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Monday, March 25, 2019
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6 responses to “Danziger: Kneel Jerk”

  1. dpaano says:

    This drawing says it all! Kneeling does NOT mean that someone is being disrespectful….it’s a sign of respect! People kneel in front of the Pope, they kneel in church in prayer, they kneel for MANY reasons that are NOT disrespectful! Unfortunately, our president and vice president can’t see the forest for the trees! But then again, they’re both morons!!

  2. Another expert depiction of Pence’s troubled state of mind.

  3. Thornton says:

    God forbid they play the National Anthem outside St. Patrick’s while a Mass is going on. HEHEEHEHHEHEEH>>>>AHAHAHAHAHAH. The stupidity going on in the coutry at present is ASTOUNDING.

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