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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Gingrich Attacks Will Help Romney And Hurt Obama

Newt Gingrich was so bitter after his Florida loss that he neither called Mitt Romney to concede nor congratulated him in his primary-night speech. Now he’s hell- bent on chasing Romney around the U.S. for the next seven months making his life miserable. Who does this help? I say Romney.

The competition doesn’t “prepare” Romney for the fall, as he said when declaring victory in Florida. But Gingrich’s presence in the race does have the perverse effect of making Romney seem more rational and centrist, which will help a lot in the general election.

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4 Responses to Gingrich Attacks Will Help Romney And Hurt Obama

  1. Jonathan Alter has written a highly amusing, and accurate, account of the shenanigans of the Republican prospects for the presidency. Although I confidently voted for Mr. Obama, I don’t know that I would do it again, but Jonathan’s depiction of Romney is tragically accurate, so I’m really left with a dilemma.

  2. There more he chases Romney around the more desperate and negative he will get. What he doesn’t realize is that he is allowing the president to take the high ground by doing Obama’s dirty work for him.

  3. As Mr. Alter has noted, Mr. Romney is flawed candidate, even for his own party. He’s a Mormon — which is dangerous for the country– a 1%, and out of touch. However, he’s more like the establishment Republicans (George I) and they like that. However, the tea-baggers have taken them by surprise and the establishment don’t know how to wrest control from them. What’s the establishment to do? Why, stand up a very flawed man — but one who agrees with you — and then pit a bunch of nut-jobs against him to make his flaws look tolerable. It is a tactic that is, unfortunately, working. Many people who would not support Mr. Romney are because the alternatives are much much worse (or so they appear).
    Like a previous poster, I supported Mr. Obama…support I won’t provide this time around. However, between a spineless liar and an out-of-touch, Mormon, One-percenter…the wimp looks like the choice. **sigh**

  4. … Obama should be re-elected… given our alternatives. Unfortunantly, as was the case in ’00, the Clinton “backlash” stung Gore, but it didn’t compare to the voter suppression efforts (in Missouri, Louisiana, Ohio, Georgia & oh yea, Florida, where nearly 180,000 legitimate, registered voters – 2/3’s of which were African-American, coincidently…), which has now been perfected to an art form, by Conservatives. Regrettably, Democrats can’t defend against this, w/out being accused of “partisan” voter manipulation! Meanwhile, Romney will hone his tone to the melodies of hysterical tea baggers & hope the faux outrage (racist as it may be) will be the stuff of campaigns from the day his nomination is set, til election day… Dems better get their act 2gether & FAST…

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