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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

If you happen to be in Alabama today, crack open a cold one for Jefferson Davis, President of the Confederate States of America, whose legacy of leading the short-lived nation devoted to keeping people in bondage is still celebrated in the Heart of Dixie on the first Monday of every June.

In fact, according to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, several Southern states officially celebrate the Confederacy in some way.

Mississippi celebrates Confederate Memorial Day on the last Monday of April, Alabama on the fourth Monday of April, and Georgia on April 26. North and South Carolina observe it on May 10, Louisiana on June 3 and Tennessee calls that date Confederate Decoration Day. Texas celebrates Confederate Heroes Day January 19 and Virginia calls the last Monday in May Confederate Memorial Day.

This isn’t entirely surprising given the long, pernicious practice of the South whitewashing its own legacy, reframing the Confederate rebellion as a matter of state sovereignty, and not, you know, enslavement of human beings.

Davis’ veep, Alexander Stephens, was pretty unequivocal on that point, saying that the new nation was “founded […] upon the great truth, that the negro is not equal to the white man; that slavery — subordination to the superior race — is his natural and normal condition.” 

Or as Gawker‘s Adam Weinstein puts it:

It’s a peculiar holiday, given that […] Jefferson Davis was the head of a f*cking racist tyrannical state whose f*cking reason for f*cking existing was its f*cking insistence on the treatment of enslaved human beings as f*cking chattel to enrich f*cking people like Jefferson Davis.

Cheers, Alabama.

Photo: J. Stephen Conn via Flickr

Via Gawker


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29 responses to “Happy Jefferson Davis Day!”

  1. dtgraham says:

    “It’s a peculiar holiday, given that […] Jefferson Davis was the head of a f*cking racist tyrannical state whose f*cking reason for f*cking existing was its f*cking insistence on the treatment of enslaved human beings as f*cking chattel to enrich f*cking people like Jefferson Davis.”

    So, ok other than that?

  2. Eleanore Whitaker says:

    Why does it surprise anyone that the same region of the country that wants to “take their country BACK” is the same culture that lives in the Past? Everything about the south and midwest is either dead or about to die for the honor and glory of the Stars and Bars.

    To most of the Stars and Bars supporters, they won the Civil War. Killing off 490,000 poor white farm boys to keep rich plantation owners rights to buy and own free slave labor remains an integral part of their culture. It went from free black slave labor to poor white sharecroppers to Walmartians of today who are barely paid living wages and have to supplement Walmart incomes with welfare. This, from the Walton family who owned 11 plantations with over 100 slaves all working for free.

    Something for nothing…that’s the basis of the Stars and Bars states to this day. They killed off 490,000 and then forced their victors to rebuild and recreate their decimated south. How is that really any different than these red states today?

    The only industries they ever create are wholly subsidized by taxpayers in other states.

    • whodatbob says:

      Eleanore, your premise does not have a solid foundation. 1. You as most Northeastern Elitist attribute a stereotypical mindset to all white Southerners. Bigotry exist in the south as it does in the the entire Nation. 2. It is a reach to include the Midwest (Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio and Wisconsin). Get real! Missouri is not included because it is a mix of Southern and Midwestern thinking and Sam Walton was born, raised and educated in Missouri.

      America is culturally diverse, only north easterners believe their culture should be imposed on the entire nation. Diversity is what makes us strong!

      • Eleanore Whitaker says:

        Sorry…you are wrong. No one up north flies the Stars and Bars in public for fear of being viewed as a redneck dipshit. No. 2..most of the lynchings, hangings and bombings of blacks occured in the south and the midwest…not up north. Try again.

        The most notorious 1930s racist crime in the midwest occurred when 3 black men were accused of looking across the street at a white woman who claimed she was “violated.” 2 of them were hung in a public IN town and the 3rd was released after the little magnolia admitted she lied.

        Sam Walton owned 11 plantations with 100 workers. Don’t bother to deny what is in their own ancestral bio.

        America is under the control of a handful of bossy BS artist males who love to swagger, drawl and throw their authority around like Mutton Chops Czars.

        No one up north flies a flag for intimidation purposes. And we don’t send our military off to do battle with fellow Americans do the Waltons can keep their right to own and buy slaves…that would be Missouri’s Walton clan.

        • whodatbob says:

          So all the bigoted northerners do not fly the Stars and Bars because they fear their neighbors. Who are the real bigots? Those who fly the flag or those who would step on the Constitution to prevent a form of free speech. I say those who would take another freedom away.

          Sam Walton, a despicable person, was no worst then any of the big money Easterners, most of whom were not descendents of slave owners, who stepped on the backs of poor workers. He as they was anti-union.

          Many in the north fly Tea Party flags. If those do not pot fear in your heart nothing will.

          • Eleanore Whitaker says:

            Americans do not fly a flag they know represents rich plantation owners who wanted to preserve their states rights to buy and own free slave labor. You are an idiot of the first and top most class. The Constitution is based on your responsibilities that are part of any freedom. Is it responsible to show your asshat ignernce and fly a flag you know is nothing more than a show of BS southern arrogance? Is it responsible when you bully boys of DogPatch fly that ragass flag just to show your white superiority to those you want to intimidate?

            Sam Walton was a plantation owner whose family enriched themselves off FREE slave labor. Not much has changed with their billionaire Walmart business.

            No one up north flies any Tea Party flags. The ONLY flag we EVER fly is the one most of our grandfathers, fathers, brothers and sons died for…Old Glory.

            Do tell me what the hell glory there EVER was in a bunch of low life southern farm boys fighting to keep a rich man’s right to free slave labor? You are a moron.

          • whodatbob says:

            Did not know you were a tea bagger! I’ve seen them all over along the east see shore. They are as despicable as the the Stars and Bars, maybe more so. Perhaps, you are so bigoted you only see boggy men in the south and unable to see the Yankee boggy men.

          • Eleanore Whitaker says:

            I am a progressive populist like most sane, rational Americans. The Tea Party is funded by Charles and David Koch who founded it and the Americans for Prosperity. These are frat boys who needed a fraternity so they could dole out frat initiations under the guise of mind control and indoctrination. It’s why the Tea Party lunatics all sound like a bunch of freaks of nature.

            You bet I am bigoted when it comes to having to work harder, longer and for less when a bunch of DogPatch southerners and midwesterns can’t get their butts out of bed until noon and work a grand total of 6 months a year and lay off on unemployment, welfare and SSDI my taxes pay for.

            I want BANG for my tax bucks. Most sane people don’t pay for things they don’t get. Sorry..but that’s not what Bachmannistan, Walker, Issa, Gowdy, Cotton, or the rest of the little Twerpie Generation slugs of the south and midwest want. They want easy, lush and they want it paid for by the rest of us. Sorry…But in this life you get what you worked for.

          • whodatbob says:

            “I am a progressive populist like most sane, rational Americans.” That is one of the most illogical, closed minded statements I have read in a long time. Makes it impossible to take any thing you post serious.

            Are you insinuating only people who think like you sane rational Americans? Or, are you delusional?

            About time you admit to being a bigot. Why are you not predigest against lazy scumbags in the north and west as well as those in the south and mid west. You are aware it was “liberal, socialist” Democrats who enacted welfare policies. It is Tea Baggers who claim welfare recipient “…can’t get their butts out of bed until noon and work a grand total of 6
            months a year and lay off on unemployment, welfare and SSDI my taxes pay
            for”, your words.
            You may claim to be a progressive populist. However, your post say northeast elitist Tea Bagger.

            May God guid you back to sanity.

          • Eleanore Whitaker says:

            First let me remind you I do not care what you post. When you act like a Confederate…should I place one shred of credibility in YOUR posts? Most southerners live off blue state taxes as every GAO report would prove to you if you can handle the truth that is.

            The top 10 states who receive the most in welfare, phony SSDI and live off revenue in tax subsidies they don’t pay nearly as much as people up north do, are ALL red states. Go ahead fool deny it. But, that just makes you a bald faced liar, Doesn’t it?

            You have no sanity when you support a bunch of yahoo rabble rousers who spend more of their time on computers trolling like you do than they do in gainful employment…But who expects more from your Walmartians?

          • whodatbob says:

            If you did not care you would not respond. Guess you are lying again.

            I have never denied the fact that Feds give more to some states then is collected from those states. In progressive populist terms that is call redistribution of wealth. As a progressive populist you should be over joyed with this program. The Tea Baggers hate redistribution of wealth unless it takes from the poor and middle class.

            I believe the welfare system is broken. Every effort must be made to remove cheaters from the rolls.

            Sure do like “Walmartians”, I need to start using it.

          • Eleanore Whitaker says:

            I don’t care about you and your delusional ideas of Masculine supremacy. I DO care about my country and the direction some all too misguided, corrupt, devious men are taking it.

            Most women don’t care about the limp noodles out there with dipshit brains who don’t even try to help themselves and expect their lives to be “easy” while they spew forth mindless misery on others. We do care what happens when these limp noodles act like czars and begin to believe only THEY know what is best for the rest of us. NO they and YOU don’t.

            But, do keep up the Gender wars and see how far that will get you and the rest of bullies out there. Women old and young are seeing what you guys are up to and we are fed up with it. Time to grow up and act your ages, not your penis sizes.

          • whodatbob says:

            “Most women don’t care about the limp noodles out there with dipshit brains.” Most men do not care about those men either nor do we care about woman who’s dipshit brains are between their lags.

            “I am a progressive populist like most sane, rational Americans.” Wow! You sound like all other “…limp noodles act like czars and begin to believe only THEY know what is best for the rest of us.” You are correct neither you nor the other dipshits know what is best for the rest of us. Get off your high horse stop telling the rest of us we should think and act like you. Enjoy the diversity.

          • Eleanore Whitaker says:

            It’s no longer a Man’s world and you cons can’t stand that. You are so used to getting all the goods and throwing women in the US the scraps that now that women are becoming more predominantly involved in business and politics, you good ole good ole Mutton Chops are all fighting the change you never thought women would force.

            I intend to stay on MY high horse. It keeps men like you at ground level where you belong. As for telling the “rest of us what to do,” really? Since when? Since you men decided you have to always make sure you have the last word? Always get caviar while you throw leftovers at women? Always think only you you you know what’s best for women? Think again honcho…the world is changing and you’d best change with it or you can wallow in DogPatch with the rest of the Mutton Chops like you.

          • Art Bagnall says:


            Did you mean predisposed?

            Hahaha. You’re stupid and you go online to prove it.

            I’m surprised you spelled God correctly, moron, but you DID misspell “guide”.

          • whodatbob says:

            Best you can do is is find typos. Buzz off!

    • dtgraham says:

      Walmartians. I’ll have to remember that one. I think the Walton family still owns plantations with slaves. They’re called Walmarts.

  3. Debbie Prince says:

    guys? I’ve been living in south my whole life & guess what, I’ve never been to a
    Jefferson Davis Day picnic or had the day off or even ever heard of it. Plus it’s
    hardly just the south that has old holidays celebrating bad people still on their
    books and guess what on Columbus Day I do get a day off

  4. drdroad says:

    I think the first paragraph of this article was brilliantly written.

  5. Whatmeworry says:

    The only White Wash that has ever been done is not branding a war criminal. The South was with in its constitutional right to secede. Lincoln has NO constitutional authority to stop them Lincoln was just Slovanada Malevich or Adolf Hitler

    • The only White Wash that has ever been done is branding a war criminal. The South was with in its constitutional right to discriminate. Lincoln has constitutional authority to stop them Lincoln was just
      Dan Ketter or Adolf Hitler

    • Eleanore Whitaker says:

      You know why the south didn’t secede as well as the rest of us do…They lost the war. Who the hell was going to support their plantations if the north stopped shipping their cotton, tobacco and sugar out of northern ports? Who was going to buy their GA pine? Their LA sugar…secede you asshats…go ahead…It’s your states that take 65% of the revenues the rest of the states pay in taxes.

      So much for your BS act of self-sufficiency…Big Rich Texas That Whole Other Country threatened to secede and just this month got $22 billion from are a phony Stars and Bars Confederate who sucks off blue states.

      Not a single red states gets less than $1.35 for the $1 they pay in federal taxes. Not one of the blue states gets more than 65 cents for their $1. Try again BS boy.

    • The only White Wash that has ever been done is branding a war criminal.
      The South was with in its constitutional right to discriminate. Lincoln
      has constitutional authority to stop them Lincoln was just nazi’s Dan or Linda Ketter

  6. The only White Wash that has ever been done i snot branding a war criminal. The South was with in its constitutional right to discriminate. Lincoln has NO constitutional authority to stop them Lincoln was just
    Pope Francis or Adolf Hitler

    • Eleanore Whitaker says:

      Hey…bigot boy…How about I get Trump, Charley or Davey Krotch to buy YOU for their slave? Lincoln had EVERY right as President and part of the Executive branch to declare war if necessary to stop the plantation owners from bilking the country by refusing to pay taxes on their wealth earned ONLY from FREE labor. You are a moron. Obviously, if I was a billionaire, I buy your butt end and work you like the Walton overseers worked the slaves. Let’s see how you like that Mr. White Supremacist.

      The problem with men of your low class is your lack of education and a culture you idiots in the south and midwest hang onto for dear life to prove your pathetic, lazy butt existence.

      Time for you yokels to step into 2015…YOu can’t own any other human being…you don’t even own live in the antebellum past of the long dead sons of the Confederacy. Go bury yourself with their dusty Mutton Chops bones.

  7. FireBaron says:

    If I can inject a bit of sanity here. First of all, every state that officially declared for the confederacy did so based on their desire to maintain the institution of slavery. Ironically, only about 1% of the people in the South owned slaves. They constituted the Southern Plantation class that was often depicted as ignorant of the conditions of their “property”. They did have white overseers who worked for them. Often they did so because they could not afford to compete as farmers against the larger slave owning properties, so they were predisposed against the individuals who, in their eyes, deprived them of making an independent living. Unfortunately, this was not the White plantation owners, but the Black slaves who could do nothing regarding their condition.
    As for Jefferson Davis, had he desired it, he probably could have won either the Presidential elections of 1852 or 1856. He was a popular politician of the era, and the Whig party was in serious decline at that point. Prior to the election of 1860, Davis served as Secretary of War under James Buchanan. In that position, he committed what was possibly his most grievous offense – he refused to agree to the Commandant of West Point’s request to expel George A. Custer from the Corps of Cadets!
    At the time the various states voted for secession, Davis knew he was going to need both Virginia and Texas for his new country to succeed. Both had the manpower, for the military, and Virginia had the added benefit of being the home of many of the founding fathers and four of the first six Presidents. Eventually, in addition to those two states, the Cherokee nation and the “state” of Arizona (the Southern half of New Mexico Territory) would join the Confederacy.
    After the war started turning against the Confederacy, Robert E. Lee and Joe Johnson approached Davis with a proposal of emancipating Black Slaves, issuing them firearms and enlisting them in the Army. Davis, being a Mississippian, refused after he asked Lee and Johnson how they would disarm and reenslave them, and they replied they wouldn’t. Lee and Johnson planned on using the Black troops on the Western frontier as Indian fighters (preempting the Buffalo Solders by about 20 years).
    However, that proposal was probably too little and too late. By that point, the US Army was in total control of the Mississippi River, denying access to the western portions of the Confederacy. Sherman was in his drive to diagonally separate the northern part of the Confederacy from the southern part. France and England had abandoned any pretense of support for Davis due to his intransigence regarding Slavery. Maxmilian was in power in Mexico, denying him a Southern retreat.
    Once the Army of the Potomac, under Ulysses S. Grant, approached Richmond, Davis abandoned it. And old “Unconditional Surrender” Grant proceeded to destroy what was left of the Army of Northern Virginia’s ability to wage war.

  8. tdm3624 says:

    The southern soldiers fought bravely and should be remembered and recognized. They were, after all, Americans. I doubt the rank and file fought for slavery though. They fought because their home state was being invaded by federal troops.

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