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Friday, March 22, 2019

Strange But True: Michele Bachmann Loved Her Time At A Socialist Commune In Israel

Strange But True: Michele Bachmann Loved Her Time At A Socialist Commune In Israel

Running for President of the United States means thinking that you’re the one person best equipped to become the leader of the free world — which could be considered a personality tic, to say the least. “You’re probably fairly weird,” is how Newt Gingrich once put it. This is why The National Memo has launched “Strange But True,” a regular feature that will present old anecdotes, little-known facts, curious quotes and amusing videos showing a side of our politicians that they probably wish the public would ignore. (Here’s the archive.)

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Rep. Michele Bachmann is a huge fan of the State of Israel for biblical and foreign policy reasons. “As a nation we have been blessed because of our relationship with Israel, and if we reject Israel, then there is a curse that comes into play,” the presidential candidate and favorite daughter of the religious right explained last year at a meeting of the Republican Jewish Coalition.

She first visited the country in the summer of 1974, shortly after she graduated from high school. The intensely religious teenager spent a few weeks volunteering at Kibbutz Be’eri, a communal farm and settlement near the Meditterranean named after one of the left-wing founders of Israel’s largest labor union. It was basically a socialist farming cooperative filled with irreligious Jews. She loved it.

“Our hosts would wake us up at 4:00 a.m., put us on a flatbed truck pulled by an old diesel tractor, then drive us out to the cotton fields,” she wrote in a book she released earlier this year. “I felt closer not only to Jesus but also all the great figures of the Tanach (Jewish texts) and the Gospel. And I was able to do my small part to help Israel build itself up.”

Bachmann later matured into a politician who has articulated the looming threat to America posed by secularism and government intervention in the economy. “Government now will be controlling people,” she warned in a lecture on education she gave while serving in the Minnesota State Senate. “What has history shown us about planned, state economies in the last one hundred years? Think Fascism, think Communism, think socialism. Think, the state-planned economies, totalitarianism.”

Think the best summer of your life.


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9 responses to “Strange But True: Michele Bachmann Loved Her Time At A Socialist Commune In Israel”

  1. VincentReno says:

    That’s kind of a neat tidbit of information.

  2. crockerherrick says:

    Let’ see. 1974, that’s 38 years ago which would make Michele Bachmann 18 at the time. What were you doing when you were 18? The strange but true part is that National Memo actually published this.

  3. rickd24 says:

    Lighten up, Francis (old Stripes quote if you don’t know the reference).

    These articles are clearly poking fun at the candidates, they aren’t meant to be a serious reason why you should or shouldn’t vote for someone. Does everything in the campaign coverage need to be serious?

  4. Mitziloo says:

    As a lifelong republican I am feeling desperate about the election as we do not appear to have anyone who
    has the best interests of America at heart. They seem to say what they think the public might want to hear. Maybe I am beginning to think like a Democrat but I want a person who has sensible ideas on emmigration, the problem with Iran, the debt, the economy. Most of all, I want someone who will talk about the problems facing America as opposed to bashing each other and the President.

  5. indyfan2 says:

    If she would stand by her stated convictions she would not have received farm subsidies. Would not be taking money for fostering children. She would would do those things as a good Christian not sucking at the teat of government.

  6. jbakerjonathan says:

    I’m not sure whether or not you are serious. There is one man who has been steadfast in his beliefs regarding America, Ron Paul. You have only to visit Ron’s website,, and peruse his views on the issues to realize that Dr. Paul has concrete beliefs regarding America. According to the latest poll, Dr. Paul is leading the field of Republicans in Iowa. Perhaps you need to further educate yourself. Dr. Paul has America’s interests at heart – steadfast heart.

  7. Bettie Hallen says:

    What an open-minded,eager young woman, Michelle Bachman was. Good for her!

  8. John St. Clair says:

    @jbakerjonathan – Nobody can accuse Ron Paul of saying different things to different audiences. He isn’t afraid to speak his mind and his ideas are consistent with his political philosophy. I do agree with some of his ideas but most of his ideas are totally unrealistic and imho, not good for America.

  9. ConegoZ says:

    @jbakerjonathan: When you write, “There is one man who has been steadfast in his beliefs regarding America, Ron Paul,” are you including what his old newsletters (one aimed the survivalist movement) wrote about African-Americans, back when he was in the John Birch Society and the Council of Concerned Citizens? Currently, he seems to be walking out on any interviewer that asks him about such things, but if his supporters such as yourself insist that he is still consistent in those beliefs, then I’ll have to take your word that he continues to believe such things about American Blacks, is still is a John Birch supporter, etc. Thanks for the heads up– I’ll keep it mind come election day.

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