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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Who’s Calling South Carolina Voters To Attack Elizabeth Colbert Busch?

Elizabeth Colbert Busch

In a very public congressional race in South Carolina’s 1st district, some voters have reported receiving suspicious phone calls from pollsters asking debasing questions about Democratic candidate Elizabeth Colbert Busch.

“Push polling” is no stranger to South Carolina elections—the state has an extensive history of dirty politics. “A push poll is political telemarketing masquerading as a poll. No one is really collecting information. No one will analyze the data,” explained Kathy Frankovic, CBS News’ director of surveys in 2009. Candidates and organizations conduct polls consisting of questions that purposefully leave an unfavorable view of that candidate in the minds of the voters, and in this case with strategic timing, as just one week remains until the May 7th special election.

Think Progress reports two accounts of individuals who received one of these phone calls. The caller began by asking common questions, “but they quickly got slanted and they didn’t ask a single question about Sanford at all,” said April Wolford, who has been involved with South Carolina’s Democratic Party for some time.

Wolford and her friend Flo Rosse, who also answered the call from the “Unavailable” phone number, asked the caller who they were calling on behalf of. Rosse maintains she didn’t catch the name, but Wolford claims the caller was said to be from “SSI Polling,” a survey research company out of Connecticut.

“What would you think of Elizabeth Colbert Busch if I told you she had had an abortion? What would you think of Elizabeth Colbert Busch if I told you a judge held her in contempt of court at her divorce proceedings? What would you think of Elizabeth Colbert Busch if she had done jail time? What would you think of Elizabeth Colbert Busch if I told you she was caught running up a charge account bill?” were some of the absurd questions the caller asked that undoubtedly had no other purpose than to vilify Colbert Busch.

Elizabeth Colbert Busch and her Republican opponent, Mark Sanford, met at The Citadel on Monday night for their first and only debate, where aside from having to address his 2009 extramarital affairs, Sanford had an overall bad night against his Democratic counterpart.

There is no evidence that this phony poll was done at the request of the Sanford campaign. Joel Sawyer, Sanford’s spokesperson, told a South Carolina newspaper, “If it’s actually going on, it has nothing to do with us, and whoever is doing it should stop.” While it is still unknown who is responsible for funding this smear campaign, it’s clear that some entity has seen Colbert Busch’s poll numbers as well as her performance in Monday night’s debate and deemed her a serious threat to the GOP in South Carolina.

H/T: Think Progress

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12 Responses to Who’s Calling South Carolina Voters To Attack Elizabeth Colbert Busch?

  1. Once again the Republicans prove the strength of their arguments and the true concern for America and morality that drives their actions.

    • I have found that down here, once they walk out of that building with the cross on top. It’s a double standard. And a big Church here preaches anti Obama, and how the democrats are trying to ruin their lives. But I have a feeling she is strong enough to take this on. She’s going to win. Good-bye Sanford here comes Colbert Busch.

  2. Talk about DESPERATION…… a true “HAIL MARY” on the part of Sanford. Stick a fork in him he is as done as ROMNEY was in 2012, In spite of Karl Rove’s disbelief on FOX BS news. SAY NO the ReBranded P.O.S. G.O.P.

  3. It will take more than this directed push poll and other dirty tricks..Sanfords reputation precedes him.

    What I want to know is how these repubs can say they have received no interest calls for immigration or gun control when multiple groups are putting 100 calls as a minimum into their offices daily. ? A man in Tarbaby Lamborns office said they were flooded with calls and the same with the Flake office in Arizona…Then again, lying is all they have left…certainly not morals or ethics or a record of voting for the Nation. and the PEOPLE!…

  4. He’s done like dinner, but someone should do a push poll on Sanford just for the fun of it.

    “What would you think of Mark Sanford if I told you he believes that marriage is a sacred bond between a man and his wife and his mistress and the other woman he’s seeing on the side? What would you think of Mark Sanford if I told you he was so passionate about his country that he had to take his pants off, and simply misunderstood the phrase, ‘please rise for the pledge of allegiance’? What would you think of Mark Sanford if I told you that his editorial apologizing for his behaviour originally started out, ‘Dear Penthouse’?”

    I could go for that.

  5. CHEAT! LIE! STEAL! Win the election at all costs!


    After all, we want to make sure the grow up to be good Christians.

  6. There isn’t much more unappealing about Sanford during the debate in SC than the sense of male superiority and entitlement he exhibited in his answers, and even in his attempt to ridicule his female opponent, for superior advantage in the debate.

    It’s inexplicable why GOP women continue to dismiss these slights of gender meant to be slights of inadequacy with no basis of credibility that are allowed to slip by as if they were inconsequential or superficial. No wonder there is still a war on women!

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