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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

When President Obama disparaged “loose talk about war” against the theocratic regime in Teheran, he wasn’t minimizing the consequences of atomic weapons in the hands of the mullahs. The danger of terrorists acquiring a bomb would be multiplied by a regional arms race. The international nonproliferation regime would be crippled if not destroyed. The prestige of the United States would suffer fresh damage and yes, Israel would be gravely threatened.

Yet it is hard to understand why anyone – in Washington, Jerusalem, or anywhere else – would argue with his view that sanctions, covert action, and diplomatic engagement should be exhausted before anybody resorst to bombs and missiles. Unlike his irresponsible critics on the right, Obama cannot ignore the potential costs of another Mideast war, which could wreck fragile economies both here and abroad, increase the peril to US troops in Afghanistan as well as throughout the region, and perhaps escalate into a global conflict of unpredictable scope. He may have noticed that the same crew of neoconservative pundits and officials who pushed us into invading Iraq and then botched the occupations of that country and Afghanistan are now the most eager proponents of a military confrontation with Iran. These figures dominate the foreign policy team of ultra-hawk Mitt Romney (who, like so many of them, contrived to avoid serving in Vietnam despite his supposed enthusiasm for that misadventure).

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15 Responses to Can Obama Muzzle The Dogs Of War?

  1. President Obama has proven all the naysayers completely wrong when they portrayed him as soft in the areas of international politics , his track record to date has been effective to say the least ….beyond finally dispatching Bin Laden after all the cowboy rhetoric from the right for a decade , his policy approach of diplomacy over knee-jerk reaction is sane and sensible …..once the nation finally realizes that his critics are beyond reason and “their” sense of judgement is what cannot be trusted , i fully believe that this nation will be able to start afreash on the path to the realization of our full potential as a super power nation !

  2. Iran is anxious to have a n.bumb but it has not reach to its capacity for another 3 years.
    Direct war without provocation like Iraq and Afaganistan is not an option.
    War brings nothing good.
    Let prudent and visionary president do the job.
    We cannot afford another conflict which will have a greater consiquences.
    Peace must prevail.

  3. Those on the far right who dragged us unnecessarily in to Iraq are the same people who are “pushing” a knee-jerk response toward Iran. Diplomacy is imperative in our now global economy. We have lost the lives of thousands of young Americans, and left thousands more disabled in the pursuit of unclear objectives in the Middle East. I say it’s time for a President like Obama, who seeks peace not war!!

  4. Obama behaves more like Caliph in Chief than Commander in Chief.

    Ahmedinijad and ayatollahs had said numerous times that “Zionist entity” should be wiped out off the map of the world. Iran already has rockets that can reach Haifa, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem three main population centers. Having small nuclear bombs on those missiles will accomplish what Ahmedinijad plans to do.

    Obama is irresponsibly playing with the future of the only democracy in the Middle East and is clearly telling everybody what they want to hear. However, his bowing to Saudi King, whose subjects committed 9/11 and his cavorting and apologizing to terrorists of Taliban and Muslim Brotherhood and helping CAIR and OIC whitewash Islam and violate First Amendment, clearly shows that Barak Hussein Obama is no friend of US Constitution or the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which more Muslim countries refuse to sign because Islam is incompatible with human rights. Yet those countries are allowed to US and UN to defame the ONLY TRUE democracy in the Middle East which is in grave danger from Iran and its “friendly” neighbors who are increasingly again speaking war.

  5. Isreali leaders and GOP right wingers are one and same.
    They have caused our economic down fall and loss of life.
    A few hot headed folks without brain inside the skull demand attack.
    Let the president and rest of the world handle the situation.
    Mind your home, business , pocket and mortgage and job otherwise we will lose all.
    Think of it.
    Are we not wiser than those Mullahs. Under their turban there is no brain.
    think of it.
    Do you want to be as fullish as those people in power in Iran?.
    Be assured , no one in middle east can use a nuclear bomb. All are together and densly populated. one bumb can wipe out the foes as well as friends.
    Some one wants bumb for the sake of dominance but not to use. This is the fact.

  6. We have so many problems here in our country that could be cleared if we would only spend the dollars spent in the Middle East right here in our own back yard. We have families who’ve lost everything, either by weather or the Wall Street types who enjoy bringing this country to it’s knees. We give billions of our taxpayers money to Isreal and other Middle East countries and No. African countries while our people live in cardboard boxes and under bridges, if they are lucky. In devoting all these monies to [humanitarian efforts] in other lands we ignore and deny nearly all [humanitarian efforts] for our own people.
    These countries in the Middle East and No. Africa who claim to be Democratic in nature are anything but that. They hate eachother if they don’t believe or worship alike and make no apologies for killing eachother off. I say let them and let us get our military men and women back home to help with all the disasters we have right here in America.
    Let Isreal deal with their war monger Netanyahu. He’s no different than Assad of Syria or Ghadafi(?) of Libya or Mubarack of Egypt. They are all war mongers and dictators who aren’t happy unless they can make their peoples, and other peoples lives miserable.
    I’m not a politician and wouldn’t want to be but anyone can see what these tyrannicals are up to and it is unhealthy for the entire world.
    The religions of the world are mostly to blame for the discourse around us. Why is it so difficult to see that? Don’t blame God, if there really is one. If there really is a God, he should be called [Sybil], to match all the rediculous religions around the world. Moses should have left the commandments up on the mountain for all the good they’ve done so far.
    On closing I ask people NOT TO VOTE anymore. Why turn a possibly respected, moral and peace loving person into a greedy, immoral, war mongering baffoon who demands that which he definitely does not deserve? Whose only interest is filling his pockets with the sweat of those he is supposed to represent. Good Luck America.

  7. FOUR Lunatics vieing for the RE/TEAPublican nomination to seek election to the most important Elective Office in the United States of America. Not one of the four has the inteligence or the maturity to conduct the affairs and responsibility of the office they seek. All four of them are a disgrace to the Eisehower Republican Party, in fact they are even a disgrace to the Legal asperations of the Nixon Republican Party. I will not refer to the Republican Party since the Actor, 31 years ago when the Republican Party began it’s self destruction.
    Democracy = Democratic while Autocracy = Republican ! Democracy and Democrats in 2012 for the sake of our Democracy !

  8. God is really working with this man. You can’t dislike him because he doesn’t want to blow people up. Good job!

  9. Is it possible that only a decade after the absurd invasion of Iraq, which accomplished nothing other than death and destruction, that we are about to go down the “they’ve got weapons of mass destruction” rabbit hole again? Will it ever be possible to refrain from going to war against countries which have not gone to war against us? If the issue is (as it should be) a permanent and lasting peace in the middle east, the first step must be to get Israel to end its occupation of the west bank. Why is that important issue off the radar screen? Instead, the sabre rattling continues…

  10. Remember the green movement in Iran that occured before the Arab spring? There is still tremendous discontent with the Mullahs hold on the country, and the more we talk about war the more we lessen the effectiveness of the movement. It’s just like here when there was a drumbeat to war in Iraq. Anyone that didn’t support it was deemed un patriotic. It is the same there. Diplomacy is the only way to solve the situation and the idiotic right wing would love to see a war start so there is a chance for the rapture to happen. If Israel attacks Iran, Hezbollah will immediately launch missles from Lebanon, while Hamas launches from Gaza prompting a retaliation and the war will spread. We will be dragged into it and the Arabs will see once again we are taking the side of Israel and we will loose any credibility to make peace there again. Oil will go to 200/barrel and our price will be upwards of $6.00 at the pump. No one will win and everyone will loose. This is why anyone with a brain and can think this thing through should support a measured approached.

  11. As VlastaMolak stated, Obama is not a friend to the Constitution. Obama will seek diplomatic avenues right up until Iran bombs someone and that will unleash what? In today’s atmosphere maybe a nuclear storm with one nation trying to ‘one up’ his neighbor. Name one instance where sanctions and diplomatic efforts have swayed Iran. If you want peace prepare for war. Some may say that is silly, but it isn’t. If a bully wants lunch money will he take yours or Rambo’s? Well more is at stake here than lunch money. I’m not saying start war, but it will require more than saying please! I’m for bringing all our boys home, withdrawing all foreign aid, and using monies we generate for rebuilding our infrastructure, get out of debt, and concentrate on America for a change like buddyamigo said. Use our money for us. This includes preparing for war. We won’t have to go to war if we are prepared.

  12. You idiots on the right must not know anything but war, you need to wake up and smell the bad stink that you are spreading. President Obama is not only a strong leader, he is right on with his stand on Iran. At this moment we do not need to start dropping nuks on anyone. Between our President and our Generals we made the right move,we put 3 carrier groups at the mouth of the gulf, I think Iran will get the drift. President Obama you get another pat on the back, for walking softly and carring a BIG STICK. hankk, MI

  13. No one wants war. I did not advocate dropping a nuke on people. I still say Iran has never gotten the point and never will. Obama’s big stick will come in second to Iran’s bomb. He will need a pat on the back then. There will never be peace in the Middle East, never. Bigger men than Obama have tried and failed. Do you respect someone who bows to a foreign power and refuses to pledge to the U.S.? Being peaceful does not equal weakness, but persuing avenues that have spelled disaster in the past is just history repeating itself. That is wasted time and effort and only makes us look weak to the world. Wouldn’t we be watching a country who did the same thing over and over and think “those foolish people are in a perpetual circle” and laugh about them? We need to reclaim our place in the world as a gentle giant.

  14. GOP has created a false version of Obama .The real Obama has done a very good job on foreign policy. I trust he will not allow Iran to get a nuke bomb. GOP & McCain & Carlisle Group & Chenys Halliburton By far the 2 largest profiteers of war are hungry for more war profits. We have been here before. Military Complex is very powerful and has a will of its own So we MUST speak out NOW ‘NO IRAN WAR ‘go to Vote GOP for more wars, more corp cuts, more deregulation, more wealth favoring policies, lower wages, more con judges, gutting SS that we paid taxes for. 30 yrs of Reaganomics Bush GOP-GOldman Sachs Fed boys /Greenspan /Paulson led us to edge of deep depression and
    Worst economy in 80 years Never forget that .

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