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Sunday, February 17, 2019

Some in the media have been hounding President Obama to do more to reach to Republican leaders, as if it were their job to compel a deficit-reducing “Grand Bargain” during a jobs crisis.

But they’ve failed to notice the key aspect of the story: Republican leaders in the House and Senate have refused to negotiate with President Obama at all unless he agrees to drop any demand for new revenues.

This telling detail comes in the seventh paragraph of a story in Tuesday’s New York Times detailing the president’s failed attempts to reach out to the GOP, including a secret invitation to watch the film Lincoln at the White House that was refused by all the Republicans invited:

What spurred Mr. Obama to reach out to rank-and-file Republicans with a flurry of phone calls, meals and now Capitol visits were the recent announcements by their leaders — Speaker John A. Boehner and Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky — that they will no longer negotiate with Mr. Obama on budget policy as long as he keeps demanding more tax revenues as the condition for Democrats’ support of reduced spending on Medicare and other entitlement programs.

So unless the President of the United States gives up on his key demand, the “balanced approach” to the deficit he campaigned and was elected upon, they won’t even negotiate.

The Center for American Progress’ Seth Hanlon points out, “Three-quarters of the $2.4 trillion in deficit reduction that had been enacted since 2011 has been in the form of spending cuts, and only one-quarter has come from increasing revenue.”

Hanlon also details $1 trillion in tax breaks for corporations, special interests and the rich that could be eliminated without raising tax rates on any Americans:


How many of these are Speaker Boehner and Senator McConnell willing to consider?

Not one. They want drastic cuts to Medicare and Social Security. And in exchange, they’re offering: Nothing.

And for some reason, this isn’t considered worthy of mention in the majority of the so-called “liberal” media.

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91 responses to “GOP Leaders Refuse To Negotiate With Obama Unless He Surrenders”

  1. David Turrentine says:

    This has been the Republican attitude since they took over Congress in 1994, under Newt Gingrich. Their attitude has become “Our way or the Highway”

  2. Tom_P says:

    To say such a thing would be liberally biased… and now we know what the whole point of THAT hobby horse was.

  3. clarenceswinney says:

    “A generation of GOP trickle-down economic thievery depth-charged the American economy
    and set the nation trembling on the edge of collapse, combined a decade ago with massive GOP-supported tax cuts and two brutally expensive GOP-supported wars that eviscerated the Clinton budget surplus. This was followed by five years of the GOP filibustering everything in order to thwart any genuine economic recovery, because they did not want the president to get the credit, and be damned to the people”. This is first paragraph of a terrific expose by William Rivers Pitt at Truth-Out.Org. Read two great pages

  4. idamag says:

    A multi-national corporation can deduct the cost of their jet plane and the working person cannot deduct the cost of running his automobile to work. That is something we need to get angry about. The farm subsidies were enacted, during Roosevelt’s term, to keep the family farms in business. Now, they are loopholes used by big business. 60 minutes had a show a few years back, where a big corporation bought up 800 acres of farm land in Texas. Theyput it in the land bank to draw money for not raising anything. Come on schmucks, get wise.

    • neeceoooo says:

      Very good point, it makes you want to just shake them and say “open your eyes”.

      • lana ward says:

        That sounds like me trying to get through to you “people”!!!

        • DurdyDawg says:

          Well, you fail miserably as you keep telling us something we know is NOT the truth. We find out about pub crap on our own, you condescend by telling us it’s OUR fault. You can’t win for losing.

    • Hillbilly says:

      Also remember tha Michelle Bachmann’s family is one of the biggest recievers of farm welfare and that she defends them getting welfare money from the government while trying to stop the small farmers from getting it

  5. elw says:

    Well, that chuzphah if I have ever heard it. I guess they have forgotten, again, that they lost the election. Asking a popular President, who won his last election with a solid majority of the popular vote, is about as hostile a deman as a loser can make. My message to the President, stay strong, you’ve given them every chance you could, they have declared war so fight back in every legal and moral way you can. I have got your back and so do the other 54 million Americans who voted for you.

    • browninghipower says:

      There’s only one last chance….2014. Do all that’s possible to get control of the House from the demented gop. Find a balance between fielding yellow dog conservative dems and progressive/liberal dems. Actually, fuck the yellow dogs; they’re toxic. Dems have to keep on the proper path with a winning message. We’re right and the teabaggers are wrong AND dangerous.

      • elw says:

        Not only are they wrong and dangerous, they are losing the war, they think they are in, at an excellerating rate. The last time I look they had an approval rate in the low teens.

    • Guest says:

      The Teapublicons fully believe, and with reason, that if they hold the line to satisfy their loony-toon base, and then bring the economy and government to a screeching halt, in 2014 they will SPIN the blame back onto Obama for not doing his job.

      I guess another view would be that they are just stupid AND evil. Of course, that is not exactly a surprise revelation.

  6. You *can’t* work with people that won’t work with you!

    The Republican Sell-outs *Do Not Serve* the interests of the American people.

  7. TZToronto says:

    Why is anyone surprised by this? First they refuse to cooperate in order to make him a one-term President. Now they refuse to negotiate to . . . what? Make the wealthy wealthier? The evidence shows that higher tax rates on the wealthy are good for everyone–including the wealthy. It’s the opposite of trickle-down economics, but the opposite actually works. No, it can’t be concern for the economy that’s at work here. What’s actually at work is an attempt to, after 80 years, dismantle FDR’s Social Security program and after 50 years dismantle The Great Society, forcing the poor and the middle class to grovel before their corporate rulers for crumbs of stale bread. It’s already working. Just look at what people are willing to do to find or keep jobs. People used to have jobs that would support a family; now even two people working is not enough to support a family. Wages have not kept pace with the low inflation rates of recent times, and workers fear for their jobs if they ask for a raise. Companies cut benefits at the same time they cut wages, and unions have been demonized–because, at the heart of it, they have fought and won decent working conditions and good wages for their members (and non-members as well). The unwillingness to negotiate with a Democratic President who acts more like an Eisenhower Republican is simply a manifestation of the class war being waged against those not already members of the corporate elite.

    • mah101 says:

      What is surprising is the way in which the media, in their efforts to be “fair and balanced” actually bury this fact. It is neither fair nor balanced when you try have to ignore information just so you don’t appear to favor one side or the other. Sometimes one side is wrong and the other is right – ignoring that is unfair.

  8. montanabill says:

    I guess @LOLGOP missed the tax increases imposed on the top earners. Those are also called ‘increased revenues’ by the government. In the meantime, exactly zero (0) real spending cuts have been offered. Reducing the rate of spending increases hardly count as a ‘cut’. Hard to fight a spending problem if you refuse to address spending.

    • browninghipower says:

      I guess you were in a cave in 11/12. You all LOST the election on ideas. And don’t go giving me the Fox answer about takers, etc. You lost. Your idiotic ideas lost. You are on the wrong side of the argument. Would you like me to try this approach phonetically? Please. Accept defeat and go away. Let the adults run things in this case.

      • montanabill says:

        Can you do it without my money?

        • browninghipower says:

          Sorry…but we’re all in this one together. I don’t like taxes or where some of them are spent anymore than you….but it’s my country, too. Thanks for the reply.

          • montanabill says:

            I’m afraid we not all in this together. Only about 50% are ‘in this together’. The rest, whether they like to admit it or not, are in it for themselves. They pay no income taxes and receive government largess. There is less than 5% of the population that truly deserves a helping hand. The rest make excuses.

          • countrybumpkin44 says:

            Who, in your opinion deserves a helping hand in our country?

          • montanabill says:

            Those who are born with deficiencies, have suffered debilitating accidents or illness, and those that have served our country in a branch of the services. I have no problem with people receiving unemployment comp, so long as the amount received does not eclipse the amount deposited. The gray areas, e.g. children born to people who shouldn’t have children, should be the province of private aid agencies who can better assess each situation rather than a government ‘fits all’ program that is a simple invitation to massive waste, fraud and abuse.

          • CooofNJ says:

            And how many of those 50% are retired people on SS who busted their ass their entire lives and are now “living off government largess”? How is that an excuse? My mom, who busted her ass working full time, sometimes 2 jobs, to raise 5 kids (dad died, so don’t pull any absent daddy bs), worked every single year of her life from 18 to 65. She retired at 65, her body broken from hard work. She is now one of those 50% you yammer about. She gets SS and two miniscule pensions (you don’t get pensions from things like waitressing). BTW, her kids, who all managed to do fine, mostly again through her and their hard work and an education, are all in the top 50% paying in. When oh when will this idiotic “50%” line please go away?!

          • thanks for injecting some sanity into this discussion

          • montanabill says:

            You are playing the apple to oranges card. She is not one of the 50% since she is retired and contributed to SS during her working years, even though she will most probably receive more from the system than the combined total of her and her employer’s contributions. The 45% consist of those of working age who are physically and mentally able to work, but are simply not seriously looking for work or claiming phoney disabilities. There about 5% who are not physically and mentally able to care for themselves. Those are the only people who should be getting more than very short term assistance.

          • tobyspeeks says:

            Your math is some of the fuzziest I’ve ever read. If 45% of our population is not working and simply collecting welfare of some sort, wouldn’t the unemployment rate reflect that with a percentage closer to 45%? You are too glued to your Fox News. Personally, I’ve been working for almost 30 years with about 10 more to go before I retire. I’ve never once collected unemployment, not a dime of any kind of government subsidy, can you say the same?

          • montanabill says:

            Again, apples to oranges. The 45% are collecting various benefits from the government while basically paying no income tax.

            I started working selling papers on the street at age 10. Overcome polio and cancer. I’ve had several careers. Worked my way through college and graduate school with no family help, no scholarships, no government loans. I’ve been fired, made obsolete, worked for fortune 100 companies, worked for small companies and now have several businesses of my own. I’m sort of retired. I do get SS, but still pay into SS. The checks are donated to wounded veteran charities. My Medicare contributions now exceed my SS checks. My income taxes are at the maximum percentage anyone pays and are well into 7 figures. The only deduction I get is the Standard Deduction. I pay a company share of SS, Medicare and UC for hundreds of employees. I pay for their and their families medical insurance. My businesses are S-corp and LLC’s, so I personally pay the taxes. I pay state taxes to multiple states.

            No, outside of SS, I have never received a single check or entitlement of any kind from any government, nor did I ask for or receive any allowances when I built my companies buildings as a place of employment for local citizens.

            I don’t expect everyone to make the effort and the sacrifices I’ve made over the years, but I do want everyone to have skin in the game so that when some politician starts yakking about ‘more revenue’, they know it will hit them too. Gets your attention about the insane spending and entitlements.

          • What makes you think you are different? I bet you had mortgages! what about driving on our roads? did you pay for your own R&D on anything? Did you build your own schools? What about growing your own food?. How many of your employees had to get food stamps, loans and medical care? Did you pay your own Doctors out of your pocket? Even if you had insurance ,you took government safety and monitoring at a cost. Did You Pay that? Did you pay for the individuals who protect this Country ?

            You are using the water, air (cleaner due to Government and people employed by Government ). You are sadly mistaken. We have to be paid also for our expertise, skills, time , applicability of specialized knowledge. Speaking for Nurses and the medical community who serve people like you.

          • montanabill says:

            At one point I did have mortgages. Do you really think you deserve a deduction on the interest you agreed to pay? Your post makes it sound like you think I didn’t pay taxes and it also sounds like you think people aren’t capable of taking care of themselves.

            When I was young, my family did grow our own food and I worked in the fields and orchards for other farmers because we needed the money. It was not a lot of fun, but I learned how to work which allowed me to get out of poverty, through middle class and to where I am today. I buy insurance. I pay taxes. If fact, I probably pay more in taxes in one year than you have earned total in your life. So who is paying for who?

            My employees are very well paid and I hire the best. I pay for their health insurance and it includes their families. It also includes dental. Up until some of my businesses got above 100 employees, I had a SEP account for them and each eligible employee (1 year service) got an amount equal to 15% of their salary deposited for them. Above 100, we were forced by the law to go to a 401K. It is still a good deal but not as good a deal as SEP for the employees, but they can thank government for that. They also get two to three weeks paid vacation, plus paid holidays.

            You have been fed so much Democrat slop that you have no idea how the real world works.

          • idamag says:

            If you really are as self-made as you claim then that is a plus. However, I know a “self-made” man who married into money. His father-in-law bankrolled his business. He had a great business head and is now one of the 2%. Would he have made it without his father-in-law and his wife’s business education? I don’t know. He is good at making sure he does not pay benefits for his employees whose sweat makes him rich.

          • montanabill says:

            The woman who became my wife was as poor as I was, 52 years ago. My people are the keys to a great business. Without people who are smart and share your vision of where you want the company to be, it is an uphill battle. The only people I have lost over the years are the ones who wanted their own chance at starting a business and those who simply were a drag on our progress. I applauded those who had the moxie to try it for themselves. The rest, actually a very small number, were simply going to be happier where performance was not a requirement.

          • Yappy2 says:

            Thanks for your post. It is refreshing.

          • idamag says:

            I think Montana Bill thinks money is better for the country than sweat.

          • ralphkr says:

            Yep,Montanabill, and one of those who pay little or no income tax and gets lots of government largess ran for President on the Republican platform and lost. In the US those who get the most government largess and pay the lowest percentage in taxes are the really big businesses and the wealthy. So, go ahead and say it, “The rest” who are in it for themselves are people like Koch, Romney, Ryan and companies such as GE, Boeing, BofA who are all intent upon making sure that the country is completely supported on the backs of what used to be the middle class and small businesses.

            The majority of those paying no Federal Income Tax are the retired on SS or VA disability or they are members of the hardest working class in the US. I know that I certainly worked much harder for much longer hours back when I was making less than $3,500 a year (140+ hours per week at 3 jobs) in the late 1950s than I do now (0 hours per week at no job). Of course, my income from investments has not yet recovered from 12 years of Republican presidents in the last 2 decades so I am above poverty but at the low end of middle class income (Baby Bush was able to push my investment earnings to below $85K and Obama has only slightly improved the economy so I am just above $90K in 2012).

          • montanabill says:

            Correction: to imply that Romney paid little or no income tax is totally inaccurate. He paid nearly $2 million in 2011. You may not like the percentage, but it was under the same rules that apply to every single one of us, and the amount was substantially more than all but the top 0.1% paid.

            If you don’t like GE, Boeing, BofA, the Koch industries, etc., then you are against the employers of millions of your fellow citizens. Again, you may not like the tax deductions they get, but in reality, they are not any more of a ‘tax break’ than the tax deductions you personally are allowed.

            A quick look at government income tax revenue breakdowns will show you that the middle class and small businesses are not the major supporters of the government. It is the top 10% income earners.

          • ralphkr says:

            Thank you, montanabill, for proving my point that those getting the most government largess are the uber-wealthy and the biggest businesses. The fact that Romney paid $2 million in taxes would be equivalent to me paying $200 and if I were to compare my taxes to GE I would only have to pay $2. When I was a sergeant I had to pay income tax on my $1,500 income and my father’s friend had to pay income tax on his $2 million income and we both had deductions that kept me from having to pay 20% of my income and kept him from having to pay 91% of his income BUT those deductions did not end up with me paying 10% and him paying 3% of his income. Today those with immense amounts of money have paid Congressmen to pass special deductions that pertain only to their particular business/income source so they have to pay little or no taxes in comparison to their income. That, my friend, is government largess on a massive scale.

            This BS that high taxes on the wealthy constricts the economy is completely refuted by the fact that when the top tax rate was 80% or even over 90% our economy was booming and jobs were going begging. Today, the top earners are raking in the money like never before and either stashing it or investing it overseas because their actual tax rate is so low there is no incentive to plow it back into their business. Conversely, if the Feds had not given the “Stimulus” money to big business (who stashed it) but to people our economy would be doing well now. Just think, if the government had doubled the unemployment checks and SS payments for just one year 99% of that money would have gone into our economy in the form of bills paid and purchases which would have triggered factories firing up to replenish supply lines.

            It isn’t that I don’t like Boeing, GE, etc. as such but I don’t like the fact that they succeeded in buying politicians and getting special breaks for themselves. In my book, that is just another form of welfare. I don’t know how you can possibly compare my tax breaks with those given to the uber-rich since those deductions that I have access to certainly do not reduce my taxes to under 3% such as GE. Yes, I do get a break on my investment income and I do get a deduction for being over 65 but all of my income, including my disability pension, is taxed (I don’t get SS or Medicare) and I can only recall 2 times out of the last 40 years when I itemized instead of taking the standard deduction and those times were triggered by over $90K for my wife’s medical bills.

            A study of Federal revenue breakdowns DOES show that the middle class and small businesses are paying a far greater amount (percentage) of their income to support the government than the top 20% are paying.

          • montanabill says:

            That works both ways. Since my income is mostly earned income, my tax rate winds up being as high as it can be. Just above 33% last year and it will be nearly 38% this year, and since there is no longer a top on Medicare, that contribution has gone out of sight. Since almost all of the deductions are subject to Adjusted Gross Income, the requirements are so high that the deduction cannot be claimed. That leaves only the Standard Deduction. I also pay income taxes to multiple states. By the time I add all of the taxes, I pay over 50% of my income to taxes, excluding the hundreds of hidden taxes. Next year, it will be close to 60%.

            The only way, in my opinion, that this mess can be straightened out is to create either a single level or dual level, at the most, flat rate. Either 17% for all or 10% and 18% levels. No one with an income under the poverty rate would pay. Everyone else would. No deductions. The rule must be that a tax increase for one is a tax increase for all.

            Your last point, while true, is not correct. It is a simple statement that fails to include the state of the economy at that time and fails to recognize ‘effective tax rates’, as well as a number of other factors.

          • ralphkr says:

            I am amazed that your tax accountant and/or lawyer never set it up so that you are an employee of your corporation being paid a modest stipend while getting the majority of your income from dividends paid by your company to the only shareholder (you) and thereby lowering your tax rate. That is the way my Dentist, Doctors, and lawyers have their corporations set up. Interesting aside: Both my Dentist and Doctors each have two corporations: One corporation has numerous shareholders and bought their office equipment and has modest dividends while the other owns the business and pays generous dividends to the sole shareholder (Medical Practitioner).

          • montanabill says:

            The majority of my income is from dividends. But my companies are either S-corps or LLC’s. That means that from my S-corps, the dividends are taxed as personal, earned income. My primary company was formed as a C-corp originally, but we found that the double taxation was more. Income from LLC’s, (essentially partnerships) is also taxed as personal earned income. I suspect it works the same way for the people you mentioned.

          • Sand_Cat says:

            I’m with you Bill: it’s all about the money!
            Since you object to paying to help those who – according to you – are in it for themselves, like those nasty veterans, and retirees who worked all their lives to retire, the disabled, and all those other “takers,”
            I’d like to exclude some takers from my tax bill, too. Maybe we can work out a deal: you pay for the guys I don’t like, and I’ll cover your share of the tax revenue that goes to your particular bugaboos. After all, as patriotic Americans, we have no obligation to anyone but ourselves, right?

            First, I don’t want to pay for your buddy W’s bailout of the banks who crashed the world economy so they could give bonuses to the people actually responsible. And I don’t see why I should have to pay trillions for the war he lied us into, or the one he bungled so badly that it’s pretty near hopeless while paying huge amounts in cash to bribe ruthless warlords to join our side. And I don’t like the fact that the “defense” department wasted at least a couple of billion dollars to build aircraft carriers named after two of my least-favorite politicians: Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush. And what about all that money for the CIA to “covertly” harass governments that have the effrontery to put their countries’ interests before the demands of the good old U.S.A. I think I’m due something back for the murder of Salvador Allende and the enslavement of his people, the murder of Sukarno and 400,000 or so of those alleged by the CIA to be his “supporters, ” not to mention all the money for the “contras” and other right-wing terrorists and murderers. And I don’t particularly want to pay for torture and illegal detention of people at gitmo and in “black” prisons all over the world. And what about those CIA analysts who provided the indisputable proof of Iraqi weapons of mass destruction? I don’t feel any responsibility to pay their salaries, benefits, and retirement. Or, for that matter, W’s, Cheney’s, those of Gonzalez and henchman, Secretaries Powell and Rice, any of the criminals pardoned by George Bush I so W could include them in his government, or any of the Republican Senators and Congressmen who rubber-stamped their decisions. And maybe at least a portion of those things for the spineless Democrats who went along.

            And then, there’s the REALLY big “takers”: the big oil, gas, coal, agribusiness, or – even more – the “defense” industries who take trillions of our money for things that don’t work, and don’t even pay taxes on it. Or Star Wars. Or how about the Roman Pedophile Association with its tax exemptions and tons of other subsidies, or Pat Haggarty, Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, and at least a hundred more like them? I’ll even throw in Jeremiah Wright just for you if you can find some Federal money he took. I want a rebate because my state pays to bus children to private indoctrination centers, also known as religious and other private schools. Bill, I don’t want to bore you and all the other people on this site, but I’m sure with a little time, I could think of enough items that the government would have to pay me money every year on April 15. But I guess that would make me a “taker.” Of course, I know you’ve NEVER made use of anything provided by the government, but not all of us can be perfect as you obviously are.

          • The 50% you allude to are the takers of people’s work, their earnings, their time , their ability to be free. You, montanabill, are seriously deluded and I am speaking from the perspective of one who spent over 50 years in the workforce taking care of many people who sound like you.

          • montanabill says:

            I’m afraid I don’t follow you. The 50% are the ones who work to improve themselves and are tax payers. If you are in the group that works, but doesn’t pay taxes, effectively, you are letting others pay for your national benefits. If you are capable of working, but don’t, you need a serious look in the mirror, and we need politicians who don’t think they have to provide for your well being.

        • MARK says:

          Yes! Take your fucking money and shove it up your lousy ass.

        • Hillbilly says:

          What money? You claim to own and run businesses all you want but that doesn’t make it so. The are so many tax loopholes that only benefit the rich if you do have money as you claim you probably use every loophole that you can to keep from paying any taxes.

          • ralphkr says:

            Of course, Hillbilly, he uses every loophole possible just as EVERY red blooded American does.There is a whole industry built up around finding every loophole available to everybody. It just happens that there are more, and better, loop holes available to the uber-rich than to the hoi-poloi because those with money can buy tax lawyers and politicians to write and pass laws benefiting them.

          • montanabill says:

            If you paid enough attention to know that I do own and run several businesses, then you should have also read that because they are S-corp and LLC’s, I personally pay their taxes on my individual return. You would have also learned that the only ‘loophole’ I am afforded by the tax code, is the Standard Deduction. Exactly the same one you get.

        • idamag says:

          I can get along very well without your money, but I would be sorely put to try and get along without my trash collector. You place way too much importance on your money.

          • montanabill says:

            It may seem that way to you since you haven’t been required to pony up more for the President’s insatiable desire to, basically, buy votes. One of the reasons I support a flat or two tiered tax structure is so that whenever one party or the other wants to raise taxes, it will affect every single taxpayer. That way, if it is money required to fight a war or more money is wanted for entitlements, everyone will have to decide if it is worth it. When the President uses ‘the wealthy are not paying their fair share’, it is easy for you to say, ‘heck yes’, when the reality is that the top 10% are already paying 70% of the income taxes, before that last tax increase. You might have to think about it if your tax bill was going to be raised instead of someone else’s.

    • lostintheswamp says:

      how many times does it have to be said that there have already been $1.4 trillion in budget cuts. you can check this out for yourself because i know you won’t believe me. the new proposal from the pres. offers a balance of cuts and revenue from closing loopholes.. do you really support a tax benefit for someone’s private jet? really?

      • montanabill says:

        You had better say it again, and you can keep right on saying it, but that won’t make it true. Those claimed ‘cuts’ came from spending that wasn’t going to done in the first place. I can tell you that I planned to spend a billion dollars tomorrow and then say I changed my mind. That does not equal a billion dollar cut! Your loophole is a deduction for mortgage interest or a deduction for large medical bills. I do not get those, so is it fair that I want your ‘loopholes’ closed?

    • GOP will give more wars. They love war and are creating one right now in this country. You should not have any law that is not applicable to the writers of that law. Government should not be in people’ beds, houses, panties or individual personal decisions unless they harm the body politic. WE THE PEOPLE do not need the perpetrators to “own our bodies” which seems to be republican governance. The Republicans with intelligence, intelligence , commitment to the people are not valued by the current GOP. I’m glad they are not in control, only God .

    • Yappy2 says:

      Those so called tax increases were the stupid Bush tax ( you know where he started an unfunded war and drove our economy into a deep ditch) cuts that were supposed to expire sometime ago and the expiration of the 2% Social Security payroll taxes that were given to help spur the economy.

      • montanabill says:

        Reality: They were tax increases. If the sauce was good for the gander, it should have been good for the goose. You should have had your taxes raised to previous levels as well.

        All the 2% cut in SS deposits accomplished was to hasten the insolvency of SS.

        They certainly didn’t spur the economy.

  9. The circus is in full gear the ring master from kentucky is in control. All the clowns are in the ring an are singing the same song of DENIAL Then the other tune turns out to be My way or the HIghway . No deal unless you Mr President kotow to our wishes, no revenue, Mitch just send a message to Reagan and ask him about revenue he will chide you from his grave. You GOP’s adore the rich afraid to touch their money bag as you all get your pockets full of donations from them . The poor and middle class has to bear the burden yet the corporations, the big oil barons the off shore bankers get away without contributing a dime in tax returns

  10. That does it. This is WAR and We the People must fight back. Although Obama won the election by almost 3,000,000 votes and the electoral college by over 300 votes, the Republican party has still not changed it’s tune and will continue to block what is best for all Americans. We therefore must do the following: #1) by gerrymandering the GOP managed to win the House of Representatrives again. We must therefore start a Petition in Each and Every State, to have a Non-Partisan Board established in every state to review how each state is re-districted, and make objective and fair corrections. Both parties have been guilty of gerry-mandering their state districts, and this is exactly how the Republican Party won the House in 2010 and again in 2012. #2) We must Petition in each state to limit the terms of all in Congress to a maximum of eight years as we do with the Office of the President. #3).We must include the ability to Recall anyone holding office, city, county, state, or federal, should those in office make decisions contrary to the will of the majority. #4) Our Votes do Count as proven during the last elections, so keep voting and encourage others to vote.
    #5) Last but not least, Petition your Congressmen & women to pass legislation overthrowing the Supreme Court’s faulty Citizens’ United decision and insist on Public Financing for all elections, with a limitation of $5,000.- per candidate and party. We must prevent Big Business, Chamber of Commerce, SuperPACs, Unions, etc from pouring millions into the election process to buy Our Government.
    As for McConnel and Boehner, it is time to do to both what Barry Goldwater said the people should do to Jerry Falwell, that being: “Give both of them a good, hard, swift KICK in their BUTTS.

    • sigrid28 says:

      Yes to all of the above. While this process is set in motion, we have to let the president know that he cannot trade away Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, much less Obamacare, for the pittance these selfish, stingy Republicans are offering. We need a balanced budget as much as we need a hole in the head, as my grandmother’s generation was fond of saying. Home loans and car loans–debt–are part of a family budget just as a deficit is part of the national economy. Republicans look the other way when businesses and banks run not on balanced budgets but on carefully monitored systems of collateral expansion and loans, production and retrenchment, seasonal sales and savings to shore up the works for a rainy day. The president and his economic advisers know this chapter and verse and should stop the pretense of trying to work with obstructionists who really don’t want to balance the budget anyway. Their idea is to privatize the social safety net, bringing greater wealth to insurers and finally bringing the majority to their knees, so the 2% can have and take anything they want.

    • Hillbilly says:

      In order to get term limits there has to a Constitutional amendment for members of Congress and there should be a Constitutional amendment of term limits for Supreme justices also. I lke your ideas.

      • Yes we would need a Constitutional Amendment, and the best way to force that issue will be at each State level, Once the 2/3rds majority of the States come on line, Congress will have to make the Amendment. If we leave it up to the Congress to voluntarily start the process, hell will freeze over before they do. Let’s face it, they like and want to hold on to their cushy jobs and the perks that go with them. They get elected for 8 years only – to do the Peoples’ business, and not Big Oil, Big Pharma, etc., and if they fail to play the game the Peoples’ Way – then the RECALL action is implemented. It was and is the Common People, as Ben Franklin fondly called them, who fought and won the Revolution, and every single war since then, and it was the Common People who plowed the land, worked in the mines, the factories, the railroads, etc who built Our Country, and not those such as the Koch Brothers who inherited and later invested their millions/billions. We all know that “money makes money.” Paul Ryan, who told nothing but LIES during his speech at the Republican National Convention, confirmed by Fact Check and even FOX News, was right about “Makers & Takers” – but wrong about who the real “Takers” are. Teddy Roosevelt knew who they were, and back in 1901, when he took on Big Business and closed 40 monopolies, called them “Traitors to the People.” I wonder if they know what the penalty is for Treason.

    • Yappy2 says:

      Right On!

  11. JDavidS says:

    Some one needs to remind assholes like Boehner, McConnell and Ryan that they LOST the election, This would translate into “The vast majority of Americans don’t want the bullshit you’re trying to peddle.” Now, bugger off.

  12. David Turrentine says:

    Perhaps Mitch McConnell and John Boehner need to watch David Attenbourough’s A Bridge Too Far. While the British, outnumbered, out gunned and out cleassed at Srnhem demanded a German surrender, in their final withdrawal they lost over 8,000 soldiers.

  13. Ed says:

    The middle class better get ANGRY about something. The Repubs are trying to destroy America as we know it. They hate democrCY AND THEY HATE WORKING PEOPLE.

  14. stuart21 says:

    Hold your breath Barry.

    It’s called 2014 –

  15. lana ward says:

    Obama FINALLY has to crawl to the Republicans!!! They have learned, you can’t believe a word he says!! He’ll say “he tried” just to make them look uncooperative as he always does! He’s using them as he uses anyone to get what he wants. VERY deceptive monster he is

    • Hillbilly says:

      Mr lana ward go crawl back into yourRepublican infested cave. The President will not be crawling to the Republicans or anyone else, it will be the other way around. So take it your racist hate filled body back to your cave and shut up. Every time you post anything it shows how stupid and racist and hate filled you are .

      • idamag says:

        She was a fine one to talk about her money going to moochers, above, wasn’t she? She stayed on welfare and we, the taxpayers paid to raise her kids. She had to get off welfare when the reforms came.

  16. Poiks says:

    The GOP’s logic here is transparent: If they give up the tax loopholes now, they can’t use them later in exchange for lower marginal income tax rates.

  17. Mountanabill,

    I fully understand your point of view, however you are absolutely wrong on two points. Number 1 – where did you get the figure of 45% from. I ask because it is totally inaccurate.

    Number 2 – The Rich, and I include firms like Ford, GE, Microsoft, & people like Mitt Romney pay at most 13.9% on their so-called Capital Gains, while the average American does not have any investments he can write off as Capital Gains. If I, living in Germany win a German Lotterie, I am taxed by the US Government at 39.6% as regular income, since according to IRS regulations all American citizens, including those living abroad, must report their total income for tax purposes. Tell me, who made the exceptions for those who can write off Income by calling it Capital Gains, or allow GE, Ford, etc, not to pay taxes on money they earn overseas. The truth is, the Rich & Big Money, using their lobbyists induced members of Congress to write these into law. Congress went along, because they in-turn get large sums of money called Campaign Funds, rightly known as BRIBES.

    • montanabill says:

      That figure may be inaccurate. I simply am guessing that the actual number of people who are legitimately unable to work or care for themselves because of circumstances beyond their control is 5%. If you can come up with a better number and a source for it, great.

      First, I pay at the maximum rate. This year the top rate will be 39.6%. However, no one, including me, will pay 39.6% simply because the rates are graduated. The money the majority of companies earn is taxed twice. If a profit is declared, that money will be taxed at the corporation’s effective rate. If the after tax profit is distributed as dividends, it will be taxed again at the receiver’s personal tax rate. The reality is, that corporations will adjust their prices to compensate for any taxes they might have to pay. That means you and I pay their taxes.

      Capital gains is a different animal. If you buy your house at $100,000 and sell it for $200,000, you will pay capital gains on the additional $100,000.

      However, I agree with you that it is time to get favors and penalties out of the tax system. That can be done with a flat tax. A simple 17% on everyone with earned income over the poverty level, or a 10% level for those above the poverty level and 18% for those that make more than twice the national average. No deductions and the provision that if a tax is raised on one level, it is also raised on the other level. Consider how much government and lobbying that would reduce. It would also eliminate class demonization. The figures out for 2010 show that the top 10% earners pay 70% of the income taxes, yet they are demonized for ‘not paying their fair share’. They also don’t come anywhere close to earning 70% of the income.

  18. Pamby50 says:

    One trillion dollars. Those tax elimantions don’t affect 98% of us.Time to copy that chart & send it to every republican in the senate & house.

  19. mothermay1 says:

    McConnell is an embarrassment to Kentucky and so is Rand Paul. Can’t wait to defeat both.

  20. I spent 21 years in the Navy Seabees and part of my service was in vietnam and if I remember WHEN YOU WIN A BATTLE YOU DON’T THEN SURRENDER !!!! thats not how it works .

  21. jnsgraphic says:

    The GOP is only interested in reducing the deficit benefiting no one but the rich. Getting more money from the middle-class and seniors who rely on Social Security and asking them to pay higher premiums for their healthcare costs is not the answer. ‘Greedy Corporate America’ receives over $200 billion in tax subsidies, wasted money that could protect Medicare, create jobs and cut the deficit. Despite combined pre-tax profits of billions of dollars, some of the most profitable companies have paid no federal income tax in at least one of the last three years. Tax reform needs to come from Congress that put these tax codes in place… until the GOP is voted OUT in 2014 they will continue to support the rich and their pro-corporate agenda over the publics best interests.

  22. Charles___Darwin says:

    Good. Obama isn’t smart enough to get things done without Rahm helping him. It’ll be fun watch Obama fail in his second term, with a lot of the country circling the drain with him. This country needs to be taught a lesson.

  23. Barry Roope says:

    After reaching out to Republicans for years, only to pull back a bloody stub, the President would do much better by doing a daily briefing on the lies and actions of the Republicans in the House of Reps. Most Americans know so little about the process of Government, that whenever something negative happens in government, they blame the President, instead of the lawmakers who control all spending and legislation that occurs in government. They keep saying Obama’s reckless spending, when in fact, the Congress controls the spending of every penny. Same with the Affordable care Act, the Senate voted and passed it, the House of Reps voted and passed it, the President signed it into law, only after it was passed by Congress. The Supreme Court ruled it Constitutional, so Americans need to understand that the President cannot make laws and programs because he feels like it, the Congress is the only ones that can enact laws and spending taxpayers money. The Republicans have done a great job of lying to low information voters, to blame President Obama for their failures, and when you have a News network(FOX) to package up all the lies that Republicans say, the public stays ignorant. The President needs to counter this by having a daily briefing explaining how the House of Reps, led by John Boehner has stopped any and all progress on Job creation, he needs to make it perfectly clear to the most hard headed Teabot, that Republican obstructionism is to blame for our current state of affairs. The Republicans have decided to make Americans pay dearly for re-electing the President. The House of Reps. have not passed a single jobs bill, although they campaigned on this single issue, remember, JOBS, JOBS, JOBS was their slogan, they have tried to repeal The Affordable care Act 38 times, knowing it would never pass the Senate, and would never be signed into law by the President, but not one jobs bill have they passed, and they have been given many chances to pass jobs legislation, they don’t want to, because we Americans need punishment for re-electing President Obama. Voters need to purge the Senate and House of Reps of all Republicans, this is the only way America will be able to get back on track to a recovering economy.

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