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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Thursday evening, Mitt Romney added to his impressive array of celebrity supporters — Gene Simmons, Donald Trump, Jenna Jameson, Lindsay Lohan and Stacey Dash — with a man you probably haven’t thought about since Mitt was pretending to be pro-choice: Meatloaf.

The appearance culminated with a nearly retching Mr. Loaf performing “America, The Beautiful” and forcing Mitt Romney to escape to the other side of the stage. Watch:

Apparently, Romney is so desperate for some celebrity support that he may be campaigning with a guy who isn’t even legally registered to vote.

Loaf’s real name is Michael Lee Aday. According to The Smoking Gun, Aday may be trying to register to vote in a residence he no longer owns or resides in:

Texas resident Aday is not registered to vote in the red state. On October 23, two days before appearing onstage with Romney, the singer sought a mail-in ballot from California for the November 6 election. Aday remains registered to vote from an L.A. county home he sold in May 2011.

Of course, when it comes to Republican voter registration fraud, this is just small (meatloaf and) potatoes. But it’s a great reminder to publicists of fading stars that Mitt Romney is willing to take anyone right now.

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  • mbuch65

    the horror, the horror.

  • The question being: which one of these losers is more desperate for attention?

    • jvaljon1

      Only one loser here, and that’s your precious Mitt-The-Flip-Flopping-LIAR.

      The President of the United States, is campaigning. With the crowds that HE draws, I’d have to say that the LAST thing that the President is, is ‘desperate for attention’, Don!

      And Don; after hearing those new definitions of rape by Senators in your party (I REFUSE to give it a capital “P”), I DEFINITELY needed a laugh!

      • In Don’s defense, I hope and thus believe (until proven otherwise) that he was referring to Meat Loaf and Romney.

        • That’s the way I read it, too. Politics makes many of us jumpy and irritable and too quick to respond with negativism. Thanks politicians, for turning Americans against Americans. Last time that happened more than 620,000 Americans died on American soil at the hands of their fellow Americans…

        • 1bythebrooks2

          I agree with you Blaze. I truly believe he was talking about both the Gov. and Meatloaf. They were the only two buffoon losers on the stage!!

        • Who is Meatloaf anyway, he had one really good album Bat Out of Hell and the music wasn’t created by him. It was written by Jim Steinman. Since then what has the Loaf done, been on Donald “That iss not a dead squirrel on my head” Trump’s show the apprentist.

        • yes, that’s the way I read it too.

      • onedonewong

        That explains why all the venues are 2/3 smaller than when he campaigned in 2008

        • …you are hopeless in your ability to grasp any of the concepts that will ensure a loss for your pathetic R & R team…let’s talk on the 7th….OBAMA 2012

          • onedonewong

            recovery will be on the job come the 7th and they won’t be blaming barak for the damage he’s done. That’s because they are men ad will deal with the problem unlike the boy wonder

    • onedonewong

      barak and joe biteme

  • Why is he running from meat loaf? Because he is used to chateaubriand and Mouton Cadet and never savored any of the dishes consumed by the middle class. Just like moderate Republicans are called RINOs by their more radical cousins, people like Mitt Romney are as unAmerican as a burqah.

    • …or if one is campaigning with Paul Ryan (ah,Mitt Romney) you refer to your VP pick as “Gilligan” and he refers to you as “the stench”.

  • johninPCFL

    Meatloaf and Romney. What a pair. Romney votes for Scott Brown illegally from his son’s basement in Massachussets, now meatloaf votes illegally for Romney from his old house in California. GOP voter fraud from the top down.

  • Who cares? Someone needs to put the fear in thatlying ass Misfit Romney! The insutling part of all of this is there are Americans who are stupid enough to believe what this joker says!


    • Sandra

      Romney and the R’thug party seem to attract washed up celebrities like meat loaf, ted nugent, simmons, sorboro? they guy who played hercules, linsday lohan, and their ilk. Btw, how is simmons reality show going? That had to be one of the dummest shows on TV.
      FORWARD Obama/Biden 2012

    • timmastin1

      Lindsey Lohan supporting Romney?!!!!!! What’s he trying to do, shore up the crack head vote???????!!!!!!!

  • alumahead

    Meat Loaf’s a mess. The guy was crying like Boehner the whole time he was on Celebrity Apprentice.

  • foolsdance

    Thank you Meatloaf!

  • In related news, marine biologists report an alarming increase in cetacean beachings not seen since the last airing of OFA’s “Firms” ad.


  • Wow.. Now I can go right out and continue to never listen to that goofball. Always hated that weasel.

  • JulieZ77

    Willard Romney is always in good company with a bunch of hayseed losers. Someone should tell “Meathead,” I mean, “Meatloaf,” that his singing days are over. I’m also wondering what kind of drugs Gene Simmons did that made a right wing fool out of him.

    • He took the “black man must go” pill….what I find interesting in my Blue State of Connecticut, is that the woman running for Senate as a Republican, has endorsed President Obama….yet, those with signs plastering their front lawns still put up Romney/Ryan signs next to hers….not only is Mittens not runing an effective campaign, but neither can those who support him….

  • This video is funny so is the Romney campaign, sing Mitt sing, you sing better than the people singing for you.

  • My brother-in-law used to be a production assistant for Meatloaf years ago and he told the most bizarre stories about Meatloaf…… the guy is a nut and almost drove him out of the industry. Maybe he’ll drive Romney out of politics??!!!!!… can only hope?!


    A man that legally changes his name to Meatloaf and appears on Celebrity Apprentice as totally weird should not be Romney’s pick as an endorsement. So true-Romney is willing to take anyone at this point.

    • Obama picked up the former Sec of State and the Joint Chief of Staff…Mitt not so much.

  • Gene Simmons??? Oh well good by to you too! I will never watch you show again!

  • wonder what Meats daughters think of daddy now??? Better yet what would meat do if one of his girls was raped and got pregnant?????? that man would in no way stand back and make her carry that child it is not in his nature~

  • Mitt has never ever been told no to anything and he is not going to start now~OR IS HE???????

  • I haven’t seen more disrespect for the National Anthem since Rosanne Barr. It made me cry, in agony.

  • A stage full of has-beens and never will be’s. It had a certain amusing quality, but considering the gravity of this election it was just a very, very sad reflection of the hollow candidacy of Romney. Willing to debase himself with those clowns to garner a few desperately needed votes. Pitiful.

  • Jack Wormer

    Mitt Romney: ” I know music!”…………..

  • Gene Simmons – Israeli Native (dual citizen?) married (?) to a soft core porn star
    Donald Trump – Blowhard with odd hair. Promotes family values, divorced twice and owns casinos
    Jenna Jameson – Allegedly the highest paid porn star in the business.
    Lindsay Lohan – Trainwreck masquerading as a celebrity
    Stacy Dash – Professional has-been second banana
    Meat Loaf – Trying to come back since 1980
    Bo Derek – Former soft core porn star.
    And these, ladies and gentlemen, are some of the celebrities supporting Willard.

  • nobsartist

    The October surprise is ObamaCare offering government sponsored health insurance.

    Just announced today.

    Bye, Bye for profit health care.

  • mkzp

    OMG the horror, the horror! Meatloaf is so sure of his own star status that he thinks people will be pleased to hear him sing, even if he sounds like fingernails on a chalkboard. Oh yeah, it’s the repugnant Republicans who’re listening – and applauding – ah, I get it now.

  • onedonewong

    He doesn’t need to be legally registered to vote says barak obama. he can cast provisional ballots every place he wants

  • If that doesn’t do it for ya, you cannot be saved from voting for this pathetic candidate.

    OBAMA 2012

  • Jeepers, creepers, liar, liar, pants on fire, why would anyone still want vote for this man…… He has some serious mental disoders.

  • meatloaf’s breath probaly smiled like meatloaf and voka.

  • Register to vote in another state, at an address where you don’t line anymore? I would do anything for love, but I won’t do that.