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Saturday, March 23, 2019

Rush Limbaugh thinks John Lewis should have been armed.

“If a lot of African-Americans back in the ’60s had guns and the legal right to use them for self-defense, you think they would have needed Selma?” he said recently on his radio show, referencing the 1965 voting rights campaign in which Lewis, now a congressman from Georgia, had his skull fractured by Alabama state troopers on the Edmund Pettus Bridge. “If John Lewis had had a gun, would he have been beat upside the head on the bridge?”

Right. Because a shootout between protesters and state troopers would have done so much more to secure the right to vote.

Incredibly, that’s not the stupidest thing anyone has said recently about the civil rights movement.

No, that distinction goes to one Larry Ward, who claimed in an appearance on CNN that Martin Luther King Jr. would have supported Ward’s call for a Gun Appreciation Day “if he were alive today.” In other words, the premier American pacifist of the 20th century would be singing the praises of guns, except that he was shot in the face with one 45 years ago.

Thus do social conservatives continue to rewrite the inconvenient truths of African-American history, repurposing that tale of incandescent triumph and inconsolable woe to make it useful within the crabbed corners of their failed and discredited dogma. This seems an especially appropriate moment to call them on it. Not simply because Friday was the first day of Black History Month, but because Monday is the centenary of a signal event within that history.

Rosa Louise McCauley was born a hundred years ago. You know her better by her married name — Rosa Parks, the quiet, unassuming 42-year-old seamstress from Montgomery, AL, who ignited the civil rights movement in December, 1955, when bus driver J.F. Blake ordered her to give up her seat for a white man and she refused.

Doubtless, Limbaugh thinks she should have shot Blake instead, but she did not. She only waited quietly for police to come arrest her. Thus began the 381-day Montgomery bus boycott.

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234 responses to “Calling Out Bugnut Idiocy”

  1. lessthantolerant says:

    Arming groids is never a good idea, this sounds like pandering by Rush. deporting them back to their hell hole Africa sounds like a much better idea.

    • WhutHeSaid says:

      When we need the opinion of an anchor baby like you, we’ll come slap it out of you.

      • Ed says:

        @Whuthesaid; Bring it on Boy. My ancestors, british subjects were among the founders of this country. I will defend their ideals against you and your kind till all of you are dead, or with my dying breath if fate so decides.

        • WhutHeSaid says:

          I guess fate also made you an idiot who can’t read with comprehension. I don’t blame you for being angry about it — sorry ’bout your luck.

          • idamag says:

            Whut, a lot of those British Subjects who were sent here to colonize, were out of the prisons. It solved two problems: empty the prisons and build colonies. I think those cons passed their values down from generation to generation.

          • WhutHeSaid says:

            Yeah, and many more (from all over) came to escape prosecution for their crimes before they got caught.

            I do believe, though, that Ed misread my posts. I may be wrong about that, but I don’t remember seeing him post anything else that I found objectionable. Besides, I don’t dislike immigrants per se — it’s the hypocritical xenophobic bigots that I’d like to send back home in a leaky boat.

        • robert says:

          Hey, Ed, your anger is misplaced, brother. Whut wasn’t talking about you. Check his “in reply”. You need to apologize to the man. We have enugh trolls, imps, and wackos to deal with.

      • lessthantolerant says:

        Anchor baby? Do you even understand the term?

        • WhutHeSaid says:

          Yes, it’s you. Why don’t you go back to whatever shit-hole your family slithered in from? America doesn’t need any more slack-jawed, beer-fartin’, sister-humpin’, redneck bigot European immigrant sissies — thank you very much.

    • jarheadgene says:

      HAHA….lessthanintolerant is a good name for you, if that is how you feel…I got a few more…lessthanignorant….lessthanhumane….lessthanChristian….lessthanAmerican !!!

      • If Something Was To Break Out lessthantolerant Would Be The First One To Run Away From It!! LMAO!! Bullies When Confronted Most o0f Them Are Chicken Shit Coward!!! LMAO!!

      • lessthantolerant says:

        actually, it is lessthantolerant, perhaps your lack of comprehension is affecting your ability to be funny or quick witted. But congrats you succeeded in being trite.
        Now let’s discuss Pat Dollard site, do you think there is a conspiracy against SEALS?

        • jarheadgene says:

          OOPS!!!! I type too fast sometimes…..MY BAD ….I misrepresented you as being MORE severe than your name suggests. I assure you, I was not trying to be, as humorous as, much as insulting. The reason? I took your word “groid” as an insulting version of the word negroid which made me think you were dismissing an ENTIRE race of people as something less than, what you think you are.
          Off subject, OK….Pat Dollard dot com is an EXTREME web site full of lots of rhetoric and half truths, but it does also make some GOOD and True points when they quote some of Jesse Ventura, and Ron Paul. Yet they go over the top quoting Glenn (Chickenhawk) Beck and others as IDEAL Americans. No I don’t believe there is a conspiracy re Navy Seals. They lead dangerous and extreme lives and Death is always at their doorstep.

    • old_blu says:

      You’re a pig.

      • lessthantolerant says:

        Actually I am a realist who has decided that the best way to deal with you pathetic liberals is to treat you like you treat conservatives, seems to annoy your senses.

      • idamag says:

        I would agree, but it is like the old joke about the three guys who ran out of gas on a lonely road and sought refuge at a farm house. the farmer said, ” I can put two of you in the barn and one in the pig pen. The one who ended up in the pigpen, came in saying, “I cannot sleep with a pig. One of you have to.” So, lessthan tolerant went out to the pigpen. A few minutes later, the pig entered the barn. Even a pig won’t lower himself that much.

    • oldtack says:

      As GWB said in one of his utterances concerning the threat of war “BRING IT ON”. You are in for one rude awakening.

    • roguerunners says:

      Some people need to get their finger out of their butt so their brain can get some oxygen!

    • Just think, if all those AFRICAN went home you probably would have been a running back in the supper bowl yesterday, or maybe even in the WHITE HOUSE

      • lessthantolerant says:

        Supper bowl? Is this some kind of groid version of a game? While I never envisioned myself as being a running back, crushed quite a few of them in high school and college while playing.
        But back to today, since you love groid progress, please tell me where they have actually created accomplishments besides selling their breeders to white guys for opportunities?

        • robert says:

          Nobody has to prove anything to an ignorant, uneducated, slack jaw clown. You’re a cowardly, yellow-bellied running dog hiding behind this mask, just like the rest of your running dog buddies throwing up shit and doing jack shit. You and your kind are the reason America isn’t as great as she should be. You bitches are a lot of dead weight that America needs to cut away from because you put a drag on success and progress. All through history you mud diving pussies has been throwing a wrench in the wheels of progress. You take advantage of the weak, helpless, and defenseless and call yourselves big men. You say you want a revolution, bitch, start it and you’ll see who you’ll be fighting against. You’re a worthless piece of shit, a good fuck gone wrong, and a poster-boy for abortion. No one wants to share your abject misery, bitch, so why don’t you crawl into a dark corner and suck on your thumb.

    • Ed says:

      @Lessthan- I agree with you.Ilo0ok forward to a revolution. Then we can wipe out you and your kind. Been a long time since I had a chance to shoot at another human being legally.

      • sigrid28 says:

        It has not been a long time since you have had a chance to shoot back using your words, Ed. Let’s not stoop to their level.

      • lessthantolerant says:

        Not that long that you haven’t forgotten the thrill though, right? I’ll bet you still wish you could shoot some of your fellow soldiers in the back, right?
        Can’t worship socialism without traitors like you, right?
        By the way, I am so shaken I may quit posting! LOL!
        Hope for revolution then we can see how good you were.

        • WhutHeSaid says:

          No doubt at the first sign of a real fight you’d jump back into your mother’s ass. It’s a good thing she finally learned to wipe.

          • lessthantolerant says:

            Oh look another orifice heard from. Which part of his are you?

          • WhutHeSaid says:

            Look, if your mama had known how to wipe her crack we wouldn’t have to bother with you. But since you are here, please try to keep the sniveling down to a whimper. When we really want to hear you squeal we’ll come slap you around a little.

          • lessthantolerant says:

            Liberals are so funny, always wondering about their mommas ass.

          • WhutHeSaid says:

            Hey, I’m just curious: How does a drooling bigot like you tolerate the fact that his leader is black, and is superior to him in every conceivable way?

          • lessthantolerant says:

            Odd, you mean that POS you libs call Obama? I do not consider it my leader and would never assume it had any attributes superior to mine. A house ni99er like that who steps and fetches for the likes of Pelosi and Reid can’t be anything but a token.
            But I bet you drool about sucking it off don’t you.
            You silly libs and your fascination for being buggered by black studs is odd.

          • WhutHeSaid says:

            Well, he IS your leader — and that’s that. You’ll do what he says, boy — did anyone say you had a choice?

          • lessthantolerant says:

            My goodness but you sound tough, I really don’t see a pussy like you being much more than an asswipe so try to convince others, it will never happen here.

          • WhutHeSaid says:

            Just keep up with the big talk. We all know what it really means, and you just squeal so pretty!

    • BDC_57 says:

      You sir are a idiot.

      • lessthantolerant says:

        Awww… my feelings have been hurt. Whatever shall I do? Try responding to someone who things your opinion mans something.
        If you can not see the damage the groid infection has caused to humanity, you need help.

        • neeceoooo says:

          You should just take your 13 year old intelligence and go somewhere to spout your bigotry. You might consider yourself a conservative but one thing you are not, is a Christian.

          • lessthantolerant says:

            I consider myself a realist, neither a conservative or Christian, but, please continue to give me your opinion, I’ll consider it, maybe.

        • BDC_57 says:

          You are still a idiot and I bet that if they sent you back to where you came from they have to.cut you up.

    • idamag says:

      Less, (less fits) what if we could send you back to the country of your ancestors? Would you have to be sent to 57 different countries? And what makes you think any other country would want someone whose bragging is about the color of his skin – not an accomplishment? Most countries think of the United States as a violent country and they certainly wouldn’t want someone as ignorant as you.

  2. nobsartist says:

    Why you insist on bringing up a drug addicted, pedophiles opinions is beyond me.

    • jarheadgene says:

      I agree…but that OVERBLOATED TUB of BULLSHIT says anything for ratings and he also exemplifies the intolerance and ignorance of the Tea Party and what is left of the GOP. I am ashamed to have called myself a Republican, for 30 + years, in light of all they have said since President Obama won his first Presidential election. SOME of us get wiser with age and realize what a sad sack P.O.S. the G.O.P. REALLY IS!

  3. old_blu says:

    I wonder if Larry Ward is the brother of lana ward.

    I can’t believe anyone would listen to Rush Limburger

  4. OGAMBA says:


    • sigrid28 says:

      First, I want to thank you for contributing to the public discourse after a lifetime of public service. When I taught in public schools, I knew many children whose family members were incarcerated, and some children for whom I had hopes who were, later, themselves incarcerated. Of course these families must change, as I wish the institutions that support them would, especially the two you and I both worked within.

      As I am sure you are aware, not all African American families fail in the tasks you so wisely point to as an absolute necessity: raising children in solid families. My college roommate at a Lutheran university in the 60s came from a solid African American family, with three children, the first of whom was going to college (same as me–and I am white). Her father was retired from a business position (my father worked in business), and her mother was a nurse, like mine. We both graduated the same year.

      In the seventies and eighties, while going to graduate school, I taught part-time in the Chicago Public Schools, where I worked with many African American families who were doing all they could to help their children graduate in a broken educational bureaucracy for which Chicago citizens of all races were to blame. Some black children who came from single-parent homes had more supports from an extended, involved family (and church) than white children who came from homes where there was a nuclear family, self-destructing nevertheless from drug or alcohol abuse and domestic violence.

      I welcomed the transformations of the Civil Rights era and the contributions of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and many other black men and women, who triumphed in a non-violent crusade that changed the entire nation for the better. Now, I am enraged, along with many others of every race, to hear the same voices that led to violence in the sixties re-emerging on extremist talk radio and Fox News, in many ways finding representation within the Republican party. It is the twenty-first century, and voices like ours are still necessary. Thanks for speaking up.

  5. OGAMBA says:


    • robert says:

      It’s already written, Ogamba. Go to The Constitution and the New Jim Crow. It explains it all.

    • jarheadgene says:

      Nice ……….families, good families, make up the best of what we are, as people, as a community, and as a country; however, there are families that have long belonged in the institutions you worked for. They have/had the appearances of good families but they are really rotten “at the core”. They have made their riches in ways that make me want to puke. With their riches they transfered money into power and have twisted and turned the rules their way so they could get away with, even murder and treason. And then they go further into convincing knuckleheads, what is right is wrong and what is wrong is right. They have rigged the system so the system will vilify you the minute you walk into a courtroom and you do not look like “Opie Taylor.” I take pleasure in knowing THE JUDGE of ALL will take EVERYTHING into account on HIS day and HE knows right from wrong and what is truly evil. Sadly, I am sure you have seen many injustices in your lifetime.

    • idamag says:

      Ogamba, please use lower case. Upper case means you are shouting and it is hard to read. Thank you.

  6. Rosepetal says:

    The civil rights movement was non-violent. What is that fool talking about?

    • sigrid28 says:

      Unfortunately, one can hardly call what goes on in such a mind “thinking.” It’s more like a loop of far right talking points that gets refreshed every few days when Mr. Ward takes out an old one and puts in a new one, freshly minted within the Republican bubble. Mr. Ward gets these talking points from the extremist commentators he listens to on the airwaves and Fox News, maybe even CNN, which has become what I call Fox News Lite. He could even read the local newspaper, if it’s like ours here in Iowa.

      This week’s talking points have to do with putting an NRA twist on the role of the KKK in bringing about Black History Month. The new talking point does not condemn gun violence or racial hatred, but blames African Americans in the Civil Rights era for not being more like the KKK, gun-toting xenophobes intent on racial genocide.

      During the observation of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday and the second inauguration of President Barack Hussein Obama, just two weeks ago, our local right-leaning newspaper put a one-page ad for a gun show on the other said of a picture of King and a long, dull biography, probably picked up from some newsfeed. When you hold up the page to read the biography, the gun show ad bleeds through Martin Luther King’s face, the image of the leader of the Civil Rights Movement who was assassinated with a rifle.

  7. Peter G says:

    Why does Fox News keep on digging there own grave by having Karl Rove (who still can’t believe that Obama won the election) and fat blabber mouth Rush with his non intelligent comments. For a TV station that states that they are impartial, they should get fined by the FCC for false advertising. When I first saw Fox News, I thought the station was owned by the National Republican Committee. Maybe there changing there ways by firing Sarah Palin. Last but not least; with the tax debate why were the Republicans so concerned with the 2% (higher imcome bracket) than the greater 98%? At 74 years of age, maybe my comments are to simple for the younger politicians to comprehend.

  8. robert says:

    My contribution for this month is THE CONSTITUTION AND THE NEW JIM CROW. It is a truthful, untold, and unapologetic overview of the history of America.

  9. neeceoooo says:

    It does make you wonder how the minds of s0me people work, unbelievable.

  10. robert says:

    History has been so whitewashed that many of us are blind to the truth, and when one of us brings forth the truth, it sounds like an attack because we can;t handle the truth. In my research of American history, it was hard finding the unwashed truth, and when I found it, I was appalled and appreciative. I wrestled with the truth because something inside me didn’t want to believe what I was seeing, but I soon realized that I was actually fighting myself. The issues that Africans in America has faced and struggled with was something any human being would struggle for: human dignity and social equality. Africans has been in America long before any other people has been here and has bled and died for the great nation we call America just as much and even more, even in the face of rejection, deprivation, disadvantage, and disparagement. All Africans ever want is the equal opportunity and fairness they deserve, the pride to be truly called Americans. No one seems to see that perspective but instead see all of the stereotypical negative created of them as a people. Africans say potato, others say potatoe and the problem still remains: persecution and discrimination. We as Americans need to get pass that. It is not an issue of “race” or society, it is an issue of universal human rights and human dignity, nothing else. That is where America must address this issue so that we can move forward together. I address all of these issues in THE CONSTITUTION AND THE NEW JIM CROW. It is an unbiased, starkly truthful book addressing the source, the problem, and the solution.

    • idamag says:

      Robert, being from Idaho, I must give a little correction here. Potato is spelled potato. Dam Quale was wrong.

    • Well Robert all of your counter parts are not like you. Thank you for understanding. You are right. All we want as African Americans is equal opportunity and fairness. I think the other side is threaten by that. It’s not right. We deserve as a people to have whatever we choose to have just like everyone else, That’s all. That’s Why when we are Bulked, we fight for what we want. All the way through history we have fought to be where we are today, and still fighting so our children will have what we couldn’t. If we had a lot more people like you Robert this world might turn around.

    • idamag says:

      robert that is an excellent post. Nearly 100,000 Black soldiers fought in the Civil War. They were forbidden to advance above a certain rank. They were not paid. After the war, they were not recocnized, given medals they deserved, or given pensions. In one instance, A White batalian was trapped, without food, and the enemy was on all sides. The Black batalian came in and rescued them.

  11. Castro says:

    I just can’t imagination what would have happened if the civil rights movement would have been a violent confrontation. There probably would not be such a thing as Black History Month. Thank you Gandhi for setting the stage for passive resistance.

  12. elw says:

    Sorry Rush, if John Lewis had had a gun on that bridge in Selma, he would have been shot to death instead of beaten. It was the police he was standing-up to. One or two guns cannot in anyway win over an organized army or police force. Even when the cause is justified, such as the Warsaw Ghetto uprising in Germany in 1943, the army/police wins and far too many die. Dr. King, John Lewis, Rosa Parks, and the women who choose peaceful demonstration over the vote for women were far more successful in winning for their cause, without a war or riot and the untold numbers of deaths that come with those accelerated actions. Guns are not penicillin and they are hardly the answer to every problem in our Country. Individual citizens do not need to face each other with a gun in their hand to solve problems, Selma was a good demonstration of what happens when one side or the other uses violence to try and get their way. Your hypothesis (if you even know what that means) is an insult to anyone who was brave enough to use their Constitutional right of protest to bring light to injustice in our society.

  13. Canistercook says:

    There should not be a ‘Black History Month’. It’s time to get over the discriminatory factors in our society. There is no “white’ or ‘Indian’ history month! We allow ourselves to be brain washed! But I agree assault guns do not belong in peoples homes regardless of their skin color!

    • Stella53 says:

      When discriminatory factors go away in our society, we’ll get over it. It could start with the GOP not trying to take away my right to vote!

      • Canistercook says:

        They only ask that you show that you have that right. I have to show what I make to the IRS so you can vote to collect it.

    • Not sure you’re comparing apples to apples here. Unless school curriculums have changed a great deal since I was in school some 60 plus years ago, children learn white history as part of their normal education; and to some degree, I believe that includes
      at least some native American history too. How many schools in your town teach black history?

      • Canistercook says:

        Children should learn ‘history’ and history includes all! My children have learned the ‘history of the United States’ and that starts with the natives that were here when the Spanish and other Europeans arrived. It includes the era when blacks were brought here as slaves, the decimation of some of the native Indians, the indentured Europeans & Chinese that were brought here and all! I hope non teach ‘Black’ history and all teach ‘ U.S. and world history’. Only then will we be matured.

      • Inthenameofliberty says:

        I was taught about black history. Growing up in a 95% white neighborhood (which has long since become diverse).
        Did I grow up on Mars? We were taught that the color of one’s skin didn’t matter; we were taught to respect people; to say ‘sir’ and ‘m’am’ and ‘please’ and ‘thank you’.
        We were taught individual responsibility, and having accountability for one’s own actions. I CAN’T be the only one that had this experience. Can I?

        Seriously – did I grow up on Mars?

        Didn’t anyone else on this site have a similar experience? Where was everyone raised?

    • WhutHeSaid says:

      There’s a huge difference between European American, Native American, and African American history. White Europeans and Native Americans can trace back their history many hundreds or thousands of years. African Americans were kidnapped from their own lands, removed to another continent, and repressed and abused for centuries — seldom allowed to gain literacy never mind study their own history. Since most African Americans probably have little idea about their ancestors beyond a few recent generations it makes the history that they do know about all the more important.

      • Canistercook says:

        Well learning about their history does not seem to be making much difference today to many of them. Perhaps they need to learn more about and for their future! Literacy in the USA and Europe is freely available to all and you just have to absorb it and use it. The Brits were made slaves to the Romans and the Vikings took slaves from other countries! There comes a time to move on! Guess for some that day will never come!

        • WhutHeSaid says:

          How would you know whether it makes a difference to ‘them’ or not? What sort of evidence proves to you that it ‘makes a difference’ and what is the ‘difference’ that you’re talking about?

          Comparing events from 2,000 years ago with recent events from just a couple of generations past is a little bit silly, don’t you think?

          • Canistercook says:

            It’s less than 200 years ago that the Europeans were brought over as indentured servants and the Chinese brought here on condition they slaved on the railroads and both have moved on well. In fact it seems the Chinese have moved on VERY WELL and so can others if they take the honest hard working opportunities available to them.

          • WhutHeSaid says:

            That’s not at all the same, and you know it. To say that the Chinese ‘slaved’ on the railroad is just making use of a hyperbole — real slavery is vastly different than simple hard work.

            It’s pretty clear to me that you don’t appreciate just how violent, degrading and despicable true slavery actually was. As for your ‘honest hard-working opportunities’ statement, I find that to be one of the favorite terms of greedy deadbeats who usually have cheated others in order to gain a position of financial comfort. Often the term has little to do with actual honest hard work and much more to do with selfishly trying to avoid paying their bills like everyone else.

            You haven’t really answered my question regarding what the ‘difference’ might be that you seem to expect from learning about one’s history, nor have you explained just what might be the basis for your objection to a ‘Black History Month’. Perhaps that’s because you realize that your reasons will rightly be met with scorn and are better off unsaid. Do you see where I’m going with this?

          • Canistercook says:

            Black history is American History as is WW I and WWII. Many Americans died in these wars so perhaps WWI and WWII History months would be fitting, or are they too part of American History? Dying or being permanently injured in a war I guess is not worse then being a slave in your view. Some slaves were treated like members of the family while others were mistreated badly. Many Americans have suffered many injustices over the years and we need to move on. Teaching all our young people to survive and compete in todays world is more important. Black History and a Gay parades have no place in a multiracial society if it is to succeed in harmony. We need to move on as few if any living today have been victimized by slavery but many have by wars.

          • WhutHeSaid says:

            Yes, our wars ARE part of history, and we have more than one federal holiday dedicated to honor those who have served and died in our wars. I don’t hear anyone protesting that we should ‘get over it’ — do you?

            Do you also object to St. Patrick’s Day and insist that Irish people cannot learn to compete until they ‘move on’ and abolish the holiday? Is Mother’s Day preventing mothers from achieving their full potential?

            Who says that observing Black History Month in any way prevents anyone from surviving and/or competing? I don’t recall ever hearing that any holiday, formal or informal, ever damaged any person’s ability to survive.

            Let’s face the facts: You object to Black History Month because you are a bigot. You’ve given no convincing reason why Black History Month should be a problem for anyone — because there is no reason. It’s only a problem for bigots. YOU are the one who needs to ‘get over it’ and move on.

          • Canistercook says:

            Black or White or Yellow History are all the work of bigots. American history should include all Americans and be taught in schools and colleges. The bigotry is on your side. Many have suffered over many years at the hands of others and it should all be recorded in American History. Black history, Chinese History, etc., is pandering which is now rife in our society. Ensuring equal opportunity for all is what is needed in a free and sensible society. Guess we could have an American Indian History, Hispanic History, Chinese History, White History along with Black History but American History makes a lot more sense and is far less ‘bigoted’.

  14. IgtheistMorgan says:

    Rosa had a gun for self-protection and went for non-violence.

  15. All this shows is just how comfortable the right is lying. They’re lying, they know they’re lying, and they know that we know they are lying. But they’re so comfortable with this that they can lie about anything, even declaring history’s greatest pacifists to be diehard gun enthusiasts.

    Honestly, this isn’t strange for the right at all. They’ve been claiming that Jesus ordered all of his followers to pack heat for decades.

  16. Wow… that bus is actually… attractive. But I love antique automobiles, so I shouldn’t be surprised.

    I wouldn’t listen to anything said by Rush Limbaugh ever. Even Rush shouldn’t listen to Rush.

  17. truthhunter13 says:

    Man is violent by nature.
    Now, put an assault weapon in his hands and the chances of him becoming a mass murderer increase exponentially.
    Good old fashion fistfights have gone the way of the dinosaurs.
    Now differences are settled by gunning down a fellow human being.
    Pretty sad!!.

    And we consider ourselves a civilized country?.

  18. Jim Myers says:

    I would like to know where in the Bible there are any incidents of Christ condemning anyone because of the pigmentation of their skin.

    • Jesus condemned no one except those who he knew had hardened hearts and could not be converted to salvation no matter what was said or shown to them. He didn’t even condemn those who were caught in blatant acts of sin; knowing that it was His Father’s place to pass judgement on them. An example that so many in the world need to follow.

    • neeceoooo says:

      So true, my understanding of the Bible is that NO ONE, regardless of race, gender, mental capacity, sexual preference is condemned by Christ. We could remind them of the Bible verse “Love thy neighbor”.

    • idamag says:

      Jim, nowhere. King Soloman was Black. It says in The Songs of Soloman, “Look not upon me because I am Black, Oh Lord, I am Black because the sun has looked upon me.” Protective coloring.

  19. robert says:

    LMJAO!!! Good one!!!!

  20. robert says:

    WhutHeSaid!!!! LMFAO!!! Good one, buddy!!!! We’re on a roll this morning!

  21. robert says:

    Farts News is only Republican/Tea Bag XXX porn, just flat out nasty and disgusting. Like rubber necking, some people look at it just to get a peek of the horror of it.

  22. robert says:

    elw, in essence, Rush Limbo was wishing John Lewis was killed on that bridge in Selma. They wish there had never been a Civil Rights Movement. Were it not for that, there would never have been a Barack Obama. Limbo was just airing out that stuffy recess in his head.

  23. robert says:

    Whut-He-Said!!! Pass me some of that, brother!

  24. MARK says:

    Perhaps a lesson from another group of people who have also suffered racial discrimination and revisionist history is in order.Native Americans- Many tribes to this day practice both an oral tradition as well as maintaining a written history of thier people.There are very few if any Native Americans,especially the young,who are unaware of thier collective history despite hundreds of years of attempts to rewrite it.

  25. No where Jim, No where It’s sad

  26. Ted Brist says:

    Its very telling of their positions that the only kind of civil resistance Republicans can think of is violence.

    Peaceful resistance works when what you want for yourself and your people is just and fair. Ghandi got independence for his people because they deserved it. The civil rights movement prevailed because they deserved it. Violent resistance is the tool of those who know what they want is against the will of the people. If you cannot raise your voice enough to defend your point, and must raise a rifle, then you are a man defending a wrong point.

    …okay, or the French, but I think we can take resistance of a foreign force out of this particular equation.

  27. If anyone listens to Fox News, Rush Limface, Karl Rove, Sean Hannity, Gleen Beck, Bill O’Ral, Donald Trump all the rest of these right winger including the tea partier needs their head examine. All the ugly things that was done during this past election did not pay off. Look like they ought to know by now they need to try something new besides telling lies. It didn’t work this time, and it won’t work next time. There are still some good people in this world who believes in goodness and fairness and respect and they proved it with their vote. Right Winger’s You need a different approach. Don’t think people will not judge you again. They Will

  28. mikeopks says:

    Fox news reminds me of the Nazi Brown Shirts.

  29. To all who want to turn back the hands of time,I say to you ,Hell no we won;t go back.

  30. sleeprn01 says:

    A must read for African American history month is “The Black Book”. The book was originally published in the 70’s with the forward by Bill Cosby. The book was recently re-released.

  31. BDC_57 says:

    You mean lyin Ryan.

  32. BDC_57 says:

    You got that right.

  33. BDC_57 says:

    They will never learn.

  34. onedonewong says:

    This whole black history month is nothing but utter nonsense. They take a story that could be taught in 30 minutes and drag it ad nauseum. Lets be honest you can count the number of high achieving blacks throughout American history on 2 hands.
    I notice that when the colored history is told they never mention that more of them were on the British side than on the side of freedom. So much for blacks helping to build this country they have always been a dead weight

  35. norman says:

    Although everyone, in the United States, has the right to voice their opinions, no one is required to listen. Ofcourse, no one is required to read this type of (junk) article, either. No, in my personal opinion, adding MORE guns, to the problem, will solve NOTHING. To say that adding guns would make life “safer” would be no different than to say that full scale, nuclear, conflict would have made the world safe from Communism.

    Guns are NOT the answer. Restoring mental health funding IS. Restoring funding, for deeply intrusive, background, searches, for applicants, for gun ownership, would be another great move.

    Ofcourse, for many people, the “breaking point”, of their lives, is not something they think about, until it happens.

    NO one is required to agree with me, either!!!!

  36. BDC_57 says:

    He needs to be heard.

  37. BDC_57 says:

    He only added hate racism to our country.

  38. joeham1 says:

    I love how the National Memo spills hate for the arrogant one. The Memo is as guilty spewing left wing Crap as Rush is spewing right wing crap!

    So if they both continue the dialogue of divisive nonsense, we won’t ever solve our problems!

  39. dennisglodzik says:

    Hooray for Rosa Parks. I’ve often said if I were black or a woman, I’d probably be guilty of murder by now because I’ve seen and heard how people degrade women and blacks. I remember in college, my roommates tried to screw and dump women as fast as possible, while referring to them behind their backs as “stupid cunts,” and I saw how in the election of 2008, people at my work place, who I’d never heard use the “N” word, couldn’t even mention Obama without saying “f****** n******.” Long ago at work, I made the observation that I’d seen blacks filling out applications but we never hired any. I was answered with a laugh that “well, something happens to their applications.” These are just a few of the hundreds or thousands of such remarks I’ve heard in my life.

    • idamag says:

      Twice, in the past, I have asked people to leave my home for using the n word in front of my children. One of them was from Arkansas and the other from Florida.

  40. robert says:

    Thanks idamag. I read that too. there are some very amazing stories that come out of that time.

  41. Steven says:

    It appears to me that Drugs Limbo is helping to push and cajole the Goobers into some sort of armed conflagration–all their beautiful sexy guns on display–with all the “Lefties”, “libtards” and “coloreds”.

    Sadly, they would be all be slaughtered like any civilized society would do to slavering, diseased knuckledragging animals. (Sadly?)

  42. robert says:

    That’s it, lessthanasnake’sbelly! Ya yella dog cocksucker! Ya think ya can take me? Huh? Ya scum snuffin’ son of a bitch! Ya think you’s man enough, ya fucking dick taker! C’MON! Ya say you want a revolution? I’ll give ya one down your fucking deep throat!

  43. What a great idea, Rush. Your suggestion would have made it very easy for the police to simply kill John Lewis or any other protestors and claim self-defense because they were armed. What a doofus. Of course, that might have been the Oxycontin King’s intent: mow down those folks.

  44. jointerjohn says:

    Be prepared for more of this nonsense. It is nothing more than an attempt by the anti-gun control lobby to influence African-Americans, who largely support sensible gun control, to join the paranoid and deluded ranks of the NRA.

  45. idamag says:

    Whut, I am sorry about Ed misreading your post. I had that happen to me, once. The offended person called me a lot of names, but the worst was calling me a Republican Troll. that hurt.

  46. Sierra111 says:

    Limbaugh has no idea what he is talking about. If Lewis had a gun and used it, he would have been charged with everything they could come up with and Blacks would not have the right to vote. The Black civil rights movement knew that they had to show their intelligence in why they should have the right to vote, not be stupid gun-toters.

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