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Monday, March 25, 2019

Reprinted with permission from Alternet.

A social media storm calling for a congressional investigation into conflicts of interest between Donald Trump’s family members who will run his businesses while he serves, and his presidential transition team, jammed House Oversight and Government Reform Committee phone lines Friday.

“The committee’s phones became jammed most of Friday after a Facebook post calling for an investigation into President-elect Donald Trump’s finances started to go viral,” the Washington Post reported. “The message urged readers to call the panel to ‘support the call for a bipartisan review of Trump’s financials and apparent conflicts of interest’ after Trump’s daughter and son-in-law joined his private meeting Thursday night at Trump Tower with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.”

“This is a state meeting and they had no security clearance…and she is supposed to be running his businesses during his presidential term,” the Facebook post states, referring to Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump. “Can you spell yyyuuuge conflict of interest?”

Trump’s meeting with Abe was his first in-person conversation with a foreign leader since the election. The presence of Kushner and Ivanka Trump came after the president-elect reportedly asked that top security clearances be issued to his family members—the same people he has said will manage his business properties during his administration.

It’s doubtful the GOP-run House Oversight panel will investigate their own party’s incoming president. But that doesn’t mean Republicans are not hearing about the public’s growing discontent with the president-elect’s missteps two months before he is sworn in.

“Over on Capitol Hill, an Oversight Committee aide said the staff is answering calls as fast as they can, but that the system is ‘backed up,’” the Post reported. “That’s true — we tested it ourselves. As of 3:30pm, calls were going through to voice mail after a message stating the line is ‘not available.’”

Whether Congress’ oversight process will also be unavailable for the duration of the GOP majority’s tenure—when Republicans are in the crosshairs—is an open question. But nobody should hold their breath.

IMAGE: L-R) Eric Trump, Donald Trump Jr., and Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump attend the ground breaking of the Trump International Hotel at the Old Post Office Building in Washington, July 23, 2014.  REUTERS/Gary Cameron

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144 responses to “House Oversight Committee Phones Jammed By Angry Calls Over Trump Conflicts Of Interest”

  1. Box says:

    Since when does one need clearance to meet people socially? Does Obama kids have security clearance to meet the many who have visited the WH? Doubtful. Why dont you save the phone lines for something important instead of being worthless pests?

    • causeican says:

      Are you for real? Obama’s mother has been deceased since November 7 1995.

      • angie497 says:

        Well, see, that’s why she had to live at the White House. I mean, it’s really, really expensive to take care of dead people… [/snark]

        It kinda makes me sad that it’s necessary to actually identify this sort of thing as snark, but given the incredible amount of stupidity out and about these days, well…

    • Daniel Jones says:

      Box, you are so fact-averse I fear you may have been contaminated by the hAgsLander and Autogrief.

    • cthetruth says:

      Obama’s kids do not have monetary interests in over 500 businesses around the world, some associated with rogue deadly regimes. Trump’s kids have no business with top security or access to that information. Their business should be put in a blind trust while Trump is President so his decisions won’t be based on his wallet. It is as simple as that,and we should know what his finances are and who the countries are that butter his bread,for security reasons. He and his children also should be forbidden from advertising their products on a taxpayer funded, as they recently did, for financial gain. If you do not comprehend that, or understand how dangerous that non- disclosure is to our security than there is no use having a discussion about this topic. Trump is corporate America and greed is his priority.

    • Joan says:

      Tax payers did not pay for Marian Robinson’s “care”. The first family pays for their own upkeep including food while in the White House – this is a matter of record easily obtained by a Google search. The Obama’s children are not running a multimillion dollar, multinational business on behalf of their parents which is why a social meeting between them and forgein dignitaries is not a conflict of interest. It is obvious that you do not understand the concept and are in general ill informed whereof you speak. You should not be casting aspersions about other’s face or attractiveness.

      • Eleanore Whitaker says:

        You cannot reason with AG or Boxer Butt. These men are nuts. What they want is for us to accept that mental illness is sanity and in their Bizarro World, accept what we know and have all been taught by parents and teachers is WRONG.

        They never had parents who raised them..They had dullards who barely finished 8th grade. They had teachers who took public tax dollars while they paced back and forth in classroom preaching the Bible.

        • Joan says:

          I have no illusions about educating Box, Ag lander or like minded Trumpterian Minions; it is important to correct false information for the benefit of others reading comments. If there is nothing else we learned in this election; we learned that the alt right take over of “free” talk radio and Facebook fake news is a real threat to our democracy. We must take the time and make the effort to correct falsehoods as we find them. An informed citizenry is our best defense against facism, racism, intolerance and a whole host of other evils.

      • jim muster says:

        Joan, You are probably using to many big words and abstract concepts for “BOX” to understand. You are wasting your time on him/her trying to explain why the Trump children should not be privy to these meetings …remember “You can’t fix stupid”

    • The lucky one says:

      “Does Obama kids have security clearance to meet the many who have visited the WH? ” do they have a product line they are promoting or stewardship of far flung business interests?

      • Eleanore Whitaker says:

        The joke is? Ivanka only sat in on that meeting with those Japanese dignitaries so Daddy could push those hideous overpriced crappola shoes she sells.

    • yabbed says:

      OMG. The racist, misogynist, white supremacists that we once had in a box are set loose on society. Poor America. We are circling the drain already. No world leadership for us in the future.

      • George Carroll says:

        They were never in a box, they were just wise enough to remain silent and keep their views to themselves. With Orange Hitler now in charge, they’ve become emboldened enough to let their freak flags fly, out and proud, which ironically is pretty gay…another group they claim to despise.

    • George Carroll says:

      There is a difference between the Obama kids attending a State dinner — which they rarely, if ever, did — and sitting in on a meeting with a world leader. “Take your kids to work” day does not include taking them to a meeting of the Board of Directors…do you see the difference? And yes, the Obama children have security clearances. Ivanka and her husband don’t. I assume they will eventually but as of now they do not.

      • Eleanore Whitaker says:

        Boxer Butt is a racist. In the south and midwest, these are the “boys” whose Daddies always used racial slurs and at every possible chance tried to prove ALL minorities and women were beneath them. Not that they ever held jobs that would last more than a year or two before Boxer Butt ended up on welfare.

        • Jon says:

          Box is also one sick pervert. He told me that women sexually assault themselves and men have a right to sexually assault women. Ignorance and perversion keep Box going.

    • johninPCFL says:

      All they were discussing was the acquisition of a free piece of prime Tokyo real estate for a new hotel in exchange for keeping the American nuclear umbrella over Japan.
      No problem, there, right?

      • Eleanore Whitaker says:

        First of all, Trump is more secretive than Cheney EVER was. Not only will this be a back room presidency. It will be a back room presidency that locks out taxpayers with a right to a voice in our government.

        Trump last week stated he has NO Intentions of living in the White House and intends to turn the PentHOUSE in Trump Tower into the NEW White House. You will be the one paying for that.

        Already those of us in NJ and NY are seeing armed cops with AK-47 lined up in front of Trump Tower and on the rooftops.

        The bills according to Chief Carlos Gomez of NYPD are being sent to the federal government. No state would pay to turn Trump Tower into Fort Knox for Trump.

        • George Carroll says:

          Geez, I’ll bet that’s going to be a hassle and a half for the people who live and work in Trump Tower. As far as him turning down the White House as a residence and making Trump Tower the NYC White House, that remains to be seen. I imagine even his strongest supporters will tell him that’s a bad idea. After all, he’s a “man of the people” right? Men of the people don’t force their people to spend unnecessary millions of dollars on a new “White “House” when the one that’s served since the 1800’s is perfectly fine. It would be a bad public relations move for him to do that…or perhaps he doesn’t want to move into a house black people just moved out of? I’m just saying.

    • Beckstle says:

      A) The Obama kids were actually kids, not running Daddy’s companies.
      B) The Obama kids were never sitting in official meetings with heads of countries. A White House tour is not a meeting.

      In short, you are comparing apples and oranges. Meanwhile, the nonsense about Obama’s mother is hilarious. Obama is not the first President to have a parent or in-law living at the White House. It started with Ulysses S. Grant.

      As for “burning the taxpayer money” it’s more like they saved some. The kids would have needed a full-time nanny if not for their grandmother being there – which then would have had to have been paid for.

    • angie497 says:

      Um, Obama’s mother never lived at the White House, sunshine. She died in 1995.

      You really are an ignorant one, aren’t you?

  2. AgLander says:

    And all the angry calls of protest were from alt-left Democrats who have their own conflict of interests, and it’s a very big one………it’s called the U.S. CONSTITUTION! They just hate that pesky document that stands against everything they believe.

    • causeican says:

      The constitution does not restrict someone for calling a phone number. You guys really are deplorable.

      • AgLander says:

        Did I say that? You are reading challenged because all I said was that the calls were all surely from sedition minded Democrats who despise our founding document.

        • causeican says:

          Having a rough day buttercup. You most be bleeding out of your whatever. And you’re not a 10. Maybe a 3.

          • AgLander says:

            Is that just your way of conceding the point? Save the words……just say “uncle” next time!

          • causeican says:

            Yo mama!

          • AgLander says:

            Sorry I embarrassed you, but you are the one who dove in on the wrong side of the pool and hit your head.

          • causeican says:

            a fascist says what?

          • AgLander says:

            No, I’m a racist, as in racing to make America great again on the Trump Train.

          • bobnstuff says:

            I thought that is “Make America White Again” and they call it the Chump Train.

          • AgLander says:

            You just made an ugly, racist comment. A not so nice, but common trait among liberals

          • bobnstuff says:

            It’s sad that it’s true. Look at who he is appointing. Look who his supporters are.

          • Eleanore Whitaker says:

            Trump reminds me of the kind of games I saw when I worked in 3 Fortune 50 corporations for the CEOs. Then, as an “executive assistant,” I was told to keep my mouth shut about what they were doing.

            I saw how they would fire dozens of people when their profits were flatlining so they could then increase their annual bonuses. But what I saw these men do was nothing short of throat cutting strategies they thought was fine and dandy.

            IN one case, the VP of Sales and Marketing was already nearly maxed out in salary and his commissions were so high that he was always No. 1 in annual sales quotas. To get rid of him so the CEO could jack his bonus, he pitted one guy against the other as he watched them smear each other’s sales skills and their achievements. This is the game Trump is playing right now.

            When I asked the then CEO why the Executive Board was doing that his response was and I quote, “It’s dog EAT dog. The best man is the one whose knife cuts competition’s throat first.” Ruthless? Brazen? What else?

          • slbush7 says:

            Again, idiot. Accomplishments zero probability.

          • Eleanore Whitaker says:

            You are the racist asshat. We see it in every one of your posts. You are outnumbered on this thread by Americans you right wingers have now enraged. When you get those beatings you asked for, pull out your victim cards because your bully BS is over.

          • The lucky one says:

            Aggie, is this your picture or a caricature of Hillary?

          • AgLander says:

            Can you imagine that face roaming the halls of the White House! Boy, did we dodge a bullet when she went down in electoral flames!

          • The lucky one says:

            No worse than Trump’s ugly Mussolini look-a-like mug with cotton candy hair made out of piss. Okay aggie I know that makes you wet.

          • The lucky one says:

            Wrong again, as is expected.

          • slbush7 says:

            dido. moron .

          • causeican says:

            The trump train that insults American prisoners of war?

          • Eleanore Whitaker says:

            You embarrass yourself moron. Too bad you are too stupid to know it.

          • Eleanore Whitaker says:

            He never had one he ever actually called “Mama.”

          • Eleanore Whitaker says:

            No it is our way of shutting your stupid mouth.

          • I Am Helpy says:

            who would have thought the high-school dropout was functionally illiterate? WHO?

        • The lucky one says:

          You never say anything, just spew nonsense and most likely spittle all over your keyboard.

    • Sam the Sham says:

      You are a pesky little troll. People like you should move to Russia. You would be much happier there. They have a true dictator, not just an aspirational one. You are really funny. Thank you for a good laugh, honey.

      • Dan S says:

        Personally I think Agatha is already there in Russia ???????? She/He has never rebutted my claim that their not a Russian troll. It’s ironic that Agatha cites the US Constitution which I feel certain President Trump will choose to ignore when it doesn’t fit into his sick twisted ideology. My biggest fear is the 1st Amendment coming under attack when the press to write & demonstrators right to protest is squelched

        • Jon says:

          I seriously doubt if Trump has ever read the Constitution. He has never talked or acted as if he has bothered to read it. In fact at one of his rallies shortly after the Democratic National Convention Trump was so offended that some attendees had copies of it that he ordered his brown shirts to throw them out.

        • yabbed says:

          It’s a man, I feel sure, not a woman. But you’re right that he’s a Russian troll working in some dank basement for a propaganda cell.

      • AgLander says:

        I’m VERY happy here….you and your sedition minded, anarchist riot thugs are the unhappy ones who need to book passage to a land that will accept such malcontent dregs of any society and operate from the lowest rung on the law and order ladder.

      • yabbed says:

        He is in Russia. He’s one of those fake name trolls pretending to be an American. Stop answering him. He gets paid by the post and every response he can post in answer to us just gets him a few rubles more.

    • greenlantern1 says:

      Spiro Agnew?
      John Mitchell?
      Are you kidding?

    • Eleanore Whitaker says:

      Lander …Your biggest problem is that you were born with a corrupt mind and a mouth too wide. The U.S. Constitution has a law against discrimination of race, color, creed or sexual orientation that protects us from asshats like you.

      Your Confederate Constitution never protect minorities because the southern and midwestern lazy butts needed FREE slave labor. You either admit that the Civil Rights Act of 1974 exists or maybe you would prefer another Civil War to shut that mongrel mouth of yours?

      • AgLander says:

        You are so old that the passing decades have blurred in your putrefied brain tissues……the year was 1964 for the passage of the Civil Rights Act.

        • Eleanore Whitaker says:

          I was referring to the when it was amended for the 1st time jerkoff. Go play with yourself so your brain can rot some more.

        • I Am Helpy says:

          Weird that you – a 60-70+ year old Alzheimer’s sufferer who references 1950s sitcoms – feel like you’re in a position to call other people old.

      • AgLander says:

        Have you ever read a history book other than the exciting story of the Beanie Babies phenomena?

        The Democrat party…the party of chattel mortgage.
        The Democrat party…the party of sedition that began a domino effect of states seceding after they REFUSED to accept the election of a Republican president named Abraham Lincoln.

        See any similarities to today?

        Sedition…….street riots, looting, burning and blocking commerce from coast to coast.
        Refusing to accept the results of an election clearly won by a Republican.

        This, ladies and gentlemen, is your Democrat party raising up its 1861 ugly head all over again!

    • Leftout says:

      House oversight committee – the People – voted out hillary for conflict of interest .

    • Thoughtopsy says:

      So you’re pro-nepotism now?
      You’re pro-corruption?

      After all that frenzied self-frotting over “Crooked Hillary” that everyone had to watch (painfully) on these forums? All the angry ranting over her “Foundation” that was “pay to play”….
      And now F**kface Von Clownstick is doing it and you’re defending it?

      It appears there is no principle you won’t bend or break to fit a pro- Republican narrative.

    • I Am Helpy says:

      “Something something CONSTITUTION!!!!1”

      You are getting dumber by the second.

    • Beckstle says:

      People who truly love the Constitution can’t stand Trump because his words have been stomping all over it since he first announced his plans to run. Trump is America’s Founding Fathers worst nightmare.

  3. The lucky one says:

    I see nit and wit, Donnie’s boys are already practicing the Mussolini arrogant pout mastered by their father.

    • timmfr30 says:

      I caught that as well…. This journey is going to be both laughable and tragic….may “the invisible cloud being” protect us all….

    • Eleanore Whitaker says:

      My Dad was born in Italy. So I am one of those who has NO grandparents born in the USA 4 generations back. My Dad always hated Mussolini. As a child, I asked him why. He said, he was “maniaco” …maniac. It’s kind of funny. I then read several books about Mussolini. And yes. Trump does the same thing Mussolini did. He goes from sanity to insanity at the drop of a hat. He struts around, demands attention and when he doesn’t get it, goes violent. Not that HE personally will do the dirty work.

  4. yabbed says:

    We NYers have known for a very long time that Donald Trump is not only throughly disreputable but a downright crook. He’s a crook. And his clear intention is to continue being a crook while POTUS. What he’s not going to do is build a wall and make Mexico pay for it, bring back manufacturing jobs to the US, restore the glory days of coal mining or deport 11 million immigrants, nor is he going to ban Muslims or register Muslims. He has several members of his inner circle of advisors who are blatant anti-Semites, including one who defends his belief that the holocaust was a hoax by saying the ovens were too small to hold 6 million Jews. It is a horrific thing that has been done with imposition of Donald Trump onto our history. Russia has played him like a violin just as they played with our election results. We have ugly times ahead of us. China and Russia will be the world powers in short order.

    • Eleanore Whitaker says:

      I don’t understand how on earth you New Yorkers are going to live with those guns atop Trump Tower pointing at the street below. That is not the 5th Avenue in the United States of America. And you just know Fat Face is in his penthouse lapping up all of the attention Daddy refused to give him. You just know he is laughing up his sleeve at how much all of that Trump Tower security is costing all of us as taxpayers.

      • Jon says:

        Not being one who pays taxes because he is so smart, the freeloader must enjoy the free ride he is taking at our expense.

        • Eleanore Whitaker says:

          You have to see how many armed cops there are in front of Trump Tower and on the rooftops. All US presidents combined never got this much security. Trump is still collecting rent from those who lease or rent in that 58 story building.

          Worse is that now with Christmas coming 5th Avenue which rife with the biggest stores like FAO Schwarz, Lord & Taylor, Jimmy Choo, Tiffany’s and Cartiers are losing business because now not even will Rockefeller Center be open this year for the Tree Lighting service they’ve held there every year for generations.

          If you saw the inside of his PentHouse, you saw all that gold and gilt all over the walls. This is what he is hoping the world’s billionaires will do..flock to his Trump Tower and then have the same ostentatious suites. This is more of Trump’s free advertising on taxpayer dollar.

      • yabbed says:

        You have no idea. That entire area of midtown is a nightmare. Shoppers are thwarted, even to places like Tiffany’s and other high end retail. Traffic, including pedestrian, is horrifying. He should move to DC and come here on rare occasions but he says he prefers to live here and visit there. The enormity of providing security – Trump Tower is a public building with apartment residents and retailers – not to mention the cost to taxpayers. The military branch of the Secret Service is being brought in. Think of the apparatus for secure communications that the building will have to be refitted for. The building does not have bulletproof windows or even blast proof windows. There are buildings on all sides with proximity. The only way to his apartment and to his offices is via elevator. Imagine having to get him out of there in an emergency.

        • Jon says:

          It’s much harder to run the country in the best interest of your business if too many people are around. Hiding from public scrutiny benefits him and that is all that matters. Taxpayers and the citizens of and visitors to NY City must be what he calls losers. No need to show respect or concern for them.

        • Eleanore Whitaker says:

          Typical Trump, now his Trump Tower gets maximum security for FREE for his leasees and renters. That building is 58 stories.

          I once read a story about a dictator in Russia. He knew how hated he was and kept his soldiers always at his near beck and call. He even went so far as to have someone test all of his food and if it had poison in it, they just died then and there.

          Trump will have a lab complete with PhD chemists to test all of his and his brood’s food at taxpayer cost.

          This guy is amassing more and more people who want him gone. Where there’s a will, there is always a way. So no matter how many miles around Trump Tower is secured, he still has to eat.

    • Jon says:

      He swindled his flock by selling limited edition MAGA Caps and copies of “Art Of The Deal” personally autographed by Trump. The cheapest caps were $125. Apparently amidst the large print “Personally Signed By Donald J Trump” was a line of small print at checkout that indicated the items actually were signed by an autopen. It seems those being fleeced didn’t notice the smaller print advising of the autopen. They bought his lies. Looks like they will buy anything.

  5. greenlantern1 says:

    Trump owns golf resorts worldwide!
    Where are his golf carts made?
    His golf clubs?
    His golf balls?
    His golf tees?

  6. Eleanore Whitaker says:

    To all Americans who still know right from wrong, who still believe that the right wing, Tea Party and Republicans must be stopped from destroying democracy and the U.S. Constitution. To All Americans who see that the man who stole an election, paid his way into the RNC and managed to play on the sympathies of people who refuse to make changes that fit 2016 and want to FORCE all of us to continue to pay for the pollution they create and pretend Climate Change is all a joke. To All Americans whose hearts are with the men and women who fought in all of the wars for human rights, civil rights and now find a man who is so unsuitable to lead this country anywhere but to oligarchy. To All AMericans who want a future for your children that doesn’t ram religion down their throats, laws that only apply to the poor and middle class and leave our kids without proper education….Do the honorable thing:

    SHARE SHARE SHARE::::::Please place call to Department of Justice today to voice your concerns about election results. I was assured our calls and emails are being collected, cataloged and taken seriously.Department of Justice phone number is 1-800-253-3931 or you can email them at . Or you can also call 202-353-1555.

    When you know that something was radically wrong with an election that would put a man in a PentHOUSE and not a White House, share this with everyone on the sites you are online with. Then, take ACTION!

    This is still your country. It won’t be much longer. After Trump, who’s next? Charles and David Koch? Adelson? Take Action today! Fight Fight Fight. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

    • 788eddie says:

      Thank you very much, Eleanor, for the info.

      I am sure it will be put to good use.

      • Eleanore Whitaker says:

        I am senior. They are going to cut SS, Medicare and Medicaid we already paid for for over 4 decades. We’ll be dead one way or the other. Before we go, we may need to fight for the honor of our country. At least, we go out knowing the criminals didn’t take over democracy.

        This election wasn’t about Hillary or Trump. It was about voting for what was BEST for our country.

        • 788eddie says:

          I am in full agreement with you Eleanor!

          I’m just hopping that many of Trump’s supporters soon realize just how screwed they are! Many of the Red states, after all, get more back for each tax dollar they put in. Looks like their tit is about to go dry.

          • Eleanore Whitaker says:

            Eddie…last night there was NJ News broadcast. I said that with the ultra heavy security around Trump Plaza it would attract a terrorist attack. Guess what? The NYPD, NSA and FBI found a Yemeni planning to plant bombs all along the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade route. Fortunately, he was captured. New Yorkers are furious that Melania Trump plans to live in Trump Tower. That means the same mess of street closings, events cancelled and loss of business in the biggest name businesses in the country.

            Trump supporters are going to get their coal mining jobs back. What they can’t do now or ever is force everyone who has converted to solar or wind power to reconvert back to fossil fuels, not unless they want their government to pay for the reconversions. These lunatics never leave their state. They live in the world of the dead of the past. So, they have NO idea how prolific the solar energy industry is. There are now 3 major Solar energy companies in NJ alone…and one of them has over half a million customers.

          • 788eddie says:

            Eleanor, it’s so sad that we seem to be trading the White House for the pentHouse.

            I don’t think coal will ever make a comeback; it’s not economically feasible for that to happen. Natural gas, which is more plentiful, is also so much cheaper. And everyone who converts to solar decreases the demand for fossil fuels.

            Next we’ll be hearing Trump saying, “Tax breaks, peons, tax breaks.” (that’s the only way they can bring back coal). And, once again, you are correct about the re-conversions.

          • Eleanore Whitaker says:

            Eddie…I so wish that you are right. I worked for nearly 25 years in Environmental Engineering. I started there as a tech writer and then got the accounting manager job lobbed on me when boy genius found out I owned a business and did my own accounting.

            But let’s think about this. You know that Alaska, North Dakota, South Dakota and several other states are all lobbying the feds to hand over the public lands in their states. This flies in the face of what happened when Albert B. Fall, Republican President Harding’s Secretary of the Interior tried selling off public lands to big oil interests for pennies on the dollar.

            If these states get their syrupy mitts on these national parks and public lands, you and I both know that all of these are untapped sources of natural resources like coal and oil.

            I watched a very interesting documentary on the Travel Channel about a month ago. The host was traveling in Russia. Near the end of the program, he took a ramshackle train to Siberia to see the building and addition to an old existing railroad there. The Russian he spoke with through an interpretor told him that the reason for building and rebuilding of the railroad was due to the increase in coal mining. You know that the greedy energy industry never wants Russia to get ahead of the US on any level, including coal.

            Dollar to a donut, the coal mining will start so that it can be sold to Russia’s coal mining competitors.

          • 788eddie says:

            Thank you for posting this information for all of us. As usual, you make a salient point.

          • Eleanore Whitaker says:

            One thing you can bank on…the Penthouse president ONLY knows how to deal “business.” He is not a politician. So the temptation to always push business is all he will do even when he is now trying to gloss over “conflict of interest.”

            I’ve never known any businessman with business in his veins to not be magnetized by an opportunity to increase his business. If he does that, we’ve got him by his balls.

            The U.S. Constitution forbids using presidential influence as part of the emolument clause:

            Emolument Clause in the U.S. Constitution:

            “No Title of Nobility shall be granted by the United States: And no Person holding any Office of Profit or Trust under them, shall, without the Consent of the Congress, accept of any present, Emolument, Office, or Title, of any kind whatever, from any King, Prince, or foreign State.”

            Already he and the RNC have been found by the FEC to have committed 1,000 violations to campaign donations that include exceeding the amount allowed for donations and “mystery” donors with no names.

            Now, it looks as if WI didn’t bother to count another 2,000 votes either. And the beauty of it all? If it is proven the RNC rigged this election in his favor? Not only do they all end up before the Supreme Court for violating their oaths of office but we don’t need the Republican House or Senate Majority to bring it to the floor. Constitution law violations as we have all seen only require a citizen to bring the case before the courts. As for Pence, he cannot take office either. He was the RNC and Trump’s choice. So, that automatically disqualifies him from taking the presidency.

            Oh yes…This is going to be a very interesting turn of events. We all knew this election had to be rigged. Hillary Clinton won the popular vote. The GOP knew they could not win by popular vote. So they went through the back door and used Russian hackers to alter and delete votes. Now, even Snowden proved that this was done.

            It’s kind of funny watching the guilt oozing from Republican veins. They have no where to go from here but OUT.

          • GODBlessRealAmerica#1 says:

            PRESIDENT TRUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • GODBlessRealAmerica#1 says:

      Wow you are an idiot!

  7. jim muster says:

    You ain’t seen nothing yet ! Sorry America.

    • Eleanore Whitaker says:

      I won’t be around to see the end of The Emperor Trump’s destruction of our government. He and his attack dogs are about to kill off the seniors the minute they get rid of SS and Medicare we already paid for. Don’t wonder why seniors would rather go down fighting with a sense of honor than live in a world of middle aged bully jerks like Ryan, Cotton, Issa and Gowdy.

  8. johninPCFL says:

    What’s the problem? Trump was merely allaying Abe’s fears that the US would cut them loose to face China, Russia, and Korea on their own.
    In exchange for a nice piece of downtown Tokyo real estate (free and clear) on which to put up his next hotel, Trump will keep American youth on the front lines in Japan and Korea.

    • Eleanore Whitaker says:

      If you have to ask what the problem is, men like you prove how insane you are. Trump’s appointee to the military is a guy who had some very serious legal problems. Why is he still allowed to be appointed? Men like you have no souls, no consciences and think you can FORCE others to be as courrupt as you are. WRONG.

      Trump is right now laughing at you because he is forcing you to pay for more security than any US president has ever had and he isn’t even sworn in yet.

      How did you get so stupid? You flunk out of 5th grade and daddy shipped you off to the military to “make a man of you?” This is not 1950 and this IS a democracy.

      The youth Trump will keep in the front lines will be all the kids of the middle aged who voted for him. The rest will secede from the union or move out of the country. Hope you enjoy THAT tax burden.

    • Joan says:

      You probably need a snark alert tag to your post.

      • angryspittle says:

        If anyone doesn’t catch that they’re pretty damn dense.

        • Joan says:

          I believe that you under estimate the credulity and ignorance of the average American. The impossible and implausible are promoted on fake news sites and half the nation is outraged and incensed. The United States just voted for Donald Trump to be President, pretty damn dense does not even come half way to covering that!

    • GODBlessRealAmerica#1 says:

      We could starting deporting liberals like you that’s a good starting point…

  9. jim muster says:

    I wonder if Ivanka will have the outfit she wore to the meeting on her website for sale? The acorn does not fall from the tree.

  10. says:

    the DONNY DUMP DUMPSTER is trying to get his own ATT. GEN. in office and at the job to stop the investigations . if it be like his life and the IRS then thy will be investigating. him for years after he leave the white house (if he isn’t jailed while he is in it . with the POS EGO AND GREED id bet he will be serving time in a FED. prison in no time taking his brain dead clan with him . so much so heck he could be telling people PLEASE SHOT ME

    • GODBlessRealAmerica#1 says:

      Oh get a life loser!!!! President Trump is a great man you are the POS & PYSCHO!!!! Seek therapy from the election he is the PRESIDENT whether you like it or not moron! Sit down and shut up!

  11. laraskelly says:

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  12. Let’s keep those phones ringing until Trump sees the light. The emperor’s nepotism is stifling.

  13. Jon says:

    The fascist didn’t waste time proving he is every bit as dangerous and dishonest as he was when he was campaigning. He starts by lying telling his no information voters that the 10’s of 1000’s of protesters against his election were professional protesters incited by the media.
    He lied to the media and then ditched them to go out at a very expensive restaurant only his supporters can afford.
    Instead of creating a trust for his spawn to run and separate his businesses from his presidency, he made them part of his transition team and had them present for a meeting with Japan’s Prime Minister.
    He is appointing white men to his cabinet making cabinet meetings look like KKK rallies without the sheets and pointy hoods with Bannon, Flynn, Sessions and Pompeo.
    He used a CBS “60 Minutes” appearance to promote his daughter’s jewelry line.
    He lied and said he made Bill Ford keep production of Lincoln vehicles in Kentucky instead of moving it to Mexico. Ford had never intended to move it to Mexico.
    He said the NY Times was a failing institution. It isn’t. He got mad because he didn’t like an article about him.
    Trump lied and said the cast of “Hamilton” was rude to Mike Pence when he went to see the play. When the play finished the cast came out and their spokesman politely read a request the cast had for the Trump-Pence kleptocracy. Pence walked out on them. Trump said the cast should apologize.
    Trump spoke on an unsecured phone with leaders of other nations,including Putin. The damage he did to interests is incalculable.
    These are only some of the things we know about. What happens in Trump Tower stays in Trump Tower unless the Glorious Leader says otherwise.

    • GODBlessRealAmerica#1 says:

      Jon you sound like the Democrackhead racist media Cnn, Cbs, msnbc and huff post…low energy and lies you spew. Ru on drugs?

      Ny times is ignorant and politically motivated and guess what we crushed them
      we won you lost get over it you low energy moron!!!

  14. Katstiles says:

    If this disastrous start to T rump’s Presidency is any indication, he’ll be lucky to last a year without serious protests, criminal investigations, civil rights violations, and other acts of supreme stupidity and ignorance creating a huge demand to throw him and his corrupt family out of the White House. Of course, that’s alright with the GOP. They want Pence anyway, Trump was just the junk they had to accept to get Pence.

  15. FireBaron says:

    A Republican-Controlled Congress investigating a Republican President-Elect? Never gonna happen.

  16. Sweetpeace says:

    Not my leader. #NoKINGS

  17. 788eddie says:

    We’re not even to the New Year and the Inauguration yet. This doesn’t look very good as far as the Trump clan goes.

    But, let’s see what they can do. There is now no one to blame if they can’t pass budgets, avoid shutdowns, deal with sequestration, replace Obamacare, destroy ISIS or reverse the continuing loss of manufacturing jobs.

    If the deficit goes up, it’s on them.

    If unemployment starts going up again, it’s on them.

    If climate change gets worse, it’s on them.

    If Syria continues its downward spiral, it’s on them.

    If more countries acquire nuclear weapons, it’s on them.

    My prediction is that by next year, a large percentage of GOP voters will be denying that they ever voted for Donald J. Trump.

    But it will still be on them!

  18. patricia.franks says:

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  19. rita.schulte says:


  20. rita.schulte says:


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