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Monday, June 18, 2018

If you were still wondering whether Donald Trump lied when he tweeted an accusation against former President Obama for arranging to “tap” his phone in Trump Tower last year, FBI director James Comey settled that issue definitively today in testimony before the House Intelligence Committee.

So now we have a president whose credibility has been shredded publicly by the nation’s top law enforcement officer. He can tweet, his press secretary can spin (and lie), his trolls can fulminate…but Trump stands disgraced to a degree beyond any president since Nixon.

This is an historic moment. Just click.

7 Responses to #EndorseThis: FBI Director James Comey Destroys President’s Credibility In Public Testimony

  1. About time someone up there started telling the truth — although I still am not happy with the man for his dragging out Clinton’s so-called e-mails during the election.

  2. The fact that the Directors of the FBI and NSA confirmed that there is no evidence to justify the outrageous claim of wiretapping made by Trump against President Obama two weeks pretty much settles this part of the ongoing scandal. I’ll be very surprised if Trump apologizes. That is not what narcissists do. Perhaps the most damaging revelation involved confirmation that the FBI is investigating the involvement, of any, between Trump and members of his staff with the Russians during the hacking that took place, and the release of e-mails by Wikileaks to undermine Hillary Clinton’s credibility and chances to win the election. The fact that people with close business relationships with Russia, such as Manafort, Carter Page, Roger Stone, Mike Flynn, and a few others had important positions in the Trump campaign team, and were later appointed to staff positions, is disturbing and revealing. Regardless of whether or not the investigation finds evidence of collusion, the facts are that Trump brought this on himself, and that his credibility has been irreparably damaged. What remains to be seen is how badly this scandal will affect Republican members of Congress.

  3. The problem is not just Donald Trump. The bigger issue, is the people that worship him, and believe everything he says. No one in Washington seems to care, no matter how insane his rhetoric becomes. Every new day brings something more incredible than the next. This man is dangerous, no he is deadly.

  4. Angela Merkel is now the undisputed Leader of the Free World.
    She came. She saw. She found there is nothing to conquer.
    The United States is a failed state.

  5. So now he’s ‘officially’ a liar. Most of us aren’t so stupid as to think that he ever was a truth teller. None of his statements are ever supported with facts….only descriptors: ‘great’, ‘disaster’, ‘bad’, failure’, ‘awesome’, …… what an ass he is, and by that, I mean, he is full of himself, woefully ignorant of history, government, current events, protocol, statesmanship, how Congress works, courtesy and tact. I’m sure others can add more.

  6. Ok, great. We have determined, and stated officially, that the man is a liar. Does anyone really think that anything will be done about it? At this point, every GOP Senator and Representative needs to have their feet held closely to the fire. Dems and ordinary citizens in town hall meetings can protest all day long, but unless the GOP gets in line with what the majority of the country wants, absolutely nothing will be done about any of this. Drain the swamp, indeed…..

  7. FBI Director James Comey Destroys President’s Credibility In Public Testimony !! COMA COMEY had nothing to do with destroying DONNY DUMPS credibility the DUMPSTER dose that all himself . every time he opens his blow hole mouth ? nope he talks out his ass and that’s where his mouth and ass B/S flows from

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