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Friday, October 28, 2016

Mitt Romney’s convincing victory erased his earlier defeats and perhaps any serious obstacle to his nomination. The question that still troubles party leaders, however, is the damage he will sustain before returning to Tampa in September for their convention.

Triumph could cost Romney much more than the million dollars or so that bought each point of his 46-32 margin over Newt Gingrich. Already the former speaker has shaped the plutocratic image of Romney now visible in national polls. Now a furious, wounded Gingrich could go still further — demanding, for instance, that Romney release many more years of tax returns.

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  • melda.page3

    Have any of his sons served in the military? What percentage of our forces in Iraq and Afghanistan are/were Mormon?

  • fordneri

    Romney should focus on Gingrich as a whole and a moral pattern becomes self evident. Gingrich is like an ill behaved little boy who prays to God every day for a new bicycle. Other good kids are getting new bikes, but his never comes. So he steals his friends bicycle and prays to God he never gets caught. When he gets caught he prays to God for forgiveness. He mistakes being written off as forgiveness and continues the bad behaviour. He aligns himself with the Tea Party, the dumping ground for disgruntled political parties and joins the Catholic Church the religion that has so thoroghly disgraced itself it will take anybody no matter how much they urinate on Catholic Sacraments and Sacred Traditions to seek approval.A ghoulish political celebrity with name recognition that God has given up on to represent Him in any meaningful way is what Gingrich is offering America. Gingrich is the fools gold of politics and religion. That is what Romny should focus on if he wants to win without going broke.

  • Dominick

    It is easy to be hawkish when the young men and women putting their lives on the line are not your relatives. Mr. Romney should set an example and put his money (or sons) where his mouth is and convince some of them to join the Armes Forces, instead of playing macho and putting the lives of our middle class children at risk unnecessarily.

  • Heaviest Cat

    Great article by Joe Conason but In wouldn’t call Ron Paul “admired” on the Left. Surely there are better example of oppostion to war than Paul. If there’s any truth to this ,then those on the Left who admire Paul have been rightly referred to as “useful idiots”. Aside from his racism or use of it to raise money ,Paul stands for everyting ,the Left opposes.

  • Common Sense Patriot

    According to and WikiAnswers, “In 2010, 17,071 of the 1,129,275 soldiers in the US Army, Army Reserve, and Army National Guard claimed that they were members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, nicknamed Mormons,(according to Army Public Affairs). That is 1.5%. These numbers do not include other branches of the military (such as the Navy or Marines) or people serving in capacities other than that of soldier.” I was unable to find any information on the internet that gives the percentage of Mormons serving in the other branches of the military. However, the vast majority of the U. S. Mormon population comes from the Western States, and according to the Center for Data Analysis of the Heritage Foundation, 1% to 1.5% of the population of the Mountain regions of the Western U. S. serve in the military. In the Pacific region of the West, 1.26% to 1.35% of the population serves in the U. S. This is certainly not definitive, but may give some indication, when taken in together with the percentage of Mormons serving in the Army, as to the percentage actively serving in the military at large. According to the Pew Research Center, Mormons make up 1.7% of the U. S. population. That means the percentage of Mormons serving in the Army, Army Reserves and National Guard is almost equal to their percentage of the U. S. population — a much higher percentage than Americans in general, of whom about 0.8% to 1% serve in the military (including the National Guard, Reserves and Coast Guard). If you do not count the Reserves, the percentage of Americans serving on active duty in the U. S. military drops to a little over 1/2 a percentage point. (This is according to numerous sources on the web, including, The New York Times News Service, and Yahoo Answers.) That means Mormons serve in the military at a higher rate than the general population. It is also interesting, in terms of Romney’s wealth, that the Pew Research Center reports that in 2006 and 2007, about 25% of enlisted recruits in the military come from the richest quintile (20%) of American households — which indicates that the rich serve in the enlisted military at a higher rate than poorer Americans. About 10.6% of the lowest 20% of American households in terms of income serve in the military. And about 18.3% come from the next lowest 20% in terms of income. Also, the same study showed that about 39% of military officers come from the top 20% of American households in terms of income. Thus, the study concluded, “Members of the all-volunteer military are significantly more likely to come from high income neighborhoods than from low-income neighborhoods.” These facts run counter to the popularly held notion that the military is composed of mostly the poor. This, of course, does not include Romney nor his sons, who have not served in the military. But it does show that Mormons and the wealthy do serve in disproportionately high numbers in the military.

  • Common Sense Patriot

    According to the Congressional Research Service, “At the beginning of the 112th Congress, there were 118 Members (21.8% of the total membership)
    who had served or were serving in the military, 2 fewer than at the end of the 111th Congress, and 8 fewer than in the 110th Congress.”

  • Common Sense Patriot

    Since the end of WWII, only Presidents Obama and Clinton never served in the military (including the Reserves). George Bush,Sr., Jimmy Carter, Gerald Ford, Richard Nixon, Lyndon Johnson, John Kennedy, Dwight Eisenhower and Harry Truman all served in the military, some in the Reserves. Only 13 U. S. Presidents out of 44 did not serve in the military.

  • billybookworm

    I can vouch for one, my brother. He attended services at which other Mormons were present. He was awarded a bronze star medal for his work in rebuilding Anbar province and returned completely convinced that Bush/Rumsfeld et al conducted an unnecessary war for profit and did so poorly.

  • kurt.lorentzen

    I think Joe would like to see the Ron Paul supporters rally behind Gingrich (as Paul clearly has no shot), essentially “taking votes away” from Romney and extending the contest for the Republican nomination. It’s a losing strategy in the end though, because, as I’ve said in the past, Romney was ordained to be the Republican nominee long ago. I question his motives (and his motivators) far more than those of Gingrich. Not in the sense that Romney is a devil, but more that his business experience amounts to a hindrance as opposed to a benefit in the sense that he believes, like Wall Street, that generating wealth = generating prosperity. That may work for a few, but it’s flawed when considered in regard to the big picture. Obama’s state of the union address hit all the right notes in philosophy but as usual failed to outline, even in the roughest form, how these things can be accomplished. The ‘tea party’ balanced budget plan is actually pretty good, and not that unfair to anyone in particular. But they, too fail to address the root cause of America’s economic decline. I’m quite convinced that neither party is willing to do what it takes. Both are so wrapped up in their ideals, rhetoric and allegiances that neither is likely to make any substantial move.

  • rustacus21

    … w/all this militaristicisms? We’re in the hole b/c of 2 – COUNT EM – TWO wars & we’re going to the microscope about the value of mormon participation in them?! Whats the point? Or am I missing something, that Conservatives & tea baggers are tearing their hair out about deficits & here’s a guy (Romney) who GUARANTEES to raise it above what we dream it can’t even get higher?! Talk about useful idiots or what…

  • sleeprn01

    I am confused, think that America has many problems that it faces now: unemployment, the economy, wars abroad, and another financial crisis brewing in Europe just to name a few. And yet at his victory speech last night in Florida Mr. Romney said that we know what this election is about, it’s about making Obama a one term president and a foot note to history. Also stating that he can’t wait to send his family packing from the White House. This same comment was made by the senate minority leader Mitch McConnell. If that is all that this election is about, then I think America is in worse condition that I thought. With an attitude like that of Mitch McConnell, and I suspect the GOP as a whole, it is no wonder why the congress can’t accomplish a damn thing. I’ve heard a lot from Mitt Romney blasting President Obama but I have not heard one suggestion or idea that he has promoted that will in effect change the way things are now, all I hear is a lot of negativity spewing from his mouth. I hear from Mitt Romney that his experience in business makes him qualified to be president. When Mr. Romney was in charge of Bain Capital did he have natural disasters to deal with, wars started by another President, bailing out farmers whose crops were either drowned or burned up to the tune of 10 billion dollars. Even if he knows how to annihilate two manufacturing companies does he even think that he’s capable of handling fiscal and monetary policy. I raise this point because he said at one rally he would not need any assistance from Mr. Bernke or Tim Githner. President Obama is only guilty of GWB (governing while black). My personal feelings are that most of this rhetoric is racial in nature. I’m 60 y/o and never in my life have I seen a GOP congress so recalcitrant. I believe that the GOP and the tea party are just plain pissed off that there is a black man sitting in the Oval office. Not to long after President Obama took office in my little town there was a tea party rally and there were several signs that said “impeach Obama”. His only crime was GWB!!!

  • rustacus21

    … the point, Romney, being able to go to “loop-hole” his way to no taxes is quaintessential Conservativism! That he was able to get funded for the FL win by billionaires & just barely sqeak by says much – namely that OWS is telling America to notice how campaign funding & government corruption ARE & have been (since Nixon) 2 sides of the same coin & that Democracy is in danger of not only taking a back seat to corporatocracy, but is about to be put completely out of the “vehicle” (of representative Democratic governance)! How easy will it be, AT THAT POINT to put things back in place? [email protected] difficult, if we’re already across the threshold of authoritarianistic, paranoid & anxious government, complements of big money. 4get about ideology! If the Constitution is a Progressive/Liberal philosophical tool & blueprint, which way should citizens be voting? Conservatives were on the side of the Crown, the British invaders (of 1812), the Confederacy, cheering on J.W. Booth, L. H. OswaldJackRuby… & U get the point, which is why it’s perplexing majority comments above are missing the REAL point Mr. Conason is driving home here: Conservatives plan not to use this just this election season, but upon the nation, to stamp out any & ALL opposition – & it’s no accident, the hypnotic referrence to war, when it’s not necessary in any case & there’s no 1 to war w/… Iran?! R U kidding, w/their 1980’s (when Reagan funded them,by the way) As I say above, the howls & screams are loudly against the President! Not the policy – that Conservatives come in, duplicate & get roaring approval from the big money Conservatives!!! Racism? Classism? Authoritarianism? Insaneism is more like it, if Americans fail to vote in a Progressive/Liberal & overwhelming manner this election!!!

  • Dave DiDo

    To Mr. Common Sense Patriot: I don’t believe you have calculated correctly the percentage of Mormons in the military.You say that the vast majority of Mormons live in the western states. Then you say that 1.26% to 1.35% of the western population serves in the military.Does this mean that 1.26% to 1.35% of Mormons in the western states serve in the military? No, it does not. If you’re going to say that .8% to 1% of Americans serve in the military, then to make a correct comparison you should take the total number of Mormons in the military and divide by the totaal population of the U.S. I’m afraid your statistics are faulty regarding Mormons in the military.

  • rustacus21

    … decline walk hand & hand. It was “Conservative” tea baggers who support the previous administration, rite up to the economic collapse of 2008. The tax cuts, which have, to date, bled the nation of no less than $3 trillion in DESPERATELY NEEDED REVENUE over 11 yrs now; supported 2 NEEDLESS wars that an international operative force could have taken care of for much less; watched as the same inept, incompetent previous administration, allowed corruption to exact a toll of another $9 trillion in losses to government, banking & the investment sector. & we’re suppose to “assume” Conservative tea baggers have the best interest of ALL Americans at heart? They oppose this current president on the grounds of his race! NOT his policies, since they reasonably mirror those of the previous administration. Bizarro world comes to America or what?!

  • Larry T

    Really: we do – but barely – have a Constitution. And obviously it says the Cathololic Church doesn’t have to provide any benefits to their employees which are against their faith. Anyone that doesn’t like it can work elsewhere or pay for their own benefits – which would be a great idea, anyway, since we’re $150 Trillion in debt(see Constitution for enumerated powers, Art. 1, Sect. 8),and all entitlements are unconstitutional. Paying your own way here in this Republic (note: this Country was not formed as a Democracy,but, as a Constitutional Republic) would be a delightful and moral solution to many of this Republic’s problems, as opposed to having the governments steal from one person to give to another – businessman, farmer, welfare mom, Wall Street Banker, etc. Give me at least Warren G. Harding, but I’ll have to settle for Romney, not Paul or Johnson.

  • Howz 1

    the Tea party wasn’t around when ‘W’ tried to drive the country into the ground. They emerged in response to the Bailout of Wall St. They were the part of the Republican party, just members that saw their lives going down the drain,and were also shocked and angry that their america would elect an Afro American in their life time. Obama was left with managing the bail out, and at the same time started to push health care reform. Enter Dick Armey former Republican Congressional minority whip, out of Texas. It was he, with Fox news( it’s a stretch calling it news)began to shift the opinion of this group and basically got them to believe that they weren’t mad at the bail out of the job creators, but really health care reform, and got them to direct their anger there. This anger was coupled with the emergence of Glen Beck who was wildly popular with this group. They said Health care reform was about this group loosing their rights and now had and issue to rally them around. Through Fox it bacame a movement. Sara Palin, with Fox backing inserted herself as a leader of this group. The Tea party is not that smart, and very easily manipulated to vote against their own self interest. They are constantly lied to by Fox surrogates, and stoked to be angry. They truly believe their rights are being taken away by a socialist president. I know I lived across the street from one, flag and all, and I happen to know a lot about health care, which he knew, but I couldn’t get through to him because of the dogma he was being fed From Glen Beck and Fox in general.Luckily for us all American had a chance to see them in congress and are put off by their actions. So we have to see what the future holds.

  • clarenceswinney

    He was asked: ” it this were a true demand + supply market what do you think the price of oil would be now?”
    His reply–“$50 to $70 per barrel.  It is $98.
    Amazing. I have yet to hear ON TV any Talk show hitting on this
    Will you?
    clarence swinney  mad mad mad at Inequality in America
    #4 in oecd.

  • clarenceswinney

    2012 DEJA VU 1995
    In 1995, Newt got 73 new Barbarians in the house.
    All Anti -government. 1500 floor votes. Passed 88 bills lowest since 1933 “do nothing” congress.
    Congressional Quarterly ranked it worst since 1933. It was a battle between the 73 Barbarians and Moderate Republicans. Many were defeated in next election. Then. Good things occurred with Newt-Clinton in charge. Except repeal Glass Steagall and Modernization Commodity Markets. Senator Phil Gramn bills.

    John Boehner got 50 Anti- Government Barbarians In The House.

    Why do we continue to allow Wall Street to be a one on one Gambling House?
    No stake in a commodity yet bet for/against it.
    Brazil and Argentina blamed Glass Steagall for high food prices few years ago.
    They accused GS of buying tons of Grain and holding to sell when price went up.
    Same with Oil today. Buy huge quantities hold to sell at hi price.
    Verified by testimony of Exxon CEO in Congress hearings this week.
    He said that under free market supply/demand price today of oil would be between $50 and $70 a barrel not current $98. That would be $2.00 to $2.80 gas. Speculators cheer. We leer.
    Greece officials said part of their demise was Casino Derivative Of America.
    Their wealthy people invested in Housing Derivatives and other gambling such as interest rate

    This is so dumb of us. Farmers/airlines/others insure against future hikes in commodities that could bankrupt them.


    We must stop this total stupidity. WSA owns us. 10% own 73% net wealth and 83% FINANCIAL Wealth plus take 50% of individual income.

    Will we learn? We have been bought.
    Fed fund election-6 months-3 primary 3 general debate a week =adequate exposure to evaluate candidates—–no $$$$–O=none=less than 1

    Since members of Congress no longer need to raise campaign funds keep them on the job not on the road. Ban them receiving anything with a financial value.

    Progress Flat Tax by group
    Stop hundreds of millions spent loading our tax book with preferences
    This closes K Street Bribery of our government
    Burn Tax Book and start anew.
    This will balance our budget and start paying down Republican Debt
    clarence swinney-political historian-lifeaholics of america—burlington nc