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Friday, October 21, 2016

The president found his voice in the second debate, but he still needs to make a clearer case for the progress he’s made.

There has been entirely too much celebrating about President Obama’s debate performance on Tuesday. He did very well, without a doubt. He won hands down. He didn’t get into the ring cold, and he showed that he knew his stuff—and that Romney really didn’t.

But the economy remains the ace in the hole for Romney and Ryan. We haven’t nearly recovered in terms of jobs, and that’s a tough fact to slide by. The unemployment rate rose rapidly in Bush’s last term to around 8 percent, then peaked in 2009 at 10 percent and slowly came down to its current level. So we are only back to the start of the Obama term. No one ever won the presidency with a 7.8 percent unemployment rate. And we know, as Romney keeps reminding us, that median family income is awful and that poverty is up.

Everyone knows this, and yet Obama did not have a good enough explanation of how much progress has been made. He sounded defensive. So Obama needs a strong, non-defensive explanation of his achievements, and one way to put it is what would have happened had Romney won the presidency in 2008. You’d have a 10 percent unemployment rate with Romney as president. Poverty would be way up. He’d be blaming Social Security and Medicare for all his problems, and he’d find economists to claim he was right. They might already be cutting these programs forever “in order to save them.” It’s triage — throw the elderly out of the boat and let everyone else eat the rations. People would be poorer. They would get less health care. Those in poverty would have fewer benefits. Is that the kind of America you want?

Odds are that Romney, if he put the Romney/Ryan plan into effect, would create a bigger deficit, too. That’s actually what we need, but a deficit based on tax cuts will create few jobs. (EPI ran some numbers based on Mark Zandi’s multipliers.) And if Romney did close the many tax holes he promises to, recession is almost guaranteed even as your taxes rise.

This concept is tough to communicate in a credible way. It just sounds like economists bickering. But there is a record out there: George W. Bush’s. His central economic policy was tax cuts for the rich, and he produced the slowest job growth of any president since the Depression. Romney will do that again. Promise.

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  • nobsartist

    Actually, I think the poor recovery favors the President. People are not stupid enough to realize that congressional republiCONs are responsible and they will pay dearly for their treasonous activities this November.

    No amount of koch brothers money will be enough to conceal what they have foisted on America.

    One year from now, the kochs will no longer be able to appear in public and will have left to live on some deserted island where they will not have to worry about being bumped off.

    • latebloomingrandma

      Unfortunately, many people ARE that stupid, and they are convinced by the right wing TV and radio sites that are so popular that Romney will turn this country around. Once the oligarchs are firmly in place and continue their capture of most of the nation’s money, and thus power, we are doomed. Romnesia was the perfect name for this condition for those who want to go back tot the Bush disaster.

      • One of their dumbest political ads was the one encouranging voters to compare where we were four years ago and where we are today. I did, and I appreciate the thoughtful advice I got from the GOP. If I had any doubts about who to vote for (I didn’t have any) that did it for me. Four years ago I, like most Americans, were shocked, had lost hope for a better future for our children and grandchildren, and thought our way of life and the opportunities we enjoyed had come to an end. And then came a young man named Barack Obama whose intelligence, vision, calm demeanor and dedication not only helped us overcome the insurmountable obstacles we were facing, he corrected injustices that had afflicted millions of Americans for decades and promoted legislation to prevent a sequel to the disastrous Republican policies that crippled our country.
        Those who don’t remember where we were our years ago and don’t mind going back either suffer from a severe case of amnesia, are masochists, or are traitors determined to destroy our country.

        • neeceoooo

          The problem with that comment is that when you ask someone if they are better off now than they were 4 years ago, it is a very narrow mind that always says no. If we look at the overall picture, the country is better off now than it was 4 years ago. I always try to rephrase it ask if the country is better off now than it was 4 years ago and the answer will be Yes. Good luck on your surgery Mr. Dominick, I too, relish your posts and look forward to reading them. You are an inspiration and a positive force in this time of uncertainty to the American people and we look forward to your insight.

      • Late, I take the Smithsonian magazine. In 210, they did their ten-year survey on the intelligence of the United States People. It was lower. This year I looked up the percentages by state. The average for the country is less than 100. This shows you why people will fall for hate blogs. When our Democracy is destroyed be the party, that wants to destroy one party and take over the other one, they will be the blame.

    • I Really Believe They Think We Are Blind , Cripple And Crazy, That The Fact Is The GOP/Tea Party Is The Reason For The Slow Recovery!!! Only The Dumb , Stupid And Racist People Here In America Will Vote For A Lying Flip Flopping, Shape Shifter, Thug Like Romney Who Made His Living Gutting Out American Companies And Still Shipping American Jobs Overseas For A Living!!! The Man Is A Con Artist And A SOCIOPATH!!!

  • bcarreiro

    Want an economic recovery………………..reduce and cap the salaries of gov’t/state officials abroad for one year.

    • Ed

      Why just abroad. All governors and their cabinet heads should also be capped.

  • The reason the economy is a painful subject for President Obama is that most of the money is in the hands of the greedy assholes that caused the problem and have no interest whatsoever in EVER seeing it resolved.

  • Polls have been excellent predictors of the outcome of elections in years past, but recent changes and circumstances often beyond their control make their margin of error almost irrelevant. Most pollsters base their analysis on calls made to likely voters, none include cell phone users because of FEC rules, and they seldom call people who never voted before.
    Thousands of families throughout the USA have discontinued their home phone services and now use cell phones, and many use pay as you go systems. Excluding this part of the electorate from polling make the accuracy of the poll results we are seeing nothing more than an educated guess influenced by the way things were a decade or more ago. Add to that the fact that thousands of people who never voted before are already voting or planning to vote for because of a reason that was largely irrelevant a decade ago, and I think it is fair to say that the outcome of this election is up in the air.
    I voted on Friday using an Absentee Ballot because I am going to have major surgery 9 days from now. I could not believe the number of people who were doing the same. About half were African Americans, one of them was an elderly lady on a wheelchair who had to sign a paper authorizing her son to go with her to the voting booth. She was alert, but her mobility was severely impaired. I doubt she would have been there if it had not been for a reason so compelling that she made an effort to overcome her physical handicap to cast her vote. Needless to say, there are likely to be others in similar conditions who will do the same for the same reason but hoping to influence a different result.
    People on both sides of the political spectrum are fired up and are already voting. I expect the turn out to reach levels not seen in decades, and that fact is likely to make poll predictions an educated guess rather than an accurate projection based on facts.
    While many Americans ignore or dismiss the economic recovery that should be apparent to any person with an ability to think, many of us do and we enthusiastically support the man whose policies precluded the economic catastrophe we faced in 2007-08.

    • BDD1951

      I wish you well with your surgery, Dominick.

      • Thanks!

        • Hope your surgery goes well. I look forward to reading your daily gospels!!

          • Good thing he’s having the operation before Obama care kicks in.

    • Dianes4babies

      Dominick~I, too, voted absentee ballot last week. And I did it merely because of convenience and to avoid lines at the polls. I encourage others to do the same to avoid any kind of a hassel that might be waiting for them at the voting booths!
      Good luck with your surgery! I, too, just had surgery to fix a broken jaw!

      • Diane, just read in the paper today that a Execcutive of the Missisippi NAACP was senenced to 5 yrs in Federal prision for voting 10 times by absentee ballot. 10 to 1 they were cast for Obummer/ Bite me Biden.

        • And, of course, you believe everything you read, especially if it supports your beliefs.

          • I apologize. Your post did not deserve a smart ass remark. It lowers the level of the discussion. However, I respectfully disagree with you.

          • old_blu

            You don’t have to apologize to a liar, he’s a liar.

          • middleclasstaxpayer

            You must believe everything YOU read if you buy the (erroneous liberal) idea that Mitt Romney is not honest, trustworthy and has based his life on HELPING OTHERS.

          • There was nothing in my newspaper. I brought up several newspapers on the internet. Nothing in the larger newspapers. Several blogs are making big out of it. None of them, however, say which party she was voting for. It is assumed that because she was a member of the NAACP, that she voted Democrat. Even if she voted Democrat in Mississippi, it wouldn’t count. The reddest state and the state that takes more in welfare, would still be Republican. Also, the State of Mississippi is notorious for crimes against Black people, so it could be trumped up. If it is true, then she is a criminal and deserves her punishment as do those who threw away voter registrations.

          • If it was true the main stream media would be all over it, like they were when they went after ACORN.

          • Only Fox news went after ACORN.

          • Acually,the article was in a left wing paper the Louisville Courier Journal Oct 20.

        • joyscarbo

          Considering that Obama has never won in the red state of Mississippi, I’d say your comments are a HUGE RED HERRING!!!!
          In fact, I see a real common thread in the south…poverty and republican-dominated.
          Hmmmm…the new slogan for the republican party should read:

        • You Need To Quit Lying But That’s All Romney Do So It’s To be Expected!! 5 Time The GOP/Tea Party Has been Caught With Voter Fraud but Yet They Holler About Somebody Else Cheat We No Fools Cause We Know The First One Yell Thief Is The Thief!!! And Still Today Romney Is Shipping American Jobs Overseas To China !!! Blind Trust My Ass He Knows Where His Money Is Coming From It Dumb People Like You Takes Falling For His Bullshit!! Here A Clue Stop Kissing Koch Brothers Asses Cause They Are Not Going To Do A Damn Thing For You!!! Telling People Who To Vote For Or Else What Kind Of Shit Is That???

          • Morning, Fern. Blind trust? You got that one right. He has to do his tax returns so he knows where his money is coming from.

          • Hey FERNNY, Your boy Obummer just had another green company go belly up. A123 fileld for bankruptcy after getting a 250Million dollar government grant.That make #8, green companys that have closed after ripping off the tax payers for billions.Another company Testler Electric Car received millions and moved thier production to Finland, GM is investing a Billion $ in Mexico to build all their small engines and still owe the tax payers 40 billion $.These exampels are just the tip of the spear.Go Romney/Ryan.

        • Azaraith

          You know people are intelligent and have good arguments when they roll off the “Obummer” and “Bite me” comments. That’s the hallmark of an educated, rational mind.


          • I was only quoting your beloved Joe Biden. Is that not rational?

          • Azaraith

            You mistake me for a Obama/Biden fan. I simply dislike poor-quality discourse, regardless of who the poster is attacking. Rational arguments involve facts and logic, not puerile name calling.

          • Hey Azaraith, your a lot like Joe. He has a habit of repeating himself.I guess thats because he loves the sound of his own voice.

          • Azaraith

            I double-posted accidentally – must have hit “post” twice. Get a grip.

            Edit: I don’t even see a second post, what the hell are you talking about?

    • old_blu

      You are right again Dominick, I got rid of my land line along time ago, and I hate answering those survey’s anyway.

      I hope your surgery goes well my friend.

      • I had a kidney and a large malignant mass removed 3 years ago and beat the odds. I was diagnosed with colon cancer a week ago and plan to do the same again!
        Diane is right, absentee ballots and early voting is the way to go. There are no lines and you can do it at your leisure. One thing that I thought was odd is that there were no white women voters or Hispanics when I voted and when I returned with my wife. Only white men in their late 50s early 60s, and African Americans. I thought that was odd.

        • old_blu

          I kinda enjoy going when the growds go, it just seems right to me, but I am glad like you say that there is an option for the ones that need it.

          If anyone can spank that cancer you can, just pretend it is one of your adversaries on here, and you will do fine. LOL. Good Luck.

        • latebloomingrandma

          Best of luck to you, Dominick. All us fellow libs will anxiously await your return and your wise words. Try not to get too worked up on election day!

        • Landsende

          I also am voting early with an absentee ballot as I can’t stand for long periods of time due to back problems. My daughter and son and their friends have never had a landline phone preferring a cell phone because of cost, convenience and not having to deal with telemarketers. This is a large part of the population that the pollsters have not tapped and if they all vote it will make a difference in the outcome that is not taken into account by the polls.
          I know you will come through your surgery with flying colors because you have such a positive attitude and many people are praying for you and your family including me. God Bless.

        • Dol5

          That is odd. I am a white, 82 yr old woman. And when I have voted on an election day at the polls there are many older women (maybe not quite as old as me) voting. Also quite a few blacks, asians and latinos.

          • I know, that is why I made the observation. Maybe it was because I voted at 10:30 am, went back with my wife at noon and the ladies were either at work or taking care of their families. The first time there were two white guys and three African American women, the second time there were three white guys, three African American women and an African American man. As we were leaving 3 more African American women and an elderly African American man were entering the Supervisor of Elections office to vote.
            Hopefully women of all ethnicities vote this time because considering what some Republican candidates have been saying they have more to lose than men. BTW, I can’t believe Todd Akin is considered a viable senatorial candidate in Missouri. Amazing!

        • I went to the polls to vote early this week and the lines were around the building. I am a 71-year-old white woman who walks with a cane. There were a lot of white women there. I took my place at the end of the line and a nice man came up with a stack of absentee ballot forms. Would I like one? It’s not too late to have the Board of Elections send you one in time for the election. I took the form, sent it in that day and expect by Monday I will get my absentee ballot in the mail. From now on, absentee ballots are the way to go for me!


            did he ask you what party you are voting or first???? They only want to give them to the Dems and then tell you to come and vote in person also—-TWICE.

            They have several incidents on video.

      • I Got The Triple Play So The Id Of The Caller Come Up On The TV, Phone And Computer!! Out Of Area I’m Out Of Area, Unknown I’m Unknown You Get The Picture!! I Don’t Answer Calls That I Don’t Know!!

        • old_blu

          I understand I used to be the same way, I guess I’ll have to get a number that says old blu so will know to answer. LOL. Good mrning my friend.

          • LOL Good Morning My Friend!! :-)!!!

          • BREAKING NEWS !!! 3 Times GOP/Tea Party Got Caught Doing Voter Fraud This Time Eric Holder Bought Up Charges Against Romney Son Tagg, Who Is Heavily Invested In The Voting Machines!!! It’s Called Conflict Of Interest!!! More Low Down Dirty Tactics From The American Taliban!!! Lying , Cheating And Stealing Is The Only Way They Can Win!!!!

          • What about the incident, yesterday, where they found a bunch of registrations in the trash – All Democrat.

          • old_blu

            Hey! I have some great news also I see where the Salt Lake City Tribune is backing Obama, because of all the flip flopping going on with Romney, that’s has to be horrible not to have the Mormons behind you.



            Obama and his chief of staff Rahm Emanuel are lifetime members of the same GAY bath house in uptown Chicago, according to sources in Chicago’s gay community
            Jeremiah Wright, the pastor of Obama’s former church of 20 years, matchmaking service for gay —

            the matchmaking club was called the ‘Down Low Club’
            Donald Young, an openly gay man who reportedly had a SEXUAL RELATIONS with Obama.

            Two other gay members of the church were Larry Bland and Nate Spencer.
            Young and Bland were brutally MURDERED, execution style, in late 2007.
            Bland was murdered on November 17, 2007 and

            Young on December 24, 2007. The latter was killed by multiple gunshot wounds. Spencer reportedly died on December 26, 2007, official cause of death:

            The church’s choir director Donald Young was murdered on Christmas Eve, December 24, 2007, at the begining of the presidential campaign.

            Larry Sinclair, the gay man who claimed to have had two sexual encounters with Obama in Chicago in 1999, wrote a book,
            “Cocaine, Sex, Lies & Murder,” in which he states that Obama was linked to Young’s murder.
            Sinclair wrote that he was in contact with Young shortly before his murder and Young revealed his relationship with Obama.

            obama has everyone KILLED THAT REALLY KNOWS WHO HE IS!!!!!!!!!



          • fern, that uninformed dipstick is not worth your effort. I don’t even pay any attention to allllllll.

          • But It’s Fun!!! LOL

          • Okay, have fun, but they are so much more stupid than you are.


            HEEEEYY, maybe if get your strap on, on —you can back up to obama and he will give your FREEE FREEE FREEEE anything you want


          • Bitch I’m A Nurse I WORK WORK WORK STUPID BITCH!!!

          • Liberalism is a disease of the mind.Socialism aka liberalism is the Philosopy of failure,the creed of ignorance, the gosphel of envy,it’s inherent vertue is an equal sharing of misery. Winston Churchill. Now we know why O bummer removed his bust from the White House. PS. Hey FERNY, what’s up with the CAPS?

          • It’s You And All The Asswipes Like You Is The Disease That’s Destroying America With Your Hating And Racist Ass Thinking!!! SCREW YOU AND IF YOU GOT ANY FRIEND SCREW THEM TOO!!!!

          • Fern, back in the 80’s and 90’s, a study was made that said the earth was overcrowded and would not sustain people at the rate the population was growing. They suggested limiting the size of families. The intelligent people thought that might be true and limited the size of their families. The not intelligent kept on producing and I think that is why the average intelligent level has dropped to below 100. Some posters, on this board seem to back that up.

          • Hey James What Up With The Rich Man Ass Kissing???

          • old_blu

            You’re a liar.

            This is 100% false. The bust is still in the White House. In the Residence. Outside the Treaty Room.

          • itsezi

            You ain’t even ashamed…are you


            ashamed to tell the TRUTH the whole truth and nothing but the TRUTH!!!!!!

            NOT ONE BIT!!!!!!!!


    • I Also Wish You Well My Friend!!! Praying Everything Goes Just As You Plan!!! 🙂

    • Dominick – I think what the Republicans don’t realize is, those of us in that 47% that Romney doesn’t care about are intelligent and vote. I too have already voted because I became so tired of listening to Romney and his little Howdy Doodie talk I drove the 30 miles (RT) needed to place my vote. Now I watch HGTV, knowing that after Obama wins, I can add back watching the news, a few tv shows (the few that are worth it/HGTV and NCIS, David Letterman and Craig Ferguson), and feel confident that President Obama will do what he says, continue to work on getting this country back on track.

    • Nob, this was the neocons’ plan. It goes along with making the president a one-term president. There should be some shame by those who sent that ilk to congress.

    • Dominick, my heart is with you. Via Con Dios.

    • itsezi

      Dominick Vila, I have not yet read all of your post. But already I think you are a very smart person. You are totally right. Many people who will vote were 15, 16, 17, years old in 2008. Many DO use pay as yuou go cell phones (like me). I plan to vote. I believe many more African Americans and others will vote this time. All reasonable people feel that this election is a four way corner for America. It seems that the media is creating some kind of scary dream. But I guess you gotta sell the soap. My GOD…what has happened to America?

      • itsezi

        P.S., Dominick Vila GOD speed on your surgery

      • The Tea Party!!!

    • sigrid28

      DV: You two will be in our thoughts and prayers on October 29-30-31. After that, you better get posting again ASAP, or we’ll all be going into DV withdrawal on this comment thread!

      • Now that was funny! The Republicans that post on the National Memo will have to put up with me one more week 🙂

        • sigrid28

          After that, Fern and I will keep after them for you, as long as we can handle it: It’s like herding cats!

          • LOL You Got That Right But Not Cats, Roaches Come To Mind!!! LOL

          • sigrid28

            Poor Republicans. And we, too, with only our words for whips. They will be praying like the rest of us for you to return, Dominick Vila, when Fern and I finish with them.

    • BDC_57

      hope that everything turns out ok.

    • sigrid28

      DV: I hope you are saving your posts in a WORD file or whatever, so you can refer back to them, maybe even put together a book. If you produced hard copy of these posts from the last several months, you could see if they might be crafted into a book, including autobiographical detail, the account of “a concerned citizen living up to and beyond the 2012 election.” Autobiography is one part, posts on related topics could be the middle parts, your ideas about the future would be the obvious third part. If you don’t have time to do more than print out the posts and draft an autobiographical statement and conclusion, you could send them to an author/editor like me, willing to shape it up (pro bono) while you get fixed up in the hospital, so you could consider publishing early next year. To check my credentials, google Bonnie Birtwistle Honigsblum; OK to call at 563-513-0827. If you have a local contact with similar skills who could help you get this manuscript off the ground, then go for that. Just an idea.

      • I am flattered, but I did not save any of my posts and, to be honest with you, I am busy taking care of things and making sure everything is in order just in case. Thanks again for the offer and your kind words.

        • sigrid28

          Not to be a pest about this: your posts may all be available if you use Disqus, as I do. Just go to Google and search Disqus, then hit Dashboard next to your name: Dominick Vila, in the upper righthand corner. Disqus not only shows all of your posts, it tracks to whom you replied, re: which article, etc. If you go to the field “Profile” under your name, Disqus shows how many posts you have made to date and how many “likes” each received; in your case, the number must be astronomical. Your local computer geek (mine is my son) might be able to simply transfer these posts to a Word File on a CD or USB flash drive, which each can hold A LOT (I’m told this takes very little time if you know how to do it). If you find you have time for that, just mail me the CD or the flash drive (your resident Geek may even be able to e-mail me the text), and my son and I will do the rest. In your case, a publication is not out of reach, so let’s stop with the false modesty. Confusion about where the heck to find stuff on your own computer, that I can identify with. We have a thing here in Iowa called the Geek Squad that goes to your home from Best Buy. I hope you will take a moment to put this together. If so, you have my phone number in the other post.


        The Libs are FREAKS and the STUPID stuff they say!!!!!!!! Weirdos

    • middleclasstaxpayer

      Here’s the “economic recovery” you reference…40% of working-age citizens OUT OF WORK, 500,000 MORE WOMEN out of work now vs when Obama took office. Impossible for collecge grads & 18-25 year olds to find work. Add to this disaster, our foreign workers (diplomats, ambassadors, ect) are going unprotected even after they plead for more security. Our Libyaan consulate sacked by terrorists, yet Obama refuses to admit it for over two weeks, and goes on campaign trip the VERY NEXT DAY after Ambassador Stevens tortured & murdered. This shows where Obama’s focus is…on himself. And the “Jobs Council”…..Obama hasn’t met with them for over 7 months now?????????

      • Where were you in 2007-08 when we were on the verge of national bankruptcy? Where were you when we were losing 700,000 jobs a month, when our financial institutions were on the verge of collapse, when bankruptcies and foreclosures were the order of the day, and when the DJI was at 6,000 points? Insinuating that President Obama is responsible for the mess he inherited and the calamity that took 3.5 long years to overcome can only convince the ignorant, those suffering from amnesia, and people determined to vote against the man who saved the day for a reason that has no room in a country like ours.
        Our diplomats enjoy the same level of protection they had for decades. I remember going to consulates to have my passport renewed or for other reasons and the inly person present was the Consul or Vice-Consul. You could not even find a local cop in the vicinity. Embassies in capital cities and consulates in major cities are always at risk, especially in countries where there is civil unrest or where there are elements that oppose our interests and our values. When our Ambassador in Lybia visited the consulate in Benghazi two American security guards were with him (ex-Navy Seals). We could have doubled, tripled or quadrupled his security detail and that would not have done anything to prevent what happened when about 80 well trained and heavily armed terrorists decided to attack that consulate. Moreover, if there is a lesson to be learned from the acts of terrorism that have taken place in recent decades is that they can take place anywhere and at any time. Beefing up security in Lybia may or may not have reduced risk, but it would not have helped diplomats in countries from Morocco to Egypt, Yemen, or Indonesia. In a nutshell, we would have to deploy large contingents of security forces to all embassies and consulates to prevent what happened and that is not feasible. To make matters worse, even if we did that our businessmen and our interests would remain vulnerable to terrorist attacks. How far do you propose to go?
        People like you and I can pass judgment and voice opinions with little regard to repercussions, a President cannot do that. One of President Obama’s greatest attributes is his calm demeanor and his tendency to wait until all facts are known before reaching a conclusion, making a statement, and ordering retaliatory action. That is what a good president must do. Shooting from the hip, like Romney did, guarantees a sequel to the Iraq disaster.
        I have no idea how many times President Obama has met with the Job Council, but I hope he continues doing whatever he has been doing because I definitely like the creation of 4.5 million jobs in 2.5 years a lot better than the creation of 1.9 million jobs in 8 years.

        • middleclasstaxpayer

          In 2007-08 I was STILL paying my mortgage while milions of “homeowners” were about to DEFAULT on theirs. Why? Because well-meaning but ignorant liberals pushed thru the idea that”‘everyone” should be able to be a “homeowner” despite the fact that they had little or no downpayment. Something like Obamacare, also pushed thru by liberals, who this time didn’t even READ the legislation before passing it. In the earlier case (no down payment mortgages) the people too late discovered they were ill-equipped to pay, so walked away, causing the collapse we all experienced in 2007-8. Now your comment about Obama waiting to comment until ALL the facts are known… that like when his professor friend was arrested in New England and Obama IMMEDIATELY BLAMED THE POLICE??? Maybe you are referring to ANOTHER Obama???? Obama’s record is this: 500,000 MORE WOMEN out of work than when he took office….40% of work-age citizens unemployed….college grads & 18-25 year olds unable to find work. Pleas for more security in very dangerous parts of the world ignored. BUT, NO CAMPAIGN STOPS ever MISSED????



            DOING A GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


            There is NOT one good reason to Re-elect obama,
            you have already seen what he doesn’t do

        • When the DUMMYC/RATS took the Senate and Congress with a super majority in Jan 2007 the unemployment rate was 4.6 %. The housing bubble was caused when Bill Clinton repealed the Glass- Segeal Act in 1995 which allowed sub prime loans to unqualified buyers with no money down.Barney Frank and Charles Dodd were Responsable for Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac and the banking industry and lied about the stability of the housing market. Guess what? Instead of being charged with perjury and malfeasence,these Clowns are laughing all the way to the bank.

          • dtgraham

            By itself, Glass-Steagall had nothing to do with so-called unqualified buyers with no money down. It just limited commercial bank securities and affiliations between commercial banks and securities firms.

            There was a commission that was set up to study this and they tabled their report in January of 2011. They found that “the Community Reinvestment Act was not a significant factor in sub prime lending or the crisis.” Many sub prime lenders weren’t subject to the CRA and only 6% of sub prime proxy loans had any connection to the law. CRA regulated lenders were found to be half as likely to have defaults. It turned out that the extent of equity in the home was the key factor in foreclosure rather than type of loan, credit worthiness of the borrower, or ability to pay.

            Repeal of what was left of Glass-Steagall was one of the deregulatory contributing factors in the financial crisis for sure.



    • dotutz

      Dominick, I don’t know you but I like your letters! I’ll say a good Catholic prayer for your swift recovery. I too voted Absentee because I didn’t feel like standing in line and trying to get through 4 pages of ballot. Voted straight Dem and praying like crazy they all get in. I’m scared to death that the others will and then we’ll really be in a mess. The problem is we are being outspent, outsourced and outmanuevered by the Reps!!!!

      • You cannot be a Catholic if you support Abortion, one of the Dummycrats main tenets. You need to find a new religion.

        • old_blu

          Do you know what’s nice about freedom?

          If you don’t believe in abortion don’t have one.

          If you don’t believe in gay marriage don’t get one.

    • Dominick, you are either a 1% or your head is stuck in the sand.

      • 345_719

        better that being stuck up his butt like yours is.

    • I voted Friday and saw lines never before seen in a locality like this and, as hard as this may be to believe, there was not the animosity one would have seen twenty years ago. We have come a long way and, God willing, we will NOT slide back.


        let me guess—-what did these people look like?????

      • Did you get your free cell phone yet? I understand that food stamps are at an all time low on the black market because Obama has flooded the food stamp market. One trillion for welfare to pay people not to work. As Obummer said in 2008,ENOUGH. Time for real CHANGE. R&R.

    • Dol5

      Good Luck on your surgery! Glad you were able to take advantage of the absentee ballot in your state. I have done this a few times when I was going to be out of the country or when I also having surgery. Keep on writing.

  • Dee Scholz-Beyer

    The presidential campaign has been caught up in conflicts, promises and blame. Let’s put the Office of President in perspective:
    All Candidates for President make grand promises. A President in Office must face reality, hard choices and conflicting interests. President Obama has done this with thoughtfulness and wisdom in the face of tremendous obstacles. Mr. Romney makes promises that look to the past for inspiration and thinks he can lead the country as a CEO.
    Also, a President cannot make many decisions alone. Congress must take action to help the country. Remember the Republican Representatives during the last two years? Their stated goals were to never raise taxes on the rich and to get rid of Barack Obama – not what is best for the country. And now Mr. Romney complains about the promises not kept!
    The United States of America does not have a CEO. A President’s role is far greater. A President needs to be not only a leader, but a “servant” – one who cares for all the people. The President is also the face of the nation to the entire world. He (or perhaps she) may have the final say in matters of national concern, but he is not the “boss.”
    We need a President who looks to the future, not the past; who makes decisions based on information, not propaganda. Please reelect President Obama.

    • Canistercook

      To be effective a President must lead and unite the country. Obama is the Great Divider unfortunately!

      • Canister, it wasn’t the president who said, “Let’s make Obama a one-term president.” It was Mitch McConnell. And, the neocons have tried to do just that. They will not pass anything that will make Obama look good.

      • Obama bent over backwards trying to work with the republicans. They met him at every turn with the my way or the highway response. At times they would even oppose him when he agreed with what they wanted. Accusing him of being a divider is like accusing a martyr of being intolerant.


          obama bent over backwards for his GAY bath house friends!!!!

          Donald Young, an openly gay man who reportedly had a SEXUAL RELATIONS with Obama.

          Two other gay members of the church were Larry Bland and Nate Spencer.
          Young and Bland were brutally murdered, execution style, in late 2007. Bland was murdered on November 17, 2007 and Young on December 24, 2007. The latter was killed by multiple gunshot wounds. Spencer reportedly died on December 26, 2007, official cause of death:

          The church’s choir director Donald Young was murdered on Christmas Eve, December 24, 2007, at the begining of the presidential campaign.

          Larry Sinclair, the gay man who claimed to have had two sexual encounters with Obama in Chicago in 1999, wrote a book,

      • Calling the man that is trying to narrow the financial schism that exists in the USA between the super rich and the middle class a divider is one of the tools used by the elite to demonize those intent on challenging their sense of entitlement by advancing opportunities for the have nots. The party that is threatening civil unrest and even civil war if Obama is re-elected should not utter the word divisiveness.

        • Obama could care less about the middle class. If he has his way we will be just like Cuba. There is only one class,POOR, POOR AND POORER. Except for the ruling class[ Communist Party] everyone is equal. 26$ a month and all the rice and beans to meet their needs.Gotta love Socialism.

        • dtgraham

          Dominick, this is a political quote that says what you just did in slightly different words. It’s from 43 years ago and comes from a political leader who’s always been one of my all time favourites.

          “Every major reform that has added to the dignity of mankind has been brought about only after a major struggle against those who have something to gain by keeping conditions as they are.” “This will never change.”

  • I’d like to have some of the drugs Jeff Madrick is taking. Obama’s accomplishments have been easy to show
    1) 14% real unemployment
    2) $5+ TRILLION in new debt in 4 years. Obama called George Bush unpatriotic for $4 TRILLION in 8 years. Does this make Obama treasonous?
    3) millions more Americans in poverty
    4) 15 million more Americans on food stamps
    5) the first murdered ambassador since Carter
    6) A quaeda on the rise world wide.
    7) oil drilling permits cut by half on government owned land.
    8) gas prices more than doubled, Home heating oil prices doubled too
    9) 218 coal fired power plants either already closed or will be by Jan 2013 Hope the midwest has a mild winter. It’s going to be hard to stay warm when there is no elecricity and oil cost too much
    10) an economy slowing back into recession as 2012 has been slower than 2011, which was slower than 2010.
    PLease tell Obama to run on that record and the country will be so much better off. Only the stupid among us will vote for Obama again.
    Just as an aside. George Bush’s job growth record really reflects the fact that 4.5% unemployment is about as low as you can get and full empoyment means there isn’t any room left for job growth. This, of course, only lasted until Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and senator Barack Obama took over congress in 2007. So much for the real Bush record

    • old_blu

      @Todd– Here is another list you might like Obama’s accomplishments, and the list can get longer.

      1. Passed Health Care Reform:
      2. Passed the Stimulus:
      3. Passed Wall Street Reform:
      4. Ended the War in Iraq:
      5. Began Drawdown of War in Afghanistan: .
      6. Eliminated Osama bin laden:
      7. Turned Around U.S. Auto Industry:
      8. Recapitalized Banks:
      9. Repealed “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”:
      10. Toppled Moammar Gaddafi:

      • newspaper says this morning that the housing market is recovering and unemployment is dropping.


        ALLLLLLLLL LIBERAL JUNK!!!!!!!!!!!

        Don’t ask Don’t tell——Yeah if you want to be shot you can tell

        OF COURSE obama is for GAAAAAY everything:

        Obama and his chief of staff Rahm Emanuel are lifetime members of the same GAY bath house in uptown Chicago, according to sources in Chicago’s gay community
        Jeremiah Wright, the pastor of Obama’s former church of 20 years, matchmaking service for gay —the matchmaking club was called the ‘Down Low Club’
        Donald Young, an openly gay man who reportedly had a SEXUAL RELATIONS with Obama.
        Two other gay members of the church were Larry Bland and Nate Spencer.
        Young and Bland were brutally murdered, execution style, in late 2007. Bland was murdered on November 17, 2007 and Young on December 24, 2007. The latter was killed by multiple gunshot wounds. Spencer reportedly died on December 26, 2007, official cause of death:
        The church’s choir director Donald Young was murdered on Christmas Eve, December 24, 2007, at the begining of the presidential campaign.
        Larry Sinclair, the gay man who claimed to have had two sexual encounters with Obama in Chicago in 1999, wrote a book,
        “Cocaine, Sex, Lies & Murder,” in which he states that Obama was linked to Young’s murder.
        Sinclair wrote that he was in contact with Young shortly before his murder and Young revealed his relationship with Obama.

        obama had NOTHING to do with Bid Laden—REALLY!!!!!!!!!

        Find the FACTS out about Bin Laden—-

        It came from years of work, started before obama even announced he was running for office. He just happened to stumble in after all the work had been done, just in time to take credit for it.

        Bin laden never would have been found if Obama was President when Khalid SHak Muhammed was bing waterboarded.

        Bin Laden was caught after an extensive seven year hunt that started in the Bush administration.

        Give credit to the real people responsible for getting him, the intelligence services and the Navy Seals.
        The best Information is that obama deferred making a decision and that Leon Panetta made the call.

        obama wasn’t too happy about it at the time, but what could he do but try and take credit after the fact?

        Bin Laden was killed by the U.S. Navy SEALs after evading capture for nearly 10 years.

        HE WASN’T TO HAPPY ABOUT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        obama likes to act like that the nation’s two wars are ended while planning behind the scenes for a longer-term war against Al Qaeda terrorists, the man who pledged to bring America’s wars to an end has instead laid the basis for an endless battle.

        • itsezi

          “There you go again”


            with the FACTS—

            I know it’s terrible to hear the FACTS!!!!!!!!

          • itsezi

            I believe you are actually serious. So…good luck with that


      THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

    • I could check all your figures that blew out when you stood up. However figures from the National Labor Relations board show that unemployment was 9.3% in 2009.

  • atc333

    How is it that the GOP can take the very same policies which created this economic mess, then throw in 2 years of block and stall any Obama legislation to create jobs, add the fact that over the past 3 GOP Administration, beside the economic melt down, they added 10 trillion to the deficits, and created their own “Socialistic” redistribution of wealth to the top 2%, who now own 46% of everything, up from 8% in 1969, and yet somehow be able to attack Obama’s record, when they have nothing to offer, but more of the same failed GOP trickle down economics, more tax cuts for job creators, more deregulation, and more failed programs?

    Somehow, the message is not getting out. Talk to the American people as though they have intelligence, explain why we are int his mess, and how we can get out of it, Demonstrate the GOP’s redistribution of wealth over the past years, and how the Romney/Ryan plan is nothing but more of the same. Don’t skirt the issue, attack it.

    Our economic history does not lie, nor does Clinton’s successes. Prove it to the American Voters who need to understand what is really going on here, and how the GOP smoke and mirror machine will not restore America..

  • Melvin Chatman

    Dominick, God will take care of your Surgery – don’t sweat it – Praying for YOU!!
    It’s sad that HATE drives this Election – PERIOD!!!
    Took “W” 8 years to form this MESS, but the first Black President must undo it in 4 without help from Congress.
    We should demand a “REFUND” on their Salaries for doing nothing but making SURE that President Obama is a 1 term President!
    I wonder how much Tax Payer Money went towards THIS effort?
    Lets start with Master Mitch’s Check!!



      Why do you LIBS always bring in Racism!!!!! It NEVER Fails


      He was a good president and made us proud

      YES we would want him back in

      WHOOOOOOOO cares what COLOR he is!!!!!!!!!!!

      We want a GOOD Leader for our COUNTRY and someone to keep our
      Country safe!!

      • atc333

        He did, the GOP didn’t instead chosing winning at any cost to the nation and its people over recovery. Now Ryan has his Romney approved budget with an additonal 5 Trillion dollar deficit, and the Right Wing is all aboard, as suddenly deficits don’t matter, just so long as a Republican is creating them again!

        • itsezi

          It is not rocket science…if you want to balance the budget, a republican in the oval office is the last thing you want. They don’t respect borders let alone budgets.

      • itsezi

        I think you ain’t taking your medicine…

  • TheOldNorthChurch

    The economy is and was what this election is all about.

    The Obama record is dismal. He did not prevent a depression, there would not have been one. We were in a bad recession that ended in June 2009. What did not happen was a robust recovery. Here is his “Economic Record”.

    Employment Growth: 1.9 million (139.9 million average employed 2009 – 141.8 million average employed 2012)

    23 Million Unemployed or Underemployed

    $4500 Drop in Household Income

    GDP Growth: 2012 1.3% (2009 – -3.53%, 2010 – 3.02%, 2011 – 1.7%)

    $5.5 Trillion of New Debt

    100% Increase in Gas Prices

    Four more years of this? Your kidding run on his record!

    Now look at Foreign Policy – The wheels came off the bus or maybe it is just not “Optimal”.



      GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    • old_blu

      Hey! I think you have “Romnesia”. hahaha, maybe you could get a doctor to look at that , thanks to Obamacare.

      • TheOldNorthChurch

        Far better than Obamamania,

      • neeceoooo

        Good one, old-blu

      • Old Blu, loved it.

  • Ika Musume

    Off the subject. Wouldn’t it be much cheaper to have one Governor for the whole Nation, so imagine all the money the tax payers could save by having one Governor since we only have one President. He’s not perfect, but like they say you have to do with what you got for now until something better comes along and Romney is the ( better that will come along ).

    • Ika, because of the states’ autonomy, they have their own legislations. That is the way it is supposed to work. When they were trying to make the Constitution, some states wanted all states to function as small countries. The Federalists wanted a strong central government. I think some states violations of peoples’ rights warrants a strong central government. Without the Federal Government interventions they would still be lynching Black people in Mississippi and Alabama.

  • Canistercook

    Trouble is a ‘voice’ is all he has. Obama lacks leadership, knowledge and experience. I would not hire him to run my business if I had one!

    • atc333

      This is a typical response to the issues raised in my comment. No response, no reply as to why the past three GOP Administrations, along with Trickle Down economics , did not cause the massive redistributions of wealth, the Federal Deficts, the shrinkage of the Middle Class. Instead, we see some bogus: “lacks leadership, knowledge and experience” claim. Show us how Reagan, Bush I, and Bush II made the Middle and working classes better off. You can’t.

      The GOP, and apparently you totally ignore what Clinton and the Real GOP taught us. Instead, it has been block stall, delay, and of course avoid the solutions which worked, choosing instead “more of the same”, imposing the GOP version of “Socializm” and redistributing more and more weath to the non performing “job creators”.

      Romney has no solutions, Ryan will create a new recession, should his “Marvelous” Budget go into effect, should his public sector layoffs go into effect, and the private sector follows to compensate for less money in circulaiton.

      What we really see is the Romney who is busy dealing and coping with his case of “Romnitus”, as he madly attempting to shift to the middle, and back again, that no intelligent voter would vote for him. We have 47% Romney, “Moderate Romney”, “Severely Conservative Romeny”, “Concerned Romeny” “Corporate Raider Romney”, “Tax cuts for job creators” Romney, the list goes on and on, all demonstrating nothing more than a candidate who is attempting to be all things to all people, telling them whatever he thinks they want to hear, just to win.

      • Canistercook

        Sometimes one thinks its not worth responding.

        • atc333

          Or perhaps they simply have no answer to justify why we should try it just one more time.

        • neeceoooo

          Then don’t!

  • Great points. One problem which is no secret is that Obama has a hard time making concise arguements and explanations. They are always clear and lucid, but he has trouble staying within reasonable time parameters. One thing he has failed to do is simply state the date that his recession fighting policies and legislation were actually passed and put into effect. That should be the effective comparison baseline, not the first day he was in office. Also, the point needs to be made strongly and often that the debt and spending from Obamas first year are largely a result of Bush’s last budget bill. I’m still worried that he won’t be able to recover from that terrible first debate performance. That one was on the economy and the one he c

    • He also managed to get a stimulus package passed to put people to work. That costs money. He bailed out the automobile industry and brough manufacturing back to this country and that took money. As a note: the auto industry paid back their loan with interest. He also extended unemployment benefits for those who had used theirs up. He has a package on the table, right now, that will give a 20% tax break to those companies who bring manufacturing back to this country. The house refuses to vote on it. Talk about divisive.

  • Type your comment here.l

  • Jerpell

    Defending what record?

  • itsezi

    Mr. Obama, for me, will you ask Mr Romney if Bush, Chaney, Powell, and the rest were invited to the Republican Convention or if they simply declined to show up…either way, why

    • The GOP/Tea Party Thinks Out Of Sight Out Of Mind!!! Plus The Fact The Plan Is Bush Plan On Steroids!!! These People Don’t Give A Damn About America Nor The American People < Power Control And Money Is Their Agenda!!! Money Is Number One!!!

  • 2brenda2

    People with doubts about the president forget the disaster that took place during the 8 years of the Bush administration. When he took office, Obama was very clear that it would take more than 4 years to improve the failing economy. I think that he has done a good job and deserves a chance to continue to make the necessary changes. Anyone who believes that Romney can do better should try to remember what took place when Bush was in office and why it happened.

  • old_blu

    “The Salt Lake Tribune, the paper of record in Salt Lake City — which is also the city with the largest Mormon population in the country — has just gone and endorsed Barack Obama rather than fellow Mormon Mitt Romney. In an editorial, the paper praises and thanks Romney for his outstanding work in 2002, when the Olympics, organized by Romney, showed the world the city’s best. But the editors say it was Romney’s “shape shifting” during the nomination process, from courting the Tea Party to the GOP’s far-right contingent that made them wary of the candidate. The paper calls Obama’s leadership “decisive,” and says he has earned a second term, whereas Romney “does not deserve a first.”

    • neeceoooo

      Wow, so cool. I opened the Huffingtonpost this morning and the last debate now has the President leading. Whhoooopppee! My sister made a good comment about having Barack so far ahead that people get complacent and think that their vote won’t matter. It does matter, even though Barack is ahead in the polls. We all need to get out and vote regardless of what the polls say.

      • old_blu

        I don’t think we have to worry about anyone on here going to vote, but we do need to let others know to vote, your sister sounds like a smart lady.

        Good morning neece.

        • Neeceoo, and her sister,must come from an intelligent family. You show a lot of intelligence, also.

  • Yes, it is bleak and people wanted instant fix. I don’t know whether that would have happened if President Obama had cooperation in the house or not. Here are some real facts:
    1. The White House released some figures that were skewed and later corrected them.
    2. The debt has risen, under Obama, and it was raised 16%. The 40% is not true.
    3. Reason for higher debt is not as much revenue coming in. Why? Tax breaks.
    4. Initial debt was two wars that were not paid for. Tax cuts lowered revenue. Unemployment rose to 9.3% during Bush years.
    5. At the onset of the wars, George W. Bush raised the debt 86%. That was an additional 4.7 trillion dollars.
    6. Obama raised the debt 45%. That was an additional 4.73 trillion dollars.
    7. total percentage of GDP in 1950 was 122%.
    8. Total percentate of GDP in 2012 est 105.
    9. Workers, in China, making $1.00/hr do not pay taxes nor do they purchase American made goods.

    Source: Treasury Dept., bureau of public debt.

    • Correction: Number was 4.93 under George W. Bush.

  • Vote any way you can, this election is too important, we can’t take four more years of anti-business vote Romney-Ryan


  • I rest my case .i have been preaching this but getting yelled at from a lot ofcorner’s

  • dotutz

    I’m a 3 time cancer survivor, bladder, rectal and breast (that was just this year) and believe me all the Drs. say, its my positive attitude that gets me through, that and prayers! Again, I’ll say some prayers for you.

  • peteserb

    The article states that Bush had the slowest job growth rate since the depression. Do you liberals really beleive that B.S.? The CBO says Obama hasn’t had a job growth of one job!
    One trillion in stimulus spending! All wasted and no complaints from the demorats. It’s not only amazing, it’s totally unbeleivable that a grown person could beleive this. Of course the 47 million on food stamps will tolerate this just to get their monthly stipends.

    • itsezi

      Wanna know what really baffles me…it’s how people like you, who obviously is like me…not enough education or money (I can tell by the misspelling and lack of proof reading in your comment) can support the politics of these people who don’t give a d..n about you or me. And would not only take what you have but anything you might otherwise get. There was a time in history before that explains the situation. It had to do with Lords and servants. Watch the PBS series…”Upstairs Down Stairs”. Do you really want to go there?

      • curious11

        Watch Bret Baier’s report on Benghazi!


      NOBODY knows where allllll the TRILLION DOLLARS HAS GONE!!!!!!!!!

      WELLLLL, we do know some went to Kenya
      47-million on Food stamps
      Free phones
      Free Cars
      Free Houses
      Free Gas
      Free Daycare

  • William Deutschlander




    OBAMA/BIDEN, a Democrat Senate and a Democrat House for 2012 for CONTINUED ECONOMIC RECOVERY FOR 100% of our citizens!

    I LOVE OBAMACARE for 100% of our citizens!

  • It’s almost predictable that when a Republican takes office, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. They have never met a surplus they didn’t like. They see a regulation, they just want to deregulate it. That is and has always been their reputation. A Democrat takes office, he’s like Molly Maid, cleaning up the crap that Republicans leave behind. Every democrat who has taken office has inherited a deficit and has to straighten out an economic mess. One good thing can be said about them. No Republican has left a big pile of steaming crap like Bush/Cheney. Their thievery has left a shattered middle class, a collapsed economy, a devastated housing market, a cannabalistic banking system, a crushed auto industry, and a comatose free market where nothing worthwhile can be stamped “made in America”. With these came failures in education, healthcare, social programs and aide, like a dominoe effect. We don’t realize how close we came to a total depression. The only reason we haven’t heard anything from African Americans is we’ve been down so long, deprivation, disadvantage, and disparagement has created an immunity to it. That’s something nobody has been talking about. Now that measures put in place by the Obama/Biden administration has begun to work and are bearing fruit, President Obama is hoping that we see the proof in the pudding. He should know that Republicans/Tea Party are so delusioned to reality, wrong looks right, down looks up, and losing looks like winning. President Obama is a person who doesn’t believe in blowing his own horn, but he’s going to have to get used to it.

    • My monther-in-law used to say that and I laughed at her. After the Bush Administration, I started to think she might have been right.


      All I can say is get a job the Governments not going to take care of you

  • I am on fixed income and I have watched my income drop 4 years in a row. Before this Administation I always received a COLA. Romney/Ryan.

    • itsezi

      It is a law of nature that to change directions, you first gotta come to a stop. To stop, you first gotta slow down. Otherwise, you have a train wreck. Yes…unemployment did continue to increase during the first term. But a blind person can see that the direction has changed.

      • curious11

        LOL!… California is 10.4 statewide and 14.5 in the 6 county great central valley… and some rural towns here are 40pct… But I’m glad you’re doing well!

        • old_blu

          Really? You are going to use a state like California for an example for the whole country, I don’t care if you do have a medical card put the pipe down.

        • itsezi

          I feel your pain. I did not just now become aware of the conditions in Cali. I live in the south where under ideal economic conditions, black people are expected to appreciate $10 hr. My point is that no matter where you are, we simply must stay the course to avoid the republican agenda becoming the way of life for everybody. The phrase “trickle down” was coined in 1980. Need I say more. People are the planet’s most important resource. Those who put money ahead are…strange

        • neeceoooo

          You forgot to mention that the 10.4 is down from 12.4 in 2010 and the 12.4 is left over from your favorite president, GW Bush.

  • Lets give Pesident Obama a majority House and Senate this year and watch the economy roll.

    • curious11

      LOL! … Spoken like a true moron!

    • neeceoooo

      Wouldn’t that be great bill, we might actually get some work done in Washington. You know what I find interesting is that the republican party and all the followers think that compromise indicates weakness so therefore, nothing is ever done because their is no compromise. Compromise is the only way to get things done. Like the President did when he got everyone in the office around the round table to discuss healthcare. We know how far that got him.

  • 10%? Are you kidding? It would be closer to the 25% experienced during the Great Depression. There is no question that a continuation of the George W. Bush policies, which is what Romney advocates, would lead us into a worse situation than in 1929 because, in 1929, the US was not the economic leader of the world it is today, nor was it the political and diplomatic leader it is today. In 1929 Europe and the rest of the world were managing nicely without the US, even though our Depression did affect the rest of the world. America is today in economic stagnation, not because of the economic policies of Barack Obama, but because of the profound impact of the Bush era policies of deregulation, spending way beyond whatever revenue the government had coming in, and a republican party that thought the party would never end. Bush did not even declare that there was any problem, much less a recession, until only a few months before the election in 2008, although most reasonable economists agree it had begun more than a year earlier. The combined Bush stimulus (with no subsequent oversight) and Obama stimulus (most of which has been repaid, with interest) added $1.5T to the national debt. Obama and his party realized that what was needed was even greater government investment in immediate jobs (rehiring teachers and public servants and infrastructure investment), and asked for at least $350B more, a modest investment considering the situation. Howeveer, ratheer than consider the needs of working Americans, a republican Congressdid what they felt was necessary to limit Obama to one term. Partisanship at its worst, and stupidity at its crassest. Anybody out there who thinks that what we need is a return to Bushism is – well, just read between the fingers.

  • rayjenns

    “Despite a strong debate, Obama remains vulnerable on the economy.”????????? Of course he does! That’s because he spents too much time attacking Romney and not enough time and effort reminding people that relative to the global perspective he has kept us comparatively solvent. It also wouldn’t hurt if he made more of the past four years as they might have been under Mccain, Palin…

  • cora christian

    The President told us in 2008 that he would make things better but he also indicated that everything would not be where he wanted it. In addition, the Reps have fought him throughout his presidency. And despite this, he has taken us to a position he promised–one of hope not to a position that the Reps want to push which is improvement for all. Okay unemployment is not where he wanted it but why? He can explain it in a positive way. And for sure, the world is safer since he became president.

  • I’m so afraid for this election. Nobody is perfect, Obama included, but this country will be in trouble if Romney is elected. There will be plenty of deep cuts made for all of the citizens, especially affecting the 47%. Romney and Ryan don’t care about their cuts in order to pay off the deficit, they have plenty of money, great insurance plans, beautiful houses, etc. They have absolutely no idea and really don’t care. what it’s like to make ends meet.

  • To Dominick Vila, AMEN. To Dianes4babies, Smart. To James, Wake up. Only a person who is caught up in the lies of those that justify their prejudice want to believe the worst possible actions of those who do not agree with him. Perhaps, you were raised to think like that without searching for the truth on your own.

  • joyscarbo

    Got our ballots yesterday and plan to get it mailed out on Monday.


      Bread lines coming your Way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • AliceR51

    U repeat cause No one is listening .?Id say Obama is trying but hes only one man.Takes whole herd to get things done.

  • The fact of the slow recovery is obvious. Equally obvious is the resistance from Congress to do anything that would help matters. Contrary to all the talk about job creation, a President does not create jobs. It is the private sector that creates jobs. Businesses invest because they see an opportunity to provide goods/services and they move to corner market-share ahead of competing businesses. No real businessman ever decided against this kind of action because he could not get the kind of tax break he wanted. Taxes are paid on “profits” and on “salaries.” There are literally 1001 ways to shelter corporate earnings from taxation. A business can operate profitably for many years without ever declaring a profits from which to distribute a dividend. Instead, those undeclared profits can be plowed back into the business in order to expand capacity and productivity. Just ask Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, and any other smart businessman. Perhaps President Obama should have implemented a refurbishing of our bridges, highways, and rail systems… by Executive Order since Congress would not act. That would have opened up demand for a lot of workers. Interest rates have been at an all time low, offering cheap money. Apart from that, a President doesn’t hang a “Help Wanted” sign outside the White House. And since dozens of banks folded under the collapse of the financial system, there was no private sector money being loaned out. Only after a couple of years in office did banks begin refinancing on a very limited basis. Lack of financing has a direct bearing on a business ability to operate, and where there is no demand, there is no business opportunity. On the Piers Morgan show last night, hosted by Tony Robbins, Casino tycoon Steve Wynn scoffed at the suggestion that Romney would create 12 million jobs, and he is a Romney backer. Anyone can claim anything he wants, but all business functions from a business plan, and so far, Romney has not shown a plan to back-up his empty claims. Though I certainly am not starving, my plans have been affected by the stagnant economy over the past several years… but I am not going to react and get behind Romney. For one thing, I read the STAPLES book of how Tom Stemberg built a $1 billion company in 10 years. I don’t appreciate the lies Romney told about the role he played. He claimed to have have founded, built, and been solely responsible for STAPLES. The truth is, Romney was against STAPLES in the beginning. It was only after STAPLES became a going concern that he took another look at it and invested a few hundred thousand of one of Bain’s limited partners money. While a good liar may be able to flim-flam a lot of money out of people, I don’t want such a person for President. Better to stick with someone who has had some on-the-job training. Why risk giving it to a liar like Romney?

    • old_blu

      Well said Gilbert, I wish I could add to that, I think being a good business man is great, but I don’t think the country should be ran as a business, there must be compassion also, although some business men don’t walk over or step on other people to make money, Romney does.

    • Gilbert. Look up Ampad and Stage. You will find out which companies Bain destroyed to make Staples.


        Romney left Bain in February 1999!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        1999—-what have you done since 1999 to help our Country