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Thursday, January 17, 2019

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court’s decision upholding the health care law is not only a huge victory for President Obama but also a moment of leadership for Chief Justice John Roberts. The court’s mixed verdict could create problems, notably in its weakening of the law’s Medicaid provisions in the name of states’ rights. While the impact of this part of the ruling is not fully clear yet, the court may have effectively denied health care coverage to a large number of poorer Americans.

But the headline victory for the law was of enormous importance to Obama. Had the court knocked down the Affordable Care Act, all the spin in the world could not have undone the damage that would have been inflicted on the president and his political standing. Thanks to this ruling, the broad structure of the largest domestic achievement of the Obama legacy remains intact. It gives him bragging rights in the campaign, and in history. And for those who support universal coverage, the fact that the law remains on the books offers an opportunity to build on it in the future.

And Obama was wise to use his address to the nation on the court’s decision to restart the effort to explain what the Affordable Care Act actually does and the benefits it offers to Americans who already have health insurance, those who are worried about losing it, and those who would like to get it but cannot now afford it. By putting the health care law at the center of the news, the court case gave the president and other supporters a second chance to do what they should have done more effectively in the first place. It was a nice touch for Obama to try to turn the law’s low rating in the polls to his benefit. “It should be pretty clear by now,” he said, “that I didn’t do this because it was good politics.” He was also smart to speak briefly, and to avoid triumphalism.

But if it was Obama’s day, the day also belonged to Roberts. Ever since he took the helm at the court, Roberts’ critics — and I have certainly been a vociferous one — have seen him as failing to live up to the implicit promises he offered during his confirmation hearings to a brand of judicial moderation.

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96 responses to “A Win For Obama — And Roberts”

  1. ExPAVIC says:


    OK American Taliban Republicans let’s see the bellyaching remarks. Come on don’t be shy let it loose.

    John Boehner (Boner) must have some smart ass comment to make. That melon farmer always has a cow pie to plop around.

    Maybe Boner is mustering his troops to march up to the Supreme Court Building to shoot rocket propelled grenades at it.

    How about that idiot Sarah Palin? What does she have to mutter? Could be over her head, since anything other than salmon gutting usually is too complicated for her.

  2. holyreality says:

    I knew the SCOTUS would approve the individual mandate.

    Conservative’s in the John Galt cult all believe that government is the problem. Stemming from this delusion, privatizing EVERYTHING is the logical goal.

    The individual mandate is the first step. Schools, roads and bridges, and eventually police and firefighting services need to be privatized so the invisible hand can sprinkle the fairy dust of freemarket freedom on all of us serfs.

  3. ObozoMustGo says:

    A woman in a hot air balloon realized she was lost. She lowered altitude and spotted a man in a boat below. She shouted to him, “Excuse me, can you help me? I promised a friend I would meet him an hour ago, but I don’t know where I am.”

    The man consulted his portable GPS and replied, “You’re in a hot air balloon approximately 30 feet above a
    ground elevation of 2,346 feet above sea level. You are 31 degrees, 14.97 minutes north latitude and 100 degrees,
    49.09 minutes west longitude.”

    She rolled her eyes and said, “You must be a Republican.” “I am,” replied the man. “How did you know?”
    “Well,” answered the balloonist, “everything you told me is technically correct, but I have no idea what to make of your information, and I’m still lost. Frankly, you’ve not been much help to me.”

    The man smiled and responded, “You must be a Democrat.”
    “I am,” replied the balloonist. “But how did you know?”

    “Well,” said the man, “You don’t know where you are or where you’re going.
    You’ve risen to where you are due to a large quantity of hot air. You’ve made
    a promise that you have no idea how to keep, and now you expect ME to solve
    your problem. You’re in EXACTLY the same position you were in before we met,
    but somehow, now, it’s MY fault.

    Have a nice day!

    • cabadas says:

      you are an idiot bozo.

    • hellowoman says:

      Anybody can make up trash like this. This says a lot about who you are and who you are not.

    • bigspender7 says:

      BOZO – is this the best you can do? Since you have nothing original to add to this debate, perhaps you should just remain quiet rather than rip off and only slightly modify another poster’s message. Frankly, I’d be a little flattered by your plagiarism if you’d have left the message the way it was originally intended. Your version makes no sense.

      • ObozoMustGo says:

        bigblunder…. just getting back from 2 weeks vacay. Too much catchup work to spend too much time jousting with you and the other leftist nutjobs and useful idiots though.

        The story was clearly accurate since you, like the chick in the baloon, are clueless when given factual information.

        Have a nice day in a daze! And stay away from traffic, will ya?

    • perplejado says:

      Your antagonists are backwards, its the Republicans who are adrift with nothing to indicate where they are going. All day yesterday I listened for one Republican to say what they would do to deal with health care other than repeal the law. I’m still waiting.

    • howa4x says:

      I wish that life was really that simpilified
      have a nice day

  4. This is what leadershipship looks like!

    • Mulligatonney says:

      What? Like another 1.5 trillion dollars? That is what leadership looks like? This what a true leader does? Anyone in this country – or the world – can spend other people’s money. That is what politicians do. The problem is – that’s all people like you THINK it takes to be a leader. Is this how you would spend YOUR money?

      If you had to take a cut in pay at work, would you go out and apply for more credit cards? Or would you look for ways to cut spending?

      Disregarding the precedent set here with the Supreme Court decision, where is the money to pay for this going to be taken from, when the incumbent administration has done nothing but increase the debt astronomically for every consecutive term in office while simultaneously not even bothering to submit a budget? And this you call leadership… Michael Savage was correcting in identifying liberalism/progressivism a mental illness..

      How is this going to be paid for? The Government can only appropriate money by taxing, borrowing, or printing money… What do you think their choice is going to be? If you are thinking straight, you will say something like, “It doesn’t really matter, does it? Whatever they choose, it is going to come out of the American People’s pockets, eventually…”

      And you would be right. The trick for the politician is to distract you from the truth by flashing you something attractive… Like a magician would an audience, or a bird trainer dangling a shiny object in front of a parrot or a magpie… When their goal is really something else, and possibly far more sinister.

      That’s why it is called debt, Miss Leadership. Because it has to be paid for. Or people will stop lending money to us, and we will lose our ability to borrow. The Fed will not be able to print for fear of mega-inflation and losing world monetary status. The Government will then turn to those of us who still pay taxes (about half of us) and begin to pump the well dry, until the people become angry and begin to revolt.

      This is the lesson of history.

      And maybe – that is what this present lot in power really want. The signs are all there. They now own over half of the GDP. Could it be that what they really want is the power to dictate to the American people? It would not be the first time in history such a thing happened.

      And that, my dear – make no mistake – is what these “leaders” you speak of – really want.

      The debt now approaches 20 trillion dollars… and that is only the part that our government will publicize. It is actually far greater.

      So the decision of the Supreme Leader is what? Oh, right – to spend more money!

      Doesn’t that sound just a little insane to you?

      • ExPAVIC says:

        WHAT? GET REAL.

        Bush spends $1 trillion on the Iraqi Phoney WMD War is a waste.

        That amount for constructive changes in health care is waste only according to the American Taliban Republicans. The buy your wife a burqa for her birthday bunch.

        • Mulligatonney says:

          Are you programmed to holler “Bush” and “American Taliban” every time someone calls attention to OBama’s shortcomings?

          You are barely literate sir, and I don’t think I understood your last comment – something about wanting to be my wife, or some latent desire as a result of your PTSD. Maybe you make a great wife – you certainly prattle on like some wives do…

          Of course – the issue is unconstitutional Big Government. Is that the ideology that you subscribe to? Maybe I can make some sense out of what is going in that tortured mind of yours if you would try to state clearly what you believe.

          Are you a Big Government guy? Or a small government guy, like the framers of our Constitution were?

          • ExPAVIC says:


            Your thought processes and perceptions are just as twisted as your American Taliban Republican political leanings.

            To wit, you are a mental whack job that truly does indicate the necessity for pharmaceutical assistance or the intervention of a medical (psychological) professional.

            For your information, a BURQA is a complete female body covering favored by other Taliban cultures usually found in Far Eastern Cultures but related to domestic political ones through similar extremist political leanings.

            Oh, by the way the WMDs sought by George W. Bush in Iraq NEVER EXISTED but were products of VP Richard Cheney and SOD Donald Rumsfeld imaginations. If you have information to the contrary Colin Powell would like you to contact him as he is still pissed about those two who provided him bogus (typical) information for Powell’s speech before the UN General Assembly.

          • Mulligatonney says:

            Besides your unintelligible mutterings, you still haven’t declared what you believe. Name calling to substitute for lack of content is easily observed.

            Do you believe in limited government, as our founding documents are written, or do you believe that the government knows what is best for you and should be given the power to do whatever it pleases with your life?

            If you cannot state what you are, or what you believe, what basis is there for a discussion? So far, I know you are a Bush-hater, but what do you stand for?

            Are you a communist? A Marxist? A Democrat? A Socialist? Do you believe in, or have you even read the Constitution? Do you understand what it says?

          • UTGDI says:

            Sorry ExPavic, The WMDs sought by the Bush Administration were from faulty intelligence that even the Clinton Administration believed to exist. Remember Saddam Hussein using chemical weapons on the Kurdish population after the Persian Gulf War. If he had them then, there was no reason to believe that he did not have the same capability almost a decade later.

            Did it turn out to be unfounded, yes.

            Was the war a bit contrived, that is very debatable.

            Do you need to bring up past mistakes in foreign policy in a topic about domestic policy? Probably not.

            Calling other posters names and generalizing is not going to score you any points in a discussion. Your points are lost in the poor treatment of your opponent. Plus it lacks imagination.

          • ExPAVIC says:

            Hold a second

            It is the universal complaint “What has Obama done?’

            Well let’s take a look.

            Ended The Iraqi fiasco and got troops the hell out. When fighting was going on provided equipment that held up better than what Bush and his scumbag Rumsfeld had provided.

            Is winding down the Afghanistan fiasco which Bush started in his classic slap dash manner like everything else that clown attempted.

            Nailed and turn into fish food Osama Bin L aden in three years after Bush missed him several times.

            Use drones to kill 2,400 al-Qaida hiding in Pakistan

            By positioning the 6th Fleet and 5th Fleet forces in the Bay of Benghazi to support anti-Gadhafi forces in his ouster, helped to get rid of another ruthless tyrant. Also used drones to prevent Gadhafi forces from getting to weapons stores hidden in the desert.

            Managed to tie a tin can to the tails of certain bankers whose questionable practices nearly caused another Depression.

            DJ stock index at 9750. when Obama took office, it is now at 12,800 plus currently (what are you rich bitching about?).

            Just rattled RoMoney box with new immigration regulations.

            This should give you a brief look at what Obama hasn’t done. Just keep bitching about it and look asinine and bring more poeple out to vote against the Mormon preacher.

          • UTGDI says:

            Well apparently you know something my bank account doesn’t if you think I am rich, but let’s put that aside.

            From your response, I make the assumption that you feel I have questioned if President Obama and his administration has accomplished anything. I do not. The second missed generalization about me, but I will attempt to overlook that.

            I do appreciate the highlighting of some key accomplishments. Once again I would let them speak the volumes that they will if not tempered by the added commentary and digs at the opposition, with name calling and such. BTW most of the items are in the foreign policy arena, as i pointed out, this thread is discussing a domestic policy issue, but that is probably just me being “asinine” again.

            As for me looking “asinine”, and “bitching” I will ask you to reread the post. I pointed out that WMD s were generally believed to exist, thus a general who had read the intelligence reports could in good conscience go before the world and make the case.

            I generally agree that Obama has done an admirable job domestically in setting the table for the recovery from what may have been a much more painful recession/depression.

            If you posted to answer all the critics, of your various posts on this thread, then I will not take the name calling so personally. If you just want to call people names, then I will likely disregard what you have to say and skip to those that will make their points in a civil manner without the need to demean other points of view.

            As for the “mormon preacher”, I will once again point out that religious tolerance is a cornerstone of this great country. Though sometimes I feel that it is not as prevelant today as in the past. Ask yourself if ones religion is a litmus test for your vote, then as the judge instructs us at the beginning of a trial, throw out this bias, and base your verdict/decision on the facts. I am sure that Governor Romney has a number of policy ideas, and personal foibles to allow you to avoid voting for him. No need to bring religion to the table.

          • Why is that Republicans who persistently mock and falsely label President Obama a Muslim is completely acceptable by the right wing and you? When liberals calls Romney a cultist Mormon, then it is labeled by your side as religious intolerance. Romney makes no bones about being a Mormon. Republicans purport to be Christians but true Chrisitians regard Mormonism as antiChristian and a cult. Yet Republicans are still willing to support this character not for policy reasons, because he doesn’t any, but because of partisan and racist views. You hide behind a facade and want to present yourself as an educated, well-tempered and logical person. I don’t buy your fake persona for one second. You are a wolf in sheep’s clothing. If you consider my statements being “asinine” or “bitching and insulting”, so be it. If the shoe fits, you wear it, HYPOCRITE and LIAR!!!!

          • UTGDI says:

            Not everyone in Utah is a Republican, regardless of the perception. I cannot speak for the ‘christians” who mock and falsely label the president. I do not.

            Nor would I believe that the president would want his supporters or detractors to use general name calling as the primary form of persuasion. (Just an opinion)

            You are right about many christian religions labels of mormonism, again this does not make it so.

            Governor Romney won the nomination for the Republican Party, regardless of the reason.
            I would think the fact that his support may be soft by social conservatives, would be a positive of those those who strongly and vocally support the president.

            I come to this and other boards to get information, occasionally putting in my two cents worth (Many return my two cents), and when I see a poster that makes some good points, but clouds the isssue with demeaning and unnecessary name calling/labeling, I attempt to point out that they may better serve thier candidate by sticking to the topic.

            Enjoy your day, and thank you for your feedback.

      • joceandre says:

        Where does the government finds money to fight unwarranted wars? And all these billionaires and multimillionaires that the working class are supporting through corporate welfare, the more they have the more they want. All we are asking is a little fairness and a little piece of the pie. If we can get health care so be it. YOU probably have insurance ,why would you want to deny someone else the same privilege? We have a lot of our young people that will never get any benefits because of the greed of those very same individuals that are pocketing every cent. This is a civilize society, we cannot allow this travesty to continue. God bless Judge Roberts for having the guts to do the right thing.

        • Mulligatonney says:

          Healthcare Reform is one thing… Government control is another. Healthcare reform is needed. The government calling the shots on my healthcare is not needed or wanted. I don’t think anyone is arguing over the need for reform. The truth is that every government entity eventually becomes a HUGE bureaucratic monster and begins to suck more and more money into it, eventually evolving into something quite other than it was originally intended and demanding gargantuan chunks of taxpayer’s money to keep it going. Look at the Post Office, the Department Of Energy, Social Security, Welfare etc, etc.

          I am a small businessman and pay for my own insurance.

          The problem with OBama care is 1) how much further it will drive the country into debt. 2) The government now decides all of your medical issues for you. Eventually, this will turn into tyrannical application of Federal power. 3) Government can now demand payment from us. Once it gets control, the amounts will go up and up and there will not be anything we can do about it. This will become another government bureaucratic nightmare if it is allowed to stand.

          You are right – Judge Roberts certainly had guts to do what he did, but was also correct in the writing of his consenting opinion – this is a “tax, and not a mandate, or a “right”… as the liberal draftsmen were pushing for. It is a tax. I think this will become a big issue in the near future. Let’s see if I am right…

          Just a touch of irony, though, eh? The “Conservative” that liberals have attacked so venomously for so many years is the very guy that just handed them their government healthcare…at least temporarily…

          OBamacare must be repealed, for Liberty’s sake, but Healthcare should be reformed.

          Wars? That is a long subject, but I will be happy to talk about them with you in another post.


          • lakegirl1935 says:

            I have a feeling Obama knew that this was a tax thing, but because of the reaction of calling it a tax was something he did not want to cope with. But when you say changes in the health care system of this country does need changing, conservative presidents have been saying that for 40 years, yet none have done anything about it, neither the house nor the senate through these years have done anything about it except to TALK about it, talk does not make something happen when its talked about for 40 years, the time finally came when one president had the courage.
            At least now we can start to correct the law, NOT ABOLISH it.

          • Mulligatonney says:

            Yes, of course – everyone knew that it was a tax. This is the only power granted to Congress by the Constitution to appropriate money/resources from the American People – the power to levy taxes. This was an important part of Judge Roberts’ opinion when casting the deciding vote. He emphasized quite strongly that the “regulation of commerce” clause is not a license to rob the American people blind and has been used as a justification for far too many government power plays. I believe he effectively put a stop to that with his opinion. The Constitution clearly and only grants power to Congress to levy taxes to acquire income and to borrow if the necessity is great enough. It is also unconstitutional to create a service just so they can tax it, which is one of my issues with that legislation.

            An overwhelming majority of Americans also knew prior to the reconciliation vote, which ushered in OBamaCare, that our health care system needed reform. And it still does.

            And you correctly include Democrats when you call attention to the fact that Congress has failed to produce health reform to date.

            BUT – the passing of the healthcare legislation and subsequent Supreme Court ruling only underscores my point. We have just handed over another 17% (or more) of our GDP to a political entity (US govt) that we all know is incapable of running ANYTHING efficiently. It they were, we would not have this mountain of debt and yearly deficits and an administration that has not submitted a budget since it came to power. Do you see my point? The debt and deficit are practically screaming at us to wake up to the realization that putting our trust in the government is a really bad idea…

            Ask the American Indian about belief in government promises…

            Once the government gets power and control of anything, it never relinquishes it, and, acting on that power, immediately begins to reach its tentacles further and further in to the private lives of its people. This is an historical fact. Take any government program and track it from its inception to present day – the truth is there for any objective seeker to see plainly.

            So – knowing this, why are so many Americans so eager to repeat this “desperate experiment”? Do they still trust our government? Do they still believe, after all they have seen, that politicians have our best interests at heart?

            The deficit and debt stand as monuments to that lie.

            Our founders knew this. They believed any government to be a “necessary evil” and thought it critical to severely restrict its power and reach.

            Oh, and by the way, Jefferson was a Christian, and he was very deliberate to not “throw the God thing” around carelessly in his writings. He may not have practiced his faith as “religiously” as some of the founders, but it is clear from his public writings, and even more clearly emerges in his diaries and personal letters – that he was indeed a Christian.

            SO – the issue is, as it has always been since our founding… What do you put your faith in – a political entity that has a clear history of ambitious, self-serving, greedy, power-hungry politicians lying to the very people it is supposed to represent? Or a country dedicated to individual liberty as our founders clearly designed it to be?

            And now, it has control of half of our GDP…

            Read Federalist Paper 51, where Madison writes, …”if men were angels….”

            Or ask the Indians.

      • lakegirl1935 says:

        yes, that is how I DO spend my money….. on health care insurance and at a premium I can’t afford, but its that or not going to the doctor because too many younger americans who DO have good paying jobs, but want to spend THEIR MONEY on fun, do not buy health insurance, go to the ER for stupid things like colds, and my insurance has gone up repeatedly because of this.
        PLEASE start watching something on TV beside FOX. Also can you tell me why Republicans are so hateful in spewing their hate for President OBama, I did not care for the policies of Bush II, but I never refered to him as you refer to Obama.

      • lakegirl1935 says:

        oh dear, I messed your last point. calling whom ever you were replying to, calling he my dear, that is just trying to put her down. If you just study what you are saying you might realize that helping people who are less advantaged is the purpose of President Obama, The tea Partiers are the ones who are desperate to take control of things that are none of their buisness, What superpacks are pouring billions of dollars into the coffers of Wisconsin, now that is for control over the people of the state.

        • Mulligatonney says:

          You “messed” my last point? I am not sure I understand what you mean…

          So – President OBama plans to help people by forcing me to spend my money against my will? He is willing to steal from me so that he drop some largesse into the eager hands of the huddled masses in return for their votes. My dear – you have just underscored the insanity of liberal thinking… This is in direct opposition to the Constitution. You have just admitted it. Now, if you would just admit it to yourself…

          Liberals, progressives, socialists, communists – call them as you like. They are the same old demon in different clothing. They claim to know what is best for me and are more than willing to spend as much of my money as they deem fit to prove it. We should all “share”… Why isn’t he willing to share? Why isn’t any politician willing to “share” or make sacrifices during these hard times?

          OBama’s history clearly shows who he is – an ideologue, not a “helper of people”… He is a garden variety politician, serving only his ego and ambitions, and possibly a man who thinks America has gotten to big for its britches and intends to take it down a notch or two. But – that is not what he took an oath to do. He promised to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. Period. Not re-shape it into his own image.

          The Tea Party is simply calling for an end to the endless borrowing, printing and spending that the government does and the monumental debt that has piled up to the point of potential catastrophe, nothing more…. Why do you fear them? I would fear ACORN or “Occupy” more… Both of those organizations have demonstrated they are willing to commit fraud and crimes to further their cause. There is not one single incident of bad behavior or illegal acts regarding the Tea Part on record. Look it up. Unfair taxation is one of the major issues the patriots of 1776 revolted against England for. This is a huge issue for the majority of Americans.

          Madam – your way simply doesn’t work. It may take an economic collapse before you realize it, but that is most definitely in store for this country if this madman in the White House is allowed to continue, and if people like you don’t awaken to the potential disaster looming.

          Speaking of study – I do. And, if you would like to – look at the recent history of Argentina, where it went from thriving economy and rising major world power to recession to full-blown depression in just a few years due to the same flawed theories of Keynesian economics that the White House is now deploying. It is a very simple search on Google – simply type in “Argentina Depression” and read what caused it – in the context of the aftermath of its collapse and extensive Monday morning quarterbacking, to be sure, but accurate nonetheless. One can sum up the general conclusion by the economists that studied it thus: “The proposed hypothesis is that the Argentine crisis was triggered by a lack of political consensus to control the fiscal deficit. ”

          Fiscal discipline, my dear – that is the key. And it has been some time since either party has cared about that. But they will tell you that is their goal, if it will get them your vote. Look at what they DO… Do not believe what they say, especially if they have already lied and stolen from you. That is like asking a known child molester to babysit your children. You already know the outcome will not be good. This is true of either party. It is the only way we can get some accountability back in our government.

          So in summary – you are more than welcome to spend as much of your money as you like in “helping others”… I think that is a wonderful thing. You are not welcome to spend as much of MY money as you like to “help people” in causes I may not agree with. That is not a wonderful thing… in my eyes as well as in the eyes of the writers of our Constitution. How my money is spent is my decision – not yours, and is a God-given right, not something the Government hands down to me as it chooses.

          The difference in this thinking is what makes liberals what they are and Constitutionalists – what they are.

          Spend your own money. Leave mine alone. I worked for it and I will choose what charities, causes or institutions, if any, get it.

          And I will fight you if you attempt to take it away from me against my will… As any true defender of the Constitution would.

          • lakegirl1935 says:

            Sir when you show me your degree in Constitutional law I would at least give your opinion some thought. God did not give you the right to anything. Do you drive a car,? has the government taken away your right to drive without a license, which you must pay for, and insurance, which you must pay for. um I know there are other things the govt make you or you lose your privilege in these areas.
            Apparently there is much disagreement by the supreme court of whom I believe 9 have constitutional law degrees, as to what is constitutionally correct and which is not.

          • Mulligatonney says:

            You’re right again – there is much disagreement on the Supreme Court, which is obliged by law to impartially use the Constitution to determine the legality of a given issue. This is why many Americans are upset with the Supreme Court at present – because some of them are using their power to further their ideology, not objectively make a decision on the basis of the document as it was written.

            The simple fact that my rights are God-given and not government given is written right in the Declaration of Independence and in the Constitution. You can read them for yourself.

            Start with the Declaration of Independence. You will not read very far until you discover this Truth. Simply Google, “Declaration Of Independence”…

            The genius of the founders in writing it in this way is evident in their complete understanding of h0w important it is that we never regard our rights as given to us by the government. Because then, the government can take them away. Kind of like they are doing right now. Piece by piece. And they are doing it in the name of “what is best for us”… But the Constitution does not give them that power. In fact, it explicitly disallows it.

            Think about it… As individual Liberty and God are taken down from the prime position (also written into the Declaration of Independence and in the Constitution), government is beginning to declare itself the new God. When you have a document that can be easily changed or disregarded, then corrupt men will disregard and change it to serve their own ambitions. It is what is happening in front of our very eyes.

            Soon, the government will be able to deny us surgery or transplants because we smoked or drank in the past, or have not eaten our broccoli, or are too fat.

          • lakegirl1935 says:

            I suppose I must watch my typing now, I know you understood MISSED my point, so I typed in an e instead, but about missing your last point, you were trying to belittle the lady before that answered you question by calling her “MY DEAR”, I am sure she is not your dear.
            We will never believe the same way, so why try. Yes I am a liberal and to me that is not a curse word like many of the conservatives make it out to be.
            Jefferson was not a christian, yet he among others threw the god word around because that was the way everyone during that time believed, ………. so the statement “GOD GIVEN”. Jefferson was not totally pleased with his constitution either, but in the rush to complete and because the south refused to accept it, removed the part of freeing the slaves, so the constitution could be made law.
            There was no way to put all thoughts into that law for many reasons. because of limited time, because of the variety of views of the congress, so like the affordable health care law, about which you are crying foul, would have been 2,000 or more pages.
            Personally, I feel much more positive about this country than you must. We have gone thru turmoil of all kind since my birth, we are now in a tough time, and the blame is not just Reagans, Bush 1, Clinton, Bush 2 nor Obama.
            It is the greed of so many world wide, we are not only a constitutional country, we are a god fearing country also, so I like to believe our governments decisions should also be along the lines of I AM MY BROTHERS KEEPER.
            This time is just a blip in the history of time. We will come out of this like we always have.

          • lakegirl1935 says:

            I trust the govt MORE than I trust business, because when the govt does things that offend me, I have the option of a vote. Business does what they want and what recourse do I have? Do your really believe business is not greedy and power hungry?
            The part the govt’s played in the mess the world is now in, is deregulation. I assume that you love deregulation and that have it scares you, but greed and power hunger was businesses part, so yes I trust govt more.
            I also go crazy over people who throw around numbers as in your GDP statement, we can all throw around these numbers. You really have no clue.
            I also read, you are just wrong about Jefferson being a christian. We have politicians now who profess to being christian, and make laws against what they say they believe to be against God, then do things opposite from the laws they make.
            I do NOT care if my government is a christian government.

      • nonanona says:

        That $1.5 trillion–or whatever the necessary amount is–will be spent by everyone, in an important way, in the United States. It will be spent among people who care about each other, in America. It is going to promote the welfare of everyone in general, here at home. It will empower our right to life–instead of the cruel punishment of unnecessary sickness and death. The ruling has emphasized the fact that money is a regulatory tool, and not a goal. The money itself will circulate among our whole society, and across state boundaries. This was, in fact, a very conservative decision which will provide incredible benefits, in both health and in the economy, in our country, in the longest run.

        • Mulligatonney says:

          No – this is a government that has learned to bribe its people using their own money. And the people respond by eagerly selling their freedom for a promise… Adding 1.5 trillion dollars to a 17 trillion dollar debt is fiscally insane.

          There is evidence. A debt rising beyond our ability to pay it. Or to convince our creditors to loan us more. We are in trouble, and instead of reining in the spending, we are adding an huge additional amount to what we owe.

          This is a formula for economic collapse. Constitutionality aside, where do you see the money coming from to pay this debt?

          This circulation of cash flow notion of yours is a Utopian dream, not a reality. Greed, corruption and selfish ambition are everywhere. Look at all of the Government programs and tell me which one is operating efficiently. Tell me which one is fiscally sound and running as it was promised to run.

          They are taking your Liberty by making you a promise that will not be kept. They have no intention of keeping it. In fact, they know they cannot keep it.

          Healthcare reform, yes. Government takeover of our health no. They will take much more than that.

          For this reason, our founders called the Federal Government they were forming a “necessary evil” and went to great lengths to restrict and restrain its power. Any student of history knows this.

          But now we are handing our power over to them. And it is going to cost us our freedom.

    • joceandre says:

      These people need to learn to respect the commander in chief. Every time I remember watching that ARIZONA governor pointing her finger at President Obama’s face, and that stupid reporter at the white house disturbing him while he was talking , these people better thank their lucky stars that they are in the U.S.A. Until today I’ll bet that Jen Brewer could not go to Haiti and point her finger at dead Papa Doc’s tomb.

  5. Well, folks, it has been a hilarious last 24 hours. To watch the desperate, crybaby republicans wail and wet their pants in yet ANOTHER of their MANY failures~~ Priceless…

    Let’s put the cap on the snowman for the repubs in November.

    OBAMA 2010~~~

    • ExPAVIC says:


      Get all Democrats to the polls on November 6th EVEN IF YOU HAVE TO CARRY THEM.

      • tell everyone u know that Obama is the one he needs to b reelected 4 more yrs we dont want a bigot a lier and a low down whatamacallit being our president ever he needs to disappear for ever our world b so much better off our coountry will b destroyed if obama is not elected for 4 more years lets show all the idiots in the world that we will vote president OBAMA 4more yrs and keep our social security medicare medicaid our right to choose and right to take care of our own bodies our health care

    • You Got That Right!!! Voting Against Mr Strip And Ship Along With His American Taliban Members Obama /Biden 2012!!

  6. William Deutschlander says:

    In actuality Roberts had no other alternatives, other than to preside over the most political and destructive court in modern history.

    I have a feeling that someone outside the court, had some common sense consultations with Roberts that gave light to reality and humanity!

    Roberts should thank the four other jurists that voted with him for reality and humanity.

    Congress must move swiftly to correct the coverage for the poorest of the poor, the most vulnerable of our brethern!

  7. majormarj says:

    Honestly, the last line should have read “It’s frankly a miracle that he swung the vote to the left.” He must be worried about his legacy: to go down in history with Marshall or just disappear as another pawn of the CONS.

  8. 5777 says:

    Long Lives chief justice. GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY!!!

  9. howa4x says:

    Roberts had to uphold the law since after Gore/Bush the courts reputation was becoming one that was partisan in nature, and the public opinion has fallen to its lowest in decades. He has to show that he can be moderate for his place in history.

    Conservatives can yip all they want about this but thay have no plan. If you want to counter the ACA what is your alternative? There are 50 million uninsured, what are you going to do about it? I never seem to hear Rush, Beck, Hannity, O’Reiley, Coulter, or Palin tell us how they would solve this problem. How can you respect people who sit on the side and be critical but offer no ideas of their own

  10. shadowg says:

    Chief Justice Roberts did the correct thing and I applaud him.

  11. quasm says:

    Mr. Dionne;

    This decision is frightening. If the right wing nuts get control of congress again they could pass a mandate that everyone must own a gun or pay and oppressive tax. This tax could be justified as the cost of protecting them or taking care of the expenses of a violent crime against them because they could not defend themselves.

    Dik Thurston
    Colorado Springs

    • lakegirl1935 says:

      Awe come on Dick, thats what people who want to scare others do, make up things that do NOT affect many people, health care does.

  12. Howard R says:

    Congrats Obama for sticking to your guns in spite of others who said Do not do it.
    Over time this plan will save money and be more efficient just as medicare which only has a 3 % admin fee. Compared to over 20 % for Private CO’s Finally Roberts took the time to think this thru & be fair minded. Call it Penalty or Tax ? who cares IF we all – except very poor- pay something NO sick folks – kids will go without care or die . No one should lose all just becasue they get sick Many go bankrupt Thats wrong . Private ins Co are way too greedy They drop deny refuse care- max out what they will pay and take 200 mil + as CEO wages. T Baggers GOP Congress Fox Rove Hannity Rush Palen & fans Scream all you want Your guy Roberts & 4 others say ITS legal !!

  13. montanabill says:

    I hope most you enjoy a day of gloating before reality starts. Now that the penalty is a tax, it is most definitely a tax on the middle class. Here’s one reason why. I currently pay $16,000 to $18,000 per year per employee for their family health insurance. It went up substantially all ready this year as the result of ACA and it will go up again. So I intend to do a survey. If I find that a majority intend to vote for Obama, I will discontinue paying for their insurance and pay the $2,000 to $3,000 penalty and let them find and pay for their own insurance. You can rest assure that I will not be the only employer who elects this option. This bad law needs to be repealed and a law that actually reforms health care and reduces costs needs to replace it. Any law without tort reform will do neither. Remember, Justice Roberts also said in his opinion, “It is not our job to protect the people from the consequences of their political choices.” When you find it harder and harder to find providers, wait longer and longer for procedures, and find that granny is too old to cost justify a procedure, remember that statement.

    • I’m glad I don’t work for you, or are related to you, or know you, you sir are a supreme doosh !

      • montanabill says:

        And you sir, are one of the parasite class.

        • lakegirl1935 says:

          Well Sir I am NOT a parasite, I buy my own health insurance, and I totally DISAGREEwith you that this is a bad law and needs to be repealed, and where have you been and what have you been doing about changes in the health care for the past 20 years, NOTHING.
          and about granny, maybe she has never had the money to buy herself insurance and of course doesn’t need to wait in line because she does not even go to the doctor. Health insurance companies who make you go to a doctor 30 miles from your home because THEY have decided to whom you will see for your medical needs.
          and if they are covered under your plan. So do not try and tell people you have all the answers, because you do not.

          • montanabill says:

            I’m glad you buy your own insurance. So far, this wonderful law has caused an 18% increase in the cost for the insurance I buy my employees. If any of them decide to sell their house and there is a gain, 6% of that will now go pay for Obamacare. We will also, according to the notoriously under-estimating OMB, be required to pay over $1.2 trillion to support Obamacare. Watch for it to be more like $3-4 trillion. In case you haven’t noticed, a great many physicians now refuse to take Medicare patients because of the low reimbursements. Watch for that to turn in to a flood going to cash only making finding good providers still taking insurance difficult with long waits. Good news though, unemployment should come down from the true 18.2% as the number of new hires for all the new agencies and departments are added to the government payroll, not to mention all the new IRS agents required for enforcement. We should also see stock price increases in paper companies as these new agencies continue to create tens of thousands of new regulations (with no oversight, I might add). More good news for you government lovers, there will now be a legion of bureaucrats making health care decisions and that includes the cost/benefit analysis for any problem granny might have late in life. Don’t have space to continue. That is just the tip of that 2700 page nightmare.

          • lakegirl1935 says:

            once again, the government DID NOT make your health care costs go up, YOUR INSURANCE COMPANY DID. Because of of the new TAX healthcare upheld, they need to get as much of your money NOW as they can. I also get sick of hearing the Obama lies, grandma dies, as an employer, I assume you know what goes on with your employees and their health insurance and how well it works. I do believe there are health insurance companies who are not in the buisness of only caring for the bottom line, but I also believe they are few and far between. Grandma has been dying since the beginning of time, but since some people pay for their insurance they expect fair treatment, I am not stupid, I understand the insurance companies are in business to make money, just like you are in business for the same reason, that’s what life (I guess) is about for most people. We all want to be (comfortable) I say this because for me, wanting to be wealthy is about control. I have 3 children who have done very well financially, and that is good, for myself, I just want to be comfortable, be able to keep a roof over my head, buy food and necessary things to live comfortably, but I have no desire to control. But why is there the need for companies to make billions, I understand much of that money goes into making people who invest more comfortable, so I am not knocking this, but I am upset with their purpose to control citizens of this country. The government is not the only ones who have a desperate need to control, big buisness does too.

          • montanabill says:

            You are in business making widgets. People like your widgets and your company makes a nice profit which enables it to grow and pay dividends to your stockholders. Your widget sells for $1. It costs you $0.50 to make the widget, your overhead cost is $0.40 which pays you and other administrative salaries, it pays for employee benefits, it pays for advertising, accounting, legal and all the other costs of doing business, and leaves you with $0.10 in before tax profit. The government comes along and says you are making too much profit. Since it only costs you %0.50 to make your widget, you can’t charge over $0.60 for your widget. That leaves you 10 cents now to pay your business costs. Even if you can trim your costs to 10 cents, you will not be making a profit. The government is being ‘fair’ to everyone, since they now get a cheaper product and since you were charging too much to begin with, you will have to pay a rebate to your existing customers. But you can’t complain, because, “its only fair”. This principle is the same for small companies as it is for giant companies. Only the scale is different.

    • cabadas says:

      If you had any sense you would realize that you don’t know what your talking about, it’s not ACA that raise your premiums, the insurance company did that on their own. The tax you talk about is only on the people that can afford health insurance and chose not to get it. THE REPUBLICANS WILL NOT REPLACE ONLY REPEAL. Montana & Vermont are 2 states that border Canada apparently both states want what Canada has. Every Canadian I’ve talk to and ask about their health care they like it.

      • montanabill says:

        Since I’m in the health care business, I do have probably a lot more familiarity with ACA than you. I also have quite a few Canadian friends. They all come to the states for quicker and better care unless it is for a relatively trivial matter where they don’t mind waiting. Do not believe any propaganda that says that the Republicans will not have a replacement for ACA. That is purely a DNC talking point with no validity.

        • lakegirl1935 says:

          Sure, just look at what they have already done thru the years they were in office. I don’t have to listen to propaganda to realize that, just living through their doing nothing is proof enough.

    • UTGDI says:

      Tort reform should be an option, but it is not the magic pill that will control costs. Do I believe that we have lost many skilled medical practitioners in various fields due to the heavy medical malpractice costs either through insurance or otherwise, Yes.
      I also believe that there are at least two other causes for higher increases in healthcare costs than across the board inflation.
      1. Cost shifting — A medicare patient gets a procedure and they pay $10 (This is the contract price with the government contract); HMO patient has the same procedure and they pay $12 (This is the contract price for membership in the HMO network of physicians) finally uninsured patient goes in and is charged $25 for same procedure. They are indigent and fail to pay — so money’s lost on the $18 procedure are shifted to those that are paying their own way or whose pool are smaller and do not have the leverage to negotiate the lower costs pay $27. Now these numbers are only hypothetical used to illustrate my point.

      2. The fact that third party payees allow the consumer (you and me) to get lazy about price comparison. After all my co-pay is still the same. One office may charge the insurance a $100 per doctor visit whereas another office may charge $85. We do not care as long as I still only pay $25. Also to some there is perverse feeling of thinking they are getting their money’s worth for their premiums because the insurance company had to pay more for this visit.

      Tort reform is an aspect that needs to be addressed but it is not the panacea that many conservatives believe it to be.

      • montanabill says:

        You are absolutely correct about cost shifting. It is not only the indigent, but Medicare and the HMO’s that are underpaying for procedures. Watch as the trickle of physicians who have moved to cash only practices becomes a flood. Many will simply find other trades.

        I don’t think it is that we are so lazy about price comparisons so much as it is we don’t have access to the numbers. All we can do is compare various plans which is very difficult.

        I don’t think conservatives believe that tort reform will be a panacea, but it is the largest driver of excessive testing which has ballooned costs. The American life style is a major component and until people have to become responsible to some degree for their own decisions, all of us will be covering for them and enabling them. The reality is, every single time government has stepped in to help, whether with Medicare/Medicaid, Part D, HMO’s, HIPAA and now ACA, health care costs are increased and we have not gotten better over-all care.

        • lakegirl1935 says:

          I do agree with the fact that for some reason the people in this country think it is their right to live forever. I understand doctors do unnecessary testing to protect themselves. But when the news media talks about someone like a 60 some vice president has a heart transplant, I guess I understand why they feel they should have the same treatment, for myself: We all are going to die, it is sad when it is a child or a parent of young children dies, BUT it happens, we are ALL going to die, but I have to admit, I was really irritated when Cheney had his transplant, when insurance companies turn away people who are NO ONE and fighting cancer or other illnesses. they also have families who are saddened by their demise. Plus I am the one paying for all the Congress to have wonderful health insurance, that goes on, even if no longer in office, but then I guess they make the laws, right. Well I feel that LAW should be changed and they should be treated like the rest of us, after their stint is over, they are now on their own, they must buy all their own health insurance, and what other perks they get during their tenure.

          • montanabill says:

            How about something far simpler. I recently had an attack of vertigo. I called an ear and balance specialist for an appointment. They said because I was on Medicare, I would need a referral from my primary care physician. When it was time for my appointment, the balance specialist had still not received the referral. I told him I was ill and wanted to keep the appointment and that I would pay for it myself at the time of service. They told me they could not do that since they could lose their ability to service Medicare patients if it was found that I had not used Medicare and paid cash. I had to suffer for 3 more days until the referral finally was sent. The reason for the delay: the primary care physician’s office was buried in Medicare paperwork. Great system or what?

          • Montana, I think you said you had a small business, I find it hard to believe you do not make a profit, otherwise why would you stay in a business that drains you financially.
            Medicare does NOT demand you go thru your doctor to see a specialist, nor call your insurance company before you have a procedure, your insurance company does that. I NEVER call ahead of time, my doc thinks I need a specialist, she calls and sets up an appointment for me. Medicare is not involved until a bill is sent to them for the appointment/procedure.
            Since I have never been in business I have not idea how you find insurance for your company or employees. If I were you I would look for another company. I have Transamerica Life Insurance company, for my supplemental, in 11 years I had never paid 1 cent to my doc or hospital, that is until the hospital sold out to another company, now they are nickle and dimeing me, not my insurance, but the hospital and the doctors who are affiliated with the hosp. Still I happen to like my insurance company totally, except for the monthly fee which has gone up at least 2% a year since I started, but so have everyother insurance company. Maybe more, since I use only medicare and this supplemental that is all I know, but I was a secretary, whatever company had my insurance, (too long ago to remember the name) but it was not an HMO, AARP, etc., never did I have to contact that insurance co. before a procedure or surgery. You said you were aware of the medical profession, I have a friend who is and she said she wouldn’t have an HMO for all the tea in china. ;-o
            She did name a few companies that she knew through having billing contact with them the good ones and the bad ones, so ask around.

          • montanabill says:

            I retired from actively running the business several years ago. At the time I turned 65 and since I was no longer considered an active employee (though still the owner), I had to leave my company insurance (AETNA) and go to Medicare. I did not make the stuff up about being required by a specialist to first have a referral from my primary care physician for Medicare. That’s how it works. Our full time employees have the choice of an HMO, PPO or health savings plan. Us codgers are stuck with Medicare and supplements. I do have one advantage that some people might not. I can afford to go to physicians that are cash only and there are getting to be a lot more of them, but the Medicare noose still hangs me for those providers taking Medicare patients.

  14. This President is right about the healthcare issue, we must have an open mind. Do not listen to the republicans they are wrong…..

  15. We must stand by our president…he needs our support…..He kept his promises!

  16. Angel says:

    KEEP IT THOUGHTFULLY HONEST: Chief Judge Roberts and his four colleagues on the sane left of the Supreme Court made the ultimate historical decision that all Americans should be protected by having access to affordable health care! Now as reported in LA Times, “Americans like Dale Berman who do not have a political rooting interest has been given by Court affordable Health Care reform law that his life depended on it. This American like so many others are no longer at the mercy of the” California’s federally funded Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan that was created by the Congress’s healthcare reform law as a temporary refuge for people awaiting establishment of so-called insurance exchanges in 2014 with the prospect of insurers not being able to deny coverage to anyone!” THE INCONVENIENT TRUTH IS: For political “obstructionists” extreme right wing, That Judge Roberts decision on this law will provide critical help to uninsured middle-class households to afford premiums to avoid bankruptcy as well as expand Medicaid to pick up coverage for low-income people as well as rebates for Americans that have been over charged by Insurance companies. So the majority of the Roberts Court needs to be publically commended for it’s this historic responsible decision despite the ugly and divisive politics of Romney and the republicans through their lies and distortions that will try over-turn this life and death coverage for thousands of American! Whether Judge Roberts intended or not, he was the “decider” of this historically significant landmark AFFORDABLE HEALTH CARE decision!

  17. UTGDI says:

    Alright the SCOTUS has upheld the majority of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). There are a couple of points about this , and the process that disturb me.
    1. As pointed out by one of the other posters — Companies that are currently providing Health Insurance can opt to pay the $2000-3000 penalty and we are left to go to a State Level Cooperative where minimum level of acceptable coverage is determined by each state.
    2. The administration originally pointed to the mandate as a funding mechanism to share the burden across socio-economic and generational lines. Adamantly denying that it was a “tax”. Then when presenting its arguments before the court it stated that the mandate was within the perview of the federal government under the Commerce clause. Under close scrutiny by the justices it adjusted its tact to include the taxing authority of the federal government. This is where the court ruled that the “penalty” that the government imposes for those that do not get insured is derived from — Not regulation of commerce.
    There are many other items that could prove troublesome. We can discuss them as the debate continues into the fall and beyond.

  18. Angel says:

    KEEP IT THOUGHTFULLY HONEST: Chief Judge Roberts and his four moderate colleagues of the Supreme Court made the ultimate historical decision that all Americans should be protected by having access to affordable health care! American are no longer at the mercy of the profit oriented health insurance companies but can go to insurance exchanges in 2014 with the prospect of insurers not being able to deny coverage to anyone! THE INCONVENIENT TRUTH MAYBE: That Judge Roberts personal decision demonstrated a responsible and thoughtful judgment to provide critical help to uninsured middle-class households to afford premiums to avoid bankruptcy as well as expand Medicaid to pick up coverage for low-income people! It is interesting to note that based upon the minority’s stated uncompromising insistence on invalidating the entire law may have influence Roberts to join the moderates in upholding the Affordable Health Care Act? Chief Justice Robert’s did wish his Supreme Court to be remembered as making a historic “decision” to turn his court into the ultimate DEATH PANEL! History will revisit this topic in the future in a tell-all book on this court that may conclude that Kennedy, Thomas, Alito and Scalia were so inflexible with their activist’s narrow, right wing extremist’s views! So for now Roberts has saved a measure of respect and stature for his Court to recognized that we’re a democracy, not a judicial dictatorship to over-turn this life and death coverage for thousands of American based upon on such ludicrous argument to “buy broccoli” to quote an insensitive and arrogant statement by Mr. Scalia !

  19. DukeDacat says:

    Hey, OMG…….. I am just saying, Cat got your tongue

    Have a nice day… Heh, Heh Heh, Heh………….. hehehehehehehe

  20. lambypie says:

    I have advocated for Health Care Reform along with people such as Ted Kennedy since the 1970’s and it has taken this long to start the move. I sat in a meeting one time many years ago when a doctor stood up and said “I don’t know what these poor people are complaining about, I never see them in my office”. That is the mentality we are dealing with even today. When are people going to wake up and smell the drug companies and the insurance companies, and the for PROFIT hospitals, they are there to make money not serve those with no health care. Those complain about a tax. Since I started working when I was 17 I paid into Social Security I didn’t have a choice but thank god I did because I am retired and need what I get. WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE ???

  21. ayaya says:

    I saw how sad John King of CNN was. John King supports the Republican politics of “NO” more than Rush Limbaugh and Palin do.

  22. The GOP is facing a huge problem for 2014 now.

    I am a Republican who supported the ACA. I know it’s needed, I work in the business office of a large hospital that serves a local population of about 2 million people, and many are uninsured, even more are underinsured.

    The law isn’t perfect. There are many things that needed to be in the law, but weren’t. Things it needed to do, but doesn’t address. I don’t think the law should be repealed, but it does need to be repaired.

    The problem facing the GOP is that they if they are going to fix it now, they will have to answer the thorny question of why they left such things out in the first place. The record will be clear that the repairs being considered now were considered then, and the GOP rejected them, made it impossible to move forward unless they were excised.

    The only tactic they have left, will be to try to repeal it anyway. If Obama wins, any bill to repeal that passes both chambers of Congress will be DOA at the Oval Office. If Romney wins, that might be possible, but only if there is a way to cloture or sidestep a Senate filibuster.

  23. Andrew Rei says:

    While CJ Roberts FINALLY REMEMBERED that he took an oath to “support and defend the Constitution” (something the GOP did but about which have a collective & selective amnesia) in the PPACA case, it doesn’t excuse his siding with the other 4 justices who comprise the “Feckless Five”, highly corrupt justices Scalia and Thomas, clueless Alito and wishy-washy Kennedy, in some atrocious decisions, the two worst being Citizens United and Troy Davis…we’ve all heard and seen the negative effects of Citizens United….the Troy Davis case was worse because the Feckless Five rubber-stamped a highly corrupt state of Georgia’s zeal to execute an innocent man. And, Scalia provided the most jaw-dropping statement in regards to Davis v Georgia: “executing an innocent man is not unconstitutional”…do you ever hear the idiotic and ignorant things you say, Mr. Scalia? The fact that Roberts got one correct supports the old saying, “even a stopped clock is right twice a day”. But, it’s painfully obvious that justices Scalia and Thomas need to be removed from the panel and replaced with much more reasonable Liberal justices, which, in turn, points up the importance that President Obama be re-elected and that the Democrats have a 60-vote supermajority in the Senate to quash the GOP’s childish overuse of the filibuster.

  24. UTGDI says:

    Just a thought here, but the Seniors Perscription Drug Plan passed during President George W Bush’s administration has a mandate that the individual must have a medicare approved or equivelant coverage or be faced with a LEP (Late Enrollment Penalty) of up to 1% per month of the average cost of the plan that they enroll in later. This penalty is added to the plan premium, with the penalty procedes going to the Center for Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMS). NOTE: This penalty is not a one time, nor one year penalty, but continues on until the individual dies or ceases to have prescription drug coverage, in the later case they start to accrue additional penalties.

  25. Mr. Strip And Ship Is Just Here To Finish Where Bush Left Off, More Tax Breaks For The Wealthy Plus The Same Old Rerun Of Trickle Down Bullcrap That’s Only Work For The Wealthy !! Where’s The Jobs Ask Mitt Romney And His Wealthy So Called Business Men They Shipped Them Overseas To China , India And Korea For The Cheap Labor!!!

  26. UTGDI says:

    Montana Bill, since I understand from some of the other posts, you are in the healthcare business can you educate me please.

    I would for my own peace of mind like to know how I can, or how a healthcare provider can make the costs of the procedures more transparent to the consumer. This is why I included myself in the “lazy” part, maybe I should have used unknowingly overcharged instead. I find it hypocritical to call others out, when I know that I am just as guilty.

    Secondly, I agree that the democratic political machine is pumping out some facts / propoganda about what the republicans have or don’t have in the way of alternative plans. My dismay is that the republicans could lay this to rest by actually presenting their plan for reform. I realize that then everyone across the political spectrum would have a shot at tearing it down, and ridiculing aspects of it. At least they would be seen as doing more than throwing popcorn from the peanut gallery. The sour grapes exhibited as the SCOTUS upheld a majority of the ACA is not becoming, nor IMHO is it working politically.

    Thanks for your comments, in filling some of the gaps in my knowledge of the system.

  27. CJ says:

    Chief Justice Roberts fulfilling his promise to be an umpire calling balls and strikes got this one just right. He put God and country before extreme right wing politics rather than repeat Bush v. Gore. It is very unfortunate that the extreme right wing would react the way they did with the supreme court’s decision. They need to practice what they preach and stop bullying our president by constantly attempting to degrade him. Radical right wingers, remember what you learned in elementary school by getting along with others, sharing and stop name calling and complaining. Anyone can complain but it takes a mature responsible adult to bring forward solutions. Let President O’ bama do his job and start working with him for the benefit of ALL Americans and not just a select few to help resolve our country’s many insurmountable problems. Thanks Justice Roberts 🙂

  28. TheOldNorthChurch says:

    It was not a rebuff of the right – it was a rebuff of the American people and a victory of the “Political Class”. Roberts changed his legacy to one similar of George Bush. Support the Political Class at all cost.

    The American Fall is near if it does not happen at the ballot box it will happen. We are reaching the point of a post constitutional government and it will not be accepted by a majority of the American People.

  29. what they dont know there is 84 per sent of white american on health care and just 14 per cent of blacks they will hurt their own people,

  30. Hang all traitors to the US constitution

  31. 1after909 says:

    If you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything! To all of you frogs sitting in a pan of water on the stove, you are so stupid that you can’t think to realize that Obama is slowly cooking your ass. It’ the reason you are on the dole, It’s the reason you are no longer an honest person, It’s the reason you think you are entitled to money someone else worked hard for. It’s the reason you are in favor of a mandated Tax (Obamacare) Judge Roberts should be Disbarred for being an underhanded Obama lackey. Oh, wait till you find out this health care tax is going to leave you up shit creek without a paddle! Don’t come crying to me I can’t fix stupid for you

    • ClydeMcWhorter says:

      Stupid is as stupid does. Or You Stupid OR Just Ignorant?? Turn Off Fox and Ru$h Bimbaugh and get A Life. Read A Current History book of the USA. Hang The “T”for terrorist party Crowd. Just Out For A skinny dip . No Foul, no Harm!!

      Mit Romney’s DaDDY wAS Born IN Mexico,That Makes Mit Romney A citizen Of Mexico. Mit Romney Has Never Denounced His MexIcan Citizenship!!

    • Sand_Cat says:

      You and all your repugnant friends are pathetically ignorant and so far out of touch with reality that Barry Goldwater probably wouldn’t pass muster today: too “liberal.”

      Roberts an Obama lackey? Your ignorance and irrational fanaticism is showning!

  32. idagw says:


  33. Cattruck says:

    More Dumbocrats, they feel the noose tightening around their necks, so here come MORE lies and decption its all they have to run on. OMG has a NEW meaning OBAMA MUST GO

  34. of course i think obama should win idont want anybody sending me back to the middle ages if he wants to think that way i want to live in a progressive country i dont want an it telling me i am lazy good for nothing and living on government handouts he is so confused such an idiot but there r other idiots who believe his every word like he is GOD well he is not he is just like us poor peons he needs to b knocked off the throne of conceitedness bigotry and realize that just because u dont make$200,000 ur ok he obviously hasnt been in our world he doesnt comprehend i thing about the moochers as he calls us he will never come down to he level why doesnt the people believe this and realize he is not a god fearing man he is evil

  35. Anyone who goes against the RethugLIARcon mantra of marching in lockstep with all of its party’s platform and policies is completely ostracized, mocked and threatened. The RethugLIARcon will eat their own. For many years prior to the healthcare decision by the U S Supreme court, RethugLIARcons were placing Roberts on a pedestal and proclaiming him a hero of conservative ideology. Now, all of a sudden, because Roberts for once decides to do the right thing instead of the partisan thing by voting to uphold the president’s healthcare reform bill, his own party now considers him a pariah, a traitor, a deserter and hate from them has pounced on Roberts like one has never before seen. RethugLIARcons have even threatened his life! Nice going RethugLIARcons! NOT!!!

  36. xxxx says:

    Australians enjoy the benefits they receive from their use of their Medicare card plus additional privileges from their communities’ health centers and Family and Health Departments. These are provided by the taxes from the incomes of the rich Australians (don’t mention carbon tax, however). Wealth is distributed equally to all its citizens from the previous governments (both from liberal and from labor governments). They are all happy about the system. So why are the American Ritz always complaining? Greediness is what drives them.

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