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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

5 Senators Whose Approval Ratings Have Plunged Since Opposing Background Checks


AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

After the U.S. Senate blocked a bipartisan compromise bill from senators Joe Manchin (D-WV) and Pat Toomey (R-PA) that would have expanded gun sale background checks to cover all commercial sales, President Barack Obama issued a stern warning to the congresspeople who killed a measure that almost 90 percent of the American public supported. “If this Congress refuses to listen to the American people and pass common-sense gun legislation, then the real impact is going to have to come from the voters,” the president said. He went on to urge reform advocates to “let your representatives in Congress know that you are disappointed and that if they don’t act this time, you will remember come election time.”

Less than two weeks later, the American people have responded — and the results do not look good for the “gun rights” lobby.

A new round of numbers from Public Policy Polling confirms that the backlash that hit Senator Kelly Ayotte (R-NH) last week is a national phenomenon. Voters are angry that the Senate killed the Manchin-Toomey bill, and senators from across the country are seeing their approval ratings plunge as a result.

Here are five senators who have seen their approval ratings decline since voting to block background checks:

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77 responses to “5 Senators Whose Approval Ratings Have Plunged Since Opposing Background Checks”

  1. johninPCFL says:

    Fortunately for the Mexican drug cartels, this group stopped implementation of the only federal law that would make it a criminal offense for a straw-man buyer to transfer an otherwise legally purchased gun to a criminal. Good job, guys! The criminals salute you!

    • middleclasstaxpayer says:

      It’s ALREADY a criminal offence for a straw purchase to occur. Get your facts straight!!!

      • johninPCFL says:

        At the state level, in SOME states (notably, NOT Az.) At the fed level, they have to SEE the transaction go down and PROVE that the seller knew the purchase was illegal (i.e. knew he was selling to a felon, undocumented alien, etc.) The new law adds the “ignorance of the law is no excuse” clause, and allows traffickers in Az and Va to be prosecuted, which they can’t now. Think “fast and furious” and understand that the reason the “straw men” weren’t arrested leaving the gun stores was because they hadn’t broken any laws.

        • Lynda Groom says:

          Facts do indeed matter.

        • Allan Richardson says:

          I personally think the trafficking law involving “innocent” straw purchasers should be stiffer: If importing the guns into another country is illegal THERE, the straw purchaser should be arrested and EXTRADITED to the other country, along with his customer. The thought of ten years in a MEXICAN prison should deter them!

        • RobertCHastings says:

          Thanks for the clarification. Some people like to go off half cocked.

        • middleclasstaxpayer says:

          Wrong again…in Eric Holder’s Fast & Furious disaster, many guns store owners CALLED the ATF to alert them that something was wrong, only to be told to ALLOW the sales to go thru….no explanation, just ALLOW THE (illegal) SALES.

          • johninPCFL says:

            Facts are important. The gun sales were completely legal under Az law, and the sellers were suspicious. The illegal acts would be the transfer of the legally purchased weapon to another person known to the buyer to be unable to legally purchase guns themselves. That transfer would have to be observed, or independently verified, by the ATF since there are NO Az LAWS BANNING STRAW-MAN TRANSACTIONS. The observational entity was? Oh, yeah. The FBI. How would they arrest someone who hadn’t yet committed a crime, on the suspicion of a gun seller? Oh, yeah. They couldn’t.

          • middleclasstaxpayer says:

            For the record: Straw purchases are a FEDERAL felony violation of the Gun Control Act of 1968 for both the straw purchaser (who can be charged with lying on Federal Form 4473) and the actual possessor. Frequently, the actual purchaser is a prohibited person under federal law. AZ law may not have applied, but the federal law always supercedes state law.

          • johninPCFL says:

            The problem with 4473 (question 11A) is that it’s as worthless as the TSA asking “did any terrorists ask you to carry luggage today?” Again, law enforcement has to witness the transfer (not hear about it from a snitch) and has to show that the original buyer knew the recipient could not legally purchase the weapon himself. How many nanoseconds have to elapse after the time you sign the form (with a “yes” checkmark on 11A) until you give it to your best buddy Jose for it to be legal?

          • middleclasstaxpayer says:

            You’ve highlighted the fallacy in ALL laws….hard to enforce & even prove. That’s why increased rules & regs on firearms are a joke. There are already over 10K on the books locally, state wide & federally, but only the law-abiding abide by them. Criminals don’t care, as they are already breaking many laws.

        • Jack Fultz says:

          Those in the Fast and Furious fiasco weren’t arrested because they were Federal Officials working for Eric Holder.

    • if they were so worried about mexicans they would allow ICE to arrest them.. they do not get to arrest them even if caught doing a crime. the border patrol can not arrest anyone either. ask your govt why? the government is so crooked it hurts

      • Independent1 says:

        Where are you getting your facts? Did anyone tell the ICE that they couldn’t arrest aliens?? Because I just took the article below from the ICE website where they claim they arrested 2900 criminal aliens:

        ICE arrests more than 2,900 convicted criminal aliens, fugitives in enforcement operation throughout all 50 states 18 weapons seized during operation.

        WASHINGTON — As part of the Obama administration’s
        ongoing commitment to prioritizing the removal of criminal aliens and egregious immigration law violators, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) today announced the results of a seven-day national “Cross Check” enforcement operation-which led to the arrest of more than 2,900 convicted criminal aliens.

        “The results of this targeted enforcement operation underscore ICE’s ongoing commitment and focus on the arrest and removal of
        convicted criminal aliens and those that game our nation’s immigration
        system,” said ICE Director John Morton. “Because of the tireless
        efforts and teamwork of ICE officers and agents in tracking down at large criminal aliens and fugitives, there are 2,901 fewer criminal aliens in our neighborhoods across the country.”
        neighborhoods across the country.”

        • Jack Fultz says:

          Some liberal Koolaid drinker (maybe even Jay Carney) must have written that article. Arresting 2900 out of 11 million is not really something ICE should be bragging about. Plus OBAMA numerous times admitted that he has told ICE to stop deporting illegal aliens. The criminal aliens are still in the neighborhoods, they have just changed their names or moved a couple blocks.

          • johninPCFL says:

            Yes, deport criminals instead of wasting the meager money you have deporting 16YO kids whose only crime is being Mexican in America without “papers”.

          • CPAinNewYork says:

            “Only crime”? A foreigner residing in America without papers is committing a crime and should be prosecuted.

          • Independent1 says:

            What a moron!! The ICE nabs 2900 illegals that have criminal backgrounds in a one week raid and that’s not something to brag about??? And you’re trying to equate all the projected 11 million illegals as criminals. When are you going to stop being really stupid????

          • Independent1 says:

            What nonsense!! The Obama administration has rounded up and deported more illegals that were causing a problem in this country (over 400,000 of them), than Bush and Clinton together did. He’s not asking the ICE to stop deporting illegals that are problem folks!! You need to stop assuming that all illegals are a problem. Alabama enacted the toughest immigration laws in the country and had to recind them when foreign owned companies threatened to pull their businesses out of the state because of the bad vibes their new laws had given to the foreign communities. Not only were illegals leaving like flies so were legal aliens because of the bad atmosphere. This left businesses without people that would do the jobs only alliens will do so the business community was up in arms – both bonefida American businesses that couldn’t find help and foreign businesses that didn’t like the new laws. Illegals are not all bad.

          • Illiterate white trash go back to your trailer and do your sister, we’ll call ya on the CB if we need ya good buddy.

      • Jack Fultz says:

        Obama himself is an illegal. It is only the illegal vote that gave him a second term.

    • MarcusOhreallyUS says:

      The cartels get their guns from the US Federal gubmint, from their own corrupt military/police, and direct from the Chicoms, by the boat load. Very,very few are bought at gunshows. That’s a distraction folks.

  2. mike says:

    Just for the record. Not one of these Senators is up for election in 2014. This will be long forgotten by the time they are up for reelection. It will still be the economy and Obamacare in 2014.

    This article is all fluff. Nice try NM.

    • You are right. In fact, this issue will be forgotten, and will be irrelevant, by the time the Senators that rejected legislation to expand the scope of an existing law to include Internet and gun show sales, run for re-election…and they know it!

      • mike says:

        You and I are at opposite ends of politics. But, I think that we both know the system is broken and there is no perfect answer. I believe in less govt., less regulations, you want more. But it was nice to see common sense enter the discussion. I do enjoy seeing your comments. Might not agree but still fun.

      • Allan Richardson says:

        You can’t fool all of the people all of the time. But 51 percent on every election day is enough.

        • Even when those votes are stolen by voter fraud…..yeah…thats about it.

          • Independent1 says:

            You don’t pay attention much to actual facts do you Cindi?? Every bit of voter fraud that was actually proven during the November election was on the side of the GOP; the GOP tried every dirty trick in the book from calling unsuspecting elderly voters and claiming they could take their vote for them, to putting up posters in cities that misleaded voters on the actual day of voting, and even billboards that intimidated them by claiming they may get arrested, to hiring organizers that conned people outside of voting places into supposedly taking their votes for them, to actually rigging voting machines so that a vote for Obama was counted as a vote for Romney, and it just went on and on – and virtually every bit of it was the GOP!!!

    • AdamMos says:

      I disagree. The worm has turned on this issue. Due to the fact that this a national security issue and there will have been several more mass shootings by the election of 2014 it will be very relevant. Those that voted against universal background checks and not strengthening the straw purchase laws will pay a major price in their general elections. Due to the improving housing market, growing GDP numbers and a reducing deficit the economy will play in favor of the Dems in 2014 like it did in 2012. Obamacare will be fully implemented and most of the people will be enjoying the benefits of affordable health care. The best the Republicans can hope for is to maintain a tiny majority in the House and the gun issue does not help them at all after their primaries. The folks that voted to stand up for the 2nd amendment to protect convicted felons and the mentally disabled have not got a prayer in the swing states. Game Over.

    • If we forget an issue, this is OUR fault. If the legislation is truly important, we let it be forgotten at our peril. Freedom is not free.

    • Barbara Morgan says:

      Maybe they aren’t, but many others are that voted against the bill, more than just the five mentioned who ratings have also plunged. One of the Alaska senators should be up for reelection because of the way the Senate is set up. One senator is always up for reelection during the Presidental election and the other two later in the midterm elections. At least that is how is works for the senators from my state.

      • mike says:

        You are right Begich is up for reelection 2014. He won’t have Obama’s coattails to run on, and in a heavy gun state do you really think his numbers will be affected. Begich was the 60th vote for Obamacare and that is where he could have a problem.

  3. Pamby50 says:

    Couldn’t happen to a nicer group.

  4. Billy Drac says:

    Go against the will of the majority will ya?

  5. Pi_Boson says:

    I am glad Manchin-Toomey was defeated as it was actually a pro-gun, anti-American, ill-conceived, deceit-based piece of trash. Instead of the anti-Constitution, anti-meaningful legislation offered by Manchi-Toomey, we need:

    Universal background checks.
    Universal checks for ALL sales.
    Expand funding for National Project Exile.
    Expand funding for Cruz Task Force and NICS.
    Criminalize straw purchasing and trafficking.
    Reauthorize Mentally Ill Offender Treatment and Crime Reduction Act.
    Reauthorize NICS Improvement Amendments.
    Increase penalty on states’ for failures to provide mental health records.
    Require federal court information to be shared with NICS.
    Do not allow interstate firearm sales.
    Do not allow military to buy weapons anywhere, less their state of residence.
    Allow firearms dealers to access NICS for background checks after notice and consent is received.
    Do not allow interstate transportation of firearms.
    Do not preempt state laws on weapon bans.
    Require top official at DOJ to approve any Fast and Furious programs.
    Require ATF to collect information on purchases of all weapons (handguns, rifles, etc.).
    Provide funding to initiate studies by NIJ and NAS to solve mass shootings.

  6. Pi_Boson says:

    I am still glad Manchin-Toomey was defeated as it was actually a pro-gun, anti-American, ill-conceived, deceit-based piece of trash. Instead of the anti-Constitution, anti-meaningful legislation offered by Manchi-Toomey, we need:

    Universal background checks.
    Universal checks for ALL sales.
    Expand funding for National Project Exile.
    Expand funding for Cruz Task Force and NICS.
    Criminalize straw purchasing and trafficking.
    Reauthorize Mentally Ill Offender Treatment and Crime Reduction Act.
    Reauthorize NICS Improvement Amendments.
    Increase penalty on states’ for failures to provide mental health records.
    Require federal court information to be shared with NICS.
    Do not allow interstate firearm sales.
    Do not allow military to buy weapons anywhere, less their state of residence.
    Allow firearms dealers to access NICS for background checks after notice and consent is received.
    Do not allow interstate transportation of firearms.
    Do not preempt state laws on weapon bans.
    Require top official at DOJ to approve any Fast and Furious programs.
    Require ATF to collect information on purchases of all weapons (handguns, rifles, etc.).
    Provide funding to initiate studies by NIJ and NAS to solve mass shootings.

  7. then get better or stronger laws on the criminals not the law abiding people. who is going to protect you fools from your own government after they have confiscated all our guns? they want the background checks and a gun registration for that precise move. after these laws you want do no good, next year they will come back just like NYC is trying to do now for much stricter ones because what they have did not work. and they will keep doing it until they come to our homes and under threat of death or jail take them,many of you trust your government but they are just criminals in expensive suits. the laws and things they do which are against the law is criminal. you will all be dead jews before this bunch is done. Personally I do not give a damn about any of you but you will be the reason we begin yet another civil war in this country because most gun owners wll die before giving some bastards our guns. why can you not get it,the criminals do not buy their guns from dealers or stores thus your stupid idea more laws will help anyone is assinine. go for stiffer laws if you are foolish enough to think a deterent will wont

  8. Sand_Cat says:

    I wish I could believe these “approval rating” losses mean anything. Approval ratings are pretty worthless, as far as I can see. If you can improve your approval rating by being out of office (regardless of reason) or by dying, what does it really mean?

  9. Berthina says:

    I think Donna been drinking, eating the food and breathing the polluted air she spews.
    Safety is the issue and subject (nothing else).

  10. VeteranMike says:

    We already have background checks. I cannot accept any new laws. we already have enough.

    • TRUE..there ARE plenty of laws pertaining to background checks on the books..but they ARE NOT ENFORCED. 17,000 people have been caught lying on those federal forms for their background checks to buy guns…whatever happened to THEM? The mentally ill persons who have committed these shootings, were LEFT WING, Progressive, Democrat voters…maybe THEY should be outlawed from owning guns, period. There’s a solution. The mentally ill population, is constantly caught in the revolving door. The Dr/Patient confidentiality laws, and rights for family members to commit their mentally ill friends or family members when they know someone is dangerous to others , NEEDS TO CHANGE. All this administration and the Main Stream Media, want to do, is TO disarm the law abiding citizens, who are not the ones committing these mass murders….Look at Chicago, for crying out loud….the gun control isn’t the answer there, or anywhere else. The background checks are for the government to find out the entire gun registry, so they know where to go to confiscate those guns from the honest and law abiding citizens. Ask the Canadian citizens..there are now disarmed!!!

      • Independent1 says:

        Where do you come up with the bogus facts that this administration or anyone else wants to disarm anyone?? Just because more than 60% of the country wants to take assault type weapons and, large magazines out of circulation and to establish the more than sensible practice of background checking EVERYONE WHO BUYS A GUN!!! Is not in any way trying to disarm anyone.

        When are clueless people like yourself going to realize that the 2nd Amendment only gives you the right to ‘bear arms”?? That doesn’t say, “Bear Assault Weapons”!! or Bear Large Capacity Magazines!! It says: “Bear Arms” and the term ARMS is fully determinable by the government. And actually, at the time Madison wrote the 2nd Amendment – ARMS was nothing more than a single-shot musket and single-shot revolver. It’s quite like Madison never even dreamed that ARMS would constitute being able to fire 10 bullets in less than 10 seconds!!!

        But beside all that, it’s the court that decides the laws here, which has had a right-wing bias for years, who determined in 2008 that “Bear Arms” does not mean you can carry any gun, anytime, you want!!! And if you don’t believe that, here’s their ruling back in 2008!!!

        In District of Columbia v. Heller, 554 U.S. 570 (2008), the Supreme Court ruled that the Second Amendment “codified a pre-existing right” and that it “protects an individual right to possess a firearm unconnected with service in a militia, and to use that arm for traditionally lawful purposes, such as self-defense within the home”[9][10] but also stated that “the right is not unlimited. It is not a right to keep and carry any weapon whatsoever in any manner whatsoever and for whatever purpose”. They also clarified that many
        longstanding prohibitions and restrictions on firearms possession listed by the Court are consistent with the Second Amendment.[11]

        Did you catch that little comment from SCOTUS?? “it protects the right for an individual to possess a firearm”?? A firearm!!! Even SCOTUS agrees it does not say: “posses the most modern piece of people killing machinery available”!!!! Wake up nitwit!!!!!!!

      • Independent1 says:

        Since you like to spew facts – many of which are questionable, let me give you a few facts about the BOGUS FACTS that the Gun Lobby (read the NRA) loves to spew: (These facts were collected by Josh Harkinson by analyzing statistics on gun crimes and the facts were published on Mother Jones)

        The gun lobby claims that people must carry guns to protect themselves from being killed by criminals; but facts show that most homicides occur between people who know each other and don’t occur in situations where someone is expecting to have to protect themself. So, for example, of the homicides that occurred in America during 2010, less than 3% were justifiable homicides for the cause of self- defense.

        The gun lobby also would like Americans to believe that guns are used about 2.5 million times a year for self-defense; but according to the Department of Justice’s National Crime Victimization Survey, the actual number is just a fraction of that; being again less than 3% of the gun lobby’s grossly inflated number (actually less than 75,000 times – nowhere near 2.5 million).

        Also, of about 30 million crime victims recorded for the years 2007-2011, less than 1% of the victims were actually able to find and use a gun for self-defense purposes: that means out of 30,000,000 crime victims, less than 300,000 were actually able to protect themselves with a gun; even though Americans own around 300 million guns.

        And finally, in any given year, far more Americans have their guns stolen, about 230,000, than are ever able to use Their gun to defend themselves, less than 75,000 out of about 75 million crime victims. Pretty sad isn’t it for all the hype the NRA puts out; and especially considering all the mass killings America has suffered the past decade that were committed by killers who couldn’t have purchased the guns they used and therefore were only able to use a gun to kill a lot of people because they stole the gunfrom a relative.

        • The DOJ….pulleeeeezz! If you trust ANY number from the DOJ, then you are gullible…to put it mildly.

          • Independent1 says:

            So you trust the ones made up by the NRA so they can bring in more members and sell more guns!! Is that it?? I have this brige in Brooklyn I think you might be interest in. What the NRA doesn’t want you to know is that by buying a gun and bringing it into your home, you’ve set yourself or someone else who lives in that home up to be killed with that gun. More than 105,000 shootings occur each year; about 75,000 are accidental or intentional shootings that do not result in a death; about 31,000 result in death. Over 75,000 of the shootings each year occur in the home of someone who owns a gun; the chances of someone in a home with a gun being killed by a gun, is 5 times that of someone who lives in a gunless home. The odds are far greater someone will be killed by a gun he or she brings into a home than the odds that the homeowner will ever use the gun for self-defense.

          • BDC_57 says:

            yeah they care about ther members all they care about they money making.

      • BDC_57 says:

        You like to lie alot dont you I bet you and Casey Anthony are related.

  11. PeterVan says:

    Out of the senators who supported the law, have any other their ratings dropped?

  12. Their rates have gone down with libs, not Americans.

  13. What we need is more background checking on these politicians who are trying to lord over us!

  14. Barbara Morgan says:

    There so many in this Country that are afraid of their own government that they don’t see that they will need to be afraid of the NRA and other gun groups. These gun organizations are tearing this Country apart in their effort to sell more guns for the weapon and ammo manufacturers thus obtaining more money from them for their organizations. Also by fearing your own government so much you are actually helping to enpower people like the Boston bombers because they figure that many Americans would be so busy blaming the bombings(which many did) on the US government they could get away with the bombings. The Country’s strength comes from all of us working together to keep it free and but that is not happening right now because of the NRA and other gun organizations that preach the government is going to take your guns yet offer not one ounce of proof that it is true.
    Why do so many believe what organizations like the NRA and other gun organizations are telling the truth that the government is coming after their guns but don’t offer court room beyond doubt truth that this true?
    Where were all you anti government people when our Constitution was thrown out the window by George Walker Bush? Those were his words in 2005 when he was called on all the laws in the Constitution his adminstration had broken in the name of homeland security? None of the people that seem to fear our government today seemed to worry about our government going rogue when Bush was President, when they should have. His Adminstration ignored Constitutonal law som much he finnaaly hadt go court and defend his ignoringing the laaws.

  15. ralphkr says:

    One very important detail that the author forgot. Those who are defending THEIR version of the 2nd Amendment shall vividly remember any votes dealing with weapons for many years and shall definitely vote for those who voted against any form of gun control. Even if they happen to not remember they shall be reminded of who did what by their gods, Rush, Beck, etc. Those who are currently upset about this vote shall have their current feelings superseded by future current events and may or may not vote as they say now.

  16. Jack Fultz says:

    Expanded backround checks would do nothing to keep guns from the hands of wackos like the Sandy Hook murderer. I would like to see these murders stopped and the only way that is going to happen is if law enforcement would arrest everybody caught in possession of a gun illegally and the courts would hammer those and add a multiplier for having the gun illegally. Although I am a strong believer in the 2nd amendment, enhansed background checks could be palatable……if the government could be trusted to NOT use the information received to create a national gun-owner database. But we ALL know that we cannot count on this, or any of the recent governments, to keep their word and NOT create the national database. Obama and this congress have to this point NOT kept their word on anything else. Why would they keep their word now? They wouldn’t. This administration has to be the most corrupt EVER.

  17. They are cowards and pigs and should be hung. Or move to the Confederate States of America where they belong.

  18. Cynthia Avishegnath says:

    There’s no point that national voters are angry at Ayotte. It’s her NH constituency her political motivation cares for and nurtures. As the NH car plate says – die free or leave or somewhat.

  19. ced1 says:

    too much “due to” writing

  20. Regarding the ICE comment, if anything its the other way around. They are deporting people for “crimes” that citizens commonly pay fines for. It is an abuse of the system and a waste of taxpayer dollars! GO after real criminals!!

  21. Get ErDone says:

    Glad they stood firm. We already have plenty of laws for gun control which are not enforced. Just like the laws on illegal immigration which are not enforced by the Obama administration. Illegals have killed way more people than the crazies and yet no one seems to care.

  22. John Frum says:


    They work for the NRA, who

    works for the gun industry,

    whose sole purpose is to

    sell more guns.

    I can’t wait until the Neocons and AIPAC feel the heat from “anti-lobbying sentiment”:


    They work for the AIPAC, which works for Israel,

    whose sole purpose is to hoax the US into wars in the Middle East to prop up Israeli Apartheid.


  23. onooop says:

    what a bunch of lies! the anti gun folks wont give up and they will lose! Americans are tired of giving up freedoms and we have drawn the line! you Marxists will not take an inch of our 2nd amendment rights so give up all ready! you who try will pay dearly nov 2014! goodbye!

  24. ed stevens says:

    The constant blustering is tiresome. Will someone, anyone articulate what will expanded background checks accomplish towards keeping people safer? Don’t you see the shrillness of the liberal argument is putting tens of thousands more guns into private ownership every day…EVERY DAY!! Focus on enforcement of existing laws and you might see bi-partisan cooperation (forgive me, I’m tired)

  25. Nan231 says:

    This is BS, why don’t they poll voters who actually voted for these Senators. John McCain’s poll number are down in AZ because he voted “yea”. Liars figure and figures lie.

  26. Verminh8tor says:

    Real Americans need to unite in secession from the liberal scum who control the media and through it the disgusting government that we suffer under. These polls are probably as crooked as the ridiculous articles the Commie News Network runs daily assaulting our natural rights to self defense.

  27. Public Policy Polling is paid for and funded only by Democratic Campaigns. It’s all one big lie to the American Public.

    You might as well read the toilet paper as consider anything they poll about gun control or republicans.

    You would get more accurate poll results by reading the tea leaves or your horoscope.

  28. There are foreign countries that want a Hitler Like Dictatorship here in the USA to steal American’s property. They invest billions into fake Polling companies and propaganda. But they always follow Hitler’s plan exactly:

    Hitler always:
    1) registered guns then had his Brownshirts steal the guns of his victims
    2) removed the civil rights of his victims
    3) caused an economic collapse by government overspending and counterfeiting.
    4) stole his victim’s property

    Americans need to realize that there are RINOs and DINOs who are both paid by these foreign countries to create a Hitler Like Dictatorship in the US to steal American’s property.

    A true Democrat, or a true Republican, would never promote Hitler’s plan to overthrow the USA. You can always tell the RINOs and DINOs by the Hitler Like Legislation they promote.

  29. Bob Steele says:

    There is no freedom anywhere the populace is unarmed. Any rule a bureaucrat can dream up is the law.

  30. Criminals will get guns in spite of what the law is; they won’t attempt to purchase under a background check. The more that the law restricts the law-abiding from having the ability to defend themselves, the more the criminals will be emboldened, and the government will use background checks to restrict the ability for the law-abiding to purchase firearms, even to the point of classifying benign conditions and religious beliefs (and whatever else they feel like) as reasons to fail a background check. It is all about control and none about safety.

  31. jefnvk says:

    How many states did support rise for candidates after opposing, or drop after supporting the measure? It is kind of a misleading picture to just pick 5 states, instead of polling all 50, unless your point is to find states where support has dropped and use that to threaten others with…

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