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Sunday, January 21, 2018

According to a new Gallup poll, the number of Americans who have confidence in Congress has hit an all-time low — making the 113th Congress the least-trusted American institution on record.

The poll finds that just 10 percent of Americans have confidence in Congress, down 3 percent from 2012, and capping a long-term trend dating back to the 1970s.
Confidence in Congress Since 1973

According to Gallup, that 10 percent rating is the lowest for any institution it has measured since 1973.

Perhaps because of Congress’ divided leadership, disgust with the legislative branch is a very bipartisan phenomenon. Democrats, Republicans, and Independents all rate Congress nearly equally.
Partisan Breakdown


Congress’ dismal 10 percent confidence rating puts it at the bottom of the list of institutions that Gallup tests.
Institution list

Health Maintenance Organizations are the only institution that even approaches Congress’ terrible numbers, but even they aren’t as mistrusted — 31 percent say that they have “little or no confidence” in HMOs, compared with a startling 52 percent who say the same about Congress.

The numbers don’t come as a major surprise, given the institution’s downward trend on the question over the past 40 years, and the current Congress’ general ineffectiveness. Congress’ approval rating is equally abysmal; Gallup’s most recent poll found that 78 percent of Americans disapprove of the way Congress is handling its job.

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99 Responses to Congress Hits New Level Of Futility In Latest Gallup Poll

  1. The days when Tip O’Neill negotiated in good faith with Ronald Reagan have been replaced by the agenda of cynical politicians more interested in advancing their personal and party interests than those of the nation. When we have national leaders admitting their votes is designed to make an opponent a one-term president, we know we are in trouble and it is time to act.
    Nothing positive will come out of this Congress until we clean house and replace every politician whose agenda and vote is limited to what is best for them or their party with people who truly want to make a difference in strengthening our national security, our economy, create jobs, balance the budget, and improve our standard of living. With the exception of Elizabeth Warren and a handful of other members of Congress, the rest should be kept as far away from Washington as possible.

    • It takes two to tango and Obama made sure there were no purple states just red or blue with his personal attacks on anything and any body that disagreed with him. Not a uniter but a divider.
      As to “one term” that was said in Oct. 2010(not at the beginning of his term) and only after party line voting on stimulus and obamacare. It was all about the direction Obama was taking the country. Looks like Mc Connell was right. No job growth, weak economy and scandals galore. Ship with the engine off!!!

      • I am not sure I understand what you are trying to say in your first paragraph, but whatever it is doesn’t reflect reality. In any case, when it comes to divisive statement nothing tops the one that belittled 47% of Americans, an assertion that was made even worse when the rationale offered for the GOP defeat in 2012 was that 52% of Americans voted for Obama because they depend on the Federal government to subsist. Interestingly, the part of our population that rely on social stipends to subsist live in states whose electoral college votes did not go to Obama.

        • First, Obama negotiating good faith, Not!!! As Chris Matthews said: Obama doesn’t like dealing with other cabinet members, members of the congress, either party. It sure does reflect reality just not yours. It takes two and he is not a participant. Never went to the Hill after initial visit in 2009 until 2011. It was an additional 2 years before he met with GOP leaders again.

          Donald Wolfensberger, director Congress Project of Woodrow Wilson international Center of Scholars said. 60s and 70s bipartisan meeting between WH and Congress leaders were the norm. Clinton held monthly meetings. WOLFENSBERGER STATES: OBAMA IS NOT DOING IT AT ALL.!!!!!
          I guess “takes two to tango” is just too hard for you to understand.

          You sure don’t want to touch the one term remark, do you? Same old Dom, throw feces on the wall and hope it sticks.

          On your closing comments you have your head where the sun don’t shine again. Top ten states receiving Federal Funding starting with Clinton’s second Ohio(2xR,3xD), Florida(2xR,3xD), California(5xD), New York(5xD), Texas(5xR), Virginia(3xR,2xD), Pennsylvania(5xD), Illinois(5xD), Louisiana(3xR,2xD), New Jersey(5xD). If you are having problems with parentheses it shows electoral vote for last 5 elections. Nice try!!!!
          Hey, still waiting for MM attacks on Obama since 2009, maligned, insulted, threatened, Remember????

          • Top states receiving Fed funding? Your figures are meaningless. How about comparing the funds they receive to their contributions. Maybe you noticed that of the states on your list…5 of them are the most populated. So of course in raw dollars they receive the most. NY…and especially NJ (except for the Sandy aberration) consistently pay more than they get. And TX and Fl are pretty close to even

          • The argument has been that red state receive more funds that anyone else, not who is more deserving of federal aid. When you add up total numbers one finds that Dem. states receive more that the GOP states. Yes, it is a numbers game.

            Look at the states Obama won and over half of them receive more than they pay in. Big difference between rural and urban states.

          • No actually the argument is how many welfare dollars go to red states compared to blue states and how many taxes are gathered from states.

          • I find it interesting the top ten states receiving more than the taxes paid are split 50-50 as to election results. Over half of states won by Obama receive more than they pay in taxes. You are playing a stupid numbers game, but nice try.

          • Here’s a little something that kind of blows a hole in all your arguements from PolitiFact who actually checked out the stats and verified that they are correct (I don’t know where you’re getting your stats but they;re a bunch of BULL: the statement below is based on 2012 numbers).

            “Of the 32 states which receive more than they contribute, 27 states (84%) are REPUBLICAN. Of the 18 states which contribute more than they receive, 14 states (78%) are DEMOCRATIC.”

            The source cited is a report by the Tax Foundation, a business-backed group. We checked with the Tax Foundation to see whether the data was legitimate and confirmed that it is. Spokesman Richard Morrison said that the chart uses 2005 data that was published in 2007.

          • My numbers came from 24/7 wall st.. Hell, even Huffington Post uses their numbers.
            My numbers are correct.
            What I find fault with is the left using these crude “giver vs. takers” labels misguided in such a way. You know there are contextual factors involved, urban vs. rural, farmers receiving agricultural subsidies, so called “corporate welfare”, and individual reasons, like vets who receive VA benefits, elderly couples living on their SS checks.
            You can’t just label states as “takers” without looking at the reasons, the nature of the programs, and whether or not that money is both needed and yields good results.
            Finally, we have debt at 100% of GDP created by both parties, we have problems with a sustainable budget, big issues concerning energy, security, and environment. We’re not givers vs. takers, we’re Americans who get something from being part of this country and give something back with our work and action.

          • Some of what you say there makes sense, but just to refute one of your comments; OUR DEBT WAS NOT CREATED BY BOTH PARTIES!! Reagan started the spending binge by spending more money during his 8 years in office than all the presdidents had spent in the previous 50 years – he took an 800 billion deficit and virtually tripled it to 2.3 trillion – and it was HIS POLICIES that did it!! The Bush Sr. picked up his 2.3 trillion in debt and almost doubled it in 8 years to 4.3 trillion – Clinton picked up that 4.3 trillion and actually reduced Bush Sr’s deficit spending but the deficit grew for two reasons – the GOP congress never sought to pay it down, so mainly interest charges grew the deficit to 4.9 trillion which Bush Jr. then almost tripled when you take into account that he increased it from 4.9 trillion to 10.6 trillion during his 8 years but then HIS POLICIES allowed the economy to run amok and finally crash into the Great Recession. To try and salvage some semblence of a legacy, Bush jr. scrambled and negotiated the auto bailout and stimulus before leaving office – leaving Obama with a 10/1/08 to 09/30/09 budget that included 1.6 trillion in deficit spending – which brought Bush Jr’s direct responsibility of our debt to 12.3 trillion – but he also left Obama with an economy in freefall that NO PRESIDENT could have turned around on a dime – so Bush Jr.s at least responsible for another 2-3 trillion of deficit increases. So for you to make the distorted lie that BOTH PARTIES are responsible for our DEBT is just one of those incidents when I say you’re just like the lowlife Republicans of today who all they know how to do is lie and distort everything to try and hoodwink the public into their outright robbery of the taxpayers.-

          • So,Clinton had NOTHING TO DO WITH THE MELTDOWN IN 2008, RIGHT?? And Clinton had nothing to do with 9/11, Right??
            Bush was at fault for the meltdown, Right??
            Have fun living in the past and your revision of history.
            I think the distorted lie lives within you.

          • Mike:

            You make a pathetic case for the Republicans. Everything that you say gets beaten down.

            If i were you, I’d keep my mouth shut.

          • I am sure as a New Yorker your superior intelligence can refute my remarks. I look forward to it.

            Beat down Clinton’s part in the meltdown. Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission sure pointed out Clinton was part of the problem. Clinton had no part in the lowering of mortgage eligibility, Yes?

            As to 9/11, Clinton knew of Bin Laden in 1997 and his threats. Or the fact while investigating the first attack of the World Trade Center, Jamie Gorelick, # 2 in DOJ, in a four page letter to Louis Freeh and Mary Jo white investigating the bombing, instituted a key obstacle in cooperation between law enforcement and intelligent operations.
            As to Reagan, Dems controlled House all 8 years, so Tip just sat there and let Reagan do it all, Right???

            WELL SHUT MY MOUTH, not a distortion any where in this post.

          • And let’s take a look at your comments about: “You can’t just label takers without looking at the reasons” comment. I might buy that but you can’t see that you’re far to quick to give the GOP the benefit of the doubt on that. Are you trying to tell me that when about 75% of Red states suck more money from the feds it’s just always happens to be the fault of the nature of the residents life styles AND NOT BECAUSE OF THE GOP STATE GOVERNMENT’S FAILURES IN DEALING HONESTLY WITH THEIR RESIDENTS NEEDS???

            Come on, the fact that 74% of red states all suck more federal aid from Washington and that 21 of the 23 states with more than 15% of their people living in poverty are Red States – cannot all be blamed on the fact that these are rural states. A big reason why these states rank high on sucking Fed tax dollars and have people living in poverty is because the folks in the GOP that are running those states WANT IT THAT WAY. Many Red States have deliberately cut spending and services, driving millions of their residents onto unemployment and welfare. Many red states also have programs that teach their residents how to fill out federal forms to get federal assistance – know that that is what they are doing!! Intentionally!!

            Rick Perry in Texas has purposely gimmicked his budgets with the intent of attracting businesses to his state, thinking blindly that by creating jobs, while virtually crippling all other state services, thinking somehow FALSELY that somehow that’s going to improve people’s lives. It’s RICK’S POLICIES that have turned Texas into the cesspool of the nation in every aspect other than creating jobs. And these stats PROVE IT:
            (They prove that the GOP’s idea of prosperity is a fairytale)
            Texasis 49th in the country in tax revenues collected per capita and 50th inrevenues spent.
            .It’s 44th in tax progressivity, which means it collects most of its taxes from working people and it comes in 50th in the percent of its population that havea HS diploma.
            .It ranks 46th in the overall SAT scores it’s students get on entrance exams; and 49th in what it pays its teachers.
            .It ranks dead last (50th) in having the most people without health insurance and also dead last in the number of children covered by insurance.
            .Its 49th in the support it provides to women & children in the WIC program, and it leads the nation in teenage births.
            .It ranks 3rd in the nation in the number of people living in poverty and 50th with regard to the affordability of homeowners insurance.
            .Texas ranks 45th in the overall health of its population and 47th with respect to mental health.
            .The quality of the highways in Texas is ranked 42nd and its parks and recreation facilities are ranked 48th and environmental protection 46th
            . Police protection is ranked 49th and government administration 50th.
            .Texas comes in 3rd in the nation in the number of public officials that areconvicted for a crime; while being dead last in the percent of voters who turnout for elections.
            .It’s 46th in the hourly earnings of its workers and 48th in the payout ofworker’s comp benefits.
            .And Texas ranks as having the most polluted environment in the nation.

          • Talk about BS, you have really spread it around this time about GOP.

            You can play the crude numbers game all you want but in the real world and our present state they mean nothing. We have Obama and his administration in trouble, Poll numbers showing Americans are questioning his integrity and honesty, scandals that are just beginning to come to light with the facts. NSA spying on the American people, when asked by Rep. Rogers if NSA had capability to read our emails, General Alexander deflected answering the question. Clapper not be truthful, etc..

            We have debt that will end up destroying us and our way of life.low our recovery even more.

            This high debt will cause higher interest rates, raise price inflation, and slower growth, crowd out private investments all which will have severe implications on the poor, the elderly, and middle class.

        • Regarding your last sentence: It’s not interesting. It’s stupid. People don’t use common sense when they vote.

        • Ignorance!!! Ignorance!!! That’s funny.

          Surreal fits your remark. Keeping dreaming!!! I guess “ignorance is bliss” fits you to a tee.

          • Don’t get all apoplectic on me, Squire. I wasn’t trying to be hyperbolic. I was just stating a fact.

            Your posts wreak of ignorance, which is why most of the good people on this forum are inclined to give you the “thumbs down”. You think it’s because they’re “progressives” or “liberals”, but that’s just one more example of your ignorance. People disapprove of what you write because it’s uninformed and misguided (in other words, ignorant).

            Your comments are also unintelligent and, for the most part, unintelligible. But I don’t hold your lack of erudition against you. After all, intelligence is a genetic crapshoot – which is to say, you can’t help being stupid. Your can legitimately lay that blame at the feet of your parents.

            But you have a computer, which means you CAN help being ignorant. So, unless you’re trying out for Repugnican Party Poster Child, I suggest you switch off Fox Noise, tune out Limbaugh and Beck, and clue yourself in to what’s going on in the real world.

          • No, the thumbs down are from the facts they can’t knock down. What you and your ilk want to hear is the echo of your thoughts.

            Love that personal touch and really appreciate your wonderful thoughts. Funny!!!!

            Yes,”ignorance is bliss” fits you well. Looks like you are the one not in the real world. About time for you to head back to Oz.

            IRS, BENGHAZI, AP, NSA, EPA MAN CAVE., LOSING TRACK OF A COUPLE OF TERRORIST IN THE FEDERAL WITNESS PROGRAM. Most transparent administration ever. LOL!!! Ship with the engine off!!!!

          • That list is alot longer than that, you forgot many more “scandals” maybe you don’t believe them, but I’m sure you can see where we are getting numb and not taking any of them too seriously.


            And now they want us to believe that he was the master mind behind IRS, BENGHAZI, AP and all the rest, if you’re being honest with yourself you have to know these are just more of the same trying to discredit the President, and his administration, or as someone else said “they keep throwing shit at the wall trying to make something stick”.
            One other thing I notice when something good happens (and you might not agree) the buck dosen’t stop at President Obama, but when something bad does, it sure does.

            Personal note: I’m doing better now than I have been since 2009, the business I run is doing better as well.

          • I am happy your business is doing well and you are now hiring more people and covering them all with great healthcare. I am proud of you.

            You probably should be numb, because each is serious, and shows his inability to govern. NBC/WSJ(same for Quinnipiac poll) poll show the public is concerned and has raised doubts with 55% on IRS, 58% on journalist, 58% on Benghazi the overall honesty and integrity of the Obama Administration.

            “If you want to be honest” scandals much deeper and the American people have the right to all the information. The left can try and bury their heads in the sand but it will all come out.

            Well, the Buck stops with the President, good or bad it is his responsibility, he sets the tone for administration and puts into place the people that fit his philosophies to oversee his policies. Pretty simple.

            Chris Matthews: ship with the engine off.

      • The reason there is no job growth is that the Republicans are more interested in attempting to repeal Obama care (house has voted 37 times to do this , knowing full well it has NO chance of becoming law )

        Incidentally on the Daily show Olympia Snow said that at the very FIRST Republican caucus McConnel said to deny the President ANY bipartisanship . So obstructionism was the plan from day ONE. Check how filibusters the Republicans have used in the Senate.

        Soon the House Republicans will vote to end all abortions after 20 weeks in spite of the fact that the courts declared the SAME legislation passed in Arizona was UNCONSTITUTIONAL

        • Wait, you forgot to say Bush. No,growth is happening because of the 4000 new regulations, Obamacare unknown costs, EPA regs. and higher energy costs for business, the uncertainty is forcing business to cut back on hours, dropping healthcare, not expanding. Pretty simple. Ask any sharp business that has to look at the bottom line. Not some politician that takes from the people with little or no regard how it is spent.

          I love your selective use of Snow. If you had read her book, you would have seen the lines about Obama letting the Democratic-controlled Congress Loose on the stimulus and marginalizing Republicans on ACCA, which opened a wider gap between parties.

          Snow also remarked how Obama didn’t keep his promise to bring parties together after his election.

          I find it interesting the the public has switched positions on pro-choice and pro-life. The Bill will die in the senate as it should.

          As to Arizona law. 9th court struck it down, which could send to the Supreme Court. We will wait and see. I guess you believe in Partial Birth Abortion, also??

          • I never claimed to have read Senator Snowe’s book but did hear her remark .The Senator claims the High Ground but consistently voted with the Party in cloture votes helping the Minority Republicans to sustain a record number of Filibusters .

            Don’t get me started on the Affordable Care Act in a sprit of compromise the administration refused to even DISCUSS a Single Payer option (Medicare for ALL) .They followed the same Republican line on Dug Pricing by not allowing negotiated prices .This nonsense was part of the Medicare Part D law. Hell just make them give the same price they give the VA .They embraced the tired phrase that Market “competition will lower costs . It hasn’t and for PROFIT insurance will ALWAYS be more expensive for it must pay dividends and advertise .See how the Brits loved THEIR Socialized Medicine They included a tribute to the National Health service in the Opening ceremonies of the Olympics and it is TRUE Socialized Medicine .

          • Interesting about British Socialized medicine. I know you can explain why Prime Minister Cameron has introduced a bill to “partially privatize” the National health service. It seems they have many problems, like 5 thousand more cancer deaths than other European countries treating their citizens. Too much bureaucracy Cameron claims.

          • Nothing to do with bureaucracy mike. This is just ideology and it’s also political suicide for the Tories. They have a minority government and initially got the first draft through only with the help of the Liberal Party. Panicking from the realization of their impending wipe out in the next election, as the balance of power in Parliament (because of this), the Liberals added enough amendments to it before it went to the House of Lords that Cameron was infuriated. This is just payoff to the private insurance companies, who would like to expand into the health care market, but I’m still shocked that a British Conservative government would even try to open up the NHS to “managed competition” without heavy input from Labour… and good luck with that. All British medical associations are against this, it’s horribly unpopular with the public, and the Labour Party has vowed to cancel it all after the next election which they now stand to win easily.

            I’ve been doing some checking and I don’t see these cancer numbers you mentioned. The NHS announced an aggressive cancer plan in the year 2000, with an additional 2 billion pounds committed to it by London, with positive results. Cancer deaths per capita in the UK are now slightly less than the EU average. The decline in cancer deaths from 1999 to 2004 have been greater than any other EU nation except Finland and Austria. That was according to the website CIVITAS, which tracks such things, but I saw similar numbers elsewhere.

            Not sure what’s going to happen with this but it’s interesting to see how it will play out.

          • I was quoting PM Cameron from Edited by David Horowitz.

            Article: Why the UK is ditching socialized medicine.

          • Mike:

            You’re screaming into a strong wind. Here are the facts: The economy contracted in the Bush administration and is expanding in the Obama administration.

            Only results count.

          • Not screaming. Less the 2% growth to me isn’t expanding. 2013 growth is predicted to drop to 1.6. Worst recovery ever.

            Results do count and looks like a lot of people will not be happy. Wages dropping, hours cut, Obamacare uncertainty, all part of the slow recovery.

            Despite reduction in deficit, and gradual normalizing interest rates, the impact of aging population and healthcare costs on spending imply public finance remain on an unsustainable path for the long term. If not addressed, another negative to the economy.

          • I agree that two percent isn’t anything to feel good about, but it still beats the freefall decline that Dubya initiated in 2008 or have you forgotten about that stellar performance?

            You’re right, a lot of people won’t be happy, but I hope that they direct their anger to the source of the malaise: the Republican Party, the party of privilege, lie-induced war, unfettered capitalism that nearly bankrupted our financial system, assaults on the poor and the middle class, unprincipled politicians and a downright stupid president.

            Mike, I don’t know much about you, except that you’re an apologist for the Republican Party and seemingly the rich in general. This country would be better off without either.

          • I see you are another revisionist as to the meltdown. It started under Clinton. Go read the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commissions report and learn the truth. NY Times,9/20/2008, Bush can SHARE the blame for financial crisis. All are to blame not just Bush.

            Just remember Johnson lied and it cost 50,000 + lives. So don’t give me this holier than thou attitude.

      • Really? Let me gat this straight. We are talking about a party whose leadership ( Mcconell, Boehner, Cantor, etc… ) met on the night of his first inauguration and put together their gameplan to block ANYTHING that he or the demoocrats would put forward. THIS WAS BEFORE ANY LEGISLATION HAD EVEN BEEN PROPOSED! On his first public address he was heckled by a Republican Congressman and called a liar. On several occassions early in his first term he invited both Mcconnell and Boehner over to the Whitehouse for dinner or an event and they refused to even take his phone calls. From day one, not only did the nutjobs in your party question or disagree with his policies-THEY QUESTIONED HIS IDENTITY (his fitness for office)and were joined by Republican elected officials! Never before had the Office of the Presidency been so disrespected.

        So please save us with your two to tango BS! You are on the wrong website. Go back to the WA Times and spew your nonsense in that echo chamber where the cumulative IQ does not equal 100.

        Also since Obama was easily reelected I would suggest that Mcconnell failed. Based on all of the leading economic indicators we we ar now in a strong recovery. The S&P and the Dow are in record territory. Over 7 million new private sector jobs created in the last 30 months. The housing market in a strong rebound. The deficit has been cut in half since 2009. Consumer confidence now at higher levels since before the recession. 12 positive quarters of GDP growth. This is the President that saved American autto industry from extinction. The financial services indusrty from self destruction and the American economy from depression. He turned the purple states to blue states despite all of the misinformation, attacks on his character and voter supression. So do us a favor and get the hell out of our way because we are moving forward.

        DEMOCRATS ONLY 2014

        • Really!!!

          Joe Wilson was wrong for the outburst, but may be right after all. Senate defeated an amendment this spring that would have denied illegals that received a green card/ legal status in the future. Pretty obvious their motive. What you also don’t want to acknowledge is that any illegal can go to the emergency room and receive service on the taxpayer.

          Obama in his first term and in the first two years had large majorities in both houses, which obviated much need for bipartisan negotiation, which was quite evident in the stimulus and ACCA. Mid terms changed all of that with disastrous loses by the dems.

          As to disrespect-it was to Obama not the office. The past month and all the scandals it sure looks like his fitness for office is coming into question.

          Now, Now no more tantrums. Be honest for once and read Wolfenberger’s, from the Woodrow Wilson International center of Scholars, a very progressive institution and read how bipartisan meetings of past Presidents was never done by Obama. This from a progressive.

          You really want to use the Dow? Why is the Dow up? For your simple mind it is because the Federal Reserve is keeping rates low and investors have to buy stocks in hopes of a return that exceeds inflation. More reasons, High unemployment-no bargaining for more pay by employees, globalization, and very important-Productivity is way up. Less employees, more technology=bigger profits.

          Nice specious argument on private sector jobs. Tell all the 13.8 million U6 people that and they will chuckle. Labor participation 63.4% still very low and less that in 2009, 2010, 2011.

          As to deficit, yes it is getting lower due to tax increases and spending cuts. But, by 2023 another 6.3 trillion will have been added to the debt.
          Obama didn’t save the auto industry, he saved the unions. Period!!!

          Moving forward now that is funny, maybe into Bankruptcy if the Left had its way. Which it won’t!!!!!!

          • You’re wrong again – the Dems have only had sufficient majority in the Senate to get the bills they’ve wanted past for all of 7 months in the past 18 years. When Obama got elected in Jan of 2009 the Dems had a 60 vote majority in the Senate, and that’s why they were able to get Obamacare passed, the stimulus and follow through on the auto bailot – all objective the GOP would like to have blocked. Unfortunately, Ted Kennedy died on 8/15/09 and there went the Dems 60 vote majority (since Mass replaced him with Scott Brown) and that’s when McConnell started using the filibuster rule to block EVERYTHING the Dems have wanted to do since 8/15/09 – and Mitch has used the filibuster rule more than 400 times since then. Are you ever right about anything?? I doubt it.

          • I guess the word “Majorities” has you confused. Look what they passed in those few months, a poor excuse for a stimulus, auto bailout for the unions, and the biggest mistake in the History of this country-Obamacare. It is not going to be a pretty picture in 2014, and we already see your party is concerned. Congressional Democrats worried about their staffs having to be put on same Obamacare as the rest of the country. Now that is funny since they passed a bill they never read. Just a bunch of lemmings

            How many filibusters were there??? Why hasn’t Reid gone “Nuclear” if it is such dirty pool???

            There is a great old expression, ” What goes around, comes around”

            What you also won’t admit is the Republicans have replicated the same stall tactics used by the Democrats when they were the minority.

            I see in your usual fashion you purposely ignored the main points and went off on another tangent.

          • Everything you’ve said is like a typical GOP lover – a distortion and a lie. The vast majority of economists credit Obama’s stimulus with having helped prevent the country from falling into a depression – and together with the auto bailout of saving/creating well over 2,000,000 jobs. And the Republicans are not “repicating” the same tactics the Dems have used – neither party has played the kind of dirty pool in the past that the GOP has played since Obama was elected. You’re nothing more than a blind , clueless sheeple of the GOP!!!!!!!!!!! Who has to resort to lies and distortions even in blog posts!!!!!!!

          • Time for you to read “The dark side of Obama’s Auto Industry bailout” Talks about Delphi.

            Obama’s auto bailout was a payoff to unions,

            Obama gave priority to unsecured union pensions funds over all other unsecured suppliers and bondholders. Traditional Equal treatment of creditors was thrown out. Looks like a 20+billion lose to taxpayers.

            In Chrysler case, the unions were given almost half of company and a 4.6 billion promissory note earning 9%. Junior creditors were denied 7 billion in claims.

            So, no democratic supporters moved their businesses to China, and the only “lowlifes” are republicans. What a crock of shit. How about GE moving X-Ray Headquarters to China. Immelt on Obama Recovery Advisory Board yet keeps $108 billion overseas pays not taxes here.

            As to Palast, “LIKELY multi-million dollar profit” by Romney. No Proof, just assumption.

            As to the “blind,clueless sheeple of the GOP”. Change the word to Democrat and it would fit you perfectly.

          • Irregardless of how the bailout was handled – GM and Chrysler stayed in America and hundreds of supporting American run companies didn’t go belly up and end up in China like Delphi – and these companies and over 1.5 million workers are still functioning – better in fact than for years before the bailout- AND America is continuing to get the taxes from 1.5 million workers and hundreds of companies that Mitt and Singer would have just loved to have shipped to China just like Delphi. And not that you care – but America is loosing millions, maybe billions, of dollars in tax monies it could have received because of the 25,000 union jobs and 20 plus companies that Mitt and his Buddy Singer destroyed and shipped to China. You can be sure that if Mitt had had his way – America would have lost out on billions in tax revenues over the past 4 plus years from the auto industry and instead of a handful of jr creditors losing some dollars – there would be millions more Americans suffering on unemployment. And if you think Mitt was involved with this and didn’t pocket millions himself, you’re more delusional than even I think you are!!! SORRY THAT I’M NOT BUYING YOUR SOB STORY!!!!!!!!

          • So, Obama did bail out the unions funds and unions got over 50% of Chrysler? Obama did screw the nonunion members of Delphi, Right???
            Your numbers seem too high. GM North America had 70K employees and Chrysler around 39K. What you seem to forget is that 63,000 employees were laid off from GM dealership and 25% of Chrysler’s dealer were closed.

            Some day you need to show me the connection between Romney and Singer other than innuendos. Your statement on “Romney and having his way” that is just plain rubbish, true BS.
            I see selectivity has again struck you on the Immelt, Palast, etc..

            Well stay in the past and ignore the seriousness of our problems facing this country. Show me where Obama has gotten serious on fixing the Entitlement programs, the debt. etc.. Deficit is going down but will rise again 2015 and by 2023 we will have added around another 6 trillion to the debt. We have close to 70 trillion in unfunded liabilities.

    • There’s an old saying: “He who pays the piper calls the tune.” Meaning, those who pay for the political campaigns control the political agendas. We need 100% public financing of political campaigns, even for politicians we don’t like, in order to get Congress back responsive to the will of the American public.

    • Maybe The We The People Will Wake The Hell Up And Stop Putting These No Good Bastards Back In Offices!! Cause They Are Only Working For Themselves And The Wealthy!!!

  2. You mean it’s as high as 10%???? Who the hell are the 10% that have confidence in Congress? Congressmen and government workers could only be that dumb.

    Have a nice day!

    “It could probably be shown by facts and figures that there is no distinctively American criminal class except congress.” — Mark Twain

    “No man’s life, liberty, or property is in so much danger as when the legislature is in session.” – Mark Twain

    • I hate it when I have to totally agree with you on anything.

      I don’t mistrust government workers nearly as much as members of Congress.

      Most have been put through the meat grinder, and simply cannot wait for the weekend.

      My thinking is that the level of competence tends to peak early for most of the career government workers. After that, constantly being crapped on takes its toll. Finally, they resign to the fact that their efforts only shore up the people above them. No credit for good work, constant criticism when something goes wrong. Which it does on a regular basis.

      • Most civil servants are well educated, experienced, and dedicated workers. Examples of professionalism and commitment can be found in every Federal government department and agency, from the military to NASA, from our air traffic control system to the CDC. The same cannot be said about most members of Congress.

        • In the French political system, office candidates must have degrees in political science. Makes a big difference — newly elected officials take office already knowing how to do the job.

          • The first thing ours should get is an infusion of common sense and a heavy dose of patriotism. The same people who had no problem spending over a trillion dollars in Iraq, believe spending a few billion dollars rebuilding our infrastructure is reckless, and creating jobs at home is evil socialism.

      • Jimbo… we’ve agreed on a few things lately… you’re right on this one, too. I’m beginning to be concerned…. hmmmmmmm… LOL 🙂

        Have a nice weekend, Jimbo!

        “Politicians are like diapers; they need to be changed often and for the same reason.” ― Mark Twain.

      • Kinda like the old line”I’m not allowed to work the brake,or drive the train and ring the bell.But let the damn train jump the track ,then I’m the one who catches hell”

    • Don’t blame the government workers, OMG. They are about the only group that does work in Washington. Congress doesn’t work any more. We need to quit electing people based on the political party they belong to and start electing people who will truly represent the country instead of just themselves and their cronies and big-money backers.
      Have a nice day, if you can!
      “I’m not a member of any organized party. I’m a (insert party name here).” — Will Rogers (with a slight modification).

      • I don’t think congress is for anyone but themselves.. The reason it looks as though they’re fending for the wealthy and other cronies is that these elites know how to slip through the crevices and if things aren’t moving in any direction it tends to widen those cracks. Politics is a competition and in any competition, no one fights for the other guy to win.

      • It was my mistake to paint them all with a broad brush. But, have you ever been to the DMV? Or the welfare office in a city? (I used to work in the building that had one in my northeaster city) There’s not enough IQ collectively in them get to triple digits. Even the managers are idiots. Obviously, government does employ some decent people, so I stand corrected, Metro.

        Have a nice day!

        “All government, of course, is against liberty.” – H.L. Mencken

        • Oh, sure, pick the DMV. Probably one of the worst examples you could find. But, in a sort of feeble defense for them, you also need to take a look at the people they have to deal with. If you have a group of customers with double-digit IQs, where better to put your double-digit IQ workers?
          Now look what you did. You woke Lana up!
          have a great day!

      • metro, you atsolutely correct we have to get rid of the tribe party system and we should all become independant voters and just vote for ideas and the man or woman who can fill the shoes of

        • Sounds nice, but it’s not going to happen. George Washington tried to eliminate party politics from the national government. He even went so far as to extract promises to that effect from Hamilton and Jefferson. They screwed him by agreeing to his wishes and then playing politics behind his back. Their promises meant nothing when the political game got hot.

      • It’s my boy, BLU!!! What up BLU? How have you been? I hope well. Isn’t it funny when an article comes out highlighting how despised Congress is that we all suddenly agree? hahahahahahahahaha

        Have a nice day, my boy BLU!

        “All government, of course, is against liberty.” – H.L. Mencken

        • I’ve been good, and you are right we all agree on that one no matter what side of the isle you’re on. : ))

    • Your barb directed at “government workers” is unwarranted, unsupportable and downright shameful. It’s also typical of your dumbass rhetoric.

      The overwhelming majority of our civil servants are conscientious workers, dedicated to doing the very best they can do within the constraints of arcane laws, statutes and regulations promulgated by self-serving empire builders like those Congressional scum who are the subject of this piece.

      Their jobs can be quite onerous in the best of circumstances, and damn near impossible in the worst. And they deserve more respect from you, dipstick.

      • Your thinking Government workers are great is downright shameful. They deserve no respect. Most of them are communists who hate this country

        • I’m sure the policemen and firemen who protect you and your possessions are going to be shattered to hear that you feel that way, Lulu. Not to mention the soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines and coast guardsmen who are showing our flag all over the globe – and doing it for chump change.

          And what about the people who inspect the food you eat, thereby keeping all manner of parasites from eating your innards?

          And what about those sweet ladies down at the library? (What am I thinking? You probably don’t patronize the library.)

          And what about the rangers who run your parks (some of the most beautiful and idyllic places in the world)?

          And what about the teachers who educated you? (Well, you may be right about those teachers; they may not deserve any respect.)

          Are you beginning to feel me, Lulu? Without those “communists” running our government, you’re miserable, pathetic life would REALLY suck! So STFU, you knucklehead.

          • You think what you want, I’ll think what I want. Most people running this country right now are communists, they hate this country. We’re still allowed to think until OHitler takes that away too!!!!

          • That might be true but thinking is one thing, thinking without using what brain matter you might have is quite another.

          • You’re absolutely right, Lulu. This is America. You’re free to think what you will and, with few exceptions, say whatever you want. But when your thoughts are delusional and your words are adrip with ignorance, other people are free to think you’re a dumbass.

            If you could have an out-of-body experience and read your own posts as though you were someone else, you’d probably realize why everyone thinks you’re dumber than a bag of hammers.

          • I’m right , that’s all that matters!! : ) OHitler is Hitler. And he is getting ready to take a 100 million dollar trip to Africa but can’t open the HW for our kids. WTF is up with that???? America is broke but he just keeps spending

      • Cranky… while I will grant you that painting ALL government workers with the broad brush of incompetence is not accurate on my part, it does apply more appropriately to many in the public sector. Have you ever been to a DMV? Have you ever seen or listened to the workers in the welfare shops of the cities? Come on. Let’s be honest here. They aren’t winning any intelligence contests. Just calling it like I see it.

        You’ve heard the old maxim that “if you can’t do, you teach” haven’t you? Well, I’ve added to that. If you cant do, you teach. If you cant teach, you go into HR. If you can’t even go into HR, you work for the government.” That’s the pecking order of working life. Just calling it like I see it.

        So, I do stand corrected for using such a broad brush, Cranky. No go cheer up. You’re too cranky.

        Have a nice day!

        “When you subsidize poverty and failure, you get more of both.” – James Dale Davidson

        • I’ll allow that some civil servants are lazy, others are morons, and still others are lazy morons. In my 20 years in the Air Force, I ran into a number of each. Those of us in uniform referred to those people as “feather merchants” because they may as well have brought their pillows to work. And, interestingly, the worst of the lot were those who occupied the positions of greatest authority – the GS-12’s and higher (the “empire builders”).

          In fact, I recall a joke about feather merchants that goes like this:

          A guy applies for a gov’t job and gets called in for an interview. The interviewer only asks the applicant three questions:

          1. Were you in the service?
          2. Did you see any action?
          3. Do you drink coffee?

          The applicant’s responses were:

          1. Yes, I was in the Army.
          2. Yes, I got my nuts shot off in Nam.
          3. No, I don’t drink coffee.

          The feather merchant says, “You’ve got the job and you start next Monday. We open at 8:00, but you don’t have to come in until 10:00. The applicant says, “I don’t want preferential treament just because I’m handicapped; if everyone else comes in at 8:00 I feel like I should too.” To which the feather merchant replies, “Don’t worry about it, we just stand around drinking coffee and scratching our nuts for the first two hours anyhow.”

          All kidding aside, and as I said earlier, the majority of the civilians I encountered were just good people who did the best they could with what they had.

          Surprises on top of surprises, we’ve each made a concession here. Guess we’ll have to call this argument a draw and both live to fight another day.

          • hehehehehehehehehehehehehehe!!!!!! That’s a good one, Cranky. And I think we’re actually both on the same page on this one. We’re just predisposed to argument with one another. Maybe we should not be.

            Happy Father’s Day! And thank you for your service to America.

            “In my many years I have come to a conclusion that one useless man is a shame, two is a law firm and three or more is a congress.” — John Adams

          • There’s nothing to thank, OMG; it was an honor to serve this country that (undoubtedly) we both love, though from differing perspectives.

            Cheer, Bro – and to John Adams, too.

          • Cranky, I’m not so sure that we are that much different. Once we get beyond the farce of the R vs. D false argument, I actually believe that the vast majority of Americans are live and let live libertarians (small “L” intended, not the party). There are some that are “progressive” and support the concepts of greater government control over people for “social goals”, but I think that’s less than 20%. Given the choice of freedom and liberty over government control, it’s only the smallest % of us that would choose the latter. That’s my thinking.

            Have a great day, Cranky!

            “Anger is an acid that can do more harm to the vessel in which it is stored than to anything on which it is poured.” ― Mark Twain

          • An open message to ObozoMustGo:

            Here’s the response I owe you (to your conciliatory post of several days ago which began with the sentence, “Cranky, I’m not so sure that we are that much different.”)

            Don’t get all happy and shiny on me, Bozo. The only thing you and I have in common is a voter registration card that identifies us as Republicans (I guess it’s reasonable to assume you’re a Republican). Apart from that, you and I agree on very little because, from my perspective, the Greedy Old Pricks and their propaganda arms (Fox News and the wingnut blogosphere), are destroying our party, fouling our politics, dividing our people and denigrating our democracy with hateful, vitriolic nonsense, most of which you seem to endorse.

            But I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m a Republican, because I understand that there’s a distinction to be made between Republicans, like myself, and Repugnicans, like you.

            Unlike your typical Repugnican, I believe that all men are truly created equal and deserve equal treatment under the law.

            Unlike your typical Repugnican, I believe that a woman is endowed by her creator with the inalienable right to choose what to do with her own body, without interference from any dumbass, redneck politician.

            Unlike your typical Repugnican, I believe that every human being should be accorded the right to marry whomever he or she chooses to love.

            Unlike your typical Repugnican, I understand that a true Christian is not someone who can speak the word of Jesus, but someone who can hear the word of Jesus. And if Repugnicans could hear the word, they’d be more generous toward our old, our young, our sick and our poor.

            And while I’m on that subject, unlike your typical Repugnican, I believe that religion has its places – in our churches and our mosques, our synagogues and our homes – but not in our civil institutions and certainly not in our governmental institutions.

            And unlike your typical Repugnican, I have respect for our president, despite his frailties, foibles and occasional error in judgement. And I recognize him as a great American, duly elected (and reelected) by a majority of our fellow Americans in accordance with our constitution. I might add that he’s also a man who is respected and admired around the world, unlike his Repugnican predecessor, Dubya.

            I served in the armed forces of this country under Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, and Bush 41, and I’m of the opinion that Barrack Obama makes a better CinC than any of those guys did. I’m an old warrior now, but if I was still ten foot tall and bulletproof, I’d be happy and proud to serve under our current president.

            I could go on and on about the differences between us, but I’ve gotta go paint my kitchen. I’ll see you in the funny papers, Squire.

  3. Yep and by the time the Congressional Conservatives make their 40th vote to repeal Obamacare and form another all male committee to study abortion and find one more
    non-scandal to investigate it will be down to a big fat zero.

  4. Well, this is something we can agree on. We have a CONgress that works only 2 days per week at an exorbitant amount of pay. Why aren’t they working 5-6 days a week like everybody else?

    • Yes but is this not better than the Congress spending our taxes. The economy is slinking upward so slowly due to the stalemate. Let us try and spend to 90% of GDP and see what happens ….we can always come back. What the hell !!.At least we will have everything and no more complaints or political wrangling. Let’s just do it Congress !!!!!!

    • What work are they doing there if not only seeing every individual as subordinates like what Ted Cruz is doing most of the times. I do not trust anyone, I do not trust any party(even his own party) ……..

  5. No surprises here. This is a direct result of the ever-increasing “income gap”. Those who have want Congress to figure out ways for them to have more. Those who want everything provided want Congress to figure ways to give them more. And the majority of us, putting in 120 hours a week between two workers and taking home the average US wage are sick of the special interests – regardless of which extreme demographic they represent. I want Congress to be fiscally responsible, ethically upstanding and concerned about the country as a whole, not just themselves and their benefactors. Dream on, I guess…

  6. O.K.,I admit that I only clicked on this article to read the comments.I sure didn’t need to read it in order to know that congress is crap.

  7. These congress people are really annoying. Before they were sent to Washington, they campaigned very hard and promised what they will do once they are there. Once they stepped in Washington, they forgot everything they promised to do, instead, you watch them jumping on fabricated scandals, which are not beneficial to people. They get paid by doing nothing and yet they expect people to vote for them again and get more pay by doing nothing. Folks, wake up and don’t let these people fool you again all way around.

    • Unfortunately, The congresses approval rating is horrible but to a large extent each and every voter still thinks their representative is a-one.

      • a-one!!! while they haven’t showed so far what they were elected for!!! What kind of voters are these ones???

  8. A friend suggested that anyone who wants to serve can qualify as competent via some kind of CIVICS examination and background check. Then we have a lottery. And you can serve in Congress for a term, to be determined. At first I thought it sounded preposterous–then I read about John Boehner and Dianne Feinstein’s “take.”

  9. Doubtless, the 10% who hold Congress in some measure of esteem comprise Congressional staffers, lobbyists, country-clubbers, homophobes, xenophobes, gun-nuts, Fox Noise devotees, and the criminally insane. And it goes without saying that a goodly percentage of those folks wear several of those hats.

    Unfortunately for the other 90% of us, the task of ridding ourselves of the rats on Capitol Hill (translation: Greedy Old Pricks) is akin to packing butter up a bobcat’s ass with a red-hot curling iron. We’re going to keep taking it in the shorts until the morons among us finally wake up, pull hard enough on both ears to extricate their heads from their asses, and begin to see Repugnicans in Congress generally (and Tea Partiers specifically) for the extreme shitbags they are – AND STOP VOTING FOR THE R’s ON THEIR BALLOTS!

  10. Small Businesses are trusted more than the police or religion…wow

    Not surprised, but WOW. I guess that tells a lot where we are going.

  11. Are people STILL paying attention to polls? The ‘Poll’ industry is a cash cow (for some).. In my world it has to do with nature and just like the weather, all you have to do is stick your head out a window and smell the political stench in the air..

  12. I wonder who those ten percent are who love the job that Congress is doing? “Oh man I love those guys.” “They’ve got my back for sure.” “I’d trust them with my life.” “Can’t tell you how much I admire them.” “Truth, justice, and the American way, plus effective legislating…that’s our congress I tell you.” Can someone find who these Americans are who feel that way, and interview them? I’d watch those interviews for sure.

    • C’mon Mahmood… Do you seriously think those leeches on Capitol Hill are going to enact legislation which limits their terms (or any of their powers, or any of their perks)? If you do, you’re dreaming, Son.

  13. It should come as no surprise that the American people are dissatisfied with the do-nothing Congress that afflicts us. Those leeches, basically the Republicans, are a disgrace. I don’t understand how the voters can stand them, much less repeatedly send them back to Congress. I clearly remember the front page headline in a London newspaper that appeared the day after Dubya was re-elected. it said “How can fifty million Americans be so stupid?” I really thought that Bush would be soundly defeated, given his record for lying, incompetence and stupidity.

    Hopefully, in the next election, the incumbent Republicans will be defeated and we can finally make some decent progress in getting ourselves out of the mess that the Republicans created. Maybe we’ll also regain some of the international respect that we lost by invading Iraq and Afghanistan.

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