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Sunday, July 22, 2018

Michele Bachmann may be retiring from the House of Representatives, but that doesn’t mean that she’s ready to leave the spotlight. In news that should depress Republicans (and thrill fans of This Week In Crazy), the Minnesota congresswoman now says that she may run for president again in 2016.

Bachmann, who unsuccessfully sought the Republican nomination in 2012, floated the possibility of another White House bid in an interview with RealClearPolitics.

“The only thing that the media has speculated on is that it’s going to be various men that are running,” she said in response to a question on whether any Republican women might join the 2016 race. “They haven’t speculated, for instance, that I’m going to run. What if I decide to run? And there’s a chance I could run.”

The notion probably isn’t sending a shiver down Hillary Clinton’s spine. Although Bachmann’s victory in the Ames Straw Poll in Iowa in 2011 briefly elevated her to the top tier of Republican contenders, her candidacy rapidly bottomed out and collapsed. It was exactly as crazy as you might expect; along the way, the campaign allegedly committed multiple campaign finance violations, and Bachmann allegedly fell under the “unnatural,” “Rapsutin-like” influence of a campaign advisor.

Bachmann ultimately finished in 6th place in the Iowa Caucus, and dropped out shortly thereafter. But according to the congresswoman, that experience would “certainly” help her if she chooses to run again.

“Like with anything else, practice makes perfect,” she said. “And I think if a person has gone through the process — for instance, I had gone through 15 presidential debates — it’s easy to see a person’s improvement going through that.”

Bachmann has claimed that in 2012, she was a “perfect candidate” who “didn’t get anything wrong” and was literally chosen by God — so she’s setting a pretty high bar when she promises to improve.

Still, it’s unclear why Bachmann would bother to seek a four-year term in the White House. After all, according to her, we’re already in the End Times.

Photo: Gage Skidmore via Flickr

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82 Responses to Bachmann: ‘There’s A Chance I Could Run’ For President In 2016

  1. Is there something in America’s water that makes some people (especially Republicans) say and sometimes actually do crazy things???

    • Maybe she’s channeling classic rock artists. Last time it was Tom Petty’s American Girl. This time she’s feeling Bruce Springsteen and Born to Run.
      Anyway, I have no problem with her winning the Clown Car II race. The more she talks….the more stupid she sounds. Very much like her Alaskan mentor.

    • Yup. It’s called money. There’s big money to be made in detaching yourself from reality and whoring yourself out to the plutocrats and fundamentalists. Michele Bachmann may have her head far enough up her ass to do her own dental work, but she’s spouting crazy all the way to the bank.

    • It is thought that, one of the causes of the fall of the roman empire was lead pipes used to transport water and lead vessels used to serve wine. This made the romans crazy, aggressive and brutal. Is there something in the US water supply we don’t know about?

      • You may be onto something. I keep reading about how various unnatural chemicals are building up in our bodies. It sure seems to me that something is causing millions of Americans to, if not be crazy themselves, to believe the crazy things that people like Bachmann say; and even be willing to vote into office what are clearly a bunch of crazy politicians.

  2. ““Like with anything else, practice makes perfect,” she said. “And I think if a person has gone through the process — for instance, I had gone through 15 presidential debates — it’s easy to see a person’s improvement going through that.”
    Bachmann doesn’t know that the adage applies to the affairs of “normal” people who live in the real world with other normal people

    She should consult Romney since her memory fails her….

  3. She doesn’t have to say anything stupid to make the This Week In Crazy roster this week. She’s already there, as far as I’m concerned.

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    • I would not be surprised if the GOP-TP is using surrogates to distract us from their real plans. Unfortunately for them, even candidates like Rand Paul and Jeb Bush would scare the daylights out of most mainstream Americans.

    • If so there are others. Donald Trump, and his, “I have a crack team in Indonesia checking on Obama’s birth certificate, as we speak!” Or, Todd Akins, “When a woman is truly raped, she can’t get pregnant. Then there’s Louie Gomert, or “I am definitely not a Witch,” Christine O,Donnell, and Rick Perry, plus, Steve King, of the “The Mexican Immigrants all have calves the size of cantaloupes from smuggling pot into the U.S. fame. Or, especially for the women folk there is Rick Santorum, who is against per-natal care, because it might lead to an abortion. And believes women’s access to contraception, “Opens the door to all kinds of sexual things.” And I’m not kidding, or paraphrasing. If true, it looks like the Dems. have them surrounded. Bobby Jindal, for one, seems to think something is up. And advised his fellow Republicans to, “Stop being the stupid Party.” I guess Bachmann didn’t get the memo.

      • Even those Republicans who say they should stop being the stupid party are too stupid to realize what stupid means. Here’s a hint from Forrest Gump: stupid is as stupid does (and says).

        • They are playing to their base audience. Can you
          imagine going to a political trade school, to teach
          a person how to be a Right Winger? Okay class,
          here’s what your core constituency believes…
          Really? You mean like Fred, and Wilma Flintstone?
          You got it Pal. Now, say it like you mean it!

  4. We can all hope that Michelle Bachmann runs for president of this country. She will find that just as last time she will not come out in the lead. The men of the republicans always are in the lead. They are never going to run Michelle Bachmann as a reasonable candidate.

  5. The best thing that could happen to the Democratic party – and the USA – would be to have people like Michele Bachmann run for president. She personifies the ignorance, intolerance, and greed that characterize Tea Party orthodoxy. I sincerely hope the GOP field is not limited to idiots like her. We need to win big in 2016, preferably by a landslide, to shut up the idiots who do not understand that there are consequences to electoral results, and that the approach we have always taken when things don’t go our way is to wait 4 years to try again.

    • Ricky is sending her a pair of his “don’t these make me look smart” glasses. If she doesn’t open her mouth, she just may be able to fool some people.

      • The fact that she is starting her own TV show tells me that she is not as dumb as most of us think, at least not when it comes to fooling people and making money. She is laughing all the way to the bank.

    • That is what makes so much of police work simple and easy. The dumber the criminal the smarter they think they are and the easier they are to catch. (two friends of mine were IN UNIFORM waiting in line at the bank and the man in front of them was turning around to visit with them. When he got to the teller he told her in a loud voice that, “I’ve got a gun. This is a stickup.” and he was simply amazed to feel the barrels of two guns pressed against his head. I forgot to mention that there were 12 other uniformed LEOs in the bank cashing their checks. And then there was the time when two geniuses cased a bar and tried to rob it only to discover that it was a cop bar and that there were over 50 guns pointed at them). The secret to committing the perfect crime is to do it in a way that no one even realizes a crime has been committed.

        • Before she has her ass handed to her again,she will entertain the world with her mental gymnastics.I can see it now,somewhere in a third world country,in a little village that has a community T.V. set,the folks will be gathered around and will see Bachmann and then agree among themselves that the United States has some very strange and weird people.

  6. So where are our Tea Party friends who normally weigh in on a story such as important to them about the next GOP candidate?

  7. No surprise that Bachmannistan thinks she has a chance. All GOP bullies are so sucked into their crony capitalists’ billions, it’s bloated their pathetic egos. Take note of the template you see with these middle Aged Republicans…all are spoiled, spiteful and in Bachmannistan’s case..she’s not even a full citizen. She holds dual citizenship with Switzerland where her husband’s billions are tax free.

    Sure..just what Bachmann and her bully brigade want..more ego pumping. She’s got as much a chance to run for the presidency as an ice cube has in hell.

    • But apparently she’s willing to throw millions out the window running for president just to build up her ego, having to know that she doesn’t have even as much chance as that ice cube. Her husband must either either not care about money, or be one gullible nutcase just like Bachmann.

      • Actually? She’s on public dole..Her political income comes from us as taxpayers. We pay her salary. Her husband is a tycoon with ties to Swiss banks. She is laughing up her sleeve at the fact that she’ll be spending taxpayers’ money on her campaign.

        And, the GOP has to have a fiery mouth like Bachmannistan, short of putting Ann Coulter or Michele Malkin, their other two resident harpies, out there as an antidote, they hope, to Hillary Clinton or Elizabeth Warren. You just know the GOP won’t EVER allow the same kind of character crucifixion they pull off on DEM women on their own precious little flowers of womanhood.

  8. Bach-megalo-manniac. A narcissist so in love with her own words that she has no clue she is saying nothing of real value to more than a minor percentage of an audience. Pathetic. Good for her but terrible for most of the rest of us that two of the main requirements for running for office are a fat, flatulent ego and sufficient cash to impose it on the rest of us.

  9. She and Palin are both dumber than a box of rocks.Neither one needs to run for office to be wrong.They are wrong every time they flap their jaws.

  10. Who pray tell, let Michelle Bachmann out of her cage? Why Lord, Why must we endure this creature. Gore Vidal even said she is “too stupid” to even think about.

  11. I hope she takes a course in American History!!! I want to see her highschool diploma!!! lol

    • And while she is at it, we want to see her birth certificate because I do believe they picked her out of the cabbage patch.

  12. Democrats are praying to electoral gods that she runs. With her extreme views being covered by national media she is sure to drag the primary rightward killing any chance for moderation. She will give extremist’s a voice and will attract religious zealots. Any body trying to pull the knuckle draggers to the center will be much harder and they will have to make statements that appeal to the right wing, thereby damaging any hope of attracting independents, women and Latinos. Please Michelle run!!!!!

  13. A Bachmann/Gingrich ticket would be a comedy dream come true. Bachmann could babble on about vaccinations causing retardation and Gingrich could opine at length about colonizing the moon. This ticket could put the makers of Prozac out of business!
    Make it happen, Bachmann…America could use the laughs.

        • I can’t speak for anyone but myself,but the God of My understanding has a sense of humor and I am living proof.I am informed that Bachmann is proof of God’s tolerance.

  14. Please by all means run. Hey whatever happened to her being investigated for campaign shenanigans from the last run?

  15. RUN MICHELLE RUN! Please we need more humor in the coming presidential campaign. Sarah Palin can be your Vice President.

  16. Oh Michelle……please, please, please run! It will let Americans know just how low the Republican party has sunk.

  17. You forgot the fact that Bachmann won the straw poll by buying the tickets for all of her supporters, yet she still didn’t accumulate as many votes as her campaign paid for.

    So this is a woman who quite literally can’t get people to vote for her except by bribing them, and even then she only has an 80% return rate.

    Bachmann knows damn well that America will never accept her as their president. She’s just borrowing out of Donald Trump’s playbook and hinting at running to keep herself relevant.

  18. If she was chosen by God, how come we’re not calling her Mrs. President? What she obviously meant was God protected the US and kept her out of the running. Thank you God. We don’t need to worry. She’s in with the Good Ole Boys and will come out richer than ever no matter what she does. And she’ll tell everyone God gave it to her.

    • First they would have a major cat fight over who gets to be president and who has to take vp. I hope someone thinks to film it.

  19. All she is trying to do is get as much funding as she can so that she can funnel it into her personal assets. I say get the IRS criminal division, the FBI and the Postal Inspector: wire fraud, ready to get her from the outset. She surely is ready to reap a ton of money, you just like before!

    • I’m still amazed that with all the dodging of his tax issues that Romney did that the IRS hasn’t done a through investigation of his taxpaying practices. He claims to have amassed a 401K with over 100 million in it, which is legally impossible to do over a 15 year period. The maximum amount that can be deposited into a 401K each year is $30,000; which means that the most he could have deposited into the 401K was $450,000 over a 15 year period. There’s no legal way that someone could turn $450,000 deposited over 15 years into over 100 million without some very shady (illegal) tax paying gimmicks.

  20. There WILL be a woman President after the 2016 elections, but it sure as HECK won’t be Ms. Bachmann! She’s absolutely DELUSIONAL!

  21. There is a bad news: there are many people as dumb as she is.
    Never underestimate the power of a large group of dumb people.

  22. Michele Bachmann has discovered running for something is a great way to make a “living”. and we all know she loves the attention, can’t get enough……………She gets contributions from those just as crazy and hateful as she is, puts it in her slush funds, bingo. She acquired one of the largest “war chests” last time she ran. Since she has already announced she is not running for her seat this election,(let’s all say AMEN)….. and last I heard she was still under investigation for some questionable practices from her last run for Pres…….I am wondering is she tempting fate one more time………she is dumb enough that’s for sure!!!! I keep hoping she and Palin would just go far far away where there are no microphones, newspapers, or TV and retire their obnoxious and petty vitriolic views and rhetoric, Oh well hope springs eternal.

    • What gets me is where some of these crazies get the notions not only that that they could actually win the nomination, but that they’re even remotely qualified to be president if they won the election. They obviously have a very distorted view of what our president’s actual responsibilities are: they don’t even have a clue as to just how complicated and demanding being president is.

  23. Look here this mentally challenged Broad, has a very special disorder,she has been diagnosed with “Reversed A Diddle Diddle Dute a Do Do Head” the disease entered her ass, and went to her brain causing catastrophic brain impairments on all level’s. Bear with her she can’t help it she thinks in her own mind, which is a desolate parched area of condition of my brain’s are in my ass, if she has one”.

    All of the education in the world can’t help this Broad”. She’s making herself extinct by trying so hard to use your brain”psychologically to convince American’s she can be a president”. She’s like the very last “DO DO Bird”, they were stupid and didn’t have enough sense , to use their brain instead of their mouth. And they were eaten and slaughtered by other carnivorous animal’s”.

    They were clumsy limited in their brain capacity and they didn’t have enough sense to run away from danger or use caution. Sound’s like to me her mouth overloading what little ass is left, and she will in a pile of discarded blobby tissue, and repugnant body fluid’s. Another Broad in America got more money than sense. Open a dictionary and by the word Discombobulated you will see this Broad’s picture next to it Yall. If she does make nomination and win’s this country will sho nuff be some Shit. Can you say Super Sonic Shithead?

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