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Friday, January 18, 2019

The 2012 Republican National Convention will go down as one of the greatest messes in American political history. Instead of the “bounce” candidates generally expect from a convention, the RNC actually hurt the GOP nominee in the polls.

Why? The answers are numerous.

The Clint Eastwood chair incident ended up making a mockery of GOP supporters. Making the entire convention an inside joke based on the president’s “You didn’t build that” comment didn’t help. Having a keynote speaker — Chris Christie (R-NJ) — who didn’t mention the party’s nominee until the 17th minute of his speech was also comic.

But it could have been worse.

Using the storm that canceled the first night of the convention as an excuse, Romney’s team rejected a video made by Donald Trump and his political advisors. Not only is the video predictable and trite, it’s insulting to voters and as convincing as the comments section on WorldNetDaily. Inexplicably, it places Trump — whose entire political presence hinged on his racist birther accusations — in a position of power over the president of the United States.

Worst of all, the RNC crowd would have loved it and exploded in glee as the birther fired the president, sending a message of exclusion and hostility to everyone in America who wasn’t in on the joke.

Trump’s advisors finally released the tape to on Saturday along with a string of vitriol against Christie, whom they seem to believe stole the limelight from Trump as Romney’s favorite during the campaign.

“You’ve never run a business,” Trump says to the actor playing the president. “Who hired you?”

The American people did — by a massive margin over another guy who, like Ronald Reagan, had never run a business.

Facts that never permeated the bubble of the Republican National Convention.

Screen Shot 2013-07-07 at 10.25.15 AM

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15 responses to “Firing Trump: Watch The One Smart Move Mitt Romney Made During The Republican Convention”

  1. John Pigg says:

    Yes, the GOP would have loved this video if it had been played. But there were other issues at the National Convention. Additionally the GOP’s treatment of the Ron Paul campaign bears notice too.

    • michaelross says:

      That was the OTHER thing the GOP did right. Ron Paul would have used any time given at the convention to plug his gold investments or home-school curriculum, and America at large would have seen his inclusion as nothing but a very desperate ploy to appease the Alex Jones wing of the country.

      • John Pigg says:

        Judging by your content I can see you have a low opinion of Dr. Paul. However, usually he received the most applause and recognition for his conservative non-interventionist foreign policy. Civil Liberties, War on Drugs, were the proposals that his supporters liked to hear.

        In the end his supporters were given absolutely nothing, and in the end few if any of this faction supported Mitt Romney.

        Ron Paul and Rand Paul are not the same creations, a lot of Dr. Paul’s platform was extremely needed in the dialogue of the GOP.

  2. Dominick Vila says:

    The Republican convention in Tampa was filled with faux pas, one of the worst was not mentioning our military and the sacrifices that they and their families have made, and continue to make. It will be a very long time before our troops and their families forget and forgive that slight.
    As for Trump, it is evident his latest hairdo is not doing much to fill the void between his ears. In any case, this is all going to be history by the end of next year, when the focus and the heavy artillery fire shifts to Hillary.

  3. JDavidS says:

    I’ll be damned…Finally a picture of Forrest Trump with his mouth shut. A rarity.
    And Mitt the Twit fired him…proving that even Mitt had some sense.

  4. disqus_ivSI3ByGmh says:

    Facts vs. Republican Mindset? Since when have the post-Reagan Republicans been concerned with facts when they have their sheeples convinced that their opinions ARE the facts.

  5. FT66 says:

    Good that Romney pushed aside Trump that he couldn’t speak at their Convention. What Trump prepared was totally pointless (I have watched his video). Trump with the inherited money doesn’t make him look intelligent. Whenever he opens his mouth, he has to mention all the time, China and the Oil. We do not need to hear from less educated people like Trump. We need to hear from intellectuals, who can reason, make a point and let people digest what they have said. Unfortunately, Trump doesn’t fall under this category.

  6. FrankInSFO says:

    Not to lend any credence to Trump’s comments, but if I recall correctly, had the Romney ticket won, its Vice President, the next in line to succeed the President, has never run a business before either.

    • JDavidS says:

      I doubt that Lyin’ Ryan could successfully run a church bingo.

      • FrankInSFO says:

        You give him way too much credit. I somehow suspect he couldn’t even spell the word, “Bingo”. Also, along Trump’s absurd comments, Bush ran several businesses — to the ground. Typical GOP hypocrisy.

        • Jim Myers says:

          You forgot to mention that the only business “W” didn’t run into the ground was his ball club. (I suspect that “Daddy” and his friends told him in no uncertain terms to keep his hands off the ball club. They had people who would run the club just fine, as long as they were left alone.)

          You also failed to mention that “W” managed to bankrupt the United States, all 50 of the individual States, and most of the world economy. That is quite a feat. Something no one ever thought anyone was capable of doing, without starting a World War.

          He did manage, however, to transfer Trillions of Dollars from the taxpayers to a few select Military-Industrial Complex Companies, while giving the Wealthiest families and Corporations massive tax relief, also known as WELFARE FOR THE WEALTHY.

          Much to be admired, if you are a member of the extreme Right Wing.

          • Michael Kollmorgen says:

            Seems to me the Republican Party and the Teabaggers are loaded with corrupted politicians.

            Tell ya, what they country should do, what they did in China just the other day, sentence a corrupt Railway Minister to death.

            Here is a guy, the head of the Transportation Agency, took a speculated 100 Million in bribes and sacrificed the public’s safety using the High Speed Rail Service. They’ll probably commute his death sentence to life in prison though. Good enough for me!

            Our country does them even better, we promote them and pay them better. We allow them to start wars, killing thousands of our troops to boot.

            Only solution, find them guilty of Treason and either execute them or send them to prison for life.

          • Sand_Cat says:

            You obviously missed the fact that something Barney Frank said in 2005 started the ball rolling, and then he and Ted Kennedy, Chris Dodd, and now Maxine Watters [ sic] – plus whoever else they decide to add – caused the whole thing.

  7. Landsende says:

    The Democrats could have come back with a video of President Obama replying “No, but I’ve also never declared bankruptcy four times and left my creditors holding the bag!”

  8. Allan Richardson says:

    Trump and Bain Capital have a common business model: buy a company with borrowed money, make it pay THEM huge fees for “consulting” and roll the dice. If it works, as with Staples, they leave a more profitable company behind; if not, as with several factories moved to China, they declare corporate bankruptcy and let the lenders of the money to buy the company eat the debts, while what they ALREADY PAID THEMSELVES out of corporate funds cannot be touched by the bankruptcy court.

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