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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Meet The Movie Stars Who Celebrated Obama’s Gay Marriage Decision

“We raised a lot of money because everybody loves George. They like me, they love him. And rightfully so,” said Barack Obama on Thursday night while hanging out in George Clooney’s backyard, while dozens of Hollywood A-listers watched. They each paid at least $40,000 to attend.

Even if there were murmurings that Tinseltown was tired of Obama, this past week’s announcement in support of gay marriage means that Obama was able to triumphantly walk down the red carpet. “We have Iron Man, Spider-Man and Batman in the room,” Clooney joked. “We should let the Secret Service take the night off.” Check out some of the other stars who helped Obama rake in a cool $15 million in one night.

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18 Responses to Meet The Movie Stars Who Celebrated Obama’s Gay Marriage Decision

    • You have to be soooo scared right now, Joe….
      You can’t win with Mittens Romney. You know you can’t. It’s really very funny. Mitt was the best you repubes could come up with??!!! Really?!!
      Mitty can’t speak without flip-flopping and gaffing all the time. He can’t present a cogent plan for this country. He can’t even muster up the least bit of genuine concern nor identify with the average American citizen, without being condescending, stupid or rude. He even insulted cookies that were baked espeically for him by his own supporter. He’s also is big ass LIAR. He can’t even admit to lapses in judgement and character when he participated in a high school assault on a classmate who’s only crime was having long hair. He KNOWS he was there. He KNOWS what he did. A person with the slightest amount of decent character and conscience would have taken responsibility for it and shown some resmorse for his cruel and immature actions. But not your candidate!! All these years later and no lessons learned. This is the LAST ass in a meat suit that I want in charge of my country.
      Romney has NO chance at all. I can’t wait for the debates. I’ll enjoy every moment as Romney stands there, stuttering, looking like a deer in the headlights.

      You see, Barrack Hussein Obama is keenly intellegent, acutely articulate and is a decent human being. He will run circles around poor Mitty. No leg to stand on, nowhere to run. You must be very, very afraid.

  1. Don’t hate “Tha Playa” – hate tha GAME!!!!
    The President didn’t INVENT this GAME, He’s just good @ playing it!!
    Carl Rove, Koch Boys, Roger Fox (“A”), & Citizens United are god Players too.
    It’s the GAME of the TIMES – ENJOY!!!

  2. It is not up to the American people to tell a person what he can or can not do. God gives us freedom of choice. It’s God and God alone who will judge. We are to love one another and pray for those who sin.

    • So you actually LIKED “W’? He tripled the debt and completely TANKED our economy. Government was NEVER as large as it was under W. How many of our Americans were sent over to Iraq and returned injured, disabled or dead? Over what?! So W could vindicate his daddy’s name? Oil? And he used phony-ass, fake “intellegence.” How many lives was that worth? W’s administration was sooooo incredibly crooked and corrupt that wikipedia has to alphabetize all the scandals and illegal acitivities they engaged in. You support that and want to return to those good ole days?! REALLY? I’m pissed that no one has brought his ass up on war crimes charges and convicted him and his cohorts…from the top on down!!! W was the single greatest destroyer of our country. And you want to blame Obama for his deeds?! What a parrot for Fox News jerks!

  3. Why would anyone respect these Hollywood types? They rarely endorse American values, they relate very well to the socialist agenda and most of the Hollywood liberals have never had a real job like the average American.

    • “Average American”? You mean people like teachers, firefighters, electricians, welders, iron workers, truck drivers, bus drivers, postal workers, cops, and county employees who clear roads of snow and brush to name just a few? All those folks whose unions are under attack by the party who has proven its entire agenda is to protect the incredible wealth going to just a few at the top? If those wealthiest folks and mega wealthy corporations would simply be willing to pay a tax rate like they USED to before Reagan and the joke called ‘trickle down’ economics, we could afford not only the world’s largest, most expensive military, decent infrastructure, a safety net, reasonable regulations to protect the health of food, air and water, not to mention pay off debt (brought to us by EVERY administration since Reagan’s). I’m for the ‘average American’, and know that HE is the real ‘job creator’. You need to turn off the ideology and look up a little HISTORY of what ‘tax cuts’ have brought us, and how just a FEW are running away with what used to be America’s wealth, Friend….

  4. The man said what he felt was correct= EQUALITY FOR ONE & ALL.
    How can any American argue with that, unless your a bigot.

  5. Kind of shows that Hollywood is more concerned with image than with real problems, like the economy. They wouldn’t pay $40,000 a plate to hear about more plans to fund unemployment indefinitely. I’m sure they don’t care about having their taxes raised because they will simply charge more for theater tickets.

  6. Romney has his corporative bigs wheels donating mega millions into his campaign, which won’t help stupid win. It’s good to see Obama has some big donators too. Most of his donations come from grass root supporters who don’t have millions, but who have stars in their eyes. OBAMA IN 2012!

  7. Romney has Clint Eastwood endorsing him If I was running for president I would want Clint’s endorsement way more that George “Jerkoff” Clooney’s and Rosie O’Donnell’s–I’m just saying.

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