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Saturday, April 29, 2017

The Internet responded with overwhelming outrage after news broke that a wealthy Minnesota dentist, Walter Palmer, DDS, traveled halfway around the world to kill Cecil, Zimbabwe’s famous and beloved lion. But Ted Nugent does not share the Internet’s concern, or its capacity to be so easily duped, calling the entire media storm a trumped-up lie.

“[T]he whole story is a lie,” Nugent wrote on Facebook. “It was a wild lion from a ‘park’ where hunting is legal & ESSENTIAL beyond the park borders. [A]ll animals reproduce every year & would run out of room/food to live w/o hunting. I will write a full piece on this joke asap. God are people stupid[.]”


One of his Facebook fans suggested that, while he had “mad respect” for hunters like Nugent, Palmer’s “kind of hunting is pure bulls**t. Pure trophy, no sustenance of any kind and no respect for that animal.”

Nugent responded that killing lions is the “right thing to do unless of course you are clueless & inexperienced.”

The ’70s rocker has a habit of departing from reality any time his beloved guns come into the picture in a negative way. He has glibly described any tragedies that arise from guns to be part of the government’s “Big Lie” (caps his), part of a duplicitous campaign to regulate and control guns. He once, without a shred of irony, asserted that “Guns don’t kill children,” and he believes that people should be allowed to carry guns literally everywhere.

As for the legality of Cecil’s death, reports indicate that Palmer’s actions were highly questionable at best, given that the good doctor paid his guides $50,000 to lure Cecil out of a protected preserve and attempt to remove the GPS collar researchers had fitted him with. Cecil was injured with a crossbow, tracked for 40 hours, and finally shot dead with one of those harmless little toys Nugent’s always going on about (i.e. guns).

Via Media Matters

Photo: Mike Licht via Flickr

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16 Responses to Gun Advocate Ted Nugent: The Whole Cecil The Lion Story Is A ‘Lie’

  1. This is why so many Texas men sound so bizarre. First, booze, broads and bars is all they know. That’s their “culture” and it’s “who they are.” Ted Nugent is like a bottom feeder of the Texas bar brawlers. He can’t put a sentence together the least educated human would understand.

    So, when Texan male brains are soaked in booze for nearly their entire lives, how can we expect them to know facts or truth? Most alkies live in fantasyland and make up stories as they go. After all, the whole reason they are alkies is because they need a crutch to avoid dealing with reality.

    • Eleanore–
      There you go again. Spouting off about something you don’t know about. Ted Nugent isn’t from Texas. He is from Michigan. I told you that you need to keep that ‘envy’ under control. Oh, by the way, I AM a Texan!

      • I know you are Texan..You are a blowhard, big mouth and swagger and drawl like all dipshit Texan men with no brains do.

        The point is not where Nugent is from…but that he is just like you…a Texas big mouth who has nothing other than greedy selfish, self-important BS to spout.

        And don’t tell me about Texans, I have relatives in West Texas..You know? Like where that Agri explosion occurred?

        By the way, how is it Texas managed to hide 3 Texas City oil explosions and disasters? You Texans sure do love to pollute. You just don’t like to pay for what you do. Sorry, but you and Nugent are both nut jobs.

        He had zero talent..only his big mouth….”Boop a doop Boop a Doop …Wango Tango.” And this is the words of a great musician? Yeah right…only in Texas where the radios and Gilly -style 2-stepping drunks play ZZ Top all day every day. Get a life. Then post.

        • Eleanore —
          The subject is Ted Nugent. You however, seem to want to disparage the State of Texas and the men who reside there. So, what state do you call home? By the way, have a blessed day.

          • The subject is not just Ted Nugent when you divert it. Do you male long horns EVER take responsibility for what you say and do?

            First of all, When Texas pays to my state as much as my state hands Texas every year of my federal tax dollars, then you get to bitch. Till then, Big Rich Texas That Whole Other Country is getting $1.72 for every dollar you pay in federal taxes. This doesn’t begin to count the $15 billion TX got for big oil subsidies it doesn’t need, nor the nice tens of billions for border protection that are used for everything but border patrol. Not to worry, when Pena went on and on in 2011 about how Texans have to hire illegals…he put his size 12 cowboy boot in his mouth and proved that “Riddle’s Law” had a massive loophole that allows you drawling, swaggering cowboys to break federal law..It’s easy to be Big Rich Texas, That Whole Other Country when every dime comes from federal taxpayers. Try again hot shot.

          • Eleanore–
            Thank you for your reply. You are the one who wants to talk about the great state of Texas. I agree, it is a pretty good subject to talk about. In addition to having the distinction of being its own country at one time, the state is responsible for quite a large portion of the oil and gas which is produced in the United States. I don’t have the exact percentage at this time. What is your source for saying that Texas receives $1.72 for each dollar paid in federal taxes? Could it be that a portion of the monies received are going to the ever swelling ranks of illegal aliens that we now support thanks to Obomo? Frankly, your rant does go to show, “Everything’s better in Texas!”. Have a blessed day!

  2. “God are people stupid” – T Nugent. The truest statement Nugent has ever made and he is the living proof of the statement.

  3. just look at the picture, if anyone thinks he is anything other than completely insane, they are as nuts as he is!

  4. Kill the alpha male in a pride of lions, and the next younger alpha male will take his place, with the first order of business being to kill the former’s young dependent offspring — in this case reported to be more than a dozen cubs — to protect the new alpha’s DNA line. The dentist started a chain of events that will end in the death of many members of the pride, in contradiction of Nugent’s “necessary thinning the heard” line of argument.

  5. Yeah. This from that wild-eyed insane draft-dodging pants shitter that swore if Obama received a 2nd term, he (nugent) would be either dead or in jail. …………………….. We’re waiting.

    • Couldn’t agree more with you. I was in the SDS at college and also was a member of the National Mobilization Committee to End the Vietnam War. Yet when my country drafted me I willingly served for two years in the Marine Corps as I felt I had a duty to serve my country when asked. I despise Ted Nugent and all he stands for.

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