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Thursday, October 27, 2016
  • Tony Torres

    The man is a buffoon! He stupid to boot because he let Bohner use him as a sacrificial lamb,since he is a freshman. Cotton should know better,he was in the Army and should know the rules. Anyway you look at this situation,all I see is 47 senators that should be dealt with by committing at the least sedition,if not treason with intent. These 47 clowns (and counting) should be at the very least arrested, how can they stoop so low,just to make Obama look bad. What they did do is manage to make the country look like it is run by a bunch of childish fools that are willing to take the country to war,just to make Obama look bad but instead they came out looking as ignorant assholes that are either lazy(did not bother to read,what they claim to fight for)) or just plain stupid by not knowing their subject matter…in turn they got a civic lesson. Morons!!

    • Dennis Price

      I love the fact that they got schooled by the Iranian negotiator. That in itself is worth the price of admission.

  • Linda Bullock

    Tom Cotton ran around like a chicken with his head cut off…carrying a pen. He managed to get 47 signatures (counting his own.) Another “47” Teabag debacle and embarrassment. So Cotton was a 2Lt (Second Leiutendant) at Fort Campbell, earned his “Jump Wings” and a Ranger Tab? No Air Assault? Hmmm, Rangers are always “tab-ed out”, meaning they’ll have both badges and then some before earning the right to even be accepted to “tryout” and be allowed to attend Ranger School. Just saying. Anyway, as a prior military man, he should know better than to undercut the Commander in Chief, whether in uniform or civillian clothes. One thing is for certain, while Tom Cotton’s war cry was, “Come on y’all, follow me and sign my letter!”; the rest of the senior Senators of the GOP (and their cheesy grins) just shouted back at Cotton, “Go on boy, move out and draw fire.”

  • Paul Bass

    It is unbelievable that this man was in the military.

    I guess we don’t even need enemies like ISIS when people (military???) FROM OUR OWN NATION, are willing to throw the Commander-in-Chief under the bus…

  • Wedge Shot

    Cotton is a self absorbed, delusional, egotistical nobody that thinks his letter is going to make him something. It already has and that something is a traitorous basta** that should be prosecuted for violating the Logan Act.
    This junior Senator thinks he has more clout than the President of the United States.
    President Obama is slow to anger but will not forget what the 47 traitorous Senators did.
    He should instruct the Attorney General to issue arrest warrants for these Senators, charge them with violating the Logan Act and let the courts sort it our.

  • Wedge Shot

    Tom Cotton, you have signed your political death certificate.

  • Cade Yaeger

    Obama lies. Continuously. I’m starting to think the guy is delusional.