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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

On the morning after the “fiscal cliff” crisis was averted with the House passing the Senate’s bill unamended, a strange item regarding Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) appeared in a Politico insider wrap-up of the negotiations:

“Go f— yourself,” Boehner sniped as he pointed his finger at Reid, according to multiple sources present.

Reid, a bit startled, replied: “What are you talking about?”

Boehner repeated: “Go f— yourself.

According to the Politico story, Boehner later bragged to fellow Republicans about the exchange. Why would the Speaker feel the need to brag about telling off Reid, publicizing what to many Americans would surely sound like embarrassing behavior? Hmm. Who would be impressed by childishly showing outward contempt for a major Democrat and then the even more immature act of boasting about it?

Could it be the exact folks the Speaker is having the hardest time corralling — the Tea Partiers in his caucus?

On Friday, January 3, the Speaker faces re-election, which would normally be a formality as his caucus only lost a handful of seats — despite receiving more than a million fewer total votes than Democratic candidates. But the “fiscal cliff” debate has exacerbated fissures in his party after — for the first time in nearly 20 years — tax rates are set to rise on the richest.

First Boehner couldn’t get a majority of his members to support his “Plan B,” which would have raised the rates on incomes over $1 million. Then he agreed to put whatever bill the Senate passed to a vote. When the bill came to the House with $600 billion in tax increases and under $20 billion in spending cuts, House Republicans revolted. They demanded that an amendment be added with $300 billion in spending cuts, which the Senate said would kill the bill. Among the revolting Republicans, and perhaps the most revolting, was House Minority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA).

Republicans eventually allowed a vote on the bill, violating the Hastert Rule that demands any bill to be considered have a majority of the majority party behind it. But most Republicans voted against the bill.

Wednesday morning, the anger from the right was palpable on sites such as Breitbart and Red State that cater to the party’s extremes.

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20 responses to “Is Boehner’s Speakership Really At Stake?”

  1. Lynda says:

    A truly class act that only gets better each and every day. Watching the circus would be amusing if millions of our fellow citizens were not being harmed by this clown and his caucas. He will most likely keep the job if he really wants it. Why anyone would want to be the front man for that group of crazies is beyond me. What a thankless job.

  2. bardaw says:

    I will be one who recalls this fool’s behavior come election time…adios Boehner!!

  3. Name calling, immature outbursts, offensive gestures including the simian impersonations at the RNC and other such childish expressions are classic Republican behavior. At times, they almost seem to be a requirement to be a member of the GOP.
    Boehner was probably trying to ingratiate himself with disgruntled Tea Party members, I doubt he succeeded. The sad part is that his performance during the fiscal cliff negotiations, especially his ability to avert a TP revolt and convey the dangers of letting the country go over the fiscal cliff, all but guaranteed his position as Speaker of the House. Childish behavior like this undermines his credibility as a senior statesman and a national leader.
    I would not be surprised if most rednecks are cheering him on though…
    He owes Reid an apology, but I doubt he has what it takes to do such a manly thing.

  4. He is still better than Cantor or Ryan. Both are little tyrants that will refuse to negotiate with Democrats.

  5. Tired of looking at Boehner and Cantor……they are slowly eating away at the moral of our great country. They have forgotten that they are employees of the citizens and the ‘celebrity status’ that they seem to thrive on needs to be banished. They are our representatives!….Time to start acting like it!!!!

  6. ococoob says:

    Between Boehner and Cantor, I’d rally behind Boehner. Cantor’s a little weasel and should be watched closely! I’m not a Republican, but I, after reading and watching news, I can’t help that Boehner was doing the best he can with a bunch of me, me, me’s and whiners who have no concept of gov’t fiscal policy and with their scorched earth mentality will not think twice of putting this nation to hell in a hand basket!

  7. Jim Myers says:

    It doesn’t matter wether Boehner is dumped or not. The DYSFUNCTIONAL Idiots on the Right will screw up everything that matters as long as they are in power.


  8. one_veteran says:

    But there are NO ADULT republicans in congress to vote!

  9. MARK says:

    May they rot in hell!

  10. Doctor T says:

    Boehner is scum pure and simple. He is crafty and manipulative and a liar. It was evident that he was playing games big time in the last few hours on New Year’s. Give me a break! The guy is a con artist!

  11. dalnb says:

    I believe the threat against Boehner’s continuance as speaker was an in-house effort by some dedicated Tea Party Republicans who feel Boehner has not always backing them to the extent they desire. They wanted Boehner replaced by some one who was more dedicated to the Tea Party! How many times have we seen him and the President start something in harmony just to have him do a 360 degree turn around. I do not believe that turn around has been because he had a revelation but rather pressure from the Tea Party.

  12. gargray says:

    The obnoxious behaver of Boehner shows a antiquated brain.

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