently.

After Republicans manaufactured outrage that the president would introduce his reaction to the murder of 20 children by including children, James E. Carter IV tweeted a link to an event in which George W. Bush announced his opposition to stem cell research. And it included this picture:

Why did Bush include children in the event? Certainly not to “cynically try and deflect accountability” for his actions. George W. Bush would never use a child as prop!

When explaining why he vetoed a bill that would overturn his “imperial” policy against embryonic stem cell research, he  pointed out the children on the stage who were the result of in vitro fertilization. “These boys and girls are not spare parts, They remind us of what is lost when embryos are destroyed in the name of research.”

Of course, Malkin defended the NRA’s use of the president’s own children to make a point, mocking him for their Secret Service protection while, they said, he opposed armed guards in schools. (Of course, Republicans are generally behind cutting funding for Resource Officers in school, a program the president proposes increasing for schools that want them.)

“For the White House and particularly for Michelle and Barack Obama, who have no problem dragging their daughters in front of the camera when they’re arguing their own public policy point… for them to say, ‘You’re not allowed in any way, shape or form or capacity to talk about our children and the impact of public policy,’ hypocrisy!” she said.

So, to be clear: Democrats are not allowed to use children to make a point…but their children can be used to make a point.

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146 Responses to Who Would Dare Use Children To Promote A Political Agenda?

  1. The feigned indignation voiced by those who put ideology and special interests ahead of the well being of their fellow citizens – and themselves – is the epitome of greed, intolerance, and hypocrisy. Most importantly, it is the centerpiece of Republican political strategy. The best defense to support policies and actions that ought to be abhorrent to most people is to demonize those who are trying to remedy flaws in our system.
    The massacres that have taken place in our country for decades – which are not limited to children – are the direct result of mentally ill persons, drug addicts, and people consumed by hatred or intolerance to have access to weappons of mass destruction. If the perpetrators of those massacres had been armed wielding a knife or a 2×4 the extent of their actions would not have been as severe as they were. Thousands of people are killed in the USA every single year because of easy access to guns, and yet, the arms industry, the NRA, and those consumed by paranoid schizophrenic fears continue to advocate the sale of assault rifles and high capacity magazines to anyone with enough money to buy them, and demonize strict background checks for prospective buyers because of the likelihood that their mental stability or record may prevent them from buying the tools they need to carry out their nefarious deeds.

    • Dominick the whole Oklahoma City bombing took 168 lives, including 19 children under the age of 6, and injured more than 680 people. The blast destroyed or damaged 324 buildings within a sixteen-block radius, destroyed or burned 86 cars, and shattered glass in 258 nearby buildings. The bomb was estimated to have caused at least $652 million worth of damage.

      The similarities between Sandy Hook and Oklahoma City. Both were mentally ill people. Don’t you think it’s time we focus on the REAL PROBLEM and quit rambling about inanimate objects?

      I left my house yesterday and while I was at work my semi automatic guns and 30 round clips didn’t kill anyone. Guess what? They aren’t going to kill anyone today or any other day unless God forbid I need to use them to defend myself from an intruder or a tyrannical government.

      Criminals don’t care what laws you make, they simply won’t obey them. I personally think it’s BS to make criminals out of law abiding tax paying citizens because that’s all these bans will end up doing. In the end a mad man doesn’t care that a 30 round clip or a semi auto weapon is no longer legal. It’s already illegal to shoot children in a school even if you use a pellet gun, we don’t NEED MORE LAWS.

      • The guy that carried out the massacre at a Sikh Temple in Wisconsin was not a mentally ill person, he was a member of a hate group. The man that killed several people in Aurora, Colorado, was declared competent to stand trial.
        Yes, we should improve access to mental care, and healthcare in general, that is what ACA is trying to accomplish and that’s what President Obama reiterated during his speech a couple of days ago.
        The issue, however, is the fact that people – either mentally disturbed, consumed by hatred, or unable to control their temper – use weapons of mass destruction to kill people. Without assault rifles and high capacity magazines most of the massacres that have taken place in the USA for decades would not have occurred. A person intent on hurting others may be able to kill one or two people, but it would not be long before that person is overpowered and taken down if all he has is a knife or a bat.
        Guns are, indeed, inanimate objects. Unfortunately, they are the tool that enables people determined to harm others to kill many innocent people.

        • So you really believe, (the courts definition aside) a mentally stable person belongs to a hate group and goes in and shoots up a temple or a theater?

          Sorry but one look at the kook who shot up the theater in Aurora CO and it’s obvious his elevator doesn’t go all the way to the top.

          Your comment: “Without assault rifles and high capacity magazines most of the massacres that have taken place in the USA for decades would not have occurred” is complete nonsense and lacks anything factual. 2% of all violent killings were a byproduct of what would be considered an assault weapon. The other 98% were accomplished by other types of guns mainly hand guns.

          • Tony, there is a difference in hate, ignorance, and insansity. Hate people are not insane, but they are just as dangerous.

          • So you think that it’s perfectly normal to belong to a hate group or too hate a group of people so much that you would physically harm them or attempt to take their life, and that is sane behavior?

            Sorry but that crosses the sanity line by any definition.

          • Yes, actually there is enough hate in some people to shoot or kill with an automatic or whatever they have in their hand. These people are not necessarily insane, they just hate.

          • Do you have anything factual to back up anything you’ve said? Oh, I forgot. You can make up your facts.

          • I have a much better idea, we can send all you America haters that don’t respect the law of the land to say North Korea where they have nice strict gun laws for you to follow!

        • OK, so let’s say I decide to find the most crowded place I can like the mall parking lot, or downtown and hop in my 1967 Cadillac that weighs about 3 tons and go to one of these places to see how many people I can mow down and kill before someone stops me. Pretty sure I could take out dozens of people before being stopped. Is it GM’s fault because they built the car? Is it the cars fault? Is it all the people’s fault for being there? NO, no, no and no! It’s the person in control right? I guess you could ban car’s right, of course not it’s a stupid idea just like banning mags and guns. If someone wants to kill, they will find away. Taking this absence of a well run system just to turn around and take it out on law abiding citizen’s is wrong and a bad way to handle the problem. Thousands of people die everyday and a lot of them for really stupid reasons, mass shootings are a bad thing yes but this overreaction by the media and the anti-gun nuts is ridiculous. If your going to ban things for causing trouble then ban them all. Look at the NFL and all the suicides that are linked to brain damage from hard hit’s, ban the NFL? We have so many issues in this country that need to be dealt with. It would be great if we could spend this much time and effort on jobs, healthcare, poverty, climate change, corporate welfare, the list goes on and on. Sick of hearing about gun control.

          • Keep trying- but many on this site will not see your reasoning. It is almost as if they have been brainwashed. But I can not stop myself from posting on here.
            You make many, many good points and I thank you for your logical conclusions.
            Keep going!

          • The whole cars kill people so why don’t we ban cars argument is STUPID, STUPID, STUPID. my 8 year old niece could explain to you why it’s so stupid. You sound like a Facking fool!!!

          • Amy, General McChristal was on television. He said people should see what a bushmaster can do. It can destroy a man’s head. What do they think 11 shots did to the body of that little boy? People are so selfish.

      • Its so strange as a Canadian to watch this debate in the U.S. Wha we see as common sense seems so foreign to you folks…It feels like Americans are just simply afraid of other Americans so they need a gun to protect themselves…screw logic or evidence that shows that your are more likely to be killed by your own gun then actually use that gun to save your own life. WE really are two different cultures.

        • If you like having your rights taken away from you Canada is the place to be. Interesting when your government disarmed your country nobody listened. I’d say our cultures are a lot alike, you have those who won’t allow the government to run their lives then there are sheep like you that will give up their freedom for protection.

        • Ian, you said what I have been saying all along. Our culture has sunk to the point where ignorance is a virtue. We used to close the national anthem with “The land of the free and the home of the brave.” We are no longer the home of the brave. It is the home of the scared. Paranoid people have organized. They see the government as the enemy. They suspect all other people of ulterior motives. Ian, pray for us. I love my country and do not want to see it become a war zone.

          • People are getting fed up with others making decisions for them, losing our rights, being told what to do, what to buy, how many or how much to buy, what we can drink, what we can smoke, being told we can be held without reason, Law Enforcement overreach, the list goes on and on. It seems the goal for everyone now a days is to screw whoever you can, employers, Gov, neighbors, schools and no one cares. People are sick of it. Over my 50 plus years I have known hundreds of gun owners and none of them have ever said they buy guns because they are afraid. This is not really the “Land of the Free anymore. I think it’s Sweden that has a law that all capable adult males must keep a full-auto weapon in their homes. They don’t have much of a violence problem, explain that?

          • Sick, the day the second person was born on earth, the first person’s rights were cut in half.
            Canada has more guns per capita than the United States, but one-tenth the gun deaths. Sweden is not a sick and violent country. None of my friends, myself, or any member of my family bought guns because they were afraid.

            Exactly who is telling you what to eat? I mean really telling you so that you cannot say “no?”
            Who told you what to drink and what to smoke? There are no laws concerning these things. There are regulations, meaning you do not have the right to drive drunk and endanger others. You do not have the right to foul up their air with your smoking. You are a member of a society and there are certain things members of a society have to do for the betterment of the whole. Are you an anti-social person?

          • Canada has about 31 guns per 100 people. The U.S. has about 89 guns per 100 people. Your stats may be off but the jist of your message is not. It’s the type of guns that can be owned, and who is allowed to own them, that make a lot of the difference. Stringent background checks, waiting periods, assault weapon bans and hand gun restrictions, no gun shows allowed, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police required gun course, and so on make a lot of the difference in Canada .

            All of those things can be done legislatively in the U.S. It’s a matter of will and common sense while still respecting the United State’s constitutional second amendment.

          • Dt, years ago, so the information might not be current, I watched a panel discussion between U.S. and Canada. At that time they said there were more guns per capita. That was before Obama was elected and gun sales soared.

          • I Know what you mean. You can keep referencing different sources that you believe to be reliable and yet still come up with different stats. Real Time had Cdn. gun ownership at 24% last Friday night. I had read 31% when I replied to your post. Who knows. It could be more.

        • It is a long-standing culture of gun ownership, from the time even before our two countries were, literally, at war with one another. Unfortunately, it is a quirk of our culturethat hasbeen preyed upon by a greedy and devious industry of weapons manufacturers, who have little or no regard for human life, except insofar as its paranoia can reap them greater profits.

        • The media culture of promoting hate, fear and distrust has done a wonderful job. Far too many of our citiznes are freightened of just about everything. Of course fear of the black man being in the White House is near or at the top of the list for a large group of folks. Common sense and reality are rarely joined these days.

          • Still playing the race card? Get over it already. Democrats are obsessed with the race card. I judge a person by what they have DONE and not by the color of his or her skin.
            And Obama has DONE many of the same things that other previous presidents [that Democrats don’t like] have done.
            Time for you to pick at a new bone and move on.

        • I don’t think it’s so much being afraid of other Americans, this country was built around guns and a lot of us were brought up around guns and have never had any problems. Being told what we can and can’t do is bs, especially because a very small hand full of nuts cause all the problems. No one has ever or will ever try and invade the North American continent because just like Admiral Yamamoto said “a gun behind every blade of grass”. The majority of gun owners have because they hunt or to play with, and regardless of you understanding why a person want’s an AR-15 or a Mini-14 that should be up to the individual not anyone else. And I might add that we don’t really care what other countries think. The system is the problem and that is where all the focus should be.

      • Tony….this is the first time I remember seeing one of your POSTs….I have to say, on this matter I am with you 100%. Wasn’t the main material, used in Oklahama City, maneure? So where was the outrage towards maneure manufacturers? Why
        isn’t maneure outlawed? Why….because maneure does not kill, by itself. Politically
        I consider myself a centrist that leans left, Of course Tea Party people would call
        me a communist and a socialist and every other nonsensical name. In any case, I do support the Constitution of the United States of America, which includes the 2nd Ammendment. NOW let’s, as a nation, attack the REAL issue, mental illness. If we
        did, people like Glenn Beck, Michelle Bachman, Rush Limbaugh, Rand Paul, would be flagged as nut jobs…and there in lies one of the problems. Those nut jobs still want to own guns and spew out hate that other nut jobs listen to as gospel. I cringe when I hear some nut like Limbaugh suggest outlandish things. Public figures need to take care and responsibility for their words, there are some very unstable people out there that will act upon the stupidity and poor judgment of those with media access.

        • I agree with you where the 2nd amendment is concerned and completely disagree with you where you trample the 1st amendment. The people you mention are protected by the 1st amendment if someone listens to a radio talk show host or a crazy politician which both sides have their fair share and if you were truly a centrist and not a liberal hiding behind the label it wouldn’t be so obvious in your posts. Anybody that can’t separate fact from fiction is the real nut case.

          • You helped make my case in point. I wholeheartedly agree that nut jobs like Limbaugh and Beck and Coulter have the right to say, what they say. At the same time, I wholeheartedly believe they are A-holes wrongfully opinionated. Both sides do not speak in a manner to insight violence to make their point, i.e, MLK vs. George Wallace. This is where I believe people, who have strong media followings, need to curtail outlandish crap because there are very unstable people out there, that will follow in extreme action….as you said, “Anyone that can’t seperate fact from fiction is the real nut case.” Seperating fact from fiction can be real hard for some people, such as Karl Rove on Election Day. You will more often, than not, hear the more liberal media want to bring on debate and reasoning; however, you will adversly, more often than not, hear the more conservative media talk with violence, racism and bigotry in their speech and hold deaf ears to debate. If you think I intend to trample on anyone’s 1st Amm. rights, I may have been unclear. So let me state clearly, I served for 4 years active, w/out that right, so others would continue to enjoy it.

          • Sorry Jarheadgene but you made NO point, you expressed your opinion that the right vs left false paradigm exists there is nothing factual about that. I hear much more violent, racist talk and complete nonsense from the talking heads at MSNBC than anywhere, am I now to believe they are the right?

            My suggestion is if you don’t like what someone has to say turn them off but acting like a party hack accomplishes nothing and it makes it hard to take you seriously.

      • Dear TonyinMO. Did you earn your bloviating degree from BS O’Reilly U? Once again, the paranoia of conservatives causes them to see shadows where none exist. No one has proposed ANY law or executive order that will take your precious gun from you, not even, God forbid, it would have to be pried from your cold, dead fingers. You apparently have not read, and are not even interested in reading, what Obama’s gun policy entails, and I am certain you did not listen to his message this past Wednesday, in which he clearly spelled it out so even you could understand it (well, maybe).

      • Of course you’re right. No laws outlawing guns will completely keep criminals from getting and using them. While we’re at it, let’s get rid of all those other laws that don’t work: the ones against murder, rape, robbery, kidnapping, extortion, assault, child abuse, etc. What misguided fools trying to endanger the liberties of people passed those stupid things, anyway? Since criminals will always break the law, let’s just make it simple and repeal them all. Actually, that will solve the crime problem: how can one be a criminal if he breaks no laws?

        Not a good idea?

        While you were out of your house, one of those pesky criminals could be stealing your guns and clips. Where do you think most of the guns they have come from? And, if you have a veritable arsenal, as many of the “law-abiding, responsible” gun owners seem compelled to assemble, the crook has to hit only one place to fulfill all his needs.

        If such supposedly sane paranoids didn’t exist, the demand for assault weapons would drop, and gradually – over the years because there are already enough guns in private ownership in this country to equip several small nations’ complete armed forces – the number available would drop as well. A ban would not stop all lunatics immediately (or ever), but it likely would stop some, and make things at least somewhat more difficult for the others. That’s worth a quite a few lives.

        Although most paranoid gun lunatics could probably easily pass a “sanity” test or a background check, known criminals wouldn’t, and at least some of the people who currently own the weapons wouldn’t be able to accumulate any more.

        But of course, this is an attempt at a rational argument; why am I wasting it on you?

        • Your logic is not sound. I can take what you just said and twist it into just about anything else. We should ban all cars because someone might drive drunk…..we should ban pain medications because someone might become an addict……blah blah blah blah.
          Why don’t we all agree to focus our attention on making sure our children are being taken care of properly so that we can break the cycle?
          Why not that?

          Yours is not an attempt at a rational argument. It is a reactionary statement that in the end is missing the forest for the trees. You don’t ban weapons because someone may steal them (seriously?????).

          Why not create a society where children learn not to steal in the first place? Where they are taught individual, personal responsibility so that they can be compassionate and productive members of society?

          Let’ s give that a shot, shall we?

          From where I sit, we are a LONG way away from ever accomplishing that. If humans are so smart, then why can’t it be done?????

      • It is disturbing to read the ‘logic’ of the NRA soaked paranoia, kool aid mind set: guns don’t kill, people do; we’ve done that, it didn’t work; take away my guns, take away my freedom-next step to anarchy, Communism; only law abiding citizens follow laws-we have too many already-criminals have guns…blah, blah, blah. So, as the only democracy left on earth without realistic gun control, with out of control gun violence & deaths-more than 30,000/year, and the only free society yet to actually address it, we stick our head in the sand, blathering on about our precious rights, sacrificing our innocents daily as we fearfully clutch our guns-the more deadly, the better, and point blame at every other cause. While we need vastly improved mental health care, it is not in exclusion to gun control.
        We need to face the facts: we have 30x the gun deaths of the UK, Australia; 10x India; 4x Switzerland. Are the Aussies, Brits less free? Have they not dealt with black market guns, too? Since gun control enacted, Australia has not had a single shooting massacre and reduced suicide rate. Maybe if we get over our love affair with guns, our obsession over our rights, and look at what the rest of the civilized world has done to responsibly deal with gun control, we might get off our high & mighty pedestal and do the right thing. Protect the innocent and vulnerable.

      • Keep going Tony. Perhaps someday you will get through.

        Children are a blank slate at birth. They learn prejudice, bullying and bad character from the ADULTS they are exposed to. (I know there is more to it, but a lot of it is from their experience, which is predicated on the adults in their young lives).

        Time to help our children have a real chance to grow up and be good adults. We need to identify the adults that are ruining our kids.

        When the gun-banners can tell me how they are going to do that, then maybe we might get somewhere.

      • @TonyinMO– You say,” we dont need more laws”. Then explain to me why we have so many laws governing automobiles? Should we just allow drunk drivers to operate their cars at will? Should we just allow everyone to just run redlights and stop signs? Why not, those laws just restrict law abiding citizens, the drunk drivers dont care, they will just do it anyway. Why have speed limits? That just restricts law abiding citizens that want to speed when their late for work. Don’t be a bone head, no one says it will stop the violence, but it may restrict some of it and maybe save a few lives that otherwise would be dead. And what makes you think the government wants your guns? Because if they did,all the guns you can enmasse wont do any good, they’ll take them if they want them. Drugs are illegal, but people still use drugs. We have speed limits, but people still speed. Laws are what seperates us from an uncivilized and anarchist society. There are many inanimate objects that can do harm and those need laws regulating them

      • WOW! A great post. I completely agree, blaming inanimate objects and then thinking that banning them will do any good is absurd at best. The problem is the system, it sucks and is a huge failure. Just the mental health issue itself would have prevented most of these problems. How about attacking the problem instead of attacking law abiding citizen’s or inanimate objects.

      • Why do I keep responding to these posts? It’s already clear to me that none of you gun “enthusiasts” is capable of seeing the big picture. No matter how horrible it gets, the only thing that matters is your right to own a killing machine. No one wants your precious, goddam pistols, hunting rifles and shotguns – but you complain that your precious rights are being trampled on when assault rifles come into question. Not one of you has given a good reason why anyone needs one. What’s next?, your right to own a small nuclear device? You say it’s about protection. What about the protection of the innocent? Over 10,000 people a year have to die in America each year so you can have your killing tools. Again, I want one of you to tell me what the justification is for owning a “semi-automatic” weapon. A semi-automatic was used at Sandy Hook. It fires off seven shots a second. That’s SEMI! All you have to do is wiggle your finger and you can squeeze off enough shots to pummel a six-year-old’s body eleven times in two seconds. Is this the reason reason someone needs one? None of you addresses the fact that in all of Europe there are less gun deaths in one year than there are in one week in the U.S.
        You say “I personally think it’s BS to make criminals out of law abiding tax paying citizens because that’s all these bans will end up doing.” Listen, know-it-all, criminals and terrorists alike come from all over the world to get their weapons
        here because they’re so READILY AVAILABLE! If you say you need these things to protect you from the government, well booby, Do you really think you are a threat to the U.S. Military? They will turn all you blow-hards into pink dust in a split second. Now, I just wasted valuable time on this Sunday morning talking to another right-wing brick.
        Another thing: I’m so sick and tired of the phrase “law abiding, tax-paying citizens”. What the f*** do you think WE are, escaped convicts? We’re just sane – that’s all.
        Here’s a suggestion; why don’t you stock up on viagra because THERE is the source of your problem.

        • I just love it when an unhinged idiot writes a full page of nonsense then outs themselves as a complete tool in the first sentence. It saves me from wasting my time reading any farther.

          My guns have never killed anyone, so your “killing machine” comment just makes your entire comment insignificant and nothing more than incessant whining by an uniformed fool. Enjoy your meltdown the first 3 sentences were priceless, I’m sure the rest was equally unhinged.

      • I don’t think Timothy McVeigh was mentally ill. He had a very clear and focused agenda. He truly thought the government was trying to take away the rights of citizens, that it was tyrannic……. Wait a minute…….who does that sound like……uhhhhhhhhhhhhh……

  2. There’s very few humans I wouldn’t rescue from a fire or dangling from a cliff, but Malkin is one of them.

  3. I would like to see a group photo of the millions of American kids that have been left homeless due to the banks and Obama’s lack of action.

    Then, maybe we can have a group photo of kids that get crappy education while these bureaucrats are living the high life.

    Maybe we could have a group photo of the crap we force our kids to eat at school while Obama and his cronies eat lobster at the Inauguration Dinner.

    Dont fret, boner and the owl man will be sitting at that table.

    • WELL SAID!!!!!!!!!
      But many posting on this site turn a blind eye to that. Mr O can be forgiven for that because ‘it’s not his fault, the Republicans blocked him’ or ‘it’s Bush’s fault’.

      While you are at it, how about his numerous and costly vacations, and the 50 plus ‘Holiday’ trees in the White House? I’ve said that before…. but they don’t care about that. Christ – what is the cost of this damn inauguration?

      He should put his money where his mouth is and donate all those taxpayer dollars back to the tax payers……oh, yes, that is correct………he is just like all the other politicians that come before him.

      But they will not see. They think he is wonderful and will not see that he has faults and hold him accountable for them.

      Hypocrites, all.

  4. Want to make a point about children? How about using the 500,000 that aren’t here this year because they were aborted last year?

    • 500,000 fetuses, not children, were aborted last year. A fetus is not viable outside the womb. It grows into a child, which is viable outside the womb. If you want to reduce abortions, then support family planning efforts.

      • So a fetus in not worthy of consideration as a future child. It is not viable outside the womb. Could that same argument not be made about a one year old child with no adults to pay attention to it?

        Seems to me the premier ‘family planning group’ is also the premier abortionist.

        • Gee Bill ….you can take the abortion arguments to extremes…as the GOP has and continues to do so. Why not outlaw “the pill” or outlaw condoms, or outlaw sex, altogether, unless is specifically to produce a child? Don’t cry about freedoms and then take away a freedom a woman has to her OWN body.

          • Don’t know how to tell you this, jarheadgene, but there is a pretty good difference between contraception and abortion. If sex doesn’t produce a fetus, no harm, no foul. When a fetus is created, now it is just a little more than a woman and her own body. I’m not against all abortion. I’m probably a little more liberal about it than other conservatives. I feel badly for a woman who has to make a choice: raise a child on your own, raise an unwanted child, put your child up for adoption or kill it before you see it. Whatever choice she makes, she is the one who has to live with it.

          • Your last sentence is the only sensible one. Yes, it is the woman who has to live with her decision, one which is not easy to make. It’s between the woman, her conscience and her god, if she has one. So You and the anti-choice contingent need to keep your noses out. It’s none of your business.

          • As I have said to others, when you use tax money (or forced insurance premiums) for either contraception or abortion, you have invited others to make it their business. And a final note, of the choices available to a woman, the only one that does not offer any possible future alternatives, is abortion.

          • You may not remember the GOP Primaries, I do, according to Rick Santorum, all birth control is bad. Romney had some skewed ideas re birth control as well. I am glad to see you are not against ALL abortion. Theories are all good but what do you do in the here and now? When you are faced with Life of the mother, vs life of the fetus, or life of one fetus over another (twins with serious neonatal complications) you would be glad to have the CHOICE. 12 years ago a level 4 NICU had close to a 100% viability rate at 24 weeks and beyond. I don’t know how much further they have advanced since then. If you would like to expand your knowledge go to the TTTS foundation . org site. If a pregnancy has been diagnosed with that you are given some choices, one being “Termination” of the pregnancy. When you choose life and take your chances, it is not uncommon, you will end up with one or more children with some form of disability or health issues. Now, brownshirt NAZIS(that like to call themselves fiscal conservatives or Republicans) have no use for disabled children or people ….they are the “TAKERS” of this world. But I wouldn’t trade a day, with my child, for a day without, for all of The Coward Romney’s money. And I would not like to return to pre-Roe v. Wade and not have been given a choice. Republicans like to throw the word freedom around an awful lot, ironic that they want to take a woman’s freedom to her own body away. Now here is where I PART ways with the Democrats, Americans have the freedom to own a gun, and it should STAY that way.

          • I didn’t agree with Santorum any more than I agreed with Fluke. As I said, it is the woman who has to make the final choice. Abortion is the one choice with no possible future alternatives. The way to keep Republicans out of the argument is quit requiring public tax money pay for either contraception or abortion. Once you ask for their money to support things to which they have a moral objection, you invite their opinions, which does not make them brownshirt Nazis. I am a fiscal conservative and I provide substantial support to disabled children, as does Romney, by the way.

          • You know what Bill? It’s none of your business. Yeah, that’s right – it’s none of your business. If you get pregnant one day, you may have an opinion on this topic that’s something more than bloated, presumptuous ego and paternalistic intrusion. White men. Who is more passionate about so-called “pro-life” than white men, I ask you.

          • Know what, loonytunes, it is my business the minute any of my tax money is used to pay for either contraception or abortion. I’d rather it wouldn’t be my business, but the Democrats have made it my business.

          • montanabill, if you pay a microscopic dot of tax$ for contraception or abortion (not), I pay a microscopic dot of my tax$ for boner pills and male bladder incontinence. That, as you know, is a million miles from the point.

            Your old age erectile dysfunction or urine leakage will not affect how you will use all the years of your adult life from mid-teens to death. My unwanted pregnancy will unalterably change everything, every option in every single aspect, over the full course of my life until death. Arguing some equivalency between you and me is disingenuous or insane.

            Women WILL decide, Bill, how they will use their lives, no matter what right to control men may *think* they have. You’re a holdover from a soon to be bygone era, Bill, and I repeat: it’s WOMEN’s health and lives, and it’s none of your business. Unless you get pregnant. Bill.

          • Regardless of the constant denials, Planned Parenthood does receive tax money that aids and abets abortion. Similarly, Obamacare forces me to pay for contraception coverage in my insurance whether I want or need it. I don’t need or expect other taxpayers or insurance buyers to supplement any erectile drug or anything else related to my sex life.

            Your ‘unwanted pregnancy’ occurred because of choices you made. You and whoever you teamed with are responsible. No one else.

            I have agreed with you that each woman’s health is her business. It will stay her business unless she requires me or any other person to pay taxes or insurance costs to cover any decision she might make. Then she loses the ‘privacy’ right. So if you want to keep your privacy and the ability to make your own decisions, use your own money to pay for your decisions.

          • I didn’t have an unwanted pregnancy, Bill. I’m not arguing from a position of my own selfish wishes. My position considers others; it considers the good of our society. Stretch, Bill. Try to wrap your head around that concept.

            And the taxes argument? You know full well that your taxes and mine pay for many, many things we approve of, don’t approve of, don’t know about, and couldn’t care less about. Zeroing in on the taxes argument to say you should have a right to make this decision for me is a weak, weak argument, and you know it. The fact, Bill, is you think you’ve got some God-given right to tell women how they ought to behave, and how to run their lives. Well, you don’t. Our bodies belong to us, as do our lives and our choices. The only proper thing for men to do is butt the hell out.

          • Here’s a new concept for you, rakitoon. Be responsible for yourself. It is your opinion that your position is good for society. It is my position that it creates dependency, which is not good for society.

            Sure we all pay for a lot of things that we don’t approve of with our taxes. But we get a chance to have a say about it. And get over the idea that I want to tell women how to behave. I’ve not said that. I have said that your behavior is your responsibility and you should be responsible for the consequences. That goes right along with claim of your bodies, lives and choices belonging to you. You are right. And you don’t need to have other people financing your decisions.

          • No, Bill. My point wasn’t that my position is good for society; it’s that you’re a selfish ass whose tax arguments are preposterously silly. And incidentally you’ll seldom meet anyone more responsible than I. I would rather drive a plastic fork into my eye than ask anyone else for anything. But I don’t insist everyone conform to my preferences.

            Look, you can come up with more diversionary rants if you like, more finger-pointing, browbeating, and delivery of one misdirected lecture about responsibility after another (as though lustful, rapacious women are out hound dogging chaste men for their sperm. Jesus.)

            In fact, what you want to do is tell women what’s right, what’s wrong, and what their options ought to be. Again, until you get pregnant at 15 (or 25 or 40) and have to make that choice for your own life, it is absolutely none of your business.

          • I think you can clearly see from my posts that I have no intention of telling any woman what decision she should make, as long as my money through taxes or insurance costs, is not being used to fund that decision. Then I have a say.

            I can only conclude from your position on taxes that you are simply one of those who believe that we work for the government and that using other people’s money for your causes without them having a say is perfectly all right. Only selfish people don’t want their confiscated earnings spent on your pet causes.

          • OK. I will expand for you. Like many conservatives you believe (or pretend to believe?) that people like me who do not wish to “drown govt in a bathtub” are all about being lazy and irresponsible and “getting things.” This incredibly dim conclusion drives me insane. Abortion is a legal medical procedure, just like your vasectomy. But unlike your vasectomy (or prostate exam, or venereal disease treatment), people who could never require the procedure are determined to kill it. But that’s beside my point.

            You want to talk tax dollars. OK. Our society, or economy bears a devastating short and long-term cost if it becomes imperative by law or by lack of funding that every cell cluster must become an infant when those infants will be borne unwanted, to people unprepared or unable to care for them and raise them properly to adulthood. What do you suppose is the life-long cost to the taxpayer of a neglected or abused or abandoned, or simply undereducated child? In childhood? In adulthood? Think, Bill, of all of the kinds of needs that human may develop, and think of all the ways they’ll go wrong, all the lives they may harm or destroy along the way, and all the damage and need that too may generate. This is the root cause of so much social ill, leading to an explosion of need. Very expensive need, Mr. Taxpayer.

            So purely from the point of view of a taxpayer (since you say that’s your chief interest), this legal medical choice of stopping the development of cells into an infant absolutely SHOULD be supported by tax dollars because it is a an extremely high-return investment. That alone should be sufficient benefit to justify funding.

          • Since you are not a conservative, you obviously have no idea what we really believe and like to make stuff up to justify your own view point.

            Doctors say your ‘cell cluster’ has a heart beat at 18 days. My prostrate doesn’t.

            Your argument lends itself to a government that can decide what babies should be born. Do you really want that?

          • Oh Bill. I know too-far-gone conservatives ohhhh so verrry well.

            For instance, like you they can pontificate for days on end on a website, but they’re not really interested in an exchange of ideas. They betray this when they flee from a challenge by changing the subject — preferably to something that gives them that cheap thrill of fake moral superiority. Exactly as you just did.

            So I’ve taken you seriously for longer than warranted. Go beat off to a gun magazine.

    • You know the answer. I don’t usually bother but ok: here you go. Those aren’t children. They are specs of cell clusters that may or may not – by the hand of nature or medicine – one day become babies. Nobody who is pro-choice thinks abortion is about killing children.

      So-called “pro-life movement” is (whether you understand this or not) an ideological pursuit that uses the large American religious fringe like the 1% use the Tea Party. Its aim is to defeat the freedom of girls and women – most importantly eliminate their influence of on public policy. This when the growth of the influence of girls and women in public life all over the world is the best hope for humanity.

      • Yeah, you’re right. That was a little below the belt. Just seems a little hypocritical to me that the folks who approve of Obama using children to support his agenda can then criticize the NRA for using Obama’s kids to point out his hypocrisy.

        • Do you think Obama’s kids should have more protection than a regular old Joe’s kids? And you may want to book mark this to use against me later, but I agree with you both sides are hypocritical on this.

    • Bill, let me make one thing very clear. I believe abortion is an evil thing. However, I also believe the right of the individual to determine what to have done with/to his/her body is paramount. I do not believe the government has any more right to tell me what medical procedures I may have than it does to enter my home uninvited. I also believe that the death penalty is a strong deterrant to crime; sometimes it is also justice. But having been a close part of our “Justice system” and seeing 187 persons relased from death row because DNA proved they were innocent, I MUST oppose the death penalty. And sadly I must agrre tht a woman has a right to an abortion. As a christian I believe she will have to answer to a higher power some day, as will we all.

      • It is a hard thing to be an American, who stands up for the rights of Americans given by the Constitution of the United States and still be a good Christian isn’t it?

    • And who among your ‘special class of people [republicans]’
      might I ask would provide any semblance of care or compassion
      for those children had they not been aborted?
      These ‘people’–Malken and Rush and Coulter and most of your party
      when referred to as scum, give scum a bad name!

  5. How dare that inhumanitarian, Jerry Lewis, who dragged crippled children in wheelchairs onto the world stage to raise money, and funded so much research. And those letters I get in the mail pleading for money picturing third world children with cleft lips and palates. Child abusers all!
    It’s very difficult to say who among those on the extreme right are the lowest of the low. Malkin, like Coulter, is especially repugnant.
    No wait—-maybe it is the godfather Rush, who makes fun of scared children.

    • If the objective of the 0bama administration was to save children and not take away law abiding citizens 2nd amendment rights I’d agree with you.

      You see Jerry Lewis mission was very clear and the money went to where he claimed it would go. Jerry Lewis never supported things like partial birth abortions or withholding treatment to save the life of a child who was born due to a botched abortion like Mr. 0bama has.

      I’m sure you can see why 0bama shouldn’t be trusted when he says “it’s for the kids safety”, he has a history of doing the exact opposite. In other words 0bama is a LIAR!

  6. Politicians shake hands and kiss babies, they have been using children forever, althoug there are a few I wouldn’t let get close to my kid. (lyin ryan for one)

  7. It helps to have a reminder of what the stakes are in this matter. Too often [politicians act as if their actions do not effect human beings.

  8. Montana Bill – How about all the homeless children that go hungary, are abused and end up in prison because no on wanted them! You say you care about abortion but you don’t want anything to do with the children after they are born! Lousy hypocrite!!

  9. Why do you place this on Obama’s plate??? We have a House that refuses to condon or act on anything that he wants to propose! They couldn’t make his first term his last, so they damn well will try to make this term as miserable as possible no matter who it hurts!! Don’t think for a moment they “care” about the American people! Big money is what rules!!

  10. Both sides use kids to tug at your heart strings. You should try to be better than your opponents, obviously both sides are wrong and whoever wrote this piece of trash is no better.

    Any politician using children to sell their agenda should be completely totally and entirely ignored in this case 0bama and the NRA should both be shunned.

    It should be noted that 0bama is our president and is supposed to represent all Americans which of course in this instance he doesn’t. The NRA is a private organization and represents it’s paying members not the rest of the world.

    I think it’s clear who is doing their job here and who isn’t and who is a political hack journalist.

  11. There is a major difference that is missed here. Pres. Bush didn’t go to eight year old kids for policy advice. Maybe Pres. Obama has not advanced beyond eight year old thinking.

    Dik Thurston
    Colorado Springs

  12. Yep, Radical Republicans are the poster Children of hypocrisy. They have been so since the 1980’s. They also suffer from convenient memory loss.

    • As their great HERO, the football star, war hero, compassionate father to a monkey, (OH Wait that was only make believe, in the movies) Ronald Reagan said, “It is possible to forget.”

  13. Its so strange as a Canadian to watch this debate in the U.S. Wha we see as common sense seems so foreign to you folks…It feels like Americans are just simply afraid of other Americans so they need a gun to protect themselves…screw logic or evidence that shows that your are more likely to be killed by your own gun then actually use that gun to save your own life. WE really are two different cultures.

    • Open gun ownership keeps our taxes from rising to the rates of other countries….like 70%. Our gov’t. wastes enough money with the avg 30% they get.

    • I know what you’re saying Ian although culture can sometimes be a hard thing to define. I’ve occasionally wondered about this myself. Canada and the U.S. are such good neighbours and friends. We’re right next door and we’re basically the same people. We look the same and have the same standard of living, we share the same language (mostly) and many of the same customs and traditions; I’ve always thought that we largely shared the same culture with some differences. Republican gerrymandering aside, we share an equal commitment to democracy.

      Except for maybe Quebec, when you cross the border you wouldn’t even know you were in a different country. The flag changes…..that’s about it. That’s all true on a surface level, but scratch that surface and what you said starts to become apparent. On a deeper level there are a number of social issues and attitudes where there are crazy differences—-almost incomprehensible.

      There are the odd times when there are more interesting things going on in Canada than the U.S. (a rare occurrence) and I’ll spend a week or so mostly just watching the Canadian political talk shows. It’s during these times that I begin noticing again the deep socio-political differences between the two countries and I sometimes wonder how it ever got that way.

  14. Michelle Malkin is supposed to show “shock.” She is a member of the NRA. I listened to these children read their letters. They had written to the President asking to be heard. He let them be heard. After all, they have a stake in this country, too. It is their country that might become a war zone.

  15. Is it a part of the process in becoming an american politician, that stupidity is at the top of the list of nominees? I thought is was money…guessed wrong again!

  16. Hey how about all the politicians on both sides that hug & kiss babies while they are campaigning? I didn’t hear anything about that.

    I am waiting for the crazies to attack Gov. Christie. To my knowledge he is the only republican in the spotlight who has denounced the ad by the NRA. Even if they did, he would just blow them off.

  17. .. GOP/EvilBushie hypocrisy has cost them more and more votes… they’re about ready to boot the EvilBushie Wing out of power and get a little more sensible again…

    .. BTW, if it was true that you are more likely to be killed by your own gun than have it save your life, then WHY do soldiers ALL carry guns…?!?!? That myth is just more psychotic idiocy…

  18. Again the point is missed Obama did not pick the kind of protection provided for his kids, it is a demand stated in the Constitution of the United States of America as has been provided for all the other Presidents of this country,Oh! I see because he is black and you don’t approve of him then the rules should be different. Since some of you don”t approve of him no matter what he does then maybe we should move him out in the woods in a clap board house with no running water an outhouse with grass and leaves to wipe his ass no electricty and no means of transprotation, would that satisfy you guys, well then the rest of the world would finally see the American people for the Racist assholes they already think we are. Thank God all Americans aren’t made that way only afew of you, that’s why I keep asking you guy that keep entertaining these Racists thoughts of President Obama, you don’t agree with his policies you don’t agree with anything associated with him and his family then you have one choice pack you shit and move your ass to another country and see how long they let you disagree with their policy knocing their Ruler because people whether you like it or not he’s not going anywhere anytime soon he’s got the highest approval rating of any other President, and that’s a fact, so your opinion means nothing in the court of the people so go suck on a lemon or whatever pleases you.

    • When people such as yourself STOP playing the damn race card ( I am SO tired of it – are you black or something? Because you are OBSESSED with this issue) it will be a cold day in hell.

      What is wrong with you?

      You make me tired and turn me into a nasty person. We adults suck. You and me included. Hope you don’t have children. Because your attitude may have already turned them into racists as well. Because if all you can do time and time again is play the race card on this site, you must do it a lot in your personal life. Which means if you have kids, you have already messed them up. Poor kids.

      • Oh come one. You have to admit there are vast populations of racists in America and many of them post under names like “inthenameofliberty”. It’s kind of a giveaway, Mr. O’fliberty.

        • Your assumptions are interesting.
          You know what they say about making assumptions. At least, I would like to think that you are old enough to.

          O voted for the ‘Man’ in 2008. I just could not turn a blind eye to the promises he broke. I said it before and I shall repeat myself.

          I not only believed Obama. I believed ‘IN’ Obama.

          I am truly and honestly so disappointed in what he has done (not what he has NOT done, but what he has actually done) that I can not stand behind him anymore.

          It is just that simple, rakitoon. Nothing about his skin color goes along with this. I am so tired of president after president bombing other countries in the name of ‘Democracy’ (current drone strikes), signing away our constitutional rights (his affirmation of unlimited detention of US citizens without due process), bowing down to special interests (car maker bailout – what made a PART of the American auto industry that much more important than the thousands of businesses with their millions of jobs that went bankrupt – what? Could it be that Obama had to rescue his union worker friends? Explain it to me – I am still confused why my taxpayer dollars were taken to support a business that was so poorly run that it had to be ‘saved’ while others were not so fortunate), thumbing their noses at promises (not only did Obama promise to make labeling of GMO foods a priority (ok, he could not get that done by this point, I can understand that Washington is a cesspool of corruption) but he went so far as to do the following: Appoint a previous high official of Monsanto to the HEAD OF THE FDA – what a hypocrite Obama is. He goes from saying he’ll label GMO’s to giving reign of the FDA to a man who did everything he could to promote GMO’s.

          So you tell me – does it make me a RACIST to be very unhappy with a man who is the same as many of the previous untrustworthy presidents that have held the office? Does it??????? I just gave you 4 reasons why I am not content with our current president. NOT ONE OF THEM was the color of his skin.

          You are very foolish. And very naive.

          • I fully confess my comment was just a quick, flippant remark on something I only skimmed. My bad. Apologies. I’ve been giving all the love to montanabill. 😉

            My great disappointment with Obama is the one that will go down in history as THE great disappointment of his presidency: his failure to put the big Wall Street banks in their place and impose necessary regulation when he had the chance to. Horrible, terrible, weak, just disastrous failure. Screw Geithner. Too big to fail then, and far bigger and out of control now. God help us.

          • History will look back and tell the tale. He has 4 more years.
            I await to see what he does.
            And I am not at ease.

            And I thank you.

  19. Someone please explain to me what rule on Earth did Obama violate, a bunch of kids wrote him a letter asking him to use his power to stop the slaughter and he gave them a trip to the White House to meet the President of the United States, probably had lunch with him and got to appear on the Stage with him for all the world to see please tell me how many kds can you name that wouldn’t give everything they own to be in their shoes, Can you imagine how popular these kids will be when they get back home, they can walk down any street in their home town and everybody recognizes them and in the olden days they can tell about the time they had lunch with the President of the United States, how many kids would turn that down. Someone needs to get that sick bitch Malkin and explain the facts of life just when you think Bachmann is the only another pops up out of hole lets know there are more nuts out there.

  20. The disarming of the American people will not stop mass shootings or any other gun crime. You all seem to forget that criminals and mentally unstable people have been and will continue to be able to acquire the guns they want to commit their crimes and devastation. Drugs are illegal, yet our streets are full to over flowing with them. POTUS wants to use the Illinois gun laws as a blueprint for National gun laws, yet Chicago has the highest number of gun-related crimes and murders IN THIS COUNTRY. What kind of ignorance does it take to think that’s going to work?? Why don’t the progressives/liberals GET IT??? If someone breaks into your home to do your family harm, it will be too late to wish you had a gun and since most liberals shun the belief in God, you won’t be able to pray that the police get there in time.

    In addition, using children to push a political agenda may or may not be fine…but at least try not to be hypocritical. You can’t stand there claiming your desire to keep children safe, yet have the blood of thousands of aborted children on your hands.

        • It’s a drawing of a 13-week-old fetus designed to trigger the instinctual response that makes us feel protective toward anything remotely resembling a baby. The fetus is only a potential person until it is viable. Your simplistic emotional ploy does not reflect any understanding of the quandaries that women face when deciding whether or not to have an abortion.

          • @ english_teacher

            Yet, Repwomanrock has a very good point.

            There is an uproar about the slaughter of the children in CT.
            Yet, NOT an uproar about abortion.

            She is correct to point out the hypocrisy.

            Do not get me wrong – I believe that NO ONE but a woman and her doctor should make choices about a woman’s body.

            Just because I don’t believe in something for me does not mean that I feel that I have the right to DICTATE TO ANYONE ELSE.

            That is why this whole gun control fiasco is wrong. There is no reason to control guns.


            But no one ever wants to bring that up.

            Why don’t you propose dictating WHO GETS TO HAVE CHILDREN?

            Maybe the government should require us to go to class, pass a test with a ‘B’ or greater average, make a certain amount of money per year to support the expected child, be screened for congenital defects…..all before we are ‘PERMITTED” to apply for a permit to have a child.

            HEY – sounds a LOT like the new gun control laws!!!

            What do you know —– isn’t that just a WONDERFUL FRIGGIN’ IDEA?????

            We in this country are in such a state, and missing the bigger picture.

            What is wrong with us?

            So very disheartening.

            BTW – I hope you can see the sarcasm in what I wrote. I am just being an ass and pointing out another hypocrisy as I see it.

    • ProTip: Try making an argument that:
      a) excludes the fantasy scenario that Americans may be “disarmed” and won’t be able to hunt or defend themselves in their homes, and
      b) excludes the simplistic supposition that any remedy must eliminate 100% of gun related violence instantly, or it’s just foolishness.

      Martin Short made a great point last night. Nobody thought the small anti-smoking steps taken over time so many decades ago would stop 100% of smoking on a dime, and they sure didn’t. But who could deny that over the past 50 years the number of smokers has been drastically reduced? 50 years from now, how many people do you think will still be puffing away at office building entrances?

      I guess I’m saying hey, conservatives, argue in some reality-based way. Which I suppose is futile.

  21. I wonder how far Malkin’s hypocrisy can go–here’s a woman who’ll do or say anything for attention, who joins the right-wingnut movement against liberal immigration policies even though those same policies allowed her parents to move here from the Philippines, whose adopted political party not only exploits children, but exploits the public through lies, disinformation and fear-mongering–a woman whose family fled those same corrupt policies that Marcos constantly used on her own people.

    Since nothing she does or says makes any real sense, we’re gonna have to go with Malkin just being plain ‘nuts’ or an Imelda Marcos wannabe–or both.

  22. How soon they forget when it is one of their own. Apparently this Michele creature does not understand video tape…strange coming from a woman who depends upon media to remain relevant in bazarro world.

  23. Tony, I can’t help but wonder – are you a lying sack of shit or are you so paranoid that you feel compelled to drive around with an assault weapon in your car?

    What I’m saying, dude, is that you and my many friends who would oppose background checks, training programs, etc., either have something to hide, are clinically paranoid, have inadequacy issues (or both,) or just swaggering idiots with friends that somehow idolize other swaggering idiots.

    If you NEED a gun, have a gun that fits your needs: a hand gun, hunting rifles, etc. Don’t try to convince me that an assault weapon has any purpose in sport or suits anyone’s needs that are involved in the military or law enforcement.

    And most of all, stop trying to convince yourself that when the black helicopters come from the UN to impose a New World Order or whatever conspiratorial crap you’ve bought into, that your head and your piece of shit .223 will be anything more than a speed bump.

  24. @ english_teacher

    Yet, Repwomanrock has a very good point.

    There is an uproar about the slaughter of the children in CT.
    Yet, NOT an uproar about abortion.

    She is correct to point out the hypocrisy.

    Do not get me wrong – I believe that NO ONE but a woman and her doctor should make choices about a woman’s body.

    Just because I don’t believe in something for me does not mean that I feel that I have the right to DICTATE TO ANYONE ELSE.

    That is why this whole gun control fiasco is wrong. There is no reason to control guns.


    But no one ever wants to bring that up.

    Why don’t you propose dictating WHO GETS TO HAVE CHILDREN?

    Maybe the government should require us to go to class, pass a test with a ‘B’ or greater average, make a certain amount of money per year to support the expected child, be screened for congenital defects…..all before we are ‘PERMITTED” to apply for a permit to have a child.

    HEY – sounds a LOT like the new gun control laws!!!

    What do you know —– isn’t that just a WONDERFUL FRIGGIN’ IDEA?????

    We in this country are in such a state, and missing the bigger picture.

    What is wrong with us?

    So very disheartening.

    BTW – I hope you can see the sarcasm in what I wrote. I am just being an ass and pointing out another hypocrisy as I see it.

  25. I noticed inthenameofliberty that your attack was personal, it’s me that you don’t like personally. You must have a thorn hung up in your ass and have to release your tension on someone, well bring it on because I have broad shoulders, I noticed you didn’t post a comment on disqus you came straight after me well to start with I have had my share of prejudices hurled at me my nationalty is Latino you asshole and I am American born and bred in the United States and that guarantees me the right to express my opinion and disagreements without your asinine permission your will probably get more satisfaction humping your mother you mother fucker and I am not black but I can tell the difference when someone is attacking a pesons policy and when they are attacking the person as I said I have experienced all my life and the point I was making was that that asshole Michelle Malkin was so appalled at the presentation by President Obama for having those children with him which I thought there was nothing wrong mainly since the children had initiated the whole program by their requests with their letters, I thought that was a good gesture by him inviting them to the White House, how many times would kids like that get an invitation to visit with the President of the United States I’m pretty sure they probably injoyed lunch with him and his family I willing to bet that any child that receives an invitation would jump at the offer in a sec and here was jackass being appalled by this meeting when other Presidents have done the samething as the picture shows his predessor doing exactly the samething I guess it was right for Bush but not for Obama. Lets call a spade, aspade and nopun intendedall you assholes that disagree with his policies if you culd get away with it would use te “N” word but you know better, that’s a No No, so you frame your remarks subtely but the inflection is still there and you bette accept it because he’s not going to get any whiter but he’s still going to be our President and I am proud to call him my President, the best we have had yet and anybody that don’t like it can KISS MY LATIN-AMERICAN ASS!

    • I voted for Obama in 2008 sir.
      Yes, I did.

      I don’t care what your nationality is. Congratulations on being Latino. That’s nice.

      I don’t feel like kissing your ass. You are not a nice person. Find some fool who will agree with your bitter self and kiss your ass. I am sure you can – there’s plenty of people like you in America.

      Have a great, bitter life.

  26. People are getting their paranoia, hate, racism, from shows like Limbaugh, Beck, Jones, Fox News, NRA and some in the GOP including others who don’t give the real facts just facts that they insert for their agenda. People need to watch and listen to all sides like Anderson Cooper 360 show. He has both sides on and lets them speak. Like the gun issue. Why are we afraid of background checks? Is there something wrong in your background that you are afraid of? What about assault guns is there a reason you need one? Are you in a cartel, homegrown terrorist group, a criminal or mentally ill? Unless you are in the military or police there is no need for these guns. Stop listening to these crazies and start using the brains God gave us and learn the real facts of issues before you judge.

  27. I feel so invigorated being in the company of the 142 character set. Ever curious as to how the “other side” lives, and thinks, it is far from revealing.

    Trying to make some editorial moral equivalent with a picture of George Bush the younger, holding a child at the signing of the limitation of government spending, and that is what it was, a limitation for stem cell research conducted on the Federal Government dime. Not all stem cell research mind you, and comparing that event to Mr. Obama, using a disaster of a magnitude of national sadness, seldom matched, to muster hysterical support for an attack on Constitutional freedoms is shameful and laughable on its face.

    The greatest sadness at this sight is that like lemmings, those that tut, tut and nod in agreement with our Czar, will one day, awake, to find that with their wholehearted consent, they have unwittingly given away enshrined rights and nary a shot was fired.


  28. Madam, clearly you are one who does not watch the likes of Fox, as if you had, your bias would have been more directed at MSNBC and its form of thought control.

    As to the issue of “real facts”, here are some for your reading pleasure. At issue with the Administrations agenda is the assault on Constitutional freedoms of many kinds, privacy, search and seizure, arms, to name a few, without the knowledge or consent of the governed and under the cover of public interest.

    I would fear less the partisanship of Glenn Beck for his insistence on fiscal responsibility and Constitutional adherence, than say the verbal bile spewed by Ms. Maddow of MSNBC with her clear, Progressive, (read socialist) bent.

    Take some time for diversity of opinion for opinions sake and be reborn.

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