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Saturday, March 23, 2019

Clinton Heads To Middle East Amid Ceasefire Rumors

Clinton Heads To Middle East Amid Ceasefire Rumors

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is en route to the Middle East to meet with Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, as reports suggest that a ceasefire agreement in the week-long Gaza conflict may be imminent.

Tuesday afternoon, Hamas official Ayman Taha told Reuters, “An agreement for calm has been reached. It will be declared at 9 o’clock (1900 GMT) and go into effect at midnight (2200 GMT).”

Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi had hinted at such an agreement hours earlier, when he was quoted by Egypt’s state media as saying that “the farce of Israeli aggression against the Gaza Strip will end on Tuesday,” and that “efforts to conclude a truce between the Palestinian and Israeli sides will produce positive results in the next few hours.” Egypt has taken an active role in the negotations, and relays messages between Hamas and the United States, which refuses to direectly engage with what it considers to be a terrorist organization.

Israel denies that the two sides have come to an agreement, however. Mark Regev, a spokesman for Prime Minister Netanyahu, told Reuters that “we’re not there yet,” and insisted that Israeli military operations in Gaza would continue while negotiations were ongoing.

After leaving a meeting with United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon, Netanyahu himself said that Israel would be a “willing partner” in efforts to stop the fighting, but warned that “if stronger military action proves necessary to stop the constant barrage of rockets, Israel will not hesitate to do what is necessary to defend our people.”

Israel launched the military campaign in Gaza on November 13th, in response to Palestinian rocket fire into Israel. In the past week, more than 100 people have died in Gaza, along with at least three people in Israel.

Any ceasefire agreement would likely include the end of Israeli airstrikes in Gaza and Palestinian rocket attacks into Israel.

According to State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland, Clinton will make three stops on her hastily arranged Middle East trip: in Jersualem to meet with Netanyahu, in Ramallah, West Bank to meet with Palestinian officials, and in Cairo to meet with Egyptian leaders.

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43 responses to “Clinton Heads To Middle East Amid Ceasefire Rumors”

  1. Don says:

    Hilary, that her job and she does a good one at that. She would be good as our next President with Bill living in the WhiteHouse as the First Man or whatever his tile would be.

    • northroader1775 says:

      I bet he would love the title “Man of Leisure”

    • Maybe After She Catch Up On Her Rest She Will Run For President In 2016!! BREAKING NEWS ALLEN WEST JUST ADMITTED HE LOST!! LOL

      • Plznnn says:

        Hey Brainiack, Hillary “agreed” with Bush and many Democrats that there WERE weapons of mass destruction. Hillary & Obama went at it often during the 2008 primaries. You sure have a short & selective memory, just spout off anything hateful. Why don’t you become informed before you open up your hateful & ignorant mouth.

        • You Are One Ignorant Low Life ASSHOLE GO FUCK YOURSELF!! TROLL!!!

        • By The Way Asswipe Happy Thanksgiving To You !! I Hope You Eat Your Way Into A COMA!!!! All Your Low Life Party NOW Are Going After Each Other Crying , Whining And Pissing On Themselves Wondering Why They Lost!! Here A Good Clue Nobody Voted For Them By Low Life Assholes Like YOU!! DUMBASS TROLL!! LOL

        • robert says:

          Plznn, Clinton and President Obama went at it because it was a presidential campaign, the same way Myth Romney, Gingrich, and all the rest of them went at it and exposed each other’s weaknesses. Hillary and nearly everyone in America ate that crap about weapons of mass destruction, even General Colin Powell. We fell for it and America fell into a near great depression because of Bush’s lies, just so he and Cheney could profiteer off those wars. You should be the one shutting your hateful ignorant mouth and getting informed.

      • tobewan says:

        Hey Fern: The WMD weren’t in Iraq ’cause they were moved to Syria, and Syria being the depository for those weapons has other nations worried that Assad might use them against his own people. Did you miss the news on this?
        And have a Happy Thanksgiving day and meal Fern.

    • ARE YOU A TOTAL LUNATIC,??? Hillary and Obama through their actions Murdered the Ambassador in Bengazi, and the Three Obama,Hillary and Yes Bill are Three of the Most Anti-Gun Idiots around, they have at every turn Subverted the Constitution of the United States,They only care about themselves and the Power and Money they can aquire,when Obama and Your Precious Hillary get the U.N. to pass and ratify the Gun ban for the U.S. and the U.N. troops are knocking on Your door and it’s too late for all of Us,maybe then You will have a change of mind, Then again a tunnel visioned twitt like You probibly would go shake their hands and offer coffee.!!!!!!! A U.S.Marine & a Patriot>

      • mickman40 says:

        You are suffering from acute paranoia, Rick. I keep hearing all kinds of scary scenarios about what Obama will do to destroy the nation. Not one of these has happened, or ever will. If he was going to act wouldn’t he have done it during his first term? Obviously you are watching way too much FOX “news”/ propaganda.

      • oldtack says:

        Hey Bro
        How bout letting a fellow Marine in on that shit you’ve been snorting. Damn! I think i could make a ton of jack off that stuff. Wow. Come on – share and Share alike.

        Ruh rah

      • Fran says:

        Dear Rick…you have that “Foot In Mouth Disease”..I see..guess what…the British was supposed to be the security for the Ambassador…they were assigned to protect that man…you know what it should not be the place of the have to be the sole people to protect the whole world..the British were assigned to, where are you coming from..they should have been doing the job they offered us to do…you are the total Lunatic..and by the way…it was Bush…the one that put us into that trillion dollar war that put us into the mess we are into today…so, just maybe you being in the service..caused you a lot of stress..and I am glad…the gun ban would be enforced..because it has allowed some nut cases who never be able to obtain a gun to get one to hurt, Bush was the that changed the Constitution…not Obama..he is that one up…you are so into the “me” would never look into your blind spots and would not take the blame for would always be the other person’s fault..very narrow minded isn’t it…

    • Plznnn says:

      Wonder if Monica will be living there as well?

    • abdullahiedward says:

      I would not want to be a Palestinian or a Gazan if Hillary were ever elected president. How do you think she got to be senator???

  2. Jesus H Christ don’t stop them from fighting.

    Hamas wants to fight but when the tide turns on them they want a cease fire. Only so they can regroup & refortify.

    Bulldoze the Gaza strip, pave it & make an airplane runway out of it.

    This fight must happen. And it must have a brutal & final outcome.

    Leave if be, please.

  3. I only hope Hillary will be safe and she has much protection.

    • lana ward says:

      I’m sure she has LOTS of protection–unlike our 4 dead heros in Benghazi

      • Thank you for callling Ambassador Stevens a hero. He was an experienced and capable career diplomat with great opportunities for advancement in the Democratic party. When our Ambassador decided to travel from the U.S. embassy in Tripoli to Benghazi to visit our consulate in that city he was accompanied by two Blackwater USA security officers (ex-Navy seals). I don’t know how familiar you are with life in foreign countries and our diplomatic missions overseas, but as a person who spent 30 years abroad and visited several embassies and consulates I can assure that level of security is routine. Most of the consulates I visited relied strictly on local law enforcement protection, and there was very little of that in most of the places I went to. Embassies, on the other hand, have a small detachment of Marines, in addition to professional security officers. When we live and work overseas we are well aware of the risks we are taking, and we either accept them and press on, or we pack our bags and come home. We simply do not have the manpower and financial resources to offer protection capable of repelling a large and well organized terrorist attack in every diplomatic mission, private industry facility, or to American citizens living overseas.
        I understand why the party that was in control of the Wh and Congress on 9/11/01 and during the weekly terrorist attacks that prevailed in the Bush era is suddenly intent on turning an isolated terrorist attack into a foreign policy debacle, I would to if I was in their shoes. But a pragmatic review of this issue, based on knowledge rather than the usual opportunism, suggest the GOP is making a mountain out of mole hill, at the expense of four Americans who were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

        • lana ward says:

          If Ambassador Stevens and the others were in the wrong place at the wrong time, why hasn’t anyone said so? It would be done. Instead there is so much lying and cover up, there is alot more to it than just that

          • Lana, Ambassador Stevens, our Consul in Benghazi, and the two security agents that accompanied our Ambassador during his visit to the consulate, were fully aware of the risks they were taking the moment they accepted those assignments. By the way, Benghazi is far from being a unique target, terrorists could have chosen any Embassy or Consulate from Casablanca to Alexandria, to the remotest citi in Indonesia. I suspect they chose Benghazi because the terrorists that attacked our consulate are remnant of Qadaffi’s old security forces and it was an easy target to reach. Whether the attack was motivated by a desire to avenge Qadaffi’s death, OBL’s, al Alawi’s or any of the other morons brought to justice in recent years remains to be seen. Our ability to collect intelligence, ranging from satellite imagery, to listening posts, to spies and informants has been outstanding and has prevented numerous acts of terrorism, but it is not 100% infallible. We simply cannot penetrate the brains of those who remain intent on revenge or inflicting harm on citizens of a country they despise because our values and interests are diametrically opposed to theirs.
            At this point our priorities on this issue must be the continuance of intelligence gathering to minimize the probability of more attacks, and determining who was responsible for the attack. Trying to place blame on government officials because they did not know our consulate in Benghazi was going to be attacked, is like placing blame on George W. Bush and the Republican controlled Congress for 9/11/01. Knowing that there are terrorists threats is not enough to prevent attacks like this when specificity is lacking and the only thing our government knows is the generalities we all hear from Al Jazeera, CNN or FOX.

  4. Jackmack says:

    I don’t think Hamas couid not stand the heat that Israel was giving them

  5. foolsdance says:

    I have been a fan of Hillary’s since I got to know her as the Gov’s incredibly intelligent and tireless advocate in Arkansas (we lived there at the time).
    She has been an indefatigable Secretary of State, with no fanfare. I would vote for her in 2016 in an instant.
    Setting aside Bill’s proclivities, they are a powerhouse of intelligence and have served this country with passion.

  6. lana ward says:

    I think Hillary likes and respects Netanyahu unlike Obama

  7. May God the Almighty be with you all and touch your heart and be an open minded. It is good to live in peace with your friends, neighboring countries and loveones. May the spirit of Christmas be with us all…

  8. lancesharpe says:

    Israel should live up to its word and stop the occupation and blockade I can’t blame the Palestinians I wish Israel would live up to its word or go away . They are just as much to blame as the Palestinians jet fighters against women and children people of god?what god? Fairytales that get people killed and lead to the world on the brink of war its time to grow up we the US should bomb all of them including Israel back to the stone age . The world is sick of this crap!!!!

  9. Hillary Clinton has done an outstanding job as Secreatary of State, but in this case she, and the USA, are in a support role, largely because of our decision to call Hamas a terrorist organization. Our unwillingness to meet and negotiate a cease fire with Hamas resulted in us not having any leverage or influence in the ongoing negotiations. The peace agreement was brokered by Egyptian President Morsy, a fact recognized by Israel’s President Shimon Peres. At this point, the best we can do is call for restraint and good will and let the ongoing events unfold.

  10. onedonewong says:

    Barak can’t wait to waste $$ and fuel. After 4 years and with ZERO foreign policy achievements what’s the point of sending her. The $$ would be far better spent buying her a bottle of shampoo to wash that greasy hair

  11. Fran says:

    I would never vote for Hillary Clinton..because first she has a mean temper…second of all she isn’t Bill Clinton and even if and I said If..I would make sure she would not get elected..because I like and approve of Bill more than I do her…I can remember when Bill Clinton went to N. bring those two women home to be freed..and right Hillary always is wanting to wear the pants in the family…came out very boldly…?Remember That I Am The Secretary Of State”…very cocky..and very degrading to her husband..who has better communication skills than she does any day of the week..she really didn’t need to make such a statement…that man was the best president we have ever had..and his foundation is going to help people that need help with health insurance within the USA…and he has a giving and a awesome heart..nothing like her…she would never take any orders from him or even want to please him…and within their marriage that is what happened believe me..she always wanted things her way…she could never top him in any way….remember..I would make sure that with her tempers..etc..and those kinds of attitudes..she would never win…

  12. Anatoliy says:

    Хилари способная хорошо управляет в мире и политику . В будущее она первая великая женщина в Америке

  13. abdullahiedward says:

    The author wrote:
    “Israel launched the military campaign in Gaza on November 13th, in response to Palestinian rocket fire into Israel.”
    This is patently false and nothing more than the narrative that both Israel and the USA want the world to believe.
    In actual fat the Palestinians sent rockets into Israel in retaliation for the murderous assassination of its Head of Security!
    Lets try and get the facts straight!!

  14. hfassihi says:

    I believe that Mr. Kerry can do a better job in dealing with Middle East. Middle Easteners feel more comfortable with Jhon Kerry. I also think he should run for presidency again after president Obama’s presidency. Four years of experience as secretary of states plus the forign relation committee experience
    Can make Senator Kerry an excellent president who can bring peace to Middle East an the whole world.

    • suddencall says:

      NO WAY.

      • hfassihi says:

        Why not? World needs likable and experienced people. Mr. Kerry won’t go into war easily. He was there and knows what war is . Let’ promote peace . The outcome of promoting peace would be security. Sooner or later we’ll get there but why not now!?

  15. I hope she’s make the case for no ground invasion and hope he is willing to listen…hummm?-funny how all this happens after the President is reelected..hummm? what next??

  16. robert says:

    Under Myth Romney, our sons and daughters would be in Gaza preparing for war, and all of his billionaire friends and his sons would be lined up and preparing to profiteer from it. Thanks to the American people, we will see diplomatic peace between Israel and Hamas. But considering over a thousand years of conflict between these two brothers it won’t be total. There is a bitter hatred between Israelis and Palestinians that only God could settle.

    • suddencall says:

      Why does the USA always jump in and ask for the Israel to back down ? This has happened umpteen times in the last fifty years . It is time for Israel to go down there and take down their flag and put up their own and send in enough police to arrest those who do not pledge to the new occupation. That is the only solution to control a bunch of crazy people like that.

      • robert says:

        suddencall, man, your key word is “occupation”. I don’t agree with that. They should find a way to live together. their on the same small tract of land. they should fnd a way.

  17. tobewan says:

    Hillary, Amanpour, media in general, seem oblivious that the “ceasefire” was thru Egypt, meaning that the HAMAS cannot deal or be brought to the “table” with Israel, because they do not and can’t recognize Israel as a nation; moreover they are intent on making all the Jews in their land disappear – “their land” being all of what they call Palestine.
    Ceasefire is only for Israel to observe, not Hamas, while they Hamas re-arms to start again in a few days or weeks. They CAN’T QUIT entirely – they must continually show they are fighting to gain their land back, to save face among their militants and among Al Qaeda, and to other Arab nations, including Iran.
    All the efforts to destroy Israel & Israeli’s will in due time prove futile, by reason of the “sure word of prophecy.” ! Iran, etc. fail to heed the lessons given by the One-True God and recorded in the Old Testament, including the record of ESTHER. And Iran, as a modern day “Haman” will meet a similar fate. We have prayed for this time for centuries, as His kingdom is being established in the current Time of Trouble by the overthrow of current corrupt nations of the world – and none shall escape. As He promised, He has drawn all nations together – why? To pour upon them His indignation. His Will will be done – even as it is written. The result will bring an everlasting peace.

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