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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Cook Congressional Map August 19, 2013
Let me start off by saying that for the GOP to lose the House of Representatives would require a meltdown worse than we’re seeing in the Arctic.

“The number of competitive districts is at its lowest since Cook first started the partisanship rating in the 1998 election cycle,” the Cook Political Report announced earlier this year.

After the Republican landslide of 2010, the party’s leaders redistricted the congressional map so effectively that even though they received 1.4 million fewer votes than Democratic House candidates in 2012, they still kept a 17-seat majority in the House. And even without yogic gerrymandering, Americans have naturally gerrymandered themselves.

“Democrats move to cities and overwhelmingly vote for Democrats,” The Atlantic Wire‘s Philip Bump wrote. “If Democrats want to re-take the House, they should move to Wyoming.”

I explain how safe the Republican House majority should be to illustrate how remarkable it is that Republicans have begun to worry that they could lose the House, something they hadn’t imagined was possible until the first election after the next redistricting in 2022.

“Several influential Republicans told us the party is actually in a worse place than it was Nov. 7, the day after the disastrous election,” Politico‘s Mike Allen and Jim Vandehei reported last week. They couldn’t find a Republican in Washington D.C. who didn’t see “a disaster in the making.”

Here are five reasons that even Republicans look at their representatives in the House and see disaster.

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  • John Pigg


    Sorry, as much as you would like to dillude yourself into thinking the Republican Party is in trouble, it is not. The Republican brand is completely shattered, and possibly even repairable. But the Republican Party is still strong.

    This article makes several contradictory statements. First the Republican Party is strong because it rules in rural areas, this will not change, regardless of changes in percentages in Party ID. (Point 4)

    Voter suppression may have backfired in 2012, but who is to say it won’t work in 2014. Republicans as a Party are far more unified, and far more likely to turn out to vote than their Democratic counterparts (case study 2010). (Point 3)

    Immigration Reform will help the Democrats in states like California. But it will not help the Dems where they need competitive elections the most. The South, Midwest, and West, are mostly rural and mostly red. If anything oppossing immigration might even be best for the GOP as far as the house is concerned. (Point 2)

    Seniors will never leave the GOP. Rural seniors are no exception. The GOP has no desire to alienate this group. This is evidenced by the fact that changes to social programs only affect those who are not seniors. Republican seniors are of the attitude that “as long as you don’t touch mine we will still back you”. Regardless of how hypocritical this might be, it won’t put the house in play. (Point 1)

    Winning the House: Well Mr. Pigg how should Democrats try to take the house? Oh, I am so glad you asked.

    There are Republicans in Blood Red states who opposes things that their congressmen have voted for. Run a Dem who is anti-NSA against a Republican Law and Order voter. Talk about how the NRA actually acts against the best interest of gun owners in legislation. Bring up defense spending, and contractors in the DOD and talk about fiscal responsibility. Talk about how birth control and contraception prevent abortions. Talk about how Free Trade gives Chinese peasants more than it gives poverty stricken southerners.

    The Republican Party has chinks in its armor that Democrats can take advantage of, but its not by reiterating the same arguments that work in urban areas.

    • charleo1

      That was actually very brilliant. Depressing, but brilliant.

      • John Pigg

        Don’t be glum. Upper level Democratic Party leaders actually believe that Gerrymandering to be a double edged sword.

        With Republicans in ultra safe districts it will further strengthen radical elements of the Party. The House will continue to shift further right, which would only serve to completely destroy the already weak Republican brand. They may have the House for 10 but demographically there will soon be no way to win the Presidency without alternating their tone and policies.

        • Yvette White

          no let them just keep hating that alone will lose them everything, and I don’t know if you can see but Demographic is already here so what are you talking about, and if you don’t believe is just watch 2014

        • andrewp111

          They can still win the Presidency if Obama’s presidency (or that of a Democratic successor) ends up as a total disaster. Remember, Bush went from his 2004 reelection majority to a dead weight on the GOP ticket in 4 short years.

          Although, I have to admit that Obama’s Presidency may have dodged a very big bullet when he decided to ask Congress for war authorization. Being denied in a House vote will help him avoid truly disastrous outcomes.

          • John Pigg

            Yes, nationally they are far better suited to take the Presidency again.

            I fully expect the Dems to take the Presidency in 2016. Although, I am far from satisfied with the one they keep pushing. I anticipate 3rd parties having an even better showing in 2016 than in 2012.

      • Yvette White

        no its not depressing its wishful thinking, their hate will lose this one for them just like it did in the last Election

    • Yvette White

      I am So glad that you think that way its just what I was wanting to here, cause Seniors are already walking away from Republicans in spades over OBAMA CARE AND SOICAL SECURITY, and your party is not as Unified as you would have people to believe, but when all Else fails lie its what your party dose when they are in trouble, but if it helps you sleep at night so be it, you can bring the NRA, the NSA who ever you want it did not save your asses in the last Election and it will not save you for the next 2, your problem is your party is Homophobic, you hate Black’s and Mexican’s and no-Christians and this alone will cost your party the house,and I will even give you the Rural area but you need more then just that to win, and just the fact that you said chinks proves my point, shit for brains but we shall see

      • disqus_LcxpBv2uzz

        Yvette: I think that John Pigg is on the same side that you are. His analysis, as charleo1 points out, is well-reasoned. Re-read the post and analyze it. I think that his use of the word chinks in the last paragraph refers to cracks or weaknesses in the republicans’ defenses. I think that his post is a realistic assessment that some hopeful prospects exist for turning red areas a little bit bluer.

    • andrewp111

      The best harbinger of 2014 will be the only competitive election in 2013 – the VA Governor’s race. McAwful has a well oiled Obama GOTV machine at his disposal, and they are pushing the same “war on women” theme to gin up turnout in what is likely to be a very low turnout race. The scandals will probably turn off most independent and moderate voters on both major party candidates, and this will leave victory to whichever partisans can gin up the most turnout. So far the Dem game plan seems to be working, but it is still early.

      • John Pigg

        You are right when you suggest scandals could mare turnout rates. But I think Cuccinelli is not an ideal Republican candidate.

        Social Conservatives are steadily losing ground in the Republican Party and drastically losing ground in the electorate. People do not want to hear about Abortion, or Gay Marriage anymore. Democrats have successfully labelled those in a manner that is disadvantageous to any Republican running on those issues.

        The new issues of the Republican Party are things like privacy concerns, military non-intervention, immigration, and private sector answers for Green Projects.

        People are tired of social conservatives, and social conservatives cannot deliver the votes they once did without alienating moderates and independents.

        • hcat

          This is less so with abortion.

          • John Pigg

            I believe abortion to be a losing issue now, a good case study for this would be Mourdocks defeat in conservative Indiana.

            Social Issues can no longer win elections, if anything they tend to lose them.

  • Siegfried Heydrich

    One more factor you haven’t considered – the civil war going on inside the GOP. There are three factions fighting – the Koch / Armey Bagroes, the Libertarians (who, for the most part aren’t, they just like the sound of it), and the Rove backed establishment RINOs. The two former want to kill the latter and dismember it’s corpse, while the RINOs are just fighting for survival at this point.

    The primaries are going to be be unbelievably vicious, and one side is going to lose. And that side is going to be PISSED. Now, bear in mind that whoever emerges from a primary will be bruised, battered, bloody, and more than likely broke.

    If the RINO wins, the bagroes are going to be furious beyond words because they got moneybombed into oblivion, you can bet that the insults have been flying, and now your guy just lost to a squishy, liberal establishment republican. Your patriot just got smeared by the money guys, and you’re seriously not happy. Are you going to go out there that support that RINO? Contribute to that RINO? Vote for that RINO? Or are you going to stay home election day, or write in the name of a REAL patriot instead of that RINO?

    If the bagro wins, the RINOs will be horrified that their sane & sensible representative just got booted by a lunatic teabagger who you know full well is going to destroy the party. Same questions as above – will they support the primary winner? Or stay home?

    And the party itself may reason that it would be better to lose the seat to a democrat who will be less dangerous to them and be easier to unseat next election than one of those TP maniacs who are at war with them, and so deny them funding. The Kochs may be able to fill some of the funding void, but how deep are their pockets . . ?

    I see a very strong likelihood that the republicans will have to deal with a great deal of disaffection and a depressed voter turnout if the primaries are the barroom brawls I think they’re going to be. Whatever side loses, it’s not going to be particularly enthused about supporting the winner.

    Now, just for contrast, you have the democrats, who hopefully will avoid this kind of internecine warfare, act like adults, and carry a positive message for the future. When you factor the above into the mix, while I don’t think it’s a guaranteed win, I can definitely see the GOP saying “Aw, screw the toes, I’m blowing my feet off at the ankles this time! THAT’LL show ’em!”.

    • John Pigg

      Problem is that factional fighting that you lean into does really reveal itself in the legislative level.

      No moderate Republican is going to run against Rand Paul of KY. And no Rand Paul Republican would think of challenging Rubio, or Perry.

      Factional warfare is reserved most regularly for the Presidential Primary campaign. I would venture to guess that the Tea Party learned its lesson in Indiana and Missouri. All they can do is threaten legislatures with primaries, they stand little chance of winning them. And I seriously doubt they have the numbers of taking down established candidates.

      You are right in your view of Republican factionalism. But I believe you are wrong to think this will translate to legislative victory for the Dems.

      • Siegfried Heydrich

        I’m not saying that this factor alone will give the dems a victory . . . this time. Maybe. ’16? Whole different story, especially if the conservatives continue to taint their brand with teh krazee.

        It all comes down to GOTV. I’m seeing a lot of “I’m not going to make the same mistake I made back in ’10” coming from the folks I know on the left, and a great deal of anger and frustration expressed towards the GOP from those on the right. I have heard a lot of “there’s no way I’m going to support a cowardly RINO who caves to Obama every time” (which is a ludicrous assertion). If you look at sites like RedState or Townhall, they are openly caller for their base to refuse to support any RINOs, and the rhetoric in their comment threads castigating the GOP is . . . interesting.

        A house divided cannot stand. A party divided cannot win.

      • JohnThorpe

        They haven’t learned a thing. They’re going after safe-seat and reliable conservative Lamar Alexander (with a candidate who can’t spell “Senate” properly). That’s just today’s news.

        Up and down the Tea Party nuts are running primary challenges against Republicans. The most moderate members are being primaried by insane people. Given the choice, winnable seats will turn blue, even in reddish and mostly red districts.

        And 2014 is pretty much the last gasp for the GOP. The Senate map is as good for them as it will ever be, and it may not be enough. But 2016 is as blue-positive as a Senate map can get. You’ll also have a presidential race between, say, the first woman President and some batshit crazy Rand Paul/Cruz/Santorum/Palin candidate. She might win 35, 40 states.

        Backlash to voting rights gives Democrats an issue that WILL drive turnout among minority voters. Wouldn’t you walk through a blizzard to stand in line to vote against people who think you’re not human enough to have a voice?

        Keep in mind, this is all before you even start factoring in successful Democratic policies and insane obstructionist Republican policies. This is before some more idiots become pro-Rape and pro-Death, as the Republicans were in 2012. This is before these colossal jackasses have a chance to put their foot in their mouth.

        • dancerboots

          We have a senatorial race coming up in Kentucky for McConnell’s seat in 2014. It is going to be a whopper. Alison Lundergan Grimes is the Democratic candidate. There is a extreme right wing Tea Party candidate running in the primary against McConnell. McConnell runs dirty campaigns and is looking now for any dirt to throw out on Ms. Grimes. Her father will be a liability..a Democrat politician caught up in a scandal years back and of course he will connect her to President Obama. McConnell has loads of money saved up. I am hoping Grimes strategy is to allow McConnell and the tea partier fight it out and spend down the funds. Kentuckians did vote for Rand Paul…much to my dismay. I reside in the Appalachia area of eastern Kentucky. Not much has changed here in the last fifty years. Kentucky is ranked #1 as the lowest in the nation for per capita income ($9000 to $11,000). Will they wise up? Doubtful.The only hope Kentucky may have is there are 500,000 more registered Democrats than Republicans. Hopefully, they will.

          • Yvette White

            its all good McConnell will lose it been time for his old ass to sit down he will lose to her, because even the Republicans down there can’t stand him

          • Michael York

            Actually, the lowest per capita distinction isn’t Kentucky, though it does rank 4th lowest. Kentucky is beaten out to the bottom by Arkansas, West Virginia, and Mississippi. Puerto Rico is further down still, though it’s not a state (yet?). (1)

            However, the lowest of the low belongs to the community of Zion, Oklahoma, at a wonderful $840 per capita! (2) This compares to Bangladesh, at $830 (3).


          • plc97477

            Now we just have to get them out to vote.

        • Yvette White

          OMG say that shit Aging Because the dig-bat Conservatives on here don’t believe shit stink unless they are string it up

        • darkagesbegin

          as much as I would like to start dancing now at the impending demise of the GOP, I reflect that it is the party that survived the Grant scandals, Teapot Dome, the split between and Teddy and Taft, Hoover, the stock market crash and the great depression, not to mention Watergate and Nixon, and Reagan and Bush and Bush and maybe another bush. I wouldn’t be too coy about things.

      • Yvette White

        who care’s what you think, you also thought Mitt-the nitt-witt would win the Election hows that working for Y’all

        • John Pigg

          Oh really. How could you possibly know what I thought or didn’t think last year?

          • Yvette White

            Oh so you voted for a Democrat and not the Nitt-witt

          • Yvette White

            So what I thought was Right asshole

          • John Pigg

            Not remotely, but thanks for playing.

    • Jarid Moon

      You left out the religious right led by Mike Huckabee and Pat Robinson.

      • Yvette White

        OMG Jarid I forgot all about them

      • Robert Ivey

        No they are the Tea Party Bagroes or Libertarians who aren’t actually Libertarians. Essentially they are the American Taliban who claim to represent freedom while in fact favor a totalitarian corporate theocracy…

    • Jay Louis

      And yet none of the three groups you outlined can express a single coherent policy belief.

      • Siegfried Heydrich

        Oh, hell, they couldn’t get organized enough to whistle ‘Yankee Doodle Dandy’ in unison.

        • plc97477

          true that.

        • JohnThorpe

          The Southern racists would demand we remove “Yankee”. The Christians will argue “Dandy” means gay and needs to be changed. The Libertarians will say “Doodle” means government waste.

          The RINOs will give up and vote for the Democrats.

          • idamag

            That is funny.

          • Robert Ivey

            There are still Rinos I thought that they already joined the Democratic party with the Blue Dogs and the Republican Moderate Obama.

        • Yvette White

          now that’s funny as hell LOL, LOL, LOL

        • CherMoe

          Except that they’re organized enough to follow Grover’s absolute LAW that they MUST say NO.

    • plc97477

      What do you think the chances are that the bagger or the rino would try to run a third party candidate?

      • Siegfried Heydrich

        In ’14, no. In ’16, strong probability, as by that time the GOP War Between the Flakes will have grown into full blown hostilities with all sides bunkering down. If you think the ’14 primaries are fun, oh boy, wait for the ’16 primary season. They’ll need to get Auntie Entity to moderate the debates . . .

        The difference between then and now is that GOP candidates in the primary were on the same team, and the GOP voters knew that whoever they nominated was a republican. But now, the primary is actually an election between the competing factions, and they’re NOT on the same team. The RINOs and bagroes are slugging it out for supremacy (with the libertarians standing back, looking to pick up the pieces) without any regard to the following general election.

        Two scorpions locked in a death battle, both ignoring the mongoose who’s going to eat them both once the show is over . . .

        • neeceoooo

          Love your analogy

        • Yvette White

          LOL you are so dame right but I want to see their faces the day after you talking about a ass kicking that will last for the next 20 years

        • andrewp111

          Hillary might have a real Primary fight on her hands in ’16 as well. Do not assume that the nomination is hers by right. She will have to fight over real policy differences that are not apparent right now.

          • Ford Truck

            I hope she does have a “real primary fight on her hands!” I hate it when any candidate gets the nomination handed to them without working for it. A good primary would bring out the fight in them, and stirs up the voters, hopefully bringing them out when it counts, ON ELECTION DAY!! Being a Democrat but setting at home on election day is no help to anyone!

    • Yvette White

      Dame I could not have said it better but its the truth, but they can not see this shit coming, but believe me its coming

    • Edmund Moore

      Were that possible in Pa I’d be delighted, however Rob Gleason, state republican chair and bed fellow of John Murtha, has been successful at keeping all but a few Baggers at bay. He has done that by grooming a herd of buzz cut military types, which the real base is reluctant to turn out of orifice. The GOP’s and the DEM challenge, will be to keep the true blue loony bunker boys out of the state assembly. State Row offices are safely DEM, and so is the governorship, unless Blue Bitch Allyson Schwartz is nominated. Fracking is a key issue in less than forty percent of the state (reverse NIMBY syndrome but Corbett’s entrenchment on the taxing issue related to it, opens up a can of worms for school boards through the state. The other issue in this senior state in medicaid and assistance funding. That is where the pot will boil over for the GOP.

    • Where are the neocons? All those southern democrats under skip jackson that switched parties and because the neocons…

      • Siegfried Heydrich

        They’re busy neoconniving . . .

    • andrewp111

      The Democrats are far more united at this point, and this worries me. There is a lot of sour grapes from the losers in GOP contests. A good example is Bill Bolling in VA, who almost endorsed the Democrat because he is soooo pissed at being denied the nomination himself. And yet the SOB was unwilling to fight for the nomination in a State Convention because he was not prepared to wage that kind of campaign. A lot of these money-backed Establishment types have a delusion of entitlement. They somehow believe the nominations are rightfully theirs, when they wait their turn and are “next in line”. Well, sorry guys, the world doesn’t work that way anymore. If you want the nomination, you have to fight for it through every path available, just like the Democrats have to.

    • toptwome

      The people that republicans were calling RINOs were republicans who had intelligence and wanted the best for this country. But because of the idiots being paid millions of dollars they really turned people against the reasonable republicans who would have helped this country in every way. They were wiped out by the vicious evil of the GOP.

      • Ford Truck

        Exactly! Just think, if the great Teddy Roosevelt was alive today, today’s Republicans would call him a RINO. YES, I am a Democrat, but in my opinion, after reading a lot of history, Teddy was a great president!!

    • Dominick Vila

      I hope you are right, but voting records suggest that when it is time to vote, Republicans march in lockstep, and do everything they can to keep the evil Democrats away from the polls.

  • Dominick Vila

    The chances of the GOP losing control of the House in 2014 are slim to none. In fact, there is a good chance they will gain a few more seats and be close to a super majority. Yes, there is infighting within the GOP and, yes, their statements and record are bizarre, but that is precisely what a large segment of our population wants to hear and support. Concepts such as dialogue, compromise, and pragmatism are as relevant to them as the idea that killing someone because you are bored is not an option.
    The real question is whether or not Democrats will be able to keep control of the Senate. The problem goes well beyond qualifications and record, the fact is that there are more red states than blue states, that each state can elect two senators regardless of whether its population is 2 or 20 million, and that each district can elect a representative. That is the obstacle we face, and if we look at things objectively, things don’t look too promising for Democrats regardless of how many of us vote in blue states and how bizarre the Tea Party statements and proposals are to us.

    • nmykita

      With regard to Democrats keeping control of the Senate — it’s still a year away and a lot can change, but Nate Silver (the guy who correctly predicted all 50 states in last year’s presidential election) says that right now it looks like the Republicans could gain Senate seats to bring their total to 50 or 51, a very slight majority.

      • andrewp111

        That is very close and a lot can change in a year. I will take Nate Silver a lot more seriously this time next year. Right now I am more concerned that VA’s next governor will be the Clintonite Terry McAwful.

    • neeceoooo

      Way to really make my week Dominick, now I am depressed.

  • ktrav

    It’s all moot. Gerrymandering has made the US a banana republic of the first order with Republicans calling the shots.

    • Yvette White

      Even that will not Stop the Ass kicking that’s coming their way, they can not keep their mouth’s shut

  • At the rate they’re dismantling the House it will collapse on their heads… #cleanHouse2014

  • Yvette White

    keep believing in your own bullshit if you want to, Gary Middleton, but we are on the move to get rid of every siting REPUBLICAN Governor in each and every state that we can, and its working because your party can not keep its dame mouth shut, with telling the country how much of loser that we all are, your party shows the country that they don’t give a dame about this country, they only care about their money and their seats,but that’s all coming to a big End, and I for one hope they keep right on talking and showing us how Racist and stupid they really are, your party is really helping us to prove that every day,so keep up the wishful thinking, it only helps us that much more.

  • Yvette White

    Tell that stupid motherfucker aging cause I don’t think he can here you Jeremy, but we can show him better then we can tell his stupid ass

    • silence dogood

      You can’t possibly be as stupid as this illiterate comment makes you sound.

      • Yvette White

        Look dont go geting mad at me because of all the Inbreeding thats in your family and you just found out that your mother is your sister and your father is your Uncle

        • silence dogood

          Thanks for affirming my earlier point.

  • Daddycool67

    It’s simple!

    The GOP is nothing but a group of high dollar business interests.
    And there aren’t enough business people to vote for them!
    End of story.

    The only hope they have is to trick people, frighten them, and bully them into voting republican. And combine that effort with massive voter suppression.
    If they can’t do that on a large enough scale … they’re toast!
    And they know it! So of course they’re panicking!

    • Sensiblycentered

      But they’re doing it. And doing it well and thoroughly. Take a look at North Carolina, Texas, Louisiana.

      • toptwome

        Yes in Louisiana we have a serious republican problem. Most of the people are republicans who are watching Fox for all their information. They are not intelligent and they are not honest. has one billboard and now Jindal is suing MoveOn. Jindal is a rotten republican who does what ALEC wants and nothing that helps this state.

  • MMikeJBenN

    We need to all get out and VOTE! We need to register, if we are not already registered! We need to push everybody we know to VOTE! We need to be talking about the upcoming election way before election day! We need full participation so we can get rid of the republikkkans once and for all!

    It is only one day out of your time! Your favorite TV or radio show will still be on the air, your friends will still be around. We need to VOTE! ALL OF US REAL HUMANS! WE NEED TO VOTE!

  • silence dogood

    6 The dumbing down of America resulting from union control of our countries indoctrination centers – the public school system.

    • Sensiblycentered

      Oh, now that’s good. Lets have a country with no public education. Healthcare (1/6 of our economy) in the chokehold of healthcare corporations, no insurance at all for the least of our brethren. Crumbling infrastructure because we send billions to the most profitable companies in the history of mankind while we let our bridges and roads fall apart.

      Wonderful recipe for national greatness, and decency of life for Americans. Brought to you daily by hateradio, Fox, and the Tea Party.

      • silence dogood

        Get back to me when you get your GED.

        • Sensiblycentered

          Losers always retreat to insult.

          You’d have done better not to flag it for the public.

      • silence dogood

        I didn’t say no public schools. My point was to stop thinking of unions first and kids last. If a private enterprise had a failure rate the same as public schools it would go out of business — killed by the competition.

        • Sensiblycentered

          Fair enough.

      • Joe Dents

        Yeah, we just sent Ukraine a billion, while Detroit goes bankrupt, and peoples pensions are cut. What a sad joke on all the cops, firemen, whom were promised a pension, it doesn’t get any lower than that. Watch out for karma!

        • Mayflower

          You got that right. Sadly.

  • Ellen Sandbeck

    Regressives really should be much more worried about the fact that they’ve already lost all semblance of humanity, sanity, and rationality.

  • gbrittain

    Voter ID is overwhelming popular even with Dems.

    • andrewp111

      The Abortion backlash, personified by Wendy Davis, is far more important than Voter ID. It is the thing that will likely elect McAwful as governor of VA instead of Cuccinelli.

  • gbrittain

    Three union presidents including the Teamsters wrote in a letter:

    “We can no longer stand silent in the face of elements of the Affordable Care Act
    that will destroy the very health and well-being of our members along with millions
    of other hardworking Americans.”

    Obamacare will “shatter not only our hard-earned health benefits, but destroy the
    foundation of the 40-hour work week that is the backbone of the American middle

    • Joe Dents

      This is a bigger lie than the checks in the mail, time will tell if ACA/Romney care will work. I’m betting it will, care to make a wager?

  • gbrittain

    GDP growth in the 12 quarters after a recession

    Average since WWII 15.2%

    Ronald Reagan 18.5%

    Obama 6.7%

    We can adopt the policies that produced 18.5.% growth or double down on the policies that produced 6.7% growth.

    • Mayflower

      Only if Reagan started with the completely shattered economy left by the Bush crew.

  • gbrittain

    Under Obama there are 2X more food stamps recipients than jobs created.

    Under Obama, welfare pays more than minimum wage in 35 states and more than starting teachers in 11 states. In the three most generous states, welfare pays more than a starting computer programmer.

    “Obamanomics: Welfare Pays More Than Work In Most States”

    Obama and the Dem/Left believe in making not working pay.

    “California has 12% of the nation’s population, but 33% of the country’s TANF (“Temporary” Assistance for Needy Families) welfare recipients – more than the next 7 states combined.”

    Under Obama “the inflation-adjusted median household income remains $2,380 below where it stood when the Obama “recovery” officially started in June
    2009 — a drop of 4.4%.”

    “Obama’s Economy — We’ve Fallen And Can’t Get Up”

    • andrewp111

      If you are getting food stamps, you are going to vote Democratic. There is a reason that Obama is so deliberately increasing the rolls of food stamp, disability, Medicaid, and other welfare benefits.

    • Joe Dents

      Your showing people you live in a cave. The Republic party road blocked all the jobs bills, and did everything they could to make Obama look bad. These fools shut down the govt. Cutting food stamps also hurt small business’ like small grocery stores, etc. But big oil, pharma, agri, got federal subsidies. Wake up fool.

  • Frank Brick

    If the GOP loses the House in 2014 with this moron in the White House, then the intelligence level of this country has dropped down to Third World status. Barrack Hussein Obama: Worst POTUS EVER!!!!

    • Joe Dents

      Ever heard of Pat Buchanan or George W. Bush?

  • Illidan Stormragge

    Republicans losing the house won’t happen. Period. I don’t understand why an author would even waste time writing this up when the Dems are expected to, with pretty much 100% certainty, lose seats in the Senate next year.

  • Monster

    Nope. Democrats are going to PICK UP Michelle Bachmann’s seat when she’s convicted of stealing from the campaign fund. Repeat at least 5 times and it’s “Madame Speaker” again!

  • etg

    This is one of the most ridiculous liberal puff pieces I have ever seen! This President has become VERY unpopular witht he people, and the electorate will send him a clear message of disapproval by REJECTING congressional candidates that would give into his every desire.

  • TominBroomall

    I haven’t voted for a democrat since Jimmy Carter. I have no plans on voting democratic in the future. However, I don’t recognize the republican party anymore. In my home state of Pennsylvania, I have been betrayed by the likes of Patrick Meehan and Patrick Toomey. The old school republicans like McCain and Graham have become democrats. So I guess I won’t be voting anymore. We need a revolution, and I’m to old to fight it.

    • Joe Dents

      Your not even smart enough to vote for your own interests, the Republic party loves fools like you. McCain a democrat? sic. People died for your right to vote. So you spit on their graves? Your a classic quitter and a loser.

  • Jjf47

    Let me put it this way; this Reagan Republican would have rather have people that are willing to compromise and govern, than a bunch of Tea Party Republicans/Religious Right uppity self-righteous individual that do not know how to govern.
    So, Republicans’ you may just lose the House!

  • Charles Wolf

    …for the GOP to lose the House of Representatives would require a meltdown worse than we’re seeing in the Arctic.
    This pathetic attempt at levity is without merit.
    I can’t wait to read your column when the first million acre Tundra Fire in a bazzilion years fills the hemisphere with soot

  • Vanbren5

    The Tea Party is an apocalyptic cult!

  • Ar_Ghost

    If nothing changes, what is the point in even living?

    • Joe Dents

      To join in the revolt! To fight for your rights

  • terry b

    If we, as a country want to move forward instead of backward, we need for the house to be taken over by the democrats and keep the senate. Hard to do with the retarded right so in control of the ignorant electorate that votes for the crazy candidates that they continue to support. The republican party used to be a decent party until the crazies took over. Lets hope we can keep the American people safe from the rise of a new form of the Nazi party. They scare the hell out of me!

  • Angel Perea

    KEEPING IT THOUGHTFULLY HONEST: The legislative record shows that they stand for nothing! Yes, there is much factual truth that “the American economic still is in slow recovery”. So after six years, middle class Americans are waking up to the fact that one of the main factors is due to the Obstructionism by the tea party clowns in the House of Representatives that have prevented or killed every Job Creation legislation effort by this President! The achievements include closing down our govt. services (that wasted $24 billion tax dollars, voting against abortion or women rights or providing no alternative for availability of affordable health care for millions of uninsured American families, because of their hypocritical expressed concerned for govt. spending debt which many of these same clowns supported to create during the 2000-2008 rule of republican policies. So unless, we remove most of these clowns, the fear exist that our country will slip as the global superpower. FACT CHECK IT, if you disagree! The truth will set you free!

  • Angel Perea

    THE INCONVENIENT TRUTH: The doing nothing and obstructionists group of clowns that representative only 45% of the American voters due to their State gerrymandering lack Common sense and Decency. It seems less important to House of Republicans as they continue their shameful racial animus conduct toward President Barack Obama for trying to do his job. These House clowns don’t want to solve the basic policy problem we face, which will require accepting uncomfortable trade-offs, when continuing to do doing nothing — allowing the status quo to fester — is politically easier. They say $3.7 billion is too much but had no
    problem flushing $26 billion down the toilet when they closed our Government, then paid-off federal employees for keeping them home! Some of us Americans share Martin Luther King’s dream that this President will be judged by the content of his character to take responsible action and not by the color of his skin! In closing everyone has to understand that although we have shared international community Humanitarian moral responsibility to deal with REFUGEES with other South American countries, but we are not and cannot be THE policeman
    or social welfare agency for the World. And anyone that disagrees, no problem, just put up your own money! But we are sick and tired these disgraceful “doing nothing” republican hypocrites (nation press: no more false equivalents)! There will be some voting surprises for them in November!

  • Lionel Hutz

    Quite a difference a year makes, eh, liberal scum?

    • Chris Mankey

      Subhuman worthless scumbag republicans!

      • Victor Cachat

        Whatever, Monkey.