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Friday, March 23, 2018

Published with permission from AlterNet.

As Democratic Party insiders signal that Hillary Clinton is likely to pick a centrist Democrat as her running mate, Sanders delegates have taken to organizing among themselves to anticipate a range of possible responses at next week’s Democratic Convention.

A handful of big decisions will be made in the next few days that will either please or frustrate the factions in Sanders’ 1,900-member delegation. The highest-profile decision is the vice-presidential pick. One self-organized group, the Bernie Delegates Network, has been in contact with more than 1,000 delegates and found, among the several hundred who responded to their poll, that the great majority would loudly reject a pro-corporate running mate.

“By last Sunday, a survey of Bernie delegates showed that less than 3 percent of delegates considered Sen. [Tim] Kaine as an ‘acceptable’ Democratic vice-presidential running mate, while 88.5 percent responded ‘not acceptable,’” a Thursday release said. “Nearly 200 delegates said that if Hillary Clinton chose a corporate-oriented running mate deemed unacceptable, they would ‘seriously consider participating’ in an action nonviolently and emphatically protesting in the convention hall during Clinton’s acceptance speech.”

Northern California’s Norman Solomon, who helped create the network, said the press release “vastly understates the interest in protest action on the floor because it says 200 people, but that’s in ratio to less than 300 people who did the survey—if you follow me. So if you looked at percentage, it’s a very high percentage of delegates, more than half, who are willing to vocally denounce or want to protest.”

The vice-presidential choice is not the only likely trigger for protests or other attempts at floor action. On Saturday, the party’s Rules Committee met to consider two changes that matter deeply to the Sanders delegation. The first is ending the Democratic Party’s system of superdelegates, which account for about one-sixth of the delegates nominating their presidential candidate. The second is requiring state parties to hold open presidential primaries, meaning that any registered voter, not just those registering as Democrats, can vote.

Last week, Sanders held a nationwide conference call with his delegates in the evening after he endorsed Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire. Sanders said he did not think their stances that did not win a majority at the platform hearings could become party policy. But he did say there was some support for eliminating superdelegates and closed primaries.

What’s unclear is just what podium moderators will allow to unfold in next week’s convention. It is very possible that Sanders delegates will want to try to amend platform stances, such as specifically opposing the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade pact, or have a wider debate on party rules that pertain to superdelegates and primaries. In recent decades, the party hasn’t allowed anything resembling that kind of debate and vote at a national convention. Instead, it’s been a parade of speakers, almost all officeholders from around the nation, talking about their party and its nominee.

What the Bernie Delegate Network is doing, against this backdrop, is trying to play a role akin to what used to be called a floor whip, which was to facilitate or coordinate audience responses. Solomon said more than 400 Sanders delegates took part in a conference call Tuesday, where among other things, they agreed to text each other as events unfold.

“The Bernie Delegates Network is not trying to tell anybody what to do, but we’re doing something that nobody else had done—no other group, the news media, the campaign—which is to survey people… and we will continue to do that in the next few days and then turn it around and let everybody know,” he said. “As I said to people in our call, we want to provide almost real-time information, so delegates are not reliant on their own silos, state delegations or the corporate media. We have information across the delegation about what people’s basic outlooks are, what options they are looking at, what actions they’re seriously considering on the floor and elsewhere.”

Not Just Organizing Protests

But interviews with other Sanders delegates revealed that there are a wide range of opinions about the best way to have an impact next week.

What many Sanders delegates seem to share in California and other states, Sacramento’s Karen Bernal said, is that “people are upset about the TPP and also about fights regarding amendments to the rules over primaries, the superdelegates, even voter registration requirements for the primary—all the things that we know were a source of complaints during the primaries.”

“The idea of contemplating direct action is out there—there is a common desire, I think, that’s one that a few states share; it’s not just California,” she said. “I have heard of people walking out, especially on Thursday when Clinton gives her speech… But if you see expressions of, say, disapproval or dissent, it is going to be of a sort that is perhaps visual or pehaps audible, but it is not going to cross a line, because they want to keep their credentials.”

Yet Bernal was quick to say that many delegates want to make progress on specific issues and aren’t looking at protests or confrontational approaches.

“There are some plans, in terms of trying to advance some sort around the TPP, by trying to do some things that quite frankly are unsexy, like reaching out to Clinton counterparts with positive statements like, ‘Hey, 85 percent of the Democratic base is against the TPP, would you join us in taking a picture saying you are against the TPP?’” she said. “And doing things like that, which isn’t scorched earth, but very much being about being unified in a message. There’s plans like that.”

Bruce Jones, another Sanders delegate from California, is taking that approach. He wants to make sure that climate change is front and center in the party and has proposed creating a permanent “climate council” in the Democratic National Committee.

“We have a grassroots effort that started in California district 14,” he said. “It was my idea and then Gus Peterson, my co-delegate, when we saw the official schedule of events, we didn’t see a climate council on it. We just started pushing around, seeing if we could get space and form one. The DNC has actually helped us to reserve space at the Philadelphia Convention Center. We’ll have sort of a climate council roundtable. We will have our list of speakers and it may be more of a pass-the-microphone thing. And we formed a Facebook group, Climate Change Delegates.”

Jones said his priority is to have a lasting positive impact, especially after seeing the way the Republican Party ignored climate change at its convention in Cleveland. “I’m watching the Republican Convention right now and I’m noticing that West Virginia is all about ‘Trump digs coal.’ And Alaska is all about ‘free our acreage so we can pump oil out of it,'” he said. “Nobody there is talking about the fact that 2016 is the hottest year mankind has ever seen.”

Does he think the DNC is taking this initiative seriously enough?

“I am at the moment trying to be very positive,” he replied. “My plan as a Bernie delegate is not to be protesting. My plan is to be working with the DNC to formally recognize a climate committee and eventually have a motion for this and everything. I don’t know—they don’t tell me their plans. I am not in those discussions about how next week’s events will go. But I assume the goal is to nominate a presidential candidate and to successfully tell the story about elevating that candidate. And they’re going to include what they will to increase the number of people to vote for our candidate.”

The differing comments from Solomon, Bernal and Jones underscore that there’s a wide range of temperaments and strategies about what to do in Philadelphia.

“Bernie led with integrity on issues and found a bunch of principled people that would like to make principled progress,” Jones said. “And do it in a way that brings trust back to government. I am proud of that and that is why I am in this. I wasn’t declared to any party four months ago. Bernie woke me up and I’m trying to make progress on what I think is the most important issue to humanity, which is climate change. And I think it is absolutely criminal that people are trying to continue the fossil fuel industry to the detriment of our grandchildren or children. I see it daily, when I watch the news, I see death by climate change.”

Jones said he doesn’t want to end up as a “30-second soundbite” on the evening news that will soon be forgotten. But other Sanders delegates, like Solomon, who has previously run for Congress, say the signal sent by the vice-presidential choice cannot be underestimated, especially if it is a politician with a pro-corporate resume.

”That’s where the Clinton people and their choice will be critical,” Solomon said, “because you can bullshit all you want as a candidate or an operative, but who they choose will tell us a huge amount. And we’re ready, we’re ready to protest, if they make the choice that it seems like they are going to make.”

Bernal, too, said the Sanders delegates are waiting and watching as big decisions loom. But she did not think a majority are going to Philadelphia to be disruptive.

“It’s a minority, still, so far,” she said. “A lot is going to depend on what happens from the end of the Rules Committee going all the way through up to Thursday, depending how the Bernie delegates feel they were dealt [with]. If they feel they were dealt a crappy hand, or a less than ideal hand, I think you will see some discontent. But I don’t think the average Bernie delegate is looking to go in there to just pick a fight. I think what they are doing is kind of a wait and see.”


Photo: Supporters cheer as U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders addresses supporters following the closing of the polls in the California presidential primary in Santa Monica, California, U.S., June 7, 2016.   REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson 

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109 Responses to How Many Anti-Hillary Protests Are Sanders Delegates Likely To Generate In Philly? Well, That Depends…

  1. Sen. Tim Kaine was a “safe” pick. He is a man with impeccable credentials, a clean record, and a man that offers geographical advantages from a political perspective. The fact that he speaks Spanish is also a plus, insofar of reinforcing the opinions of 18% percent of our population. Negatives include the fact that he is as inspirational and charismatic as Hillary. That is, he is too boring. He is a Catholic Jesuit, anti-abortion, anti gay marriage, and pro free trade. In many ways, he is a carbon copy of Mike Pence. I think he is a good man, but I don’t expect him to impress the left wing of the Democratic party. In fact, this decision may convince them that Hillary is closer to being a moderate Republican, than a Democrat. I hope this does not turn out to be the last nail in Hillary’s political coffin.
    As for the Democratic convention, it is shaping out to be more divisive than the RNC in Cleveland. I hope I am wrong.

    • Mental stability is tops for me. I can put up with a little boring, actually it would be refreshing after the RNC convention, aka a s***show. But the question remains, how many are looking for stability in their leadership?

      • Kaine was anything but boring yesterday. He delivered an inspiring and relevant speech, at a time when trivia and bombast seems to be the norm.

    • Actually, you have left out all of Kaine’s most important negatives:

      I.) In the past several weeks, Kaine has been publicly advocating for greater deregulation of banks. Kaine signed two letters on Monday urging federal regulators to go easy on banks―one to help big banks dodge risk management rules, and another to help small banks avoid consumer protection standards.

      II.) As governor of Virginia, Kaine supported restrictions on abortion.
      And he still supports these

      III) He still supports the invasion of Iraq and will feed into Hillary’s warmongering inclinations. (re-read link above)

      IV.) Kaine still supports TPP.

      V.) I won’t get into the cash and gifts issues of his governorship but with all the issues of pay-for-play that have historically, and still swirl around the Clintons, this last thing they needed was to add a recent up-and-coming franchisor of their trademark hobby, to the leadership team.

      Hillary seems to have pulled a Lieberman. As anyone with insight (or clear, cognizant memories of the time period) into the 2000 election understand, it was the selection of neoconservative Lieberman as his running mate that hurt Al Gore’s campaign and election opportunity (and contributed strongly to him not even winning his own home state) much more than Nader’s campaign.

      • Looks like Dominick’s concern in his last sentence was justified. I’ve read some of this. Plan on doing more reading on Tim Kaine. Could be an unusual convention. Ouch.

      • He has also been supportive of right-to-work Republican anti-union legislation. Just read up on that. Yikes!

  2. If there’s one thing conservative forces will relish with mouth-watering delight is to see the DNC unravel and further divide itself as a result of partisan bickering.
    Partisan politics, especially is America, has reached such a level that a unity that extends to all people here will be held in suspension which can only benefit those who represent a status quo attitude of “Us First”.

    An inordinate attachment to personality and an ideology plays itself out in different ways across the globe, from North Korea to Russia, across Europe, to Syria, South Sudan, Iran, Latin America, and especially in America today. Wherever the attachment to a person(s) exists, the result is chaos and instability, which in turn lead to wars and similar conflicts.

    The democrats have a chance to alter this dead-end trajectory and contribute to a new pattern that alters many Americans’ current infatuation with catchy slogans, pompous behavior, and with angry loud-talking blowhards —it remains to be seen if they have the will-power not to become suckers for looks and style points.

    • On the bright side, I doubt the wife of any speakers at the Democratic convention will have to be escorted out of the arena to ensure she is not lynched by an angry mob.
      As for casualties worldwide, don’t worry. The Donald announced yesterday, while the tragedy in Munich unfolded, that such things will not happen if he is President. I guess that means Dr. Donald plans to treat every disturbed 18 year old in Germany and, potentially, worldwide.

      • The angry mobs will be on the streets….I hope the delegates have access to their hotel rooms through interior catwalks or they will need to be “packing” protection to ensure their safety if they have to hit the streets. Violence and chaos seem to be the primary way Democrats now express their political views.

          • No…..It would take too long to go through the process of getting registered for payment from George Soros! Besides, I don’t approve of the senseless violence, personal injury, and property destruction we are seeing from out of control Democrat led groups over the last several years.

          • I am sure The Donald can make things a lot easier for you. After all, George Soros was one of the four investors that funded the construction of the Trump Tower…

          • Did they give you a certificate for HOW TO MAKE IDIOTIC POSTS?? Because you sure are the champion of making posts that are not only stupid but like I said earlier TOTALLY IRRELEVANT!!!

        • Let me correct you. The threat of violence and chaos are the primary way Republicans have always expressed their political views.

          Funny I didn’t see any Bernie or Hilary fans roughing up anybody and certainly not while being egged on by their brainless and cowardly hero.

          If Clinton is elected it will be for one reason only, that is the utter failure of the GOP to produce even a minimally competent alternative.

      • I’m certain that the DNC will rise above the brutal lynch mob mentality on display at the RNC.
        There’s just something in the water that so many conservatives drink, perhaps a communal reservoir tainted with mind-altering chemicals is the source.

      • Yes and he’s saving this for the debates: He will cure both cancer and the common cold by the end of his first term.

    • I just heard that Generalissimo Donaldo is planning to ban Burkas in the USA. I don’t know if this is true or not, but considering all his statements, and the RNC political platform, I would not be a bit surprised.

      • Not true, but if it was, are you concerned that it may make it more difficult for you to work on one of your plots?

      • My grandma and mother made a remark while I was growing up in Jackson about the late US senator from Mississippi, proposing that all black women should wear burlap sacks instead of dresses.
        You may recall his name, Theodore G. Bilbo—an ardent and strident racist.

        Now, there was a man who would have approved of Trump wholeheartedly, and would have advised Trump to be more vocal about being racist rather than try to be polite and tepid about the subject.

  3. The Democrats are a party in severe turmoil……a Star Wars type battle between opposite forces in the Luke Skywalker socialist, Bernie Sanders and supporters lining up against the Wall Street owned and “pay to play” Arab Oil financed (through the Clinton Foundation) Darth Vader candidate, Hillary Clinton, and her dark knight storm troopers lined up to battle inside the convention center and outside in the streets…..should be good entertainment if it weren’t so serious in seeing 50% of our political system so dysfunctional and out of control. Could this be the implosion of the Democrat party by next weekend? Stay tuned…..

    • Right! Because everyone knows the Republican Party is one big happy family.
      Has it occurred to you both parties are in a free fall? Partisan loyalty of our 2 party system is an obsolete idea, people are moving all over the spectrum and I for one applaud the shake up.

  4. Strength and safety are wished on our law enforcement officers facing Democrat led protestors next week knowing that most of these protestors are still operating under the belief that a Ferguson cop attacked and killed Michael Brown while he was on his way to grandma’s house for some home made apple pie and some Bible reading!

    • Did Bellview sanatorium give you a pass for tonight?? Why is everything you post so totally idiotic and irrelevant??

    • You’re such a liar and a total hypocrite. It’s very obvious from the tone of your raving and mostly nonsensical posts that you would love nothing more than to see a cop get hurt at the DNC. That way your tin hero and all his knuckle dragging sheeple could revile the Dems all the more. I’m not a fan of Hilary or the Dems in general but disgusting POS like you and your paper hero will most likely have me voting for the lesser of two evils once again.

  5. The narrow-minded, ill-informed self-righteousness of the Sanders people knows no bounds.

    Eliminating super delegates and making all primaries open, while keeping the extremely undemocratic caucuses in place, will do nothing to make the selection of a nominee more democratic — and in fact would likely allow state parties to move to make their nominating process much less democratic.

    It would, if the national party could force the state parties to comply — which isn’t at all guaranteed or perhaps even likely — only make the primaries more vulnerable to being gamed by the opposition party, on the one hand. While, of course leaving the one truly undemocratic feature of nominee selection, the form of selection that state party establishments most tightly control, as an option for those state party’s that don’t want to give up that much control of the process.

    In fact, it is likely that many more state parties, if forced to choose between open primaries that leave their nominee selection process open to manipulation by outsiders and switching to a caucus system that allows them to keep tight control of the process, will choose the much less democratic caucus. (My state, Washington, in fact, did exactly that — institute a caucus system — in response to state law requiring open primaries.)

    And their threats to protest the VP nominee, walk out on the Presidential nominees speech, etc., in the face of the fascist display in Cleveland, and the media’s desire to ignore the progressive policy proposals of the candidate and the party platform, and instead paint a picture of equivalency between the two major parties, is frankly immoral and shows a huge disregard for the well-being of the country and its people as well as our democracy itself. Not to mention a huge disrespect for the majority of Democrats.

  6. I see that childish perfectionists remain ever eager to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Seriously, you people are your own worst enemy. You would be more than willing to see everything you’ve ever striven for get flushed down the drain rather than give an inch. If Drumpf wins, the Great American Experiment in democracy will have failed. Not because of assaults from without, but intransigence from within.

    Oh, well . . . remember this – democracy is that form of government by which the people receive the government they most richly deserve.And if you whining BernieBros hand the government over to Drumpf, well, I hope the feeling of moral superiority you have sustains you as your movement and your dreams are crushed like insects for the next generation. And take solace in the fact that YOU handed it to him.

    • <<o. ★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★:::::::!be401p:….,….k.

    • Me thinks you protest too much, especially in light of the explosive new evidence leaked that proves that the DNC had rigged the system in favor of Crooked Hillary, just like Trump had warned us about weeks and weeks ago. Bernie Sanders supporters and their votes were nullified even before they placed those votes by a Democrat party scheme against Sanders operated right out of DNC Headquarters and led by Debbie Blabbermouth Schultz who has now been removed from the speaking program at this week’s convention out of fear of a riot inside the convention hall by rightfully furious Sander’s supporters. Corruption seems to just follow these Clintons around like flies on a rotting corpse! When Hillary says “what difference does it make, let’s move on”, she is really saying “‘let’s move on to my next scandal”!

          • You don’t know the background of the “why” justification behind that description so mind your own business, grasshopper.

          • I know, based on your post, that there are no depths to which you will not descend, there are no slurs too vile for you to utter, nor positions too despicable for you to take. Because, after all, you gotta be you. And may God have mercy upon your poor, stunted soul.

          • Convert your energy to helping heal your buddy, Aaron, who has the stunted soul you describe and which I called him out for…….Aaron is a black man…..As a black man Aaron acknowledges that he resents other black men who succeed in American society and considers them sell outs to their culture by merging socially and professionally with Caucasians. Which is his separatist right, I guess, but what isn’t his right is to then call his fellow blacks vile, racist terms like “step-‘n-fetchers” for having merged into a society as HUMAN BEINGS not black separatists. Go ahead, help your friend, because I feel uncomfortable dealing with hardened racists.

          • Sounds more to me like you’re just consumed by hate for everyone in general and blacks in particular. I’ve seen your posts here for a long, long time. The hate you display is corrosive and eats away at you with every breath you take. I would pity you, but I save my pity for those who are victims of fate, and not those who embrace their hate, rejoice in their hate, and spew their hate wherever they go.

            Oh, and as hardened racists go, I really don’t think I’ve ever encountered a more hardened or despicable one than you. But then, your racism is but a facet of the gem of hate that you have cut from your soul. Hate is who you are, hate is what you preach, and I have no doubt that hate is how you live. If what you do can be called living . . .

          • So are you saying you approve of Aaron’s racial stance and the extension of that which would be a total Balkanization of this country into closed, ethnic segments if everyone adopted such a goal? Yes or no…please identify your feelings.

          • I have no idea what Aaron’s racial stance is. Whatever it is, based on your respective posts, his is far more likely to be either rational or based in reality as most of us know it. And no, don’t bother giving me your spin on it because I neither care or would believe you for even a second.

          • You’ve indicated you have a closed mind and inconsistent reaction to negative, unacceptable behaviors based on what party affiliation or political beliefs of the perpetrator…..thank you for clarifying where you are coming from… are not alone, in fact a majority of your fellow secular progressives share your approach. Thanks again.

          • I have no idea what problem you have with Aaron, and I really don’t care. I’ve looked at his postings, they are erudite and rational I am amply familiar with your hateful ravings. You personify hate. You breathe hate. You spew hate. I have no doubt your turds bring your toilet bowl to a rolling boil. You are what you are. Whatever that is, god help you.

            This has nothing to do with party affiliation, This has everything to do with both sanity and hate. And yes, most of us secular progressives approach things logically, rationally, and compassionately. You might want to give it a try sometime.

            Or not.

          • That’s a pretty big oxymoron—I hope you didn’t get a brain cramp creating this made up word. You really need to attend night school so you can learn to form words properly.

            That word you made up with your phrase randomizing software has as much meaning as “Interstellar Zanzibari bullfrog”

          • I was being kind in not describing you beyond the “intra” and as a full blown inter-racial racist even though the evidence from your comments indicates it.

      • Bernie Sanders is not a Democrat and as such should have no voice in the DNC’s platform. Bernie has already registered as an Independent for his Senate reelection campaign. He has no legitimate voice in our party’s business.

      • Bernie was not a democrat. He never helped the party, he never fundraised for the party, he never campaigned for the party. He came in and tried to do to the democrats what Drumpf did to the republican – hijack it in a hostile takeover bid. He failed, largely because the dems had long experience dealing with insurgents, which is why they had superdelegates. If the GOP had them, they might not be in the position they are now.

        Bernie came in from outside the party. The party had every right to defend itself from an outsider. Calls to open up the primaries would be like opening up frat leadership votes to everyone in the college. No. A party is a party. If everyone can vote who’s not in your party, you don’t have a party any more.

        What the Bernie people are sore about is that they were too ignorant to register to vote or to register as democrats, and they think it’s just terribly unfair that they didn’t get their way, even though they didn’t want to follow the rules. So, like pouty children, they want to get rid of all those pesky rules that didn’t let them have their way..

        What’s always funny is that while you keep screaming ‘corruption!’ all the time, when pressed, you never come up with anything tangible – just more fulminations about how awful she is. And then you offer up as proof of her corruption that fact that you have no proof, which only proves how corrupt she is!

        Oh, and I’ve been calling for DWS’s removal for years. She’s a hack politician and a really rotten party leader. Her primary job was making sure that the democratic party stayed firmly in Bibi Netanyahu’s pocket and toed the Israeli line. If she’s getting yanked, then all I can say is ‘about damned time!’.

        • Trump came from outside the party but the Republicans honored the wish of the voters.
          Sanders came from outside the party but the Democrats rigged the system with super delegates, also called party hacks, to ensure Bernie never had a chance and nullified the votes of Bernie supporters before they even cast them! They also used the National Chairman to undercut him every step of the way as the explosive email scandal has revealed.
          (I won’t dispute your claim of Sanders being outside the party even though that is very debatable since he caucused with the Dems in Congress.)

          • The superdelegate system had been in place for over 20 years. They didn’t just invent it to ‘rig the system against Bernie’. Bernie lost fair and square. More people voted for Hillary that Bernie; the ONLY places he won were in caucuses which could be gamed by Berniebros (and they were). They didn’t need superdelegates. Hillary has more than enough pledged delegates to win.

            About 3 million more democrats voted for Hillary than Bernie. But yet, you don’t think that’s ‘democratic’. Obviously, Bernie voter’s votes were worth more because they were . . . what? And as always, you have nothing to offer in the way of alternatives.

            And to be honest, if the Bernie supporters hadn’t been so absolutely clueless about how the system actually worked, he might have stood a better chance. But they never bothered to learn the rules of the game, and lost to those who did. Gee, big surprise. But now, Bernie is rectifying that oversight so that when they step into leadership positions, they’ll know just what the hell they’re doing.

            And of course the party is going to back someone who has been an active party member for 40 someodd years over someone who only decided to join the party because it was convenient (if he tried to run on the Democratic Socialist ticket, he would get about as many votes as the Bigfoot is Real! party). Excuse me, but when someone from outside your club comes an and tries to take over YOUR club, what would YOU do? Just roll over and play dead, or defend it?

            And puh-lease, spare me your crocodile tears about poor, poor Bernie. You’re just another troll trying to disrupt. You have absolutely nothing going for your party, so all you can do is howl, chatter, and fling poo at everyone else. Which what you always do.

          • You have bigger problems to worry about because the mutiny has begun before the convention has even opened…..The head of the DNC, Debbie Blabbermouth Schultz, has been booted from the premises and will NOT be presiding over her own convention! This is unprecedented! Civil War is about to break out in Philly this week……get your popcorn and enjoy “must see tv”!!!

          • That’s not a problem, dude, that’s a problem solved. And no, it’s a civil war that just got averted. You seem to think that DWS has some kind of major base of support within the party. Wrong. There are a LOT of us who blame her for the anemic ’14 midterm effort where basically she curled up into a ball and begged not to be kicked in the face. Good riddance.

            If anything, this will bring in the Bernie people, not keep them away.

  7. I don’t have a problem with those who still cling to the dream of a world that, under the present circumstances, will never happen. There is nothing wrong with dreaming and shooting for the sky…as long as we don’t forget the realities that surround us, and the probability of everything we have fought for going up in smoke.
    This election is likely to be one of the most consequential in many decades. Not because the USA is in decline, Americans are dying as a result of malnutrition, and foreign heathens are poised to destroy us, but because the ideological balance of the Supreme Court is at stake. With one vacancy unfilled, and at least two more likely to occur in the not too distant future, a major shift in direction would reverse everything we have accomplished for at least a generation. We simply cannot afford that.
    Protesters are likely to exercise their 1st Amendment rights, and there is nothing wrong with that, as long as they limit their discourse to what could have been…without committing political suicide.
    The only way we are going to win in November is if we unite, and vote! A split Democratic party, in what is likely to be a close election, guarantees a Trump victory, and the end of Roe V Wade, same sex marriage, Affirmative Action, equal rights for ALL Americans, the end of the ACA, undermining Social Security and MEDICARE, respect for the opinions of others, and national security risks that ought to be unacceptable to all of us. We simply cannot afford the risks of a Trump presidency. Hillary is far from perfect, but she is qualified, experienced, and capable of doing an outstanding job as president. I had misgivings about Tim Kaine, but after hearing him speak yesterday, I am now convinced that he was the right choice. If nothing else because Elizabeth Warren, Cory Booker, and Bernie Sanders will continue to play a major role in defeating the Narcissist in Chief, the most irresponsible presidential candidate in modern history, a man who depends on fear mongering and doom and gloom to remain a viable candidate, and a man so filled with hatred that if allowed to carry out his stated goals would destroy everything this country stands for.

    • Great post Dom…As you often do, you stated my sentiments perfectly on Kane. Before I heard him speak yesterday, not so enthused. Afterwards, very pleased, very impressed with the suitability of the man.

  8. Berniebots need to sit down and shut up and allow Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine to win this vital election. The very idea of putting even one vote into Trump’s candidacy is unthinkable to any rational, decent person. The Sanders / Sarandon nut cake contingency which welcomes a Trump presidency as punishment to the Democratic Party for not meeting the berniebot illusion of socialist perfection is utter nonsense and would be devastating to this great nation.

    • Actually, I’ve come to realize that the vast majority of what people think are Berniebots are actually 4chan Drumpfdroids posting under false flags, Over on 4chan and alt-right, they’re laughing their asses off about how much trouble they’re making for Hillary by posing as Bernie supporters.

    • You just don’t get do you? At the end of the day most of them will more than likely
      vote for Hillary anyway. I don’t see a problem with people voicing their concerns regardless of who it is directed at. Bernie’s supporters aren’t some inconvenient rabble trying to piss you off, they’re made up of all different ages and walks of life. This isn’t some flash in the pan movement, it’s been building up for a long time by people who aren’t as naive and ignorant as Hillary supporters
      think. The only critique I have of some of his followers is that the younger ones may expect immediate change but us older ones know that we’re just laying the foundation for things to come.

      • Yes, I get it. Berniebots are scavengers with nothing better to do than feel holier than thou electing Donald Trump with the stupid notion that after Trump destroys our country the bots can have their revolution. If Bernie Sanders cannot or will not control his rampaging bots how does he think he could control the Presidency? He’s a fool and his bots are blooming morons. Watch real Democrats fund a campaign against Bernie in VT for his Senate seat. Watch the DNC never let another nonDemocrat run on our ticket again. Bernie is a fraud and his supporters a freak show.

      • No he doesn’t get it and too many of them don’t. The language they use towards Sanders, his supporters, and what they’ve been trying to do is appalling. He got into the race at 74 because he wanted to put the party on a progressive glidepath and not let it be taken back to where it was in the 90’s, and he didn’t see any other contenders. He wanted it to emulate the Roosevelt ideal as much as possible.

        A fair minded progressive man of calm and reason like our own Dominick Vila, can talk about Hillary and Tim Kaine in a way that could make Bernie’s people swallow their ideals and then go out and vote for them later. This kind of talk though from too many of the others towards the Sanders people (and what we now know the DNC did to Bernie), sets up the possibility of a Trump win, in what should be an easy Clinton victory in November.

        Wasserman-Schultz not resigning until after the convention, and giving a speech on-stage during it? Is she insane? They’ll boo her off the stage. Apparently she still wasn’t going to resign. Obama had to intervene to get that to happen. That’s the word.

        Still no National Memo article on a bombshell story like this. EVERYBODY is talking about it. Is Conason planning to hide this as much as he can, the way he and his writers tore Bernie apart during the primaries and slobbered all over Hillary?

        • Agreed…You know, I remember you from a couple of years ago on The National Memo. I was here too under a different name but stumping hard for Obama. During his first campaign he was the outsider that all the Dems fell in love with. I wasn’t too crazy about him but I fell in line to help Dems elect him,and again for his second term. Now it seems the outsider is a threat to party stability because all of a sudden the outsider is too progressive for their liking. It isn’t enough that Bernie has caucused repeatedly with the Dems. The cry of “he’s not one of us” is being trumpeted (no pun intended) from the top of the DNC down to the voter. And now you and I like so many others are accused of being trolls working for the Cons.
          This is one of the reasons I chose this user name.

          • Do you have any insight as to why Hillary supporters are coming down hard on Bernie supporters besides the “Hillary is the only one who can beat Trump” mantra? It isn’t only on the Memo, I see it in every blog on the internet. My best guess (right or wrong) is they believe they have too much to lose with a hardcore progressive or that Bernie would be too ineffective as POTUS.

          • I wouldn’t be so vain as to call them insights, but I have some thoughts.

            The McGovern syndrome is still huge. They still don’t want anybody too progressive for fear of an electoral wipe out. How many comments here have you heard to the effect that so-and-so is a safe pick. So-and-so has been thoroughly vetted and is well known to the right wing media. Nothing new that they can slap on him/her by golly. They’re GOP proof (I remember that one). So-and-so is really not that lefty, and therefore won’t be torn asunder by Fox News and the GOP too badly. They’re safe. They’re absolutely petrified by the right wing smear machine to the point where the Republicans are a very big factor in who the Democratic nominee has to be. The days of FDR’s “I welcome their hatred” are gone. Of course they’re not considering that Barack Obama couldn’t have even gotten the nomination, let alone won, in 1972 either. Times have changed.

            They thoroughly believe that they have to be realistic, and they don’t even allow themselves to think of what could be. It’s tiny incrementalism at best to them. What other countries can do on various files is off limits to the U.S., due to this or that, in their minds. So, why try? Why dream?

            The Clinton’s were “new” Democrats and dragged the Democratic party considerably right in the 90’s. The reverberations of that still echo today and made it an uphill battle for Bernie.

            Lastly, I would say that the two party system is unique to America and forcing everyone who is center, center-left, left (even possibly center-right), all into one viable party is uniquely American. There are plenty of Democrats who really don’t belong in the same party at all. Yet they’re forced to co-exist as best as possible. You can’t expect a hard line moderate to support a democratic socialist I suppose. Each gets their own viable party in other countries. Not in America.

          • Don’t sell yourself short.
            That was very insightful as well as thoughtful. You pretty much summed it all up in one post. It would have taken me several to accomplish what you said. Every subject you touched upon was already in my thoughts.

            There is so much contradiction in the discourse these days especially when it comes to political accomplishments. What if Dr. King didn’t dream big? What if JFK, TR and FDR didn’t dream big? All four had lofty goals that seemed insurmountable yet they accomplished so much in spite of what naysayers predicted. My only hope for you is that you’re still young enough to see this soft revolution come to fruition and it’s conclusion.

          • That’s quite a compliment. Thank-you. I’ve seen your writing here. It wouldn’t have taken you several posts. Many others yes, but not you.

  9. Don’t forget that the Bernie bunch are the ones who hacked into the DNC and copied materials in the first place. He should have been charged for that stunt.


    • The fight’s over. Hilary won; Bernie lost. It’s time to get past that and recognize that the extreme-left and the center-left are at the same end of the political spectrum.

      • It’s time to realize that one party wants to move forward into the future and one party wants to retreat into the past.

        • I agree with that (the former being the Democrat Party and the latter being the GOP), but I don’t know what that has to do with my post.

          • Left is left and right is right and never the twain shall meet . . . The left moves ever forward, the right either remains static or seeks to return to bygone days. They move in opposite directions, and from that perspective, there is no center or extreme left. There is only a party moving into the future, and all the right can see of it is our asses receding into the distance,

          • Again, I agree – as I usually do with your posts. However, I still don’t know what either of your two posts has to do with my post:

            “The fight’s over. Hilary won; Bernie lost. It’s time to get past that
            and recognize that the extreme-left and the center-left are at the same
            end of the political spectrum.”

            What I was trying to convey was the idea that Bernie’s base and Hillary’s base are both constituent parts of the left of center party, and that they need to unite now and elect Democrats all up and down their ballots.

          • Yes . . . . and I suspect most will. However, to the right. all left is extreme left as they have no perspective; all they can see of the left are our asses as we recede into the distance, leaving them behind.

            But we should bear in mind that the right will engage in false flag operations, pretending to be unrepentant Bernie supporters just ragging the hell out of Hillary just to stir trouble. The one thing they do NOT want is the democrats presenting a united front, so they will go to extremes in order to drive in wedges.

            So when you see a so-called Bernie supporter announcing in grandiose terms that he’s not going to vote for Hillary because of (insert talking point here), be aware that in all probability, it’s just a Drumpfdroid trying to pull a con.

  10. As more and more information comes out about the DNC rigging the primaries, more Bernie supporters will go to Trump or a independent, or just not vote. They are already mad about the VP choice made by Hillary.

    • So, you’re saying a cadre of extremists on the left are going to join the extremists on the right and lend their support to the GOP effort to elect a buffoon? Does that about sum up your post?

      Wow! How’s that for prescient analysis, folks?

      • Said some more of Bernie supporters will go to Trump or elsewhere because of their candidate being screwed by the Democratic Party.

        • That’s what you and Trump are hoping for, but at the end of the day, the will vote for Hilliary, unless they are white nationalist, then we can’t change their cold heart.

          • I’m going to go out on a limb here and suggest that there’s nary a Nazi among Bernie’s troops.

          • Thanks Cranky, as an ardent Bernie supporter I appreciate that. That’s not to say there aren’t any Nazis supporting Bernie even though he is Jewish by birth. Sometimes politics make for strange bed fellows.

          • Where was all this support for Hillary when she was running against Obama? Oh that’s right, nobody liked her then. She was seen then by liberals as the too pro-establishment candidate. But I concede, you win, I’ll vote for her in Nov. But we are not going way, we’re going to keep fighting for reel progressivism, not a
            corporately owned oligarchy.

          • Actually, she had a very great deal of support. But Obama played a better game, and Hillary made some very arrogant assumptions which hurt her. But she’s learned.

            And congratulations, welcome to reality. If she wins, the movement wins The movement LIVES. If Drumpf wins, the movement gets squashed like a bug, just as it was back in 1968. The Clean for Gene supporters were too clean to support Humphrey, and as a result, we got Nixon. Then we got Reagan. They literally snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. That is my fear this election. Hillary’s not perfect by ANY stretch of the imagination, but look at the alternative. If you liked Nixon, you’re just flat gonna LOVE Drumpf.

            This is a transitional election. This is the handoff from the boomer generation to the next gens.And it should be from liberal to progressive. If it’s not, you’re screwed, because you’ll be on the run. Hopefully, you’re learning from the mistakes you made in this election and will be better prepared for the next. You have to know the rules of the game if you’re going to play the game. I have no problem with you fighting for progressive causes, hell, I’m behind you 100%.

            But the movement has to live in order to move forward. With Hillary, it lives. With Drumpf, it dies for yet ANOTHER generation. Another generation for the corporation to burrow ever deeper into the flesh of society.

            Life isn’t perfect. Candidates aren’t perfect. But if you let the perfect kill the good, then evil wins.

          • Alright…I can respect that
            reply. The history of my comments have been consistent from the beginning. I’ve known Bernie wasn’t electable since he started running and I even stated such a couple of weeks back. Not because he is a bad guy, but because the Obama presidency has taught us all a lesson. I just feel compelled to defend the Bernie voters, at least the well meaning ones. There are good and bad actors in every camp and unfortunately Bernie has no more control over them than I do. Bernie’s message has become a martyr, not him.

          • To be honest, I really liked Bernie when he was starting out; I’ve always had a weakness for scrappy underdogs (like Obama). But my problems with Bernie was mostly that he was a one-trick pony who had only ONE topic he would discuss. And while yes, I agreed with him about income inequality, there’s more to being president than just that.

            And the other problem I dad was the juvenile, whinging adolescents who were backing him. The Berniebros just totally turned me off with their crap, turned me away from him and back to Hillary. I outgrew that childishness when I was 17 years old. The general level of arrogant ignorance I saw displayed was literally mindboggling to me.

            I mean, c’mon . . . how could you NOT know that you needed to be a registered voter in order to vote? Or be a registered democrat to vote in a closed primary or participate in a democratic caucus? And to throw a temper tantrums because you hadn’t bothered to learn the rules and couldn’t just have things YOUR way?

            Nope, sorry, as much as I like Bernie, I’ll go with the candidate who talks sense and whose supporters aren’t emo kids whining that they feel cheated because the people who knew the rules were winning and they weren’t in spite of their obvious moral superiority. It’s sort of like Jesus – I kind of like the guy, but his followers just give me the creeping willies.

            I wish Bernie’s movement well, I think they’re the wave of the future. Once they figure out the rules, how to play the game, and freakin’ grow the hell up.

          • I had to laugh when you brought up the the voting issue. This article brought up the same issue. The kids whom you referred to probably weren’t informed that all they had to do was register
            with either party and they could vote for the candidate of their choice. I can’t speak for every state but here in CT Bernie was on the ballot, as were all the candidates. I won’t argue with you on the “one trick pony”
            remark, to a large extent it’s true. But that and the economy sprinkled in with the rigged system has always been the theme throughout his career. What he did was to condense it all together so people could digest it
            easier. Don’t know what the Berniebros
            are, I only heard about it for the first time today. Keep in mind, the kids today are self absorbed but so was I at that age so I try to give them a pass. I still believe in the end most will vote Hillary.

          • Yup, though what’s really funny are the alt-right and 4chan Drumpfdroids pretending to be Berniebots to fling poo and sow dissension. Fortunately, most of them are so hamfisted as to be laughably transparent

          • Would you really expect anything different? There’s a wealth of info.
            on the web about trolling, I found it to be a very enlightening read. I find it easy to laugh at the trolls instead of getting angry

          • Either way you have the power to understand what a Trump presidency would do you our economy, our safety and well being. Why do people gamble with their welfare. I’m for fixing it one step at a time. Vote Hillary and talk to your friends.

          • I’ll give it a shot but you give me more credit for
            having any influence over others than I deserve. I’m on the periphery with only a small circle of friends. I don’t belong to any organizations and I’ve already lost a job due to my discontent so I need to be smart about it.

          • Ah, but do you remember how divided the Obama camp and the Hillary camp were back then? I was on the Memo back in those days, so were you. As I recall the Obama supporters were constantly under attack from the “right” as well as from some of Hillary’s supporters. Sort of like History repeating itself, wouldn’t you agree? There were accusations of sexism along with questions of Obama’s credentials.
            There was also outright hostility when Obama didn’t make Hillary his running mate. At least once the dust settled Hillary was added to Obama’s cabinet. What it boils down to is we are all firmly entrenched in our beliefs and most times than not are unwilling to give an inch. That being said, I don’t condone the rotten eggs from either side.

          • I don’t really remember a division, I remember he was nominated and won by a landslide. I am concerned with the future of our great country, and maybe you should be too.

          • I hope I didn’t give you an indication that I’m not concerned. My life certainly isn’t rosey but I’m also fearless. I learned long ago that we can be concerned about something without being stressed. There is a difference.

          • I think I’d rather they be professional and competent, What part of that do you have a problem with?

    • Berniebots are not Democrats so who cares? Most are paid GOP operatives and the others are losers looking for a free ride through life on someone else’s money. They learned that from Bernie himself.

      • The Bernie followers are just socialist calling their selves progressives. They haven’t bothered to look at countries where Bernie’s type of socialism hasn’t worked even a little bit.

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