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Monday, October 24, 2016

For Mitt Romney, Tuesday night’s expected triumph in the New Hampshire primary will offer a tempting opportunity to gloat. Such unattractive conduct would no longer be surprising from the Republican front-runner, who is enduring the gradual disclosure of his personality.

The hot Romney video of the moment displays him telling the Nashua, N.H. Chamber of Commerce: “I like being able to fire people who provide services to me,” and went viral not because of its specific context, which wasn’t particularly damning, but because the public perceives the remark as a distillation of elite heartlessness. Every decent person who has had to fire someone knows that doing so — under almost any circumstances — is unpleasant, difficult and frequently wrenching. To boast that you “like to fire people” after observing years of economic pain among the jobless suggests a deep defect that, to most Americans, may disqualify Romney from the presidency.

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  • crockerherrick

    If you listen to the clip, it’s clear what he’s saying is that he likes being able to fire people who are not doing a good job. People need to stop making a big deal out of nothing.

  • BarbMarkovich

    It never ends, these guys all stink….

  • Starfire

    Not to defend Romney, but I would expect more honesty from those on the left in their reporting. I’m sure this quote is going to haunt Romney, as it is doing already. But, it is clearly a quote taken out of context. Romney was speaking about having a choice in choosing a health provider, and if one wasn’t to your liking, you could get rid of them, or as he thoughtlessly phrased it, “fire them.” Granted, his thought process does seem to be tainted by his time at Bain. At this time, the Democrats do not even have to criticize the present field of loser Republican candidates – they (Republicans) are doing a great job of trashing themselves.
    That being said, come election time, the Democratic voters will be faced with a dilemma when we are once again forced to choose the lesser of two evils. Obama does not deserve a second term for acting like a Republican and breaking practically every one of his campaign promises. But as Democrats, what are we to do – vote for one of the loser Republicans?

  • terango.lf

    I ‘ve worked for two companies that were raided of their assets and the only nothing about it was the wealth it left behind.

  • BrianJ.Gould

    I hate the right more than any person alive and I think this is a total non-issue. He said, in clear and plain language, I like to fire people who don’t provide good service. so f’ing what! So do I and so do you. SHUT THE HELL UP AND go find more reasonable evidence of republican deviant lying evil behavior…it’s all over the place. You trip over it everywhere. Don’t even have to expend any energy to find their stupid evil destructive crap anywhere.

  • [email protected]

    Ann Romney recently said that Willard did not decide to run until one tender moment a year ago when she rolled over and said, “Can you save this country?” It was only then in spite of 5 years and millions of dollars invested to pave the way for a run that the Mittster made the decision to follow his Super Pac to the White House.
    Another statement that people criticize but is in actuality true is that he has feared getting a pink slip. What people do not realize however is that happened when he considered running for a second term as governor of Massachusetts!

  • freethinker

    I’ll bet that Mr. Conason didn’t find anything wrong with Obama’s ‘clinging’ quote. However, even though it was a non-event, Mitt deserves a little payback for his PAC’s work on Gingrich in Iowa. Mitt will find, and surely he knows, government does not work like a business. Supposed baggage and all, Newt Gingrich is the only man running who has actually made government work. He ramrodded a balanced budget for 4 years and passed programs that actually reduced the welfare state, with a divided government. That is the kind of experience that is needed in a President, not to mention that he thoroughly knows history, very useful attribute for today’s government.

  • adlerman

    Even if he did mean “firing” a health insurance plan, he says everything with that preppie smirk. Not everyone can just change companies without higher costs or penalties- money is no object to him and that’s one of the main complaints about him. He doesn’t get it. He never started at the bottom. No one with an MBA starts at the bottom- whether your daddy bought it as in Dumbya’s case, or you earned it,
    you’re far from the bottom in your first job. He just seems like a mannequin from a men’s clothing store. That’s all he will ever be to me.

  • Johnny Tsunami

    Eight years ago when the Iraqi War was raging and American soldiers were being killed and maimed everyday, Mitt Romney was asked why none of his five sons were serving in the military. Taking into consideration the fact that Romney was an outspoken supporter of the war, the question seemed especially poignant. His flippant response was that his sons were indeed serving their country by trying to get their father elected president. He was actually equating the efforts of our soldiers who were fighting in the desert in 100 degree temperatures while carrying 50 pounds of gear on their back and risking their lives and limbs, with his sons who were cruising around New England in air conditioned SUV’s handing out political pamphlets. Forty years earlier Romney himself had fled to France to avoid serving in the Viet Nam War under the guise of working as a missionary. He didn’t go to Africa or Central America where he actually may have provided some type of relief for suffering people. He fled to France.

  • k.drone

    I am still perplexed as to why liberals or the like are so gullible-if you do not think elections are run by baiting people then your misguided-they want you to react, the process is far more complicated and intricate than candidate discovery. None the less Mitt Romney is being run by The Bushes, which means media, money and subversive tactics.

  • jimackermann

    Wow. The left loves to “Hate”. I guess that they are just filled with hate. I remember when Bush was President. All I heard was, “I hate Bush”. I don’t like Obama; but I don’t “Hate” him either. And while we are firing him, I wish to fire him for all the destructive deeds that he has done to a country I love. I go to a church where the minister says “God Bless America”. When you sleep with poop, some will rub off on you.

  • Johnny Tsunami

    Relative to the rest of the Republican candidates Newt Gingrich comes off a a Mensa. With Wide-Eyed Romney frantically trying to keep his lies straight, Brain Freeze Perry seemingly unable to remember anything, and Neanderthal Santorum’s disbelief in climate change or evolution (and reportedly still not totally sold on gravity), Newt’s intelligence has been much in the news. Newt is the loose cannon rolling around the deck of this sinking ship of fools threatening the political lives of everyone on board.

  • dpaano

    Alderman…I have an MBA, and I started at the bottom!! I worked full time and went to college at night to get my MBA, and I paid for it out of my own money. My father was a blue collar worker at McDonnell Douglas; my mom was a homemaker. I went into the Army to get the money to go to college….so your comment is not exactly true. It doesn’t take millions to get an MBA…it just takes time and dedication. True, Romney didn’t have to worry about how to pay for it, and he certainly could afford to go to a better college than I did…but, in the end, we both have the MBA in our hands.

  • dpaano

    As a note, Mr. Alderman, I never was able to get a job with my MBA…it was in International Business/Human Relations; however, I’m still working as an executive assistant. However, the difference is that I got my MBA for my OWN self satisfaction, and if I got a job in those fields, it would have been nice. However, I’m perfectly happy doing what I’m doing now, and I get paid a decent, livable salary (not as much as I would have been paid if I could get a job in International Business, but it’s good enough for me).

  • GaryDuell

    Well, the Teabrains should love Romeney as America’s CEO if he likes to fire people. Maybe he’ll fire the FREE Presidential chef, masseuses, personal trainers, dieticians, hair dressers, chauffeurs, etc. if he gets elected.
    And by the way, we hated GW because he was a liar, a lawbreaker, and narcissistic sociopath who killed hundreds of thousands of people,many of them his fellow Americans, in order for his buddies at Haliburton and Brown & Root to get filthy rich. I challenge anyone to find anything approaching these atrocities in the Obama administration.

  • PeterAttwood

    GaryDuell, that would be continuing all of Bush’s policies, and even extending them. If you like Obama, you should have loved Bush, because except for the smoother patter and the nicer tan, it has been all the same, and in many cases more so.

  • Renfield

    In all the cliche-swapping, has anybody thought about what happens after you “fire” your lousy health insurance company?

  • metrognome

    I know what Romney said and in what context. And I still believe it shows an unattractive side of the man. I have had to fire people. People that deserved to be fired. But I can truthfully say, I never enjoyed it. To me it shows a appalling lack of sensitivity. Firing a person, for any reason, is not an activity to be enjoyed.

  • AlexanderSullivan

    Quite often I hear people say that President Obama is destroying our country. Yet when press to say “how”, they spew out “right wing” radio and TV talking points. In no instance can they intelligently provide an definitive answer. “A wise man investigates what a fool takes for granted.”

  • Dont blame me-Im from Massachusetts

    Romney has played such dirty pool in politics that are no moral precepts to be followed. This is a whole new kind of war. Anything to take him down is proper. He established these rules himself. Incidentally, he is the biggest fibber of all time. He was a liberal as Governor of Massachusetts–pro choice, pro health care, pro-gay rights. It is not possible to pivot so far to the opposite extreme without revealing a dangerous lack of credibility for someone purporting to want to be President of the United States. This shameful man needs to be taken down…and I think he is going to accomplish that on his own.

  • Grandma Ruth

    There is an expression for those born of privilege and money and it is, “they belong to the lucky sperm club.” One would have to have a huge imagination to identify with the working poor, middle-class achievers and the completely disenfranchised. That is the reason they socialize with their OWN, attend private schools, belong to exclusive clubs and even seem to speak in tongues to those of us who are referred to as “those people.” My only concern is that we are well on our way as a country in having only multi-millionaires, or celebrities to chose from for our presidents. Talk about a limited selection process.

  • merman

    I agree that my first reaction was all this was totally blown out of context but then I remembered back to how Romney got his money leading corporate takeovers which ultimately closed down US Manufacturing plants in order to ship US jobs overseas to China, Mexico, Taiwan, and South Korea. He really truly loves firing people any which way he can. He is good at destroying companies, good at spinning the facts to attack others he is running against. He made a terrible mess of the budget in Mass. which will take years to repair. Romney is the last person we need at the helm of the U.S. He has little or no knowledge or experience at successful long term planning to keep the U.S. steered toward a successful future; he is just another power-hungry career politician totally out of touch with the common American. He will slowly but surely self-destruct and he continues to attempt to re-invent himself to gain favor with voters. As the election year drags to a close we will see more and more of the true fake this man is, with no clear plans to correct any of the huge problems the U.S. faces – which he disguises by being against every other politician.

  • patricia wiseman

    Anyone who thinks that the president has a lot of power and can get anything done hasn’t been paying attention for the last few years. Congress has set on their hands and done nothing, hoping to install a Republician and retake the government. In doing this their lack of concern for the average American shows in their distain for Obama. They would see our country go down in flames and not help put out the flames just to make the Democrats look bad. They where in Office for the previous 8 years and ran the debt up, paid little attention to what was happening in the financial world, and started and maintianed 2 wars. During their rain we watched as the deficit went up behind closed doors, but when they lost the election all of these problems became front page news. Republicans believe that Americans are not very bright so that they will believe that the problems we are experiencing now are all Obama’s fault.

  • Ladybug

    You said it…every since Obama got into office he tried to make changes which would be beneficial to people. The party of no opposed him on every turn. A lot of people don’t keep up with politics I do. From day one he came out ready tot do this ad ready to do that and was stopped cold in his tracks!It was amazing how every thing President Obama tried to do during his first year in office was voted no on by not one but all of the republicans in the senate— how could anything get passed if he couldn’t get it off the table. Therefore in order for him to get some leeway he HAD to compromise and allow for some of the things that the GOP were pushing for– which to some people seemed as if he were making decisions which suited the wealthy– that wasn’t the case . I’m a 38 year old educated African American women with two masters degree, a specialist degree and a PhD for which I worked very hard to earn—it would very hard for anyone to pull anything over. Those who feel as if Obama hasn’t done much to get the country back on track don’t really have much to choose from. People who have not experienced hardship first hand don’t have your best interests at heart and I for one will be so glad when people begin to realize that key point. The rich are always looking for ways to get richer and help their rich friends get richer period.