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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Maybe somebody should offer Iron Mike Tyson a TV news-talk show, although it probably won’t be MSNBC. Last week the former heavyweight champ was one of vanishing few willing to await the evidence before pronouncing a verdict in the Trayvon Martin tragedy. Appearing on Piers Morgan’s CNN program to promote a documentary film about his boxing career, Tyson was asked his opinion of a just-concluded interview with gunman George Zimmerman’s older brother.

“I don’t know,” Tyson said. “I wasn’t there. I don’t know what happened. I have a good opinion what happened, like everyone else…He [Robert Zimmerman] doesn’t look like a seasoned enough liar to talk to you.”

Clearly, the champ learned plenty during his time in the penitentiary—where there are many seasoned liars, almost everybody’s innocent, and some small percentage of inmates actually are. Tyson adverted to the nation’s long history of young black men falling victim to racist violence, then made himself particularly clear: “I want to believe that Mr. Zimmerman did something wrong and illegal, but I wasn’t there.”

Neither were you, dear reader; nor was I. Like Tyson, we’ve learned everything we know about this terrible event from a ratings-driven and increasingly unreliable news media. That is, we’ve been presented a melodrama in place of a news story, with speculation and downright fictionalization being presented far in advance of facts.

And sometimes, alas, in their place. But hold that thought.

In consequence, roughly half the country has gone all Nancy Grace, the blonde former prosecutor who has never seen an innocent defendant; a smaller but impassioned cohort is replaying the late Johnny Cochrane’s Greatest Hits, the flamboyant defense attorney who helped get O.J. Simpson acquitted. There’s no shortage of commentators urging a racial dialogue, when what they appear to have in mind is a lecture.

Public fallout from CNN’s interview of Robert Zimmerman basically told the story. Under polite, but skeptical questioning by Piers Morgan, Zimmerman advanced his brother’s version of the confrontation between him and the 17 year-old victim. He described a scenario in which Trayvon Martin was the aggressor.

Supposedly, after a brief unfriendly exchange, Martin had broken Zimmerman’s nose with an unprovoked punch, pounded his head against the sidewalk, and then threatened to kill the self-appointed neighborhood watch volunteer with his own holstered handgun.

“George was out of breath, he was barely conscious,” Zimmerman said. “His last thing he remembers doing was moving his head from the concrete to the grass, so that if he was banged one more time he wouldn’t be—you know, wearing diapers for the rest of his life…and there would have been George dead had he not acted decisively and instantaneously.”

Morgan pressed Zimmerman to explain surveillance videos that appeared to show his brother brought into Sanford, FL police headquarters less than an hour after shooting Trayvon Martin “with no apparent markings to his face.”

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  • Mr. Zimmerman was VERY lucky he didn’t come across an armed intruder as he surely would’ve been beaten to the draw. Zimmerman was a loose cannon looking for a time & place to fire. He found same and now faces murder charges if Florida has any conscience.

    • Vincent you dont know what you are talking about, remember you were not there? You dont know Zimmerman, you have little of the evidence that crown is assembling, you are just listening to tabloid type news that gets the numbers for the new companies and like other simple minded people eat that garbage all up and jump to run to judgement with out knowing what really happened. I just thank God that we dont have people like you in the judicial system.

      • lobsang boshay

        Just like the phony suicide in San Diego “Spreckles” mansion, the naive Burmese girlfriend of that rich pharmaceutical guy. The rich and connected get away with MURDER!

      • joyscarbo

        Yeah, “Butt Munch”…and YOU didn’t know Trayvon Martin OR George Zimmerman! Shut your ignorant mouth because YOU don’t know what you’re talking about!

        • sgard12

          Now I really don’ t think that it is necessary to resort to name calling. The truth of the matter is that we really don’t know what happened! I think the thing that “Mutch” did not say are some rather interesting facts like it or not! I really think Mutch forgot to say or perhaps missed it that in the state of Florida they have that dumb law. To charge Zimmerman with murder or anything you have to present evidence about his state of mind. Remember that stupid law says “feel threaten” It is impossible to judge Zimmerman’s state of mind. Nothing else comes into play, nothing! I don’t like it either but that’s the law!

        • Yappy2

          Such nice words coming out of a so called professinal ER nurse, You weren’t there and you really don’t know what happened and can only spectulate in a very uneducated way.

        • jamezb

          MY arent we emotional!
          I take it you know them both and were present at the scene?
          When will you be taking the stand Joyscroto?

          • joyscarbo

            This post is only 4 months old, welcome to the discussion. You must feel strongly about this issue to seek and an reply to a comment made that long ago. I wonder why you care with so much else going on?
            I am a proponent of justice and the truth…nothing more, nothing less.
            It’s just ridiculous that Zimmerman wasn’t arrested from the get-go and he should have been.
            He lied to a court about his financial situation and that makes me wonder about what else he’s lying about?
            Trayvon was went to the store to get Skittles and Iced Tea- not a crime in this country as far I know.
            Too bad that the other participant of this tragedy is dead and can’t speak for himself.

      • bigmartin

        Vincent is omnipresent so that why he can make an accusation and believe it.

    • So you think that people that try to look out for their neighbors are “loose cannons”?
      Zimmerman was not looking for trouble, he was trying to prevent it by keeping an eye on his neighborhood. This country was founded on the idea that people should be responsible for their own security as well as others. I guess you are one of those “let the government take care of us” kind of people.
      I think you would be better suited to living in North Korea.

    • jamezb

      Mr Staley would prefer the headline to have read, “A Florida man was found beaten to death on a sidewalk today, police have no witnesses and no suspects.”

    • The Brigadier

      Zimmerman’s injuries were consistent with his head hitting the pavement. MSNBC showed Zimmerman arriving at the police station after being arrested and he had a big goose egg with a contusion on it on the back of his head . That is consistent with his statement about Martin knocking his head into the ground.

      Ask yourself, this question, why did Martin enter a gated community knowing full well that such neighborhoods have armed guards? Did he think because it was raining, he could slip in without being seen? When challenged and instead of leaving, he thought he could overpower the guard. Witnesses saw one man on top of another man pummeling the other. Martin had no contusions on his head, so he was obviously the one on top. That was his second irrational decision that night. He paid for his irrational actions.

  • fay

    George is not telling the truth, the video had proving that he had no bruises, and we heard the 911 tape. And George was in car, at the time that he had saw Trayvon, and approached trayvon. Now if George had supected something, why would he approach, trayvon. George, just assume that Trayvon, didn’t belong over there, based on racial motives. George, should have call the police, at that point, and let them do their job. And, his father is also a judge, he has some high power, that is hiding his son. God, in the name of Jesus, will prove that Trayvon , was wrongfully killed by George Zimmerman. God, power is very high, over satan the devil power.

    Didn’t you people not heard the 911 call when Trayvon, girlfriend, had told Trayvon, to run, because George Zimmerman, had gotten out of his car. To say the least, Trayvon was founded with a bag of skittle, and a can of ice tea. Again, George, Zimmerman is once again not telling the truth. He kill, Trayvon, in cold blood, based on racial motives, he killed, Trayvon. Trayvon, was being followed, by George Zimmerman in which got out of his car, to seek out information, in which had a gun, he knew, that he had over power Zimmerman, from the start. He had felt that he could get away with this killing. I am a christian, God saids know you won’t God power, is on the earth to last to bring justices, as well.

    • FAY sounds like you are very bias like most people out there. you werent there so really you dont know what happened — whether Zimmerman or Trayvon was the agressor. Zimmerman was a neighbourhood watch was well within his right to check Trayvon out even if the dispacher told him he didnt have to. the video you claim that shows Zimmerman had no bruises was grainy and not close up so I dont see how anyone based on that can say Zimmerman had no brusuises. why not let due process have its way, if you think the decision for a review of whether charges will be filed or not is fine, I am all for that. quite often the crown has to assemble the evidence before they decide to file charges.

      So we dont know if Zimmerman just got trigger happy and is lying about what happened or if Trayvon is was playing the tough-man that night and attacked Zimmerman and Zimmerman did fire is self defence. It will be hard to determine beyond a reasonable doubt who was in the wrong.

      I am just glad that the police are taking their time and assembling the facts and that our judisual system doesnt jump to decisions based on race, emotion, or tabloid news reports, like you and most others are currently doing.

      • holyreality

        The Police are doing nothing.

        They let Zimmerman go, no arrest, no court appearance, no investigation.

        Meanwhile Trayvon lay on a cold slab for days while his family frantically searched for him.

        So why should we “let the police take their time”?

        The reaction across the country to a killer who called the deceased a ‘coon, then kills said ‘coon, walks, with his weapon, free is why the blogosphere erupts, the news covers it, and why racism is once again the current topic.

        Due process is only a process towards justice if someone is arrested for killing someone else to “process”. Otherwise this is a farce, a travesty that feeds the antigun argument.

      • phantomoftheopera

        actually, he was told NOT to check him out. so he was on his own.

        if you believe the police were checking this out, you apparently haven’t heard that they had already decided to release and not charge him. their sweet little law allows killing at will–you can always say your life was in danger….and in that respect, martin had every reason to feel his life was in danger. if he had had a gun, he could have killed zimmerman with impunity.

        • Yappy2

          Actually, Goroge Zimmerman was told they didn’t need him to follow Trayvon Martin and he said Okay. He had already lost sight of Trayvon and was looking for an address to give to the police that he had last seen Trayvon Martin and then was walking back to is car. Some of you are saying you knew what was in his mind and I don’t know how you can say this.

      • rustacus21

        What we eventually know won’t answer all the questions, namely: why didn’t the police send a homicide investigation team, instead of a ‘narcotics’ squad, which would be looking to followup on Mr. Z.’s ‘hysterical’ perceptions of some ‘kid’; or why they didn’t do blood/breathalizer tests on site; why no ballistics tests were done; why the actual arrest warrant wasn’t processed & executed, that very nite?… which allowed, who we understand, was a murderer, walk. What does this say about the ‘local’ justice apperatus in Sanford? How can we even assume justice can be achieved, after police, seemingly, intentionally, unprofessionally, mishandled a murder case? How does this reflect on the relationship, prior, between Sanford law enforcement & the African American community? There’s much to consider here, but marginalizing the historical relationship between its residents is short-sited & narrow & is what has contributed to America’s racist obsessions & why it’s so hard to eliminate. But it will B. At some point, all the nations citizens will ‘mature’ sufficiently, to not need to depend on racism, as a ego massagant, or a wall to separate ‘us’ from ‘them’…

    • 1AmericanHoney27

      Fay evidently you haven’t seen the enhanced photos of Zimmermans head done by an independent company which shows the cuts in his head. All that jaw jacking does is cause unrest & won’t bring the young man back. To hear some talking you’d think this young man could walk on water. For Gods sake let him R.I.P. & the justice system do there job.

      • Guess you have not seen photos of Trayvons DEAD body.

  • fay

    I agree, with you he was a man with a problem, but his father is a Judge, that has friends, in high places. He know that his son is guilt, and George and his brother know as well. His father is hiding, him but God see all the wrong, and will make George Zimmerman pay.

    • Give it a break. You think you KNOW that that father and son knows is Zimmerman is guilty. who are you God or something that you are now reading minds.

      • lobsang boshay

        The fact that this Zimmerman guy isn’t a sworn policeman nor a licensed security guard and that he chased this kid even though 911 dispatcher suggested not to is proof that he already had sinister motive (racial hatred? racial bias?). IMHO, a cowboy mentality with a GUN! Wow! That spells trouble. Wonder how many ‘cowboys’ are out there.

  • FAY sounds like you are very bias like most people out there. you werent there so really you dont know what happened — whether Zimmerman or Trayvon was the agressor. Zimmerman was a neighbourhood watch was well within his right to check Trayvon out even if the dispacher told him he didnt have to. the video you claim that shows Zimmerman had no bruises was grainy and not close up so I dont see how anyone based on that can say Zimmerman had no brusuises. why not let due process have its way, if you think the decision for a review of whether charges will be filed or not is fine, I am all for that. quite often the crown has to assemble the evidence before they decide to file charges.

    So we dont know if Zimmerman just got trigger happy and is lying about what happened or if Trayvon is was playing the tough-man that night and attacked Zimmerman and Zimmerman did fire is self defence. It will be hard to determine beyond a reasonable doubt who was in the wrong.

    I am just glad that the police are taking their time and assembling the facts and that our judisual system doesnt jump to decisions based on race, emotion, at tabloid news reports, like you and most others are currently doing.

    • Zelator

      Mr. Zimmerman’s action were clearly not “Neighbourhood Watch”
      Neighbourhood “watch” means exactly that, a person who watches for crime and alerts the proper authorities so the authorities can take the appropriate action. Mr. Zimmerrman’s action are clearly NOT WELL WITHIN HIS RIGHT. No Mr. Zimmerman’s actions were far beyond WATCHING, he became a VIGILANTE and that is a crime in itself.

  • openmyeye

    What happened here was a young man was walking home and now he is dead. Someone should explain what actually happened in a courtroom. That’s the only thing people want there is no rush to judgment. People want Mr. Zimmerman to be arrested and tried for this stoppage of life. This is not something you can sweep under a rug and forget about it. Neither Mr. Zimmerman’s father nor his brother was there so why even interview them. They are naturally going to be bias. We need an arrest and a trial nothing more nothing less.

    • Openmyeye the crown looks at the case and makes a decision if they think a crime was committed and then they look to see if there is enough evidence to convict the person beyond a reasonable doubt of the crime. Some times this take time. Sometimes the police will not arrest a person in a case so they feel the accused will provide them with more evidence if he is not arrested. At this point the crown has made a decision not to arrest Zimmerman. If you or those think this an incorrect decision you can make your voice known but keep in mind that the crown does know then the general public.

      Zimmermans father and brother were interview as they are the only ones that have talked to him that are willing to give a interview. They have as much right to be interviewed as Trayvon parents do or anyone else for that matter. While we can all speculate why Zimmerman is not doing a interview at this point we dont know how ever I can think of all kinds of reasons not to.

      And yes Zimmermans friends are going to be bias just as Trayvon parents and friends are.

  • pepsireader

    How smart is that when Tyson says I was not there duo…and he don’t know. However, for everthing the news has reported on his character is that he don’t know anything. I rest my case. The majority will always win.

  • howa4x

    Tyson is right We should wait for a formal inquiry. I think the anger comes not as mob rule, but rather from the fact that the police did not do a thorough investigation, and just took Zimmermans word for what happened. The 9-11 tapes revel that something else was going on. That is where the anger is coming from, It seems like a coverup.

  • I respect Mike Tyson for refusing to be talked into agreeing with Piers Morgan about Zimmerman being guilty. Tyson stood up for “real” justice by waiting for the facts and not rushing to judgement. Had the situation been reversed, Trayvon would be glad that you are “innocent until proven guilty” in America, not mob violence.

  • Zelator

    Yes we are not pre- judging that’s has already happen by the police. We want Mr. Zimmerman arrested, we want a trial so we can get to the truth. This young man lost his life if it was you who were killed. What would you want?

  • Zelator

    Neighborhood “Watch” means exactly that to watch and alert the proper authorities when there is a problem. “Watch” and alert these are the only action required. Mr. zimmerman went far beyond his right, duty and responsibility. His own description of his action are more like a “Vigilante”. Mr. Zimmerman was (1) safe in his car, (2) in contact with a dispatcher, (3) armed with a gun. Mr. Zimmerman by his own admission ignored the advise of the dispatcher made his decision to exit the car and confront Mr. Martin. Why? there was no violent emergency or crime in progress. What was Mr. Zimmerman’s motive? After Mr. Zimmerman Killed Mr. Martin, then he says he was in fear of his life. When you look at these facts many questions rise up. We need real answers not hype from either side

  • 1AmericanHoney27

    One would have to be blind not to have seen the picture’s of this young man’s body. Take off your rose colored glasses & see the complete picture. Like everyone else.. You weren’t there so don’t assume anything. We all know what that does in any case. Leave it in the hands of lady justice.

  • bigspender7

    I wish this story would go away now.

    • you don’t have to be in the comments . just like zimmerman didn’t need to be out of his car . our watch people are well aware they are to approach no one .


    A had a gun, B did not. A followed B and shot him. Arming oneself and following a stranger in the night is criminally careless.

    • The Brigadier

      A was a legal security officer. B was a teenager who walked into a clearly marked gated community. It was As job to follow B who may have been lost, high or up to no good. If it was his job, pray tell me how that was criminally careless. Treyvon B was criminally careless in his trespassing.

  • Kaley25

    It is sad that people are trying to protect a person who shot an unarmed kid. Shame on you. Don’t write an article if you think it is okay to
    shoot unarmed people holding candy. The source that you are bragging on, shame on you again.

  • Kaley25

    Is that video real? It kind of looked fake to me. The close up images that were not their suddenly appeared. It looked like somebody tried to paint bruises on Zimmerman. Even if he was injured, he stalked an innocent kid. The child should have defended himself from a madman. Why is the murderer defended? and the victim on trial?

  • phantomoftheopera

    i think people need to remember that there are tapes of the 911 call. and they have been released. as has footage of zimmerman being taken into the police station. in sum, not everything stated in the press is opinion or sensationalized.

    no, none of us were there. but until all this uproar, righteous or not, the whole thing was being swept under the rug. zimmerman, if guilty, was going scott free. no investigation was happening. so the press was and is doing its job–a job apparently a lot of people don’t like. people on both sides are making outrageous statements.

  • sgard12

    holyreality, you like most miss the point. How do you arrest someone or do the things you believe should be done! In the eyes of the police, Zimmerman did no wrong! Yes he killed Trayvon but he was within his rights! This is a sad affair but… You are good! You come up with information (evidence) no one has! That is called speculation not based on fact! Yes, I believe racism is a live and well but jumping to conclusions like you have does nothing! What might happen to Zimmerman is the very thing we have been fighting for years! The court of public opinion. Please do not let this become an emotion battle for you!

  • The first time I saw an officer open the car door at the police station for Mr. Zimmeran this same officer checked inside both sides of Mr. Zimmerman’s jacket, then stepped around him to check the back of the jacket and head, then wiped his right hands on his pant’s leg. Why did he need to wipe his hand?

    I, too, live in a Neighborhood Watch area in Indiana but we call 911 for anything suspicious or loud college kid’s parties. That is their job not ours.

    My father was a Deputy Sheriff in NYS and never took a gun to a disturbance.

    I think there was an altercation and Mr. Zimmerman reacted foolishly and sadly.
    Were no words exchanged ? a tape

    Lynne Pietsch

  • It is irresponsible of the media to act as if they were the official investigators in this matter.

  • What IS undisputed is the failure of the police to ARREST Zimmerman, or test him for drugs, etc. THAT is what people are screaming about (well, of course there are always people who decide they know what happened w/o facts, but…). I’m NOT jumping the gun, blah blah blah. I am totally offended by the inference that somehow it is EVER right for an unarmed 17 yr old to be shot & killed w/o the perpetrator at least being detained. So go ahead, tell me THAT didn’t happen! Maybe Zimmerman felt threatened – maybe in a jury trial more facts will emerge, yadda yadda. I don’t know. But it seems to me the POLICE jumped the gun here, just assuming that this guy told the truth when a 17yr old child lay dead!

  • I think it is marvel the change in once violent himself Tyson and that he has spoken for us all who were not there and do not know the circumstances in this case- but the thing which bothers me is will we ever really know the facts not the fictions? When some thing happens and goes high profile immediately like this -OJ or JFK-then we have too many who want to use the tragedy to bring forth their own designs in this world instead of seeking facts and producing truth instead of lies to make a dramatic fiction- a young man is dead and another is involved in some manner in that death – and why he was out there doing what a trained officer should have been doing if there was a need instead of a volunteer who from other info seems to have had some issues in his life indicating he had problems and should not have been on patrol period or alone definitely- but was he in some offical group I have never heard or was he merely a wannabe and took this task upon himself and the gun law played it own part in the tragic happening- the gun does not kill the man who pulls the trigger does but if the gun is not in so easy reach then the man has no trigger to pull so a knock on a head may have been the end to the whole affair without that gun present.

  • rustacus21

    B/c we don’t know every thing & b/c Mr. Zimmerman will never be honest enuff (upon yet ANOTHER review of his 911 call & its content) to xplain why he didn’t obey the operators command & NOT stalk this teenager, eventually murdering him, we must speculate, as is human nature. I hate that I’ve done my fair share, but over the course of this tragedy, my eyes have been opened to a secret, hidden world, far worse (if any 1 can imagine such) than what we see unfolding in Sanford, FL. I didn’t know that if Jackie Robinson hadn’t ‘fled’ from Sanford, he would have been lynched & millions of baseball fans would have been denied the pleasure of witnessing his phenominal athletic talents. Not only that, but the 10’s of 1000’s of unsolved murders by 1000’s of George Zimmermans, thruout Sanfords long, racist history, have culminated in this moment, when the citizens of that & other (OK, TX, GA, AR, TN, etc) communities will finally come to grips w/what ‘racism’ actually is &, like in Tulsa recently, do all that’s necessary to irradicate it. We Americans have looked the other way long enuff. All Americans of all colors & cultures, need to take this moment, look beyond the divisiveness, stop taking ‘talk’ of racism personally & become activists for equality AND justice…

  • You racists of darker color can never believe that one of your own would attack another without reason. Your brethren kill whites, b lacks, asians, latinos, for their shoes, their car radios, their I-phones. Yet you find it astounding that a young man allegedly using drugs, wearing gang-style attire, and claiming his “No limits Nigga Status” through posted pictures, would engage a man with violence without being provoked. If someone is watching you, you cannot legally attack them pre-emptively. It is sad that the boy lost his life, but the lessons of life are sometimes overcome by the decisons we make as adults. Gun beats fist. Peace overcomes violence by persistence.

  • The Brigadier

    One Fox News network is enough? The author Gene Lyons is equating the veracity of Fox with the completely dishonest and discredited MSNBC? While I pick my jaw up off the floor, let me remind the author about how many times MSNBC has been caught editing tapes to present a completely opposite picture of what the real audio and video showed.

    No wonder the public has finally caught on to you dishonest liberals. Have you no ethics or shame? You finally point out yet another case of dishonesty by MSNBC, this time by the smarmy Martin Bashir who was blatantly dishonest, yet you compare them to the most honest cable news channel who when they make a mistake, they correct it and publicly apologize before anyone realizes the mistake was made. Its good y0u pointed out MSNBCs continued mendacity, but shame on you Gene Lyons for your dishonest comparison. Ethics are not situational. You either have them or you don’t. Reflect on that, please.

    • Good post! MSNBC is full of liars.

  • Zimmerman getting railroaded, it was tragic but that’s all, he was attacked and stuck more than once by the so called “victim.” it’s time for blacks to acknowledge their responsibility and quit using the race card……cops kill every day with less reason than this young man, only reason it’s being tried as second degree murder is to placate the blacks,