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Thursday, October 27, 2016
  • 13observer

    I don’t think he is the devil however, he is more than likely a co-conspirator in a “cover up”.

    • DurdyDawg

      If it succeeds their hailed as heroes, if they fail their losers.. Coverups resonates around the truth.. We have no idea whether they win or lose, only what they ‘leak’ to us.

  • Makes you wonder if the HOUSE hasn’t got something a little more important to do with their time. HOUSE cleaning in November 2012.

  • eyupgnxl

    I am surprised that Mexico hasn’t said much about this. Thousands of gun purposely injected into their country and hundreds of their citizens dead.

  • 13observer

    Mexico doesn’t say much about anything in keeping with a “low profile”. Why would you? They are exporting their poverty to the U.S. and then receiving money from those working illegally in the U.S……life is gooooood!

  • Devil??? It is amazing how ill-informed the average American citizen is aobut how their government works, and how easily such a person can be deceived. Gun-running has been part of what we Americans have been doing all along. Anyone not remember the support given to anti-Castro operatives, i.e., guns, drug-dealing, assassinations, etc.? Funding of rebels in the Belgian Congo and the assassination of Patrice Lumumba? What about the Iran-Contra Scandal, with Oliver North, Poindexter, et al? Remember that? There is an interesting book, for the benefit of those who read: “The Under-Ground Empire, Where Crime And Governments Embrace,” by James Mills, 1986. It might help those who are diverted by the issue of the day, i.e., “Fast & Furious,” to read this book, if only to get an inkling of how little the average American citizen actually knows about their government and how it operates. This is much, much bigger than Eric Holder. He is insignificant when measured against the overall program in force over the past 50 to 60 years. All the righteous indignation over Fast & Furious, in the face of far greater crimes, evidences just how sound asleep the average American is, making him/her easier to control and manipulate. Who benefits by selling guns to the cartels? Eric Holder??? Really??? Anyone who believes that is totally ignorant of the ways of capitalism… the American way. The interests of the military-industrial community must be served. How can those interests be served if no guns are being sold??? Do you think they really care how many Mexicans are killed? As for the poor fellow, the ATF agent who was killed trying to do his job… They chalk his death up to “collateral damage.”

  • Ken

    During Bush II everything he did was hidden behind national security, even his so called military record.

    • What happen to transparency? It sure sounded good in 2008, now its a bumper sticker I wasted money on.