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Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Coal Miners Forced To Attend Romney Event, Lose Day’s Pay

Coal Miners Forced To Attend Romney Event, Lose Day’s Pay

Earlier this month, Mitt Romney received fawning press from the right wing media for turning out hundreds of coal miners to stand behind him during a speech on his energy plan in Beallsville, Ohio.

“To win Ohio, [President Obama’s] got to win eastern Ohio, and he’s got to get the votes of the people in these communities all around us here, and you’re not going to let that happen, because you’re going to keep our jobs,” Romney said that day.

It turns out that the coal miners did want to keep their jobs — in fact, that’s the only reason that many of them bothered to show up for Romney’s event.

A group of employees at the Century Mine where Romney held his event recently complained to WWVA radio host David Blomquist that they feared they would be fired if they didn’t attend the Romney rally. Making matters worse, management did not pay the employees for the day because they were outside listening to Romney speak instead of working in the mine.

“Yes, we were in fact told that the Romney event was mandatory and would be without pay, that the hours spent there would need to be made up my non-salaried employees outside of regular working hours, with the only other option being to take a pay cut for the equivalent time,” the employees told Blomquist on his radio show.

“I realize that many people in this area and elsewhere would love to have my job or my benefits,” one worker said. “And our bosses do not hesitate in reminding us of this. However, I can not agree with these callers and my supervisors, who are saying that just because you have a good job, that you should have to work any day for free on almost no notice without your consent.”

Furthermore, the employees claim that “letters have gone around with lists of names of employees who have not attended or donated to political events.”

On Monday, Blomquist gave Murray Energy Chief Financial Officer Rob Moore a chance to defend his company on his show. Moore essentially confirmed the allegations.

According to Moore, the company “communicated to our workforce that the attendance at the Romney event was mandatory, but no one was forced to attend.” It seems that Moore may not fully understand the meaning of the word “mandatory.”

Moore also confirmed that the employees were not paid for their time.

“As a private employer, it was our decision and we made the decision not to pay the people,” Murray told Blomquist. “We’re talking about an event that was in the best interest of anyone that’s related to the coal industry…I do not believe that missing an eight-hour day, when you put it into perspective, when you think about how critical — critical this next election is, and how critical it is that we get someone in this office that supports coal — to give up eight hours for a career, I just don’t believe that there is anything negative about that.”

This is not the first time that Romney has gone to great lengths to stack an audience in his favor. His campaign also flew in black supporters to cheer for him during his widely panned speech to the NAACP, and has been accused of buying fake Twitter followers to help pad Romney’s social media statistics.

At the end of the day, the Beallsville coal miners should count themselves lucky. Historically, when a group of blue collar workers have been ordered to assemble for a suprise speech from Team Romney, the results have been far worse than hearing a lecture on energy independence.

(AP Photo/Mary Altaffer)

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108 responses to “Coal Miners Forced To Attend Romney Event, Lose Day’s Pay”

  1. Case proven. Republicans and the Tea Party want what they are outsourcing American jobs to get: lower wages and a bigger bottom line. They will strangle Americans so terribly until Americans will want any kind of work at whatever pay they can get, even at subsistence wages. Only until that happens will corporations and industry return to America and employ Americans, and we will be so destitute, we will kiss their shoes to get back to work. If that were not the case, why aren’t they working in a bi-partisan effort with President Obama/Biden to get the Jobs Bills moving and get Americans back to work? They know that employment and the economy are hot-button issues that determine elections, and they are willing to risk the economic destruction of America to prove it. The Republicans and the Tea Party are domestic terrorists using the American people as collateral damage in order to push their white supremacist, anti-woman, anti-gay agenda. That “American Grandstand” they are putting on in Tampa is a “let them eat cake” event. We need to let them all know that the American people are their bosses. We hired them with our votes and we pay them our taxes to feed their families. In November, we need to bring the Republicans and the Tea Party back to reality.

  2. nhgal628 says:

    What a big fake Romney is….always pretending to be one of us when he never will be….he’s the top of the 1%!!! I cannot believe that he will give a hoot about the rest of us once he gets into POWER, ’cause that is what this is all about. He has everything else so he now is trying to buy the presidency!!! His wife made a rather pathetic attempt to make him seem human but was not very convincing…..looks and acts like a robot to me.
    How human was it to make miners lose pay while they lined up to listen to him…and what kind of employers are these mine owners?????

    • The only positive thing that can be said about Mitt Romney is that when it comes to making money he is as consistent as anyone can get. He benefitted from closing plants, laying people off (he said he enjoyed doing that), outsourcing, and now he wants to expand his vision to a national level. Not bad for a dude born with a silver spoon stuck down his throat. I wonder how much money he has invested in gold and overseas anticipating the collapse of the dollar and the U.S. economy if he becomes President…

      • Your spotting Liberal talking points. He was not born with a silver spoon any more than you or I were. Please check your facts

      • OttoS says:

        Bain still making money and employing people. Slernda cost our government how much and bankrupt.

      • Independentrd says:

        Bain is a capital venture firm. They make money by turning companies around and with roughly an 80% success ratio. They invested hundreds of millions of dollars to modernize the plant. They turned that steel plant around to making over a billion dollars a year and into the leading US steel rod producer while adding over 1000 employees. Then the union went on strike and it was all down hill from there. When a company like that fails, Bain loses money, they don’t make money by having to sell off parts and pieces. They recoup *some* of their losses.

    • Re-elect President Obama and kiss your coal mining job goodbye. And with the Govt broke, there will be no funds to prop up your income.

    • NeighborOfTheBeast says:

      The kind that bow and scrape to union thugs instead of hiring whomever they want for however much the job market will bear. So what if Romney is rich? He gives more to charity than most of us earn in a year, not because some bureaucrat in Washington says he has to, but because he is a caring, generous man who believes that God instructs those who have to help out those who have nothing, and I’ve got news for you… he wants everybody else to have the opportunity to be rich too! The only way that will happen is if we stop sending our money to D.C. to fund an endless series of social programs and let businesses rise or fall based on how well they serve their customers, not on how many campaign contributions they make to crooked politicians. How is it that the same party which opposed the Civil Rights Act, founded the KKK and allows millions of babies to be killed every year because it’s inconvenient claims to be the Champion of Womens’ and Minority Rights? Why are Democrats steadily dumbing down our schools, making it less and less likely that someone born into poverty will be able to someday rise above it? Who is the President who thinks that 49% of Americans on Food Stamps and not having to even look for work when on Welfare is a good thing? Barack Hussein Obama, that’s who.

      • Very well said. I can tell you aren’t one of the millions who just want to take and take and take, when they aren’t damning those who earned it for them.

      • Paul says:

        Surely you are not that naive! You better study United States Political history. The current Republicans are the Conservatives and the Democrats are the Liberals, right! Well go back and look at history and you will find that it was Lincoln was a Liberal. The CONSERVATIVES were the ones opposed to Civil righs, involved with the KKK and it goes on and on. Just like today! Take a look at the top performing states in the country, and you will find that states with the majority of lowest performing states are CONSERVATIVE strongholds, while states that are considered moderate or liberal perform better. And your garbage about Food Stamps, is exactly that. Most of the states that have asked for relaxed work rules, are REPUBLICAN controlled states! And you have the AUDACITY to blame Obama! What a POS you are! Romney may give more money to the Mormon church, but he sure isn’t paying his fair share to this county! Most people making $100K – $200K pay 25% or more in Taxes. Romney made $20 Million and paid LESS that 15%! Of which part of the reason he was able to do so, was because of the tax deductions he took for giving that “charity” money to the Mormon church. In other words, he is giving money that should have been paid in taxes, to help HIS country, to his church!

        • NeighborOfTheBeast says:

          Actually sir, I was a Political Science major with a minor in Economics, so I know EXACTLY what I’m talking about. You are confusing income taxes with capital gains taxes. The money Romney gets taxed on at 15% has already been taxed once before at a much higher rate, when it was originally earned. He took it and re-invested it rather than hoarding it or moving it off-shore, and that is why it gets taxed at a lower rate. When Warren Buffett claimed his secretary paid a higher rate that he did that fact was also conveniently left out by the lamestream media. They made it sound like she was starving and struggling to pay her bills when Mr. Buffett paid her a $200k salary and she was taxed at 39%, but the capital gains he earned by re-investing his profits was only taxed at 15%. It was already taxed once, the government was just coming back for another bite of the apple. As for the claims that Lincoln would’ve been a Democrat if he were alive today, I’ve heard people try to make that argument and it is a bald-faced lie, as is the claim that the Southern Democrats who founded the KKK and opposed the Civil Rights Act are today’s Republicans. They were epitomized by the late Strom Thurmond, a lifelong Democrat and former Kleegle for the KKK. As for the statement I made about Food Stamps, that comes straight from the Census Bureau. And Romney tithed 10% of the $20 million he made to the Mormon church, just like many Catholics do with theirs. It’s THEIR money, not the government’s.How much did Al Gore, Joe Biden and Barack Obama donate to THEIR churches? A mere 0.5% of what they made.

      • nhgal628 says:

        All Romney’s charity begins at home….the mormon church……..

        • NeighborOfTheBeast says:

          ALL charity begins at home. That has not changed since time immemorial. Would you feel any differently about his charitable contributions if he were Catholic or Baptist or donated it to the local food bank? It’s HIS money, not the government’s, not yours, not mine. What he does with it is nobody’s business but his own.

      • jarheadgene says:

        The nutjobs and racist started to switch parties back in the 60’s when Johnson signed the civil rights act…..If Lincoln were alive today…He would be a Democrat.
        He wanted to maintain a strong Fed Govt. He freed an enslaved minority. He
        wouldn’t have been throwing peanuts at them.

        • NeighborOfTheBeast says:

          The ones throwing the peanuts have been proven to be SEIU union thugs. Your argument holds as much water as a colander, sir.

    • Same thing happened in Arizona, but an entire plant of employees were forced to stand in line for Obama, and they were docked pay too. Check it out. It didn’t make the news because the media was having too much fun with Gov Brewer’s finger waving.

    • ladyj says:

      I can answer you on that, They had to get people there to listen to Romney. They could not get enough people to listen to him so they had to get workers to listen.

    • Perfect! I could not have said it better. You hit the nail on the head.

  3. Robert M says:

    How long before we return to the days of armed “security” killing strikers? Is this the America that conservatives miss so much? How can an employer make a political rally mandatory? Are workers now fully owned by employers who may use them any time or place without pay? Working people need to look closely at the world of the late nineteenth century because that is the goal of the GOP.

    • Ford Truck says:

      Remember Biden’s comment about putting people “back in chains?” He took hear from it, but he was right. Now Romney and the coal company are just proving there are ways of shackling people without using actual chains!!

      • NeighborOfTheBeast says:

        How ironic that you use Ford in your screen name, considering they were the only Detroit car company that refused to accept any bailout money from the feds. Now, GM is owned by the UAW and Chrysler is owned by Fiat, a company they USED to own.

        The blame for those coal miners losing a day’s pay falls squarely on the shoulders of their own union bosses, not Mitt Romney, not the mining company. The coal miners don’t work for the mining company, they work for the union.

    • Ed says:

      Yes, this is the America repubs love so much. Of course they also want to do away with workers comp, unemployment, and UNIONS! And I am sure that, were the NLRB or the Labor Department were to do their job and investigate it would be called a political stunt!

      • jarheadgene says:

        Starting with Reagan and the FAA the NLRB has lost it’s teeth long ago. The NLRB act of 1935 was set in place to stop this kind of thing. OH but to pine for the GOOD OLE DAYS that the GOP miss so much. Back in the time when any person of color was an automatic 2nd class citizen……anyone of Color in the GOP better be very rich or better get their head examined.

        • NeighborOfTheBeast says:

          That’s exactly how the Democrats treat each and every minority group—as 2nd class citizens. They are constantly coming up with new programs and new gub’mint agencies to make it ever easier to be lazy and stupid. Welfare and Food Stamps are supposed to be a safety net, not a career choice.

      • NeighborOfTheBeast says:

        That is a bald-faced lie. They want to clean up Worker’s Comp so that somebody who has a legitimate work injury will not be denied because we have no money left after paying people to stay home who claim to have some unproveable malady. As for unemployment, no one should be collecting those benefits for 99 weeks, or 78 weeks, or whatever it is this week. Tell people they don’t have to settle for a job that pays them less than what they made in their previous job, and they won’t even try. Everybody has to suck it up and start over from scratch at some point in their lives.

        Unions are only good for union workers. No one should be forced to join a union in order to work. Unions fear closed balloting and right-to-work states because most employees would rather negotiate their own salaries and benefit packages than be subject to the political whims of a group of thugs that would make Al Capone proud.

    • NeighborOfTheBeast says:

      That’s what happens when you work for a union. They own you. You are not an employee of the company, you are a bargaining chip to be used against management in order to force them to pay the union for your services. Even the USA’s Olympic uniforms were made in China this year, because it’s cheaper to buy something made halfway around the world than to buy something made by union labor in the good ol’ US of A. You liberals like to gloss over the fact that every single recession in this country’s history started under Democratic leadership, either in the White House or in Congress, where the laws are made.

      • Paul says:

        What a crock! This recession started when BUSH was the one signing laws. The Great Depression can also be tied DIRECTLY to Conservative rule! This country has prospered the most because of the more LIBERAL policies. Everyone knows that! If you weren’t such a TOOL you would know that! My guess is you DO KNOW and you are a paid troll, paid to spread LIES! Either that or you are very ignorant or just plain stupid!

      • jarheadgene says:

        You need to do some fact checking ……which party politics gets us in recessions?

    • Again, it happened for Obama in Arizona………..check your facts…………..

  4. SaneJane says:

    I think this may be a violation of the wage and hour laws.

    • Dave_dido says:

      I think you’re right, Sane Jane. But who enforces such laws these days? Who enforces anti-trust laws or laws against monopolies? No one, it seems.
      I heard an NPR report a few weeks ago about black lung making a big comeback in the coal industry because of slack regulation of worker safety laws. Seems the industry only pays lip service to worker safety. And yet the coalminers support the party that wants less or no government regulation of business. Sometimes we get just what we deserve.

    • Paul says:

      Yea, and considering you have the mining companies CFO admitting that the employees were mandated (forced) to attend WITHOUT PAY. I think it is pretty much a slam dunk case!

  5. It was mandatory, but attendance was not required? Did the entire 1% come out of an Orwell novel?

  6. If they are doing that to coal miners now, what is going to happen if Romney gets to be president. They will be working for two dollars a hour.

  7. Dear Rob Moore,

    You really need a lesson in organizing political actions. Movements begin from the people being so moved on an issue that their inner self begins to stand up. I understand that you, as a highly paid CFO, feel very moved to protect the dirty industry that feeds your fancy lifestyle, but taking advantage of people who work in the coal mines for a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of your salary because they need to feed their family probably don’t feel as particularly moved to protect you. So, in turn, you treat them like pawns and order them to protect you, using guilt and fear as a way to control “move” them.

    You lose at the game of life, my friend. Go back to start.

    Warm regards,
    Kim Fraczek

  8. howa4x says:

    This is classic Romney, forcing workers to attend something and not paying them. Mitt would outsource their jobs if he could but you can’t mine Ohio coal from China. Another interesting thing is Romney didn’t take issue with the fact that the miners didn’t get paid and sided with the owners against the workers. I imagine he called Murry and requested that the rank and file make a strong showing. Murry probably said I’m not going to pay them for watching you, and Mitt probably said that’s fine with me, they are lucky to have a job!
    Any Blue collar worker that votes for Mitt is voting against their own interest since Mitt is backed by the Koch bros, and they supported Gov Walker in Wisconson in his effort to break the public unions there. The Republicans are anti union and the tea party is outwardly hostile to them. The deal that labor made with Reagan on social issues was a deal with the devil since the 1st ones fired were the flight controllers union members. The Koch bros would have all union abolished and you can work at their whim as serfs
    Wake up labor!!!

  9. Justin Napolitano says:

    There is no bottom in the shit hole Romney and his supporters reside.
    Please explain why anyone would vote for Romney?
    We have a good and decent president determined to help the middle class, who has spent the last 40 months fighting for benefits for the middle class and then scum balls like the owners of the mine dump some of their excess shit on the workers. They should all go out on strike.

  10. Forcing people to work for you – in this case filling in as extras in a staged event – without paying them…there’s a word for that.

  11. T.B. says:

    “I wonder if they told the coal miners that they were not going to get paid. (Not) Seems to me that he is trying to buy his way to become the next president.” “How pathetic is that?”

  12. Philly says:

    Attendance was mandatory = you’d lose your job if you didn’t go. Nobody was forced to attend = nobody pointed a gun to their heads and forced them to stand behind Romney. Jeez, what’s so difficult to understand about that? !!!

  13. Nothing new here. This is part of being in a union shop. Romney didn’t, and couldn’t force anyone to go anywhere only the real 800lb gorilla can- the union. It is just that Obama is systematically destroying the infrastructure of the American economy and the unions after being in bed with destructive socialist policies are feeling the pinch, so they now support the only chance they have to survive. They learned their lesson from the steel unions who were tied to Democrats for decades until it was cheaper to ship scrap overseas, re-smelt it and bring it back as finished products.

    Progressives cannot move society forward in their ideological path if wealth is not held by the ruling class. I prefer wealth in the business class to that.

    • grammyjill says:

      Where did you get you’re oh so wrong views? Almost all of the unions back Obama. Did you not see the union busting that went on in wisconson under a republican? He did that because those unions supported Obama. And what the hell is so distructive about socialism? Most of the best places in the world to live are socialist. They truly take care of every citizen.
      And as far as progressives not moving a society forward, did you read what you wrote. PROGRESSIVE means move forward. Unlike republicans who wish to go BACK to 1923.

  14. onefreecountry says:

    Sounds like someone is calling Romney a racist, communist, and its all his fault that a company didnt pay there employees to listen to someone who would help them possible keep food on their table! Sounds like it was the companies fault to me that the workers were not paid, and the garbage that was thrown in at the end sound like something someone from the obama campaign wrote! Nice job!

  15. This doesn’t surprise me at all. Hopefully those miners remember what their employers did, and will consider what deregulation may do to them. When people talk about deregulation they seldom consider the effects of letting corporations and banks do whatever they wish, and they forget what took place before regulations were put in place to protect worker’s safety, a minimum wage, overtime pay, a 40-hour week, protect the environment (think Exxon Valdez, BP}, and limit the ability of companies and individuals like ENRON, AIG, JP Morgan, and Bernie Madof to rob us blind and bring the U.S. economy to its knees.
    Hopefully the people who endorse deregulation are young, because if they are old they are either suffering from Alzheimers or benefitted from incidents such as Allied Chemical dumping kepone waste in the James River about 50 years ago, killing all living organisms and polluting it to the point the Virginia state government had to put signs warning people not to swim or fish in it. Some people believed it could catch on fire if someone threw a cigarette butt in that river.
    The GOP may not care what happens to American workers, to our economy as long as they can make a buck while it goes to Hell, or to our environment, but many of us do…and we vote!

  16. Gammaanya says:

    Where is Obozomustgo???? I miss his praises of GOP and Teabaggers. I guess he crawled under his rock/cave – it was MANDATORY.

  17. Landsende says:

    Was this one of the mining companies owned by the Koch brothers, the ones spending billions to get Romney elected so he can dismantle the EPA and OSHA so they can operate with impunity by not having to worry about workers safety or polluting the enviroment.

  18. ryueire says:

    At this point, as an American living abroad I am truly shocked there is any consideration of the GOP/ultra right extreme MINORITY of the stupid. I have the benefit of seeing news coverage from the outside, and the level of disdain and ridicule of the Republican platform is unbiased and analytical from logical discourse. Yet, all the comments by right wing media (faux news) has a distinctly kindergarten delivery of out of context quotes as fact, blaming Obama and the Dems for an economy that was left from 8 years of Bush/Cheney and also a worldwide economic malaise that predates Obama and is still afflicting global financial markets.
    If Romney and the elitists do get to power, beware the adage history repeats.
    Remember Marie Antoinette commenting when the masses were starving, they had no bread to eat…
    She said,”Let them eat cake!” And shortly after the French Revolution happened where the government was overthrown.

  19. uppermgmt says:

    As a President & CEO of a US company, we would never allow such as stunt with any companies we have contracts with nor corporate affiliations. Employees such as the miners are our lifeblood. Send Romney to the coal mines.. I believe he has committed a labor law violation. Need legal input….

  20. bamboo says:

    I think the company should pay the employees. How would they feel if the employees just walked off the job? For as Mitt Romney I dont trust him. He has plenty of money let him pay these workers.

  21. Larry McLaughlin says:

    Are they hoping the rest of America is as dumb as this CEO?

  22. highpckts says:

    Why don’t these things make the news??? Money?? So who can you trust!!

  23. LadyDeb says:

    Moore can make them go, but he can’t make them vote for Rommey. If Rommey gets elected get ready for the Moores of the States. Can’t believe I was reading this article, that happened in the United States of America.

  24. geewilly says:

    The saddest thing for these coal miners is that the power plants that use to NEED coal to produce energy are now converting to cheaper, cleaner natural gas. It is the FREE MARKET that is causing them to lose jobs. Romney’s inability to tell the truth is scary. HE should pay the lost wages of these miners!!!

  25. Mitt Romney should no more be president of the USA than my dog buddy. What was done to those coal miners was reprehensible. Making them mandatorily stand and watch Romney spin his lies of how he is going to make sure those men will not lose their jobs, all the while the Mine is not even paying them for time away from their jobs, is beyond description. I can’t think of anything bad enough to describe these low lifes. The trouble with big business, is that the bottom line dollar is the be all and end all. There is no consideration of the lives they distroy. Outsourcing of American jobs to other countries has been going on for decades. Also the uncontrolled importing of our goods and services is also a big part of our current downfall. . Wake up America. Quit buying foreign goods. I could gag every time I see one of those damned Toyotas driving down our American streets. Also, when was the last time anyone has tried to buy any piece of clothing. Just try to find anything made in America, We are solely to blame for this due to our apathy about our perceived value in the world. There is no one who will save us but ourselve. We must band together and demand change. President Obama sounded so good at first. But his only real agenda was healthcare for the poor and unemployed. If he had just stopped or at least slowed down the outsoursing of our jobs and importing of goods, We would have jobs making our own products, hiring our own people, which would then provide benefits for American workers. This would automatically eliminate most of the poor and unemployed. We never asked the government to take care of us. We are fully capable of taking care of ourselves, if they would only get out of the pockets of big business. Instead of government healthcare, I propose granting tax cuts to corporations to bring back their business to the US. Who’s with me?

    • jarheadgene says:

      Part of Obamas problems are, 1. Healthcare was a big undertaking, NO standing POTUS has done it so far, UNTIL Obama. 2. After that fight came Killing Bin Laden. Obama fulfilled 2 campaign promises right there. THEN came the TEABAGGERS….yikes. stopping him at every turn.

  26. ballsnow says:

    How truly pittiful. There for a minute I thought they were talking about Walmart. In 2008, Walmart told their employees to vote for McCain. If Romney gets in the WH, you’ll see more and more of this. Paul Ryan will set women’s rights back a hundred years. I read today, Ryan is trying to gut FEMA, on top of all the other damage he wants to do.

  27. The Republicans have done it again. That’s why my family is voting for President Obama.

  28. Share this with all of your registered voter friends. I want them to know that Mitt Romney used the miners to enhance his credibility with workers.

  29. Diamondd68 says:

    It is comman knowledge that ALL politicians will do whatever works give the illusion they have all the peoples support. Mit Romney my or my not have been aware of the circumstances that brought these miners to his rally. If he was aware and took advantage of their plight and chose not to defend their freedom of choice then he is a weak and lacks the character to lead our great nation.
    What is sad here is the strong arm tactics the coal company used to farther THEIR political agenda. It really put things into prespective for me, a bunch of goones forcing others to support their agenda with threats and intimidation. Study history and tell me, what lead to the birth of unions in the first place. These company owners have chosen to trample on the Constitutional rights of these men. If they would require attendance to a political event it makes you wonder what kind of threats these me face in an effort to feed and cloth their families. Thes company officials are a bunch of jackasses to say the least.

  30. phyllislp says:

    Companies that make miners or others show up to listen to a speech, while they lose pay are NON-UNION companies. Of course, the Rep., including Romney, Ryan, Akin and Scott Walker do not want unions. This way, employers have full control and employees are left with, “like or lump it”.

  31. NeighborOfTheBeast says:

    How typical that the obviously left-leaning author would find a way to blame Romney for a decision made by the coal miners’ union bosses. Everybody knows that labor unions are all in the tank for Obama. Of course they were told it was not only mandatory, but unpaid…the unions and the media wanted the crowd to be filled with unhappy miners who they would feature prominently as they bad-mouthed a guy who had nothing to do with them losing a day’s wages, but there is no right or wrong with Democrats, only lies that have been expertly spun to make them say what they want them to say. Romney should be praised for giving a speech in front of what had to have been, at the very least, an unfriendly crowd. Neither he, his campaign nor anybody affiliated with the Republican Party in any way made that decision for those coal miners…their own union reps did.

    • cameron says:

      Who were the ones breaking the bones of the Ron Paul supporters at the GOP convention?

      Who were the GOP people throwing peanuts at the black camera person?

      The GOP really wants to get their deregulation and tax breaks badly.

      • NeighborOfTheBeast says:

        Not one of Grandpa Munster’s supporters had any bones broken. If it had happened, the liberal media would be flogging the story for all they are worth (about $0.06, by my estimation).

        The person who threw peanuts was kicked out immediately, and they were part of the crowd at large, not part of the GOP convention, which means they could just as easily (and more believably) have been a Democratic plant. Remember the SEIU thugs who threatened and intimidated black conservatives who DARED to support the Tea Party? Probably not.

        The Jacka** Party always takes for granted the minority vote, as if they were not the ones who opposed the Civil Rights Act and founded the KKK.

      • NeighborOfTheBeast says:

        The assaults, the racial slurs and the peanut throwing have all been proven to have been carried out by SEIU union thugs.

    • ralphkr says:

      How typical that an obviously right-leaning person such as NeighborOfTheBeast did not bother to read the article before blasting the unions. If he had read the article he would have seen the statement of the CFO (that is upper management of a company and definitely not union) stating that the company made attending the rally by their employees mandatory.

      • NeighborOfTheBeast says:

        The employer cannot do anything to the union employees that the unions do not approve of. They can’t even discipline the employee, except to ask the union to replace them. Everything is filtered through the union leadership. Any company that contracts with union labor is not in charge of its own workforce.

        • ralphkr says:

          You have a fascinating theory there, NeighborOfTheBeast, but my own experience with unions is slightly different than yours. I have been fired twice because people who did not work at my place voted their union in and I was fired by management because I refused to take a pay cut down to union scale (a 30+% cut in both cases). In three other businesses I noticed that some of the advantages to working in a unionized shop was getting paid for 8 hours pay after having to come in at 8 AM and getting off at 9 PM (these were grocery chains that would have the union employees go off the clock and sit in a swing room when business slowed during the day). Before they went union the employees would get paid for 8 hours for being in the store for 8.5 hours (counting time off for lunch). Most unions that I have had experience with (other than civil service unions) are in bed with the employers and will quickly back management in any dispute. By the way, how do you explain why a Democratic backing union would force its members to attend a rally for a Republican candidate to cheer him on and give him a great photo op??

      • NeighborOfTheBeast says:

        I did read the article, sir, and the unions have been running the show in the mining industry since the days of the Industrial Revolution. Every mining company is beholden to the unions, and they dance to whatever tune the union bosses tell them to. Don’t get me wrong—labor unions had their day back when there were no safety regulations, no weekends, no overtime pay and no child labor laws,, but they have long since outlived their usefulness as a force for good and are now just shills for organized crime and the even more insidious criminal organization known as the modern Democratic Party.

        • ralphkr says:

          I see that you were not only unable to understand the article but also unable to understand my explanation of the fact that the order was given by the Mining Company CFO (definitely NOT a union man) and not by any union member.

          By the way, I have never been a union member and my answer to any organizer has always been, “When your name is on my pay check I shall listen to you.” Needless to say that I have been fired by unions 5 times but by a boss once.

          • NeighborOfTheBeast says:

            How typical: rather than engage in honest debate, you impugn my intelligence. I understood your point of view perfectly, sir, I just don’t agree with you or the author of the article.

          • ralphkr says:

            There is no debate here except between your eyes & your mouth. You read that a CEO ordered employees to attend a Romney rally and immediately started mumbling about the Democratic Union ordering the employees to support Romney. If your brain had been involved you would have immediately seen the fallacies in your assumption. A) CEOs, CFOs, are not union members B) a Democratic entity would not ask members to support a Republican candidate.

          • NeighborOfTheBeast says:

            You have no coherent argument to debunk my statements, so you stoop to grade school tactics, calling me names and trying to marginalize me by insulting my intelligence. See right there, how I attacked what you had to say without attacking you personally? That is how intellectually honest and mature adults engage each other in the arena of ideas. The mining company’s CEO and CFO are both marching to whatever tune their union masters dictate. They would not have risen to the positions they hold without massive union backing, and the union bosses know how to stack a crowd for maximum effect in front of a camera. They know that a large crowd of hostile listeners holds more impact for their core than letting that crowd be filled with Romney supporters. Unions are a dying breed in the digital age. They still have a stranglehold on some sectors of manufacturing and nearly every sector of the government, but they are losing membership across the board as they continue to price the over-compensated labor of their union members out of the job market.

          • ralphkr says:

            My,my, Neighbor, your overweening hatred of unions have completely blinded you to the facts. For one thing, I never called you any names other than “NeighborOfTheBeast, but suggested your posts would have been different if you had bothered to engage your brain (perhaps that is giving you the benefit of perhaps having a brain to engage). NO CEO or CFO takes orders from a union. In fact, it has been my experience with unions that they are welcomed by management as another tool with which to control the workers.

            Your statement that the unions the Democratic unions ordered this so they could stack a crowd with hostile faces makes it obvious that you never even bothered to look at the photo which show a group of grimy workers smiling and applauding a smug Romney.

            Personally, I have no time for unions and every time someone tries to “organize” me I tell them, “When I see your name on my check then I’ll talk to you.” That attitude got me fired at least 5 times when the place went union (at the behest of the owners and voted in off-premises by non-employees in 2 occasions) but I’ve only been fired once by a boss at that was only after I told him what I was going to do to him if he kept screwing up my work. Ah, the days when we were young and immortal.

          • NeighborOfTheBeast says:

            Ralph, Ralph, Ralph…do you even read the posts you put up here? On one hand, you say that you have never called me any names, and then in the same sentence insult my intelligence! If that’s not an overt insult, it surely is an implied one. Why is it so hard for you to comprehend that a rational, intelligent adult can have a different opinion than your own?

            As for the faces in the picture, you have a point, but I am speaking in broader terms of the other articles, pictures and videos of the same event from multiple news sources that showed anything but fawning over Mr. Romney.

          • ralphkr says:

            Ah, NOTB, I really love your reasoning. You accused me of calling you names when all I did was point out the obvious fact that you certainly are not thinking. I suppose that if I were to point out that you were about to, or had, stepped in a cow pie you would accuse me of calling you names because I was pointing out a disagreeable fact.

            The big problem with the last sentence in your first paragraph is that no rational, intelligent person would have an opinion such as yours and that any rational, intelligent person would agree with my point in this matter.

          • NeighborOfTheBeast says:

            Lol, you amuse me. What’s it like, being so entrenched in your own position that you can’t even consider that a contrary opinion might have merit? I disagree with you, but you seem like a reasonably intelligent person, even if you are so deluded that you think insulting me without offering any intelligent rebuttal to my opinion somehow gives your argument merit. I assure you, good sir, I my thinking is very clear and I would add that hundreds, if not thousands, of other thoughtful, rational people agree with my position. For you to say that NO rational, intelligent person could EVER have an opinion like mine just proves to everyone who reads this that you, sir, fail miserably in articulating your own opinion…except for your consistently nasty comments regarding my intellect. Have a nice day. 🙂

  32. What People have to remember was the time period of Sept. 2008 and just how close we All Came to a Shut DOwn of Our Finance System.. due to The Republican Admin of SPENDING LIKE Drunken Sailors, before they came close to DESTROYING OUR Country. I remember those days and can`t Trust them to do any better this time. Same OLD TRICKS..

  33. tschraad says:

    The employer was correct in denying pay for attending a political rally. Attending political rallies is a choice of the employee not the employer.

    An employer mandating an employee to attend a rally is counterproductive as a disgruntle employee would not vote for anybody who is “forced”.

  34. cameron says:

    What are the laws in Ohio? These are violations of employee law in my state. Required attendance? No, you require they show, you need to pay for hours. I live in a state which is part of the United States, not a Bannana Republic. Perhaps Ohio is different?

    More than that, ethical thuggery on the part of this company.

  35. LittleStream says:

    Just remember Republicans, you can’t control who they vote for when in the voting booth!

  36. h-box says:

    vote romney and welcome in the dark ages. the man is a phoney and couldnt care less about the working man/woman. nevermind the environment.

  37. lourdmar says:

    Shocking and shameful how Romney’s lack of decency can spread like the plague.

  38. lourdmar says:

    Shocking and shameful how Romney’s lack of humanity can spread like an uncontrollable virus….

  39. CAThinker says:

    Okay – now I get it. I saw clips of this speech and was wondering why in the heck would these people support the guy that could hurt them most? That’s the answer – they were coerced. Makes sense now…

  40. Ron Petersen says:

    Oh people please. Tell me tha Obimit hasn’t done any these things.I just seen a report yesterday that said 70% of his Twitter followres are fake. This election is pathetic, seeing who can piss the highest on the wall is really getting old and childish. Oh my dad can beat up your dad, Really? Both parties need to grow up pull their heads outa the A@##s and get with reality. they are both out of touch with us. I think it’s about time we overthrow the government, get rid of all the liars and cheats and put some better liars and cheats in there…Maybe having a Queen isn’t such a bad idea after all. ( ha ha )

    • jarheadgene says:

      The twitter thing was another one of Romney’s projections. He was the one that phonied up his TWITTER following.

  41. Independentrd says:

    I’m not a fan of Romney’s but I seriously doubt this to be true unless it was a decision by this particular company. This was apparently a company decision. Blame the company, not Romney

  42. do these men have any idea what obama wants to do to the coal industry? A day or a career?

  43. thats like saying that it is ridiculous that a union member has to go to a union meeting to keep his job, i dont see you reporting about that.

    • amazonfan says:

      They are completely different. Not every miner might have voted for Romney, and even if they all did, you can not justify them being forced to give up a work day to attend a political rally.

  44. more ultra left B.S. Henery Pecker…ultra left libtard propaganda

  45. shows you folks what a skum bag he is he has already made a statement about US poor people .I don’t worry about THOSE people.right there shows what he is all about,plus many more stupid things he says.he’s for the rich an thats it rich people don’t give a dam… about the poor.

  46. Poor miners . mitt is a snake in the grass. he could not bring him self up to shake any miners hand . o ya he got cheers from the miners but, wath the miners go? i”m sure they know what they got!!! HEY OHIO DO YOU KNOW THE MEANING OF JOB OUT SOURSING? Mitt likes that just like hi likes of shore bank . GET SMART VOTE FOR O-B-A-M-A

  47. demelza says:

    I think that Mr. Romney should see that these people get paid. I love him but I wouldn’t give up a day’s pay to see any politician, if, in fact, these statements are correct.

  48. Poor miners . mitt is a snake in the grass . he could not bring him self up to shake any of the miner’s hand . mitt is only for mitt . he got bunch of miners cheering for him . what the miners minores got? a day with out pay . HEY OHIO I HOPE YOU KNOW THE MEANING OF OUT SOURS . you want to keep your jobs ? VOOOOOOOOOOOTE FOR O-B-A-M=A

  49. So where is the prosecution? Obviously a number of criminal violations occurred here with an astounding admission of guilt of air by a senior member of management. Additionally, the 1st Amendment rights of the workers were violated and that’s a civil violation. We’re almost there, but not quite yet, the day when corporations order their employees how to vote or else! These are federal violations and speak directly to the corruption of our political process. Prosecutors, get off your ass! Peace.

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