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Saturday, February 24, 2018

29 Responses to Cartoon: Affluenza Teen / Affluenza Adult

    • Yep, Barack had a billionaire for a father, giving him millions to start life with.

      Yep Barack had his father send him to the finest schools were he did a mediocre job.

      Yep, despite having billions of dollars, Barack, has unloaded billions of dollars in debt unto the American public due to the failure of his personal businesses.

      Get a clue Otto, you are an idiot racist Obama hater, who only post negative things even if they are totally clueless like this statement of yours.

  1. This is debacle is ‘double standards’ at it’s best ‘Texas Style’. As a result, justice was not served accordingly and victims were ignored. Now Texas has mud in their face because they honored arrogance and selfishness which they cannot justify. They do it ‘Big Time’ in Texas.

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